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~Drown in Love~ part-43


~Drown in love~





Geet smiled at his introduction….. armaan came close to geet and whispered…. “and I am the one who knows every little secret of your loving fiancé..” geet giggled hearing that , maan narrowed his eyes while everyone is having a gala time seeing them….  Maan poked his finger in armaan’s shoulder , , armaan frowned and turned towards maan asking from him…….


what happened maan? Why are you poking my shoulder?” asked maan is his irritating tone……  maan smiled a little bit, umm it was a forceful smile cause he knew armaan is doing some kind of mischief or may be telling some secrets to geet which he doesn’t want that geet would come to know……  it’s nothing just his childhood mischiefs…….


Maan held armaan’s hand and pulled him aside and himself stand beside of geet…… all giggled on maan’s step but didn’t say anything but armaan smirked and spoke….. “you have changed a lot maan…. Now you are not my friend…… ” saying that armaan went and sat one of the chair that is present in the hall……. “dost dost na raha…… dost ko pyaar ho gaya…… dost ko ishq ho gaya….. dost dost na raha….” Armaan was singing in his sad tone , hearing the wordings, geet’s cheeks turned red and a shy smile spread on her face…….  aashi teased her while maan blushed a little but tried to maintain his stern expression on his face…… 


Maan shrugged armaan’s nautanki and then they talked with each other normally , no much drama, but yeah he didn’t left teasing to maan & geet…. Armaan & aashi made up a team and having a great time in pulling leg of this new engaged couple while armaan was also troubling ridzy and the same ridzy was doing….. she was continuously mumbling something about him but she tried to ignore him…. She thinks that why made her day bad because of that monkey….. I mean armaan….. monkey is the nickname ridzy gave to armaan in her mind only…..


Armaan went to the Dj and told him to play a song for the couple……  All were insisting for the dance, continuously saying to maan & geet for the dance but maan being a shy person or you can say that he can’t dance in front of all the relatives, ,  what they will think about him, , but after lots of trying, forcing them he got ready…… ridzy pulled geet while Vicky pulled maan in the center…..and just then the song played……….


Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte

Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)


Maan forward his hand in front of her asking her permission, , she blushed and nodded slightly giving her hand in him like she is giving herself to him……. As maan accepted and pulled her slowly towards himself……..


Tujhse juda agar ho jaayenge

Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa


She felt tickled in her body when maan placed her hands on his shoulders while he himself placed his hand on her bare waist, , she felt blood rushed so fast in her body when his warm hands touched her cold waist………..


Kyunki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho


All whistled loudly making them blushed in embarrassment, they danced on the beat slowly , looking in each other eyes like maan is telling to her, she is his life now, she is in his heart, no one can take her place in his heart……


Tera mera rishta hai kaisa

Ik pal door gawara nahi

Tere liye har roz hai jeete


He moved his face more in the crook of her neck , , his lips slightly touched with her earlobe yet slightly far , , but her heart raced so fast feeling his hot & warm breath of her skin, , he smiled inwardly about what he is going to tell her but he has to….. “you are looking beautiful..! he complimented her , none knew that he said something to her, her lips curved in a blush , , red hue spread on her cheeks making them crimson red, , her lashes dropped and she looked down not able to meet with his teasing gaze……


Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi

Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina


thank you..” she mumbled in her mouth only so that maan only can hear, , he smiled accepting her thank you and his long fingers moved on her bare skin on waist, her breath hitched feeling his possessive hands on her….. she smiled shyly and danced matching with his pace….


Har saans pe naam tera



She entangled her hands around his neck,  both moved little bit far away from each other then maan pulled her at once towards him , her back collided to his chest and he draped his arms around her tiny waist and she kept her hands on his arms which are around her waist……. His broad chest comfortably fit on her back, slowly he dipped his head in her hairs inhaling the strong yet fruity fragrance of her mild shampoo……. …..


Kyunki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho


she felt tickling sensation when she felt his hot breath on the nape of her neck, , his lips were barley touching her soft skin yet barely away from her skin…… his lips becoming dry itself like they wants quench the thirst of the mouth, , like her skin is some kind of fruit juice…..  both were moving on the beat while others were enjoying yet cheering for them…… encouraging them, whistling, hooting, for them……  photographer was clicking the photos and making videos also……



Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…

Tere liye hi jiya main

Khud ko jo yun de diya hai


Maan turned geet towards himself, facing each other, and gazing at her crimson red face, , looking deep in her eyes, , like they are saying to him that I am submitting myself to you and the same feelings maan was having in his eyes….


Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala

Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala

Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda

Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm……


Maan held her hand and put on his shoulder while he kept his one her waist pulling her more towards him, then he held her other hand straight and both were doing a ball dance, dancing like  a perfect couple, a contended smile crept on maan’s face, he was little bit tensed or nervous when the dance had been started but now he is comfortable with her, holding her in his arms, ….


Kyunki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho..

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)


Maan held her one finger and then geet took two rounds around maan then again maan held her one finger and she was moving round & round standing at one place and then in a jerk he pulled her towards him and captivated her in his embrace , she locked her hands around his neck and his arms went around her waist by itself , their bodies glued with each other and then when the last line came of the song , both made “Madhubala & Rk” pose……


Then the whole hall buzzed with the clapping, hooting and whistling…… both stood apart from each other, , maan smiled while geet looked down and at once went away from there feeling shy too much, , then maan also went and sat on his place, , armaan almost sat on him teasing him like a hell, Vicky and raj also joined him……. Dj was still playing the song, little kids were jumping on the floor and dancing with his crazy steps, , entertaining the guests…..


After the dance all moved towards the food hall while maan & geet escorted towards the table which is specially set for the couple and near once….. Raj, Simmi, Vicky, annie, ridzy, aashi, armaan joined them…. Waiter came and served the food to everyone…..




Really very sorry guys for keeping you wait so long…… I know that you were waiting but what could I do…… I was very busy, couldn’t able to spare the time , and my mother is not doing well with her health so I have to doing household work and then I am also not keeping well with my health…… job is too tiring….. will try to update soon but not before Diwali….. if I can then surely I’ll try to update….. now-a-days, me little busy on wattpad….. reading stories, , hahaha…… at night only…… amazing stories there…… I am not coming online, reading from cell only without internet…


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~Drown in Love~ part-42


~Drown in love~





Hai, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja, Hoi…


 As soon as the song finished and the dance also….. Armaan made his entry inside the hall….. Maan and Geet enjoyed the whole dance session a lot….. the teasing and the little nok jhok…. Truly they loved it,  but most of the time maan and geet were lost in their eyes , , still both were looking in each other eyes, the eye lock was unbreakable….


Geet’s cheeks were crimson red while maan doesn’t know that he is staring at her, looking deep in her eyes…. He was lost somewhere else….. while others were giggling at looking them…… in between of that…… Armaan stepped outside from his black shinning car, in his black tuxedo , looking dashing and handsome as usual…..  he shook his neck slightly combing his hairs slightly from his fingers , giving his charming smile to the girls and girls flattered on his smile…..


He came inside looking in his cell actually texting to someone while an another person also coming from the other direction , holding her lehanga and talking to herself and then both person bumped to each other…… Armaan’s cell


His cell fell down from his hand and a girl landed in his arms , , when he looked down, a girl is lying in his arms,  eyes shut in fear, lips pursed tightly , and fingers curled in fist, when he glanced at her face, he couldn’t able to blink for a second, , his lashed stuck on it’s place, when she slightly opened her eyes not feeling the land , , she opened her one eye and then found herself in two arms safely….. she at once opened her another eyes confirming that she is not on land….. suddenly smiled spread in her mind but soon it’s flew away and she panicked finding herself in some manly arms…..


While Armaan was staring at her face losing himself all over on a girl……  her eyes widened and she started struggling in his arms taking him out from his la la land and when the realization fell in his mind and he loosen his hold from her waist and she fell down on the ground at once….. Armaan bit his lip and closed his eyes while her lips curved in o shape “ouch” word come out from her mouth….


