~Drown in Love~ part-52

~Drown in Love~

He put the duppatta on her shoulder while he took another edge and covered her head with dupatta, covering her properly, and then he held her shoulder, , she looked at him but shyness was oozing out from her face, maan can feel that….. he held her chin and made her to him…. You are looking beautiful..!!.” he praised her holding her cheek in his palm and she blushed seeing his sweet gesture,,, soon her cheeks went red and maan loved this red color on her cheeks….. he loved his effect on her though he loved her effect on his…. ….. but soon they heard someone is coughing behind them…. Both stood apart at once like they caught red handed doing mischief by someone…. Both are red due to embarrassment, specially geet, though maan tried to put his stern look on his face but he failed in front of his dadi…..

Maan blushed seeing a naughty smirk on dadi’s face….. geet bit her cheek from inside stopping herself from blushing but she failed…. She looked down knotting the edge of her duppataa, , dadi come forward, , “beta ji, , why are you feeling shy? ” asked dadi raising her brows…. “woh dadi, woh mai… ” maan tried to defend themselves but dadi laughed and patted their cheeks lovingly….

“come with me..” dadi told them….. both followed dadi and they sat in garden …..she looked at both of them and she held their hand in hers….maan & geet looked at each other , both are really nervous, , they caught red handed, they are feeling like they have committed any crime…. But inside of their stomach, butterflies are running……. .“ek baat kahein beta…… tum dono kyu itna Sharma rahe ho…. Yahi to waqt hota hai shaadi se pehle ka… when we can make some unforgettable moments which we can remember after marriage, , kuch meethi-2 yaadein, jinhe yaad karke face par ek badi si smile aa jaaye…. Kuch naughty-2 pal jinhe yaad karke chehra red ho jaaye sharm se…. ” dadi told them with a great emotion on her face while maan and geet looked at her without blinking…… every word which come out from dadi’s mouth left a great effect on their mind…..

Both are smiling looking at dadi….. dadi smiled knowing what they are thinking….. she put geet’s hand in maan’s and told them….. “shaadi se pehle thoda-2 romance health ke liye achha hota hai…” and then she winked at them…. “dadi please….stop it…” maan told her back feeling embarrass in front of geet ,,,,,, Geet’s mouth wide open seeing dadi so open up while maan shook his head knowing his dadi, who always behind him giving little-2 tips , how to set a girl but he never gave any thought on that topic but Vicky, he always listened to her…… at last dadi listen her favorite program on radio which tells the love stories and she got ideas from there……..

“arey tum logo ke romance ke chakkar , jo kehne aayi thi wo to bhool hi gayi….” Dadi told them…. Maas raised his brows but he has a shy smile on his face while geet was red in embarrassment, , dadi was loving this shy-2 smile on their face, and she felt so calm, so light hearted seeing her grand son being in love, , she felt so happy….. he is the same grand son who used to run away hearing the name of marriage but today he is the same but he is in love today….

“what is it dadi?” asked maan bringing her back from her thoughts….. she snapped her thoughts and looked at maan & geet, , dadi gave them her sugary smile….. “today , I have called 3 choreographers…. For your sangeet…. ” dadi told them, maan tried to interrupt her but she stopped him…… “the best one for both of you…. When you all the function are organized together then you should make your sangeet unforgettable…. And other 2 choreographers for others…. And yes, one more thing….. they will be here , ” she looked at her watch….. “umm…around 4,… so be ready !” and she winked at them, , geet again opened her mouth and quickly closed it,,,, smiled shyly while maan just chuckled at his dadi…. Sometime she behaved like an old women , so thoughtful, so mature, gave him needed advise while sometime she behave like a teenager who tease others………… Maan really love his dadi from the bottom of his heart…..

And then she left them alone, , geet’s hand still in maan’s, both didn’t realize it when dadi removed hers from their hand and he was holding her hand until now….. there was some other pair of eyes who were watching them curiously…. They grinned, they over-heard dadi’s statement about the choreographer , they all cheered, at once all made their presence in front of maan & geet… both at once stood up, leaving each other hands….. maan made his face stern and glared at everyone……..all chuckled at his move, Armaan came forward and hugged his buddy , maan reciprocated also while ridzy and Sonia pulled geet from there…. “let us also spend some time with geet…. Maan jija ji..” Sonia spoke emphasizing the word ‘jija ji’…..

Maan nodded in acceptance,,, all girls went inside taking geet with them while all the boys remain outside in garden, chatting, joking and laughing….. ripu and arjun mingled with maan, armaan & Vicky so easily…. While inside of the house, the environment they are having like it is in garden…. Chatting, gossiping, joking and laughing…… they are preparing themselves for tonight function…. It’s just a get together, some friends & relatives are coming over there from both families for maan & geet’s wedding….. it’ll be great fun at tonight….. soon the table was filled with the variety of cuisines ………..
Ripu excused himself as he promised to everyone that he’ll prepare a delicious lunch for them….. he went inside and engrossed himself in cooking, his love, his cooking…….. soon the smell of delicious food came out from the kitchen and entered in the nostrils of everyone who was present in the hall………… they inhaled sharply and soon they licked their lips…… “yummy….” Annie and ridzy spoke relishing the smell of food ,,,, other laughed at them….. bot made up a team and both went inside for checking what ripu is preparing….. both tried to peep inside but failed as ripu closed the door at their face…..

Both girls frowned …….. after some time, everybody called out for the lunch and everyone is heading to see what is in lunch……….. it was large dinning table… around 30 seats are there, everyone settles…. Geet came at last…. She looked at the seats… some seats are completely empty, everybody is sitting at one corner and she has to also sit there, , but the main problem is where to sit? I though because one seat is vacant between maan & annie and one is vacant near armaan…..

“geet bête, kya soch rahi ho… armaan ke pass wali seat ripu ke liye reserved hai.. so…you have to sit near maan..” saying so she chuckled loudly, , she felt embarrassed but didn’t said anything…. Sat near maan, , while maan also smiled in his head…. ‘stop it maan’ he scolded himself in his head while ‘geet, stop blushing, what everyone will think about you?’ she also scolded herself in her mind….. two sould who are passing from the same phase while everyone was enjoying of their futile attempts……….

“Tadaaaaaa………… here I have present special meal in front of you in the occasion of the wedding cooked by Chef Ripudaman Handa… ” he introduced his food and himself to everyone……… “yay…!!!!!” everyone cheered and clapped for him………… he bowed a little in a china style and showed his humbleness….. everyone again cheered….. “but, , promise me, no one will open that last one container…. I’ll open that in last..there is a surprise so all of you…. You can start your meal….”,,, all again clapped , , today children took the responsibility and served everyone……….


~Drown in Love~ part-51

~Drown in Love~


“bahut sundar resort hai..” mohinder spoke while sipping his tea….. “aur papa, see the decoration… how beautiful and romantic too..” ridzy spoke looking at maan and geet, giving them her naughty smile…. “ridzy, you know… yeh jo roses wali decoration hai, ye sirf maan bhai ne karayi hai..”

Annie told looking at maan, everyone laughed heartly at her comment while maan glared at annie , , she showed her tongue to him, , maan smiled at her childishness , , he looked at geet and found that she is looking at him, without blinking but as soon as their eyes met, she lowered her gaze at once, she blushed….. she knotted the edge of her duppattta, , maan smiled seeing his effect on her….. everyone looking at them keenly but ignored, , after all they are going to be life partner soon…..

“arey maan, , won’t you show the resort to geet?” dadi told maan…. She want that maan & geet spend some quality with each other before marriage…. And when their function will start , both can’t see each other according to the tradition….. so they have one and half day…. “haan..haan…. maan chal mujhe bhi resort dekhna hai…” armaan spoke at once standing and pulling maan….. dadi’s eyes widen seeing armaan, , ..

Dadi laughed fake little…… “armaan bête…. Vicky, you go and show the resort to armaan, ridhima, ripu,, actually do one thing, , take everyone and take them on a tour of the resort…” dadi told to Vicky…. Vicky nodded…. They got the clue that let maan and geet alone for some time….. everyone behaved like they are innocent….. but maan & geet, both are getting what other are talking, , signaling each other to leave them alone….. she turned red little thinking about that….. thinking about spending time with him before maan……

Slowly-2 everyone stood up from there and scattered everywhere leaving maan & geet alone…. She was gazing at her feet while maan was staring at her…. Suddenly she looked upward and their eyes met…. Her stomach flipped at once feeling his burning gaze on her, , a shiver ran through her spines, , “chalien?” asked maan while standing ….. she looked upward and then at his hand which he forward towards her standing beside of her….. that means held my hand…. Her petal like lips curved in a smile, ,

Both felt a sudden spark in their bodies with a slight interaction of their skin…… he firmly held her hand and both took their way while other adults were hiding behind the curtains, walls and doors peeping out and entertaining themselves, , they will tease the love birds later but for now, let them enjoy , let them enjoy some moments in privacy…… both were walking side by side holding hand while maan put his other hand in his pocket while geet was adjusting her hairs….. “I am glad that you all are here before marriage..” suddenly maan spoke disturbing the perfect silence….. silence was like they can hear the sound of falling needle….. “me too..” she replied back…..

Maan tighten his hold around her hand, , both are walking in the lobby and moving towards other halls where all there function to be held…… “geet, , in this hall, ,we’ll have the mehndi function…”….he pause for a moment….. “aur waha?” geet asked pointing towards other hall where two little cabinet made, ,like it has only roof but it is covered by the curtain from the sides and front are open…….

“ohh, that….” Maan spoke….. he held her hand and both went there….. “yaha par hmare haldi function hoga.. this one is mine…” maan said pointing towards one cabinet….. and then he point to another one,…. “aur ismein tumhara…” said maan….. “but why these….? Haldi function to open area mein ho sakta hai na” asked geet….. “haan ho to sakta hai, but yeh dadi ka idea hai…. She said when all the function are going together then why not haldi…. Haldi bhi ek jagah hi hogi bas dulha and dulhan ek dusre ko nahi dekh sakte hai…. That’s y these cabinets are here…” maan replied to her question………….

“ohh..!” she exclaimed back… both went from there and moved towards the garden….. suddenly she tripped in something, , she closed her eyes in fear of hitting the land and she was about to fall but she didn’t touch the garden, , she felt two arms around her waist , she snapped open her eyes at once , , and her eyes locked with maan,,,, his strong arms held her safely in embrace, saving her from falling down…..

There is something in his eyes, , some kind of emotions she felt in his eyes, , his eyes are soft, like some kind of fear or care??? Or is it love for her? He care for her, he love her? Or this is the starting of his love? , , the same popped up in their mind but soon it escaped from there as maan brought her up making her stand on her feet but he didn’t leave her…still her was holding her from her waist while she snaked her arms around his neck….. she closed her eyes inhaling his intoxicating scent , her mind stopped working, and she smiled……

Maan could see his effect on her but he was not less, , her flowery fragrance making his heart jump….he never felt like before, , well he encountered with girls before so how could he feel like this….. sometimes he forgot the fact, , he pulled her more closer, her upper part collided with his toned chest making her heart jumped in shyness, , suddenly she looked down not able to meet his intense eyes, , maan smiled , , maan freed her, she looked at his face , , he bend a little and took her duppata which was lying on the floor, , she didn’t realize that she is not wearing her duppatta, , she was about to cross her arms on her upper part but maan stopped her by his eyes…..

He put the duppatta on her shoulder while he took another edge and covered her head with dupatta, covering her properly, and then he held her shoulder, , she looked at him but shyness was oozing out from her face, maan can feel that….. he held her chin and made her to him…. You are looking beautiful..!!.” he praised her holding her cheek in his palm and she blushed seeing his sweet gesture,,, soon her cheeks went red and maan loved this red color on her cheeks….. he loved his effect on her though he loved her effect on his…. ….. but soon they heard someone is coughing behind them…. Both stood apart at once like they caught red handed doing mischief by someone…. Both are red due to embarrassment, specially geet, though maan tried to put his stern look on his face but he failed in front of his dadi…..

~Drown in Love~ part-50

still my eyes are burning with tears but somehow I controlled myself for the sake of my family, I looked outside of the glass, , seeing this city last time, these roads where I used to play, from where I used to go to school, college, slowly-2 everything is leaving behind , like sand slipped from the hand, same feeling I am having right now…. Everything is slipping from my hold, ,from my fist, I am not able to hold back anything, my house, my blood relations, my city everything is left behind….
I kept my head at my maa’s shoulder, , and she caressed my face softly, , and again a tear escaped from my eye…… I wiped it without noticing from anyone but I know everyone is looking at me at the corner of their eyes but none is saying anything…….

We got a call from maan’s father….. he was asking about what time we are flying from the airport….. papa talked with him for a while and I got to know maan will come there to pick….. I don’t know why I didn’t feel happy hearing his name….. the pain I am feeling right now is bigger than that I am getting married….. I have to leave my parents, my family…. We reached at the airport, , soon all the formalities completed and now we are sitting in the plane…. My seat is near the window….. I looked outside…. Everyone is having fun…talking, joking doing so many other things but I…..??? I am sad still….

My mama caressed my head softly … “don’t be sad beta” she told me in her motherly voice…. I nodded slightly…. “I am fine mamma” I replied back giving her my sweet smile….. seeing my smile, all smiled, like all get their life back……. I looked outside of the window, , looking at the clouds, , I can see myself n maan in these clouds…. I am imagining cloud’s shape as maan’s face……. And suddenly forgetting all the pain, a sweet smile appeared on my face….. may be that’s called love…. Pyaar mein insaan sab bhool jata hai, and I think the same is happening with me….

Maan’s POV…..

“hell ya…” these words escaped from my mouth when I found out so much work and I am not able to do…. I sighed deeply, , pulled my drawer out and looked at the photo which I kept below the papers…… and soon a smiled appeared on my face looking at the angelic face of that girl who is going to be my life partner….. “geet, , aap bahut achhi hai lekin mai aapke sath aisa nahi kar sakta hai….”, I talked with her picture softly…… “I don’t know why ?” I question from myself….. “geet, bas 3 days more…. Then you’ll be mine aur fir today you are coming here…” … I put the picture again in the drawer , just then I got a knock on my cabin, , “come in!” my secretary came inside and informed me to that clients came and I have to attend the meeting….i just nodded and she went away leaving me alone, ,

I again ponder my thought over the issue which is bugging me from last two days…. I didn’t share anything about this with anyone, I know if I tell to anybody then they’ll get tense and will give me really long lecture and that one I don’t want….. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s mood in the happiest occasion …… I went in meeting, , the meeting went really long, , actually it’s about my new venture ….. it’s around 5 in the evening, that means the meeting went around 3 hours….. uff…..

I entered in my cabin, , just then my cell buzzed “yes mom…” I said….. “maan, what is this….?” She just get angry on me….now what did I do? I asked from myself….. “kya hua mom?” I asked lazily…. “maan, , Handa’s are about to reach delhi…. You have to go there , welcome them…” she told me… hearing that I don’t know where my laziness went….. “okay mom… flight kab ki hai?” I asked….. “5:30 pm” she replied me back…. “what mom, now you are telling me..” I asked her in my irritating tone….. the airport is around half an hour away from here but if we didn’t get any traffic….. “maan…” she emphasized my name….

“I have called you so many time but ur cell was switched off and your reception told that you are in very important meeting…..” she replied back….. “okay mom.. talk to you later….i am going there….. ” I replied back coming out from my cabin….. “cancel my next meeting and fix it tomorrow morning early … I am going….i won’t come back..” I informed my secretary…. “yes sir..!” she replied back…. I hurriedly went towards the elevator but found it, it’s on the ground floor….. if I wait for the elevator, my time will waste, I just ran towards the stairs and skipped 2-3 stairs at a time so that I can reach ground floor soon….

I reached basement soon and grabbed the keys from my pocket…… soon I am running my car on the road ….. “reach to the XYZ airport soon…” I told to vicky….. I know I am going to picking them but we need another car….. so many emotions going through in my head, , soon I’ll get married, , but what after that? I mean when I’ll give this news to my family, geet then how they will react? I wondered, even I am little no , no I am too much scared….. I know you are thinking that MSK is scared from some one but that is the truth, I am scared from reaction which is my family going to give me……

“dammnnn” I punched on the steering wheel when I got stuck in traffic jam , , I came out from the car and looked at the traffic jam, it’s long… oh gosh…. Now how I’ll reach at the airport….. just then my cell buzzed, , I looked at the screen….. it’s Armaan….. I took out a deep breath….. “hi buddy..” I spoke over the phone…. “kya hua? Why are you saying hi in so dull voice… shaadi hai teri kuch to josh dikha….” Armaan spoke excitedly….. “kya shaadi… geet ki family ko airport lene ja raha hu but this traffic…” maan replied back rubbing his head and looking out from the car…….

“oho..toh geet se milne ke liye mare ja rahe hai dulhe raja..” armaan teased me, hearing that i smiled a little, actually blushed little…… “nothing is like that… you know me.. achha why you called me…” I asked to him calmly….. now my mood became little sober and my car is moving ahead slowly-2 as traffic is opening……I put the call on my bluetooth device as now I am driving, , I inhaled sharply and moved ahead…… “arey yaar….. iss time I am standing on the delhi airport…. Come and pick me..” armaan spoke and I literally shocked hearing that, ,

“which airport?” I asked from him….. “XYZ airport..” he replied me back…. Oh gosh that’s the same airport, and the same flight….. that means geet & her family arrived here…..now I am so dead …… but how can a flight arrive early….. “do one thing armaan…. Geet and her family also there.. please search them and be with them…. I am coming… just 15 mins more…” I literally begged……

“okay okay….. pyaar mein begger ban gaya maan singh khurana” armaan again teased….. “shut up!” I told him….. “ ok , ok….. come soon.. ” armaan told me….. I sighed again , , increased the speed of my car….. hope vicky reached there…..

All sat in car, , armaan, geet and ridzy and ripu are with maan and mohinder, rano, arjun n Sonia are in vicky’s car….. armaan on passenger’s sear while geet is sitting behind maan, , he adjusted the rear mirror , , he glanced at her face, , their eyes met, and geet blushed at once realizing that he is looking at her…… armaan cleared his throat, , maan felt embarrassed , armaan and ridzy teased them saying kahin par nigaahein kahin par nishana…. But maan didn’t said anything, he knew that if he spoke a single word that means again he has to bear the teasing thought slowly-2 he is loving this teasing because it’s giving him new-2 emotions….

In no time they reached at resort…, because all the function will held in the resort, handa’s and khurana’s both will live there for 3 days….. both car arrived together….. all the family members standing there…. Geet came out and she took the blessings from the elders, , mohinder and param hugged each other, the same rano n rajni did….. ridzy n annie , both girls jumped in happiness as both became good friends….. now both will do some naughtiness against maan and geet….. simmi, raj and children were also there…..

and ansh, he ran hugged geet’s leg…. Seeing a wide smile spread on everyone’s face…. Geet too smiled…. She bend down and pecked on his cheek….. “hows my ansh?” she asked in her babyish tone….. “theek mami.. aur aap?” he replied back….. “mami bhi achhi hai…”

All went inside of the resort…. The resort is very beautifully decorated…. The purple, n white orchids, , matching purple n white curtains everywhere, , along with there is a golden touch at some places,,,,, somewhere they had put the red and white roses together….. for this one maan specially ordered to the workers,,,, there are so many rooms in the resort, swimming pool, a big garden, and 2-3 big halls for the functions…… actually this resort is of khurana’s but they have a partner in this resort……

“bahut sundar resort hai..” mohinder spoke while sipping his tea….. “aur papa, see the decoration… how beautiful and romantic too..” ridzy spoke looking at maan and geet, giving them her naughty smile…. “ridzy, you know… ye jo roses wali decoration hai, ye sirf maan bhai ne karayi hai..”


Wow…. We have reached to part-50…..awesome…… love u all………. again a very happy new year to all of you…

~Drown in Love~ part-49

Wishing you a very Happy New year 2014 to all of you from bottom of my heart…….. I hope , this year bring lots of happiness, joy, prosperity and peace in your life…… May God bless you….. Love you all…..

~Drown in Love~


“okay, okay bahut hua ye sab…. First let me put this wedding card in front of god…” rajni told… “haan rajni… ye sabse pehla kaam hai… maan, ye card rajni ko de do…” dadi told him… maan nodded and gave that card to his mother,….. “mom, wait… let me make a video of this..” said Vicky…. “Vicky, iski video ki kya jarurat hai?” asked dadi…. “dadi…. I want a video of every ceremony whether it is small or big…. Har rasam ki yaad honi chahiye na apne paas…, hai na papa…!” said Vicky…. “haan, vicky is saying correct…” rajni sighed…. She took the card, , while Vicky hurriedly went in his room, grabbed his handycam and soon he was standing with his mom in the temple, , he started the recording as rajni put a kumkum tilak on the card , and then make a swastik on the card, ,and the kept the wedding card in the feet of Ganesh ji….

After some time, , param called at Handa villa, all gathered in the hall when param called there, , they wanted to talk about this issue very badly as wedding is coming nearer…… while in dehradun,, all were sipping their morning tea and discussing about the preparations, how’s the preparation going on? How much left? Ripu, arjun both were looking in the accounts though ripu was not in the field but he knows about the accounts as earlier he studied in BBA….. geet & ridzy both were writing the names of the guests on the wedding cards….. the card was simple yet so beautiful, so elegant just like geet wanted though it was not same as geet wanted but she kept it simple as she doesn’t want over-budget……. Just then mohinder’s cell rang, it broke everyone’s concentration……

Mohinder- hello, namaskar ji!

Param- namastey mohinder ji…. Kya haal hai?

Mohinder- ji everything is fine….. how’s preparation going on? Asked mohinder in his sweet melodious voice…..

Param- ji, sab theek chal raha hai…. Yahi puchne ke liye maine call kiya tha….. replied param back…..

Mohinder- ji, yaha bhi sab theek chal raha hai…. Bas cards par naam likhey ja raha hai….

Param laughed hearing that as same work is going in khurana mansion…..

Param- yahi kaam yaha chal raha hai….. now mohinder laughed …..

Param- mohinder ji, actually I called you for asking about the wedding…. I mean pehle bhi humne baat ki hai…. Wedding to delhi me ho hi rahi hai….. other functions like mehndi, haldi and sangeet bhi yahi ho…. Actually main eek resort book kiya hai jahan par dono family ke functions together ho…. Dono families ek sath hogi to raunak aur increase ho jayegi…..

Mohinder-ji…. You are saying correct….. param felt little bit hesitation in his voice…..

Param-if you don’t want then it’s ok…. Koi pressure nahi hai…

Mohinder-nahi….nahi….. nothing is like that param ji….. actually I want to discuss with my family….

Param-okay….. take your time….. agar aisa hua to bahut achha hoga….

Mohinder- ji bilkul….. after talking little bit more, they hung up…… after then when mohinder explained everything to his family…. First they got little shock but afterwards they agreed as it will be really great fun having the same function with khuranas…. Joy will be double, excitement and the sangeet too…… just then ridzy whispered something in geet’s ear “aur waha jiju ke sath ishq mushq karne ka mauka milega” and giggled afterwards…… geet’s face went red hearing that…… geet showed her big-2 eyes to her and shook her neck telling her to stop teasing me otherwise I won’t leave you…….

After discussing further , mohinder call back to param and agreed to having functions there in delhi itself…… in Delhi, everyone cheered hearing the news and they had started making plans, what they will do when the handa family will land here in delhi…..


After 3 days…..

Geet’s POV

Finally the day came when we are going to delhi….. I felt somersault in my stomach…. How the things will go? I mean I am little bit scared as I’ll meet with maan after so many days….. yeah, we talk with each other but not that much , we just talk on what’s app or in msg….. but seeing him in real will be different…… having function together will be something different, as he’ll be near me…. May be or may be not….. I blushed little bit thinking about him……

We have packed our bags….. and now standing at the gate of our house….. just then maa came there with bhabhi, , there is one blank paper in her hand and bhabhi was holding a thaal which is filled with dilute paste of haldi, , I felt my view blurred because of my teary eyes…….. I looked at her, then bhabhi then all my family, , there is a sadness on their face, , maa nodded, , “geet beta, , apne hatho ko iss haldi me rakho aur fir apne hatho ke nishaan iss blank paper par laga do…. ” I nodded….. and I did as my mother told me……..

then ridzy was holding a thaal of rice….. I turned towards the road and filled my hands with rice and I throw them above my head and my mother, arjun veer ji, ripu and papa collect them in a cloth….. I did it three times…. once my mother told me about the truth behind this ritual….. kehte hai jab beti ghar se vida hoti hai to ghar se laxmi chali jati hai….. so when girl throw the rice above her head that means laxmi is going out from the house…… maa went inside the house and kept the things at a safe place…..

suddenly I felt some pain in my heart and I felt a burning sensation in my eyes, my hands turned in a fist and I clutched the side of my suit very tightly, my nails digging in my palm through the cloth, , and suddenly a sob came out from my mouth and I broke down in tears, , I am continuously looking at my house, though my view blurred because of my filled eyes with tears, , I am looking at my house, where I got birth, it’s the place where I first time I held the finger of my mother & my father, , it’s the same place where first time I spoke, and you know what’s the first word I spoke , , it was papa……

sab kehte hai baby jab pehla word bolta hai toh wo hota hai maa…… but mere case mein ye different that,,,,,, ridzy ne bhi papa hi bola tha….. we both sisters are same, , I laughed a little remembering her fight with me on every single thing but I never mind…… just then again another sob came out from my mouth and I broke down completely bending down on the floor clutching my heart and with another hand I covered my mouth for stopping myself from crying but then I felt my mother embracing me in her arms, , I can feel her tears on my face, , I know she too is crying, after all she is my mother, , she was continuously telling me some soothing words but nothing is working…….

Last time I cried like this when I went school for the first time….. I cried a lot and you know what my papa did, , he took me back in home ….. m home, safe home…. But today I am leaving my home forever, , it’s the same place where I took my first step holding a finger of my papa and mama….. ek ladki ko hi apna ghar kyon chhodna padta hai…. Why not boys? You know I used to ask about this issue from my mother but she gave silly answers….. like traditions all that….. but why this tradition….

Ladki hi kyon? I don’t want to leave my home, , please koi mujhe andar le chalo , , I literally begged in my mind, in my heart, , slowly I felt I am in my papa’s arms…. He was consoling me in his soothing voice but nothing is going in my ears….. I was continuously sobbing, crying, tears trailing down on my cheeks, , I looked upward and saw all the faces….. everyone is crying…. Arjun bhaiya holding my mother, , ridzy n ripu were crying together, , Sonia bhabhi holding me and my papa too….

“papa, mujhe nahi jana…” I said in my meek voice, , it was mere whisper, “ssshhh,,, chup hoja..” papa told me in his soothing voice….. “aisa nahi kehte…” he told me again…. “mujhe apna ghar nahi chhodna…. Mujhe aapse dur nahi jana..” I said again, , he shook his head slightly , “nahi beta aisa nahi kehte.. why are you thinking that you are leaving this house..” he cupped my face in his hands, I looked at his face….. tears were trailing down on his cheeks too…. He was sobbing also but tried to control also….

“beta, , jahan tu ja rahi hai wo bhi to tera ghar hi hoga na…. naye rishtey honge, maan jaisa humsafar hoga, ek naya parivaar hoga, dekhna hamari yaad bhi nahi aayegi…. Aur phir ye to tera hi ghar hai na… aise nahi rotey bache…” he told me and wiped my tears…. I again looked at my house…. Usually ek ladki ki vidaai uske ghar se hoti hai but maan’s parents wanted the function together…. Then it’s ok…. I don’t know so many emotion going in my mind, my heart……

I looked at my father again pouting my lips, , I was making baby face, , he chuckled seeing my face….. he knew that when I pout my lip while crying that means I am convinced….. he again shook his head and wiped my tears, , telling me indirectly that don’t cry…. I nodded, tried to subside my tears, my sobs are still coming out….. I looked at my bhabhi, , she knew that what I am feeling right now as she had already went through this pain….. she shook her head , wiping my tears and hers too….

“chup hoja geet…. Aise nahi rotey…. Haan mujhe pata hai iss dard ka, jo apne ghar ko chhodne ka hota hai, apne parivaar ko chhodne ka hota hai” I nodded hearing her words…. “lekin geet ye bhi toh sach hai na, shaadi ke baad ek naya parivaar milta hai, ek humsafar milta hai jiske sath hum apni nayi zindagi ke sapne buntey hai…. ” bhabhi again wiped my tears and smiled…. Me too smiled seeing her…. Her words are correct but still the pain is there of leaving my family, my house behind…..

“yeh to har ladki ko karna padta hai…. Agar mummy apna ghar nahi chhodti to aaj hum sab yaha nahi hote… na mai aur na hi tum… geet sambhal apne aap ko… ” she hugged me…. “cha lab chup hoja…. ” I nodded, , we all stood up, I hugged arjun veer ji tightly, he caressed my head lovingly, I felt tears marks on his cheeks…. I wiped them and gave my teary smile to him…. Then I hugged ripu, who was crying like a child, worst than me….

I laughed seeing him but soon a tear fell down from my eye and he wiped it….. I wiped his tears and cracked a joke for him…. Then ridzy hugged me so tight…. She was sobbing badly… “ab mera room tera ” I told her, she shook her head…. “mujhe nahi chahiye, mujhe bas aap chahiye” she told wiping my tears and held me tightly ….. we all sat in our cars, veer ji kept the luggage in the car and we all headed towards our destination……

Fanaa hum mohobbat mein teri (links part 63 to epilogue)







fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-58-62


everyone laughed a lot holding their stomach at the vedanta’s antics…. he was running behind geet holding cake’s piece where maan was also behind them…. all bid bye to each other and wished good night…. they retired to their respective rooms…. where geet reached in her room.. she was laughing and screaming saving herself from cake’s cream… she doesn’t want to mess herself but she know that vedanta and maan will not leave her….

she is happy now, , somewhere the pain she was hiding in the corner of her heart went away…. it was not like that she didn’t know about her miscarriage, she knew that but she was hiding her pain because of everyone’s sake… because of maan, , she doesn’t want that maan will go again in his guilt trip, ,she couldn’t see him like this, she knew that if maan will come to know that he will surely blame himself and that was the fact… maan blame himself but geet didn’t know that…..

she was protecting maan from this pain but she never knew that maan already knew about this miscarriage thing…..he was also hiding this pain from her but it was so selfless for both of them, , they wanted to protect each other but their love was so strong that they knew but still they hiding for their well being…..

Geet hid behind the curtain for saving herself from her naughty son, , though she wanted to play the game with him but still she thought to tease them, ,maan and Vedanta reached to the room and searching geet….. Vedanta’s face was fell off not seeing geet there….. he made a face….. and he asked cutely to maan…… “papa, , where is mama? i also want to apply this cake on her face like she did with me” he sat down on the bed with the cute & angry pout on his face…..

Geet was having fun teasing them so much but she couldn’t see him like this…. Maan felt bad for Vedanta but he knew that he can’t be angry from geet…. He called geet but she didn’t reply….. now only there is one way left for him….. he sighed and went on his knees in front of Vedanta , ,he bend down matching his level of height…… maan singh khurana, who never bend his face in front of anyone and here he was totally bend in front of his son, that is the love & affection he has for his son….

“okay beta, , if mama will not come outside then papa is here na…. aap papa ke face par cake laga lo…” maan said to Vedanta pinching his nose a little and messing his nose a little with cream….. Vedanta smiled because getting chance messing his father otherwise when he’ll get this golden chance…….

Vedanat was about to apply the cream on his face but suddenly geet’s voice stopped him….
“arey when I am here then why will you mess your papa? Haan bolo” she said standing little far away from them , putting her hands on both sides of her waist….. cheeks were puffed little bit and she was tapping her foot continuously demanding the answer , , maan inwardly jumped in joy getting her out from her shell where she was hiding…… but he thought to play further…..

“arey geet, , tum rehne do… I’ll manage him….you go & take rest” said maan shooing her away where Vedanta was looking at both of them who were fighting for the cake, on whose face Vedanta will apply cake….. ? uff geet stormed her foot in anger, her lips were curved in anger, looking very cute she was…. She went near Vedanta and held his hand, , she by herself applied the cake on her cheeks then applied little on maan’s face also still holding Vedanta’s hand….

Geet was so much engrossed in Vedanta, , maan thought a plan, he was having cake in his hand, , finding the perfect chance, maan mashed whole cake on her face…. Where she was startled suddenly, she blinks her lashed couple of times which were also messed with the cake bread & cream…. Her mouth was wide open and hands were in air , ,
she was dumbstuck…. Vedanta was laughing like a maniac where maan also…. But geet’s cheeks were fuming in anger, , her cheeks flared and puffed more…. She groaned inwardly and was about to clean her hands on maan’s face… he signaled to Vedanta that go away from here…..

he nodded and went away closing the gate behind….. maan knew her very well… now she’ll take her revenge from maan, , maan laughed pointing his finger at her, she curled her finger in a fist and ran behind him where he was running around the bed saving himself…. The reason of this behind was so clear…. He wanted to see her laughing not a sad geet….. he wants that she’ll enjoy fully not to capture herself in a shell…. And he was succeed….

Geet was very near him from his back… suddenly his feet was trapped in a bed sheet which was lying on the floor, , and he fell on bed where geet also lost her control over herself and fell on his back directly hitting herself on his firm back…. Her whole body crashed on him like a second skin…. Both were startled suddenly….. her both hands around his face and his face was messed up with the cake…. He close his eyes in defeat where her eyes twinkled in winning the game…..

His heartbeats raged a little feeling her softness on his back , slowly he turned up taking her in his arms holding her by her waist while she was blinking her lashes holding the moment in her eyes, , her heartbeats were fast, , she was feeling weak inside her body….. he slowly raised his finger tracing her face by the tip of his finger, taking little cream from her face on the tips, she closed her eyes feeling the warmth of his fingers…..

“geet, open your eyes!!” he demanded to her…. He wants to distract her and he was successful…. He traced his finger again on her face applying that cream on her face….. she slowly open her eyes hearing his demanding voice which has the different impact on her…. She saw the desires in his eyes which make her weak more…… he traced her lips by his thumb and index finger….

Her heartbeat raised , , his wild desires awaken feeling the ups & downs of her curves which were going up and falling down on his broad & firm chest….. his warm breath mingled with hers as their mouth were so close…. Slowly he sucked his thumb and then his finger licking the cream over his finger direct looking in her eyes, telling her straight about his desires…….

She blushed profusely feeling his hardened around her belly…. It was really very hard for both of them…. But she was not less than…. He dress getting a wet patch below down between her thighs….. in a jerk, he turned over and now she was underneath him, covering he petite structure with his manly broad body….

Her held her hand which was messed with the cake…. And slowly taking the sweet time, he rubbed her hand on his cheek creating havoc inside her tummy when his stubble touched on her soft palm…. She closed her eyes again when he placed a soft kiss on her palm licking the cream by the tip of his tongue sensuously , she curled the bed sheet in her fist by her clean hand……. She was getting weak with this sweet assault only…..

“ohhh geet” he was getting mad by this and making her insane also…. She opened her eyes getting little courage after taking his sweet torture on her…. When she opened her eyes, he saw the glint of naughtiness in her eyes, he knew that she is up to something surely but he was also prepared for this, after all , he wanted her by herself like she used to….

“maan!!” she whispered, her warm breath fanned direct on his lips awakening more desires inside him, , he was hardened more…. He never knew that he can be hard because of this much only but both of them liked that…. Both were blushing like anything, , she moved her a little taking her face on angle towards his cheeks…. She parted her lips where his eyes stare at her passionately….

His hold tighten around her waist when he felt her warm soft petals on his rough stubble licking the cream sensuously wetting his cheek more…. It was really hard for them…. Her lips were moving up & down on his cheek licking whole cream from his cheek , slowly-2 her lips moved down on his jaw line kissing him slowly yet passionately making him groan… her face moved down on his neck where she teethed his skin a little, he hissed a little in pain but it was a sweet pain he felt…. and then licked the skin soothing the pain….

Her waist was messed up with the cake by his hands, , he opened his eyes where his eyes met with her cleavage which was clearly visible by the deep cut of her blouse, though he had gifted her only but he never knew that it can be so perfect & sexy & hot too…. His eyes drugged seeing the view in front of his eyes….. her hand was in air was about to touch her face but suddenly he held her hand and put her fingers in his mouth sucking them slowly taking the revenge from her, , she closed her eyes in defeat…..

And then he traced the area of her cleavage by his finger then slowly-2 his fingers replaced by his lips, tracing down the valley between her curves over her blouse….. she doesn’t know when her fingers started moving down on his shirt unbuttoning it rubbing his waxed chest by her wet yet warm palm…. He dipped his head in the hollow of her neck and placed some sensuous kissed on her neck, her collarbone…..

The hear radiated in her body when his warm finger clutched her cold ones passing the hotness in her body, , their messy hands clutched together messing the bed-sheet while their lips were doing it’s work properly, , his lips placed carnally on her collarbone teething her , she hissed in pain biting her lip in pain, then his sensuous soft yet rough M shaped lips soothed her pain licking the skin , by his lips, by his tongue, she arched back giving him more space for access , ,
her hold tighten more on his hand when he rubbed the tip of his nose between the valley of her cleavage…. She raised her upper body while he dipped his head more in her inhaling the sweet aroma of hers which is snatching the rest sense he has….!

While annie cleaned Vedanta’s face where he was telling her stories that how he enjoyed a lot with his mama and papa…. And annie was laughing a lot hearing the stories in his cute tone…. Later after cleaning him annie make him sleep and then went in her room taking the sweet sleep after all this pain…


While annie cleaned Vedanta’s face where he was telling her stories that how he enjoyed a lot with his mama and papa…. And annie was laughing a lot hearing the stories in his cute tone…. Later after cleaning him annie make him sleep and then went in her room taking the sweet sleep after all this pain…

Next day

Everyone was on breakfast table and chatting…… the environment was jolly & cheerful,, it was like nothing had happened yesterday….. all were trying to cover up the pain which was buried deep inside of maan & geet’s heart….. all the while Vedanta was making them laugh with his cute antics on the breakfast table because he was forcing for milk again by everyone….. today everyone was enjoying every inch of this happiness after lots of struggle…..

The breakfast table was completely filled with the members, , poor Vedanta couldn’t get the seat for sitting…. At-last he was landed on maan’s lap and enjoying his breakfast that too by himself…. Maan tried so hard to make him eat by his hand by he was being adamant, , eating by himself but poor maan…. Maan’s clothes eating more than Vedanta……….. all were enjoying maan’s plight….. poor maan…. But he was lucky indeed….. he was having his breakfast by geet’s hand while geet was having by tanya’s hand….. all were enjoying a lot….

Vicky & Alka were pulling maan & geet’s leg for sharing the breakfast that too romantically…… they were sharing eye lock all along with the breakfast…..

“ahem ahem…. ” Vicky cleared his throat for gaining the couple’s attention who were lost in their small world…. Maaneet’s reverie broke and red hue spread on geet’s creamy cheeks…. She looked down all blushy-2…. She knew that she is going to be teased by her friends and her fear come true so soon but not her….. this time the target was maan…..

