~Drown in Love~ part-51

~Drown in Love~


“bahut sundar resort hai..” mohinder spoke while sipping his tea….. “aur papa, see the decoration… how beautiful and romantic too..” ridzy spoke looking at maan and geet, giving them her naughty smile…. “ridzy, you know… yeh jo roses wali decoration hai, ye sirf maan bhai ne karayi hai..”

Annie told looking at maan, everyone laughed heartly at her comment while maan glared at annie , , she showed her tongue to him, , maan smiled at her childishness , , he looked at geet and found that she is looking at him, without blinking but as soon as their eyes met, she lowered her gaze at once, she blushed….. she knotted the edge of her duppattta, , maan smiled seeing his effect on her….. everyone looking at them keenly but ignored, , after all they are going to be life partner soon…..

“arey maan, , won’t you show the resort to geet?” dadi told maan…. She want that maan & geet spend some quality with each other before marriage…. And when their function will start , both can’t see each other according to the tradition….. so they have one and half day…. “haan..haan…. maan chal mujhe bhi resort dekhna hai…” armaan spoke at once standing and pulling maan….. dadi’s eyes widen seeing armaan, , ..

Dadi laughed fake little…… “armaan bête…. Vicky, you go and show the resort to armaan, ridhima, ripu,, actually do one thing, , take everyone and take them on a tour of the resort…” dadi told to Vicky…. Vicky nodded…. They got the clue that let maan and geet alone for some time….. everyone behaved like they are innocent….. but maan & geet, both are getting what other are talking, , signaling each other to leave them alone….. she turned red little thinking about that….. thinking about spending time with him before maan……

Slowly-2 everyone stood up from there and scattered everywhere leaving maan & geet alone…. She was gazing at her feet while maan was staring at her…. Suddenly she looked upward and their eyes met…. Her stomach flipped at once feeling his burning gaze on her, , a shiver ran through her spines, , “chalien?” asked maan while standing ….. she looked upward and then at his hand which he forward towards her standing beside of her….. that means held my hand…. Her petal like lips curved in a smile, ,

Both felt a sudden spark in their bodies with a slight interaction of their skin…… he firmly held her hand and both took their way while other adults were hiding behind the curtains, walls and doors peeping out and entertaining themselves, , they will tease the love birds later but for now, let them enjoy , let them enjoy some moments in privacy…… both were walking side by side holding hand while maan put his other hand in his pocket while geet was adjusting her hairs….. “I am glad that you all are here before marriage..” suddenly maan spoke disturbing the perfect silence….. silence was like they can hear the sound of falling needle….. “me too..” she replied back…..

Maan tighten his hold around her hand, , both are walking in the lobby and moving towards other halls where all there function to be held…… “geet, , in this hall, ,we’ll have the mehndi function…”….he pause for a moment….. “aur waha?” geet asked pointing towards other hall where two little cabinet made, ,like it has only roof but it is covered by the curtain from the sides and front are open…….

“ohh, that….” Maan spoke….. he held her hand and both went there….. “yaha par hmare haldi function hoga.. this one is mine…” maan said pointing towards one cabinet….. and then he point to another one,…. “aur ismein tumhara…” said maan….. “but why these….? Haldi function to open area mein ho sakta hai na” asked geet….. “haan ho to sakta hai, but yeh dadi ka idea hai…. She said when all the function are going together then why not haldi…. Haldi bhi ek jagah hi hogi bas dulha and dulhan ek dusre ko nahi dekh sakte hai…. That’s y these cabinets are here…” maan replied to her question………….

“ohh..!” she exclaimed back… both went from there and moved towards the garden….. suddenly she tripped in something, , she closed her eyes in fear of hitting the land and she was about to fall but she didn’t touch the garden, , she felt two arms around her waist , she snapped open her eyes at once , , and her eyes locked with maan,,,, his strong arms held her safely in embrace, saving her from falling down…..

There is something in his eyes, , some kind of emotions she felt in his eyes, , his eyes are soft, like some kind of fear or care??? Or is it love for her? He care for her, he love her? Or this is the starting of his love? , , the same popped up in their mind but soon it escaped from there as maan brought her up making her stand on her feet but he didn’t leave her…still her was holding her from her waist while she snaked her arms around his neck….. she closed her eyes inhaling his intoxicating scent , her mind stopped working, and she smiled……

Maan could see his effect on her but he was not less, , her flowery fragrance making his heart jump….he never felt like before, , well he encountered with girls before so how could he feel like this….. sometimes he forgot the fact, , he pulled her more closer, her upper part collided with his toned chest making her heart jumped in shyness, , suddenly she looked down not able to meet his intense eyes, , maan smiled , , maan freed her, she looked at his face , , he bend a little and took her duppata which was lying on the floor, , she didn’t realize that she is not wearing her duppatta, , she was about to cross her arms on her upper part but maan stopped her by his eyes…..

He put the duppatta on her shoulder while he took another edge and covered her head with dupatta, covering her properly, and then he held her shoulder, , she looked at him but shyness was oozing out from her face, maan can feel that….. he held her chin and made her to him…. You are looking beautiful..!!.” he praised her holding her cheek in his palm and she blushed seeing his sweet gesture,,, soon her cheeks went red and maan loved this red color on her cheeks….. he loved his effect on her though he loved her effect on his…. ….. but soon they heard someone is coughing behind them…. Both stood apart at once like they caught red handed doing mischief by someone…. Both are red due to embarrassment, specially geet, though maan tried to put his stern look on his face but he failed in front of his dadi…..


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