Welcome to Neha’s fantasies…..

Hey friends…………welcome to my little world, ,

Love stories filled with romance, emotions, pain


Now apne baare mein….. ummm….. well my name is Neha Gupta…..

lives in India…. ek chhota sa city… no one knows about it…

I was never into stories…. never thought that i’ll read stories or i’ll write stories…

These things never came in my mind…. really…. that’s the fact…..

But one day, , i have muskaan’s khamoshi and slowly-2 i have entered into fictions world

and then became the writer of FF’s….

my english was never so good…. my english improved a lot when i have started writing….


Thanks a lot….

Love ya


(C) copy right Neha Gupta 2012 onwards.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Neha’s fantasies…..

  1. hi neha, your story are awesome. i saw your work on IF they are mostly removed and i also dont find desiring devil on blog. are you going to post on blog all your work?

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