“jiju, , romance thoda idhar-udhar dekhkar kijiye…. Don’t forget your family & friends are here..” alka put a cherry in her mouth cooly saying so and blinked her lashes so innocently like she didn’t said anything……

“nothing is like that alka” maan tried to defend himself…. …

“achha to fir kaisa hai maan ji” this time Tanya spoke holding her chin by her two finger and rubbing, waiting for an answer while brows were raised in amusement looking at geet who was tried to hide her face……

It was so small thing in family but still whenever she was caught red handed , she became like a she was caught for the first time…..

“geet, tu hi bata na kaisa hai?” spoke Tanya again…..

“toasty bhabhi, leave it, , ab ye bhi kya karein…. Becharo ko romance karne ka time hi nahi mila… ab ye to hone hi tha,,,,” told Vicky grabbing the toast from geet’s plate because she was having anything , because she was so shy….. she was used to tease before but now in front of maan she is feeling conscious…..

“haan vicky, you are saying correct…. See they didn’t go anywhere…. Bas ghar mein hi baithe rehte hai” whined annie…. She really wanted that they’ll go for honeymoon but no….. actually it was not their fault…. It was their fate, destiny that they didn’t get any time for spend time with each other….. but now everything is fine now…..

“annie…. Don’t be tense… that day will come soon” maan assured everyone…. Hearing geet looked at his face, gazing direct in his eyes, she was the assurance, the love, and the longing in his eyes but alas she couldn’t do anything……… all were laughing at their plight…. How they were teased but then the topic went on Vicky and alka…. Now they were teased by geet & maan….. in a short span of time, maan mingled with them like salt mixed in water so easily….

No one can tell that maan was not their friend before….. dadi was all the while blessing them inwardly… blessing them always be happy yet blessed too…. The incident happened geet will never happen again….
But one person was mute all the while that is none other than geet’s father….. dadi noticed that she got worry because she is thinking that he was not happy because of yesterday’s incident,

“mohinder bête, what happened? Aap theek to hai” dadi spoke in worry….. hearing this everyone alarmed and especially geet….. she at once rushed to her papa…..

“papa kya hua? Are you fine?” asked geet in really worry touching his forehead and neck, assuring herself that he has not fever….. mohinder held her hand….

“I am fine bête…nothing happened to me… sab theek hai” mohinder replied ,,,,

“papa, fir kya baat hai? Aap kuch pareshaan lag rahe hai” asked maan making Vedanta sit on the other seat…..

“everything is fine maan bête….you are getting worry without any reason” mohinder stated calmly….

“then what happened papa?” asked maan again…. In a short span of time maan became his son….

“you all are getting worry without any reason…I was just thinking that where you should go for a vacation” mohinder changed the topic…. Everyone sighed in relief that he is not angry or something else…. Though he was tensed because of his daughter’s pain…. How she bore all the pain all alone, didn’t flinch once, never told to anyone, never complaint For anything, , how mature she became so soon….. he didn’t realize….

But he is happy also because she is with maan where whole happiness belongs too….

“papa, why you get worried without any reason…. Aur aap hamari vacations ke liye itna worry mat kijiye, uske liye maan hai na….. aap kyo worry karte ho… waise bhi aapki tabiyat theek nahi rehti…” geet became senti and pearls came out from her eyes ….. mohinder also became senti seeing his daughter crying because no reason…..

“arey mera bacha…. Sorry baba…. I’ll no do like this ever again…. Now happy…. See papa is holding ears also…” everyone laughed seeing the drama geet created….. geet also laugh at her father’s antics…. She is feeling like she is in her childhood memories where she used to cry for no reason her papa used to held his ears calming her down……

After a while they finished their breakfast and then tej broke the news that they are going back because he has to attend the urgent meeting which is in evening….. so they have to go now….. geet became again emotional , her family & friends are going back…. She hugged every person and cried, they too cried because they don’t know when they’ll be able to meet her again but yes they knew her b’day is coming…. So the next meeting will be on her b’day….and they will celebrate it with a blast…..

Everyone went back to Mumbai…. Later maan went to office , he was late but that doesn’t a big problem… … he was held up with his work…. Doing everything so fast….
It was late night, , geet was waiting for maan on dinner table but he was no where to show his face…. Everyone had their breakfast because they were feeling sleepy…. Vedanta was also slept after having his dinner….. geet was waiting like a zombie, , making faces,, cribing over his so called work… gazing the dinner… she was so hungry , ,

Finally her wait was over and she was able to see maan’s face but he was really tired…. She can see from his face… lines of worry but they soon they went away….. she saw the sweet smile on his face but don’t know why this smile on his face….. she smiled and got up, ,

Before she said something….. “sorry geet… really very sorry…. Mujhe time ka pata hi nahi chala… actually was held up with an urgent project… so much work” he held his ears while apologizing….

“it’s ok maan…. I can understand project is really important…. You can’t delay the work but iska matlab yeh nahi ki you forget me…. You didn’t call me once…. ” she cribbed making cute-2 faces but suddeny stopped when she felt her cheeks was pulled by maan…. Her mouth fell open and eyes were big, ,

“geet, you look so cute when you cribbed like this with these cute-2 antics of yours…. ” saying so maan again pull her cheeks….. geet lost it now and she looked here and there and found the fork & knife over the table…. She grabbed them….. maan jumped back at once seeing the knife & fork in front of his eyes…..

“ge-et what are you doing..? maarne ka irada hai kya?” asked maan in amusement because of her choice , the knife was not that sharp….

“maan” she shrieked and tapped her feet in anger but still she is looking so cute…. Her pouting lips then suddenly she felt pain, gosh again maan pulled her cheeks…. Now that was it…. She threw the fork & knife away and pulled his cheeks in return…. That to so hard…. Uff maan winced in pain coz of sudden pressure on his cheeks by her delicate fingers…. But then her eyes popped when she felt something snaking on her delicate slim waist…. She jumped in fear.. she scared at once, she felt somekind of insect of something on her bare waist,…..

When she look down , her mouth fell open in shock seeing his finger tips tracing down the waist line , going up & down on her waist….. she felt something in the pit of her stomach, she felt her legs will gave because he s creating havoc inside her, , who was angry little while ago on him now she is clutching his shoulders, diging nails in his biceps where maan lower his face , slanting slowly in her ear’s direction and slowly he nipped her ear lobe , the hold on his biceps became tighter than before…..

His lips traced down her neck line trailing down the kisses , her hands went around his neck , slightly his hands went around her delicate waist pulling her more close to him….. her body glued to his and then he totally lost it completely , he teethed her collarbone and she flinched in pain….

“geet, I am hungry” he husked , where she moaned “hmm…”…. “geet, I am really very hungry”….. he told again slowly….. “me too maan!” their trance broke down suddenly hearing a voice which left them blushing and embarrassed too….

“if you both are hungry then have dinner na… ek dusre ko baad mein khana” she giigled and ran away leaving them embarrassed…..

After a while they have their dinner and retired to their room…..

After a week…..

Geet opened her eyes and shrieked in fear finding herself all alone in a car , that too on a deserted road…. She looked here and there , there was a man standing beside the car…. She tried to open the car door but it was lock…. She was at the verge of cry…. Where I am? How I came here? I was sleeping on my bed then how come I am here? Why? How? So many questions rang in her ear…. No one in the car with her…..


Geet opened her eyes and shrieked in fear finding herself all alone in a car , that too on a deserted road…. She looked here and there , there was a man standing beside the car…. She tried to open the car door but it was lock…. She was at the verge of cry…. Where I am? How I came here? I was sleeping on my bed then how come I am here? Why? How? So many questions rang in her ear…. No one in the car with her…..

She looked at herself… she was covered with the shawl and a warm coat inside the shawl and a warm cap over her head….. her hand were covered with the warm gloves and shoes were in her feet….. she was fully packed, , seems the person who brought her here, , done all the safety for her…. She looked around…. There was a thick fog over all, every where….. there was small-2 trees or should I say bushes…. She can see the dew drops on the leaves of the bushes….. flowers were also covered with the dew drops and fog….

She was literally scared, , don’t know where is she? No one is with her…. She was in her room last night and how the hell she is here? She thought in her mind….. she looked inside the car…., none is there beside of her…. Where is maan? Where is everyone?

She regained the last night…. I am very sure that I was on my bed last night, , haan cuddling in maan’s arms sleeping so peacefully , hai na…. haan…. But fir mai yaha car mein kaise? And where is maan? Aise kaise ? if I am here then how come I don’t know about all this? Hey baba ji mujhe kuch mat hone dena…. And how I wore these clothes? As far as I know that I was in my jeans & top when I slept…. Dekhti hu maine kya pehna hai? (she looked at her jeans and top inside of the coat)…. Ye to same hai….. hey baba ji, please help ma…. She murmured and prayed to her baba ji in her cute tone, , looking at the roof of her car…. Actually she was looking at the sky but what to do, car’s roof came in between……

She talked to herself but suddenly the voice broke her trance….. “geet, tumhare baba ji tumhe kuch nahi hone denge” she sighed hearing this…. She slanted her head slowly towards driver’s direction…. First her eyes went big, then little bigger more and then beamed with happiness when she saw who is he……. Her eyes fell on the thing which he was holding….. she ignored it and gazing at his face continuously without blinking , ,

“maan” she shrieked in excitement, she jumped at once, throwing herself in his arms like she got what she desired the most, she hugged him so tightly….. touching him , assuring herself that he is really here….. “he is here….. my maan is here” she spoke inwardly…..
“maan, where were you? Aisa bhi koi karta hai kya?” she slowly hit his chest by her fragile wrist….”pata hai mai kitna darr gayi thi” she said sobbing little…. ….. rubbing her cute red nose by his jacket which was red due to fear, little anger and cold too, ,

“geet…sssshhhh, don’t worry…. I am here, , there is no fear now….” He said rubbing her back slowly…. She raised up her face slowly and look at his worrying face yet he is smiling too, , but why? There is no reason of smile and that is the fact he smile less, even he didn’t smile on jokes too then why he is smiling now , as far as she remember that she didn’t crack any joke……

her cheeks puffed little bit, anger flared on her cheeks making them more red in anger, , her eye were like will come out soon from the pupil….. glaring him by her doe shape big almond eyes but he chuckled at her state which made her more furious…… she turned her face in anger and then spoke…..

“care to explain mr. khurana that how I come here?” that was it…. His smile vanished from his face seeing her angry….. o o….. his jaan is angry,,,,, now he has to pacify her….but that was not a big deal for him…….

He held her wrist straight in front of her face showing her that see I am holding your hand…. She glared at him……. Her jerked her at once , cause of that she fall on his chest directly hiding her face in his chest…. She raised her eyes looking at him then her following her eyes….. mere mm gap between their face…….

She closed her eyes when she felt a warm air coming out from his desiring lips…… he blew warm air on her face, which directly fanned on her lips making her shiver with the intensity of the hiding passion behind this act of his….. pours of her skin warm up and get relaxed now which were irritating her due to cold,,,,,

A burning sensation ran through her body when she felt something cold touching her soft cheeks…. Something too soft,, too delicate, like a feather, , slowly-2 she opened her eyes and found he was caressing her soft cheeks by the delicate flower creating havoc inside her, , she felt her stomach from inside rolled down in anticipation , , and then her heart beat raised when the soft petal of the flower touched her petal like lips, , the cold tips of his finger touched her lips along with flower’s petals….

Soon she felt his cold fingers reached in her scalp through her thick curly hair inside the cap pulling her more close….. he rubbed her scalp skin by his clod finger tips sending chills in her, , their lips were barely far away, , but the flower between their lips….. he tilted his head and moved towards her ear, , husking slightly sending goose bumps hearing his words which were fanned in her ear hole…..

“geet, we are on a vacation or you can call it honeymoon” hearing the words from his husky voice, the red hue spread on her cheeks which were already red, she blushed profusely , lashes bend down not bale gaze in his eyes directly……

He satisfied seeing the blush on her face, that is the confirmation from her side…… “maan” she whispered his name too innocently, too cutely and should I say in a sexy manner which snatched the breath away from him…… he sighed deeply and held her chin raising her face up little bit……

“geet, did you like it?” he asked to her , , he wants to know….. if she is not happy then they can go back…. They are not so far but yes near to their destination…… hearing his question she looked in his eyes, she can see the confusion there, , but who else will know that how much happy she is….! After all she is getting the chance to spending time with maan that too in cold weather…..

“maan, you don’t know how much happy I am right now, , you give me the most beautiful gift, thank –”, , she spoke from her heart…… maan placed a finger on her lips which made her stop not to talk further…..

“sshh geet, don’t thank me…. Here is little selfishness by my side that’s why I have planned this trip” he told her truthfully , ,

“what maan?” she asked to him…..

“actually, , I want to see my geet happy, smiling, enjoying that’s why I have planned this trip,,,, and if you’ll be happy then I’ll be happy…. So the main motive is that I want to be happy….. that’s all” maan finished then turned his face but frowned seeing the expression she is giving to him……

“geet, what is this? Now why are you crying? See you are spoiling my happiness” maan angered cutely which made her smiled through her tears……

She placed her hand on his cheek where he pushed his cheek more into her palm….. “maan, I am very happy and these are the tears of happiness, , ” geet told to him showing the tear drop on her finger…..

“geet, these are not tears…… these are the pearls…. So please soch samajh use kiya karo…. Arey bhia mehganyi ka zamana hai….and you know what I don’t like wastage of anything fir chahe tumhare aansu hi kyo na ho….” Hearing this she threw herself in his arms hugging him tightly where he also wrapped his arms around her petite structure giving her warmth of his body……


Vedanta open his eyes found himself laying beside of his nanu….. he jumped in joy and started waking up mohinder who was sleeping peacefully holding Vedanta…..

“bête so jao… this is very early” mohinder tried to understand him but he is kid…. Now he is no where to sleep back….

“nanu, please utho na… ” he is very enthusiastic, , first time ever he came here at his nana’s place…. He started screaming in happiness…. Mohinder frowned and sat up finally where annie came running hearing his hooting and screaming….. actually Vedanta knew that he is going to his nana’s place but everyone told him that is a secret so not to tell anyone…. That’s why he kept quiet but he didn’t know that so soon he will be here…..

“bua, hum yaha kab aaye?” he asked innocently….. annie smiled….. she wished good morning to mohinder where he wished her back…..

“Vedanta, did you wished good morning to nanu?” asked annie in her little stern voice…. Vedanta made a cute sorry face and smile showing his full teeth , actually showing a black hole space between the teeth, his one teeth has been broken….

“good morning nanu” he kissed his cheek whishing him…..

“good morning bete” mohinder did the same which left him giggling behind……

“arey , aapka daant kaun le gaya?” asked mohinder teasing him…… “hey, who took away your teeth?”
Hearing him Vedanta closed his mouth at once not showing his teeth anymore…. He turned , now his back is facing mihinder where annie knew that, he’ll reply now because if he’ll reply in his previous position then when he’ll open his mouth for speaking, his teeth will be show and he doesn’t want that….

“wo mama said that, one bird came and took it away but jaldi hi that bird give me my teeth back” he replied innocently…………


“Wo mama said that, one bird came and took it away but jaldi hi that bird give me my teeth back” he replied innocently…………

Mohinder gave a approving look to vedanta that , that bird will give his tooth back to him….. Vedanta excitingly jumped in his lap and then both nanu & grand son cuddled up in each other arms under the warm duvet…… annie smiled and left them alone….


Both were in their reverie lost in each other touch, feeling so close in warm weather in the car, , actually cold is outside but hot is inside the car by their hot-2 acts, , no-no, not that hot… actually effect of warm heater which was switched on inside the car making them more hot in their acts……

Their lips were mere millimeters away from each other , , barely touched yet untouched, , their lips were about to meet but just then another halted on the way bringing back from their la la land making them blushed, , well they are not embarrassed , , there is no other person with whom they can feel embarrass n this situation and the road was also deserted, , by chance that car came there otherwise mostly that way been deserted……

Suddenly reality hit her hard and she looked at him with her confuse face…… maan can read the confusion which was in her eyes and lips…. Lips , , oops still his thoughts were wandering around those petals….. He sighed and asked to her……

“what happen geet?” Asked maan cupping her face in his warm hands giving her warmth of his warm hands, , she snuggled her face in his palm but spoke before she lost in his sensual touch…..

“Will vedanta be able to live without us?” Asked maan feeling so helpless, , doesn’t know anything…… maan can see the motherly love in her eyes right now and he knew that she is missing him very much but he doesn’t want her to crave for him, , or she will feel that because of her Vedanta will live alone there……

“how you brought me here? Does everyone know about it?” She asked impatiently……. Though she is very excited for this trip but still she has a family also and kidnapped by her own husband for the honeymoon, somewhere she felt awkward but somewhere she felt thrilled and enthusiastic also….. It is so romantic also…… she doesn’t want to spoil his mood that’s she didn’t ask such questions……

“geet, , don’t you trust me??” Asked maan…… he knew that she trust him but still wanted to ask this question from her….

“maan, kaisa sawal hai yeh? Of course I trust you” she replied placing her hand on him which was on her cheek, , her eyes were speaking more loudly than her lips….. And he understand that language of her eyes….. There is immense love & trust for him in her eyes ……

“geet, actually everyone went to Mumbai at your place” he spoke looking in her eyes, , he knew that she will feel bad hearing that she won’t be able to meet her family but he is here for compensating and giving her more happiness which she never got by his side….

“geet, before you ask anything let me explain everything… can I?” Asked maan bringing her in his embrace by side ways holding her shoulder while she placed her head on his chest holding him by his waist encircling her arms around……

“geet, , dadi’s friend lives in Mumbai and there is a wedding of her grand daughter….. So she invited dadi there with family but I have already planned this trip, , so dadi gave me suggestion that she, annie & Vedanta will go there and me & u can come here for the vacation…. And rest about Vedanta, , he knew about it , that his mama & papa are going on vacation while he is going to his nana’s place…
he was very happy, so I let them go there with Vedanta…. Now they are at your place in mumbai and then the day after tom they’ll go dadi’s friends place for attending the function… ” he paused for a second glancing at her face patting her head slowly…..

She raised her face gazing in his eyes , , “geet, maine theek kiya na? And waise bhi Vedanta was having winter vacations so I thought I should let him go there….. ” she raised her face more and finally pecked his cheek lovingly and then blushed with her small act of hers…. Maan smiled at her simple yet sweet gesture…. He loved it….

“maan, nothing can be better than this…!”…… she snuggled more in his embrace taking the warmth of his arms…..

“maan…!!!” She called him in her sweet tone…..

“hmmm” replied maan lost in her….

“how did you brought me here???And packing & all” she asked in her confused state…… she really wanted to know…….. Maan chuckled at her question, , he knew that this question will come soon but he doesn’t want to reply her right now……

“geet, , i’ll tell you later” replied maan…..

She come out from his embrace gazing at his face with her almond innocent eyes……. “but maan…!!!” She tried to ask him but his finger placed on her lip stopping her, not to talk further……

“sshh geet, , suspense hai,,,,, mood khraab mat karo” she pouted and cribbed inwardly, , telling some profanities under her breath……

“achha theek hai but at least you can tell me how did you packed the clothes n all? Asked geet to him gazing at his face with hopeful eyes….. maan put his index finger at the edge of his chin, rubbing slowly like he was in deep thought…..

“hmmm, so you want to know haan???” asked maan naughtily….. geet pushed him back a little and replied……

“ji, pati ji…” and geet put up a stern faces….. maan amused at her reply, raised his brow , and a smirk at the corner of his lips…..

“so, biwi wants answer…. Jaisa aapka hukum biwi ji” replied maan in a manner of slave, geet blushed at his antics….. geet nodded and gestured him to continue…..

“wo actually biwi ji, , yesterday I brought all new clothes & other needed things… listen koi bhi cheez maine cupboard se nahi li, everything is brand new…”

“but maan, I didn’t saw them” told geet….

“wo isliye because I never brought bags inside the mansion….they were here in this car itself… everything was ready…. ” replied maan to her…..

“that means, everything is in shopping bag till yet?” asked geet……maan denied…..

“nope geet, I had purchased a new holiday bag and arranged them properly that too in outhouse, without telling you, , just annie helped me… and yes, , annie ne ek packet rakha tha for you only… she instructed me hard that not to open it… so I don’t know what is inside that packet…. ” maan was talking….

Hearing all that geet was cursing him not to telling her anything…… maan can see the lips movements of hers which was moving so fastly…….

“ab tum aise tempt karogi to i’ll make my honeymoon here in this car right now” she felt short of words at once hearing his shameless words , , and then she blushed profusely giving him more signals,,,,,,

“uff mar jawan…!!!” He fell on his seat placing his hand at his heart place doing drama which made her smile & blush more….

“maan, , aagey jana ka iraada hai ya honeymoon yahi manaoge?” She blurted out and the suddenly bit her lip knowing that what she had told him…… he raised his brow questioning her while she hid her face in her palm….. He leaned on her giving her clues what he wants……

“what an idea madam ji” maan spoke in her ear snapping her out from her palm and then he drove off the car towards his destination……….. geet was looking outside niharofying the view of outside, , the nature’s creation, ,
so many trees on the way like they are moving and they are only sitting in their car itself…… she slide down the window slightly feeling the chilled air gazing her face, , hearing the chirpy sound of birds at this early morning…… it’s only 7 am……

Maan watched her,, , glancing at her while driving feeling happy seeing her so happy…… he slowly put the digital camera in her lap bringing her back from the fantasy world….. she looked at the camera and then him asking him, , but he said nothing…… she happily took it started photographing of the nature’s creation from their moving car….. it felt so awesome……

“maan, how did you know that I loved photographing?” asked geet shocked while taking snaps of beautiful flowers and monkeys & so many other little birds, little animals…..

“geet, I’ll reply you later , okay…. Now enjoy” he said, , concentrate on his driving…… she happily agreed and lost in taking snaps…… maan played the soft english music in the car which soothed her mind , , it is giving so romantic feeling…… it’s her favorite song and favorite singer also…..

she loved this whole thing….. she at once turned and placed her soft lips on his cheek , , his feet pressed the brake at once stopping the car , , she was shocked suddenly…… now he demands more……. He winked at her naughtily and she blushed, ,

Omg, she is loving this naughty maan….. maan didn’t do anything further and let her explore the nature for a while with her new camera…. Just then geet turned towards snuggled in his chest not to disturb him in his driving….. maan smiled seeing his sleepy wify…..

he bend his face little not to broke the concentration on the road, , and placed a soft kiss on her head…. She smiled little and snuggled more…. Maan gave her space for snuggling more in his arms…..

He was driving continuously and she was resting in his arms….. just then she spoke softly barely audible but yes, audible for maan…..

“where are we going maan?” she asked in her sleepy state, , maan knew that, it will come soon….

“geet, it’s a surprise for you….” Replied maan…….

“no more surprise maan, , I became a complete package of surprises…. Now no more….. please…” she said cutely raising her face looking at his face hopefully….

“ohh my mishty, don’t be sad now…. ”

“to fir batao kaha ja rahe hai hum?” asked geet again….

“geet, you’ll love it…. It’s a natural beauty which you have never seen” said maan hinting her a little…..but she was confuse….. “kaha maan?” asked geet again….

“geet, remember, , once while watching discovery, you have never visit India’s hill stations.. ” asked maan…… she went in her thoughts……

Maan & geet were sitting on bed and watching discovery…. There was documentary show going on…. They were showing the hill stations in india…. She kept her head on his shoulder and watched the television….. she spoke softly…. “maan”….. “ummm” he replied…..

“this place is beautiful na, , natural beauty, snow , valleys , everything is so beautiful” said geet….

“haan geet, , you know what, I have visited so many hill station in foreign countries but never find this beauty anywhere” told maan……

“you know maan, been in India I never went in hill station of India though I have visited foreign countries and India never…” she spoke truthfully…. Maan looked at her for a moment….

Flashback ends…..

“yes maan, I had told you” said geet….. “geet, that day I have decided that we’ll together somewhere in India itself… no foreign country…” she felt overwhelmed…. She never knew that he’ll fulfill her so small & simple wish….. she placed a kiss on his cheek and snuggled in his arms feeling cozy confessing her love to him….. “I love you maan”… maan smiled, , “love you too geet”


“yes maan, I had told you” said geet….. “geet, that day I have decided that we’ll together somewhere in India itself… no foreign country…” she felt overwhelmed…. She never knew that he’ll fulfill her so small & simple wish….. she placed a kiss on his cheek and snuggled in his arms feeling cozy confessing her love to him….. “I love you maan”… maan smiled, , “love you too geet”


maan was driving while glancing at her angelic face, , her face gives him some kind new energy, a brewing desire to see her happy always…. he can see a small frown on her face, actually she was uncomfortable with her position….. she was sleeping at her seat itself, she never knew when she fell asleep in his arm snuggling close to him…. he smiled seeing her a cute frown on her face……. only 1 km left then they will cuddle up in each other arms in their cozy bed….

the fog was increasing as they were heading ahead…… he can see the snow on the front glass of car, , he started the wiper of car on front glass for the clear view, , fog and snow, , uff so cold there….. he slowly turned his face towards geet, she was shivering little,,,, he knew that she is not use to this much cold….. in MUMBAI, there is not much cold like DELHI but here, , you’ll be freeze in winters……

geet opened her eyes, , she smiled seeing the handsome face ever, her husband’s face… she slanted her neck asking why he is signaling her but then she understood that he is telling her look outside but she was lost in him that she doesn’t realize her surroundings…..

she slanted her neck towards side glass of her seat, the cute smile was on her face vanished at once when she saw the snow fall….. suddenly her eyes twinkled in joy and delighted at once, , she slide the glass and slide her hand out for feeling the snow fall…..

“geet, what are you doing?” asked maan in worry seeing her so childish…. she looked at maan with her innocent eyes but he can se twinkles and happiness in her eyes…. he smiled at her…..

“maan, maan please stop the car…” geet said to him so fastly that he couldn’t understand anything why she was asking to him for stopping the car but without questioning her further, he pressed his feet over brake at once in a jerk…… now he can see geet is outside of the car playing with snow, , ohh to isliye she was asking for stop the car…..

he shook his head in disbelieve at her childishness but he sensed later, though it is little childish but there is no age limit for playing games or doing mischieves……. he smirk and stepped out of the car…..

and after a second, a loud shriek came out from geet’s mouth, , she was stood there shocked, hands in air , opened mouth, , widened eyes, like some one told her statue…… maan laughed seeing her condition but his happiness was not for long, , he was shocked when he felt a big heap of snow fell direct on his face , , he blinked his lashes couple of times for understanding what happened? and when he gained sense, , both were lying on snow rolling on each other playing with snow….

both were shivering so badly , they couldn’t get warmth of each other body because they were lying on snow, , geet’s face was became so red in cold and when he heard the chattering sound of her teeth, he t once stood up and brought her in his arms, places securely in car, soon took the driver seat…….

switched on the warm heater in the car, placing the warm jacket and a blanket over her….. ensuring that she is covered fully….. geet smiled assuring him that she is fine now but her assurance was no longer when she sneeze 2-3 times, , his patience loose, , he drove fast but he couldn’t increase the speed in this thick fog….

now they are in their private cottage…..still geet doesn’t know where she is! cause she was sleeping again due to so much cold…. she couldn’t bear this much cold as she is not used to….. maan gave the tip to that person who brought them here and strict him that not to disturb them…… he nodded and went away…… soon maan was under duvet holding her so close giving her warmth of his body……

but she shivered more, her teeth were making chatter sound so badly, and her fingers curling in a fist due to so much cold…. Maan’s eyes wide open seeing her shivering so badly…. He at once sat up taking her hands in his rubbing them slowly so that the flow of her blood can increase and she’ll get little bit warm…… her hands were so cold….. he removed her socks also and rubbed them in faster pace before than……

he was little worried for her……. He immediately called on reception and demanded a warm heater and under 5 mins he can hear the knock on their door…… in no time the heater was switched on and started giving warmth of it’s…… maan arranged the fire house & lit that….. arranged that warm heater there and brought geet in his lap in front of fire house, ,

Maan sat near the fire house on the chair taking Geet in his lap, now she was getting warmth of Maan’s body, fir house and warm heater….. He was continuously blaming himself for bringing at this place where she fall sick before entering in the city, , but weather change was really needed for her, for her mental state, he wants to open up her every pain which she hid deep inside of her heart somewhere in the corner…..

He wants to give her happiness but before giving her anything, she fell sick…. He was warming his hand above warm heater and then placed his warm hand on her cheeks, sometimes on her hands….. He was warming her feet also taking her little more close to the warm heater ……

And in no time he felt her hand on his cheek, her eyes were seeing him lovingly, , her petal like lips curved in a lovely smile seeing his soft gesture, she never knew he can be like this……. So sweet, so caring, and doesn’t know how many things she doesn’t know about him…..

She pressed her body in him hugging him so tight , maan felt contended feeling so her fit & fine….. she circled her arms around his neck hiding her face in the hollow of his neck while maan covered their body with the blanket circling her waist by his arms….. “Thank you maan for taking care of me this much!” ……

“sshh geet, , ” maan silenced her stopping her not to speak further, , “not a word more”….. he remove his finger from her lips and set her strands behind her ears….. “how can you thank me for taking care of you…… you know what , you are part of me and you’ll thank me for taking care the part of me….. sounds weird na….. ”…….. she was looking at him with her confuse eyes…..

“geet, ,I was taking care of myself and you are thanking for that…. Ajeeb hai na…. so now close your this big mouth” maan teased her little….. geet smiled listening his little weird talks but she felt nice seeing him like this……

“love you maan”…. Saying so she closed her eyes and tried to hug him more tight but she was already glued with his body like fevicol,,,, maan didn’t replied further just smiled……

“maan!” she called him softly , , where he managed to reply her only in “umm?” without opening his lips……. She raised her face looking at his face, , “where are we? Kya jagah hai yeh?” asked geet in curiosity, , he didn’t old her till yet what is their destination but now the limit of her patience is over flowed…… maan smiled at her curiosity, ,

“geet, this is the most beautiful place, a hill station, hassen waadiyaan, ” geet was looking at him with great concentration trying to guess the place, ,

“geet, , we’ll go at the border of Kathmandu and while returning rudrapur and then UttarKashi from here” he said everything but doesn’t reply the main answer of her question….. geet curled her hand in fist and hit him on his chest for not replying her properly….

Maan laughed loudly teasing her so much…. He face was worth watchable when he was telling her everything, , she was having concentration look on her face and then not getting the main answer, a cute frown appeared on her face, she pouted her lip cutely and hit him…… she was hitting him continuously , he held her hand gazing intimately in her eyes, , she couldn’t hold his intense gaze, red hue flared on her cheeks and she lowered her lashes……

She tried to get up showing him her angry-2 big eyes, , shooting anger and glaring at him for not telling her….. he smiled, held her wrist & brought up close to his chest again, , told her without no delay, if she gets angry more…… “we are in Raniket jaan”, , he struggle seemed timid and soon her eyes twinkled getting the place’s name…..

A smile lingered on her curvy lips , soon they were on his lips giving him shock of the life again…. His eyes were popped open first feeling her lips on his then his eyes were closed giving her back response , , they were nibbling their lips holding each other so close, , her fingers were continuously brushing his hairs, massaging them, ,

her lips parted a little bit and maan took advantage of that, throbbing his tongue inside her mouth exploring her hidden parts, tasting the sweet nectar of her mouth, , his teeth bit the skin over her lip , licking away the blood with the tip of his tongue……..

his hands travelled on her back, caressing her over the clothes, , the intensity of their burning desires, , maan’s hands reached on her hip pulling her more close, , they were very close to loose their sanity, , their intimate position was like oil in their burning desires, soon he left her mouth , placing his burning desiring lips on her jaw line, the wet full mouth kisses on her jaw line going down on her neck, while she arched back giving him more space,,

she clutched his hairs in her fist pushing her upper body more into him, , he brought his fingers on her coat , unbuttoning slowly-2 tracing her cleavage with his finger tips while she moaned his name ever so softly giving him more pleasure…..

Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-51-57


He brushed his lips again with hers while her one hand was roaming on his back shamelessly, , he grabbed her lips in his, , and nibbled slowly, , she too responded him back in the kiss, , and the slow kiss turned a passionate kiss, , both were chewing each other lips, , she gasped for air and he at once caught her tongue, , their tongue danced with each other, tasting the sweet honey nectar of their mouth, , it was like a heaven for them…

their passionate kiss was broken due to lack of breath, both were panting, breathing rapidly, their heart were pumping fast against their chest, , maan kept his head in the hollow of her neck breathing properly and playing with her senses now, tickling her by his warm breath, , she felt tickled sensation in her body due to his warm breath and by the nuzzled with the tip of his nose, ,

a giggle escape from her mouth gaining maan’s attention…. He raised up his head looking at curvy lips which were formed in a smile now… he smiled at her and nuzzled his nose again at her jaw line sensuously making her heart beat rapid, she closed her eyes in acceptance and she hugged him really very tight…..

“thank you geet for coming in my life and for making it beautiful…” he placed some sensuous kisses on her jaw line tracing it down to her neck by his lips like licking her skin, , his hand was making pattern on her waist over the cloth making her moan in pure ecstasy….

she pushed herself more into him, her upper body almost against his neck…. He groaned at once feeling bosom like this, , “geet” taking out her name from his mouth……. and his kisses became more slow, , lusty and sensuous… he was placing full mouth kisses on her neck, throat and collarbone almost wetting her skin by his saliva which was on his lips… …. She was almost wet by this passion of his.. , , She moaned his name in pleasure then replied after struggling a lot….. “maan….. no thanks please…. Otherwise I’ll thanks to you also..” maan raised his face again and smiled back at her reply….

He placed a kiss on her forehead, , a simple gesture for loving and respecting someone…. They wished good night to each other by kissing on cheek like they usually do, , and slept over there on that single bed in study itself leaving Vedanta there in bedroom though the gate was opened of study room which is adjoin with their bed-room….

It was party day, , everything was finalized, preparation was on full swing but our sweetu , ctuie Vedanta, birthday boy was still sleeping on maaneet’s bed and maan & geet were admiring him…. They wanted to wish him first but if he’ll get up then na….

Geet-maan, please wake him up na, , I want to wish him… she pouted and complaint cutely…. Maan smiled at her,,,,,

Maan-geet, seems Vedanta is not b’day boy, you are b’day girl and complaining that none had wished you….. geet, he is baby… let him sleep, when he’ll wake up then you’ll be with first one who will wish him….

Geet-hmm, , ok till then I’ll get ready…. And yes Happy Diwali maan… she kissed his cheek slightly little wetting his cheek by her wet lips… maan blushed with her cute gesture, , and he too kissed her back…

Maan-Happy diwali to you too geet…. And pecked on her forehead and then embraced her in his arms
They glanced at Vedanta then engrossed in their work,,,, maan was busy with his cell, , calling peoples and arranging everything, though event planner was there but still he have take care of each and everything, , Arjun was also managing and Reyhansh also…. They knew very well that how to manage and on which level, after all, Maan Singh Khurana is throwing the party and that too double occasion….

After an hour, Vedanta woke up , Vedanta went happily near to geet because he knew that today is his 4th birthday,…. “mama, papa, where are you?” he was asking so impatiently…. Geet and Maan entered in the room without making any voice…. “boo” they shook him and he got scared at once, , they showed his gift to him and his all fear vanished in a second seeing the gift…..

“Happy Birthday To You… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to dear Vedu (by geet) / baby (by maan), Happy Birthday to you… and Happy Diwali to you” and then geet shoved a big piece of dairy milk chocolate in his small mouth, , (kuch meetha ho jaaye, hehehe…) his small mouth was filled with chocolate and he was chewing it slowly-2 , ,

they sang birthday song for him and maan & geet pecked his cheeks together on his both cheeks… Vedanta jumped in joy in happiness and pecked their cheeks in return….. Vedanta gulped the chocolate….
“thank you mama… thank you papa aur…. Happy Diwali to you too…” Vedanta squirmed in happiness….

Just then Reyhansh, Ashlesha, Anwesha, and dadi entered in their room along with their gifts… and wished him Happy birthday…. He was very happy…. He never get so many gifts like this and none celebrate his birthday before like this…. He didn’t remember much, after all he is a small kid… only 4 yrs. now…. and then they called nakul in their room and nakul clicked their snaps one by one when they were giving gifts to Vedanta and then a family picture, Vedanta was sitting with his gifts and all were also sitting beside him….

After some time Vedanta was searching geet, , but suddenly he afraid of something and screamed in fear….. “mama, , papa… bhoot… aahh” and started crying his eyes out…. Maan who was sitting on the couch in the attached hall of his room heard Vedanta’s scream and ran in the bedroom, , he was panic hearing his scream….

Maan went near him, went on his knees and trying to calm him down….. “beta, what happened? Why are crying?” asked maan impatiently…. Vedanta looked at him with his teary eyes and point out at some where in the room…. “papa, bhoot is over there…. ” he said innocently…. Maan turned his face in the direction and then he saw a petite structure standing there in white top and jeans, hairs tied in a bun and face was covered with face pack….

Maan burst in laugh , Vedanta looked at him like he is seeing an alien …. “papa, what is so funny? Wo bhoot hai… please shoo away that bhoot” saying so he hid again behind maan…. Maan controlled his laugh and pulled Vedanta in front of him….

“baby, that is not bhoot… she is your mama.. unhone face pack lagaya hai” said maan calming him down… but geet was fuming in anger and still standing over there…. First ved afraid from her… she tried to go near him but he ran away and she stood there helplessly and second maan laughed on her…. She stamped her foot in anger and ran away in washroom again snapped the gate over maan’s face….

“oops, madam is angry now” maan thought, , now he has to tolerate her anger, no,,no her cute anger… after all she looks so cute when she is so angry,,,, maan felt a tug on his pant… he looked down and found Vedanta is pulling him, , he sighed and knelt down to his level….

Vedanta-papa, what happened to mama’s face? Asked Vedanta….. maan held him by his shoulder…

Maan- baby, , mama ne face par cream lagaya hai, mama ko sabse pretty lagna hai na party me….. Vedanta nodded and said…. “my mama is sabse pretty… hai na papa?” asked Vedanta….

“haan sabse pretty, most beautiful girl in the world… at last she is Vedanta’s mama na!” he cheered Vedanta and tickled him… he laughed along with maan while geet was also smiling seeing them laughing and yes praising her also…. She felt that she is important for them now….


It was evening, , geet was getting ready while maan was clad in his black tuxedo already…. And now he was setting Vedanta’s hair…. Vedanta is also ready now, same like maan, looking like chhotu maan…. Copying his dad…. Maan set his hairs with gel and now clicking his pictures by his digital camera…. And Vedanta was giving cute pose….

Maan-baby, go and call mama,,, papa will click photo… go fast…. Maan told to Vedanta and Vedanta ran in bed-room calling geet…..

“mama, mama, , come fast… papa is calling you” Vedanta reached to geet who was setting her pallu standing in front of large mirror which is replying her back that how beautiful she is looking in this saree which was gifted by maan on the occasion of karwachauth, , the saree is in baby pink colour which is like a second skin of hers, , the same color like her skin, so pink, , and how beautiful she is looking in that saree….

“what vedu? Why is papa calling me now… papa is ready, you are ready, then let me get ready na…” replied geet back making plates of her pallu….

“no mama, , aap baad me ready hona, right now papa is calling you… hamein photo click karna hai… chalo abhi…” he held geet’s hand and pulled her… she gave up and went behind him…. Vedanta was continuously blabbering, telling her how much gifts he get!, , and how beautiful mansion is looking! , annie bua is wearing this and ash bua is wearing this, rey chachu ne ajeeb si pant pehna hai par unka jacket achha hai…. And so on…

Geet-maan what is this? Please let me get ready na first… she made baby face while Vedanta was trying to made her sit on the couch….