He sat down beside of her realizing his mistake and trying to correct that….. “are you okay?, I am really sorry….. really very sorry….. ” he was continuously saying to her while she was seething in anger … “what sorry…? Who are you? Aur…. Aur..tumhari himmat kaisi huyi ?”  by one hand she rubbing her leg while another finger pointed at his face, he at once jumped back when she pointed her finger to him….. “whoa…. Slow down girl…” he spoke holding her finger in his and gave her his charming smile while she mouth again curved in o shape, she gritted her teeth and snapped on his hand,……


who invited you mr.?” she asked standing on her feet and he too straighten up , and correcting his coat while she corrected her dupatta & lehanga…..  “well, mai unmein se nahi jo uninvited kahi bhi chalein jaate hai..” Armaan replied back crossing his arms over his chest….. “that means you are invited?” she asked again pointing her finger again to him…..   


well, is that a question or a statement?” he asked….. “huh..!…. whatever..” she said trying to dismiss him by her hand but Armaan held her hand in his right on time ,, “who invited you??” she asked snapped again on his hand….. “ouch… hold on girl… you are so curious..” he spoke….. “I should be… after all it’s my sister’s engagement… I won’t tolerate unwanted crowd here..”  she snapped again by her words…..

ohhhh….” He said putting his finger on his chin going in thinking mode , he rubbed his chin little bit….. “then I’ll be the most wanted one of the crowd here… after all I am the best of bestest friend of yours would be brother in law…” he said showing twinkles in his eyes , her eyes widen , she snorted her nose, , and went away from there taking a last glance of his face, swaying her lehanga while he rubbed his heart , he smirked and went inside of the house searching his best friend and when he reached inside the house, he found maan sitting with his would be wife,


he grinned like a fool seeing his best friend like love sick puppy , both are looking so cute, he said in his mind , when he turned his face he found again the same girl burning in anger…. He smirked again seeing her, and wave his hand to her, she turned her face at once without taking his hello….


She held Aashi’s hand and dragged her from there whispering something about armaan but aashi giggled…. Armaan went more near to maan & geet, , slowly-2 he went stood behind them…..  he looked at them…… their eye lock and geet was blushing like hell… her cheeks were like red tomato and maan was smiling yet it was so small smile but still armaan was so happy seeing a sweet smile on his face…. Armaan smiled truly , , he smiled evilly at once “booooo….” Maan & Geet at once jumped scared….

Geet’s eyes widen at once and the same thing happened with maan,,,,, some head turned towards them…..  maan turned his head behind and soon the frown which was on his face disappeared and that frown replaced by a sweet si big si smile……  maan grinned seeing his best buddy and armaan laughed seeing his best friend like this…..  he had never seen maan like this…. He is truly a new maan infront of his eyes….. .. maan stood up and both buddies hugged each other…….


congrats yaar….” Armaan patted his back in a friendly manner , Vicky laughed seeing them while rajni , dadi and param shook their head seeing these two , armaan is like a son for them….  Geet stood up seeing them and she was little bit confused while ridhima murmuring something actually she was talking to herself, ummm some profanities for armaan….. some words with flowery touch coming out from her mouth that too for armaan, , she snorted her nose again and stood there crossing her arms …..

thanks yaar. ” maan replied back and both broke the hug…….  “kaisa hai yaar?” asked maan….. “arey isko maar goli….. bhabhi ji..” armaan spoke pushing him aside and himself, stood in front of geet…..  “bhabhi ji… myself Armaan….. aapke hone wale patidev ka bachpan ka dost..” armaan introduced himself to geet….. maan gave him a slap on his shoulder, he was going to introduce him but he was like a metro train, …..


Geet smiled at his introduction….. armaan came close to geet and whispered…. “and I am the one who knows every little secret of your loving fiancé..” geet giggled hearing that , maan narrowed his eyes while everyone is having a gala time seeing them….  Maan poked his finger in armaan’s shoulder , , armaan frowned and turned towards maan asking from him……

~Drown in Love~ part-41



~Drown in Love~


While in Handa Villa , everything is ready now…. They sighed finally in relief, , mohinder , ripu and arjun also ready in their suits and looking dashing and handsome…. Well Mohinder handa thinks himself like an adult….. now comfortably sitting with his friends and cracking jokes……




Finally their car entered in Dehradun and turned towards their house….. so many cars in a queue moving towards Handa Villa with it’s full speed but the speed was not more than their zeal….. they are so excited about the whole engagement, poor maan has to bear all the teasing and listening his jiju’s advice…..


After some time a girl ran inside from the well decorated balcony , giggling, laughing and with a great enthusiasm….. screaming geet’s name loudly….. “geet di… geet di… ” she screamed from top of her lungs and all the ladies turned towards her…… she entered in geet’s room where she was sitting fully ready….. “what happen Ishita?” asked geet looking at her…….  “geet di…. Jiju came finaly….. your wait has been over now..” saying so she giggled softly and ridzy ran outside seeing maan…..


arey aayiye bhai sahib…” mohinder said shaking his hand with Param khurana ….. “namaskar ji..” param said to mohinder and mohinder replied back…..  they hugged each other , followed by param, everyone is getting down from the car and then the entry of maan…. He stepped outside and bend down in front of mohinder for taking his blessings…..


namastey papa.” Maan wished him….. “god bless you beta..” mohinder blessed him… and then both hugged each other….. mohinder introduced Arjun with everyone and he mingled with everyone so easily, specially with Raj…..


Ripu was handling the car…. Arranging them properly in parking ….. ridzy ran inside giggling, laughing and she hugged geet from back….. “omg di… jiju is looking so handsome..”, , geet’s cheeks turned crimson red hearing all these taareefs……  “really..!” asked geet , she couldn’t control on herself and asked…… “yup di… really di, so dashing in his black attire…just wow…” replied ridzy and hearing that, geet blushed hard biting her lip trying to control from not blushing in front of everyone…..


Mohinder, Arjun and Rano escorted them inside the Villa and made them sit at the front couches……  maan and his father, brother in law and brother sat with pandit ji along with mohinder and arjun and performed some rituals….. pandit ji put tilak on maan’s forehead and chanted some mantras…..


Ladies chatted with each other and introduced everyone with each other….. then dadi told to Rano…. “Rano ji…. Ye kuch gifts hai , please aap inhe waha rakhwa denge..” politely dadi told her while rano nodded , she called 2-3 girls, they took the things and kept all the things on the table……  well in this traditions, both sides used to show the things which they are going to each other family like saress, sweets, ornaments, dresses, some artificial gifts etc..etc….


Afterwards , Rano called everyone for seeing the gifts from both sides….. their gifts on separate-2 tables….. all the ladies went their and saw the gifts and praised too much cause the jewelries are so beautiful , and saress that is for geet….. 


Later after some time, Geet escorted downside from the room surrounded with her sister, friend and cousin….. geet blushed hard because of the comments  which her friends aashi is whispering in her ear about maan….. like he is hotie, can we exchange our grooms, does he have 6 packs? Omg he has stubble, oho geet teri to nikal padi…..  geet couldn’t control on her from blushing ,


Maan looked up and saw geet is coming down…. His eyes stuck on her and don’t know from where a sweet smile tugged at the corner of his lips, his heart beats raised for a second and it is pumping so fast now……  while geet’s cheeks turned red completely but none find it because of her make up,  that is the plus point of make up….


Raj elbowed him whispering his ear that stop staring at her like a fool…….  Maan at once looked down and blushed….  Simmi giggled seeing his brother state…. Simmi and annie went to geet and made her sit beside of maan…..  both glanced at each other and passed a smile to each other…….


Cameraman came and started clicking photo graphs of the couple….  Soon all the relatives surrounded them and Rajni, maan’s mother started introducing them with geet….. and geet had to take blessing from everyone who is old enough….  Waiters came and ripu & arjun , both served each and every person by themselves….. drinks and snacks ……


both side of relatives like geet & maan very much and whispering like, ‘ladki kitni sundar hai,’ , ‘ladka bhi kuch kam nahi…. ’,,, ‘hamari geet jayada sundar hai..’,,,,, ‘ye toh hamara maan hai itna handsome…. Lucky to ladki hai jisey hamare maan mila hai….’ God…. So many mouth and so many talks…. None cane stop them… it’s just ladies time pass gossiping……


Ridzy and annie came holding plates which have the rings, covered by the rose petals and with some other decorations,….. and handed the rings in maan & geet’s hands…. “maan, remember what I told you..” Raj whispered in maan’s ear and maan nodded like he is going to follow his advice….. he swear that not this time…. Enough of his advices…..  “Maan, beta, ring pehnao…” , , told Rajni….  “haan mama…. Pehnao na…” ansh spoke clapping his hands looking at both one by one….. geet smiled seeing him…. “arey aise kaise…. First bhabhi…ji…” spoke one of maan’s cousin….


no ways… first jiju…” replied ridzy back stopping geet’s hand…..  youngsters were having fun pulling maan & geet’s leg, poor couple couldn’t help from blushing but everyone stopped when maan shot a very hard glare to his cousins and brother…. They sealed their mouth at once seeing him angry….. but just then maan smiled a little and everyone joined him….


