~Drown in Love~ part-52

~Drown in Love~

He put the duppatta on her shoulder while he took another edge and covered her head with dupatta, covering her properly, and then he held her shoulder, , she looked at him but shyness was oozing out from her face, maan can feel that….. he held her chin and made her to him…. You are looking beautiful..!!.” he praised her holding her cheek in his palm and she blushed seeing his sweet gesture,,, soon her cheeks went red and maan loved this red color on her cheeks….. he loved his effect on her though he loved her effect on his…. ….. but soon they heard someone is coughing behind them…. Both stood apart at once like they caught red handed doing mischief by someone…. Both are red due to embarrassment, specially geet, though maan tried to put his stern look on his face but he failed in front of his dadi…..

Maan blushed seeing a naughty smirk on dadi’s face….. geet bit her cheek from inside stopping herself from blushing but she failed…. She looked down knotting the edge of her duppataa, , dadi come forward, , “beta ji, , why are you feeling shy? ” asked dadi raising her brows…. “woh dadi, woh mai… ” maan tried to defend themselves but dadi laughed and patted their cheeks lovingly….

“come with me..” dadi told them….. both followed dadi and they sat in garden …..she looked at both of them and she held their hand in hers….maan & geet looked at each other , both are really nervous, , they caught red handed, they are feeling like they have committed any crime…. But inside of their stomach, butterflies are running……. .“ek baat kahein beta…… tum dono kyu itna Sharma rahe ho…. Yahi to waqt hota hai shaadi se pehle ka… when we can make some unforgettable moments which we can remember after marriage, , kuch meethi-2 yaadein, jinhe yaad karke face par ek badi si smile aa jaaye…. Kuch naughty-2 pal jinhe yaad karke chehra red ho jaaye sharm se…. ” dadi told them with a great emotion on her face while maan and geet looked at her without blinking…… every word which come out from dadi’s mouth left a great effect on their mind…..

Both are smiling looking at dadi….. dadi smiled knowing what they are thinking….. she put geet’s hand in maan’s and told them….. “shaadi se pehle thoda-2 romance health ke liye achha hota hai…” and then she winked at them…. “dadi please….stop it…” maan told her back feeling embarrass in front of geet ,,,,,, Geet’s mouth wide open seeing dadi so open up while maan shook his head knowing his dadi, who always behind him giving little-2 tips , how to set a girl but he never gave any thought on that topic but Vicky, he always listened to her…… at last dadi listen her favorite program on radio which tells the love stories and she got ideas from there……..

“arey tum logo ke romance ke chakkar , jo kehne aayi thi wo to bhool hi gayi….” Dadi told them…. Maas raised his brows but he has a shy smile on his face while geet was red in embarrassment, , dadi was loving this shy-2 smile on their face, and she felt so calm, so light hearted seeing her grand son being in love, , she felt so happy….. he is the same grand son who used to run away hearing the name of marriage but today he is the same but he is in love today….

“what is it dadi?” asked maan bringing her back from her thoughts….. she snapped her thoughts and looked at maan & geet, , dadi gave them her sugary smile….. “today , I have called 3 choreographers…. For your sangeet…. ” dadi told them, maan tried to interrupt her but she stopped him…… “the best one for both of you…. When you all the function are organized together then you should make your sangeet unforgettable…. And other 2 choreographers for others…. And yes, one more thing….. they will be here , ” she looked at her watch….. “umm…around 4,… so be ready !” and she winked at them, , geet again opened her mouth and quickly closed it,,,, smiled shyly while maan just chuckled at his dadi…. Sometime she behaved like an old women , so thoughtful, so mature, gave him needed advise while sometime she behave like a teenager who tease others………… Maan really love his dadi from the bottom of his heart…..

And then she left them alone, , geet’s hand still in maan’s, both didn’t realize it when dadi removed hers from their hand and he was holding her hand until now….. there was some other pair of eyes who were watching them curiously…. They grinned, they over-heard dadi’s statement about the choreographer , they all cheered, at once all made their presence in front of maan & geet… both at once stood up, leaving each other hands….. maan made his face stern and glared at everyone……..all chuckled at his move, Armaan came forward and hugged his buddy , maan reciprocated also while ridzy and Sonia pulled geet from there…. “let us also spend some time with geet…. Maan jija ji..” Sonia spoke emphasizing the word ‘jija ji’…..