Maan-“geet, it will take only some seconds… please… only one snap… btw you are looking beautiful…” He complimented her and she blushed… “ok, chalo sit there…” he signaled to her and she nodded…. Vedanta was in middle and geet in left… maan set the camera and put it on the tv, he ran and sit at the right side… he held geet by her shoulder and ,

“say cheese…” geet told and just then a flashing light on and the sound of click… a photo of perfect family…. Geet got up for moving inside the bedroom for getting ready but maan held her pallu from behind and pulled her back… her front was visible now…
she was trying to get her pallu back but maan’s sudden pull and she fell back on maan and vadanta was jumping, clapping, giggling over his parents who were romancing in-front of him… she was totally over him now on the couch while Vedanta was still giggling & clapping seeing his parents like this…..

“and sexy too” he slightly whispered in her ear making her cheeks crimson red… “maan” she whispered slowly while her lips curved in a shy smiled, cheeks were reddened and eyes were looking down in shyness and maan was enjoying this shy geet now…. Sometimes she became so bold that she kissed him and sometimes she became so shy that she can’t even look in his eyes….

“maan, chhodiye na..” she stuggled but his grip around her waist tightened and he shook his head in denial making her more blush…. He is loving his shy wife….

“nahi chhodu then?” he asked showing her his naughty smirk….

“please maan, Vedanta is here” she signaled to him while Vedanta covered his mouth with his palm and giggling mutely….

“so what geet? He is baby now…” replied maan…. “papa, I am not baby now…” he replied back and stormed out of the room telling to annie bua about his parents romantic moments…


“please maan, Vedanta is here” she signaled to him while Vedanta covered his mouth with his palm and giggling mutely….

“so what geet? He is baby now…” replied maan…. “papa, I am not baby now…” he replied back and stormed out of the room telling to annie bua about his parents romantic moments…

all were giggling hearing maan & geet’s private romantic moments…. Vedanta was spilling all the beans, what his parents were doing inside the room, , telling specially to dadi , annie and rey, , ash was busy in her make up….

Here inside the room, , maan was still holding her in his embrace and looking at her lovingly…. Their eyes were locked and so many emotions were playing inside their heart, , “geet, , you are looking really very beautiful” and hugged her more tight telling how much he means those words…..

“maan, this is because of this saree, and you gave me this…. That’s why I am looking beautiful” , she bring her lips more close to his ears and whispered huskily sending sensation in his spines…. “and sexy too” and bit her lip in shyness cause she had blurted what she wanted but now shyness took over him…. He eyes were popped hearing her little shameless words, , “geet, , no… I know that you are looking so sexy but that doesn’t mean that you gave whole credit to this saree, , ” she raised her brows asking why that so?

“because you are naturally beautiful and sexy too…even you’ll look beautiful in your track suit or in your messed hairs” ended maan telling her his POV about her beautifulness…. She shied and pushed him, ran away in bedroom for getting ready….


Everyone was present in the party and were greeting the guests…. Kids were playing in another hall where all the preparations have done especially for kids, , jokers, mikcy mouse, so many toys, kid’s type food and all,,,,,, jokers were entertaining them a lot, ,

Diwali party was going on in another hall, , all the elders were there giving wishes of diwali to each other…. It was really a great occasion for them, Vedanta’s birthday and diwali celebration…. Party was on full swing, , peoples come from business industry and fashion & glamour world, , they were really enjoying…..

Just then arjun came with so many gifts…. Geet saw him and ran to him…. She was angry on him… he was late and he wants everyone punctual at office….

Geet-arjun, stop there…. You are late… saying so she tapped her feet on the floor and tapping her fingers on her arms which were crossed over her chest, , waiting for an explanation….. arjun sighed knowing that she will not leave any opportunity to taunt him…..

Arjun-geetu…. I was stuck in traffic that’s why I am late…. …… he tried to excuse but he was failed….

Geet-oh really, , the famous excuse of all men, I was stuck up in traffic that’s why I am late etc. etc….. why are you not telling me that you were busy in chatting with someone or should I say an……. She was silenced by arjun….

Arjun-what are you doing??? Marwayegi kya apne maan se?? geet giggled hearing and seeing him little afraid from maan….. “who will wish me happy diwali?” she asked in a hurry,….

Arjun-ohho… you are so desperate for the wishes or should I say for the gift…. He asked to her, she smiled knowing that he knew her too well…
Arjun-don’t make face like this… here is your gift, , now be happy… both hugged to each other, then he went to meet maan and his some business friends there also…. Annie was busy with her friend circle and ash also, annie was introducing ash to her friends…. Rey was with maan meeting with business mans…. Dadi was with her kitty friends, , they were talking about geet like how beautiful she is! And why didn’t you call us? Chupke-2 shaadi kara di and all….

Just then whole handa family , Vicky & alka came there…. Geet & maan had seen them, she ran away leaving maan behind…. She jumped in her dad’s arms and hugged him tight…..

Geet-papa, , how are you? I am missing you a lot…. Aap kitna late aaye…. She complaint…. Mohinder hugged her tight, caressing her hairs a little….

Mohinder-geetu, baby, , hows my baby?? You know what I was so afraid when I saw you like that in hospital,,,, it was like a dead moment for me seeing you like that after your mom…. Please always keep safe and healthy… promise me…..

Geet-I promise you papa…. Abhi no emotional talk… pleaassee….. she stretched please word….. he smiled and nodded….. she hugged tej and Tanya….
“happy diwali bro and bhabhi… kaise ho aap?, , ” asked geet….

“we are fine geet, , hamari gudiya kaise hai?” asked tej…

Maan come forward seeing them, , he bend down and took blessings from mohinder…. And both hugged each other….

Maan- namastey papa….. how are you ? Asked maan greeting them…. Geet was first shocked hearing papa from his mouth then touched with his sweet gesture… finally he had accepted her fully and her family too….

Mohinder-namstey bête…. I am fine aur aap kaise hai? Asked mohinder in return patting his shoulder a little while maan stood there beside him so close, ,

Maan-me too fine…. Tej and bhabhi, aap dono kaise ho? And alka & Vicky, at least you should come early, , stated maan…

Geet-see, maan is feeling that… you should have come early but no, , you think yourself as guests na who come at the end time and go away before the function finish…. Cribbed geet….

Vicky-oh my god doll! Still you are the same…. I thought after marrying maan, , some changes will come in you but now,,, you can’t change… never….. alka hit him on his shoulder….

Alka- geet, tere hi liye gift le rahe the and you know na he is late lateef…. Lazy bum…. Always late….

Geet-I know that lazy bum….

Tanya-please , at least stop your fight here in front of maan ji…. She eyed them to stop… and their mouth shut… maan smiled seeing geet cribbing and murmuring something….. alka dragged geet in a corner for some talk or should say girly & private talks….

Maan made them comfortable, , they met with dadi and other guests too…. And there are lots of businessman also who knew each other very well…. All wished Vedanta happy birthday and gave him gifts…


Just then piya, abhay, misha & kabir entered in the hall…. Piya squirmed in happiness seeing geet fit and fine… she handed her gift to mish and ran towards her…. She pounced on her for a bear hug, , both were hugging like sisters who were separate in some fair….

Piya-geet, , you are very bad, you didn’t tell us about that you are msk’s wife… everytime I drool over your husband and you enjoyed a lot…. Not fair…. We didn’t tell you anything when you were in hospital you were not fine,

Misha-hey sexy babes, now , we want an explanation that too big wali… got it babes….

Geet-girls, calm down… no hi, no hello.. direct complaints… that’s not fair… even you didn’t wish me for diwali and what about my cutie pie….vedu??? she pouted cutely….

Piya-we came here only for him, understood… not for you… so please clear the way and let us meet with cutie pie…. Huh!!! Piya dragged abhay with her in kid’s hall while misha went to drink corner as it was her favorite time pass,,, drinking….


Rey came up with his handy cam and came in front of dadi…
Rey-dadi maa….. here you are in front of camera, , so I wanted to ask you what do you think about our maan & geet? What do you want to say them? Asked rey in excitement….. before dadi could speak a word, , Ash came there and snatched handy cam from his hand…

Ash-oye, I am RJ here and VJ too… you are a businessman so be away from this field and let me do my work…. She pushed him and asked to dadi again….

Ash-okay, dadi, , so please speak out some wishes for your maan & geet with your sweet voice… we want to hear few words…… she ended up…. Dadi smiled and rey cribbed…. Maan & geet’s eyes and ears were held on dadi who were going to say something for them….

Dadi-maan & geet, , my two sweet grand kids…. Maan is like lava where geet is like water , , maan is short tempered while geet is sweet yet innocent…. But one thing which is common in them, , if they love to someone then they’ll give their life too and I had seen in their eyes….. she ended with her words and on maan’s face, there was an unknown glow hearing some sweet words that too from dadi, , geet’s eye were beaming with happiness and eye lashes were wet….

Ash turned her camera to annie and asked from her…..
Annie-my bhabhi is the best…. She loves us a lot and me too love her a lot…. Love you geet bhabhi…. Muah….. she gave a flying kiss to geet while geet smiled….. handa family was feeling so touched by their love for geet…..

Ash turned her camera to geet’s friends one by one and they told about her sweet-2 talks while open her little-2 secrets or her naughtiness…. Some shared little sweet moments with everyone….

Ash called Vedanta there and asked to him…

Vedanta-my mama is the best…. Papa ne bola she is so pretty…. And papa ne mama ko kissy bhi kiya like mama kiss me…. He replied cutely while everyone giggled hearing the last line, , geet was like sharm se pani-2 types and maan was looking at geet lovingly without caring anyone…

Finally her camera turned towards maan, , and everyone’s eyes fell on maan…

Ash-so last but main and so important person ever in geet bhabhi’s life…. Here we go…. So maan bhai, can you explain geet bhabhi’s importance in your life with any song? What do you feel for her? What emotions you have for her? Why you want her in your life? Anything you want to tell us about her?

Geet’s ears waiting for maan’s reply though she knew that she can’t be wrong? She had seen love for her in his eyes, , she trust him, , it was just the craving inside her heart for knowing that what he thinks for her? How he’ll explain her?

“aaye ho meri zindagi mein tum bahaar banke
(maan was looking at geet while geet’s eyes beamed with happiness hearing his emotions in words first time….)

Mere dil mein yun hi rehan tum pyaar pyaar banke
(he placed his hand over his heart telling her while she nodded..)

Aankhon mein tum base ho sapne hazaar banke
Mere dil mein yun hi rehna tum pyaar pyaar banke
Ghunghat mein kar kali thi rango mein na dhali thi
No shokh thi hawaayein na khushboo manchali thi
(he remember the day when they got married, , she was in veil and he was unaware that who is in the veil, he was not bothered, and then he snatched every colour from her, , she was like a fragile flower but soon it was died because of his sin….)

Aaya hai ab ke mausam kaisa khmaar banke
Mere dil mein yun hi rehan pyaar pyaar banke
(but now everything is fine, they love each other, , the love is in the air….)

Mann ka nagar tha khaali sookhi padi thi daali
Holi ke rang feeke benoor thi diwali
(before your entrance in my life, , my life was like a empty jar, , loneliness, emptiness , no love, no care, , every festival was bore, no happiness… )

Rimjhim baras pade ho tum to fuhaar banke
Mere dil mein yun hi rehna pyaar pyaar banke…
Aaye ho mere zindagi mein tum bahaar banke….
(but now after you came in my life, , you came like a breeze of happiness in my life , filled my life with love & happiness…)”


Rey played the same song and asked everyone to the dance floor for couple dance…..
Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke
Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
You have come in my life as spring
Keep living in my heart like this as love
Maan held geet’s hand and led her to the dance floor where she was feeling like a magnet which attracts to the iron…. She was pulling by herself towards him….. he placed her hands around his neck while his hands rested on her slim curvy waist……

Ankhon mein tum base ho, sapne hazaar ban ke
Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke- Aaye ho,,,
You have stayed in eyes as thousand dreams
Keep living in my heart like this as love
Their eyes were locked with each other like reading the love, craving, or dreams which they have seen for each other…. He took her one hand and placed it over his heart area on the chest telling her that he means those words…..

Mere saathi mere sajan, mere saath yun hi chalna
Badalega rang zamana, par tum nahi badalna
My friend is my lover, walk with me like this
Colours may change, but you never change
Her lips curved in a beautiful sweet smile, taking his hand in hers, their fingers entwined with each other like holding each other hands for a life time, , promising to each other we’ll face everything together……

Meri mang yun hi bharna, taare hazaar ban ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
Fill Mang with sindoor as thousand stars
Keep living in my heart like this as love,,,
He placed his lips on her forehead at the same spot where the sindoor was on her forehead…. He held her hand over her head and she took rounds and then he pulled her closer, she landed on his chest….. everyone was engrossed in each other dance,,,,, lights were dim, , he pinched her little making her angry….

Agar main jo rooth jaoon, to tum mujhe manana
Thama hai haath mera, phir umr bhar nibhana
If I get angry, make me peace
You have upholded my arm, keep it until death
She showed him her fake anger and twist her lip, twisting her nose cutely, , and he pulled her cheeks and held his ears saying sorry…. She forward her hand and he placed his hand over hers….

Mujhe chod ke na jana, wade hazaar kar ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna tum pyar pyar ban ke—Aaye ho
Don’t leave me and go after giving thousand promises,
Keep living in my heart like this as love,,,
She hugged him placing her head on his chest while he circled his arms around her petite structure…. She was beaming with happiness but from inside she was crying silently, , the pain she have inside from her heart, bearing alone, , tears wanted to come out from her eyes but her heart denying that won’t…. they will ruin other happiness…. Yes, she have to bear all the pain alone…..


They were engrossed in their own world that they didn’t realize that they both only on the dance floor and dancing and rest were watching them with a huge smile on their face,,,,, lights were dim and the environment was perfect for the romance, ,

A huge applauds broke them from their dance, they come out from their lala land and geet blushed profusely when she heard the sound of clapping, , she is getting what she wants,
the love from maan’s and his family…..

she is feeling the most happiest person on the world but somewhere a tinge of pain deep inside of her heart, , the craving for something what she never knew
that it existed in her life but when she came to know, It had gone, , like a sand from her hand….. she didn’t able to stop, and how will she able when she never knew that she is worth for it….

maan held her by her waist and led her near to dadi… they stood thier silently, when dadi come forward and kissed geet and maan on thier forehead…. she got that what she desired for maan, and now she is not regretting for her decision to forgive maan,,,, he truly repent his deed and starts loving her, , she wants this from maan and now both are happy in their life….it doesn’t something that they desired… it is like beyond of thier desires….
later after some minutes, dadi announced for Laxmi pujan…. all gathered in the temple , geet, annie, ash, alka and toasty come forward and lit all the diyas…. dadi asked maan to accompany geet in laxmi puja… he nodded and went ahead….. geet glanced at maan and their eyes met for a second, , they smiled at each other..this smile of his is something like snatch any girl’s heart and here so many girls present who are bachelors, , they are literally jealous from geet when they were dancing holding each other so close, thier close proximity is like burning thier heart in to ashes….

maan held puja thaal while geet held his elbow standing right side of his…. the sang the laxmi aarti and all were along with them singing the laxmi aarti…. after that geet take the thaali , gave the aarti to all…. after some time girls went outside taking diyas in a thaal and put them outside and the terrace of the mansion….
all were very happy and enjoying the double celebration.. kids were engrossed in thier own world… playing, jumping, eating…..

maan directed to nakul that bring the cake, , nakul followed and brought the cake…. all were gathered in the party hall and waiting for the delicious cake desperately and kids specially…. kids were having a hard time for the cake…. after all it’s vedanta’s birthday, , maan singh khurana’s son….. everyone was so happy , vedanta was jumping in joy, and in love he is getting from so many peoples…. playing with so many kids….

geet’s friends were not leaving him, , sometimes pull his cheeks or sometimes kissed him, , making geet jealous that see they love vedanta more beside of geet, but geet was geet, , she was not in a mood of jealousy today…. she is having fun totally, enjoying the day fully, being with her love, her maan, , her family from whom she got whatever she had desired, ,love, attention, and so on… friends, who love her more than anything…. her bestest buddies, arjun, alka and vicky, who being with her in her hard time also….

whenever she had needed a shoulder for cry, arjun or vicky would be the first one while alka stood in front of her holding tissue box…. but somewhere there is a emptiness in her heart, craving for that what she didn’t got…. yah, craving for that, that was not hers, , actually seems that is not in her destiny, , otherwise she would surely get to know about that….

but seems that it’s god wish for not fulfilling her demand,,,, this is not necessary that person get everything in her life….. there is always lacking something, , after all no one can be perfect with all things,,,,, that is the rule of nature….

nakul brought the six layers cake, flavors with chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, dark chocolate chips over them, and garnished with orange cream and pineapple peices, , and don’t know so many flavors in that cake…. different layers with different taste….. all were gathered around the table, , vedanta is in mid, in left is geet, in right is maan, dadi was standing near geet while annie was beside of maan, rey and ash were capturing the moments…. tej, toasty, arjun, alka, vicky, piya and all were either beside of them or behind of them…..

maan held the knife and placed it in vedanta’s tiny hands, , maan held his hand over his while geet also held their hands…. all were smiling and laughing… it was the best day in khurana mansion, so much happiness in one day… double celebration,,,, some were waiting for burning the crackers while some were waiting for getting the big piece of delicious cake…. kids were waiting for cake and return gift…. it was like everyone is waiting for something…..

tall have start singing the birthday song, some are in thier sweet tone, while some are in their besura tone, but when every tone mixed up, it was like sweet birthday song reflecting love, affection, eagerness for the cake….. they were about to placed the knife’s sharp edge on the cake just then a voice stopped them from their track and the birthday song has been stopped…..

“wait maan, , vedanta will cut the cake with his mama only” said the lady…. well an evil lady….. all were stood rooted at their place sameera there, , geet’s eyes popped seeing sameera there, , she stood rooted at her place, ,but soon she come out from the shock and her eyes filled up at once hearing that…. though she very knew that vedanta is not her son but still hearing that from other’s mouth affected her…. it pinched her heart…..

sameera come slowly towards maan and stood near him , , everyone knew that vedanta is not maan’s real son cause he got married before 4 months only….. he is a adopted child and all respected maan for this….

maan was shocked seeing her there, how can she come out of jail and that too from Europe, , he is not getting anything, while rey and ash were also shocked seeing her there…. the case was so strong that she couldn’t be come out then how??? sameera was very happy seeing maan’s shocking face while she was burning seeing geet with him…..

“”how the hell you are here? maan demanded an answer from her, , geet raised up her face looking at maan, the hateredness on his face, his face was shaking with anger, , his jaw was tight, eyes were spitting fire…. Still his hand was clutching Vedanta’s hand tightly giving him more pain….

“aah” Vedanta hissed in pain, , maan looked down hearing the voice filled with pain, his eyes soften at once seeing Vedanta in pain…. He loosened his hold on his hand, , and knelt down in front of Vedanta forgetting that sameera is here…..

“sorry baby….. papa is very sorry for hurting you…. ” he blew on his hand like it was burned from something…. And kissed numerous times on his hand….. geet felt her heart will choke with emotion, , she couldn’t control anymore and held maan by his shoulder…… “he is fine maan…. Nothing happened to him” geet spoke softly……

Actually maan felt suddenly like if sameera take away Vedanta from him….. the pain of distance, , the pain of going away from their beloved person is very hard….. it was a sharp pain he felt for Vedanta….. and geet, , how will she survive without Vedanta, , he was the only source when he was away from her, , Vedanta is the only one who brought the smile on her sad face, , who cheered her up with his innocent talks, , it was like Vedanta is everything for her….. she never told anything about Vedanta to anyone but everyone knew that what Vedanta meant for her, , and specially dadi & annie….. but maan knew that what type of bond geet shared with him…..

Maan nodded and stood up straight looking at sameera, , sameera was beaming with happiness seeing the fear on maan’s face for Vedanta but soon that fear turned up from the dangerous look, , the famous look on maan’s face….. sameera was scared from inside but she knew that she has to put up the brave face…. And her motive to come here is not only Vedanta but something else which none knew that…..

“Vedanta, baby… come mama ke paas…. See yours mama is here on your birthday…. ” she came forward to Vedanta raised her arms signaling him to come in mama’s arms….. geet at once pulled Vedanta towards her hiding his face in her stomach so that he won’t be witnessed of her evilness……

“she is not my mama” said Vedanta hiding his face in her stomach more…. His voice mere audible but geet was able to hear that…….. she at once knelt down matching his level…..

“no baby…. She is not your mama… I am your mama…. Sirf mai” geet trying to assure him in her strong voice but only she knew that what kind of trauma she is going through….. and waise bhi, , they had adopted him by legally and no one can separate them….. Vedanta hugged geet while sameera come forward trying to touch Vedanta but soon maan held her arm and pushed her back…..


Before her hand reached to vedanta, maan held her hand and pushed her back, , all were shocked,,,,, she came here to create the scene in front of media…. All were very shocked, , before she will create more scene arjun decided to end the party……

Arjun apologized to everyone for the inconvenience and said that the party has been over…. The food kept in another hall which is little far away from there….. He showed them way to the food area and told to media people also for having food….. Slowly-2 all guests went away from there but gossiping with each other….

It was a great news that some another lady came and claim over vedanta….. Soon the party hall was empty….. Geet signaled to piya for taking vedanta away, , annie also accompanied her….. Sameera again tried to reach vedanta, touch him, hold him but soon failed when maan came in between vedanta and sameera….

“don’t you dare sameera!!” maan warned her before doing anything….. He don’t want to regret after taking action so thought to warn her before….. Where geet, arjun, vicky, alka and tej were really tensed….. They don’t know is she really that girl with whom they met around 4 years ago…. Face is matched with her but that time she was a vulnerable girl but today she is showing her evil face……

“maan, , he is my son and you can’t stop me to meet with my son” she tried to do again but this time maan pushed her really hard that she couldn’t stable herself and fell back on the floor….

“maan!!!” she shout in the top of her voice making everyone deaf….

“he is not your son, understood…. Vedanta is geet’s son…. Got it… Only geet is his mother not like you a b****” he spat angrily…. Sameera eye’s fumed in anger seeing the love for geet in hsi eyes and the way he was claiming her son to geet’s son….

She couldn’t control over herself and got up fuming in anger, burning in jealousy…. It was like she is not in her sense, well when she was in her sense….. She marched towards geet burning in anger, thinking that she ad showed her innocent face that’s why maan got trapped in her plan otherwise maan would be sameera’s….

Sameera jerked geet away, pushing her back from her shoulder….. “who are you? A bitch…. Who trapped my love in your innocence,,,, why you did this to me? Haan… Tell me…. You snatched away my husband from me and you snatched my child away from me and now you snatched my love also…. ” she was out of control….

She raised her hand for slapping geet but before her hand touch geet’s cheek , a sharp pain she felt on her cheek…. And it was from maan…. She slapped her so hard that the finger’s marks on her cheeks that too red….

She held her cheek and eyes were red in anger…. How can he slap me, , once i bear his slap in europe but not now…. “how dare you maan to slap me? You should slap this bitch who snatched your friend rahul from you, who snatched my husband from me… Who snatched vedanta’s father from him… Why are you slapping me… ” she spat angrily, removing everything out which is her main motive….

Maan froze hearing that, , why geet is responsible…. He knew that, that was an accident…. And everything was cleared…. Where geet and her friends were shocked hearing that….. They knew the truth and sameera also knew the truth then why she is accusing geet for this……. That was an accident and it was also proved that…..

“what do you mean sameera? You know that , that was an accident, , geet is not responsible for that, you understood that… Geet is not responsible…. (he went towards geet and held her in his embrace..) You don’t worry geet, i am with you…. I know you didn’t do anything, , sshh rote nahi… Kuch nahi hoga”
He tried to calm her down… She was getting shock again and again…. She looked in his eyes assuring her heart that nothing will happen wrong…. She knew that when everyone is with her then nothing can happen to her….. She has faith in her family, her friends and her husband… But destiny is somewhere always defeat her faith…..

Arjun come forward and jerked sameera away…. “how dare you to say that geet murdered rahul…. You know the complete truth…” arjun asked angrily…..
She jerked away her hand…. The environment was really very tensed…. No one get to understand that what is happening? Why she is accusing sameera…. Sameera ran towards maan….
“maan , please belive me… She is the main culprit…. Isi ne rahul ko mara hai…. She snatched everything from me… Maan, why are you not believing me… I am saying truth… I am not faking anything…. Believe me maan”

Maan pushed her away at once not hearing anything but he was somewhere went back in those memories when he tried so hard to get the main culprit, , but he never got success, , because that time everything has been cleared… It was not a murder… No one knew the main reason behind this…. No one knew that how that accident happened….

“jiju. Don’t believe her… She is totally faking…. Geet is not responsible… She was not… ” alka tried to defend geet….

“maan, everything happened because of her, , she is the main culprit of all this…. Trust me maan, , maan mai keh rahi hu na uss raat isi ki wajah se wo sab huya jo nahi hona chahiye tha…” sameera tried again for trapping him but he is not listening anything……

“yes maan, , that’s not the truth… Yeah that is true that rahul came in front of uor car but how can any accident happen when the car’s speed in only 20 km/hr….. Tell me” vicky told and asked…. Answer and question both at a time…. Maan froze hearing that , that car was geet’s….. That means…..

“see maan, , it was geet’s car.. She was driving that time and she snatched rahul from us..” she shed crocodile tears gaining sympathy…. The hold around geet’s shoulder loosened but still he trust geet…. He knew that she can’t do this…. Just them alka remember something, ,

“1 min jiju… Mai abhi aayi… Abhi sabke samne sach aa jayega , , i have an evidence which will prove that sameera is faking…” everyone turned towards alka dn staring at her retreating figure…. But sameera feared for that she don’t know…..

“maan, i am not responsible for that….. Tha….that time i was learning driving and…. And don’t know from where he came in front of o-our c-a-r…. Believe me maan…. An….and car’s speed was only 20km/hr…. Sirf 2okm/hr… believe me maan…. Maine kuch nahi kiya….” Geet tried to tell everything to maan where in response he nodded assuring her…..

“sshh geet, , you don’t worry…. I knew you are innocent…. I knew that… sshh calm down” he caressed her head lovingly where sameera was burning in jealousy , , it seems her plan backfired on her….. She thought for a while and smirk, , ready for her next plan……

“maan, she is telling a lie, , speed was so high that’s why rahul went away leaving us alone…. Maan don’t believe her…. ” sameera tried again but she didn’t use her next plan now….

Maan looked at her, , he knew he’ll never believe on sameera after that she had done with him…. He knew her reality now….

“maan, , that’s true that geet was learning driving but you think by yourself, can anyone learn driving with so high speed…. No..na… speed was so slow and it had proved that , that was not an accident…. “ arjun said to maan….. Maan’s eyes widened hearing that rahul’s death was not an accident….

“what are you saying arjun?” Asked maan….. Arjun took a deep breath and thought to tell him everything….. What happened that nght and how everyone was in a mess….. But they were thankful to god that nothing happen with geet…..

“maan, , that night, geet was on a driver seat and i was sitting beside her…. That was a lonely street… means very less traffic in that area…. It was around 10 pm, i know too late for learning driving what i was so busy, that’s we chose that time…. Alka n vicky were also with us….
Suddenly don’t know from where rahul came in front of our car, geet put the break at once, , but he was bleeding badly, , but the fact that our car didn’t hit him…. And that was also proved because of cctv camera, ,” he paused for a while looking at everyone’s face…. Their face was showing confusion but sameera’s face was showing fear…. She tried to interfere but failed ,

“continue arjun” maan spoke….. Arjun nodded, he glanced at geet and she also signaled that continue further…..

“you must be thinking what cctv camera doing there, , actually the place where that accident happen, there is car company…. So the cctv camera was placed outside of the company, , in the footage, it was clearly shown that rahul didn’t by our car… he was already bleeding , , and how we helped him by taking him hospital and all…. ” arjun sighed but still some facts are left….

“that’s not true maan, , they are telling lie” she tried again, but none was listening her….. Just then geet spoke taking away the land from her feet…..

“maan, , abhi bahut kuch baki hai about that accident” she raised her face looking in his eyes while maan little numb hearing all that about his friend’s death…..

While on the other hand rey was contacting overseas now… trying to get to know how she come out of jail ? And what about that viraaj? Where is he? So many doubts and confusion in everyone’s head…. While arjun was also contacting mumbai trying to get those proofs which proved that geet was innocent and sameera was the main culprit…..

“go ahead geet, i want to listen everything…” maan told her and assured her with his eyes not to fear and tell him everything, , every small fact…. He’ll surely punish the real culprit….. Geet nodded in acceptance while alka also came down with the evidence which will prove everything and sameera will be finish soon…..


“geet speak up, tell me what’s that which is troubling you? i want to know the complete truth” maan encouraged her with his words…. geet nodded while all member’s eyes stuck on her except vicky, arjun, alka , and handa family who knows the complete truth….. they didn’t want anything from sameera, , they were happy that time that their geet is fit and fine, ,

“maan, , don’t believe her, you have to trust on my talk after all i have lost rahul, not she…. got it” sameera said that….

“shut up! just shut up….not a word from your mouth… i am letting you stand here that’s enough for you otherwise you very well know that what can i do with you” maan threatened her with his dangerous talks…. she shivered for a second but then again put up a fake mask on her fearful face and was about to say something but stopped when geet started to talk…

“when we got out of our car that night, , we saw that rahul was lying against our car and bleeding badly…. we panicked seeing him…. i was so worried…. at last i was not so mature that time… i was like a kid for all…. and specially arjun…
(she smiled sadly saying that line knowing that how much he is possessive for her, means her cares her a lot, not bear nay scratch on her skin..),,,,, there was no blood on our car, , we immediately took him in our car and reached to hospital…. you know maan, the most strange thing happened, ” geet looked at maan….

maan knotted his brows in confusion, wrinkles on his forehead and his lips moved for saying something…..
“what is that geet? what happened after that?” asked maan….. all were very tensed meanwhile Rey got to know that how she has escaped from the jail and where is Viraaj? and arjun had talked to commissioner uncle, he knew him very well… he is alka’s father’s friend, , he helped them a lot in that case…. he agreed to send the proofs to Mansion… he gave them the fax no. and everything has been sought out…..

“maan, , we jsut reached to hospital and was filling the form, , rahul had been shifted in OT, , we didn’t know anything about him, we didn’t call to anyone but suddenly this girl sameera and another boy came there and starts accusing us for the accident…. how they got to know about the accident? we were at the reception that time, , no one can say that we were with rahul but they knew that… strange na maan….

(sameera glared her while maan held her by her shoulder, and rubbed her arm for soothing her pain , she held his hand in hers feeling the warmth and seeking the permission for continuing further, he nodded telling her that go on….), ,
we some how filled the form and the operation has been starts…. maan even i gave my blood to him because his blood group was very rare, and only blood matched with him, but that girl accused me for that also… when the operation finished, we got know from the doctor that he was no more…. we got to know 1 more thing which was very shocking… ” geet stopped again…. looking at the face who were present there in the hall….

“geet, why you stopped in mid, , i want to know… what is that? don’t fear.. i am with you..okay….. ” saying so maan kissed her forehead while sameera boiled seeing that, , now another plan come up in evil mind, , she smirked again, thinking that let her finish with the truth then she will accuse her again….

“maan, we got to know that his death was not an accident, , matlab, there was a big injury on his forehead like he was hit by flower vase or something else, , and they found slow poison in his blood also…. they told in last after his death… later police came and arrest me because i was driving that time….
then police started their inspection and they found slow poison from sameera’s house, and the cctv footage, that was also showing that rahul didn’t hit by our car…. i was free, , and the case started on sameera because it was about property…” geet took out a deep sigh completing the truth…..

“property???” asked maan…..

“haan maan property” said arjun….

“but how i mean?”

“wait a min maan, i’ll show you something” said arjun and then he headed towards his study…. he got the fax and came down to maan…

“maan, have a look on these papers, ” said arjun..

“what is this arjun?” asked maan taking papers from his hand…

“maan, these are rahul’s property papers…. according to these, if rahul died in accident then whole property will went to sameera’s name and if he was murdered then it’ll go in trust…. after the inspection, we get to know that sameera first murdered him and then tried to cover it as an accident but she was caught…. she got to know that whole property went in trust….. for saving herself she did a fake drama that she is mad now…. after then she was in mental asylum… ” arjun completed the whole truth….

“but how i didn’t know this? i tried to search the victim but never met with geet? how?” asked maan in confusion….

“maan, you forgot, that time you were in London when rahul died… and when you came back, sameera was in asylum..” spoke dadi….

“yes, , i tried so hard but failed in knowing that what happened exactly…” said maan to himself…

“jiju. that’s because papa had stricted to the whole police team who was handling the case and commissioner uncle also…. that not to leak geet’s name at any cost” replied alka…

“but how can your father strict them?” asked maan being puzzled…

“actually jiju. may be you don’t know, he is a politician, Mr. Nityanand Tiwari, that’s why that case was closed soon and jiju , here is her confession, recored in this tape” alka gave maan a tape…

“but how did you ge it?” asked maan… meanwhile sameera was trying to get a chance for speak but no one was letting her… but she has to play her last card…

“jiju. yesterday, i went in mall for buying the gifts for geet and vedanta, when i was coming out, i had seen sameera & that boy who was with her at that accident time… they were talking about geet, , i got alerted and when she was confessing her truth to him, i recorded everything because i got to know they will try to harm geet”
finished alka…. today maan was proud on geet and her friends… they really care for each other and cursed himself that he didn’t able to save his friend….
maan listen the whole confession and marched towards sameera for slapping hard, but before he do anything, she spoke…

“great geet, , at last tumne maan ko apne jaal me fasa hi liya… par don’t forget that he wanted to marry me but because of this old woman, he had to marry with you, and yes, he didn’t saw your face after marriage… forget how he kicked out you from his life”
sameera spoke smirking seeing the shocked face…. everyone was extremely shocked hearing this, their geet suffered after marriage, , sameera knew the weak point and where to hit them… geet’s eyes filled up seeing the hurt faces of her family and friends but maan, hearing this, his guilt grew up…

sameera smiled evilly, , she spoke again in witchy voice “oh my my, how can i forget to mention this…. even you both are not having healthy husband wife relationship….. am i correct sweetie pie geet? ” geet marched towards sameera in anger,, she wants to murder her with her bare hands, ,
“and yes, i think you didn’t have sex wi…” but before she complete her words, she felt a sharp pain on her left cheek following on right cheek….. she looked up and glared at geet….. geet poited her finger towards sameera….

“enough is enough…. bahut hua tumhara drama, , who you are talking about our relationship? huh! tell me” geet pushed her back cursing her….

“what did you know about our relationship? reply me dam it… we love each other so much, utna ki tum soch bhi nahi sakti” geet pushed her more, she landed back on teh floor by the hard push from geet….