Everyone looking here and there, , without noticing to anyone, maan held geet’s hand and made her wear the ring at once, she gasped and looked at him shocked first then blushed hard………….  Those who noticed this, they whistled loudly grabbing everyone’s attention……. They howled and hooting so loudly….and clapped , clicking pictures….. even one person had the video of maan holding geet’s hand secretly…..s “Maan, itni bhi kya jaldi thi…. Tum toh Metro train se bhi fast nikle…. Kahi geet ko abhi ghar le jaane ka irada toh nahi…” Raj teased him……..



nothing is like that jiju…. I thought kahi pehle aap, pehle aap mein aapka so called shubh muhurat na nikal jaaye…” replied maan smirking at his jiju…. While geet was admiring her ring secretly though maan caught her but he felt good seeing her admiring the ring that means she liked it…


jiju,,, shubh muhurat toh is just an excuse… I thing matter is something else..” finally stated something and got again glare from maan but he ignored that…..   butterflies ran in geet’s stomach when she held maan’s hand for the ring, , boys whistled again , geet shivered and then at once made him wear the ring , , all clapped , clicked pictures, shoot videos also….


As soon as the engagement took place, , every one started coming on the stage and started clicking their photos with the couple, , Raj and simmi teased maan while aashi teased geet and maan also….  After all she is the only friend geet has….. on the other hand Maan missing Armaan too much , he is not there till yet, , may be he was busy in his hospital…..


Everyone went back at their places and then Dj played the music….. a song played specially on someone’s request…… Maan and Geet sat with each other and all the guests sat at their places….. just then song played and annie came forwards tieing her duppata in a knot at the side of her waist….. lip sing along with the song…..


(Aaj Hai Sagaai

Sun Ladki Ke Bhai ) -2

Zara Nach Ke Humko Dikhaa….


She sang it and stood in front of Ripudama handa,,,,, she put her hands on her waist and started singing again……

Aaj Hai Sagaai

Sun Ladki Ke Bhai


She went back on the floor and doing some steps…… ripu smirked at her and gave her his cute si smile taking away heart of girls who are present over there…..Zara Nach Ke Humko Dikhaa

Kudi Ki Tarhan Na Sharmaa


Annie dance hiding her face behind her palms like in shyness…… then she poked his shoulder standing infront of him, daring him…..


Hai Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja

Haan, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja



Sabh Ko Nachaoon

Nach Nach Ke Dikhoon

Aa Mujh Ko Gale Se Lagaa

Sabh Ko Nachaoon


Ripu entered in field raising up his sleeves grabbing some girls , actually grabbing his cousins and danced with them…… 

Nach Nach Ke Dikhoon

Aa Mujh Ko Gale Se Lagaa


He grabbed annie’s hand pulling her in his arms and danced with her…… everyone cheered them for dancing further….. he left her and then pulled her again making an eye contact with her….. 

Munde Se Zara Aankh Lada

Munde Se Zara Aankh Lada

Hoi, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja

Hai, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Some girls and boys came on dance floor,,,, some are with ripu and some are with annie….. simmi also accompanied annie while aashi joined ripu….


O Soniyee…

Sar Pe Sajaa Ke Sehraa

Baarat Le Ke Aaon

Dulhan Tujhe Bana Ke

Doli Mein Le Ke Jaoon


Ripu sang behaving like maan pointing at annie who is now playing a role of geet….. maan and geet looked at each other blushing so hard , , there is a little gap between them and geet’s hand rested over there…… maan secretly put his hand on hers and held it softly making geet jump first then he clutched his fingers with her making it up with her….


Bholi Samajh Ke Mujhpe

Na Daal Aise Daane

Shaadi Nahin Karoongi

Ja Maan Ja Deewane


Annie sang coming near ripu then went away showing him her tongue , showing him her thumb down smirking at him….


Sun Albeli

Meri Tanha Akeli

Abh Kat Ti Nahin Ratiyaan


Ripu sang like a love sick puppy like now a days he is dreaming about her…..  geet looked at maan like asking really you are not getting sleep now a days…. Ripu came near annie and held her hand pulling her towards himself…..


Jaa Re Harjayee

Chal Chod Kalayee

Sabh Dekhti Hain Sakhiyaan

Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja -2


Annie shied a little looking here and there and singing , pointing at her friends those who are seeing them….. geet blushed more seeing their act while maan clutched her hand more, possessively……


Hoi, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja -2

O Maan Ja…


Everyone danced with each other……


Kehti Hain Meri Sakhiyaan

Dil Mein Hai Chor Tere

Kyoon Haath Dho Ke Aise

Peeche Pada Hai Mere


Annie move towards him then poked on his chest singing along with the song then came back leaving him alone…..



Sakhiyoon Se Apni Keh Do

Ke Beech Mein Na Aaye

Ban Jayein Meri Saali

Jija Mujhe Banaayein


Ripu stood there crossing his arms then point at every girl who is with annie , dreamily…..


Main Na Aaon Tere Sang

Tere Ache Nahin Dhang

Na Aise Baat Badha


Annie came forward showing him her big-2 eyes and holding her waist……


Mujhe Karna Tu Tung

Abh Band Kar Jung

Aa Ban Ke Dulhan Ghar Aa

Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja

Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Ripu also came forward and pulled her again in his arms and both danced with each other……


Haan, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja

Haan, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Aaj Hai Sagaai

Sun Ladki Ke Bhai

Aaj Hai Sagaai

Sun Ladki Ke Bhai

Zara Nach Ke Humko Dikhaa

Aaj Hai Sagaai

Sun Ladki Ke Bhai

Zara Nach Ke Humko Dikhaa


Everyone danced with each other so crazily and maan & geet also enjoyed a lot seeing this mastiful dance…..


Sabh Ko Nachaoon

Nach Nach Ke Dikhoon

Aa Mujh Ko Gale Se Lagaa


Kudi Ki Tarhan Na Sharmaa


Munde Se Zara Aankh Lada


Hoi, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Hai, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja, Hoi…

 As soon as the song finished and the dance also….. Armaan made his entry inside the hall….




Meri Aashiqui ab tum hi ho…. 😀 😉


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~Drown in Love~ part-40


~Drown in Love~



missed you a lot bhai..” both girls spoke together and he chuckled slightly but soon his eyes also got wet……. Soon his baby sister will flew away from here then there wil be no one to prepare delicious dishes for him when he’ll come home in vacations…


me too missed you a lot my dolls..” arjun spoke looking at their faces and wiped their cheeks which has the tears marks….. geet & ridhima wiped his tears….  He tried to lightened the environment…..  “arey I forgot…. Sabse pehle big wala congratulations to my geetu…. ” he spoke hugging her and then soon a big dairy milk appeared in front of her eyes…… “kuch meetha toh banta hai na….” he said tearing the wrapper of the chocolate and trio shared the chocolate, “thank u bhaiya..”





Vicky….. Vicky….” Param was shouting his younger son’s name very loudly standing at the top of the stairs in anger, umm…. Not in anger… it was his worry for his careless son who always seems in his masti mood, trying to take everything jokingly, not seriously and on the other hand, his elder hand who takes everything seriously….. uff what to do with these two brothers….. he sighed deeply trying to calm himself… when vicky showed up his face, , he shot a glare to him… Vicky gulped and trying to think that what I have done now? But nothing entered in his pea size brain what his dad & his bro called him but he never mind that…..


you called me dad?” he asked ever so innocently…… “ji beta ji,,,,, aapka hi intezaar ho raha tha..” param replied sarcastically , , he scratched his head nervously and gave him a smile….. “umm dad, kya kaam tha?” he asked , , “vicky, when I told you to put these things in car, but no you were engrossed in your own world….. where were you yesterday?” asked param putting his hands on his waist…..


dad, don’t say like this… I was preparing everything for the engagement…” replied Vicky back taking things from the ground…… “theek hai theek hai…… take these things and put in car…. And yes where is maan?” asked param…… “okay dad….. maan bhai , I think I saw him going in study room before an hour ago…” replied Vicky back heading down from the stairs with the bags……


oh god…  why maan is workaholic  …? ” asked param from himself and headed towards the study room…… when he slightly opened the door and found his workaholic son engrossed badly in his laptop and his files……  he rubbed his temple and called his name…. “maan…” maan stopped typing and looked back….. “yes dad..” replied back maan…


his dad came inside and pressed ctrl+s and then at once closed his laptop at once, , yelled maan at once…. “dad, ye aapne kya kiya?, , I have lots of work…” maan gazed at his dad’s face……. Param had a stern look on his face , , “maan, mujhe tumse yeh ummeed nahi thi…. Today is your engagement and you are sitting here with your laptop… ” replied param to maan……


but dad, only half an hour work left…” maan tried to made his way towards his work…… “I think there is no need to engage you with geet..” told param crossing his arms….. maan’s eyes popped at once hearing that……. “dad, what are you saying?” maan at once perplexed…..  his dad muffled his laughter and still maintained stern look on his face…… “yes maan….. when you are not showing any interest in your engagement then there is no need of this engagement… ” replied back param facing maan now….. maan sighed deeply knowing what his dad is trying to say….