Maan nodded in acceptance,,, all girls went inside taking geet with them while all the boys remain outside in garden, chatting, joking and laughing….. ripu and arjun mingled with maan, armaan & Vicky so easily…. While inside of the house, the environment they are having like it is in garden…. Chatting, gossiping, joking and laughing…… they are preparing themselves for tonight function…. It’s just a get together, some friends & relatives are coming over there from both families for maan & geet’s wedding….. it’ll be great fun at tonight….. soon the table was filled with the variety of cuisines ………..
Ripu excused himself as he promised to everyone that he’ll prepare a delicious lunch for them….. he went inside and engrossed himself in cooking, his love, his cooking…….. soon the smell of delicious food came out from the kitchen and entered in the nostrils of everyone who was present in the hall………… they inhaled sharply and soon they licked their lips…… “yummy….” Annie and ridzy spoke relishing the smell of food ,,,, other laughed at them….. bot made up a team and both went inside for checking what ripu is preparing….. both tried to peep inside but failed as ripu closed the door at their face…..

Both girls frowned …….. after some time, everybody called out for the lunch and everyone is heading to see what is in lunch……….. it was large dinning table… around 30 seats are there, everyone settles…. Geet came at last…. She looked at the seats… some seats are completely empty, everybody is sitting at one corner and she has to also sit there, , but the main problem is where to sit? I though because one seat is vacant between maan & annie and one is vacant near armaan…..

“geet bête, kya soch rahi ho… armaan ke pass wali seat ripu ke liye reserved hai.. so…you have to sit near maan..” saying so she chuckled loudly, , she felt embarrassed but didn’t said anything…. Sat near maan, , while maan also smiled in his head…. ‘stop it maan’ he scolded himself in his head while ‘geet, stop blushing, what everyone will think about you?’ she also scolded herself in her mind….. two sould who are passing from the same phase while everyone was enjoying of their futile attempts……….

“Tadaaaaaa………… here I have present special meal in front of you in the occasion of the wedding cooked by Chef Ripudaman Handa… ” he introduced his food and himself to everyone……… “yay…!!!!!” everyone cheered and clapped for him………… he bowed a little in a china style and showed his humbleness….. everyone again cheered….. “but, , promise me, no one will open that last one container…. I’ll open that in last..there is a surprise so all of you…. You can start your meal….”,,, all again clapped , , today children took the responsibility and served everyone……….


27 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-52

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww such a cute ud…
    I soooo much love dadi…even in geet series i loved her soooo much…
    Ridzy n aniee…perfect jodi for all naughtiness…
    My geetu all blushy-2…
    Choregrapher…dat means mere maaneet ka dance saath mein…hayeeeee…
    Waiting for ripu’s surprise…

  2. hi dear! Thanks 4 da pm n wonderful update! dadi is so sweet! dadi arranged choreographer 4 their sangeet n also advises dem to njoi their tym b4 marriage! Geet surprsied bt Maan knws his dadi! Ridzy n annie teasing Maaneet! Ripu prepared the meal! All enjoyin! update soon, well written:)

  3. heey aashiq caught up with story up to now

    i am just drowing in this story fully you know that

    wow that engagement song just taken away my heart tum hi ho meri aashiq
    did you remember that humari meeting was started with this song only in aashiqui lollz

    You just did magic in narrating maaneet feelings i am fida for you now just hats off re amy and ritzy masthi also wow cute I love Vicky and ritzy surprise also. maaneet got some romance because of amy and ritzy ahaa lolzz I can feel love flying in air now
    what maan thinking about now what happen plz bathado I am scared now
    haha ye dadi bhi na devil hai wo pure devil maaneet are so shy na make one as bold soon I am dying for that maan hua tho bahut achi hogi re
    godbarai I don’t know up to now it will be don’t before marriage also thanks for that story I am getting some new info also
    I got tears when geet cried when leaving house re it is really emotional one haila ruladiya mereko that was really wonderful heart touching in athat also you taken up maaneet to bring geet back hayee loved it a lot
    ahaa both at one plae noe tome for romance now do it fast waiting here desperately *wink wink*

  4. sorry for late reading and commenting….
    there were many pm accumulated in my inbox so finishing all…..
    wonderful updates….

    abhi shaadi nahin hui…..
    Maaneet moments were very beautiful….

    their hug and cheek kiss was so dreamy….

    so Geet with family is in Delhi for marriage functions….they will learn dance for their wedding….

    Daadi ne dono ko naughty naughty pakad liya…..Maan to bahut romantic ho gaya hai kahan to shaadi hi nahin karni thi….

    waiting for more updates….

    thanx for pm….

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