~Drown in Love~ part-50

still my eyes are burning with tears but somehow I controlled myself for the sake of my family, I looked outside of the glass, , seeing this city last time, these roads where I used to play, from where I used to go to school, college, slowly-2 everything is leaving behind , like sand slipped from the hand, same feeling I am having right now…. Everything is slipping from my hold, ,from my fist, I am not able to hold back anything, my house, my blood relations, my city everything is left behind….
I kept my head at my maa’s shoulder, , and she caressed my face softly, , and again a tear escaped from my eye…… I wiped it without noticing from anyone but I know everyone is looking at me at the corner of their eyes but none is saying anything…….

We got a call from maan’s father….. he was asking about what time we are flying from the airport….. papa talked with him for a while and I got to know maan will come there to pick….. I don’t know why I didn’t feel happy hearing his name….. the pain I am feeling right now is bigger than that I am getting married….. I have to leave my parents, my family…. We reached at the airport, , soon all the formalities completed and now we are sitting in the plane…. My seat is near the window….. I looked outside…. Everyone is having fun…talking, joking doing so many other things but I…..??? I am sad still….

My mama caressed my head softly … “don’t be sad beta” she told me in her motherly voice…. I nodded slightly…. “I am fine mamma” I replied back giving her my sweet smile….. seeing my smile, all smiled, like all get their life back……. I looked outside of the window, , looking at the clouds, , I can see myself n maan in these clouds…. I am imagining cloud’s shape as maan’s face……. And suddenly forgetting all the pain, a sweet smile appeared on my face….. may be that’s called love…. Pyaar mein insaan sab bhool jata hai, and I think the same is happening with me….

Maan’s POV…..

“hell ya…” these words escaped from my mouth when I found out so much work and I am not able to do…. I sighed deeply, , pulled my drawer out and looked at the photo which I kept below the papers…… and soon a smiled appeared on my face looking at the angelic face of that girl who is going to be my life partner….. “geet, , aap bahut achhi hai lekin mai aapke sath aisa nahi kar sakta hai….”, I talked with her picture softly…… “I don’t know why ?” I question from myself….. “geet, bas 3 days more…. Then you’ll be mine aur fir today you are coming here…” … I put the picture again in the drawer , just then I got a knock on my cabin, , “come in!” my secretary came inside and informed me to that clients came and I have to attend the meeting….i just nodded and she went away leaving me alone, ,

I again ponder my thought over the issue which is bugging me from last two days…. I didn’t share anything about this with anyone, I know if I tell to anybody then they’ll get tense and will give me really long lecture and that one I don’t want….. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s mood in the happiest occasion …… I went in meeting, , the meeting went really long, , actually it’s about my new venture ….. it’s around 5 in the evening, that means the meeting went around 3 hours….. uff…..

I entered in my cabin, , just then my cell buzzed “yes mom…” I said….. “maan, what is this….?” She just get angry on me….now what did I do? I asked from myself….. “kya hua mom?” I asked lazily…. “maan, , Handa’s are about to reach delhi…. You have to go there , welcome them…” she told me… hearing that I don’t know where my laziness went….. “okay mom… flight kab ki hai?” I asked….. “5:30 pm” she replied me back…. “what mom, now you are telling me..” I asked her in my irritating tone….. the airport is around half an hour away from here but if we didn’t get any traffic….. “maan…” she emphasized my name….

“I have called you so many time but ur cell was switched off and your reception told that you are in very important meeting…..” she replied back….. “okay mom.. talk to you later….i am going there….. ” I replied back coming out from my cabin….. “cancel my next meeting and fix it tomorrow morning early … I am going….i won’t come back..” I informed my secretary…. “yes sir..!” she replied back…. I hurriedly went towards the elevator but found it, it’s on the ground floor….. if I wait for the elevator, my time will waste, I just ran towards the stairs and skipped 2-3 stairs at a time so that I can reach ground floor soon….

I reached basement soon and grabbed the keys from my pocket…… soon I am running my car on the road ….. “reach to the XYZ airport soon…” I told to vicky….. I know I am going to picking them but we need another car….. so many emotions going through in my head, , soon I’ll get married, , but what after that? I mean when I’ll give this news to my family, geet then how they will react? I wondered, even I am little no , no I am too much scared….. I know you are thinking that MSK is scared from some one but that is the truth, I am scared from reaction which is my family going to give me……

“dammnnn” I punched on the steering wheel when I got stuck in traffic jam , , I came out from the car and looked at the traffic jam, it’s long… oh gosh…. Now how I’ll reach at the airport….. just then my cell buzzed, , I looked at the screen….. it’s Armaan….. I took out a deep breath….. “hi buddy..” I spoke over the phone…. “kya hua? Why are you saying hi in so dull voice… shaadi hai teri kuch to josh dikha….” Armaan spoke excitedly….. “kya shaadi… geet ki family ko airport lene ja raha hu but this traffic…” maan replied back rubbing his head and looking out from the car…….