Okay dad….. no work now… is that alright…?” asked maan…… “maan, work nahi karna koi solution nahi hota…… maan I heard that you didn’t try your dress till yet…” asked his dad…… “umm… dad I am going for that now..” saying so maan ran away from there and finally laugh slipped from his mouth and he laughed loudly….. and after sometime he saw maan is trying his dress and annie is checking out whether it is properly fit to him or not? And whether her brother looking dashing or not?…..  now there is no need to put off that dress, after all maan has to wear that dress only for his engagement….


After some time, there is too much hustle bustle in the mansion when their close relatives came there and simmi , Raj and her family also came….. children are running here and there in their cute-2 dresses, Ansh was looking like a small price while Anshika is looking like cutie princess in fairy dress…..


It’s around 9 am when all the members are ready, , Vicky put all the things in the car, all the cars are ready in front of the mansion while Maan’s  black BMW is specially shinning today , , today is God Bharayi also along with the engagement……




Everyone is running here and there , looking here & there the arrangements…… Ripu was checking the food arrangements, there is so much variety of food and that is A-one quality with new style…… he is looking dashing like before while Arjun was checking other arrangements, like the decorations is complete or not, whether is Dj is properly set or not, sitting arrangements and some other cousins are helping him in that…..


While on the other hand Rano & Sonia were getting ready, after all ladies took much more time than gents….  Geet was in her room with rdizy and with all the beauticians, she wore a beautiful designer saree in deep purple colour with magenta shade in it…… heavy embroidery on it but in latest fashion…..  she is looking very beautiful without make up and without all the jewels….




Finally Maan got ready properly in his suit which has the sherwani look , it’s in black color which maan’s favorite color, hairs are gelled but not that much…. Rolex watch shinning on his wrist and properly  shined shoes in his feet…….. he has the diamond broach at the side of his coat pocket which shined too much and a chain attached with the broach which lead to the pocket….  any girl can get a heart attack seeing him so dashing, handsome….. 


Finally everyone came downside after getting ready and gathered in the hall….. maan bend down and took the blessings of dadi first followed by his parents….. his siblings and cousins complemented him , , all the family members looking so fab after all they are khuranas……  soon they headed towards their car and all the cars ran on the roads in their fast speed but yes in control…..


On the other hand in Handa Villa, , handa family freaked out completely cause the preparations are not over till yet…… when they thought everything is complete then one new thing came up and engrossed them in work….. Gents are not ready till yet and engrossed in work…. They are wondering that what will happen when marriage will held….? They sighed deeply and mohinder sat over a chair in the hall tired but that is not the time for being tired…..  “papa, water…” Arjun gave a glass of water mixed with glucose ,…. “thank u beta…” mohinder replied back and gulped the whole glass water in one go…..


After some time, some of Mohinder’s friend and gathered at one place, cracking jokes and telling some their experience of army between the people , what they did at the border or other things while other peoples were enjoying that fully……


Inside the house, , decoration was complete while on the other side,,,,, food arrangement is also almost done….. just table setting left, they can do this work later….. while upside in the room, Geet wore her saree and her make up also almost done….. just hair style and jewels left….. while ridzy is already ready , same with Sonia & rano…..


Some of geet’s couins came over there ….. there is lot of hungama going on….. some small children dancing on the floor and doing funny-2 acts,,,,, meanwhile it’s 1pm now….


Maan was sitting behind the wheels backside of the car along with annie and Vicky…. And yeah how can we forget ansh, who always wants to be with his mama & mausi…….  Vikcy was driving the car and Raj also accompanied them…… Ansh sat in maan’s lap, though they tried a lot to made him sit on his papa’s lap so that maan’s clothes crease didn’t spoil but being a sweet spoil brat , he didn’t budge from maan’s lap, , and maan also let him sit there,….


He was continuously asking questions from maan  like he  cracked a question in front of maan….  “mama….. mama….” He called maan in his sweet babyish tone….. “haan beta…” maan replied calmly but inwardly he is scared now from ansh’s questions…… “we are going to mami’s place…na… then you’ll marry with her…?” he asked cutely…… maan sighed and looked at him……


no beta… aaj toh engagement hai marriage nahi hai..” maan replied back then ansh went in deep thought then he cracked another question………. “woh kya hota hai?” he asked cutely…. “jab ladka and ladki ek dusre ko ring pehnaate hai usey engagement kehte hai..” replied maan calmly…


On the other hand Raj was teasing maan to the core like telling him all kinds of funny things…. But he gave him his super advices also…. “saale sahib….. I am giving you an advice that is totally free…  when you’ll made geet wear the ring na, that time hold her hand tightly… pata hai iska advantage kya hai?” Raj told to maan, till now maan was irritated completely but he calmed himself,


ji jija ji…. Batayiye advantage…” replied maan back looking in his phone back….. “the greatest advantage is that you can hold a girl’s hand in front of your family without any hesitation… fir pata nahi kab chance miley…  jab chance miley , faida utha lo bachu… ” Raj replied back, hearing that all laughed and soon they read the board saying that “Dehradun….. 10 km ”


While in Handa Villa , everything is ready now…. They sighed finally in relief, , mohinder , ripu and arjun also ready in their suits and looking dashing and handsome…. Well Mohinder handa thinks himself like an adult….. now comfortably sitting with his friends and cracking jokes……




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~Drown in love~ part-39


~Drown in Love~


don’t worry rajni… kuch dino ki baat hai,, fir uska khyaal rakhne wali aa jayegi, fir usey ghar jaldi bhi aana padega…aur yeh to hota hai kabhi-2… pareshaan mat ho…” dadi replied in her ensuring tone….. “lekin maa ji…” but rajni interrupted by dadi…. “bahu, tumhe pata hai, tumhare iss ghar mein aane se pehle param ka bhi yahi haal tha… raat ke 10-11 baje ghar aata tha par jab tum iss ghar mein aayi, sab jaise ek second mein badal gaya ho…. Dekhna maan ki pareshaani half ho jayengi jab geet iss ghar mein aayegi…. Aur uska khyaal bhi acche se rakhegi… ” dadi replied back……


rajni smiled….. “ji maa ji, shayad aap sahi keh rahi hai..” rajni said…. “jao, maan ko khana khila do.. pata nahi aaj kuch khaya bhi hoga ya nahi..” dadi said in worried tone and rajni went upside in maan’s room……….