” tum jaise girey huye ke liye yahi jagah perfect hai and yes rest about the healthy relation between husband and wife then let me tell you that i can be pregnant in 4 months then i think it’s a awesome relation we are having but yes luck was not in my favor… that i got miscarriage of that baby…” everyone’s eyes popped up with the shock, this was utter shock for them….

dadi’s eyes welled up and toasty ran towards her for holding her in her arms giving her a mother’s warmth which she needed a lot where maan was in shock that she got to know? he didn’t tell her till yet….

the environment was too saddy, , just then police came there and arrest sameera, viraaj was also there with them in their custody…. police told them that there was a constable in the jail in Europe who helped them because he got lots of money from a third person who helped them, it was a rich girl who loved viraaj… the police was searching them in Europe but they were flew away by changing their names and attire with thier fake ID… it was a big plan,,,

“inspector, take them away before i punish them in my own way” told maan to the inspector… inspector nodded but sameera was struggling from thier hold and cursing them…. geet broke down completely and fell on the floor in toasty’s arms…..

maan rushed towards geet and took her in his arms soothing her pain, though pain was in his heart also but the mother’s pain is different…. both were hiding the truth from each other but the truth comes out in the different way which took away the land under everyone’s feet….. everyone was crying seeing the state of maan & geet….

geet was sobbing in his arms clutching him so tightly, , maan took her in his arms and lift her…. signaling dadi maa that take care of here, he will take care of geet…. dadi maa nodded and looked at every one., , thier eyes were wet while some are regaining sameera’s talk, is that true that maan’s wanted to marry with sameera and he didn’t saw geet’s face?

dadi maa read the confusion on their face….. she knew the truth but now everything has been changed…. “aap log jaisa soch rahe hai, nothing is like that…. sameera jhuth bol rahi thi… maan and geet loves each other a lot…” ddai tried to make them understand…. meanwhile in the room, vedanta was continuously asking for geet, asking that only geet’s his mama, not that lady….

where piya and annie were making him understand…. he is really so small and his birthday spoiled by that lady… he cursed her for not letting him cut the cake…. he was asking for the cake… annie sighed and get down in the kitchen for taking cake but saw the environment is too saddy, maan and geet also not there and where is that witch…


everyone was baffled with the news, , geet was pregnant and had miscarriage also,,, it was so shocking for all of them…. suddenly mohinder fell back on the chair in shock, tej and toasty rushed towards him… he was in shock and after that , sameera’s words echoing in his ears that maan didn’t saw her face and all… he was very tensed with it… he doesn’t know what to do or what not? it was so difficult for him as a father, whom he believe or on whom not? it was like everything has been messed up….

toasty-papa, , calm down… if you’ll break down like this then who will console our gudiya? haan tell me…. she was sitting on her knees in front of mohinder… it was like a sudden tornado came in their life and destroyed everything they have,,,,,

tej-haan papa, , toasty is saying right… papa, geet ke liye, please sambhaliye apne aap ko.. please papa….. tej held his hand in his and kissed slightly on his knuckles…. e drop of tear fell down on his hand, tej looked up and wipe the tear with his finger shaking his head in no, saying him not to cry but the pain should be come out and there is only way for it, tears….

dadi maa come forward,, mohinder bete, i knew that saying is so easy, even i couldn’t come over the shock but we have to…. we have to only for geet…. hamare liye na sahi lekin geet ke liye, , we should understand her pain also, , she knew the truth all the while but she never told us, , somewhere i knew the reason, she wants our happiness, she doesn’t see us in pain that’s why she hid the truth, , we should respect this efforts of hers, , she bear all pain alone and now this is the time that we have to stand by her side, only for her….. she caressed slightly his hairs, mohinder is like her own son, , he felt his mother’s warmth in her, , he nodded slightly and wipe his tears by himself….

on the other hand annie was shocked listening all this…. her bhabhi was pregnant and no one knew that….. why? and she had miscarriage also…. tears fell down from her eyes also…. she love her more than she love maan…. she found a sister, a friend in her with whom she can share her secrets, her every small talk…. that’s why she loved her more than maan…. and her pain, she can’t bear…. she wipe her tears and ran upstairs near vedanta…. as soon as she entered in the room, she hugged vedanta at once….

piya was shocked seeing her state, , arjun had seen her going upstairs, he ran behind her and saw she was crying…. he slowly entered in the room….

arjun-annie… calm down and come with me….. he knew that it’s not the perfect time for all this but he has to do, he wants to know the truth, the complete truth…. and right now he can only ask from annie….
annie nodded and left vedanta there, , arjun held her hand and took her out, taking her somewhere in the corner of the mansion….

annie-arjun, geet bhabhi, why she arjun? why she? she sobbed,,,, he hugged her , rubbing her back slowly-2 soothing her pain, , he wants to be with geet but he can’t… he knew that maan will handle her properly, after all she is his wife and maan also lost his child…. he was in pain also…

arjun-annie, ssshhh…. calm down… aise nahi rotey…. geet keliye be strong… aur haan remember, only for geet’s sake, we have to be happy in front of her…. like she was with us… happy and jolly…. he wiped her tears and she nodded in yes…..

arjun-annie… wo… I….. i… wa…. i mean…. he was fumbling with words… he doesn’t know how to ask her? it is a big question, , if he was wrong then , oh god, he was in dilemma… ask or not?

annie-what happen arjun? she asked to him holding hm by his arm….

arjun- nothing annie… it’s only…. i mean, i want to ask something from you…

annie- then what’s the problem? replied annie…

arjun-wo annie, actually…. it’s…. it’s about… umm…. yeah…. it’s about maan and geet….

annie-what about maan and geet? what’s the matter arjun? you are sounding tensed…..

arjun- actually,i wanted to assure myself… jo kuch bhi sameera ne kaha… i want to the complete truth…

annie-kya kaha sameera ne?

arjun-wo, she said that maan wants to marry with her and he didn’t saw geet’s face whole month… maan doesn’t love geet and all…..

annie-then what do you want to know? asked annie….

arjun-wo, kya ye sach hai jo sameera ne kaha? dekho annie don’t hide anything from me…. annie knew that telling him everything will create problem in thier life so she can’t tell him the truth….

annie thought for a while what to say him or what not? then she took a deep breath and replied that which is good for this current situation…..

annie- arjun, we know sameera from a long time, , she was bhai’s friend in college but we never thought that she can do something like this….. bhai only helped her when he got to know that she is mental asylum… and there was a big reason behind this,,, she was the wife of bhai’s best friend and he thought to help her in her bad state…. and vedanta is her child… that is true but bhai had adopted him legally…. how can he leave that small child without his parents alone…. rahul died and sameera was in mental asylum…. and rest about the question you asked from me after the marriage affair…. that is not true….

you knew about sameera, how cheap she is! she can do anything for money and that is she was doing , she wanted to threw geet bhabhi away from bhai’s life that’s why she was trying to trap you all…. that is only… bhai & bhabhi loved each other and now passing from a bad phase after loosing their child…. why this happened with them arjun? why? saying so she sobbed in his arms….

the doubts arjun was having all cleared… he knew about sameera from so long, if she can kill her husband then she can do anything……she knew the truth but how can she let down her bro in anyone’s eyes… she knew he did was totally wrong but he repented his deeds and now both love each other very much… that is enough…. both are happy with each other……


maan lied down geet properly on the bed but she was not letting his shirt, , crushing his coat in her fist tightly pulling him towards him, , he knew that she needs him badly…. he slowly loosened the hold around his coat and then tucked the duvet over her till neck…. he lay down beside her taking her in his arms while sheturned and hid her face in his chest sobbing, , he was carressing her hairs soothing her pain while his another hand was on her back calming her down….

his eyes were wet also…. they say that father has a strong heart than a mother but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t feel pain or they can’t cry…. they also feel pain , their herat also ached when they lost someone…. they also have emotions,,

he was not crying properly but he wasalso feeling pain , pain of loosing child, pain of seeing his geet in this state, pain for that he couldn’t able to do anything….. his heart was filled with pain…. he felt a lump in his throat when he tried to speak something….. he gulped hard because his throat was dry…… he gathered courage and trying to calm her down…

maan- sshh geet, calm down…. look in my eyes geet…. look here…. he cupped her face… she raised her face hearing his soothing voice but she can feel pain in his voice also…. her face was messed up with tears and hairs were wet due to tears…. he slowly tucked her hair strands behind her ear with his long fingers and wip her tears by his plam….

she was continuoulsy looking in his eyes then suddenly she broke down….

geet-hamara baby maan….. hamara baby…. i was failed in saving him…. i was failed maan….. i am not a good mother, i failed….. she cried her eyes out…..

maan-sshh geet… aisa nahi kehte…. you are best mother you know, , and why are you saying that you failed…. you can never fail…. it was our fate and believe me, , our baby will come back soon near us… in you, then you can feel him…. don’t cry…. jo kismat mein tha hi nahi uske liye kya rona… hum apne kismat se to nahi jhagda kar sakte na… understood geet….

geet-par maan….

maan-sshh no more words…. think about vedanta… he is your child na… then how can you fail… you know na how much he love you and how much you love him…. then how can ou fail…. tell me…. he slightly kissed her forehead assuring her, bringing her back in her usual self,,

geet-maan, , wo.. wo vedanta ko mujhse dur le jayegi…. she looked at him while pinting her finger somewhere at the word “wo”….. maan understand her pain, her fear, her over flowing emotions….. he held her finegr in his hand and kissed it….

maan-no one take away vedanta from us…. samjhi.. no one… he is legally our child.. samjhi.. don’t scared for this…. we have done al the legal procedure, no one can gather this courage to take away vedanta from you…. he is our child and will be always…. now calm down….

geet-sach maan….

maan-hmm… sach…. now take a little nap… you’ll feel better….

geet denied… she doesn’t want to sleep…. he careesed her face slowly….

geet-par maan, hamara baby…. please maan aise kaise wo chala gaya, mujhe pata bhi nahi chala…. why this happened to me maan? why? she asked to him shaking him slightly….. he took her face in his hands and hid her in his chest…. she hugged him tightly, he was telling her soothing words….

maan-wait geet, first eat something, you didn’t have anything from noon….


maan-wait geet, first eat something, you didn’t have anything from noon…. she shook her head in no and made baby face… she doesn’t want to have anything… she wants stay near him, in his arms…. she is feeling solace in his arms, , where maan was confused that how geet came to know about her miscarriage? he wanted to ask from her but how? this is not the correct time for these types of talks, he knew how much disturbed she is now! it’s not teh right time… he should wait for a while, , first let her come out of this emotional phase then he’ll ask to her….

he sighed thinking this and pulled her in him more, there is no space between their bodies….. but suddenly he hear her whimpers again, tears were welling down on her cheeks…. he doesn’t know to made her calm down?

maan-geet, geet please calm down…. dekho that was not in our hand na…. we can not fight against it….. sshh don’t cry…. she shook her head in denial and cried again…. there was no way left for him…. he sighed and cupped her face , , in another second her lips was in his… her eyes widened with the sudden feel of his lips over hers,,,, she was shocked…. he had only this way to keep her silent, , otherwise she was not going to calm down…

her whimpers stopped and she lost in his kiss…. that was not a passionate or aggressive kiss… it was a kiss for soothing pain, emotions, telling her he is with you, he’ll not leave her alone…. finally she gave up and closed her eyes in acceptance…. she started kissing him back with the same emotions…. her whimpers finally stopped and tears were also stopped coming out from her eyes….


mama….. where is mama? he cried calling his mama his eyes out… his nose, cheeks were red due to crying… annie and piya were not able to handle him… annie gave him pastry because he didn’t cut the cake… she thought that he can cut it tom or later.. right now she should give him pastry….. but he was crying for his mama…. they don’t know what happened to him and he started crying , tears trails on his cheeks…..

annie-baby, don’t cry too much…. mama is not well.. wo jaldi aajayengi…. chp ho ja vedu… she wiped his tears and trying to calm him down….

piya-mai chocolates laati hu, may be he’ll convenience…. annie nodded….

vedanta-no, mujhe kuch nahi chahiye, mama….. mama kaha hai…..? mama… he screamed her name…


suddenly she backed out from the kiss… she was restless suddenly…… her heart beats were fast and a fear ran through her nerves….

maan-geet what happened?

geet-vedu… maan, vedanta….. vedanta maan….. she was taking vedanta’s name again and again…. she got up and sit on the bed…..

maan-geet, vedanta is fine… nothing happened to him…. calm down…. he also sat on the bed cupping her face in worry…

geet-no maan…. he called me,,, just now… i heard his scream…. maan he is alone…

maan-geet, annie is with him.. shaant ho jao….

geet-no maan…. oh no….

maan-geet kya hua? look at me….

geet-maan, how can i do this with him? maan mera baby is crying…. maan today is his b’day and he didn’t cut the cake… see how careless i am… mai apne dukh mein sab bhul gayi… kaise?

maan understand her inner turmoil….. “geet nothing is like that… first calm down…” maan tried to console her….

geet-no maan, how can i? mujhe vedu ke paas jana hai… he is waiting for me and cake… see i failed again…. she threw the duvet and ran away leaving maan alone…. maan shocked with her sudden disappearance…. he to ran behind her…. she straight away went in kitchen and took the whole big cake with her…. maan was behind her….

geet-maan please side…. geet said in hurry to maan…. she was guilty that how can she forget about vedanta? he is first priority for her than her own baby…. how careless she can be? it was her thought…. she was shivering due to guilt or her careless nature or she was restless because of his cry….

maan stopped her, , “geet ruko…give this to me.. now come ” he take the cake from her hand and she ran away in vedanta’s room leaving him alone….

“geet, please go slowly… geet listen to me” maan tried to stop her but she was no where to listen him totally ignored him ran away in vedanta’s room…. maan sighed and ran behind her holding cake properly in his hands…. he was really worried for her condition, the trauma she was going through was really emotional….

when he reached the room, he saw geet was hugging vedanta tightly where thier tears were no where to stop, , vedanta was sobbing for her…. his heart ached after seeing them like this….. but he was feeling contended after seeing the love between them……..

“mama, , aap kaha the??” he wiped and pouted cutely…. geet chuckled at his face and maan also….. maan called annie by signaling her with eyes….. she came to him….. maan told her that call everyone here, she nodded and went away for calling everyone….

“mama sorry hai…. sorry baby…. mama ko maaf kar do… ” geet said to him…. he nodded and hugged her back…..

“arey mera bacha . kya hua?” asked maan placing cake on the table…. vedanta saw the cake and his eyes delighted seeing the cake, , his mouth watering seeing the cream and choco chips on the cake…. maan looked at his mouth, , he was licking his lips…. maan smiled where geet still holding him murmuring continuously sorry,,,,, maan knew her inner turmoil, what she was feeling at this moment…..

he stood up and sat beside her taking both of them in his embrace…..
“sshh geet, stop now… don’t say sorry to him… it’s okay… nothing happened to him na…..” maan rubbed her arm for soothing her pain….

“no maan, , how can i forget vedanta, i was so engrossed in my pain that i forgot him, , it was his b’day maan…. aur mai bas apne dukh me hi thi…. i am so bad…. ” she sobbed hiding her face in his chest while holding vedanta so close….

“not at all geet geet, , sshh , , calm down… nothing happened , aisa kuch nahi hai geet… kuch bhi nahi…. there is everyone for vedanta na then why are you feeling like this? ” maan tried to convenience her….

everyone was watching them, they were emotional seeing the love geet has for vedanta…. in today’s time, no one loves anyone without any reason…… geet come forward and placed her hand over her head….

“geet bete, aisa nahi kehte….we know that how much you love him, you yourself know that, and vedanta, he himself know that how much you love him… isliye remove this thing from your head,,,, understood…..” and then she placed a kiss on her forehead, , geet nodded slightly and she kissed vedanta’s cheek who was looking them with his innocent eyes….. vedanta smiled when geet kissed him, , he also kissed on geet’s cheek….though sometimes he said yuck to his cheek kiss but sometime he felt pampered by this kiss…..

“maan, why you called al of us here?” asked mohinder….

“papa, you forgot, today is vedanta’s b’day… arey cake nahi cut karna” maan said enthusiastically….. vedanta jumped in joy from geet’s lap and ran towards the cake…… all laughed at his excitement…..

“yippie…. chalo mama cake cut karte hai….”
saying so vedanta pulled geet by holding her hand pulling her down from the bed, , al smiled at his excitement and the way he was in such hurry….. geet smiled finally at his antics seeing his cute faces…..seeing geet smiling, , other also felt relieved , she’ll come out from her shell soon because of vedanta… she really loves him a lot…..

geet was taking baby steps…. maan sighed and pulled geet in a jerk that she landed direct on his chest and poor vedanta crushed between them….. all gaped at his sudden act where geet was shocked first then blushed thinking about thier closeness in front of all….

“geet, jaldi karo… dekho baby is waiting for you only…” geet nodded , , all stood around the table and vedanta was in mid where geet & maan were by his side left & right respectively….. all stood behind them blessing them by thier heart, , and hoping that no evil eye will look at them…. they always be happy….

maan placed knife in vedanta’s hand and then maan & geet placed their hands over his tiny hand holding him & knife properly….vedanta raised his face and have a glance of his parent’s face, looking at them that how much they are happy now….. before some time ago they crying… he didn’t like that…. there was a reason behind of his cry that is he heard his mama’s cry…..

geet saw the twinkle in his eyes, , she felt guilty that she left him like this all alone and she was so engrossed in her world that she forgot about vedanta….. she felt bad but then smiled at him…. she bend down and placed another kiss on his cheek…

“chalo cake cut karte hai….” said geet…. those were the first some happy words from her mouth ,,,,
trio bend down and vedanta blew air from his mouth blowing the candles….. maan & geet helped him because the candles were
fired again n again…. vedanta was jumping in joy when the candles lit again and he blew them again…. this session goes on, all were laughing at his antics and geet too by whole heartly….

after some time finally…. the candle gave up and all were clapped a lot, , vedanta now jumped in joy more…. now maan & geet held his hand properly and cut the cake, , all sang the b’day song and clapped a lot…. blessing them a lot…. maan & geet took the piece of upper layer and fed vedanta, , geet was in jolly mood now… she took little cream and applied on his cheeks….

“ewww, , mama, , abhi mai bhi karunga…” he also took some cream…. geet horrified from that little vedanta and ran away… all laughed at their antics,,,, vedanta ran behind her, though he was too little by this cream applying session, , maan thought for a while, , he also took some cream and ran behind them telling annie to serve the cake at all… she nodded….

“mama, meko bhi lagana hai”,,, cute Vedanta cribbed running behind her but they were tiny steps…

Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-47- 50


I don’t know, , I was freeze hearing the words….. “ no, please doctor say it is not true?” I literally pleaded to the doctor but no use, , they shake their head in denial and I felt like ground slipped under my feet, , I felt weak by my legs and I fell down with a thud on the floor freezed with the words which were uttered by doctor…. I looked up again to the sky like again I can see god, ,


(narration by dadi)

Today was a perfect day, , the perfect start of the day, , though maan was in hurry but never mind, , he was always in hurry, after all office is his first love…. But I sighed thinking that today is his last meeting with his ongoing project, , yesterday he himself told me, , he told me that he was not able to give his time to geet and Vedanta, , but he will make it up from tomorrow, , his complete time of them, , they will do lots of masti as geet’s vacations is goingt o start and Vedanta’s also… ufff….. I took out the breath of relief…..

Just then Vedanta come to me with his excite face, , he is so happy, , jumping in joy…. I asked to him…

Dadi-what happened Vedanta? Aaj aap bahut khush lag rahe ho? I asked to him pulling him in my lap…. He gave a wet kiss to me on my cheek and giggled then….

Vedanta-dadi, , you know aaj, , mama will bring my toys… unhone promise kiya hai… I am so happy… he exclaimed in joy…. I pulled his cheeks, , he made an angry face, , I smiled at him and pulled his cheek again and then kissed him….

Dadi-really beta, , ye to bahut acchi baat hai….

Vedanta-dadi, , mujhe cartoons dekhna hai? Tv on karke do na…. he made puppy face….. I smiled and made him sit on the bed…. I switched on the tv and gave the remote to him… because he love to change channels by himself…. After givingremote to him, I went to the cupboard for putting my sarees inside it…. While Vedanta was changing channels…. Just then i heard a voice which made me for look at the tv screen…

Vedanta was changing channels slowly-2, , but he stopped at one channel because there he saw his mama and papa’s photo…. I was curious to know that what’s the news about maan and geet….. I knew that no one know about geet that she is maan’s wife….

“This news is about Maan Singh Khurana, , As we have told you earlier that we got the confirmation by himself Maan Singh Khurana that he is married now, , Geet Maan Singh Khurana, his wife, , we got to know today about her…. But as soon as we got to know about Mrs. Khurana, just then we got a bad news also…. Geet maan singh khurana is in hospital now, ,

she is badly injured, , there was a gun shot on her arm and the knife stabbed in her back…. Now we are standing outside of aims where Geet Khurana has admitted…. Lets go inside and ask to Mr. Khurana, what’s the situation now….”

I felt happy when I heard first two lines . . I thought so finally maan announced that geet is his wife, , i felt so calmed hearing that….. ohh how much I loved those lines but then whole happiness of my face vansihed in a second like someone snatched the land from below of my feet…. I felt that someone stabbed my heart so brutly , , geet is in hospital, , kya hua geet ko? Kaise? So many questions raised inside my mind suddenly but then all the answers I got,,I thumped on the bed hearing that news….

I looked at Vedanta, who doesn’t know anything, , he is happily watching tv screen and seeing his parent’s photo…. He was so happy today that he’ll get toys and play with his parents, , but now no one will play with him…. Just then I reminded the talk between me and maan, , he was saying that now he’ll be free and he’ll spend his whole with his family, , but now everything turned upside down….

Tears slipped from my eyes, , and I ran to my phone… I punched maan’s number and waiting for connecting…. My heartbeats stopped at once, , my breath choked with the thought, , what is going on maan?? How tough situation he was in? I have to reach to him but Vedanta, where he will stay, , it seems like my mind is not working…..

My phone connected with maan’s and it sarted ringing…. I was waiting for him to pick up the phone…. I was continuously looking at the tv screen where the reporters were struggling maan’s bodyguards who reached there for maan, , but I can see maan over there sitting on the floor like a lifeless person…. Tears were running down on my cheeks… I didn’t have the courage to wipe them, , just then maan picked up his phone….

Maan, , I whispered, , but I heard his cry, , he was crying like a mad person, , I can watch him on the tv screen….

(narration by tej)

I was in my room with my sweet wife toasty I mean tanya, , it was Sunday so I thought to spend my time with her otherwise I always ben in office, , but she never complained, , she is so sweet, , I really love her a lot…..

I was watching the show on a news channels, gadgets & more, , the show name, well it gave lots of knowledge about the gadgets, mobiles etc. etc…. actually toasty demanded a gadget for her…. That’s why I was watching that show.. she is sitting beside me and playing with my shirt buttons, , I blushed, , actually little romance is going on between both of us, ,

ohh i really love these small-2 moments with her, , she is really an angel…. She never complained for anything and handled everything with a great way, , she took all her efforts for becoming a good daughter-in-law of this house….

Tanya-tej, , she snuggled more in my arms…. I smiled at her…. Holding her hand…

Haan…. I replied back to her….

Tanya-you know what, today I am feeling that something bad happened…. I am feeling uneasy…. I don’t know what is this feeling, ,

Toasty, , may be any health problem, , should I call doctor? I asked to her… but she shook her head….

Tanya-no tej, it is not health problem, , it is really bad feeling and you know what I am missing geet today a lot…., I really wants to talk to her but her cell is not reachable….

I was hearing her with a great concentration, , actually me too missing her a lot… whenever I was at home at Sundays, , she blasted a lot, , we did great fun, , we went outside and enjoy our day, , we four, , even dad also become like us, , then arjun, vicky, alka joined us and went to beach and restaurants, , had our lunch and dinner outside… no tension, nothing…. But now it seems so dull without her….

I know toasty, me too missing her like a hell, , but don’t worry, she will come on her b’day… she promised na…. saying so I kissed her forehead softly and she gave a weak smile to me…. Now I have to cheer her up…. But before I did anything, , my eyes on tv screen and then suddenly the show stopped in mid… what happened, I thought in my mind….

“The big news of this hour, , This news is about Maan Singh Khurana, , As we have told you earlier that we got the confirmation by himself Maan Singh Khurana that he is married now, , Geet Maan Singh Khurana, his wife, , we got to know today about her…. But as soon as we got to know about Mrs. Khurana, just then we got a bad news also…. Geet maan singh khurana is in hospital now, , she is badly injured, , there was a gun shot on her arm and the knife stabbed in her back…. Now we are standing outside of aims where Geet Khurana has admitted…. Lets go inside and ask to Mr. Khurana, what’s the situation now…. ”

The colour faded of our faces…. Both of us looked at each other…. My little sister was admitted in hospital….. toasty was crying badly, ,

Toasty-tej, I told you na, , I am having a bad feeling, , see, , our geet…. Words were not coming out from our mouth….. I didn’t said anything, , i immediately called to travel agent and booked three tickets to delhi, ,


Toasty-tej, I told you na, , I am having a bad feeling, , see, , our geet…. Words were not coming out from our mouth….. I didn’t said anything, , i immediately called to travel agent and booked three tickets to delhi, ,


Rep-we are here inside the AIMS hospital, , we are trying to gather all the information about Mrs. Khurana, , as you can see The Maan Singh Khurana is sitting outside of the ICU on floor , , he is not in his sense, , we are trying to ask some questions about his wife but he is mum, , not speaking any word……

After an hour, , geet has been shifted to private room, , and maan was sitting beside her while dadi was coming to the hospital, , Vedanta was at home with nakul, , he will take proper care of his….. dadi had called to annie and informed her about geet’s condition, , she panicked hearing this and They all are coming back to delhi….

Inisde the geet’s room…..

Maan was sitting beside her bed and kept staring at her face…. The words of doctor still ringing in his ears…. He can’t imagine that anything like that could be happen and but it happened in real but it is real worst thing that is happened….. he was cursing himself and made up his mind that he will never tell this to anyone…. He doesn’t want that anyone will snatch geet from him…..

Teri baazuon mein meri chahatein samaaye
Teri dhadkano ko meri dhadkane sunaaye

Maan held her hand and placed it near his heart, , telling her that this heart is beating for her, , please wake up… please come back from this unconscious state…..

Where did you go leaving me alone,
giving me the pains which I do not own.
Please geet, , yours maan telling you to come back to me, , I am waiting for you, , see near you…..

Dadi come at the hospital and standing maan, , she is crying literally seeing geet like this, , she is not doing any activity which she used to do…. She is not giggling like she used to do with dadi while cracking jokes with annie, , and passing comments, , she is not playing with Vedanta or telling him stories, , she is not doing any effort to regaining conscious….. why? Why she is not doing any effort? Why she is lying like that?

Maan-dadi, see na geet ko kya ho gaya hai? Please say to her for wake up, , open her eyes, , please tell na…. she listen your every word na, , please if you’ll tell her then she will surely open her eyes….

Teri khwahishon se meri khwaishein riha hain
Teri karwaton se meri daastan bayan hai

Dadi turned her face, , she can’t see maan like this, , the situation of her both loving grand children, , she can’t see…..

Dadi-maan bête, , what did doctor said? Dadi asked to maan, , she wants to know about her progress…. Hearing these words maan went back before 2-3 hours, , when he talked with the doctor and when he was told by the doctor those painful words…. No, I can’t tell anyone, , no…. not even to geet, , I can’t give more pain to geet, , I have already given lots of pain to her, not now…. Maan was mum and kept thinking what doctor had said to him….. no, maa? no, what are you thinking? How can you hide this from her? She has the right to know everything, , after all it’s was her baby…. No, I can’t hide this from her, , mujhe geet ko batana hi hoga…..


Maan-doctor, , how is geet now? Please tell me, , ….. doctor was thinking that how to tell him and he has to, , and they say that doctor has not heart when they operate any patient and their duty is to tell everything about the patient to their relatives…..

Doctor-mr. khurana, , your wife’s condition is not normal, ,we can’t say anything right now….

Maan-what do you mean doctor? How can you say that you can’t say anything right now? You have operated her right now, you supposed to know about her then why are you not telling me anything? She is my wife, my life dam it…. Maan was screaming, shouting, , threatening the doctor, , the doctor was trying to console him as much as he can do..

Doctor-please mr. khurana, , hold on, calm down…. We are not saying that anything bad will happen, , I am saying that your wife will be under observation for next 24 hours till then she will not regain her consciousness, , then we can say that how fast she can progress…… hearing this maan sighed in little relief…. But the next set of words snatch the land under his feet…. He was stunned hearing that news., , no, it can’t be true… how it can be true, , oh no…. ye kya ho gaya? Kaise ho gaya?

Kya sukoon kya junoon humnawa
Abhi abhi dil ki suni hai

Doctor-but mr. khurana, there is a bad news also…. Maan at once looked at doctor’s face, , what it can be? He was shaking with fear from inside, ,

Maan-w-w-h-aa-t doctor? Stammered maan with fear and confusion….

Doctor-we are sorry mr. khurana, , we didn’t get success in saving the baby… sorry, , you have lost your baby….. doctor looked down first at the floor then patted maan’s shoulder and went away leaving him alone, , maan was stunned, , he lost his baby that means geet was pregnant…. Oh god! Maan was thumped down on the floor, tears fell down from his eyes, ,

Why did you broke my heart into two,
without caring about me and listening me too.
Why did not you try to understand my feelings, my love,
just left me dumb with thousands of unsaid words.

He never knew that geet was pregnant but suddenly he is feeling the strong attachment with the baby, the sudden love he felt for the baby, for whom he never knew that he is exist in this world , , this is all just because of me, , only because of me, , the first night of our wedding, ,please god, don’t punish me like this for those sins i have done…. Please god, don’t punish geet for my sins, , what was her fault? why she will suffer? Why god? why?

Flashback ends….

Maan came out from his thoughts when he heard dadi is calling him…..

Dadi-maan bête, , boliye na, doctor ne kya kaha? Maan looked at dadi and then geet….. he swallowed hard, ,

Maan-wo dadi, doctor is saying that they will keep geet under observation for next 24 hours till then she will not regain her consciousness…. When maan was telling this to dadi, , he saw tej , toasty , geet’s father , alka and Vicky, all were standing at the door and listening to him…. Maan looked at them with his guilty eyes , , he doesn’t know how to meet his eyes with them, , but the truth is that they don’t know anything about the baby…..

They all come towards geet’s bed and looked at her with their teary eyes, , mohinder was completely broke down, , he is so soft by his heart, , he can never see anyone in this condition and here his doctor in this condition… tej was consoling his dad, , holding him by his shoulder while dadi was trying to say something to maan….

Maan looked at mohinder, , he felt guilty, ,

Maan- I am sorry papa, , I am failed in saving geet, , I am responsible for all this,,,, maan was cursing himself again, , but he never knew that he said papa to geet’s father, , whom he never talked with, , not even at phone… he doesn’t know why the papa word come out from his mouth….

Mohinder-no maan bête, there is no fault of yours, , you are with her, that’s enough for us….

Tej-maan ji, doctor ne kya kaha? Before maan could say something, dadi spoke in mid, she knew maan’s state of mind….

Dadi-they are saying that they will keep geet under observation for next 24 hours…. Now 20 hours left….

Maan-dadi, you go home, I am here near geet… please all of you, take rest, , you all must be tired after travelling….

Tej-but maan ji, , hum kaise?

Dadi-haan maan, hum aapko akele chhodkar kaise chalein jaaye?

Maan-seems you don’t trust me, that’s why you are saying like this, , , saying so maan looked at geet….

Mohinder-no, maan bête, , nothing is like that…. Chalo tej, toasty, , we all will come in morning but promise me maan that in morning you’ll go at home and will take some rest….. maan nodded in yes and , , dadi kissed on geet’s forehead so mohinder , tej and toasty also….. they all took leave from there…..

Then nurse come on round and wrote the progress on re notepad and gave an injection to geet….. she went and maan slipped beside geet on her bed, , that bed was big in size, , he wants to hold geet near his heart…..

I feel so incomplete as you are not beside me,
Just like the heart without the heart beats,
Just like the body without soul,
Just like the night without stars and moon.,
Just like a ship with a hole.

In reality, you are beside of me but in real sense you are not, , I can’t feel soft caress on my chest, , the soft music of your breath, , it’s like I am here without soul, my body is here, , I also can’t breath properly because I can’t hear your normal breath….. I am nothing you geet, , please come back….

Abhi na karo zamaane ki baat
Abhi abhi baatein ruki hain
Abhi abhi dauhraane ki baat
Abhi abhi aawargi aayi
Abhi na karo sambhalne ki baat
Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai

Maan took her in his embrace and hold her properly, not to hurt her anymore, , he had done everything already, , just before some days I have realized that I have some feelings for you and now you went in this state, , please don’t do this to me, , He placed a kiss on her forehead and held her close to his heart, , doesn’t know when the sleep took over his eyes and both went in deep slumber, , one was unconscious and other one is dreaming about his life….

Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat
Woh subah toh bewajah ho
Ke guzre bin tumhare jiski raat
Woh subah toh bewajah ho
Ke guzre bin tumhare jiski raat

Our life has been started now and today you are lying in my arms like a lifeless body, , why geet? Please wake up and tell me that you are still mine….
It is early morning now, , he opened his eyes, , looked at her pale face, , she is still unconscious, , lying in his arms like a lifeless body, , every morning when he opened his eyes, , the glowing face of geet come in front of his eyes and today she is so pale, , if morning like this, then he doesn’t want any morning, , he will be in illusion that this is night and will always held geet in his embrace, , he doesn’t know what is happening with him, , but he is going insane for geet, , every minute, every second is looking like ages….

Teri baazuon mein meri chahatein samaaye
Teri dhadkano ko meri dhadkane sunaaye
Teri khwahishon se meri khwaishein riha hain
Teri karwaton se meri daastan bayan hai
Kya sukoon kya junoon humnawa
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare

H is feeling so empty this morning because he can’t her cuddles in his arms, , he remember one night when Vedanta didn’t sleep with them in their room, , that night was the best night ever,, geet was sleeping so calmly in maan’s embrace, , and next morning she was cuddling in his arms like a baby hiding her face in his neck because of sun rays….

A smile crept on maan’s lips regaining that night but soon it vanish from his face when his sight fell on her face and regain the words of doctor….

Please come back in my life,
i have forgotten to live it without you.
Come and hold my hand my beloved,
as i am dying to meet you and love you.


A smile crept on maan’s lips regaining that night but soon it vanish from his face when his sight fell on her face and regain the words of doctor….

Please come back in my life,
i have forgotten to live it without you.
Come and hold my hand my beloved,
as i am dying to meet you and love you.

I was gazing at her angelic face which was glowing till yesterday but today it is so pale, , dark circles under her eyes seems there is no blood in her body, , still she is not coming back in her conscious state…. I was so in my thoughts and lying beside her on her bed…. Though there is not much space here but I have managed….

Just then my thoughts took a halt when the door opened and I saw the nurse coming inside with some equipments and and medicines… she looked at me and passed a smile… I thought why she passed smile to me then I take a look over at our positions, , I was lying beside her, , ohh that’s why she was smiling that means, , even in her bad state I can’t sleep without her, , well, , it was true, , it seems I got a habbit sleeping with her, , without her I can’t sleep….

I got up and went in washroom for getting fresh…. When I come back, , she has already given the injection to her… I couldn’t control over myself to ask from her, ,

Maan- umm, , wo sister, , I was hesitating little bit, , doesn’t know what to do? How to ask?

Nurse-what happened mr. khurana? She asked to me politely , ,

Maan-wo, , are you going to give her sponge bath? Gosh, what I asked to her… I wanted to ask something else but doesn’t know why I had blurted those words…. I gave a fake smile to her… she smiled at me back….

Nurse-yes mr. khurana…. Umm, , do you want to give her? She smiled naughtily, , I was uncomfortable with that smile of hers…. Ok I knew that geet is my wife but that doesn’t mean that other people give me nuaghty smiles…. I had not any option beside of nodding, , so I nodded in yes and she told me how to do…

I took the water bowl and sponge from her hand and placed it on the side table… no one has arrived still, , so I am alone here that means I can ask to her what I wanted…. I tried again, , I know that these kind of talks with other people is really odd but there is no escape for me, , I can’t ask infront of anyone….. finally I breath out and called her once again….

Maan-aah sister, , wo I wanted to ask you something, , finally I got a courage, , after all I am maan singh khurana…. Gosh, , maan you have again started with your praise, , don’t forget geet is still unconscious and there is no use of being maan singh khurana, , you can’t wake geet, , you can’t bring her in her conscious state then why are you maan singh khurana?

Ok, , I come out from my talks with my mind when sister asked me, ,

Nurse-what do you want to ask mr. khurana? She asked to me politely again…

Maan-w-when a girl is pregnant then what type of changes she felt? I mean physical changes and something else?

She look at me with a smile… she said nothing then come over with a reply…

Nurse-well mr. khurana, , please tell me clearly what do you want to ask? I wanted to know that why geet didn’t tell me that she is pregnant? Ok, that was difficult for me, , I am feeling shy with those words, , then how will I ask to her…. I wanted to ask in pregnancy a girl got her, I mean every month….. god please help me, , she smiled again, , I think she understood….

Nurse knew that when the gents hesitated the most, , there is only one topic otherwise they can talk properly….
Nurse- mr. khurana, , when a girl is pregnant then she doesn’t get her periods, , she get her periods after baby’s delivery…. I nodded and then she went away, , as soon as she leaved , , everyone come, , dadi, papa, tej, alka, Vicky, annie, arjun even Vedanta too…..

Vedanta ran and showed his arms to me, , he is saying that he wants to come in my arms… I took him in my arms and kissed him….

Vedanta-papa, , mama ko kya hua? Why she is lying like that? Kal raat mai unke sath soya bhi nahi…. He made baby face….

Maan-beta, , mama so rahi hai….

Vedanta-abhi tak, ,it’s morning na.. mama ko bolo morning ho gayi hai abhi uth jaaye…, , everyone smiled at his cute talks,,,, finally someone is there who can bring smile at everyone face…. I kissed him again….

Maan-beta mama is tired na, , aap mama ke paas baitho tab tak papa thoda kaam karke aate hai… Vedanta nodded like a obedient child….


(narration by Piya)

It was 9 a.m. , , I was at my flat, , today was holiday between the exams so I was watching television, , just then I heard door bel ring, , I thought it should be misha because I couldn’t expect Abhay at this time, , because whenever he could get time, he runs to his dad’s office and help his dad in business, , how boring but why I am saying it boring, , I am also studying business…. God, , only you can save me, , I stood up and went to open the door, ,

For my utter shock, , it was Abhay, , omg! I was at cloud 9, , I jumped in his arms and he securely held me closely, , very close, , seems he’ll crush my bones in his arms…. I placed a kiss in his neck and he placed a kiss over my head, , well, , this little romance we often do… it’s romantic….
I invited him inside and closed the door…. He sat down on the couch and I went in kitchen for taking the juice, , just then I saw from the kitchen that the channel has been changed from songs to business news channel, , gosh this man is really insane behind the business, , sometimes I really think who is more insane, , maan singh khurana or this abhay, , I shook my head, , this happened usually with me so I didn’t put my leg in his matter but sometimes his business news channel eat my head…..

I served him juice and sat beside him looking at him intentionally…. oh god! This man is really insane, , means he is holding juice glass in his hand and his mouth slightly open, , he was supposed to take a sip of juice but nah…. How can he? After all business news are going on TV, , anger took over me and I snatched juice glass from his hand and sat on his lap blocking his view from tv……….

I was trying to get little intimate with him, , I blushed a little , obviously I’ll blush at this thought…. I caressed his forehead to jaw with my index finger awakening desires inside him, , arousing him little bit so that I could get a kiss from him, , his rough breath was on my throat, I felt jitters , , currents running , , the pours of my skin awaken and I start breathing heavily, , he buried his face in my thick curly hairs and inhale the smell, , I was giving him space so that he could get little bit more access over me, ,

I was about to kiss him on his lips but suddenly a voice fell down in my ears, , the voice was saying that mrs. Geet maan singh khurana, , geet, , is that our friend geet, , might be, , because a week ago we had all seen her with maan, , no, , it can’t be true…. I glanced at abhay’s face who was engrossed in me, , I slightly turned my face and glanced at tv screen and my eyes popped seeing the face over there….., ,

Voice doesn’t come out from my throat and I fell down from abhay’s legs and abhay was startled with the sudden activity of mine, , he was shocked so was I, , but the reasons were different, , I was continuously staring at the television screen like a fool where abhay was staring at me just then his eyes looked up at the television screen and I saw his wide eyes, ,

“are you seeing the same which I am seeing?” I asked to him still in shock, ,

“are you thinking the same which I am thinking?”
he asked me question beside of giving me reply he was asking me question but he was right, , was I thinking the same, , seems I am getting insane, , god if this true then how will I face her, , ohh no…

“abhay tell na, are you seeing and thinking the same like me?” now I asked a question again….. but his reply was insane like him, ,

“yup, , that is how can sensex be so hight in just half an hour?” oohhhhh goooodddd, , I grabbed my hairs in my fist and looked up at his face with my red angry eyes…. Maan and geet’s photo was flashing on tv screen and he is asking about sensex, , can’t he see their photo?

I shook him like a hell and shout in his ear, , I was here in utter shock and he is enjoying his sensex, , he is engossed in his sensex like it is s** not sensex, ,

“abhay, are you out of your mind, , please come back to your sensex world and tell me na it’s not true, , they are showing thet geet is maan’s wife and she was injured, , no one told us about her condition, , she is in hopsital now, ” here I was in shock and abhay was searching his keys why? But next moment I got to knw why he was searching keys, ,


It was 11 a. m. I come back from mansion, , while on my way I purchased geet’s favourite flowers, , I knew she liked purple orchids, , and I grabbed bunch of roses also, , with a card saying that GET WELL SOON, , I wrote my name also in the card…. I reached to hospital and everyone was there surrounded geet, , she was still unconsciuos, ,

I told them that get back to mansion, because I am here now, , I told annie that to office and handle a meeting over there because she knew little bit business , she agreed and went there…. Everyone get back except tej, , he was there but waiting outside and he gave me little space , , I am now with my geet , , I held her hand and planted a kiss there, , I placed flowers and card near her face…..

I moved my face and planted again a kiss on her forehead, , then following I placed a kiss on her cheeks and moved my lips near her ears, , “GET WELL SOON SWEATHEART”, , for my utter shock or happiness, , I heard her voice, , “hmmm” I glanced at her face, , there is wrinkles on her forehead like she is feeling pain, , I can see the movement of her eyes while the lashes were closed….

“geet” , , I called her, , “aahh” I heard her painful voice, , I caressed her face and hairs for soothing her pain and doesn’t know when I have started kissing her face like a maniac, , she slightly open her eyes adjusting her eyes with the lights, , she was in pain but suddenly I can msee a little smile formed on her lips seeing me near her…..


“geet” , , I called her, , “aahh” I heard her painful voice, , I caressed her face and hairs for soothing her pain and doesn’t know when I have started kissing her face like a maniac, , she slightly open her eyes adjusting her eyes with the lights, , she was in pain but suddenly I can see a little smile formed on her lips seeing me near her…..


Geet got discharged from the hospital, , all were in hospital with geet, she was surrounded with everyone, , mohinder was sitting beside her on the chair while dadi was making eat apple, ,

Toasty-geet, koi bahana nahi chalega,, chup chap open your mouth and eat the fruits fast….