“oho..toh geet se milne ke liye mare ja rahe hai dulhe raja..” armaan teased me, hearing that i smiled a little, actually blushed little…… “nothing is like that… you know me.. achha why you called me…” I asked to him calmly….. now my mood became little sober and my car is moving ahead slowly-2 as traffic is opening……I put the call on my bluetooth device as now I am driving, , I inhaled sharply and moved ahead…… “arey yaar….. iss time I am standing on the delhi airport…. Come and pick me..” armaan spoke and I literally shocked hearing that, ,

“which airport?” I asked from him….. “XYZ airport..” he replied me back…. Oh gosh that’s the same airport, and the same flight….. that means geet & her family arrived here…..now I am so dead …… but how can a flight arrive early….. “do one thing armaan…. Geet and her family also there.. please search them and be with them…. I am coming… just 15 mins more…” I literally begged……

“okay okay….. pyaar mein begger ban gaya maan singh khurana” armaan again teased….. “shut up!” I told him….. “ ok , ok….. come soon.. ” armaan told me….. I sighed again , , increased the speed of my car….. hope vicky reached there…..

All sat in car, , armaan, geet and ridzy and ripu are with maan and mohinder, rano, arjun n Sonia are in vicky’s car….. armaan on passenger’s sear while geet is sitting behind maan, , he adjusted the rear mirror , , he glanced at her face, , their eyes met, and geet blushed at once realizing that he is looking at her…… armaan cleared his throat, , maan felt embarrassed , armaan and ridzy teased them saying kahin par nigaahein kahin par nishana…. But maan didn’t said anything, he knew that if he spoke a single word that means again he has to bear the teasing thought slowly-2 he is loving this teasing because it’s giving him new-2 emotions….

In no time they reached at resort…, because all the function will held in the resort, handa’s and khurana’s both will live there for 3 days….. both car arrived together….. all the family members standing there…. Geet came out and she took the blessings from the elders, , mohinder and param hugged each other, the same rano n rajni did….. ridzy n annie , both girls jumped in happiness as both became good friends….. now both will do some naughtiness against maan and geet….. simmi, raj and children were also there…..

and ansh, he ran hugged geet’s leg…. Seeing a wide smile spread on everyone’s face…. Geet too smiled…. She bend down and pecked on his cheek….. “hows my ansh?” she asked in her babyish tone….. “theek mami.. aur aap?” he replied back….. “mami bhi achhi hai…”

All went inside of the resort…. The resort is very beautifully decorated…. The purple, n white orchids, , matching purple n white curtains everywhere, , along with there is a golden touch at some places,,,,, somewhere they had put the red and white roses together….. for this one maan specially ordered to the workers,,,, there are so many rooms in the resort, swimming pool, a big garden, and 2-3 big halls for the functions…… actually this resort is of khurana’s but they have a partner in this resort……

“bahut sundar resort hai..” mohinder spoke while sipping his tea….. “aur papa, see the decoration… how beautiful and romantic too..” ridzy spoke looking at maan and geet, giving them her naughty smile…. “ridzy, you know… ye jo roses wali decoration hai, ye sirf maan bhai ne karayi hai..”


Wow…. We have reached to part-50…..awesome…… love u all………. again a very happy new year to all of you…


22 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-50

  1. aww maan geet nw going to be one..congo for 50Th update,whole journey till nw was so beatuifully written..neha u r awsme..hope we wl get more stories on maaneet by u..and happy new year..ritzy is so naughty naughty..geet blushing angel and maan charming prince..waiting for their marriage and post marriage update..lovd update

  2. congrats on the 50 updates! Fab update! Maan n Geet thinkin abt each other. Wonderfully written. Handas arrive in Delhi! Maan seems worried abt somethin! Ridzy teasin Geet. update soon!

  3. wowwwwww awsum part as usual i jst dnt knw hw to describe ur way of writings its jst fab
    ooopppssss maan babu jaldi karoooo ab lol 😛
    heheeeeeee armaan already at the airport n teasing maan
    lo aagaye maaneet ko tease krne waale armaan n ridz 🙂

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