Maan freshened up already and was waiting for his mom to bring his dinner….. he was damn hungry but now he was not much because he is so tired and hunger flew away somewhere after taking a nap….,, Rajni entered in his room and gave him a smile…… “lo maan… start your dinner….” Said his mother keeping the tray in front of him which has so many things…..


ji mom..” he replied back… … “maan, , acche se khana… samjhe..” his mother told him again while serving him properly….. he just nodded but after having 3-4 morsel, he stopped eating and told that “enough mom… I am done now…” h said while wiping his hands from tissue paper……


but beta, tumne toh kuch khaya hi nahi…” rajni said looking at the food….. “mom, bas… I am tired….” Maan replied back keeping the tray on the table….. “maan, aise kaise chalega ….. day by day you are getting more busy, more tired…. ” cribbed  his mom but maan smiled in return….. he used to listen all these cribs and he just ignored these giving only his one sweet si smile…..


his mother chided seeing his smile…. “now, don’t give me those looks for pleasing me… ” said Rajni….. “mom… ” he called her in his sweet voice…..  “kaam hai to karna toh padega hi na…..ab aapke dusre bete ki tarah khaali toh nahi ghoom sakta na” he told the matter of fact…..


haan maan lekin…” but she was interrupted by maan…… “mom….. it’s only for some days…. Now we got a new and big project…. I have to assign all the work to the team, then I am taking interviews for our interior designer…. Annie denied that’s y I have to take interview otherwise itna busy nahi hota.. ” maan tried to made her understand……


achha ji, , if you are handling all the things then what’s your dad doing there? Enjoying??” asked Rajni puffing her cheeks but in her pleasing tone…. Hearing that maan laughed little over his mom’s thought……. “mom, , when I am here then why troubling dad…  let him enjoy na…” replied maan……  


that’s not good maan….. I’ll ask from your dad that why he is letting you do this much work….itna busy kar diya hai ki family ke liye time hi nahi hai…” rajni told him and showed him her fake anger……. “mom, nothing is like that…. I love to do all these work…. ” replied maan affectionately…….. “fir bhi maan…” but again maan stopped her…… “mom… for some days only…. Jaise hi everything will be set then I promise, I’ll take an off and that too for full day…” saying so, a smile spread on rajni’s face when he said he will take an off that too full day…..


maan, not one day…. I want your complete 3-4 days…” rajni replied back….. and maan’s eyes popped hearing that 3-4 days holdidays….. no ways…. “mom, wat are you saying,  ? aise to company par lock lag jayega, you don’t know these employees never work properly behind my back…. Everytime they want their dose otherwise they forgot how to work properly…”, , told maan gritting his teeth remembering the carelessness of his employees……


okay maan, jo bhi  hai but I don’t want that Geet will suffer in mid of this…. You have to find out time for her from your busy schedule….” Rajni told him in her soft voice keeping her one palm on his cheek…..  maan took her hand in his and looked in her eyes…. “mom don’t worry about that…. I assure you, I’ll not let her feel uncomfortable here…. That’s my promise to you…. It’s just for some days I am busy but I assure you again I’ll be free completely before marriage… hmm….” Maan told to his mother holding her another hand…..


Rajni smiled and patted his cheek  warmly  showing her affection and love….. “sleep now but before that have this milk… you are tired na.. and you didn’t had your food properly…” rajni said giving him glass but maan made face….. from his childhood he hate milk, and now also….  When it comes to milk , none knows from where he got so many ideas…. “maan, don’t make these face, , drink it fast…” said his mother giving him a glass and sat there until he didn’t finish it….


Looking at his mother at last time, he hold his nose , close his eyes and drank full glass milk in one go…. Though he liked everything made by milk but don’t know what kind of allergy he has from milk…. Rajni patted his cheek again and maan slept after some time…..  and Rajni left from there having a contend smile on her face,…..


Next day,…..


This day finally came when two person who barely know each other but falling in love with each other are going to engage….. finally their engagement day came , , …..



It’s early morning , umm around 4:30 am…. When geet’s eyes opened and she sat up at once …….  Today is mine engagement…. She mumble these words and held the cushion in her embrace keeping her face on the cushion dreaming about her engagement….. soon she came back from her dream land when her alarm buzzed, she shut it at once and realized that she is up before her alarm, ,  she went down from her bed and directly headed towards ridzy’s room for waking her up……


she knocked her room door calling her name but she is not waking up…. Later she realized that door is not locked, she pushed it slightly and saw ridzy is sleeping like a pig…..  geet fumed seeing her… yesterday night ridzy gave her all kind of gyaan like she should wake up early and have a long warm bath  and see here she is sleeping herself…….. she went inside and pushed ridzy, ridzy screamed she got a push and fell down from the bed………..


Both girls fought first but later both patched up with each other and now it’s 5 am…..  It’s not like that none is up in the house….. everyone has been woke up and busy in preparations, Mohinder was giving orders to the people who are decorating the house…..  “arey bhaiya, , ye corner kyon chhod diya…. Yaha kya mai decorate karunga….” Mohinder told to one worker…… that worker frowned first but started decorating that corner also…. Then mohinder went outside of the house for seeing the preparations but seeing very less decoration…… he sighed and no one is present there…..


He himself took the decoration things and take the ladder and started decorated the front of the house,…. While inside of the house, rano and Sonia was taking out the things which they are going to give to maan’s family as shagun….  Sarees for ladies, dress for annie , small dress for children , clothes for maan and Vicky, for maan’s father and sweets, packets of dry fruits, and some more other stuff also….  Some guests were also present there but very close ones….


Just then they heard  a word “surprise..” all the head turned towards the door and their face lit up at once seeing him after a long time and there is a one person who is very happy seeing him that is Sonia only after all her husband came after 4 months…. “Arjun..” she whispered slowly, , Rano & Sonia ran towards him and he took both of them in his embrace……. Both women cried little bit,  it was juts an emotional time,. He tried to sooth them ,


 “mom, Sonia… please,… stop crying… see I am infront of you… now what’s the problem…” he asked from them…… “shut up..” Sonia replied back and trio smiled  after wards……  “papa kaha hai?” he asked looking here and there…… “he is outside  only”, , replied rano…. He nodded, and went outside , he saw his father on the ladder and all the flowers, and other decorating stuff around his neck that’s y he couldn’t recognize his father…. He think of some worker , he suppressed his laughter and called him… “papa, nichey aayiye..” he called him… mohinder looked down and found his son….. there is no bound of happiness of his face….. and in his heart….


He at once came down from the ladder, it was about to slip on the floor but Arjun caught it at the right time, , “sambhal kar papa..” he at once called out , he freaked out at once and sudden fear engulfed in his heart….. mohinder smiled at his super frightened son, who can say he is in army and now he is scared…. That calls love, that calls a family which give fear in that heart….


He came down and both hugged each other, it was a warm hug, a fatherly hug and then Arjun was wiping his tears from his father’s eyes…. That calls a father though he was also in army, and now his son in army, he has proud for him but still he is a father on the other side ….. “papa, aap chhodo ye sab… mai karta hu…” arjun spoke taking flowery material from his father’s hand but his father denied…..


no beta… abhi toh mai jawan hu…. Tum apne baap ko budha samajhte ho…. Bhale hi mai retire hu but you forgot I was a major…” mohinder spoke in attitude and again climbed up on the ladder while rano & Sonia laughed seeing the drama……


Arjun shook his head and went inside leaving him alone , , he went upside and heard his sister’s voice and laughed listening their shouting…. Both were fighting on something, , just then he bumped with ripu who was coming down from the stairs holding a basket , , “kaun hai? Dhyaan se chalo bhai…” ripu spoke standing at his place, ,


arjun smiled hearing and spoke in his stern voice….. “mai dhyaan se hi chal raha hu mere chhote bhai..” , , he took the basket from his hands and ripu smiled broadly seeing arjun there….. he tried to hug him but oops, basket came between them……


bhai, I am coming in 2 minutes… give me this basket…” ripu spoke taking basket from his hand and ran downside, arjun shook his head, , ‘I have to find some work soon but before that first I should meet with geet…. It will be surprise for her…’ he talked to himself and headed towards her room…. He slightly pushed the door and saw that both girls are fighting over the lehanga, which geet is going to wear today…..  both are fighting in which style geet should wear the dupatta on the lehanga……


meri sister par koi bhi style achha lagega..” arjun told and both girls turned behind , first they shocked, their eyes popped open and mouth dropped down then arjun closed his ears because both squealed sow loudly in happiness, and in the next moment he found geet hugging him and crying her eyes out, soon ridhima also joined him…. “missed you a lot bhai..” both girls spoke together and he chuckled slightly but soon his eyes also got wet……. Soon his baby sister will flew away from here then there will be no one to prepare delicious dishes for him when he’ll come home in vacations…



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~Drown in Love~ part-38



~Drown in Love~



She reached at home and she at once dragged by ridzy inside of the house , , geet laughed at her, while others also laughed on both girls, , Sonia and ripu was giving teasing look to geet, she shrugged off and went inside with ridzy….. she throw all the bags on the bed and ridzy showed her maan’s ring….. it’s so beautiful and geet’s eyes widen at once seeing the ring…. It was the same ring which she liked……


But geet had made some changes in that ring….. and she was satisfied with her choice…… she took the ring in her hand and niharing the ring with  much love….. umm…love??? She went in her room with her shopping bags and yeah along with the engagement ring….. she threw the bags on the couch and fell on the bed and stare at the rings….. she can’t believe that she is going to engage with maan…. It’s really big day for her……