Geet-bhabhi please, , yuck this papaya, , ewww I hate it….

Toasty-eat this otherwise you will drink milk… geet’s eyes widened hearing milk’s name and she immediately put a papaya’s piece in her mouth…. though geet was making faces but everyone was glaring at her specially the little Vedanta, he was taking his revenge for making him drink milk, , he went to geet and took a piece of apple, , held it near her mouth and told her..

Vedanta-momma, , if you won’t eat apple then I also won’t have milk, , now decision is yours, , he put his condition in front of her, , geet pout cutely at his condition but then everyone laughed at his cute condition, , just then maan came there and spoke in mid….

Maan-who is saying that geet is not having anything, , she will eat surely and that too from my hand, , saying so maan shoved a piece of apple in her mouth and geet first startled and then chew apple unwantedly, , everyone laughed at her cute face……

Maan-discharge papers are ready…. Bhabhi, can you please pack the stuff?…. maan spoke softly to toasty, , maan now address toasty as bhabhi as geet addressed her but he is not able to address tej as bhaiya or bro, , he doesn’t know why but he didn’t feel like….. he call him as tej only… toasty nodded and while he called at home, , Rey and Ash were at home while annie went to office for some paper work, , maan called home and told them that decorate it properly , ,

Now it’s time to move to mansion, , her stuff has been packed, , dadi went back mansion because she wanted to do aarti of geet when she will come, , tej picked her bag while toasty is having her medicine etc.. geet was having difficulty with her leg, , in accident, her leg was twisted a little, now she is having pain there also…. Maan move towards her and picked her in his arms at once, ,
geet blushed and hid her face in chest because everyone in hospital, all were looking at them lovingly saying that how adorable and cute couple, , geet’s cheek reddened and she circled her arms around his neck……


(narration by maan)
It was a month after that day when geet got her conscious…., , I was very happy after getting my geet back, , I kissed her and she was in so pain, , I soothed her pain with my kisses…. Tej, toasty, papa, geet’s friends went back to Mumbai, they stayed with us around 2-3 days, , we got attached with each other in a short span of time, , alka teased me a lot and geet blushed hearing her comments, , she was teasing geet on the topic like saali like aadhi gharwali and all, , and then geet fought with her, ,

it was so good seeing her like this…. Actually in this we come so close with each other, , some times vedanta sleep with us but now most of the times he sleep with annie or dadi because geet was injured, , she was having difficulty in sleeping, , her body wanted space a little on bed, ,

I didn’t let geet do any work, , she felt like I caged her but that’s only for her betterment, , that’s why we all gathered in my room and cracked jokes so that she didn’t feel lonely, , it was so awesome having a big family, , after some days, , Rey and Ash were also saying that they want to go back but I denied them, , now they are also here, ,

In this one month, our relationship got much better than before, , now I am not so hesitate with her like before, , I can talk to her freely, , even sometimes we made fun of each other…..

It was another day, , Vedanta was having holidays, , he came running to me, , he was excited and thrilled, , actually he wants to play a game with me and geet …. Geet was getting ready, , I was also going office late so I was having time so I agreed , ,

“Vedanta, baby, what game do you want to play with us?” I asked from him….. he was so excited , , and jumped from bed and ran towards me pulling me holding my hand, , we reached to dressing area where geet was sitting and applying lotion on her arms and waist…. Oops I was gazing at her bare waist, , actually she was wearing saree, , she less wear sarees so I got less chance of checking her in and out… I blushed but she was unaware that I was gazing her that too so intensely….

Again she took little lotion in her hand poured on arm,, her hairs were open like always, , , , I was watching the little-2 movements of her fingers which were moving in circular motion , I was so lost in her that I forgot that Vedanta is also here,,,,, geet looked up in mirror and found me staring at her that too so lovingly, , our eyes met and she blushed at once….

Then she knotted her brows asking me what happen? I shook my head little in denial, , but just then Vedanta held geet’s hand and pulled her too, , geet stood up and Vedanta told us that what game he wants to play with us,, we were hearing patiently to him…..

Vedanta-papa, mama, , we’ll play Hide n Seek…., , we were amazed at his choice, , we agreed,,,,,,, he was jumping in joy, ,

“so who’s turn first?” I asked to him…. He promptly replied “first your turn papa”, , ok now first my turn, , so geet and Vedanta will hide and I have to find out them, , I closed my eyes and count reverse 10 to 1, , geet and Vedanta hid properly, I doesn’t know where they are right now, I have to find out them, , now I have reached to 1 and open my eyes, , I looked here and there but no use,,,, I couldn’t able to locate them…..

“geet, , Vedanta, , where are you” ok, I was trying to call them but no use, they are not replying me back… I searched them here and there but suddenly I saw something, , that is Vedanta’s little fingers…. Ohh toh he is hiding behind the couch, , I slowly-2 moved towards him and caught him…. I called out geet, , “geet, come out, , now Vedanta’s turn” hearing my voice, geet come out and she pouted to me…

geet-kya maan, thoda aur fun karne dete na, , itna jaldi dhundh liya, , I casually turn towards her and circled my arms around her waist, , obviously her hands rested on my chest and I brought her little more close to me, , “acchha, , if I lose then, , you know na maan singh khurana can never lose” my lips were so close to her, , barely touching , , I can see her reddened cheeks, , I rubbed my thumb over her side waist feeling smooth skin under my hand, ,

geet- I know maan singh khurana can never lose but at least he can lose for his wife and son, but no, his biggg egggooo, , she replied softly, , hmm, there is point in her statement, , I smiled a little then nuzzled my nose with hers, , “acchha, , for you, mera ego toh kya, whole maan singh khurana package haarne ko ready hai” she blushed but our trance broke with Vedanta’s voice, ,

Vedanta-papa, , aap ready ho haarne ke liye? He asked cutely, , I laughed a little then picked him in my arms said “of course not beta, , turn to aapka hi dena padega, , ” he made a sad face then he closed his eyes started counting 10 to 1, geet pushed me and ran, ,

I ran behind her and we both hid behind the curtain, , she was wearing payal, , so the sound of anklet is too much, , I hold her close to me and my fingers move on her arms, , caressing it slightly with the tip of my fingers, , I got lost in her while she was giggling and wriggling in my hold, ,

I circled my arms around her waist and dipped my head in her curls inhaling her aroma, , I nuzzled my nose on her neck while my fingers making patterns on her bare waist, , I was so much in her that I forgot that Vedanta in on turn and we were playing Hide n seek, , I placed a kiss on her neck and was about to placed a kiss on her cheek just then Vedanta comes and found us, he was laughing, ,

we both first startled and then we laughed lodly almost caught red handed by Vedanta, , he was jumping in joy that he found us and I picked him in my arms and then we three have a family hug, , I took geet also in my embrace and placed a kiss over her head…..


“maan, , don’t be stubborn , , please let me do this na?” she made ever so cute face, , I was melting seeing her cute face but still sternness was on my face, , I can’t let that happen, , she is not fine properly, ,

“no geet, ,you are not well still, , I said no already then why is the need to ask again?” I asked to her, , I knew that she is also so stubborn and she is not going to leave this topic like this, ,

“maan, this is my right, , and listen carefully, , I will surely do this… got it, , if you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana then I am also Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana” oops I got scared with her ever so cute dhamki, ,

“really geet, , then mai bhi dekhta hu ki tum karwachauth ka vrat kaise rakhti ho?” I told her, ,

She made puppy face and held my hand, I knew it, she will blackmail me emotionally, , but this time I am not going to listen her…..

“please maan, , you know na this is for husband’s long age, ,” she said to me….

I sighed and held her hand properly, , I sat beside her…. “I know geet, you are emotional right now, but geet listen me, , is this long age only for husbands not for wife? Tell me what will I do without you? Please geet, you are so weak still and I can’t take any risk, , you should have good meal and here you are telling me that you will fast for me, , geet, tumhe meri kasam, tum aisa kuch nahi karogi” she gasped at once hearing me but I made it clear…. She had little tears in her eyes but I wiped them, I knew that these only for melting me, but I can’t take any risk with her health….

Next day, today is karwa chauth and geet didn’t fast for me, , I told to dadi that make sure that she eats properly…. At breakfast, , I made sure that geet have breakfast in front of me and she did… I sighed and went to office….

Next day, today is karwa chauth and geet didn’t fast for me, , I told to dadi that make sure that she eats properly…. At breakfast, , I made sure that geet have breakfast in front of me and she did… I sighed and went to office…. I knew that she will be angry from me but I know that how to pacify her….

It was lunch time when geet send my lunch but I didn’t have because I was busy in meetings…. Too much work load and over that, that fashion week is coming close, so we have to work hard….

It was night, , I came back, , though geet didn’t fasted for me , I was so relief with it, , her health was most important for me, , now a days I couldn’t tolerate any kind of carelessness, , daily I made sure she had healthy food that too n front of my presence and in lunch time, sometimes I come at home for lunch then she had with me otherwise she had her food in dadi’s presence, , and my jasoos that is Vedanta told me everything , ,

As soon as, I entered in mansion, I saw that it was decorated like a bride though none fasted, neither geet nor dadi but it was for others, , geet was waiting for me desperately, , I looked her and passed my smile to her, , she passed me shy smile , ,

Geet-maan, , I understand that why you didn’t let me fasting for you but now can you please have dinner with me after seeing the moon? She asked hoping so much, ,

“of course geet, , let me freshen up first then we both will have dinner together” I told her, , she smiled back….

Geet-achha maan, , aapne lunch kiya, , I cooked it that too your favorite dishes, , kaisa tha? She asked to me so desperately but how could I tell her that I didn’t had it….. oh god,, kaha fass gaya… I was cursing to myself….. then I thought that I should lie to her for her happiness only…..

“aah, geet, that was so yummy, , I never eat so yummy food before…” I told her…..

Geet-really maan…. You liked it….. I nodded….. achha palak paneer kaisa tha? She asked to me….

“palak paneer, dam good geet, , still I have it’s taste in my mouth…” she was so happy…..

Geet-really, , and that custard, , you know first time I have tried custard, hows that?

“custard was so yummy geet, , so sweet also…” but in next moment I saw tears in her eyes, , I was shocked and worried at once….

“geet, what happened? Kya hua? Why are you crying? ” ohh god, I thought this time also I made some mistake, now what?

Geet-you lier, , I knew that you didn’t had anything from morning, not even a drop of water, , aapne mujhe vrat nahi rakhne diya aur apne aap vrat rakha? Why? Yesterday you was telling me that what will you do without me and now what will I do without you if I got long age?

I at once covered her mouth with my hand, , I was hurt with her talks, , how it can be happen? We’ll live together always….. “geet, , how can you think like that? Nothing will happen, , you get that, , hum hamesha sath-2 rahenge” she nodded slowly, ,

“achha leave it, , see what I brought for you, come I’ll show you, , ” she got excited and forgot about that vrat and all, , waise I was hungry like anything but I didn’t tell anything to her otherwise she will crib again…. We reached to our room, , all the members on terrace and waiting for moon, , I made her sit on the bed and I was kneel down in front of her, ,

“first of all, , this rose for a beautiful lady, , ” I kissed the rose slightly and present to her, , she blushed and accepted the rose….and then for my utter surprise, , she kissed at the same place on the rose where I have touched my lips…. Me too blushed and then I slide gift wrapped box to her, , her eyes twinkled with happiness, , it was first time ever I have gifted something to her, ,

She was continuously gazing at the gift but didn’t try to open it….. “arey geet, open to karo” I told her, , she nodded like a child, , it was like she is seeing gift first time in her life….. she placed her fingers on the ribbon and loosened the knot…. As soon as , she opened the box, , I saw the happiness in her eyes, , she jumped suddenly and hugged me tight…. First I was stunned with her sudden act but then I too reciprocate and hugged her back…..

I heard her blabbering which she was blabber in hr excitement….. “omg! Omg! Omg! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it so much, , this is so stunning, , and so pretty, , ” she broke the hug and kissed me tight on my cheek…. Omg, , it was dreamy, , I never expected like this from her…. She is crazy really, , “do you like it?” I asked to her as everyone asked after giving the gift, , she blinked her lashes couple of times , , her lips were wide in a form of smile, , I can count her teeth also, , I laugh at my imagination…. I pulled her cheeks and a cute frown on her face when I pulled her cheeks….

“maan, , like it, I loved it, thank you so much, though you kept fast for me and here you are gifting to me, , according to the ritual, I should give you something na??” I nodded like a obedient husband…. She made me sit on the bed and she sat beside me, , I was thinking that what is going in her mind, , she move close to me, , her lips were so close to my ears, , and then she whispered in my ear with her sexy yet sweet voice…..

“maan, , close your eyes… ” her breath was fanning on my cheek, , I was shivering with the close proximity of ours, , it was so unusual between us, , “please maan!” she whispered again and I did as she instructed me to do…. I closed my eyes but my heart beats were raising with the each passing second, , it was like volcano inside my stomach, first I am hungry and second she is close to me, , my tummy was growling but I ignored it…..

“think it as your karvachauth gift maan from your wife” and then after some seconds I felt weight on my legs, , ok, she is sitting on my lap, , she held my hands and placed them around her waist, , I tighten my hold around her waist, , I didn’t know that what will happen after next moment, , ? next second I felt her hand around my neck, , she whispered again, ,

“maan, don’t open your eyes, , open it when I call you, ok” she told to me…. “ok geet, ” I replied back….

Next moment, I felt her one finger tracing my face, forehead to my jaw line, , gosh what she is doing with me? I asked to myself, , she is testing my patience, , I won’t leave her, I decided in my mind but then I felt her thumb tracing the outline of my lips, , I dam wanted to open my eyes but just then she again whispered…. “please maan, , aankhein mat kholna… please” she pleaded again and I nodded,,,,,

She shifted herself more into me, , I gasped a little with the feeling, , and at the next moment, I felt something wet on my lips, , what was that? I don’t know but then I got it what it was? It was her tongue tracing my lips, , she was licking my lips with the tip of her tongue… and then I felt my lower lips between her lips, , she was nibbling my lower lip, , I tighten my hold around her waist, my fingers were digging in her waist skin, , but she was no where stopping, , I dam wanted to open my eyes but can’t break my promise…. I was feeling dam good, , it was new sensation in my body, , it soothed my heart, mind, every part in my body, , soon I respond her back and start nibbling her upper lip, , her one hand reached in my hairs and she start massaging my hairs….

It was like hungry lion inside waken up and attacked on it’s prey, , still my eyes were so closed, , our lips were messed up with our saliva but it was dam good feeling, , I was feeling like tasting honey, , soon I heard my name from her mouth, ,

“maan” ohhh…. Hearing my name from her mouth was like being In heaven….. she told me that when she will me then I can open my eyes, I followed her instructions and opened my eyes, , and then what I saw, her angelic face that is red with shyness , her closed eyes, , her petal like lips in my rough lips, , she was nibbling my lips and me too was so lost in nibbling her petals, ,

I couldn’t control on my over flowing hormones and emotions and I bit her lips, , she gasped at once and my tongue got an entry inside her mouth…. Our breath mingled, , My tongue slid down inside her mouth and tasted her sweet nectar, , her tongue entangled with mine and our tongue danced with each other, , we were so lost in each other that I forgot I was hungry, , after a long kiss, , we both were short of breath and finally we broken out kiss, , she was flushed completely so was i…. our forehead touched with each other and we were panting….. “thank you geet for this sweet gift, , I’ll never forget”, , I thanked her….. she was shy, not bale to meet her eyes with mine….


“ohh, , toh she is Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana, , interesting”, ,

“you know her”

“of course and you too know her but seems you forgot but how can i?”

“then what are you going to do? ”

“just wait and watch”

“ohkay, , then it’ll be fun”

“of course, , it’ll be fun, will see on whom he’ll trust?”


After karvachauth, , again a festival came, , we all were having dinner and chatting , just then geet spoke…

Geet-dadi, tomorrow is Hoyi na, , ? she asked to dadi…. Dadi smiled…

Dadi-ji bete, , kal hoyi hai and you know hum bhi maan ke liye vrat rakhte hai…. Geet excited…

Geet-really dadi maa…. She was about to say something but I stopped her….

Maan-dadi, this time you are not going to fast for me, , eveytime I denied you, , but this time you’ll listen to me…..

Dadi-maan, kyo aap zabardasti kar rahe hai, , hum theek hai….

Maan-no dadi, you are not well, , aapka Blood Pressure kitna low tha kuch din pehle, , geet tum hi samjhao… she nodded and looked at dadi…

Dadi-geet, don’t look at me like this, at least you understand me na…

Geet-please dadi, , you are not fine… mere paas solution hai…

Dadi-aur woh kya? Asked dadi to geet, , I was also so eager to know what is that solution?

Geet-dadi, , every year , you used to fast for maan but this maan will fast for you, , this is not necessary that mother should fast, , bete ka bhi koi farz hota hai…. Aapko pata hai, tej bhaiya used to fast for mom, ,

Annie-how sweet…. Bro learn something….

Dadi-but bete, , this is not right….

Geet-dadi, , aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai, , achha, you want to keep fast for maan na, , then you can fast only till noon, , but maan will keep fast for you & Vedanta also… hai na….? she asked to me….. I smiled and nodded… how sweet she is! I really liked her sweet gesture…. Though Vedanta is not her own child but she wants keep fast for him….


Now geet’s injuries healed properly and she is fine now, , it was a week after that Diwali is on it’s way, , we all were sitting in hall and discussing about the diwali party , , about the guests and meals, ,

It was night, , we all were sleeping but me and geet are awake, , but Vedanta is again sleeping with us on our bed, , actually tomorrow is Diwali and Vedanta’s birthday too, , so me and geet were planning to throw a party along with Diwali party….


Hoyi is a festival, , in this day ladies who are mother used to keep fast for their child well being and long life…. Those mothers who are having son can fast otherwise they can’t…. that is main thing of this festival, , mothers keep fast for their son and pray to Hoyi mata for their son’s well being & long life…


Today maan didn’t denied geet, , she is very happy that she is fasting for Vedanta and maan too…. Maan and dadi were touched with her decision, , she is so sweet, , she have inner & outer beauty both…. No one fast without any reason, , some doesn’t fast for their own child and here , Vedanta is not her own child but still she is fasting for him, , geet has a really big heart and have so much love also in her heart

it was evening and geet is waiting for maan, , she is in her room and pacing here & there…. Muttering something or may be cursing him but how can she curse him…..??

“ye maan bhi na, , he knew that today he should come home early but how can he? I told him but still , dekha kitna late ho gaya hai, , aur, aur mera call bhi nahi le rahe hai, , kya karu mai?” she is pacing up and down, , some times sit on bed then sometimes stood near the window seeing outside, , it’s been half an hour she is waiting for him….

“he knows that I am waiting for him, , I told him in morning that we both break the fast together, , abhi to dekho starts bhi nikal aaye but where is my star?” she sulked just then she heard a whisper in her hear…..

“seems, , someone is waiting for her star?” she knew who it can be, , she turned to him and show him her angry face, , pouted lips and looking down, , she knew that she can’t fight with him , , it would be better she will give him her silence treatment….. she get to know about this silence treatment from her tanya bhabhi, , whenever tej used to come late at home then she doesn’t said any word to him only gave him her silence….

“sorry geet, , I was stuck somewhere, , ” he held his ear in front of her…. He was waiting for her reaction but no reaction on her face…. Dam she is so much angry he thought….

“ok geet, at least listen to me where I was held up?” he tried to make her understand then he got a little confirmation from her side when he saw her soft gesture that is continue your story…. He sghed and remove his waist coat….

“you know geet, I used to brought a gift for dadi maa on this fest, , and today also I went to brought a gift for her….” He looked at her face which is now calmed little bit that the reason behind his late coming that is dadi maa not his business meetings….

“don’t you want to know that what I brought for her?” he asked to her, , hoping that he will get to hear her sweet voice… she stood up and went near him helping him removing his tie and gave him towel, ,

“maan, , I know that aapne best hi choose kiya hoga dadi maa ke liye…” she smiled at him…. And maan too smiled in return….

“I’ll show you when I’ll give it to dadi, , now let me freshen up then we both will break the fast…ok…” he said placing his palm against her cheek caressing it little bit showing to her that he care for her…. , , she held his hand then she pushed him inside the washroom and placed his clothes on the bed….


Later maan & geet , dadi, Vedanta went to temple which is in the mansion…. They prayed and then dadi & geet did some important things which is really important in the puja…. Then they took water in separate glassed and went to terrace…. Then after seeing the star(in this vrat, , star is important no moon, , ladies can break fast after seeing the star), they gave the water to star and the come down… maan brought his gift and gave it to dadi…

“dadi maa, , like every year, this year too I brought a gift for you, hope aapko pasand aaye?” said maan giving the gift to dadi….

“maan, , I like every gift from you and I know this year too you would bring something really special like every year….” Said dadi caressing his head with so much love…. She opened the knot and the gift was breathtaking for dadi….

“hows it dadi?” asked maan… dadi had tears in her eyes seeing the gift…

“maan, ye aapko kaha se mili?” asked dadi..

“dadi, I was having it, , first tell me aapko pasand aaya?” again asked maan….

“maan, nothing can be better than this… thank you bete” said dadi…. Maan kissed her hand while dadi also kissed on his forehead…. All were happy seeing the bond between these two and the gift was really amazing…. It was a little collage , , so many pics are there…..

“dadi, , please tell me na ye pics kab ki hai?” asked excited geet, , she wants to know everything….
Dadi smiled and start narrating everything while everyone start having their dinner….. “the first one when I got married with your dada ji, then this one is when I was pregnant
(dadi shied a little bit),
aur ye tab ki hai when maan’s dad came in this world, , aur ye, ye hai maan ki pic, , when he was only 2 months , he was really a cry baby, so I trying to calming him….
(maan glared at dadi for telling him cry baby but dadi smiled and geet giggled , , now everyone is around dadi and listening the stories behind the pics…) ,
this one is, when maan took his first step, , aur ye, , maan was pulling annie’s hairs

(dadi start laughing while annie’s cheeks puffed hearing that, , maan also smiled and geet was also giggling, , suddenly two hands pulled annie’s hairs… that is one hand maan’s and another one is reyhansh, , annie screamed while maan & rey rolled on floor laughing their stomach, , annie screamed and then she took 2 glass of water and poured on maan and rey’s head, , their laugh at once stopped and the geet & annie, Vedanta start laughing at them…)”


Maan eyed to Vedanta that give geet’s gift to her which he brought for her , , Vedanta nodded and ran in his room….. he bring the gift and stood near geet…

“mama, , ye aapke liye., aapka gift meri taraf se” he gave to geet… and kissed her cheek….. all were surprised …. Geet hppily accepted the gift and kissed his both cheeks , ,

“thank you vedu… aur aapko gift kisne khareed kar diya?” asked geet yet she knew who it can be….

He happily replied…. “papa ne” and went to maan ,kissed his cheek… geet thanked him via their eye connection….. she opened it and it was the first pic of maaneet together, , it was when geet was dancing at janmashtmi and maan came there, , geet fell down in maan’s arms then who were clicking the pics, they clicked it also… it was really awesome pic….. geet ran in her room and hang the big portrait on the wall and looked at the photo lovingly and maan also stood near her looking at geet lovingly….

She looked at maan, , he held her by her shoulder and brought her close to his chest, she placed her head on his chest and held his shirt in her fist, , lost in the photo so maan also….

“thanks maan for the gift… this is reaally specail for me…” said geet to maan…. Maan ighed knowing the reason behind it…

“I know geet, , this is first pic of ours together… hai na…” asked maan to her…. She nodded and hugged him and he too reciprocate back….


It was two days before diwali, , Now geet’s injuries healed properly and she is fine now, , it was a week after that Diwali is on it’s way, , we all were sitting in hall and discussing about the diwali party , , about the guests and meals, ,

It was night, , all were sleeping but maan and geet are awake, , but Vedanta is again sleeping with them on their bed, , actually tomorrow is Diwali and Vedanta’s birthday too, , so maan and geet were planning to throw a party along with Diwali party….

They were discussing about the menu, theme of the party, venue, invitations, invitation card and the main things, there will be twp partied held at the same time, diwali party and another one is Vedanta’s b’day party, , so it will be in separate hall but in the same venue….

Just then geet saw that Vedanta is disturbing with their voice…. She whispered slowly to maan ..

“maan, , Vedanta will wake up because of noise, so we should move to study” suggested geet, , maan nodded and collect their belongings, their cell, laptop, notepad, pen and so many other things and moved to study without disturbing Vedanta….

they started their discussion just then geet’s cell buzzed with the sms tone , , she opened the sms and that was a joke, , she laughed, maan narrowed his brows and asked what is that with his facial expressions but she denied with shaking her neck and suppressing her laugh….

“geet, what is so funny in the sms? Tell me, , I’ll join you in your laughing session” told maan irritatingly when geet didn’t tell him…. Geet stop her laugh “nothing maan”, , she knew that she can’t tell anything about the sms to maan knowing about the sms…. Maan nodded but the thought something and in a fraction of second geet’s cell was in maan’s hand where geet’s mouth was wide open in a big O shape and eyes were also big…. She was dumb stuck at once with the sudden act of his where maan was smirking at her with his this step….

He was about to read the msg “maan, no please, , aap sms read nahi karoge…” she said firmly but she was so helpless….

“why geet? Why can’t i? I also want to laugh…” he made innocent face and then showed her cell to her which is in his hand , saying to her which his expressions that he is going to read it…. He touched his fingers on the screen of cell and reached in Inbox, , was about to open the msg, , just then geet ran behind him…

“no maan, please… ye galat baat hai…” she whined like a small baby but maan was also behaving like a small baby who got excited after snatching the chocolates form his sister/brother’s hand……

“no way geet, aaj to mai padhkar hi rahunga…” saying so he ran taking cell with him and geet ran after him, , both were running round & round to the bed which is in study, , maan ahead while geet is behind… she was calling him continuously , saying him not to read, , while running maan is not able to read the sms, ,

Just then she held his vest but tripped between the carpet fell on bed taking him along with her and both crashed down on the bed, , geet was underneath maan, while her eyes were shut due to fear and her clutch over his vest so tight, , he was looking at her , his one is below her head , assuring that not hurt her head while his another hand on her waist and the cell was somewhere else on the bed….

They were panting like anything, like they come out after swimming from the ocean, , maan was lost in her face, her face was covered with her curly hairs, , he slowly took out his hand from her waist and caressed the soft skin of her face with the tip of his fingers, removing the hairs from her face which is hiding the most innocent & beautiful view from his eyes….

With the feel of his fingers on her skin, the lining of fear on her face vanished at once knowing that she is safe now… her soft petals curved in a smile and slowly-2 she opened her almond eyes reminding maan of those almonds which comes in dreams….. maan was all over her covering her petite body with his manly structure, , his warm breath was fanning on her face making her shiver, jitters were in tummy, ,

Her heart beats raised in a fraction of second while maan’s heart was also pumping against his chest, , he traced her face with his fingers sending shivers , , he brought his lips so near her ears almost touching her ear lobe with his lips, ,

“geet, , kuch puchhu tumse??” asked maan, , he wants to know the secret behind it…. Geet brought back to reality hearing his manly voice against her ear, ,

“haan maan” replied geet in back…. Maan take in and out the breath, ,

“geet, , every time when I see in your eyes, , I felt that I have seen these eyes of yours before, like I have some kind of unknown connection with these almonds, I don’t know where I have seen? I don’t know I am asking right or wrong? But I thought to ask you once , please tell me kya hum pehle miley hai? I am not able to regain anything, , your eyes remind me something, , you know your eyes remind of that girl once I have saved her but couldn’t able to saw her face…. I don’t know why I am joining those eyes with your face” he paused for a min seeing her reaction where he saw a little happiness on her face….

“geet , I know you are thinking me insane but I am really restless , I felt like I have an unknown bond with you before our marriage”, , he caressed her face again pecking her forehead,,,,

“geet, , every time when I see in your eyes, , I felt that I have seen these eyes of yours before, like I have some kind of unknown connection with these almonds, I don’t know where I have seen? I don’t know I am asking right or wrong? But I thought to ask you once , please tell me kya hum pehle miley hai? I am not able to regain anything, , your eyes remind me something, , you know your eyes remind of that girl once I have saved her but couldn’t able to saw her face…. I don’t know why I am joining those eyes with your face” he paused for a min seeing her reaction where he saw a little happiness on her face….

“geet , I know you are thinking me insane but I am really restless , I felt like I have an unknown bond with you before our marriage”, , he caressed her face again pecking her forehead,,,,

Her heart beat raised hearing his words, , she was thinking all the while that he remember her but no he doesn’t remember her, , only new about her almond eyes, , she felt choking but then she thought for a moment that he never saw her face then how will he remember her, , she smiled at her thoughts, , sometimes we expect more than its needed….

First time she was wearing yashmak , her face not visible, only her eyes were visible… and then in Spain, , in that night, her shiny eyes were only visible otherwise her whole face was covered with his shadow, he didn’t saw her that time also…. She shrugged off all her thoughts while maan was waiting for her reply…..

She was so much engrossed in her thoughts that she doesn’t get to know that maan is watching her every changed expression… he slowly caressed her face with the tip of his fingers taking her back from her thoughts….he patted her cheeks slowly, his lashes going up and down checking her facial features….
“what happen geet? You didn’t reply me, , did we meet before geet? Bolo na” he asked impatiently to her….
She gasped at once, his closeness taking a toll on her hormones, , something is happening inside her, , she was feeling differently, , “wo maan” she whispered slowly, , their breath was mingled with each others, , both felt each others hot breath on their face, , it was really new for both, though both slept in each other arms sometimes but they were never so close like this….

“haan bolo na geet, , I want to know, , I don’t know geet why I am feeling so restless, bolo na geet, , kyo mujhe tumhari aankhein kisi ki yaad dilate hai, aisa lagta hai like I knew you before the marriage…mai tumhar chehra unn aankho ke sath jodta hu jisey mainey ek baar kuch boys se bachaya tha, I don’t remember clearly but still some faded memories are there…. ”

“Maan, , really aapko kuch yaad nahi hai?” she asked finally…… (maan, really you don’t remember anything?)

“nothing like that geet, , I remember little bit but not in a exactly… you tell me na…” he set her hair strands behind her ear, , she smiled now remembering those meeting with him, , the first time when her eyes met with him, , her second meeting with him….

“geet, why are you smiling? ” he asked from her feeling like an alien who doesn’t know anything…..

She circled her arms around his neck and brought him more close to her suddenly…. He fell down on her, the little bit was left between them covered by that sudden pulled, , the air also can’t pass between them….. “ geet, what…” he gasped at once and he was about to say something but his talk was left in mid when geet placed her finger on his lip silencing him further…

“sshh maan…. Aapko pata hai sunsaan sadak par, ek akeli ladki aur uske pichhey kuch gundey, , wo help-2 chilla rahi thi, , ladki aagey-2 aur gundey pichhey-2, , bechari ladki dari si sehmi si, , kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha ki kya kare, , aur uska chehra……”, , this time she was silenced by maan….
(you know maan , an alone girl in an empty road and some goons behind her, she was asking for help, , she is running ahead and goons were behind her, , poor that girl scared and feared, she didn’t understand what to do? And her face….. )

“aur uska chehra covered with yashmak, , ek ladka jiski car khraab thi wo waha apni car repair kar raha tha, , tabhi wo ladki uss ladke se takraati hai aur kehti hai please help me, , aur ladka uski aankhon mein dekhta hai, , tabhi wo gundey…” now maan was silenced by geet, , and she told him…
(and her face was covered with yashmak, one boy whose car was damaged, , he was repairing his car over there, just then that girl bumped with that boy and asked him for help, and that boy saw in the eyes of that girl, just then those goons…..)

“tabhi wo gundey waha aa jate hai aur wo ladka unn logo se uss ladki ko bachata hai, unse fight karta hai” replied geet, ,
(just then those goons came there and that boy fought with those goons and saved that girl….)

“par jaise hi wo ladka palat kar dekhta hai to wo ladki gayab, , uss ladke ne uss ladki ko bahut dhunda par ladki bina kuch kahe waha se chali gayi, yeh nahi ek thanks hi keh kar jaati…. Wo ladka bahut niraash hua” said with such a disappointment …..
(but as soon as that boy turned up, that girl was disappeared, that boy searched that girl but that girl went away from there without saying anything, , at least she can say thanks , , that boy was very disappointed….)

“thanks maan, uss ladki ki help karne ke liye…. ” replied geet tightening her hold on maan’s neck….

“that means wo ladki tum hi thi, , hai na geet?” asked maan….. she nodded smilingly….

“par geet, why were you running and why those boys were chasing you?” asked maan going hyper….

“nothing maan, , it’s a long story , leave it…waise maan thanks for beating them, bahut maza aaya” replied geet….

“geet, tumhe maza aaya, bechare ladke ke bare me nahi socha, , uski kya haalat huyi hogi?” told maan dramatically….

“oye khabardaar jo uss ladke ko bechara bola to, , I saw , his biceps, , uske dole sholey, , his red eyes when he saw those goons, majaal hai koi usey hath bhi laga de…”

“achha ji, , itna confidence achha nahi aur ye kya tum mere samne uss ladke ke bare mein soch rahi ho, not fair…” he chided like a cute baby….

“ale, , mere cutie jealous hai?” she asked pulling his cheeks…. He snapped at once and glared her back calling him cutie…. And jealous,,,,, no ways…. He thought…

“geet, , none call me cute and you, you are calling me cute… and jealous no ways,,,, I am not jealous… aur uss ladke se to bilkul bhi nahi….” Replied maan with a confidence….

“but mai to jealous hu with that girl, , and yes I have only right to call you cute…. My cutie hubby” she laughed so maan also. , , now he is feeling light after knowing that geet is that girl whom he had saved…. Both rolled on bed laughing, enjoying but suddenly maan regained something and stopped, , now geet is over him, , maan is underneath her….

“and geet, , I had saved again a girl and that too in Spain, , when I was diving and she was also diving… I can’t understand one thing, , why that girl was diving that too at night, , usey pata hona chahiye tha ki at night it’s not safe diving in the sea… ” maan complained cutely….

“ohho maan, , that girl saw that boy who saved her, she saw him, he was going for diving so she also went behind him, , she was crazy you know , ,” replied geet…

“but why she was crazy for that boy? Usmein akal naam ki cheej hai ya nahi?” asked maan…. Both were smiling and sharing their thought with each other in a different way….

“maan, what are talking, I said na she was crazy then how come she will have brain, , common sense nahi hai aap mein…” she replied jokingly….. maan smiled and rolled over….

“achha ji, , mujhme common sense nahi hai, , then how come you fell in love with a senseless person?” asked maan to her….

“maan because I am crazy and only crazy person can fall in love with senseless person… you got it…”

“bilkul geet, , perfectly…..waise geet, , how come you fell in love with me?” asked maan finally…. He wants to know the reason behind this…. He never knew her and she was in love with him….

“maan, , actually I don’t know when it happened? May be at our first meeting when ours eyes met or may be second meeting or may be I used to drool over your pic in fashion magazines…really I don’t know…” replied geet with a serious face, , she really knew when it all happened with her, , it was like she was going deep and deep inside the pool of love…or in ocean of love…. Her friends used to make fun of her but then they become serious after seeing seriousness over maan….. maan sensed seriousness , he thought to change the topic…. He smirk and told to her….

“btw geet, , that night in Spain, , you were wearing shorts and (words stuck in his throat when he was about to voice out what it was, , he felt shy only with the thought and geet’s eyes widened hearing him, she was wearing shorts with blue color bra, , words stuck in his mouth when he remember she was wearing shorts & bra) umm nothing, , I mean leave this topic….”

“maan” she whisper slowly…. She felt shy, he cheeks reddened, , and blushed profusely , , he was also blushing…..

“btw geet, , I can imagine you know now in that dress” he smiled sheepishly , , she hit him on his shoulder at once…. Suddenly maan stopped and stared at her face, , his intense gaze stopped her smile also, , she can see the so much intensity in his eyes, the love,, and what he wants right now…. Thinking about that she blushed again….

His warm breath become more warm with his demand , her fingers reached in his scalp and massaged his hairs, , she closed her eyes indicating him to go one, , move ahead with your demand….he bend slowly his face, turning with the angle of kiss, , slightly brushed his lips with hers, ,their body jolted at once, , their body stiffed at once with the feel of each other lips second time…..

He brushed his lips again with hers while her one hand was roaming on his back shamelessly, , he grabbed her lips in his, , and nibbled slowly, , she too responded him back in the kiss, , and the slow kiss turned a passionate kiss, , both were chewing each other lips, , she gasped for air and he at once caught her tongue, , their tongue danced with each other, tasting the sweet honey nectar of their mouth, , it was like a heaven for them…

fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-39-46


“sure”, arjun replied…. Geet dragged him holding his arm and serve him, she whispered with happy expressions in his ear that she made this food…… arjun shocked and whispered back that then I am not going to eat this….. geet pouted cutely just then maan spoke…..

“You & geet seems good friends?” maan asked

Arjun looked at him for a moment,, doesn’t know that why maan is asking about their friendship, , he thought that maan doesn’t know about their friendship or not but then shrug off his thoughts and passed a smile to him to looked at geet, she also smile at arjun…..

“well Maan, you can say that me and geet are like brother & sister… more than friends…. Hai na geet?” arjun looked at geet for approval…..

“of course, we are more than friends….. our relation is something like no one can guess…” and she hugged him by side ways….. maan smiled at both of them, , he liked their relationship, , their friendship, , and they are like brother & sister, well neither he was doubting them nor jealous with them…. It was just….. curiosity, , curiosity for knowing about her, about her past life, about her relations with others, how well she had adjusted with others, , how special she is in other’s life, , how adorable she is, everything about her is just for appreciation, ,

“I am surprised to see you here as geet’s friend…. I never thought a person like you can be a friend like girl geet…..” maan put his thought in front of him…..

“why surprise maan??, I know I am a businessman but before that I am her friend or you can say her big brother…. I was always be with her when she was a child, ,” arjun cleared his side….

“ahh nothing like that arjun, , I was just wondering nothing else…. So tell me something about geet?” maan asked….. arjun looked at geet, while geet scared that what if arjun spit out everything about her childhood, she will be embarrassed, she denied arjun through her eyes, just then arjun changed the topic and told him about their friendship….. how deep their friendship is…..

“nice to see the bonding between you too…. Aajkal kaha dekhne ko milti hai aisi friendship, , now a days, peoples are only fake & backbiter, nothing else…”
he told thinking about himself, how unlucky he was in friendship and how lucky is geet…. She has friend circle and they love her like a maniac, but he, , none love him except his family and outsiders are only fake, , always roam wearing mask on their faces and never think about others……

arjun looked at him for a while, hearing his words, he was little bit shocked, why he is saying like everyone is fake, , and now a days this is very rare to see a friendship like this otherwise this world is very mean…..
“maan, is everything alright? Why are you saying like this?” arjun asked to him jus then maan regained about his words….. what I was talking? I have to forget everything…. He thought for just a moment then again pass a assuring smile to him…. and to everyone….. everyone sighed seeing him smiling knowing that he is fine now but geet & dadi can see the pain in his eyes……
His eyes are mirror of his heart, he can say anything but his eyes can never speak lie, , always speaks truth and tell to his beloved person that what is store in his heart…… geet was sitting beside him, she hold his hand on the table and caressed his hand for a while……. He looked at her and then at her eyes, he blinked his eyes couple of times and passed a smile….. she smiled at him too…..