Is it love which I am feeling for maan?’ Asked geet from herself, , ‘yeah I like him but love? Is it really possible to fall for someone with whom we met only 3-4 times…..?’ she asked again from herself ‘but is going to be my life partner…. Then it’s possible na… ’ she replied back to herself….. ‘lekin geet, pyaar ki koi timing thodi na hoti hai… yeh to kahi bhi, kabhi bhi ho jata hai….hai.na…. haan geet…. Yeh pyaar hi hai aur kya ho sakta hai….’ She replied again back to herself…..


she doesn’t know from where she got these thoughts but really asking from herself is she in love , nothing can be better than this…… she blushed by her thoughts only , and then smacked her head for getting these kinds of thoughts……. But really this is a fluttering feeling inside her stomach…….  Her muscles flip flopped , she closed her eyes suddenly having a sensation in her body,,,,,,  she slightly kissed the ring and hid her face in the pillow…..


she pulled the photo of maan from below of her pillow and looked at his photo…… she felt mesmerized seeing him again…… she was smiling and looked in his eyes…… they are deep , chocolate brown eyes and his lips in full M shape……  but there was no smile on his face…she at once frown not  finding smile, she smacked her head again…. ‘buddhu, ye photo hai… ab maan photo mein tere liye smile to nahi kar sakte na..’ she told to herself……  ‘but I am in love with yours non-smiling face…, , Maan, aap smile kyo nahi karte?’ she asked from him, actually she asked from the photo……


Maan, dekhna, ek din mai aapko smile karna sikha hi dungi… aur ye mera wada hai aapse, umm actually aapki photo se…’ saying so she smiled and kissed his photo hiding it in her embrace……


After two days, , maan reached home at night from office, , tired, , he had a very long day… continuous meetings, site visiting and above all of that, , he went to head office because they got the culprit and maan was the main officer of that case, so he went there for doing his quiz session with the culprit…..   when he entered in mansion….  Tiredness was oozing out from his face…… all were sitting there in hall and discussing about the marriage and some other stuff also….. 


Seeing maan entering in the mansion, , seeing him… all the faces lit up at once, cause they were waiting for him only…. And specially annie…. She was getting the headache because of his engagement attire…. Till now maan didn’t try it, tomorrow is their engagement , and if it didn’t fit to him then what will happen at the end moment….


bhai…. Not fair… kitna late kar diya… I was waiting for you ,,, whole day..” she emphasized the word whole day….. rolling her eyes…… maan shook his head and kept his bag on the table , fell back on the couch loosening his tie….. “annie, please..”  said maan keeping his head on the couch post closing his eyes…… “what please bhai….. aapka attire ka trial abhi baki hai… kab karenge… last moment par..” she replied him back keeping her hands on her hips standing in front of him…..


Maan rubbed his forehead trying to erase the lines which appeared on his forehead…….  He sighed knowing the reason behind annie’s frustration….. he opened his eyes, nodded…… “let me freshen up first..” he replied back , “okay bhai…. ” she said and sat back on her place……  “maan, , wo sab baad mein… first you go, fresh up and have your dinner..okay…” , said his mother caressing his head lovingly….  “ji mom..” he replied back, and went in his room taking  his bag and headed towards his room…..


annie, that’s not good… tumne dekha nahi maan kitna tired tha fir bhi uske aate hi you started..” his mother tried to made her understand….. “but mom, dress ka trial bhi toh banta hai na… last moment par changes nahi honge..” she replied back making faces….. Rajni sighed knowing, both are correct at their places…..


Maan entered in his room , switched on his light….  He sat on his bed  looking around of his room, , white walls, dark brown furniture, he kept his head on the bed post and closed his eyes….. the day was so tiring , and above of that, annie was bugging his head for the preparations…. God he is damn irritated now…. That’s y he always tried to be away from all these marriage stuff…… but now he had already put his head in fire place , so he has to bear all the flames….. uff…..


But just then one face appeared in front of his eyes, the face who is going to be include in his life, , who is going to be part of his life, , a little smile tucked at the corner of his lips, and he doesn’t know when the tiredness took over him and his body gave up and he fall asleep, , without removing his shoes, without removing his tie, waist coat, all dressed up in his office wear and sleeping, empty stomach….


It was too much time went when maan went in his room… around 40 mins…. Annie went to her mom and whined cutely but in worried voice….. “mom, see na,,, 40 mins spent already and maan bhai didn’t come down…. When he’ll try…?” she asked….. “beta, don’t worry… mai dekh kar aati hu…” her mother replied back….. Rajni went upside in maan’s room…slowly she pushed the door and found it’s silent…. She went move inside and found maan sleeping in a very uncomfortable position, , her face fell off seeing her son like this…. She always cribbed because maan do lots of work, and then he became tired…. It’s not good….


She sat beside him and ran her fingers in his hairs massaging them slowly…….  She stood and removed his shoes slowly without disturbing him,,,, she doesn’t want to wake him up…. And then removed his socks….  Loosened his tie further and opened the buttons of his waist coat so that he can breathe properly…..  she ran her fingers again in his hairs and kissed his forehead just then maan woke up…. “arey maan, uth gaya,,,” his mom said….


ohh…sorry mom… pata nahi kaise… neend aa gayi…” . replied maan…… “it’s ok beta…. You are tired…. Tum fresh ho jao, mai dinner yahi laati hu…” his mother replied back…. Ruffling his hairs again…  she went down , , after some time she was going in maan’s room with his dinner…. Just then dadi met with her….. “rajni, kiska dinner le ja rahi ho?” asked dadi, , “maa ji, maan ka… he is very tired…. Aapko pata hai, aaj to wo bina kuch khaaye so gaya aur clothes bhi change nahi gaye..” rajni replied back in a sad tone….


don’t worry rajni… kuch dino ki baat hai,, fir uska khyaal rakhne wali aa jayegi, fir usey ghar jaldi bhi aana padega…aur yeh to hota hai kabhi-2… pareshaan mat ho…” dadi replied in her ensuring tone….. “lekin maa ji…” but rajni interrupted by dadi….


bahu, tumhe pata hai, tumhare iss ghar mein aane se pehle param ka bhi yahi haal tha… raat ke 10-11 baje ghar aata tha par jab tum iss ghar mein aayi, sab jaise ek second mein badal gaya ho…. Dekhna maan ki pareshaani half ho jayengi jab geet iss ghar mein aayegi…. Aur uska khyaal bhi acche se rakhegi… ” dadi replied back…… rajni smiled….. “ji maa ji, shayad aap sahi keh rahi hai..” rajni said…. “jao, maan ko khana khila do.. pata nahi aaj kuch khaya bhi hoga ya nahi..” dadi said in worried tone and rajni went upside in maan’s room…



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~Drown in Love~ part-37


~Drown in Love~



btw, , you will look beautiful in blood red color…” he told her and she shied hearing that……  after some time both cut the call……  like that maan got hint for the saree and on the other hand, geet got hint for lingeries…. She went inside and asked, , “can you please show some in dark red color?”…..


Geet’s cheeks were crimson red while asking for the lingeries in red colors while aashi smirked at her, she blushed furiously and looked down while ashi elbowed her in her stomach teasing her to the core, , “ahem ahem….. ” aashi coughed fake and geet hit her on the shoulder asking, “what???” , , making baby faces, , “ahem ahem…” she cleared her throat again and whispered in her ear….. “toh ji aapke hone wale patidev aapko red lingeries mein dekhna chahte hai???” she asked innocently , batting her lids but in her teasing voice and which sent erotic thoughts in her mind,…..


shut up..!” geet replied back in her shivering voice yet sternly but her cheeks were in deep red color just like same she asked for lingeries……  ufff finally around 1 hour, their shopping finished and they bought so many pair of lingeries , in new-2 styles , different colors and some are very sexy which aashi forced her to buy them……


On the other hand, , maan told them about the color and all have started looking sarees for geet, , while maan was not paying attention, , well he is not made for the shopping….. he knows only one shopping that is only construction shopping…. Or sometimes he is interested in buying guns,,, just then he got a call and he went outside cause he was not able to hear anything from the other side…..


When he was on call talking with his employee, , his eyes got a glimpse of a saree , which was hanging in the showroom of another shop, , it was in the same color like geet told him, baby pink color, just like her skin color, soft…… he cut the call at once and went other side of the road,


He entered in the shop….. “how can I help you sir?” one sales girl asked from him……  he looked at her, little hesitant, , then replied….. “umm, , can you please show me that saree?” he asked pointing towards the saree, , she nodded and showed him the saree…… , , seeing the saree, a sweet smile played on his lips at once, like this saree is only made for geet, , he started imagining geet in that saree, and she looked just like an angel, a fairy who directly came from heaven, , wearing a saree just like her skin color, baby pink color….


umm, excuse me..” maan said calling the same sales girl…. “yes sir..” she replied back……  “I wanna buy this saree…” he told her , she looked at him and then thought for a second….. “umm actually sir, , this is our master piece and this piece came yesterday only… we can’t give you right now…” she replied back….. “why not?” he asked little bit surprised….. “umm, actually sir, , I don’t know the exact price of this saree…” she replied back…..


aah…. Can you tell me, the around price of this saree?” maan asked glancing again at the saree…..  “umm around 15,000… I am not sure..” she replied back…..  maan sighed….. “can you please go and confirm from the owner…?” asked maan…. She nodded and went inside…., , the fabric of the saree was so smooth, so delicate like if we touch it then it will tear away…..  it has the self printed rose on it which has the little bit dark shade then the saree color, , and it has the beautiful embroidery on it….  He was not able to remove his gaze from the saree…..


Just then the sales girl came and told him…. “umm sir, it’s not for the sale but you are insisting then owner of the shop is saying that he can give you in 20,000….. if you really want then you have to pay….” …. Maan nodded and take out his card from his wallet and told her….. “30,000, , I’ll pay 30,000 for this saree…. ” he replied , and the sales girl nodded….  After some minutes, the saree was in his hand wrapped in a paper…….


He sighed deeply and satisfied with his shopping…. Finally he got what he desired for geet, what she wanted for herself, the same color, and she will look perfect in this or may be the saree will look perfect when geet will wear it….  He got a call from the head office , and it’s really an urgent case which happened in old delhi means in Chandani chownk……  he can’t go there by himself,  he will only go through from the file…. Everything has been checked and evidence also collected…..  he has to only go through from those evidence…..


He at once ran away from there, sat in his car and he called Vicky , he told him to come and pick everyone from the saree shop……  then he called his mom….. she looked at her cell….. “dekho maa ji, , yeh maan bhi na… office chala gaya hoga …”  she picked her cell after 3-4 rings…. “hello, maan, where are you? ” she asked in her motherly voice yet she knew what is coming now….


hello, mom…. Actually an urgent case came up and now I am going to head office..”, , “lekin beta side suddenly?” she asked from maan….. “cases suddenly hi aate hai..” he told the fact…. She sighed knowing her son, when it comes to any case then he won’t listen….. “lekin hamari shopping?” she asked trying to stop him…..


mom, I am already on my way and meri sopping ho gayi…. Bye.. and Vicky is coming to pick you..” he said and cut the call….. his mother stare at the phone screen for a while then put it in her bag concentrating again on her shopping….


While on the other hand, , geet and aashi looked for some nighties…..  aashi whispered in her ear… “see, how sexy nighty this is!” pointing towards a nighty which a dummy was wearing…… it was till upper thighs, fabric in silk, white color and the upper portion of the nighty in net , and it has very thin straps on it……  geet blushed and felt shy even looking on that nighty….. aashi smirked…..


achha.. geet.. tu udhar dekh, mai yaha dekhti hu…” she said to geet and geet nodded…. Geet went other side while aashi at once bought that nighty without any information of geet……


While geet bought a nighty in a full length…… just then her cell buzzed showing ridzy name on the screen……. “yeah ridzy…. ” she replied to her call…… but in a response she heard hear squealing sound…… “di…” she screamed in happiness….. “di…. Oh god… ” she spoke again screaming on the phone which geet kept away little bit from her ear, , she doesn’t want to harm her cell…… “hold on girl… what happen?” she asked looking here and there…. Even other people also can hear ridzy’s screaming voice…..


di, have you seen jiju’s ring…. Omg it’s mindblowing…. ” ridzy couldn’t stop screaming and geet laughed at her craziness….. ridzy is behaving so crazy now a days…. She is behaving like a 4 years kid…. “achha baba…. Am coming home…” geet replied back…… “kitne time mein di?” she asked, “half an hour..” replied back geet, , while paying for the shopping…. “am waiting di… ” both off the phone and geet laughed again at her little sister…. Sometimes she really behaves like a kid, she is so cheerful, she knows how to live her life….



She reached at home and she at once dragged by ridzy inside of the house , , geet laughed at her, while others also laughed on both girls, , Sonia and ripu was giving teasing look to geet, she shrugged off and went inside with ridzy….. she throw all the bags on the bed and ridzy showed her maan’s ring….. it’s so beautiful and geet’s eyes widen at once seeing the ring…. It was the same ring which she liked……



Maan & Geet’s Engagement…. Finally…..


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~Drown in Love~ part-36

~Drown in Love~




While on the other hand, maan sat in his study , sitting on his rocking chair and a small smile was playing on his lips thinking about his engagement….. finally they will exchange the rings, , they will be official fiancé, , suddenly he stopped rocking on his chair and he opened his eyes, reminding dadi’s words…. He has to buy an engagement ring for her that too for his choice only….. oh god, , how am I able to know what she likes or what not? He told to himself, ,


then connected his laptop to internet and opened the sites of some famous diamond companies, and went through from so many girly ring designs, , some are heavy designs then some are so simple, only single diamond, , he wants something attracts him , something which caught his attention at once but what/ he was confused seeing so many rings on so many sites, , he closed his eyes in frustration and closed his lappy…..


just then he remembered something and a relief smile spread on his face…… he grab his cell and called to someone…… he knows a person who owns a diamond company, , well maan is big personality so it’s won’t be shocking if he knows some big names….., , he talked to him and described what kind of ring he wants but he didn’t said anything geet….. he just described about the ring and that person assured him that he will prepare a ring same like maan told him…


after talking to him, maan sighed deeply as there is no need to go market and now he can do his office work….  It seems like office work and his CBI work is his life…… without his work he can’t breath……  while on the other hand geet informed to her mom and everyone at home that she is going on shopping with her friend…..


soon she reached there at the decided place, , when she met with her friends, , aashi was continuously winking at her and geet was bright red imagining everything about their on-going topic…..   how he will look at her? Will he praise or not? Aashi was filling her mind with erotic thought and poor geet was shivering hearing all these, , Aisa nahi ki geet ko yeh sab nahi pata…..


it’s just hearing all these from someone else’s mouth, , giving more erotic thoughts, and the way aashi was describing everything she had experienced all this…. Finally geet opened her mouth and said to aashi “shut up.. now close your mouth..” she told sternly, , and aashi closed her mouth at once…. She had a great fun in teasing geet…


soon they reached at the shop and there only ladies were present…. Well we girls feel awkward if we ask for lingerie from guys…. , , that’s y there is only girls present there as sales girls…..  geet & aashi looked here and there, , and there were so many types of pieces hanging on the wall…..


how can I help you mam?” one of the sales girl asked from both of them, , geet nudged to aashi, indirectly saying that you speak… she nodded….. “can you please show us some latest sexy lingeries?” said aashi , sales girl smiled at them naughtily.….. the sales girl couldn’t stop herself and asked from them….. “umm, , are you both getting married?” aashima and geet looked at each other then nodded….. 


okay then, I’ll show you according to that..”  sales girl replied back, , both friends smiled at her , , they went inside and sales girl showed them designer lingeries in different – 2 colors, bridal wears, in bright red color, maroon color, magenta color, they all really looks likes for bridal only……


Just then she got a call from maan, , she was staring at the screen like fool , , “kya kar rahi hai? Pick kar na..” said her friend…. Geet nodded and picked his call….. “hello..!” she spoke over the phone…. “hello, geet… what are you doing?” asked maan….. “woh I am buying inne…..” she stopped cause aashi pinched her, , she was going to blurt inner wear….. she bit her lip realizing again she will create embarrassing situation for herself……  “what?” he asked being confused…… “umm, I am buying ear rings..”…. she replied back sighed and praying that he’ll convince by her answer…..


ohhh..!” he replied this only…. Actually poor soul sitting with his mother, dadi  and annie in saree shop…. He was forcefully dragged there….. maan was very happy after ordering ring on phone but when his family came to know, , they told him it’s cheating…. He has to go for shopping, if it’s not about ring then he’ll accompany with them for saree shopping for geet…. And they will buy every piece chosen by maan only…


All forced him to call geet and asked about her favorite color….. that’s y he called her at this time….  “umm geet, , what is your favorite color?” asked maan….. geet excused herself and stood at the corner…. She can’t talk with maan in anyone’s presence….  She at once remembered aashi’s talk…. She told her to ask what color will maan like on her? “umm maan, , what do you think, which color will suit on me?” asked geet……


Maan got her point and he also excused himself…..  “geet, , yeh kaisa question hai? Tum par to har color achha lagta hai…” he replied back…. “please maan, batayiye na… ” she asked again….. “geet, kaisi bacho jaisi zidd hai yeh..” maan said became irritated…. Though he liked her asking from him but how can he told her , ,


achha maan, , tell me why are asking?” asked geet in calm manner….. “actually , we are doing saree shopping and mom told me to ask your fav color from you as this saree you’ll wear on our engagement…” he narrated everything……”ohh, that’s the problem… then maan you can buy saree which one you like the most…. simple” replied back geet….. “fir bhi geet, give some hints ” this time maan pleaded, , geet made baby face “okay, , baby pink color or red color… but don’t search according to these colors…. Buy according to your wish… okay ”,,,,, 


btw, , you will look beautiful in blood red color…” he told her and she shied hearing that……  after some time both cut the call……  like that maan got hint for the saree and on the other hand, geet got hint for lingeries…. She went inside and asked, , “can you please show some in dark red color?