“yeah, arjun, everything is fine, I was just saying about the outside world nothing serious….. ” maan spoke assuring words…..

The lunch cum brunch went well and everyone enjoyed each other company, they cracked jokes and arjun pulled her leg, they talked about Vicky , alka and about her family….. it was a lovely family time for everyone after a long time……

It was night when geet was setting the bed and maan was taking his night clothes, , just then Vedanta came in their room holding his tiny pillow and his teddy bear….. and he shouted “mama” , , geet and maan looked at the source of voice and both smiled at him……

Vedanta ran and settled himself on the bed in middle setting his pillow between tow pillows , , maan looked at ved and then geet understanding that Vedanta wants to sleep here tonight but just then ved stood up and went towards maan taking the files from maan’s hand and put them aside , maan was just looking at him what he was trying to do???

“beta, what are you doing?” maan asked to ved while geet smiled knowing that what he was trying o do but she was little worried about the question which is about rise, , ,

“papa, all the time, files, files and files” maan glare at him while geet giggled at the guts of vedanta taking files from his hand and talking to him like that, maan heared her giggle and glare at her also, she suppressed her giggle and put her finger on her lips showing him that now she is quiet….. maan softened his look and again looked at Vedanta, , while ved pulled his hand downwards, , pulling him towards the bed,,,,,, maan was going behind him by himself for want to know that what he trying o do…?

“Vedanta, beta, tell me, aapko kuch chahiye?” he nodded….. maan thought that he’ll demand about chocolates, or toys….. but he was wrong when he heard his words……

“papa, mama told me in morning that I can sleep with her tonight here, , chalo chalo abhi apna kaam band karo, mujhe neend aa rahi hai… ” Vedanta told everything in a while…… maan looked at geet asking for the explanation, , geet feared a little thinking that maan will shout at her, will be angry with her for telling him that he can sleep with her……

Maan stand up and went towards geet, , “ geet, what did you told to Vedanta?” he asked in his soft tone not to scaring her…..

She calmed herself….. “wo maan actually, when he was throwing tantrums in drinking milk that time I told him that if he’ll drink the milk then he can sleep with me,,, only this much, he became happy and had milk…. Mujhe kya pata tha ki wo aapke sath bhi son eke liye zidd karega…” she made a baby scaring face, ,

“geet, daro mat, I’ll not eat you.. samjhi..?” he asked to her…. She nodded and then maan smiled at her….. he held her hand, , “geet it’s ok, tum itna darr kyo rahi hai?? Tumne kuch galat nahi kiya hai…. ” their talks was distracted by Vedanta who was impatiently waiting for them on bed, waiting when they both will come and he will sleep between both of them…..

“mama, papa, what are doing both of you? Please come na, mujhe bahut zoro se neend aa rahi hai..” he said while rubbing his eyes feeling very sleepy, , geet ran towards him leaving maan alone there, ,

“arey mera bacha….. mama sorry hai, , aapko wait karaya na, , chalo hum sote hai…. Papa ko kaam karne do, ok….” geet kissed him on his forehead saying so but Vedanta denied and called again for maan, , this is the first time he is going to sleep with maan and he doesn’t want miss the chance for sleeping with both of his mama papa……

Geet was worried that will maan sleep with them, , because yesterday he told himself that he wants little time for adjusting in this relationship but this is Vedanta, , he knows him before her, he loves him also…. Maan assured her with his eyes and smile, , keep his files & laptop aside , turn off the lights of study and went towards them…..

geet and Vedanta were already settled on bed, , then maan settled beside Vedanta while geet was other side of Vedanta, , Vedanta held their hands and slept while geet & maan were looking at each other knowing that what they are thinking, what is going in their heart & mind, , maan & geet hold each other hand while Vedanta slept and loosened the grip on their hands, , both don’t know when they slept while looking at each other…….

It was early morning when geet woke up, , she felt maan’s hand on her waist holding her with so much with so much love, , and sincerity, , she felt contented feeling his touch on her body, , and shiver ran in her spine, she smiled at her thought, , ,

she turned aside and looked at ved & maan, the sight was mesmerizing, , a complete family, their child is sleeping peacefully in between his parents and looking so calm so maan also, , she can see a calmness, , a satisfaction on his face like he got what he craved for all the while…. Geet niharofying them for a while but then she slept back as it was so early in the morning…..


she turned aside and looked at ved & maan, the sight was mesmerizing, , a complete family, their child is sleeping peacefully in between his parents and looking so calm so maan also, , she can see a calmness, , a satisfaction on his face like he got what he craved for all the while…. Geet niharofying them for a while but then she slept back as it was so early in the morning…..

it was around 7 am in the morning when maan stirred from his sleep, he was hugging his son and his beautiful wife, well not completely hugging but yes holding her by her waist, he smiled at himself when he felt her waist under his palm, , , he held her more tight closed his again doesn’t want to get up, it’s like a dream for him, a complete family sleeping on a bed, it’s definitely a dream for him, how can it real?? He never imagined himself like this.. , ,

there is no reason behind not dreaming like this, , he never have life partner before this, , he never have anyone who can share his bed with him, but then he tried to open his eyes remembering last night events, how Vedanta insist sleeping between his mama and papa, , he smiled at his antics but because of him , me & geet are sleeping so close…..

he opened his eyes and looked at vedanta’s face, who is sleeping calmly like feeling any kind of satisfaction that his parents are near him, , to protect him from this mean world, to love him, to pamper him, to save him from any kind of pain, , it was like blind trust he has on his parents but it is not new, , every child has a trust on his/her parents that they will protect and love him/her….

Maan bend down his face a little and pecked vedanta’s forehead, , he felt over protective towards Vedanta after what happened with Vedanta….. what was the fault of this little life? Why he suffered but maan promised to himself that he never revealed this truth to him, , he never tell him that he is not their real child, , why to bother this little life when he is getting parentally love, , he bend down again and pecked again on his cheek this time and moved his finger in his hairs, , Vedanta smiled like he can feel his father’s touch on him…….

maan also smiled seeing him smiling in his sleep…. He turned towards geet and snuggled in her arms while maan was watching them so closely, , , he felt an urge to kiss geet but controlling himself, , she was looking so innocent while sleeping, , well she is really innocent while she is awake, , so serene, , so natural, , and so glowing without any makeup….. and the way she was holding Vedanta so close near her heart like protecting him from this world….. he smiled watching the scene, , no one can say that Vedanta is not her child, , geet & Vedanta has been involved with each other like this , like salt mixed in water, , no one can say that is salt in the water or not, , the same way Vedanta & geet loved each other the same way, ,

maan forward his hand and settled her flicks behind her ear which were disturbing her calm sleep, teasing her cheek, , she is really an epitome of beauty, , maan caressed her face with his fingers, she smiled feeling some kind of touch on her cheek, , he got up a little and move his face towards her face and pecked her forehead like thanking her for supporting him, , he felt contended with the scene and then went towards washroom, ,

geet & Vedanta snuggled more in each other just then her sleep disturbed with the phone call, , her phone is ringing while she stirred in her sleep covering her ears with the cushion , sighed that phone call went off, , she was about to remove the cushion from her ear, phone again buzzed and she threw away the cushion in anger , took the phone in her hand and picked it without seeing the caller ID…..

Geet- hello, ,

What hello? Why didn’t you picked my call?

What happened alka? Subah-2 kyo pareshaan kar rahi hai?? Geet complained still trying sleep again…..

Oye jag ja meri maa, , kab tak soyegi kumbhkaran? Alka tried to wake her through her cell…

Don’t disturb my sleep, , tujhe kya chahiye subah-2 ? geet complained…..

You know what I really pity on your husband, , tu abhi bhi pehle ki tarah kitna soti hai…. Alka trying wake her up again….

Tuney ye bolne ke liye phone kiya tha? Btw thanks for pitying on my husband… now bye…. Geet was about to cut her call…

Wait!!!! Alka screamed…..

Kya hai? Kitna zor se chillaya, , meri sari neend khraab kar di…. Finally geet woke up and settled herself by the bed’s head board….

Finally old trick hi kaam aa gaya… she started laughing….. tu kabhi change nahi hogi…. Tera maan tujhe daily aise hi uthata hai kyat ere kaan par chilla kar jaise hum uthate the?? Alka trying to control her laugh knowing that geet will be now making faces and that’s true, geet is making funny faces at alka’s comments….

Don’t make face, waise bhi I can’t see through phone so don’t waste energy….alka trying to be calm….

Theek hai, theek hai, , now tell me fast why did you called me at this time?? Geet asked patiently though she love to talk to her but she spoiled her sleep…. She was dreaming about her & maan…..

Achha chal, gussa mat kar…. Come to the point…. Did you read the Maan’s article in latest fashion magazine?? Asked alka….

Nahi to, , kya hai usmein?? Asked geet still yawning….

Arey , the upcoming fashion show me he is going to be show stopper , can you imagine Maan on ramp? , the Natasha kapoor , , uske latest winter collection , Maan is the brand ambassador, , Maan & Natasha kapoor ek sath , ek ramp par…. Haaye me thud…. I am going in this fashion show, and you know what it is going to be in Mumbai , , that mean Maan & you are coming to Mumbai…. Yippiee… I am so excited…. Finally take a breath of relief after telling everything to geet ….

On the other hand geet become excite hearing that she will to her house but become sad that maan didn’t told such things to her…..

Alka, tell me , when this article come out?? Asked geet…

Arey this Friday…. And today is Monday, wait a min, didn’t you read the article? Kaisi wife hai tu, tujhe tere maan ke kaam ke bare mein nahi pata?

Nahi , nothing is like that… I knew it, , I didn’t know about that article only…. Maan had told me everything about this fashion show…. Lied geet….

Theek hai, tell me when are you coming here? I am so desperate to meet you , maan and tera cutie sa baby Vedanta, , I really want to see him… though you have sent his picture to me but still I want to see him….. you know what I am very glad to know that you & maan adopted him otherwise none can think like this at this time….. alka told to geet…

Hmmm, , thanks for understanding, , I’ll ask to maan and then let you know, okay…. And Vedanta will also accompany with us…. Now happy….. finally geet smiled….

Okay…. Come soon…. Chal abhi tu so ja… and alka laughed at her own comment…

Now I can’t sleep, , I have to prepare breakfast for maan though servants can do but still I have to check out….

Okay, chal bye.. I have to go uni. And have to meet with Vicky also…

Okay bye..tc… and love you… muah….. geet kissed on phone… at last the call disconnected…. Just then maan come out from the washroom in trouser and vest….. towel was around his neck and he was wiping his hairs, though it was difficult for him in wiping hairs but he is trying…. Maan saw geet , she is awake…

Good morning geet, , maan wished her…. Geet open her eyes hearing his voice…

Good morning maan, greeted geet….. geet saw he is struggling again but didn’t bother to call her once for help…. She got up and went towards him and snatched towel from his hand…. Maan startled suddenly but sighed seeing geet near him….

What is this maan? Why didn’t you call me for help? Asked geet…. She held his hand dragged him and make him comfortable on bed while she took the position near him and starts wiping his hairs while maan smiled at her….

Wo geet, you were sleeping so I didn’t have a heart to disturb your sleep…. Sorry next time it won’t be happen…. Maan tried to assure her….

It’s ok maan but promise me, next time you’ll call me…. Asked geet..

Promise geet…. Told maan….

Now you hairs are dried, let me take a shirt for you…. Maan nodded and geet went to take his shirt , , took the navy blue shirt for him and matching tie , , hanky and his other needed things…

Maan stood up and wore his shirt while geet come in front of him and starts buttoning his shirt and tied the tie also….. then geet remove the old bandage from his hands and bandaged his hands again and kissed them like her mom used to do , her mom used to kiss on her bandage whenever she injured, , and told her that the pain will fly away if we’ll kiss at injury…. Geet used to believe her mom and believe at this fact also, that’s why she kissed on maan’s hands , maan smiled at her knowing the reason behind her act because his mom also used to treat him like this…

Maan, aap ready ho jayiye , mai breakfast lagwati hu…. Maan nodded and geet went away downstairs…. After a while maan come down when geet was arranging breakfast at table… dadi was also present there….

Good morning dadi… maan wished her…

Good morning beta… dadi wished him back….

How come you are early dadi? And where is everyone? Asked maan….

Maan, you forgot, it’s only 7:30…. They will come after half an hour, , , replied geet…..

Okay…. Replied maan…. Geet come and have breakfast….. told maan……

I’ll do with everyone but I’ll accompany you…. Geet replied him back, maan smiled , geet served to maan and dadi while she took a glass of juice for herself….. she sat beside maan , he was having difficulty in holding the glass…. Geet saw it and took the glass from his hand and took it near his lips and gestured him to take a sip.. maan nodded and starts drinking juice, , after having breakfast, he bid bye to dadi while geet went behind him because he forgot his cell….

Maan, , geet called him…. maan stopped on his way and turned behind found panting geet…..

What happen geet? Asked maan…

Wo you forgot your cell…. Told geet….

Thanks geet… he came forward , cupped her face and pecked her forehead again, , bye geet…. Geet smiled shyly while maan was also expecting a good bye kiss….. geet knew that why he is waiting….. she went to tip toe and kissed hesitatingly on his cheek, smiled shyly again , , bye maan… have a good day…. He wished him….. maan also smile at her sweet yet innocent gestures… she is so adorable.. he was a fool who didn’t recognize her inner beauty…. He slapped himself mentally and smiled at her waved at her bye and went away while dadi felt happy seeing the little communication between both of them…. Like she found everything…..


He slapped himself mentally and smiled at her waved at her bye and went away while dadi felt happy seeing the little communication between both of them…. Like she found everything…..

Maan went to office while Geet went inside and straight headed towards her room for waking Vedanta as it’s time for his school….. she looked at ved who is sleeping so calmly snuggled in blanket like a small ball like he was in his dreamland…..

Geet smiled at him and sat beside him, , she caressed his face then ruffled his hairs little bit, bend down her face a little and pecked his forehead, , he is looking so innocent like maan looks so innocent while sleeping…..

Vedu, baby, , get up…. Finally Geet tried to wake him up…..

Ummm, , he made a noise only then covered his face with blanket….

Baby, utho… school ka time ho raha hai…. Geet removed the blanket from his face…..

No mama, pls 5 mins… ved said to geet trying to fetch little bit more sleep…..

Okay, only 5 mins, , I am coming in 5 mins… after that I won’t listen anything…. Understood…. Geet kissed his nose and went in his room for taking his uniform and his school bags & other belongings….. it’s been 5 mins, she come back to her room, , Vedanta being a good boy, , he was sitting on the bed while rubbing his eyes still in sleep…..

Awww my baby uth gaya….. geet went near him and placed a kiss on his cheek……

Good morning mama….. where is papa? Asked Vedanta…

Good morning sweetu…. Papa to office gaye…. Told Geet to Vedanta…..

Vedanta ke uthne se pehle chale gaye? He murmured to himself…..

Awww, , baby don’t be sad…. You know papa ne bola hai ki wo sham ko jaldi aa jayenge aur hamein park lekar challenge…. Geet lied to him but somewhere she knew that maan will come home early at evening…..

Really??? Vedanta beamed with happiness…..

Yes….. bas you have to remind your papa about park…. You know na papa bhul jaate hai….. geet told him while removing his night dress….. while ved nodded at her statement that maan will forget….

Ok mama, , mama I am a big boy…. Hai na…. asked Vedanta…

Yes, Vedanta is a big boy…. Replied geet…

Then I will take bath by myself ?…… asked Vedanta

No beta, abhi aap utne big nahi ho…. Replied geet…

No, just now you said I am a big boy then I’ll have my bath by myself……. , , , saying so he took his clothes and ran in his room for bath….. geet smiled….. she took her clothes and ran in her washroom for having bath because she is also in hurry, , she has to go Uni. And today is very important lecture…..she couldn’t miss it….

After a while everyone is ready, , , everyone gathered at dining table except Maan, , ,

Vedanta-mama, milk do na….. Vedanta told to geet while everyone on the dining table looked at little Vedanta with surprised face like they had seen some kind of creature…. Vedanta is asking for milk by himself…… geet’s mouth was fell open hearing his demand… everytime he denied for milk and she has to give him excuses for milk but this time, , 8th wonder…..

Geet-baby, , are you fine?? Geet checked his forehead….. checking if he has fever or anything but he is fine….

Vedanta-oho mama, don’t over react…. I am just asking for milk.. pls give it na… school ke liye late ho raha hai….. everyone smiled at his comment while geet was in dazed state gave him the glass of milk and Vedanta finished in one go…. Even delight the milk taste….

Well who knows what is going in this little brain….. he is having his plans and that will surely execute… and profit will all vedanta’s….. he is really happy today….

everyone had their breakfast while joking & pulling each other legs….. then geet left with Vedanta, she has to drop him at his school then she will go to Uni. , , annie has a off today so she and Ashlesha went for shopping along with dadi,, they will dadi at the Trust building and then will pick her, , , remaining Reyhansh went to study for doing some office work…. It is different study room only for others…. Maan has his separate study attached with his room……

Geet reached to Uni. And catch up with her friends….. everyone seems very happy but she doesn’t know the reason, , but Misha is little bit fed up with Piya…. Geet whisperedin abhay’s ear
“what’s the matter?? Piya is very happy, , tum dono ka patch up ho gaya kya?” asked geet…

Geet, what are you asking? Hamara break up hi kab hua tha jo patch up hoga, , , and rest about Piya, , don’t you know she is crazy… Abhay whispered back in her ear…. Geet nodded, ,

Geet, Piya, Abhay headed to their classroom while Misha, Kabir went to attend their VB class…..

They attended their important lectures and they got their assignments, it seems too difficult for them….. piya,geet & abhay got the same assignment, , it’s really helpful for them…. It was around 3, , geet had already called to annie and told her that pick to Vedanta from his school…. Though he has a school bus but they prefer to drop and pick him by theirself…..

It was a free period for MBA and MCA students…. They all five catch up with each other and sat in garden beside the main gate…. Just then they heard giggle of some girls, , they are MBA students…

They got up and went towards the girls and they hear their talk which they doing with each other, ,

Girl1-and you know what the latest news?


Girl1- THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA, , geet’s ear become like doggy’s ear hearing maan’s name from that girl…. She made a face…

Girl2-what about that hotty? She asked…… while misha also made face, , she doesn’t know that why all girls became so insane behind that maan?? While abhay trying to drag piya from there, because he knew that if piya will start on maan’s topic then she won’t stop…. She will be gag a over maan…..

Girl3-as you know he has his own brands and that too so costlier brands he made in his company KHURANA TEXTILES but still he is becoming brand ambassador for another brand and will endorse her branded clothes, , maan has very efficient & popular designers in his company but still he is going to be a show stopper of Natasha’s fashion show, , Natasha kapoor is launching her winter collection , , Natasha & Maan will be on ramp with each other as show stopper…. That is wow na…. hearing this geet & abhay turned found piya is lying on ground seems she shocked….

Girl2- this is really shocking, ,

Girl1-but you don’t know the main reason behind this….

Girl2,3- what is that?? geet also wanted to know that what is the reason behind this?

Girl1- arey Natasha is sister of Rajat Kapoor, ,

Girl2- Rajat Kapoor, , who is a businessman and right now he is in dubai….

Girl1-yes, , Rajat and Maan has old business relations, , I have read somewhere , , Natasha knew Maan from so long infact she had been worked in his company also…. Natasha asked to him and Maan couldn’t deny her…. That’s the main reason behind this…. Nothing else….

Girl3-ohh, , that’s the reason…. Geet also sighed hearing that’s the reason…. Nothing else….. abhay sprinkle water on piya’s face , , she came out from wonderland, , looked here & there….

What I heard while ago, , was that true??? Asked piya…. Misha & abhay rolled their eyes while kabir suppressed his laugh….

That was true piya….. replied geet…..

Piya took out the old magazine from her bag and looked at maan’s pic , , he was in business attire , , killer looks… she murmured to herself….. while geet heard this…. She wanted to snatch this magazine from her hand and wanted to tell to maan that why can’t he less handsome….? Every girl drooled over him…. she is burning inside, first those stupid girls and now drama queen piya…. On the other hand Abhay was also burning from inside seeing piya admiring maan, , , yeah she is in love with Abhay but always drooled over maan’s looks but sometimes only for teasing him to the core, , , she did with abhay like this because anger didn’t took over him so easily so sometimes she wanted to test his patience nothing else…. This was their daily routine to teasing each other…. This was a new kind of love of thiers….

Misha, pls pinch me yaar….. told piya…. Misha again rolled her eyes and pinched her so hard…. Piya jumped back and screamed….. aaahhh, , , rubbed her arm…..

You idiot, , I didn’t said that pinch so hard…. Piya glared at misha… abhay & kabir went aside and stood there watching their drama….

Relax babes, , why are you so flying so high…. You told me to pinch, and pinched you.. simple… saying so she went to abhay…..

Piya again went to her dreamland…..
Kash main ek baar maan se mil paati, , usey touch kar pati, , she was dreaming while geet was burning, , just then her sight fell on maan who is coming outside from principal’s office… actually he had a meeting with the management , , they want to construct a building attached to their university facing another side…though the university is so big but still they thought that they are lacking in some fields, , so they wanted a building for that….. MAAN came here for discussing the project….. management couldn’t found any other best construction company beside of KHURANAS…. That’s why they contacted to Khurana Constructions….

hey wo dekho kaun aya yaha, Maan Singh Khurana himself, , , , ,
piya exclaimed in happiness…. All turned and saw maan is coming….. maan stopped on his way and looked them hearing her voice….

he saw geet is standing there wearing black jeans and loose fitting white top, open hairs looking so beautiful, , he just wanted to go and hug her tight, , like crushing in his arms…. He doesn’t know why he has a feeling like this hugging her, , this is new for him…. he never felt like this…. While geet is looking at him with her big eyes, , and piya is at verge of faint with happiness, , right now the garden was empty, , those girls also went away in canteen, , , only they 5 were there…..


he saw geet is standing there wearing black jeans and loose fitting white top, open hairs looking so beautiful, , he just wanted to go and hug her tight, , like crushing in his arms…. He doesn’t know why he has a feeling like this hugging her, , this is new for him…. he never felt like this….

While geet is looking at him with her big eyes, , and piya is at verge of faint with happiness, , right now the garden was empty, , those girls also went away in canteen, , , only they 5 were there…..

Maan can see her angelic beauty. He went towards her taking his own sweet time, , taking slow steps of his creating havoc inside her geet, where maan was approaching her while geet was gaping at him openly or drooling over him shamelessly again, , on the other hand piya was trying to digest the fact that maan singh khurana himself stood in front of her, she rubbed her eyes again and again , but everytime she can maan singh khurana there, ,

Maan was feeling conscious with geet’s pierce gaze like she can see him through his clothes , he felt embarrass , a sweet yet un-noticeable smile was forming on his m-shaped lips which is playing with geet’s senses. She was dying already with the looks he was giving her and now his smile ufff, , , creating roller coaster inside her tummy, ,

She can’t think beyond him right now, , Abhay was all the while feeling literally jealous with the looks piya was having on her face for maan, , though this is the another fact that maan didn’t saw piya till yet, , tow men beside of maan , that is abhay & kabir thinking that what he is doing here but these two girls were lost in him where misha was rolling her eyes over geet & piya’s reaction…. No one was there beside these six, ,

Finally maan approached geet fully while piya’s mouth was fell open in big O shape, , it was kind of dream for hers come true, , maan can see others’s shocking face , he knew that already, but he is here only for geet otherwise he can go without telling her but he wants to meet her in her college right now,,,,

Maan wants to tease geet, , he wants to know that if geet has a jealousy factor inside her or not, , if she will get jealous from other girls or not? He wants to know her more then this is the perfect time for knowing about her, , in jealousy you can know other’s inner feelings which they have for you,, it was kind of love but a different type which will come out in a form of anger or possessiveness, ,

maan wants to know that if geet is possessive for him or not? The jealousy fact will really help him,, , maan turned towards misha behaving like he didn’t saw geet & piya because piya & geet were stood together where misha was alone…. Maan knew that these two girls are drooling over him where that tom boy types girl was engrossed in her own world may be laughing at some silly joke , and may be replying back in her cell, , , maan decided to tease geet and decided to approach that girl by himself, , he wants to see her reaction…..

“hey beautiful” maan said ignoring geet & piya to misha, , geet’s mouth was dropped open hearing hey beautiful from maan’s mouth and that too for misha where she was expecting this from him for her….. on the other hand misha was like WTH, , Abhay let out a giggle burning piya more….

“geet, kabhi bhi kisi se high hopes mat rakho… this is lesson no. 1” geet thought in her mind…. Geet blinked her lashes couple of times digesting the fact, , ,

“Oh hello! I am not in category of those types of yours so called bimbos, , who will melt hearing your hey beautiful”, , she said like chided to him….. misha is always like a tom boy

“Oh really, , then how will you melt? Tell me, I’ll try that trick also…” maan said to her while removing his goggles, , , geet and piya were stood there like a statue shocked hearing these lines from maan specially geet…. She never expected this from maan…. Maan can see the tinge of jealousy on her face, , the shocking expressions and the clutch over her book by her hands, , greeting teeth and murmuring something under her breath….

That is the sign of jealousy she is having from misha right now , , but maan was having fun seeing the new avatar of geet, , , till yet he saw geet is sweet yet innocent girl but right now she is totally different and looking so cute also…

“dekha geet, , kaise openly flirt kar rahe hai, wo bhi uss misha ke sath… chi chi baba ji, , don’t give freedom to anyone… hai na…. haan… lesson no. 2” geet again thought and made her mind…

“Oh mr. the over package of attitude , first tell me who are you?” misha asked to him though she knew that he maan singh khurana but she wants to know that what special he has that every girl is dying for one look from him for them, , if they’ll get his one look then they behaved like they got heaven…..

“achha kiya misha, , ab pata chalega maan singh khurana ko, , what he think that every girl dying for his one look… see here is exception case… don’t give much importance to anyone… yes… lesson no. 3” geet again think in her mind…. “geet, remember lesson no. 2, , don’t give freedom… stop him right now” she tapped her fingers on her book while thinking this…..

Maan opened his mouth for replying misha back but before he say something geet called him softly “maan” stopping him right there….. maan turned towards geet, , actually he wants that geet will call him by herself, , maan gave his simple yet killing smile to him, ,

“hey geet, , what are you doing here?” maan being innocent questioned her… while piya was like omg maan knew geet before that’s the miracle for her….. if geet knew maan then it’s kind of lottery for her….

“Maan , I am a student here, , doing mba remember?” geet asked gaining his attention….

“Ohh great…. Wonderful” maan replied to geet….

“btw maan, , what are you doing here?” asked geet..

“ohh nothing much geet, , just has some business work over here, , nothing else…. Classes are finished or not” asked maan

“ji, , classes are finished…. ” replied geet….

“no geet, still one lecture is left na, , ” told abhay..

“abhay, , that is not important, I don’t want to attend that one… ” told geet….

Okay replied abhay…. Where maan was also have a little bit jealousy seeing an unknown person with geet but showed nothing on his face…..that’s the good thing about him, , no one can know what is going inside his mind, , and his facial expressions, ,always same…..

At the same time geet got a call which was from annie, , , geet moved aside for taking her calls while piya was giving odd looks to maan , well that was the best look according to piya she is giving to maan while maan was feeling odd with her gaze over him…. suddenly she screamed and maan jumped back hearing her scream…. Actually piya asked to misha for pinch her, , misha this time also pinch her hard and she screamed , , , just then geet come there, , maan asked to her that whose call was that?

“annie ka call tha maan” she replied….. all her friends looking at them like they have seen aliens, , they are talking to each other so easily, perfectly like they knew each other from so long….

“what she was saying?” asked maan….

“ahh nothing, , just shopping stuff and all… ” geet replied… she tried her best to look calm but inside she was burning with the looks piya was giving to her…. She understand that there is no fault of hers, , whole fault of maan’s, , he is so handsome that every girl drool over him but thank god that misha is like that otherwise she will feel jealous from her both friends….

Maan sensed something with geet’s behavior, , she replied him angrily, , he though that lave is burning…. He smiled inwardly…. Maan move towards geet, , little bit more close, , put his hand around her waist….. piya follow het gaze on his hand and eyes popped up, , he moved his face so close to her and pecked her cheek….. “chalein Geet Sweetheart?” asked maan….. indirectly telling others that he is already booked…. Geet let out a fake smile on her face and moved with maan towards the main gate….

While behind then Piya fell down with a thud hearing Geet Sweetheart from Maan’s mouth, , ,

Maan opened the door for her while geet sat down inside on the passenger’s seat, , maan took the driver seat beside her and start the car…. They zoomed out from there leaving the puzzled four persons…. Abhay sprinkle water on piya’s face , ,

Geet looked outside the car through the glass window , , she is angry with maan and maan knew this…. He is very happy knowing that she can be jealous , , she has possessiveness for him.., , now nothing mattered him, , but geet is unhappy now so he has to patch up with her…..

“Geet “ he called her softly, , ,

“kya hai?” she snapped back, , maan backed off his hand feeling her temperature is high, , madam is boiling with anger…. He let out a deep breath while driving , , seems he has to work hard…. He tried again…. “geet , , what happen?” asked maan innocently , , geet turned towards him at once

“why can’t you be less handsome” asked geet greeting her teeth…..

Maan smiled inwardly seeing her reaction…. “is there any fault of mine?” asked maan….

“of course, , whole fault of yours, , why you have these killing looks on your face, , your M Shaped lips give other girls dirty message, , your Attitude killed them, , everything about you give other girls wrong Intentions…. So every fault of yours….” Spoke geet in one go, , she didn’t know what she said while maan was jumping in joy….

“did other girls found me handsome, attractive, sexy?” asked maan again innocently , , looking straight at the road while geet’s attention on his face, , her mind is not in her control, ,

“bilkul… every girl found you attractive, , handsome, , sexy, , and … and Greek God bhi , , haan” replied geet…. She nodded in acceptance…

“really?” asked maan turning his face towards her…..

“bilkul” replied geet making her eyes big and again gave a nod in yes…

“did you also found me attractive, handsome, sexy and , , and yes, Greek God too?” asked maan… maan was laughing inwardly, ,

“of course yes, , why can’t i? I too found you attractive, handsome, sexy, and yes, Greek God too” replying while counting everything on her finger…..


“did you also found me attractive, handsome, sexy and , , and yes, Greek God too?” asked maan… maan was laughing inwardly, ,

“of course yes, , why can’t i? I too found you attractive, handsome, sexy, and yes, Greek God too” replying while counting everything on her finger…..

He smirked at his victory but keep his lips sealed as he didn’t want to ruin the moment…. He saw the deserted place and thought for something, , he didn’t know that why he wants to know her more about her inner feelings, , as if his life depends on her feelings, , every moment wants her, , something is awakening inside him but he doesn’t what is that?

He felt like drowning himself in her dark almond brown eyes like he knew these eyes before, , he wants the answers of his questions, , like she has some secrets in her deep almonds which she is hiding from him but what? Whenever he saw in her eyes , , he felt like he has some connection with those hazels, , he wants to know why he felt like that? but he feared if he hurt her again asking some questions to her, , if she takes him wrong then what will he do?

This is not insecurity but something else…. He shrugged off his thoughts and stopped the car aside , , he turned his face towards geet, , he saw her pouting face , still she is feeling jealous , , ohh how much he loved this scene but he has to take a move forward towards her, , , a cute frown on her face making her more cute, she is still thinking that why he is so handsome that every girl dying to have his one look and feel like they got some kind of treasure, , ohh god she will go insane if she is thinking like this….

Maan knew that what she is thinking like he is any mind reader, , he chuckled at her thought and leaned over her a little where she doesn’t know whether is car moving or not, , she lost in her thoughts, , just now she confessed her feelings to him but she doesn’t know….. it is true that she loves him but she didn’t confessed it openly to him, , he knew that she loves him but he wants to know where she saw him? exactly when she started love him? what made her think that she has feelings for him? why he doesn’t know about her? Only remember a girl’s brown eyes, , the same colour geet has, , the same big eyes , ,

He leaned over her and whispered huskily making her shiver suddenly with the sudden whispers of his, ,


she stiffened a little hearing her name but then relaxed found him, , her breath relaxed a bit seeing him but the close proximity they are sharing, , ohh how much she love it but fearing that he love it or not?

“what are you thinking geet?” he asked, , his voice is merely audible but she can hear it, , his hot breath was fanning on her side nape , she closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her skin , , she felt like any ball is going upside down inside her tummy , , she blushed with the thought only feeling his closeness with her where maan was observing her very closely, , he can sense that what she is thinking? He can see the redness on her cheeks, , she is blushing but nothing is happened between them right now, , the closeness between them made her blush,, , she never blush like that in these two days and right now, , why?

He got the answer by himself, , right now they are alone and the topic is also like that…..

“geet, , why are you blushing?” he asked leaning over her more barely touching her nape with his lips , ohh she felt current in her body, , his name slipped from her mouth with the feel of his lips..

“maan” geet whispered back…

“hmm geet, , tell me one thing” said maan to her….

“hmm maan, , kya?” she asked lost in him….

“tumne jo abhi kaha, is that true?” asked maan feeling her skin under his lips, ,

“haan maan” replied geet in a trance, , she doesn’t know nothing right now, , the feel of his M shaped luscious lips, , her heart is pumping fast against her chest so fast, , her chest is going up & down with the rapid breath, , they were so close, , ,

“hmm, geet…. Are you still feeling jealous ?” he asked lost in her still , , lost in her almonds…

“hmm, ” she nodded in acceptance….

“why geet? ” he asked to her, , wants to hear from her, her inner feelings….what she thinks about him, , why she feel jealous?

“because” geet said…. Still closing her eyes where his barely touching lips on her nape creating havoc inside her, , she felt like pours on her arms shivering, ,

“because” he asked rubbing his nose on her skin, ,

“because maan” she opened her mouth again but nothing is coming out….

“haan geet, , bolo because” he encourage her a little…

“because mai wo” she opened her eyes at once hearing the horn sound which is coming from the passing vehicle, , maan too come back in his sense , , a sudden silence prevailed between them at once, , just before they were so close and now they are embarrassed, , she hid her blush looking outside the window where maan straighten himself, , he looked in her direction, , he knew that she is still blushing , , he cleared his throat for gaining her attention, , she looked at him back…

“geet wo, , mai wo, , abhi jo hua…. I mean so” he was about to say sorry to her but he was silenced by her hand, , she knew that he will say sorry to her and she doesn’t want that, , she put her hand on his lips for silencing him, ,

“please maan, , never think like this… and don’t you dare to say sorry again to me, , got it” she threatened him , , she was hurt that everytime something happened between them and he said sorry to her…. She wants to move ahead with this relationship, , not to regret…. She smiled…. And then emphasize the word “please” like a pleading child…

He remove her hand from his mouth and held between his, , he looked down at her hand and rubbed it slightly with his thumb like soothing the pain she is feeling now with his unfinished sorry….

“as you wish geet, , last time forgive me, , I won’t say sorry again to you.. promise” said to her looking in her eyes again where he is still caressing her hand with his thumb…. She felt his soft thumb over her skin, , his slight touch on her skin gave goose bumps in her, , she nodded accepting his promise….. he brought her hand near his lips and placed a pecked over her hand, ,she looked down and blushed again….

Ohh , he can see the redness again on her cheeks snatching his breath away from him, , his heart is thudding against his chest like blood circulation of his heart became fast, , heart beats going fast seeing her only blush….

She tried to take her hand away but he tighten his hold on her hand while she blushed more, , she opened her eyes hearing some sound , she looked at his direction, , the sound is coming from his stomach, , his stomach is grumbling, , he is hungry, ,

“maan, you are hungry?” she asked to him, , he nodded making puppy face…. He thought for a while then looked back at her face…..

“geet, will join me in lunch, , we can go in some hotel if you want or we can go home also, , ” asked maan…

“of course, yeh bhi koi puchhne wali baat hai…. ” she replied back….

“where do you want to go?” asked maan putting the car in gear, ,

“as your wish maan, ,I am happy with both” she replied back….

“okay, , ” he said only this and drive the car…. She was stealing glances of his and the same was happening with maan… he was also stealing glances of her face but fearing like he is doing any sin like she is not his and stealing glances of her face is like doing any crime , , she felt his nervousness , she knew that he is looking at her time to time but said nothing… actually she loved it….

She held his hand which was over the gear, , and squeezed a little assuring him that she is fine with this…. He felt relief with her sweet gesture , and smiled at her back assuring her back that he is fine now…. Ohh how much she loved this smile of his..! this smile makes her crazy, , she took her cell and on the camera, ,

“maan” she called him softly, , he turned towards her still having a sweet smile on his face, , she clicked and he heard that click sound suddenly the smile washed away from his face, , geet chuckled, , ,

“Kodak moment” she smiled back….


“maan” she called him softly, , he turned towards her still having a sweet smile on his face, , she clicked and he heard that click sound suddenly the smile washed away from his face, , geet chuckled, , ,

“Kodak moment” she smiled back….

His smile was washed away but then he smiled back at her, , he loved this innocent act of hers, , Beside of snatching cell from her hand maan was smiling at her antics, , actually he is loving this new geet because he is on the way of knowing about her, , those little-2 things which made her more beautiful by inside, , the inner beauty is really needed, , he wants inner beauty rather than outside beauty, , he was ditched once by her who has outside beauty but from inside she was a beast but where the girl who is sitting beside him, she is beautiful from inside n outside too, ,

His face is glowing like any girl’s face glow, , he doesn’t know what he treasured , , why he is smiling without any reason but right now he get to know one thing and that is, , he felt like smiling when he is with geet, ,

By the time they reached to hotel, , it is not crowded hotel but according to his taste, , he likes less people where he went and this is the same place, , maan come out from the car and move towards her side, , she was about to open the door but before that maan opened it for her…. She felt nice with his sweet gesture….

Maan locked the car and held her hand in his taking her inside the hotel, , she moved with him like she is the part of his body…… maan left her hand while walking, , she looked at him confusingly , thinking that why he left her hand but his next movement stunned her, , she felt something on her waist, , found that his hand on her waist holding her protectively, , she looked at him then looked down shyly and blushed….

Maan knew that she is blushing, , he thought to tease her little bit , , he bend down his face a little matching with her level, ,

“geet, , don’t blush too much,,,,,, we are at public place” maan whispered in her ear making her stop on her way, , she looked at him stunned again with his words but then blushed again, ,

“geet, , you are blushing a lot, , maine kuch kiya kya?” he asked seductively in her ear sending shivers down in her body…… they are still in outside the hotel, alone in parking area…..

“maan” she whispered shyly…. She loved his teasing but she is not used to it, , she knew that she loves him but this is new feeling for her, , the tickling sensation she felt when maan come close to her, , the roller coaster inside her tummy, , when he look at her, the sudden redness appear on her cheeks making her blush, , she loved this new feeling, ,

“geet, , bolo na maine kuch kiya?” he asked again while walking taking slow steps lost in each other….

“nahi” she replied enjoying her closeness with him, ,

“kuch karu?” he asked again , still he is teasing her, , he knew that she will deny but her reply shocked him, , he thought why not fulfilling her wish…

“haan” she replied back to him again lost in him….

“really!” he asked again, ,

“hmmm” she replied back….. but the next act of his stopped on her track….

Maan walked fast pecking her cheek like a newly boyfriend did with her girlfriend for teasing her, , geet stood there rooted and touched her cheek where maan kissed just a while ago, , and blushed again but suddenly she came back in her sense, , she ran behind him, , he turned and ran ahead facing her laughing at her plight….. geet stood there at once hearing his laugh…. Ohh he looks awesome when he laugh, , so mesmerizing sight…. She was admiring him, , he stopped laughing when he saw her lost in him…

He moved towards her, , shaking her by her shoulder…..

“geet, what happened?” he asked in worry..

“you looks more handsome when you laugh..!” she said looking in his eyes….. he smiled at her compliment…..

“please aap smile kiya kijiye, , aapko suit karta hai” she said to him….. she tiptoed and kissed on his cheek, , maan blushed with a small kiss, , geet looked down and blushed again….

I keep thinking of how much I love talking to you..
How good you look when you smile.
How much I love your laugh.
I day-dream about you off and on,
replaying pieces of our conversation;
laughing at funny things that you said or did..
I’ve memorized your face & the way that you look at me..
I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine..
I wonder what will happen the next time we are together
& even though nothing will come out of this,
i know one thing for sure, for once.. i don’t care,
i cherish every moment i have with you.

(credit goes to an unknown person, , don’t know who wrote this one, , found it on net…)

“chalein geet?” asked maan again holding her by her waist lovingly… she nodded and they entered in hotel where the manager saw them and greeted them….. he personally took their order and told his serviceman for taking his extra care…. They ordered Indian food because geet wants to eat this….

Maan and geet left alone, , because they were sitting in his personal area, , it was his usual table at the corner , , when he come here with some really important person in family then he come here whether it is dadi or annie or his close friend in business world…. And now geet also added in the list…. Now he has accepted that geet is really important to him…. ..

Silence was disturbing them, , both were looking at each other, , geet placed her hand over maan’s which was on the table…. Maan looked at the hand then at her face…. And knotted his brows asking to her what happen? She shook her head in denial and held his hand in hers…. Maan sensed something…. He saw she opened her mouth for saying something to him….

“maan, you must be thinking that as a joke which I said in car” told geet…

“what geet?” asked maan placing his hand over hers…

“which I said about you like handsome and all, , ” she said to him placing her left hand over him…. now their hands completely joined with each other…..

“what happen geet?” asked maan sensing seriousness in her voice…

“maan, , don’t take that as a joke, , I really mean it,,,, ” there is no regretting or anything in her words… the simple confession she did to him…. maan silent for a while listening her,, her melodious voice

“it was not in jealousy, , it was my inner feelings which I have for you, , I really mean it maan, , but it is also true that I can’t see you with anyone….pls don’t ever leave me”

He brought her hand near his lips and placed a assurance kiss on her hand…. “never ever geet, , and this is msk’s promise… but you have to promise also geet” asked maan to her still holding her hands near his lips…

“kya maan?” asked geet…

“promise me geet, , tum mujhe kabhi chhod kar nahi jaogi, , kuch bhi ho jaaye, , pls geet ” asked maan, , he wants geet by his side at every moment of his life, , he wants to cherish every moment of his life with her, , he wants to share his life with her, , in these 2-3 days he got to know her importance in his life, , the small-2 things she did for him, , this is unforgettable, , the love she had for Vedanta, , unmatchable, , everything about her so good….. he don’t want to loose her, , never ever…

“I promise maan, , I’ll never leave you alone and this is mrs. Msk’s promise… ” geet replied back in his manner…. Maan smiled hearing her statement…. Just like him….

Na koi kisi se dur hota hai,
Na koi kisi ke kareeb hota hai,
Zindagi khud hi nazdeek la deti hai,
Jab koi kisi ke naseeb mein hota hai…

(credit goes to nishita25 aka my sweet shona nishi, , love you dear for sending this sms to me, , muah)

“thank you geet meri zindagi mein shaamil hone ke liye…. And thank you for telling me your feelings which you have for me….” Geet smiled….

“geet” maan called her….

“haan maan” she answered back…..

“I want to confess something, , ” maan uttered finally, , he made up his mind today that he will tell her, , he will tell her that how he feel for her, , everything, ,

“kya maan?” asked geet…..

“geet, , I like you geet, , I really like you, , you must be thinking that this is because we are in relationship now, , but nothing is like that geet. Geet you know what, , I like you from the day 1 when you entered in Km, , the love you have for me, , the innocence inside you, , you never hate me for that I did with you, , the love you have for Vedanta, , the way you handle everything” maan was interrupted by geet in mid…

“maan, why are you saying all this now? I didn’t want to hear anything about the past, ,” told geet to him…

“no geet, , not today, , don’t stop me, , tumne socha hoga ki I hate you that’s why I didn’t accept you but geet nothing was like that, , ” told maan, ,

“to fir kaisa tha maan?” asked maan, , now she wants to know….

“because mai tumhe jhuti ummedein nahi dena chahta tha, , I never hate you geet, , I wanted to talk to you but you promised that you never show your face to me, , I was hurt that day because I hurt you, , apure innocent heart who deserves only happiness nothing else, , but what I gave you only pain…. But today I promise you geet, , aaj ke baad sirf khushiyaan hi hongi hamari zindagi mein, , sirf aur sirf khushiyaan…” told maan….

“sachi maan?” asked geet, , her face beamed with happiness, , a tear of happiness come out from her eyes…

“muchi geet” he replied back… he wiped her tears away from her eyes….

“aaj ke baad yeh aansu inn aankho mein nahi honge geet, ,I promise geet” maan told her and promised again…. He felt light after sharing this with her , , just then their sweet moment interrupted by the waiter, ,

“here is your order , sir” he placed everything on the table… “anything else sir?” waiter asked to him, , maan looked at geet for asking to her if she need something else, , she shook her head in no…
“no, , you go, , and don’t disturb us till then we call you” maan said to him… he nodded….

Geet is about to serve him the food but maan stopped her holding her hand in mid…

“no geet, , today I’ll serve you, , will you mind?” asked maan…. She shook her head…. Maan started serve her and himself too… maan took the chapati’s bite and dipped it in the veg, , and placed it near her mouth, , she looked at morsel and at him, , ohh,, she loved this sweet gesture of his… she opened her mouth and ate , , maan smiled….

“now it’s my turn” said maan, , behaving like a little kid who is happy like his mom will feed him food, , geet smiled at him and feed him , , maan again feed her, , turn by turn both are having their food…. It was best time of their till yet and they are cherishing it completely lost in each other….


“now it’s my turn” said maan, , behaving like a little kid who is happy like his mom will feed him food, , geet smiled at him and feed him , , maan again feed her, , turn by turn both are having their food…. It was best time of their till yet and they are cherishing it completely lost in each other….

Geet felt his gaze on her, , she looked up and found he was staring at her, , his intense gaze awakening some desires inside her, , she knotted her brows and asked him what happened? Why are you staring at me? He shook his head and pointed at her lip….

She doesn’t understand what he is saying? She asked to him again with her eyes, , maan told her wait with his eyes and she nodded….. he moved his finger towards her lips, , her heart beats raised and she felt like submit herself in him, , she closed her eyes and the next moment his finger on her lip, , ohh it felt so soothing like he has applied ointment on her wounds, , the touch of his finger on her lips felt amazing, , but he is awakening more desires in her, ,

His finger was rubbing her lower lip, , she opened her eyes and found him staring at her, , she lowered her lashes and blushed, , his thumb caressed the side skin of her lip on her cheek and the next moment she was shocked but the blushed furiously due to his act…. He tasted his finger which was rubbing her lower lip , , she felt like he is tasting her lip with his lips, , her throat went dry with his little act but he doesn’t know what effect it left on her, , the feminine hormones are changing it’s motions, ,

“wo geet, , tumhare face par thoda food laga tha, so maine” maan trying to explain his act to her….

“maan, , please don’t give explanation to me, , you have very right” she told some words which gave relief to him….. both finished their lunch feeding to each other , lost in each other, , they doesn’t know how close they came in this one day only…. Today morning their day starts with niharofying each other then good bye kiss, , then the college fiasco, , and then the parking area teasing and now the time they spend with each other in lunch time… it was different feeling for each other….. half day changed their lives….

Maan paid the bill and both moved out….

After a week, it was Sunday, , everyone was enjoying
Their time with each other talking with each other…. All were sitting in living room, , just then reyhansh spoke,

Rey-bhai, , we are getting bore, , no fun at all….

Ash-yup bhai, I am agree this time with rey, , koi faida nahi India aane ka,,, you all are so busy, , no fun…. She made a face….

Annie-ha bhai…. You are bust in office, bhabhi busy in studies, and this little one cutie also not doing anything, , I am also having my holiday, , what to do?

“then join me” a voice interrupt their talk… all looked at the source of voice…..

Arjun, annie exclaimed in happiness and ran towards him…. She hugged at him at once while arjun looked baffeled with he sudden hug, , he was not expecting hug, yeah expecting it but from geet not from annie…. All looked at annie with their wide eyes, , geet gulped her saliva and looked at maan, , his facial expressions saying that he is not approving this….

What are you doing? Arjun whispered in her ear…. Annie come back to reality and broke the hug… she went back to her seat and arjun also took his seat beside geet…..

Arjun-geet,, actually I came here to inform you that I am going to shimla for some business work… and will stay there around 2-3 weeks…. I come here specially for informing you otherwise later you quarrel with me….. geet’s mouth dropped hearing that shw will quarrel with him…

Geet-what do you mean that I’ll quarrel with you? Maine tumse kab jhagda kiya? Bolo…

Arjun-achha, , you forgot the last one, , I went to chennai and god the whole week you didn’t talk or met with me…. That’s why this time I don’t want to take any risk…

Geet-theek hai, , go away and apne sath rey, ash and annie ko bhi le jao.. bechare they will have fun also…

Annie-really bhabhi… we can go??? Asked annie…

Maan-excuse me, , I am here still…. Koi mujhse bhi puchhega?? Maan interrupt them…. Annie bit her lip and her whole excitement went in vain… geet held his arm and told him that say yes by their eye talk… first maan thought to tease them and have little fun but then gave up….

Rey-bhai please say yes na… I have never been in hill stations in India…

Ash-please bhai, say yes na…

Maan-okay but…

Annie-but what bhai?

Maan-yahi ki take care of each other…. Everyone smiled and beamed with happiness… after that rey,ash and annie packed their clothes and the very next day they flew away to shimla for enjoying…. They wanted to take Vedanta with them but he is so small and having school also…..

It was two week from that day, , geet had a two week holidays for the preparations of pre-exams, , and she has to complete all the assignments…. She was very busy in her assignments and she has to cope up with vedanta’s studies too, , though maan was there for them but still he has his office work also, , and always get tired with the hectic schedule of his office now-a days, , he is working on a very important project and daily he has to visit construction sites and daily he had meetings about the changes they are having in their model, ,
on the other hand, , in KT, , they are having the upcoming winter collection, , he has to meet with the designer, , finalize the material, , finalize the design , , finalize the material stock, , dealing with other companies , from whom they are purchasing the material in a heavy stock, planning the strategies for endorsing their collection, , this was not so easy but this was his daily routine , ,

maan was used to all this but that time he was alone, , only annie and dadi was with him, , there was no any thought that he has to give his time to others but now there is geet & vedanta for him, , responsibility and has to take care of them, , give his time to them, , pamper them, , and now-a-days it is really impossible for him but still he is trying his best….. when he come back, only he found geet waiting for him, , he felt bad for her but what he can do, , work ate up his whole time, ,

geet understood him, , because this really happened with her brother Tej and her dad… they also used to come home late nights when there was much work in office… but she is happy with this also, , at least they can spend little time with each other….. still there is no much open relation between them but there is no much hesitation between them, , they are coping up with each other very efficiently,

On the other hand, geet is also not able to give much time to Vedanta as her & his studies taking her whole time and then she has to spend little bit time with dadi and annie also and at night , she wants to spend few minutes with maan, , Vedanta daily slept with maan and geet on their bed, , he went early in their room and slept before maan come home, ,

By this act of Vedanta, geet & maan also sleep on the same bed with each other….Vedanta is not used to awake late nights so he went to sleep till maan come home, , Vedanta wanted to go to park that day but maan has to canceled it because of his sudden meeting and he couldn’t ignore that, ,

It’s been two weeks that geet didn’t talk with anyone of her friends, , because they went to Dehradun for spending their holidays with their parents and they can prepare there too, ,

It was a Monday , , geet has her exam today, , geet was getting ready while maan also, , Vedanta was already ready and went downstairs for breakfast, , maan was getting late because he has a final meeting today then the work load will be less and he can spend his time with his family also,, just this final meeting, ,

Maan- geet, where is my matching tie, ,I am getting late…. Geet was in bathroom wearing her clothes after bath, ,

Geet-maan, please check, , wahi kahi hoga, , geet shouted from the washroom,, maan checked it, , he wants black tie with white stripes on it matching with his shirt, ,

Maan-geet, nahi mil raha hai, , kaha rakha hai? Please aakar help karo na…. maan shouted again busy in searching tie in his wardrobe, , geet gave up and wore her clothes in such a hurry…..

Geet-coming maan…. Maan heard her voice and stopped searching and went to comb his hairs, , geet come and starts searching his tie…. She was having all fresh look on her face, , little wet curls teasing her cheeks, , top was not at it’s proper place and she was wearing the shirt, , two buttons were not close because she wore her clothes in hurry, ,

Geet-maan, , aapko tie milta bhi kaha se, , you have put your laptop bag on it…. She told him showing the tie and laptop bag, , while maan smiled at his foolishness,, he move towards her and took tie from her hand and mouthed thank you to her, , she smiled at him and went to comb her hairs…..

Maan was about to wear his tie but suddenly he got the call from his one client with whom he was having meeting, , maan got lost in his call so that he forgot to wear his tie, , geet glanced at him, , she put down the comb and move towards him and took tie from his hand, , first he startled with the sudden touch because he was too lost in his call, , but then smiled at her and gave her space to access the work…

She starts tiding his tie and he was talking on phone, , by the time he finished his call and geet also finished with his tie, , she was checking his clothes whether they are perfect or not , , on the other hand maan was busy checking her, , his sight fell on her two buttons which were not closed, , maan smiled at her negligence and his finger automatic moved on her buttons, ,

She felt shivers with the touch of the tip of his cold fingers on her belly, , his heating gaze on her face while his fingers on her shirt button, , her hands automatically moved on his chest, , she was taking heavy breath while his fingers stopped on button and his whole attention was on her face, , she was looking so angelic, so pure and serene, , his fingers moved on second button and close it, , he moved his face towards her ear and whisper that made her blush, ,

Maan-geet, , thoda dhyaan, , I don’t want that anyone will see my wife like this…. Maan encircled his arms around her waist while she was setting his tie, ,

Geet-really mr. khurana?

Maan-yes of course mrs. Khurana….

Geet-then you have to take care also of yourself…. Maan knotted his brows…

Maan- like mrs. Khurana? Asked maan,

Geet-like, , you have to take care of your dressing style…. Replied geet with a naughty glint in her eyes….

Maan-matlab? Geet buttoned up his waist coat…

Geet- matlab, I don’t want that anyone see my husband pant, , and giggled looking at him…. First he was little confused then he followed her gaze and realized that h didn’t wear his pant till yet…. He felt embarrassed first then smiled at her, ,

Maan-wo geet, , I was little tensed that’s why and… maan again was interrupted by geet…..

Geet-maan, don’t give explanation… ho jata hai…. Now wear it fast….. maan wore his pant and hurriedly wore his pant and then cupped her face…

all the best for today’s exam…. And saying this kissed on her forehead, , geet also get ready and both moved downstairs, ,

Geet’s exam was over and she got a call from that he will pick her up as the meeting got over, , maan picked her and both had lunch together in hotel, , both wants to spend little time with each other, , it’s been two weeks that they didn’t have lunch or dinner together…
Jus then geet got a call from home….

“hello” geet took the call..

“hello mama” told Vedanta from the other side…

“haan baby, , kya hua?” asked geet…. Maan gestured to geet that you talk to him till then he will take the car from parking, , she nodded and maan left her there….

“mama, , please bring pastries and my new wali remote car” Vedanta requested to geet, , he was asking from so many days for remote car and today he thought that he will ask to her again….

“okay bacha, , mama aapki pastries and remote car le aayegi… abhi happy na?.” asked geet….

“haan, , bohot happy, , love you mama” told Vedanta, , he beamed with happiness, , today he’ll get his favorite remote car….

“love you too vedu” told geet and kissed him through the phone….. they cut the call, , maan was not there so she thought that she will call him and tell him that toy shop is outside so she will buy the toys and pastries also which is near by of toy shop, , he will pick her from there…..

She called maan and told him everything , , he said he will accompany her…. She said okay to him and the next minute maan was there in car, , geet get inside the car and both zoomed out…

“geet, , we’ll buy from the mall which is not far..” said maan to her… she accepted and both went there in the mall which is not is not far from there….

They get inside and selected toys for Vedanta and buy pastries and ice creams for other members, , maan paid the bill and then they are coming out from the shop, , both were so lost in their talking and laughing ,,


She called maan and told him everything , , he said he will accompany her…. She said okay to him and the next minute maan was there in car, , geet get inside the car and both zoomed out…

“geet, , we’ll buy from the mall which is not far..” said maan to her… she accepted and both went there in the mall which is not is not far from there….

They get inside and selected toys for Vedanta and buy pastries and ice creams for other members, , maan paid the bill and then they are coming out from the shop, , both were so lost in their talking and laughing ,,
(narration by maan)
I and geet were coming out from the toy shop and we are laughing , actually geet cracked a joke over a lady and a man who was with that lady, , I never laughed at any joke but this time I couldn’t control on myself and laughed along with her…. Me too cracked a joke over another couple and some boys…. It was a great fun with her…. She is really an angel… I have already confessed to her that I like her, , I really enjoyed her company, , her small-2 sweet gestures , , I really like her….

We are were walking while hand in hand…. She didn’t hold my hand, , I held her hand…. She looked at me and then smiled… I also smiled at her and rub her hand with my thumb… it was a great time…. Today it was a last meeting with the clients, , so today I am free now, , I am happy that I can give time to geet and Vedanta… both are craving for me, I knew that…. I was feeling little guilty for not giving her time , she never complained but I can see her eyes that she is craving for me, , I promised her that in our life, , there will be happiness all the time but seems I am failed this time….. ufff….. but now I’ll make it up, ,

We are coming down, we have ordered toys and gave the address, , they will deliver the toys before we reach at home, , that’s one thing I really liked about that shop…. They do their work on time even before the time and I really appreciate those person who are punctual in their work….

Me and geet came down now but suddenly we heard some sound of clicking….. geet turned towards me and asked to me….

“maan, what is media doing here?” she held my arm now feeling scared little because she never face media, , I held her hand which is over my arm…..

“geet, nothing will happen, ok.. there will be some meeting or something else” I assured her, , she nodded and looked towards media just then I heard a voice, , oh gosh… I am in a mess now…. Media saw me and that too with geet, , now I can’t go away from here because all the media people ran towards me, and start clicking pictures…. I tried to hide geet’s face by my hand but no use, they had already captured her face…. They were asking questions to me continuously, ,

Rep1- Mr. Khurana, who is she?
Rep2-what relation you have with this girl?
Rep3-what are you doing with her?
Rep4-is she your girlfriend or some kind of yours , , before he complete his sentence I closed his mouth with my answer….

“she is my wife… Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, got it” I told, , there was deadly silence when I roared.., , even we can hear the sound of falling needle…. The pin drop silence convert into the huge applauds and the questions they started to ask me…. Geet got scared with my voice and she hid her face in my chest…. I held her tightly….

Rep1-when did you merry with her?
Rep2-why no one knew about that you are married now?
Rep3-is there any reason behind hiding the your marriage mr. khurana?

Before I reply them back, there was sudden hustle bustle, , I don’t know what happened suddenly the crowd started running here and there for saving their life, , suddenly I felt a push and the grip I have over geet loosened , , she got separated from me, , the next moment I saw some goons , I think they did robbery, , I was having push by the people who are running for saving their life….

And the next moment, I felt like the land under my feet slipped away, , geet was bleeding from her back and she fell down on the ground…. The goons were passed from her, , the next moment I heard a gun shot, , I felt like the heart beat of my heart stopped at the very moment…..

I shouted her name “Geet”, , she was far away from me, , i ran towards her but before I reached to her, , she was on the floor, , peoples were running , I saw some people ran over her, , police was also there, , beside of saving peoples , , they were firing in air…. I felt like snatch their gun and shoot them right now but I gave up the idea and took geet in my arms, , she was going unconscious state, , I shook her, , patted her cheeks..

“Geet, geet open your eyes….” Tears slipped from my eyes…. I never mind about those tears… I took geet in my arms and ran outside without wasting any second more….. I reached to the parking area and drove to the hospital… geet was badly bleeding, , I don’t know what to do? I never felt so hopeless, so helpless before, , I felt like my life is slipping from my hand like sand slip from the fist…

While driving I took the water bottle from the dashboard and opened it with my one hand and tried to sprinkle water on her face…. I am trying that she will awake till we reach to the hospital…

“Geet, geet please, open your eyes, , please geet try to open your eyes…” I was trying continuously , , she slightly opened her eyes, I felt like relief of breath, I speed up the car and trying to reach the hospital asap….

“m-ma-aan” she whispered my name, , she was moaning in pain continuously, I can’t see her like this…. She was stabbed by the knife on her back and a gun shot on her arm, , there were another gun shot also and 2-3 people were also shot by the bullets….

“haan geet, , aankhein khuli rakho geet, hum jaldi hi hospital pahunch jayenge… please geet” I tried to assure you but who will assure me? She gave a faint smile to me, , slowly-2 she is slipping in deep sleep… I couldn’t see that…. I speed up my car more and broke the signal, , traffic police ran behind me but I didn’t bother… I speed up more and broke another signal…..

Please geet, , before some time ago, we met, sort out our differences now you please don’t back out, , before some time I start liking you and now please you don’t do this with me, please don’t go away…
Abhi abhi toh mile ho
Abhi naa karo chhootne ki baat
Abhi abhi toh pasand aaye ho
Abhi abhi roothne ki baat

We reached to geet, , I took geet out and ran inside the hospital screaming doctor’s name.
“doctor, doctor…. ” 2 ward boy came running with the stretcher, , I made her lay down on the stretcher and we ran towards the ICU, doctor come running and saw me, , he knew me, , before we talk to each other, 2 traffic police come inside in the search of me , they knew that it was me…. I was not in a good condition for arguing with them, , they tried to charge on me but don’t know what happened to me, I didn’t utter any word…. I don’t know what they were telling to me, , they told me to sign on some papers and I did it…. They charge and I paid, , nothing is matte right now than geet….. just then nurse come to me and told me sign the papers, , I didn’t asked why the sign? Because they told me that if I didn’t sign the papers then they can’t operate geet…. I signed the papers immediately…..
They went away leaving me alone behind….. I turned and saw that the bulb outside of ICU is on… means they are operating geet…. I felt weak and slid down on the floor, my back hit the wall… I put my arms on my knees and head on my arms…. I closed my eyes and the sight of geet haunting me…. Tears strike down on my cheeks, I cried, , I won’t survive if something happen to geet, , I don’t know what is happening to me?

A nurse come out from the ICU and I stopped her…
“sister, , geet kaisi hai? Wo theek to hai na?” I asked to her….

“right now, we can’t say anything… let’s hope for the best..” she said to me….

Please geet, don’t do this to me, , some time ago, , our life get lighten by your love, , and now you are backing out…. No, , you can’t…

Abhi abhi toh roshni aayi
Abhi naa karo munh chhupane ki baat
A ward boy come out from the ICU and ran towards the blood bank… he told me that her blood group is very rare but they have the same blood in their blood bank….

I relief a bit, , and I looked up like I can see god… I was praying to god for her….

Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai
Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare, ,

I closed my eyes and the sight of geet messed in blood come in front of my eyes, I opened my eyes at once…. She was wearing the white shirt and now her white shirt turned in red by her blood….

it was 2 hours, , geet is inside the ICU, , I glanced upward the saw that the bulb went off, , that means operation has been finished…. I got up from the ground and hoping for the best… I was having the fear inside me but I don’t know that it will come true…. I don’t know how many times I have prayed to god….

Doctor come out and glanced at me, , I was so worn out…. And the next set of words which was came out from doctor’s mouth took away my breath….

I don’t know, , I was freeze hearing the words….. “ no, please doctor say it is not true?” I literally pleaded to the doctor but no use, , they shake their head in denial and I felt like ground slipped under my feet, , I felt weak by my legs and I fell down with a thud on the floor freezed with the words which were uttered by doctor…. I looked up again to the sky like again I can see god, ,

Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-33-38


Maan-dadi, is msk not a human? Can’t he show any emotion? Has he not any right to feel pain? Msk is that cold heart that he can’t show any emotion, tell me dadi, is msk that rude, terror for anyone? Is msk has not any heart? Does msk has not any right to be-loved? To cry? Please reply me…… he again hid his face in her lap like he is hiding his face from the world…………. Though he is very strong person outside this mansion, a very rude, arrogant, heartless person but here he is only maan…………

Dadi cried along with him hearing his complaints, she was feeling very timid, not able to answer him back, not able to console him, she ruffled his hairs and wiped his tears…. He was looking at her with some hopes, asking the answers of his questions, his teary eyes said all to dadi…… he is not a man who will cry but when the heart is not able to take more pain then it shattered into many pieces…… and here the condition of maan like this…… he felt he is a criminal who did the biggest crime in this world giving pain a girl who deserves only happiness, love , care and here what he gave to her….. only tears….. nothing else….. he was feeling a shame on himself…….

Dadi-don’t say like this maan…… who said msk has not heart, msk has heart which is very big…… achha tell me, aaj ki generation mein kaun kisi ke bache ko apne ghar mein rakhta hai, parents ka pyaar deta hai?? Batayiye….. he looked at dadi with a confuse look……

Dadi-koi nahi karta, lekin aapne kiya….. aur jaante hai kyon? Because you have heart….. kaun kehta hai maan singh khurana has not any right to be-loved? Wo nanha sa bacha Vedanta bina kisi rishtey ke apse itna pyaar karta hai…… aur kaun kehta hai msk is a cold hearted man….. jab ghar mein kisi ko kuch ho jata hai to sabse pehle aap pura mansion sar par utha lete hai….. sabse jayada tension aap hi lete hai….. aapko yaad hai when annie fell ill on her last birthday to aapka kya haal hua tha…..

He smiled hearing that incident…….
Maan-tab maine doctors ki line laga di thi aur whole 3 days I was with her leaving my office work….. how can I forget this dadi maa……

Dadi-hum jaante hai aap kabhi kuch dikhate nahi hai lekin aap dil se bahut caring hai…. Aur hum jaante hai sab theek ho jayega……

Maan-no dadi maa…… nothing is going to right…. Nothing is at the place…. Kuch theek nahi hoga….. I have lost your trust, annie’s trust and geet….. I have ruined her life….. how will you all forgive me? How can I forgive myself? I always think about myself…… dadi shook her head in denial……

Dadi-no maan…. Nothing is like that…… you always think about us before yourself…… haan yeh baat sach hai ki hum sab aapse bahut naraaz the aapke faisle ko lekar, aapne jo geet ke sath kiya par wo kehte hai na subah ka bhula agar sham ko ghar wapas aa jaye to usey bhula nahi kehte, aur aapko aapki galti ka ehsaas ho gaya hai to hamein aur kya chahiye…….

Maan-but dadi maa, it’s too late….. it’s too late,,, I am late in realizing my mistake…..

Dadi-no maan, it’s never too late…… aapko apni galti ka ehsaas hona chahiye bas aur kya chahiye….. and today I am so happy that you realized your mistake…… isse pehle aur der hoti aap wapas aa gaye….. now stop crying like a child….. otherwise I’ll taunt you again then msk can’t cry like a child…… both smiled through tears….. he wipes his tears and again placed his head in her lap……

Maan-dadi maa……
Dadi-haan bête,,,,
Maan-how will I face geet? How will I meet my eyes with her? I couldn’t meet my eyes with myself then how with geet?

Dadi-I know maan, you have lost your trust ability in her…… I know her,, she has a big heart…… she loves you so much….. she will forgive you but give her little time to cope up with this situation….. I know it will not easy for her…… wo yaha aapki responsibility par aayi thi beause she trust you, par shaadi ki pehle hi raat aapne kya kiya, uss bechari ka dil tod diya…. Aap jaante hai, aaj hum aapse jo baatein kar rahe hai wo sirf geet ki wajah se…..

she never complaint for anything but I know how naïve she is by her heart…… she never gave any reason to me for hate you after that night,,, but I know how lonely she felt here,,, she has everything but I can feel, what a life she is living without a life partner…… this is not easy for her maan….. not easy….. she needs time…..
Maan-I know dadi maa,,, it was not easy for her…… she needs time…. And I promise to you dadi maa that I’ll give everything to her, love, care, trust, happiness…. Everything…… but before all that I have to talk to her…..
Dadi-I’ll talk to her bête…..
Maan-no, dadi maa, not today….. I always wanted to beg sorry from her but never got chance….. not today……. I’ll talk to her……
Dadi-but maan, not now….. rey n ash are also here….. kal baat kar lena aur raat bhi kafi ho gayi hai….
Maan- aapko kya lagta hai dadi maa ki geet mujhe maaf karegi? He was looking at dadi with hopeful eyes, so many emotions in his eyes, guilt, pain, calmness, curiosity for knowing will she forgive him, shame…… everything……
Dadi-I know maan, it will not easy for her but she is a mature girl, she knew everything about you, about herself, about her love for you, everything…… she has a golden heart….. she will surely forgive you but she needs time….. these 3 months are like a hell for her…. No happiness, only pain.,,, she cupped his face in her palm….. will you give her happiness?? Will you fill her life with colors of love, care, happiness, everything where pain doesn’t exist…… boliye maan, denge geet ko aisi zindagi????
He nodded with a smile…… I’ll dadi maa….. I’ll“
Dadi smiled hearing his assurance…… today she felt like she get everything which she desired for geet…..
Maan-dadi maa, have you forgiven me???
Dadi-hamare maaf karne ya na karne ka to sawaal hi nahi uthta….. he raised his brows in question…. Hum aapse nahi , aapki harkato(behavior) se naraaz the…. Aapko apni galti ka ehsaas ho gaya bas wahi kaafi hai…..
Maan-thank you so much dadi maa…… this time I’ll not let you down….
Dadi-I hope so beta….
Maan-dadi, actually I have to tell you one more thing….
Dadi-what is that?
Maan-actually dadi maa, ash & rey doesn’t know anything about my and geet’s relationship, I mean that we both live in different rooms and we don’t have any relation like a husband & wife have……
Dadi-I’ll talk to geet about this matter tomorrow….. it’s too late now aur aapne dinner bhi nahi kiya…..
Maan-aapne bhi to nahi kiya….. she smiled….
Dadi-let’s have dinner together like before…. He nodded and headed towards the dining area where ash, rey and annie having dinner…… they both was not aware the third person’s presence….. who was listening everything from outside the room….. and that was geet…. She came there asking something to dadi but stop hearing maan’s cry…. She was in tears hearing their conversation….. she ran from there when they both left….. she was holding her mouth for not making any sound of her hiccups….


Meanwhile at Arjun’s place…… he wwa having his dinner when his cell buzzed….
Hello! Arjun said..
Hello…. Arjun, said Vicky…..
Vicky…. Hows u yaar? What happen ? calling me at this hour? Asked worriedly arjun…
Nothing is like that…. chill…. Everything is fine… just getting bore then thought to call you…. Answered Vicky calmly….
And what made you thought that I would be awake at this hour? Asked arjun rolling his eyes at his answer….
I just guessed….. actually I thought to give a try…. So punched your number….. told Vicky…. He was getting bore with his usual life…. Arjun, geet was not there….. and alka was not giving him much time… she is also busy in her fashion designing , spend a little time with him….
Ohhh….. tell me, is everyone fine there? Asked arjun to Vicky….
Yeah, everyone is fine…. And hows u? aur geet? He is missing them like a hell….
I am good and geet… she is also fine… just today she fainted…. Then he bit his lip, what he told him….
What?? She fainted?? Hows she now? Why are you here? You should be there, near her…. You know her na.., she is so careless…. How could you do this arjun…. He became so hyper…

Relax…. Chill…. Take a deep breath….. she is fine now…. Vicky sighed in relief…..

You should be near her by her side…. Suggested Vicky…..

I thought so but then I thought maan came after so many days from his business trip…. So wanted to give her little privacy and waise bhi she is married now…. I know we are her friends but then I thought may be maan won’t like it…. I’ll go there tomorrow…. Aur waise bhi I never met maan after his marriage, so I thought what he will about me to come their house at midnight….. and I have already asked to anvesha about geet… Replied arjun….

He felt a tinge of pain in his heart hearing maan’s name with geet, but he knew that she loved him madly, he was just….. then he shrugged off his all thought, he already forget his love for her…. He knew they are best friends and he never wanted to break this friendship…. This friendship means a lot to him….. he wants only her happiness and he knew that Alka loves him, he knew that she didn’t confess her love to him but he knew that….. and he respects her feelings…… he made up his mind that he’ll never ditch her and hurt her in any way……

I think you are right…. I’ll call her tomorrow… waise bhi she is crazy behind maan, I think you did correct… may be maan won’t like this….waise bhi he doesn’t about us much…. Btw, who is Anvesha? Replied Vicky….. and asked about anvesha in teasing manner…..

Don’t think like that Vicky….. she is maan’s sister and now we are good friends…. Replied arjun thinking that his reply will shut his mouth….

Really..!! only good friends….. ya fir more than…. You know…. Arjun can see his naughty smirk on his face through the phone……

Shut up!!! Told arjun…..

Waise why she fainted?? Asked Vicky again…

Aah… it’s nothing…. She kept fast today…. That’s why….. replied arjun…

Ohhh,,, but she never kept fast….. told Vicky…

Yeah I know,, it’s her in-law’s matter…. How should I know about this? Told arjun…

Hmmm, ye bhi hai…. Chal bye…. It’s late…btw, I was thinking to visit u n geet some day….

That’s great…..when are you coming? Asked arjun..

Will think about it then tell you…ok…. Chal bye… good night…

Ok, good night… and don’t tell anyone about geet there…. Get it… told arjun…

Ok boss….. replied Vicky…….


Maan and dadi joined them on the dinner table……

Vedanta ran and hugged maan tight…… maan smiled and took him in his arms…..

Ved- I missed you so much papa…… and placed a kiss on his cheek…

Maan- I missed you much Vedanta…… hows my son? Kissed him back….

Ved-I am fine papa…..

Maan-chalo jao… it’s too late… sweet sleep…. He nodded and ran in his room….. maan took his seat and starts having his dinner….
Reyhansh- hey dadi, is my room ready, remember that corner one….

Dadi-yes bête, I remember but sorry beta, I didn’t know that you are coming so that’s not ready…. But don’t worry I’ll tell to nakul tomorrow and you can shift in that room after a day tomorrow……

Reyhansh- it’s ok dadi but why so late?

Ashlesha-dadi, aap to isey jaanti hai na, he is so possessive about that room….. ye to hai hi pagal,

Reyhansh-you bak bak Rj, don’t call me pagal….


Maan-will you both shut up??

Ash & rey-sorry bhai…. Looked down and starts having their dinner…

Dadi- reyhansh, beta will you manage tow days in other room except that one? You fav room is not in good condition so I have to re-arrange it…..

Reyhansh- it’s ok dadi…. No problem….

Ashlesha- dadi, do one thing….. this time don’t give that room to him, then we’ll see how will survive without that room….. bada aaya favorite room…..

Reyhansh-will you shut you Rj wala big mouth? Maan was losing his temper because of their tom-jerry fight without no reason…….

Maan stood up from his place in mid of his dinner and gave a glare to both of them and left from there……

Ashlesha-oops, bhai to naraaz ho gaye….

Reyhansh-all because of you……

Ashlesha-no, because of you…..

Dadi-kya aap dono chahte hai ki hum bhi yaha se chale jaaye???

Rey & ash- no dadi….


Dadi-kya aap dono chahte hai ki hum bhi yaha se chale jaaye???
Rey & ash- no dadi….
Annie-mera ho gaya….. good night everyone…..
Everyone retired to their own room,,, but there is two person who are restless…… Geet went in garden feeling miserable , not able to control on her choking heart, over-flowing emotions which are at the verge of breaking down…… she was crying holding her mouth,, sitting on the bench in garden…..

Geet’s Monologue
I am not angry from you maan,, I am not….. actually I was never….. how can i?? I love you and that’s the reason…. I know you did all this for your love, but today you confessed that you was never in love with sameera, it was infatuation…. It was an attraction…… today I can feel your condition, I know from which phase you are going through…… it is not easy to recover after breaking heart….. it was not easy for me maan…… I have accepted that you are not in my destiny but today I found a hope after hearing your heart….. a hope that I can also be happy, I can also feel love, maan’s love, maan’s care….. I know today I am sounding selfish, but there is no selfishness in love……
(she was crying but there is happiness, joy in her eyes, a new kind of spark, a spark of being with maan, the dreams which were shattered, today she felt them alive again),,,,
I know maan, you are not able meet your eyes with me because of our first night….. but believe me, you were not at fault….. it was me who was so desperate for that….. if you are at fault then my fault is bigger than yours….. I knew that you were drunk and I didn’t stop you….. you think that I don’t trust you enough but that’s not true…. Still I trust blindly…. You were not wrong…. Actually you can never wrong….. because I know…. I love you….and that’s the biggest reason behind it….. because of those two jerks, you suffered a lot today….. agar maine aapko roka hota,, aapko uss chudail sameera ke paas jaane hi nahi diya hota to aaj ye sab nahi hota……
(she cursed herself….. on the other hand maan was watching her crying from his window….)
Aur maan, you have every right….. I know you thought yourself the great Msk but that’s not true that msk can’t cry, msk can’t show emotions,,,,,, msk can cry, msk has the right to feel emotions….. you have every right….. just because of that chudail sameera, you can’t breakdown like this….. I won’t let you break down like this…… I know maan, I have promised to you and to myself that I won’t show my face to you but today seems that I have to break that promise of mine……. Today nothing is more important than you…..
You want me back in you life na, then I’ll be….. you want me in your room na because of your cousins then I’ll be…… I’ll be back in your life maan….. I want nothing except you…. Without you nothing is at the place….. but now onwards, everything will be at place….
Aur wo kehte hai, jab insaan pyaar mein hota hai then hamein dimaag se nahi dil se sochna chahiye…..
Do you know how many feelings i carry in my heart,
how do i end my day and how do i start.
Missing you and longing 4 u is all i can do,
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how many unspoken words i wanna say,
how can i say i keep on finding the ways.
Loving you and praying 4 you is all i can do
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how many dreams i have in my eyes,
how can i fulfill them i keep on telling the lies.
Preaching you and caring 4 you is all i can do,
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how much pain is deep in my soul,
how do i bear them and keep trying to come out of the whole,
Searching you and urging 4 u is all i can do
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how much I LOVE YOU,
i wanna tell but unable to do.
Missing u, loving u, preaching u, searching u , wat else i can do,
I wish as i feel you feel the same too……..
Geet’s Monologue Ends……
Maan’s Monologue
I know geet, you are crying because of me….. I know I am like this, I am the one who gave pain to everyone, everyone cried because of me…… but today I felt my mistake…. I know where I was at fault…. I promise you geet, now onwards I wont let any tear come in your eyes….. I know I misbehaved with you with our first night…… I was drunk badly….. today I felt the difference between love and infatuation….. I was living in infatuation world and here love was waiting for me and I was ignoring it because of that so cold love of mine…..
(he clenched his fist in anger….. he was frustrated on himself…. He went in his gym area again for removing his anger out from his mind by doing his aggressive moves….He ripped his shirt in anger and looked at his hands……)
These dirty hands touched you that night……. These hands became dirty after touching that b**** and I touched you with these hands….. no, I have to remove her feel from my hands…..
(he took out the belt which has sharp needles on it….. he placed it on the floor and placed his hands on it and starts doing push-ups…. He flinched in pain but this pain is nothing in front of guilt….. blood oozed out from his hand but he was doing push-ups continuously until the surface skin of his palm couldn’t remove from the surface of the palm…… )
Now it has lost her touch…..
( he felt calm after removing her touch from his hands….. blood was continuously oozing from his hands…. Floor was all red with his blood….. )
Maan’s Monologue Ends……
(gals, basically this song in male’s voice but here you can imagine it in female’s voice….. )
(Geet had seen him doing push-ups on the sharp needled belt…. She flinched in pain after seeing him like this…. She wanted to stop him but couldn’t gather the enough courage to stop him….. she sighed when he stopped doing push-ups…. Her eyes filled with tears, tears of seeing him pain…. He was thinking that she was crying because of him and she was thinking that he is doing exercise because of her…… both has not enough courage to stop each other, one was crying feeling helpless and other was doing aggressive moves also feeling helpless….. )
(kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de) – 2
Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
She was about to go but stopped again when he starts his next exercise….. he took out his iron chain and started his tai-chi…. He was about to fell down tripped between his feet but he heard a voice….. “maan” he looked at the source of voice….. he saw her , tears were flowing from her eyes, widen eyes, feeling so miserable seeing her state…. He again felt responsible for himself of her state…… she ran to him…..
Tu har ghadi har waqt mere saath raha hain
Haan ye jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hain
He looked baffled seeing her worn out totally….. she looked at him…. touching him, assuring herself that he is fine… nothing happened with him……
Jo bhi ghum hain ye tere unhe tu mera pata de
He looked at her with so much care….. she took his hands in her hand crying her eyes and heart out….. seeing the blood in his hands, her heart choked and seeing her in this state, his heart also choked….. both are in same boat but not able to voice out……
Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de
Tears came out from his eyes, she wiped them with her soft fingers where he was not able to move his gaze from her face which has so many emotions…. Love, care, pain, guilt for his this state…..