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~Drown in Love~ part-35


 ~Drown in Love~



maan, I think you are saying right…. Annie, today you come office after your college, , and go through the file… is it ok for you?” asked param looking at her….. now what she could reply…she just nodded and both siblings shared very sad look with each other……


Annie elbowed to Vicky indirectly saying that Vicky think something fast otherwise we have to do surrender in front of maan bhai……. He nodded looking at her but maan’s sharp eyes caught their sign talks and he smirked inwardly, , today he is enjoying his breakfast truly, , relishing every bit of his food…..


today, breakfast was awesome…” he complimented to his mom…..  dadi n maan’s mother smiled looking at each other, , all knew why he is saying like that but they shrugged off their fight and came to the point directly…….


maan, , we cooked specially for today…” spoke maan’s mother….. he looked at her putting another spoon of his breakfast in his mouth,….. “really, for what?” asked maan, , “arey beta ji, , aapki engagement ki date jo fix ho gayi….” Replied dadi cheerfully, , beaming with happiness where maan at once choked his food and coughing badly,….. there is no reason to be shocked but the sudden news can give shock specially a person like maan……


Maan was not able speak a word, , a sudden shock umm not a shock , it’s a sudden happiness, joy, heart started beating fast…. So many emotions ran through in  his heart…….  “haan, maan, engagement is on coming Sunday ..” spoke maan’s mother…… , , he nodded hearing that….. just then an idea striked in vicky’s mind and he winked at annie…..


dadi maa, , too much work for the engagement na..?” asked vicky from dadi….. “ha bête….. bahut work hai… ye week kaise jayega pata nahi chalega…. Kitni shopping karni hai geet ke liye aur maan ke liye… sabke liye gifts bhi lene hai..” dadi replied back…… she turned to maan’s mother and spoke in worry…. “rajni, mai to kehti hu, , aaj hi annie ko apne sath lekar market jao aur shopping kar lo…  2 days toh isi me spend ho jayenge…” then she turned towards maan and Vicky…….


 “maan and Vicky, , you both, , today itself, I want gifts for family members….. aur haan maan, jab tak preparation complete nahi ho jati, , you won’t step in office…” dadi spoke sternly where maan gaped at dadi shockingly, , and annie, vikcy both doing bhagra in their mind….. if maan won’t go in office then how can they go without maan…. After all maan is the only one who will made them understand everything…..


but dadi, too much work pending in office, , I have to finish everything before engagement…” maan spoke in defense,…..  “bête, aapki engagement Sunday me hai, , office days me nahi…. And you can resume your office after all the preparations….” Told maan’s father this time….. he is the strict businessman but he never lack in his family , whenever his presence needed at his home, he was present there whether he had any important work at office….


ji dad..” replied maan making faces where Vicky enjoyed his plight….. he finished his breakfast making grumpy face while Vicky enjoyed every bit of it….. “dadi maa, ring..” spoke Vicky out of the blue…. “ring, kaisi ring?” asked dadi……. “dadi maa, engagement ring… geet bhabhi ke liye…” replied back….. “hey bhagwan…. Engagement ring hum kaise bhul gaye… rajni, tumne bhi yaad dilaya aur maan….. kaise finace hai aap, , aapne ab tak engagement ring nahi li…” spoke dadi in her worried tone….


Maan shocked….. how can he? He thought in his mind….. “lekin dadi, mai kaise?” said maan, , “bête, engagement aapki hai, hamari nahi…” replied back dadi angry tone…… maan gulped and looked down…. “Vicky, , took him today with you in best jewelry shop”, , dadi instructed , , “why Vicky?” maan at once asked, , “Vicky ki kya jarurat hai?” he asked again……


koi to chahiye na nazar rakhne ke liye aap par…..then take annie with you…, annie, go and change, , you both are going now, , ” said dadi, , what happened to dadi today? Maan murmured to himself, ,


dadi maa, what are you saying, it’s 9 only…. Abhi kaun si shop open hogi?” said maan….. “theek hai… after one hour you’ll go but you are not allowed to go office…. But you do your work from your study room…”, , hearing that maan sighed deeply and at once ran upstairs towards his study room…..  as soon as maan disappeared from there, , dadi had a hearty laugh and other member also laughed along with her….


While on the other hand in dehradun…..   geet became a model, , rano and Sonia telling her to wear this outfit or other and show them, how it will look on her, , she became frustrated of continuously changing of clothes, , just then her cell buzzed and she at once ran towards her phone, , she heard giggling, and teasing words, , “maan ji, ka phone hai kya? ”, , “oh god, , itni excitement apne unke phone ki…”  geet ignored the comments and saw the name on screen…


hey asshi…. Bol..” said geet on phone….. “geet, , come with me on shopping…” aashi said over the phone….. “kaisi shopping?” asked geet going upward in her room……  “god, geet… you are really a jhalli….. when two alone girls will go on shopping then what type of shopping it can be?” asked aashi rolling her eyes while geet made face and became confuse….. “I really don’t know…” she replied sincerely…… “lingerie shopping, bewakoof…” geet’s eyes came out from socket and lips turned in big O…. “lingerie shopping..” she repeated the words….


haan budhu… inner wears, , shaadi ke baad suhaagraat par koi stylist se, jo aapke husband ka mood on kar de, ab aise lingerie to pahanni pedegi na..” aashi spoke over the phone while geet’s cheeks turned red in embarrass hearing all that then what will happen when she will wear all that in front of maan, , the thought itself giving goosebumps to her skin, wild thoughts to her mind , and she blushed…..


madam stop blushing and come to xyz shop… I’ll reach there in half an hour… ” her friend commanded her…… but geet made face…..  “how can I know what he likes or not?” asked geet innocently….. “then ask to him, , like maan ji, what type of lingerie you like ?, what colour you would like on me? Both lingerie in same colour or different?  Or single strap or strapless or transparent? plain or flower printed or self printed ? cartoon printed? Ask and inform me…” aashi spoke irritatingly, ,


shut up,  are you mad? How can I ask?” replied geet back…. “you only forced me to said all this… come at the shop fast..” she commanded again…. “yaar, it will be exciting in shopping all that, , believe me, you’ll have a great fun..” aashi told to geet…… “haan yaar..” replied geet back…..  “then come fast and yes , , keep imagine, , ” aashi said and laughed….


what I have to imagine?” asked geet, , “you know what you have to imagine.., okay” replied aashi back…… hearing that geet blushed hard and shied , , her cheeks again burned and turned red in shyness, , “okay, I am coming there…” replied geet back…. Imagining all that making her shy then what will happen when he’ll see her like that….. oh god, she was like sharm se pani pani….


While on the other hand, maan sat in his study , sitting on his rocking chair and a small smile was playing on his lips thinking about his engagement….. finally they will exchange the rings, , they will be official fiancé, , suddenly he stopped rocking on his chair and he opened his eyes, reminding dadi’s words…. He has to buy an engagement ring for her that too for his choice only….. oh god, , how am I able to know what she likes or what not? He told to himself, ,


then connected his laptop to internet and opened the sites of some famous diamond companies, and went through from so many girly ring designs, , some are heavy designs then some are so simple, only single diamond, , he wants something attracts him , something which caught his attention at once but what/ he was confused seeing so many rings on so many sites, , he closed his eyes in frustration and closed his lappy…


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