Mujhko ko to tere chehare pe ye ghum nahi jhachta
Jaayiz nahi lagta mujhe ghum se tera rishta
She pulled him with her and he was going with her like a magnet pulling him with her….. behaving like a statue in front of her….. she went in his room and made him sit on the bed….. “first-aid kit” she asked to him……. “ second drawer in cup-board” she nodded and took out the first-aid kit….. she took the cotton and drenched it in savlon , trying to clean his wound,,, he flinched in pain , closed his eyes in pain and he held her hand with his other hand for stopping her……. He was in pain…. His hands were badly wounded…..
Geet-maan, see in my eyes…. He opened his eyes hearing her voice…… he opened his eyes and looked in her hazels, which are teary but controlling the emotions….. omg, her eyes were filled with so much intensity….. he felt he’ll drown himself in her eyes…. He still felt that he has seen these beautiful almond brown eyes somewhere before their marriage but still unable to recollect where he had seen?? He met with so many peoples, so many girls, always on business trips, he hardly remember girl’s face but these eyes has their own charm, that’s why he is not able to forget, always think where he had seen these eyes before…….
she starts cleaning his wound but he felt nothing because he was lost in her eyes,,, their eyes met, feeling like he was seeing love in her eyes, which he was not able to see before….. actually he never met with her then how could he see love in her eyes but there is a fact also… he never tried to meet with her….. he was at the fault here…… she was cleaning his wound…..
Sun meri guzarish ise chehare se hata de – 2
(kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de) – 2
A tear slipped from his eyes and fell on her hand…. She looked at him at once, not able see tears in his eyes…. She wiped them with so much love and shook her head in denial…. Telling him not to cry anymore with her khamoshi…… he nodded and wiped his remaining tears….. his hands are bandaged now…… she stood up for collecting the items of first-aid kit, she arranged the first-aid kit and placed it in the cupboard….. he was looking at her with a great observe while she was obvious with his gaze on her……
Geet-maan, he broke out his thought with a sudden sweet voice of her which is quiet shaking…..
Maan- huh!!! He looked at her with a questioning face….
Geet-wo actually, you need a Tetanus injection….. he nodded….. he stood up and went towards the cupboard for a shirt……
Geet-I’ll give you….. he said nothing and step backward giving her space….. she took out a shirt and give him……. she was about to call the driver…….. then talked to herself….. driver will be sleeping… now what should I do? Maan heard her talk….
Maan- I’ll drive…..
Geet-no, no…. I’ll manage…. How will you drive… you have bandage in your both hands….. she was not looking in his eyes, whenever she met her eyes with him, she felt she will drown in his eyes that’s why she was ignoring his eyes while he was observing her every act…. He was not saying anything because he thought that this is not a correct time for a talk and he has not any right to said her anything….. actually he was fearing saying anything to her….. he doesn’t want to hurt her more now….. he thought if his any talk will hurt her further more then he won’t able to forgive himself…..
He said nothing to her only nodded, agreeing with her and moved out with her….. she took the driver seat where he took the passenger sear beside her….. he was directing her while she was driving….. she was not obvious much about the roads of Delhi , , , , , they reached the nearest hospital from mansion . . . . . . . .


He said nothing to her only nodded, agreeing with her and moved out with her….. she took the driver seat where he took the passenger sear beside her….. he was directing her while she was driving….. she was not obvious much about the roads of Delhi , , , , , they reached the nearest hospital from mansion . .

They visit the doc and maan was injected, and doc prescribe some medicines to him…… they came back to mansion…. It was past 2 am at night…. Everyone was sleeping except these two….. who are in pain, trying to remove their pain and guilt but not able to get rid off……

she was walking ahead while maan was walking behind like a puppet of her, like she had hypnotized him, like a statue who doesn’t about his surrounding only following the orders but little anyone know that what pain he was carrying in his heart, feeling miserable at that very moment……..

As soon as, she was about to take a turn towards her room, she felt a tug on her hand…. She knew who was he, but still wanted to assure herself…… only she knew how she felt when he touched her, the roller coaster inside her started to take a ride inside her tummy, she turned and found maan on his knees looking down not able to meet her questioning eyes with his guilty eyes……

how can he meet his eyes with her? He has guilt in his eyes while she has love & care in her eyes….. he has selfishness in his eyes while she has selfless love in her eyes……

She took a time to register her surroundings, why he was kneeling down, and why he is looking at the floor? Why he is not saying anything? She was about to ask him why he is sitting like that and why he is not saying anything but she head his painful voice which choked her heart….

“I am sorry geet, please mujhe maaf kar do”

he was still looking down, he doesn’t wanted to see her facial expressions because he knew she will be hurt with his words….. after all he knew her this much….. he continued with his guilt full voice…

“I know, I had hurt you a lot, even I am not worth for standing in front you but still wanted to say something, ” he paused for a moment, he knew she is hearing his words, he knew she is in pain, he knew he is giving her pain again but apologize is also important……

“I know geet, how much you love me, I am not saying that pyaar karna galat hai but how can you love like a person me who raped his wife at their wedding night, who hurt his wife at their wedding night, who told his wife at their wedding night that he loves someone else”,

he didn’t dared to look at her, he knew she is crying and that too because of him, but he has to continue his side…… he continued again……

“pls geet forgive this fool, who was blind thing love of a mere attraction, pls geet forgive me, I knew that meri galti maafi ke layak nahi hai… maine jo kiya shayad wo kisi ne nahi kiya hoga….. apni hi wife ka rape…. Chi…. Ab mujhe kehte huye sahrm aa rahi hai par maine ye galat kaam kiya hai…. Pls give me punishment…. Kuch bhi…. Jo tum kahogi wohi mai karunga…. But pls give me a chance….. I know, asking another chance from is not right but still I wanted to prove myself wrong, wanted to prove your love is right…. I wanted to feel that what love is?? I know you are thinking that how a big idiot I am, always claiming that I love sameera but in reality, that was not love…..”

it was very hard for him to say all this to her…. He knew how much pain he was bearing at that time…. It was not easy for him…… he was still looking down feeling her gaze at him… he knew she was staring at him, he heard her sweet melody voice which stunned him hearing the set of words she used…..

“ho gaya aapka ya abhi aur kuch baki hai??” she strictly asked to him

she asked in her irritating voice….. she knew how much she carved for his voice, for his sight, only a glimpse of his made her day, she felt complete hearing his voice whenever she heard…… how much she missed him, the morning stuff, night stuff….

She used to made breakfast, dinner for him…. every little need of his she fulfilled and here he was begging sorry from her , telling her that he has raped his own wife at the wedding night….. how can he?

She has already told him about all this in her letter but looks like he become stubborn not hear anyone…… she has already cleared him that he was not at fault but still he was blaming himself, she couldn’t tolerate this anymore that’s why she chose these words….

He looked at once at her face hearing her words….. he was shocked & stunned but thought to remain calm as she has every right to say him anything, at last he was at fault…. And he himself told her about the punishment and he is ready for that…..

Seeing his expressions and his guilt full eyes, her voice soften, and she at one kneeled down in front of him…… she took his hand in her looking in his eyes like she is pleading to him……

“how can you think like this maan? Aapne aisa soch bhi kaise liya….” She asked to him n her sweet tone with tears filled eyes but those eyes searching answers in his eyes…

“kaisa geet?” he asked not bale to understand what she is asking to him…..

“yahi ki aapne apni wife ka rape kiya…” she almost shouted at him but that not a shout, it looks like she is telling someone, something in her meek voice…..

“But the truth is I did…. “ he confront her….

“you didn’t…. you can’t, you can never do this with anyone….” Geet retorted back in her meek voice….

“I know geet, I have hurted you a lot b…” his words left in mid when she retorted back….

“yes maan, you have hurted me a lot…. Hurting me saying that you raped me…. How can you rape me when you are not in ur sense….. when you are thinking me as sameera, rape to tab hota na jab aap mere sath zabardasti karte, but you didn’t do anything like that with me…. I willingly gave myself to you, if I wanted then I can stop you but no…………”
her voice was choked saying all this… tears were trailing on her cheeks making them wet…… she paused for a moment taking a deep breath and out….. where he was looking deep inside in her eyes, so much love she held for him, and he was being an idiot all the while not able to recognize her love for him….. yes he was an idiot, a big fool… he cursed himself…..

“don’t curse yourself…. ” she said observing his face where he startled at her sudden voice….

“huh..!!” he gave her questioning look, he thought that she can read mind too…. She didn’t said anything….. after not hearing anything from her side…..

“but still geet, how an I loose my sense like this? I know I was drunk but how can I snatch your precious thing from you? These are not my principles…. The lessons dadi gave me, this act is totally against them…… how can I paid for your pain? The pain I gave you that night, the pain you are bearing right now, the pain you felt when you found that I love someone else, the pain you felt when I denied to give the right of my wife….. pls geet forgive me,,, I really wanted to start a new life with you, a person who love me, a person who didn’t found any fault in me…. Will you forgive me???”
Forgive me for what cannot be forgiven.
Open up the door I once slammed closed.
Restore the love that I once squandered, driven
Grimly by some grinch I’ve since deposed.

I cannot plead for what I cannot fathom,
Valuing least the value I most crave.
Each heart must sometimes haunt the steep-walled chasm,
Made mad by wrath and selfish songs that rave
Empty on the edges of the grave

He looked at her with so much hope,,,, his ears are dying to hear her yes, only a yes but he knew how hard for her to say yes…..


He looked at her with so much hope,,,, his ears are dying to hear her yes, only a yes but he knew how hard for her to say yes…..

Both are sitting in front of each other, facing each other, looking direst in each other, searching their answer of their unanswered questions…… both are hoping for the best, looking ahead of their life which is waiting for them……

“no maan, don’t say like this….. you didn’t gave me any pain….. you can never give me any pain….. I know you….. haa yeh sach hai that I felt a lump in my heart when you said that you love someone else, I thought that my whole life shattered into many pieces…… “

she paused for a moment, he was looking at her with his remorseful eyes, the guilt was quite visible in his eyes , on his face, he felt a lump in his throat when he heard what pain she felt at that night, her whole hopes shattered into many pieces, just because of him……. what he gave to her only pain…… his hand move forward to wipe her tears but stopped in mid…. He felt at the very moment like dejected by himself,,, he has no right on her, he knew that…. he withdrew his hand back & finger curled in to a fist

” you don’t have to pay me……. Please maan don’t curse yourself, don’t blame yourself, don’t punish yourself……. At least for me…. ” she looked in his eyes with so much hope may be, for her he can stop to blame himself,,,,,

“and rest about the most precious thing of mine,,,, wo to hamesha se aapke liye hi thi…… it always belongs to you…… ” she couldn’t voice out her feelings, her voice was choking second by second, her over flowing emotions at the verge of burst……..

“but geet, pls try to understand….. I had rape….” His words left in mid when geet placed her hand on his mouth not letting him further….. she was hurt listening those words , she felt likes someone is humiliating her, insulting her…… he blinked his lashes couples of times feeling the soft skin of her palm on his lips…… but she doesn’t what she was doing????

“don’t…… pls maan don’t humiliate me uttering those words……
(she was crying while saying…) , , ,
why are you insulting me calling that night a rape, calling yourself a rapist, calling me a victim,, why maan? Why?
(she left his mouth but held his collar in anguish, in hatred towards the word ‘rape’, , jerking him demanding the answers……)”
“geet, mai, woh….”
He couldn’t able to utter more words seeing her condition….. she was sobbing badly, demanding answers but seems voice was stuck in his throat….. he doesn’t know what to answer, how to answer?

“woh mai kya maan?
(she jerked him again looking straight in to his eyes, her eyes were red due to cry while she was feeling weak….she flowed with her emotions, she forgot that right now, she has not nay right on him but she knew that waking him up is very needed, she cupped his face in her palm), , ,

you know maan, that night was THE best night ever in my life, i….. I felt heaven in your arms, I felt secured in your arms, that moment was the best moment in my life giving up in your arms, pls don’t insult that night giving name like rape…… rape was something else, why are you humiliating that night, that moment which takes a big place in my life….. pls don’t do this, pls stop all this maan…… pls I am tired listening rape rape and rape…… “

she paused for a second stopping her sobs during her talk, maan’s hand lift wiping her tears, she let it be…… when his fingers touched her supple soft cheeks, tears trailed down more from her hazels wetting her cheeks more…..she took his hands in her covering her face while crying….. he was also crying seeing her like this…

slowly-2 he took out his hand from her grip while she covered her face with hers, he took a move and covered her fragile body with his arms scooping her in his arms moving towards her room, she hid her face in the hollow of his neck while he was carrying her…… he opened the gate with his feet and placed her on the bed…… he knelt down again in front of her and wiped her tears again….now she was feeling better than before….. she is little stable now, little calm from her sobs……

“I am sorry geet….. I have not any intention to hurt but I did, I hurt you again…… it’s my fault….. only mine…… not able to understand your place in my life, always I was behind that dirt(he held her hands in his and asking to her…) please geet forgive me…. I promise I won’t blame myself just for you, I won’t call that night again with bad name….. (she nodded when he was saying those confident words which were soothing her aching heart just like a ointment works on a wound, his words help in healing her wounded heart…..), ”

“maaf karne ki to baat hi nahi maan, jab mai aapse naraaz hi nahi hu…..bas don’t call my best night with a bad name…. it’s a request…. ” their hands were joined with each other when they are sorting out there differences…… it was like they knew each other from a long time……

“ek min geet…… before you will say something….. I have to tell you something more….. have to confess more of my sins…..” he looked down again……

“what maan?” she asked in confusion…..

He hesitated for a second then took a deep breath before saying more….. “I know geet you’ll think that I came to you when I was ditched by that girl, that’s why I am accepting my mistakes to you, that’s why I am apologizing you, that’s why I am asking another chance, that’s why I want to give a chance to this relationship…… hai na geet… you must be thinking…” she shook her head in denial… these thoughts never came in her mind….. she wants only maan, his love nothing more…….

“but geet, there is no explanation behind all these questions…… I don’t know what to said….. and I don’t want to give any excuse behind all this…… I.. I just felt like to give another chance to this relationship,, no other thoughts in my mind…… I thought why you would suffer because of me and it was enough you suffered a lot just because of me ”

he looked at her pausing for a second, looked straight in her eyes, he found restlessness in her eyes but in-spite of all this, there was love and care……. Her eyes were puffing due to crying or may be it was too late, may be she wants to sleep……. He sighed and wanted to tell her one thing more, may be this thought of his give her proper explanation behind all these questions……

“geet, one thing I have learnt because of sameera,,,, bhale hi usne mere sath kitna bura kiya ho par ek baat hai jo mujhe sikha kar gayi…… aur wo kehte hai na ki ek insaan apni galtiyo se hi seekhta hai aur maine apni galtiyo se bahut kuch seekha hai…. And rest about the thing I have learnt from sameera i.e. ” he stood up and sit beside her, he found restless on her face, curiosity in her eyes,,

“we should live our life with that person who love us , I mean, , hamesha uske sath apni zindagi bitao jo aapse pyaar kare na ki uske sath jisse aap pyaar karete ho….. aur mujhe iss baat ka meaning pata chala…..” a tear slipped from her eyes but that for happiness, not for grief….. no grief anymore… he promised to himself…… he wiped that tears from the tip of his index finger and placed his hand on her left cheek…… she was looking like a child to him right that moment…..

“and geet I want to spend my whole life with a person like you who love me…… will you like to spend your life like a person me who is fool, stupid, idiot (stopped by geet by placing her hand on his lips)”

“bas maan….. aur nahi…. Cursing session bahut hua….. would you like to hear my answer???” she asked happily like she got what she desired the most, but that’s true….. she desired maan all the while and today she is got what she wanted…… he nodded like child,, like he was waiting for the appreciation after getting good marks….. she smiled looking at his face……

“I would love to spend my life with you maan, , it was my desire and today I am the most happiest girl in the world who is getting her love, her husband after so many hurdles….. ” she beamed with happiness like she found any treasure….. he took her hand in his……

“but geet, before all this, , I want to understand you, our relationship before moving ahead with this relationship….. will you accept this? I want that you’ll take a decision about this relatioship”

She nodded,, “I love to maan….”

“thank you geet, thanks a lot, I can’t explain how I am feeling right now, like a big burden went away from my heart…. Thanks a lot for being with me like a pillar beside me,,, ”

“please maan, don’t thank me…. It was my love for you….. nothing else…..” she looked down……
He stood up and made her lie down on the bed making her comfortable, covering with the comforter… as soon as he was about to turn from her, she held his hand, he flinch a little bit when she held his hand, , his wound hurts but never mind, he didn’t moan at all in pain….. he knew that if he will moan that it will give pain to her also…… he just close his eyes in pain, nothing at all….. she remind something suddenly, , , he turned and looked at the hold on his hand….. then looked at her face which was showing some kind of worry…..

“geet, do you need something??”
he asked in confusion because of her hold on his hand….. she just shook her head in denial but stood up facing him, she said nothing to him but led him, actually pulling him by his arm, he also said nothing rather than following her like a obedient child….. right now, he knew that they are going in kitchen but the confusion id, they had their dinner now what she wants from kitchen….. he was about to ask to her but cut off in mid by her showing her hand to him…… she was telling him wait for some minutes with her silence….. he nodded and let her do what she wants…..
she took a pan and poured milk in it….. add 1 spoon turmeric in it… he was observing her, now he is understanding that she is going to make haldi wala dudh…. (turmeric milk), , , she added 1 spoon sugar in it and warm the milk little bit…. Now she was done with the process and present the full glass of turmeric milk in front of him……
he made the yucky face seeing milk in front of him….. “geet, I don’t need milk aur waise bhi I don’t (cut by geet in mid again)”

“ I know maan, you don’t like milk….. but it is very much needed for your wounds…. It will help in healing the wounds so soon…. Pls have it….” She pleaded to him…… he couldn’t do much now after listening her plead, he knew that she cares for him and today he witnessed also….. he calmly took glass from he hand and gulped the whole glass of milk in one go because he knew that if he will stop in mid that he won’t be able to gulp it again…..

“thanks geet…” she nodded…..


he calmly took glass from he hand and gulped the whole glass of milk in one go because he knew that if he will stop in mid that he won’t be able to gulp it again…..

“thanks geet…” she nodded…..

He was about to turn but then she called him softly “maan!”

He stopped at once and looked at her, replied…. “huh!!”

“Maan, wo actually…..” she looked at down feeling nervous, doesn’t understand how to approach him, playing with her fingers….. he looked at her finger activities and understood that she is nervous, she wants to ask something but confused…..

“what happen geet? koi baat bolni hai?” he asked softly…. She nodded quietly….

“then say what it is…” he told her…. She nodded again….

“Maan, wo actually, can……can I … can I shift to your room???” Geet asked to him looking down scared from his answer….. he thought for a moment….

“no” maan denied…..

She looked at him at once hearing his reply… she felt hurt when he denied her….. she cursed herself in her mind for asking….. she thought what was the need of asking….. he smiled looking at her facial expressions…. Pouted lips,,, he moved towards her and made her look in his eyes holding her face by her chin with her index finger…. She shivered with his touch and looked in his eyes…… searching the answers, searching the reason why he denied her…..

“geet, that was not my room only, that yours also…. ” he eyes beamed a little with happiness…..

“geet, that was our room and you have no need to take a permission from me,,, if you want to shift in our room then you can, , ” he assured her….

“thanks maan” geet replied…..

“geet, don’t thank me for anything…. I am not worthy for it…. Ok…. Room mein chalein ya saari raat kitchen mein hi bitaane ka irada hai?” he teased her a little bit….. she smiled and nodded…… both made their way to their room, , both was feeling a little bit awkward going in one room…. It was 3 months now and they never shared one room….. as soon as they entered in the room…..

their sight fell on bed, one bed…… maan saw the bed and look at her face…. He can sense the awkwardness between them….. though she was ready to share with him but he was not…. He wants a little time to understand her before taking their relationship further….. geet was also thinking about him, , , , if he is ready to share the room & bed also….

He turned towards her…. And cleared his throat….. “ahem ahem”, , ,she looked at him….

“wo geet, , you sleep here and I’ll sleep in study…. ” she nodded…..

“geet, don’t feel bad… actually I want little time for understand you, our relationship before taking any step and this time I don’t want to do any mistake that will hurt you more…. ” maan tried to clear his side to her….

“no maan, there is no need to feel bad…. I can understand you…. I’ll sleep here….. ” she replied him….

“geet, are you with me in this tough phase?” he asked holding her hand….

“I am always with you maan in every phase” she assured him with a smile…..

Pyaar ne pucha zindagi kya hai?
humne kaha tere bin kuch nahi.
usne fir pucha dard kya hai?
humne kaha jab tu sang nahi.

…pyaar ne pucha mohabbat kaha hai?
humne kaha mere dil me kahi.
usne fir pucha khuda kaha hai?
humne ne kaha tujhme kahi.

pyaar ne pucha humse ishq kyu hai?
humne kaha usko bhi pata nahi
usne fir pucha itni bechaini kyu hai?
humne kaha isme kasoor mera nahi.

pyaar ne pucha aetbaar karoge mera?
humne kaha tumse badkar koi nahi.
usne fir pucha saath doge mera?
humne kaha kyu nahi kyu nahi!!…

“thanks and, good night, have a good sleep” maan wished her…

“good night, and you too” she said with a smile…. Maan retired to his study with had the joint gate with his room….. geet went back in her room and took her some clothes and came back to their room….. after placing some clothes in cupboard, she sat bed…. Slowly-2 caressed the bed , the memory of that night regained in her mind, but the sweet memories of their togetherness , their being one, their sharing the bed, , it was her sweet memories of that night… she smiled slowly and placed her head on the pillow caressing his side, , ,

Geet’s Monologue……
Today I felt so happy when maan talk to me, it feels like I got what I desired from so long… I know it was not easy for him but it was not easy for me too to forget everything…… only I know that how much I have suffered, how much I have craved for his single glimpse in these 3 months….. it is not easy to forget everything, but I am trying…… I know maan, you are trying to put your best for this relationship but I know how much uncomfortable you are! , how much repenting you are! , I know how much you have suffered …. But I promise maan, I’ll help you to be comfortable in this relationship…….

To you I give the whole me
For I believe that you’re my destiny
To you I offer every best of my heart
For I believe that you will value it

I want to share my whole life with you
For me to show that my love is true
I want to hold you in my arms
And sing you songs and lullabies

Loving you is what I want to do
Although I know that it can make me blue
Cause tears in my eyes has nothing to do
If I’m with a man that is you……..!!

Geet’s Monologue Ends…..

she doesn’t know when she slept while caressing the bed sheet….

On the other side, maan was feeling really light after begging for his mistakes…. It was so hard for him but finally he did it….. it was really a relief for him, , , still he is repenting , , it is not easy for him for forgetting everything what he had done with everyone…… he changed in his tracks and saw the light of the room was still on……

He slowly-2 opened the door and peeped in the room but the sight was so contended…. She was looking so cute while sleeping, so innocent….. unknowingly his feet moved towards her, she was lying on bed like a ball feeling a little bit cold, AC’s temperature is little bit high…… he slow down the temperature and covered her with duvet,,,,, switch off the light and went on his bed…..

Maan’s Monologue
I know geet, how much you have suffered in these 3 months but I promise geet, I’ll give you all the happiness, love, care….. everything what you desired….. I know it was not easy for her, but it was not easy for me also to forget everything and start a new life with that person whom I don’t know much… but I know 1 thing about her that is, she is pure at heart….. you are with me geet then everything will be fine soon….. we’ll make our life a happy married life….. I promise…..
Maan’s Monologue Ends…..


Next morning, dadi & annie was sitting in hall, , just then Maan came down their without disturbing geet, she was sleeping so calmly like her sleep was waiting for this moment,,,,, after so many days it was looking like a family….. dadi, annie, , maan, like before they used to sit with each together and had fun….

chatting and laughing….. dadi panicked seeing maan’s hand bandaged …
dadi-maan, what happen to your hands?? She caressed his hands and her eyes moistened with tears….

Dadi maa, don’t panic,,,, it’s nothing… wok al raat gym mein…. It’s nothing… see, geet ne bandage kar diya tha….

Annie-geet ne….. bhai you hurt her again?? She asked while shocking hearing again geet’s name from maan, she knows nothing about this matter…..

Maan-annie, I am really sorry for hurting you all…. Please tum bhi mujhe maaf kar do…. And then he explained everything that he begged sorry from geet for his mistakes and misbehaved….. dadi smiled through tears while annie also had tears in her eyes…… he again asked sorry from her and She happily gave in after knowing that everything is fine now…..

she wants only geet’s happiness, , , nothing more….. when geet is happy then why can’t she be happy…. Just then ash came yawning, and wished good morning everyone…..

“hey everyone…. Good morning…” ash wished….. all wished her back…..

Ashlesha Singhania

and sit beside annie….. asked for coffee….. just then rey also come, he too was also yawning…. Everyone was late today, slept late and woke up late….

“hey bro, annie, dadi and u ash… good morning” rey wished them….. ash made a face but wished him back….

Ved ran and sat on maan’s lap….

“arey, my baby woke up this early” maan asked ruffling his hairs,,,

“good morning dad” told Vedanta….

“good morning beta” replied maan….

“papa” told Vedanta.. when Vedanta wants something then he addressed maan as papa otherwise dad….

“yes beta” replied maan kissing his cheeks while everyone engrossed in their chatting in pulling teasing Vedanta without no reason……

“what you brought from Europe for me??” he asked hoping so many toys….

“papa brought so many toys for you, everything , now happy baby” maan asked to him….

“very happy… love you papa” and kissed him on his cheek and maan again kissed him back….

Dadi-today I am very happy…. Itne dino baad sab ek sath hai…

Annie-haan dadi, aaj bahut achha lag raha hai sab ek sath aura b to ash & rey bhi sath hai….. kyu na masti ho jaaye…

Ash- bilkul…. Kya plan hai annie?

Rey-lo , yeh dono ho gaye start…. Inhe bas mauka milna chahiye , waise plan kya hai? And everyone laughed at once…… just then nakul came with the glass of milk and handed to dadi maa because he knew he won’t listen him……

Vedanta saw the milk and hid his face in maan’s chest…. “kya hua baby?” he asked him taping his back….

“I don’t want drink” and made yucky face…… dadi shook her head and annie took the glass from dadi’s hand…. This is his daily routine…. Daily he ran away seeing milk…. Somehow geet convince him for the milk…..
On the other hand geet woke up after taking a sweet sleep…. She has a beautiful smile on her face like it was her best sleep as ever….. she yawned and hugged herself pulling duvet near her chest feeling contended, closed her eyes and smiled beautiful….. she stood up and made her way to downstairs , she knew it’s Sunday and everyone will be in hall…. And today there is no problem with maan that she won’t show her face to maan….. it’s like a new day for her….. after all it’s new beginning of her life, no,,,, no their married life……

“but beta, milk gives you energy” maan tried to explain him…..

“no, I don’t want energy and again hid his face…. He hates milk…” ved again spoke….

“if I’ll mix chocolate powder in it then you’ll drink it na…. ” ask annie….

“no.. ” and he ran away jumping from maan’s lap….
Maan took the glass from annie’s hand and ran behind ved telling him to take milk otherwise papa will be gussa from him…. but ved being stubborn shaking his head in denial and running around in whole hall while all were laughing seeing the sight…… it was so new for them even geet was shocked seeing this…. She never imagined maan like this…….

She came down and watched them….. a sweet smile crept on her face just then ved hid behind her escaping from maan, , , maan stopped from his pace seeing geet there….. but then gave a liitle smile to her……

“good morning maan” she wished him with her usual big smile….

“good morning geet….. ” maan replied back while ash, rey also wished good morning to her……

“see geet, he is not having milk” he complained to geet about Vedanta….. ved peeped behind geet and looked at maan , pouting lips and looked down…..

“maan, he is like this…. Always throw tantrums” geet replied him back… dadi had tears seeing the scene…. It was like a complete family….. she was praying to god that everything will fine soon between maan and geet…..

Geet held vedanta’s hand and pulled him in front of her…..


“see geet, he is not having milk” he complained to geet about Vedanta….. ved peeped behind geet and looked at maan , pouting lips and looked down…..

“maan, he is like this…. Always throw tantrums” geet replied him back… dadi had tears seeing the scene…. It was like a complete family….. she was praying to god that everything will fine soon between maan and geet…..

Geet held vedanta’s hand and pulled him in front of her…..

“ved, what is going on? Why are you not having milk” she asked sternly….. oops maan shocked to see her stern expressions…. He never saw her so stern like him……

“milk nahi peena” he told again…. Poor baby… no one is listening him….. geet took him in her arms and asked why?

“you know mama very well that I don’t like milk….” He complained again…

Maan sat on couch holding the glass of milk….. she also went behind maan and sat beside him taking ved in her lap….

“hmm” then she said something in his ear and his face brighten with happiness….

“now tell me, will you drink milk or not?” geet asked again… she took glass from maan…..

“yes mama” he happily took glass and drank the whole glass in one go….. everyone was shocked seeing the sight…..

“geet, what did you told him” maan asked shocked and everyone also asked what did she told him…..

“mai kyo batau…. It’s a secret… hai na vedu??” she asked to him….. he nodded and kissed her cheek…. Yes it’s a secret…….

“no Vedanta, it’s cheating…. You have to tell us what your mama told you…. Now spit out fast…. Dada is waiting” maan tried to buttering him…… Vedanta cunningly smiled and shook his head in no…. maan starts ticking him while he was sitting in geet’s lap…..

Vedanta starts laughing, because of his hand’s movement, geet also starts laughing feeling tickled, maan stopped on his track and looked at the mesmerized sight…. She was looking like a child whose face became red due to so much laugh…..he lost himself in her childish laugh, so cute she was looking with red nose….. vedanta ran away , sit beside dadi…..


After taking a bath geet placed maan’s clothes and his needed things and went away in kitchen for helping nakul…. Though she knows limited things in cooking but she is learning well from nakul & other chefs… maan came in his room and found his clothes on it’s place & felt happy , she choose a grey check shirt with a combination of black & white and black jeans for today… after all it’s Sunday….

No working clothes today…. He loved her choice of clothes……

After some time when geet entered in her room for calling maan for brunch….. she found him struggling in wiping his hairs…. His hands were paining but still he was trying….. though his whole palm was not bandaged but still wounds were there, , and that too deep wounds…..

He doesn’t notice her and engrossed in his won world……. Suddenly he flinch in pain, his wound hurt and blood oozed out from the palm…..geet ran towards him and held his hand in hers & starts blowing on it…. His hand brushed with door while coming out from washroom but he didn’t notice that that blood was oozing out, seeing the blood again, she felt pang in her heart again, , , she couldn’t see him in this state….. She felt her eyes moistened and she starts scolding him….

“maan, aap bhi na… why didn’t you call me? See kitna khoon aa raha hai,” she scold him…..

“geet, it’s nothing…. Dekho jayada nahi hai…. Halka sa hi cut hai…” he tried to defend himself…

“you are calling it a small cut, how deep it is…. Let me clean the wound…” she overpowered on him…

“par geet…. It….” But he stopped in mid by her….

“don’t talk…. Let me do my work…. I don’t want any disturbance…. ” she said pointing a finger towards him and starts cleaning the wound with cotton & Savlon… he again flinch in pain…. A tear fell down on his hand from her eye and he felt his heart stabbed by something……

“geet, why are you crying now….? Did I say something? Did I hurt you again?” he was feeling like because of him she is crying again….there is a insecurity inside him that is he can’t make her happy… every time he is responsible for her tears,,,,,

“shhh…. I told you na don’t talk…. Yes you hurt me again but not by words, by these wounds…. What’s the need of removing your anger on yourself…. Everytime you punish yourself, tell me…” she asked from him controlling her tears…..

He held her face by her chin with his fingers, , “sshh geet, don’t cry.. I am sorry for doing this….i know I am stupid that’s why I did these acts every time and hurt you again with my acts…. Please sorry….. I promise…. I won’t do anything like this in future….” He said all in one go looking in her deep almond brown eyes which were wet due to him….

“promise” she asked forwarding her hand in front of him….

“promise” he placed his hand in hers and said with a smile…..

“now let me wipe you hairs” she snatched the towel from him and starts wiping his head, he being like a obedient child said nothing and enjoyed her care for him….. it was a great feeling for both of them…. A new beginning of their relation….. they have to go a long way for understanding each other, their life style, their likes & dislikes, taste, interest, their love towards each other, care, they have to know slowly-2 that what type of feeling they are carrying for each other, what they expects from each other…… it’s like a new way for them and they have to cross it by together, holding each other hands….. by giving support to each other, without support of their partner, they can’t cross this way, and it was a start of their exam…. It was like a exam of them and they have to pass out otherwise their relation will call failure…

They can clearly listen each other heartbeats, they are so close to each other but still so far away by their heart, by their soul….. maan closed his eyes feeling her aroma in air, her fragrance she carried wherever she went, , it was kind a different feeling for him, he never felt like this…. A new kind of sensation in body, that is the different he felt between her & sameera….. geet is so pure & serene…..she carried cuteness, sweetness, mercy, love, care, and so many things he doesn’t know now but he knows slowly-2 he will get to know everything about her…..

“maan….. ” she called him but he was not giving any response to her because he was lost in his thoughts thinking about her…… “maan” she called again….. this time she tapped his shoulder and he jerked away feeling her touch on his bare shoulder…..
“huh! What happen geet?” he asked coming out of his thoughts….

“where were you lost? I was calling you” she asked to him looking at his face…..

“wo nothing…. I was thinking something…. Why were you calling me?” he asked looking up at her face….

“wo, your hairs are dried….come fast downstairs, everyone is waiting for you for brunch” she told him while placing the towel on it’s place…. He nodded and took the shirt for wearing…. But again having difficulty in buttoning the buttons but again said nothing to geet…. He thought this is a little thing, at least he can do this without bothering her, already she have done so many things for him….. but for his shock he felt suddenly her fingers on his shirt… she is buttoning his shirt…. She knew that he will feel pain….. after doing this….

“thanks geet” she smiled and nodded and went away smiling at her thoughts….. she felt butterflies in her stomach when she was standing so close to him…. like her something in her stomach going up & down and her skin is tickling…. Somehow she controlled her because she doesn’t want to make it obvious in front of him……

Everyone was having brunch , laughing, teasing, it was like a great moment for dadi….. it was 3 odd months, this house haunted her, no happiness, only pain & sorrow in every corner of this mansion…. But today, it was like all the old happiness came back at their gate….. she wants to treasure it more & more….she felt contended….. she has tears in her eyes but wiped them silently not to disturbing anyone because everyone is very happy today….. Vedanta was teased by annie& ash while rey & maan were talking something about business , remained geet & dadi… they are happy like this with each other feeling happy seeing everyone happy…. Just then they heard a voice…

“hello everyone” arjun said..

Geet happily left her food in mid and ran towards him…. “hey arjun, hows you?” and hugged him….. annie’s face also glowed with happiness seeing arjun, ,

“ye sawaal mujhe tujhe karna chahiye… kaisi hai tu? Ab teri tabiyat theek hai na?” he asked cupping her face…..

“I am perfectly fine…. Look at me” she turned left & right showing herself to him….

“tu apne khyaal kyo nahi rakhti?” he asked in worry

“mera khyaal rakhne ke liye tum ho na” and gave a cheeky smile and he melt at her smile….

“arjun uncle…” Vedanta also called him….

“hey champ…” and took him in his arms… placed a kiss on his cheek while demand a kiss for himself also… ved happily kissed him back…

Arjun went towards dadi and took blessing from him…. just then he looked towards maan…..

“hello Mr. khurana” by forwarding his hand to him…..

“hello Mr. Rathore, How are you?” while shaking hands…

“I am fine mr. khurana, what about you?” arjun asked to him back…

“same here…. “maan replied still putting stern expressions on his face….. “call me maan” maan told him, he doesn’t want to be professional with geet’s friends….. he wants to know her and being formal, he can’t do anything, he has to be friendly with her & her friends too…..

“ohkay….. maan, then you have to call me with my name..” arjun smiled at maan…..

“sure arjun, why not…. Come and join us…” maan invite him….. everyone felt overjoyed seeing little bit change in maan’s behavior…… and dadi felt over-joyed….first maan realized his mistake & begged sorry also, second maan & geet stepped in their relationship, third now he is trying to be friendly a little bit everyone not like old maan who was always in serious mode…..

“sure”, arjun replied…. Geet dragged him holding his arm and serve him, she whispered with happy expressiona in his ear that she made this food…… arjun shocked and whispered back that then I am not going to eat this….. geet pouted cutely just then maan spoke…..

“You & geet seems good friends?” maan asked