~Drown in Love~ part-49

Wishing you a very Happy New year 2014 to all of you from bottom of my heart…….. I hope , this year bring lots of happiness, joy, prosperity and peace in your life…… May God bless you….. Love you all…..

~Drown in Love~


“okay, okay bahut hua ye sab…. First let me put this wedding card in front of god…” rajni told… “haan rajni… ye sabse pehla kaam hai… maan, ye card rajni ko de do…” dadi told him… maan nodded and gave that card to his mother,….. “mom, wait… let me make a video of this..” said Vicky…. “Vicky, iski video ki kya jarurat hai?” asked dadi…. “dadi…. I want a video of every ceremony whether it is small or big…. Har rasam ki yaad honi chahiye na apne paas…, hai na papa…!” said Vicky…. “haan, vicky is saying correct…” rajni sighed…. She took the card, , while Vicky hurriedly went in his room, grabbed his handycam and soon he was standing with his mom in the temple, , he started the recording as rajni put a kumkum tilak on the card , and then make a swastik on the card, ,and the kept the wedding card in the feet of Ganesh ji….

After some time, , param called at Handa villa, all gathered in the hall when param called there, , they wanted to talk about this issue very badly as wedding is coming nearer…… while in dehradun,, all were sipping their morning tea and discussing about the preparations, how’s the preparation going on? How much left? Ripu, arjun both were looking in the accounts though ripu was not in the field but he knows about the accounts as earlier he studied in BBA….. geet & ridzy both were writing the names of the guests on the wedding cards….. the card was simple yet so beautiful, so elegant just like geet wanted though it was not same as geet wanted but she kept it simple as she doesn’t want over-budget……. Just then mohinder’s cell rang, it broke everyone’s concentration……

Mohinder- hello, namaskar ji!

Param- namastey mohinder ji…. Kya haal hai?

Mohinder- ji everything is fine….. how’s preparation going on? Asked mohinder in his sweet melodious voice…..

Param- ji, sab theek chal raha hai…. Yahi puchne ke liye maine call kiya tha….. replied param back…..

Mohinder- ji, yaha bhi sab theek chal raha hai…. Bas cards par naam likhey ja raha hai….

Param laughed hearing that as same work is going in khurana mansion…..

Param- yahi kaam yaha chal raha hai….. now mohinder laughed …..

Param- mohinder ji, actually I called you for asking about the wedding…. I mean pehle bhi humne baat ki hai…. Wedding to delhi me ho hi rahi hai….. other functions like mehndi, haldi and sangeet bhi yahi ho…. Actually main eek resort book kiya hai jahan par dono family ke functions together ho…. Dono families ek sath hogi to raunak aur increase ho jayegi…..

Mohinder-ji…. You are saying correct….. param felt little bit hesitation in his voice…..

Param-if you don’t want then it’s ok…. Koi pressure nahi hai…

Mohinder-nahi….nahi….. nothing is like that param ji….. actually I want to discuss with my family….

Param-okay….. take your time….. agar aisa hua to bahut achha hoga….

Mohinder- ji bilkul….. after talking little bit more, they hung up…… after then when mohinder explained everything to his family…. First they got little shock but afterwards they agreed as it will be really great fun having the same function with khuranas…. Joy will be double, excitement and the sangeet too…… just then ridzy whispered something in geet’s ear “aur waha jiju ke sath ishq mushq karne ka mauka milega” and giggled afterwards…… geet’s face went red hearing that…… geet showed her big-2 eyes to her and shook her neck telling her to stop teasing me otherwise I won’t leave you…….

After discussing further , mohinder call back to param and agreed to having functions there in delhi itself…… in Delhi, everyone cheered hearing the news and they had started making plans, what they will do when the handa family will land here in delhi…..


After 3 days…..

Geet’s POV

Finally the day came when we are going to delhi….. I felt somersault in my stomach…. How the things will go? I mean I am little bit scared as I’ll meet with maan after so many days….. yeah, we talk with each other but not that much , we just talk on what’s app or in msg….. but seeing him in real will be different…… having function together will be something different, as he’ll be near me…. May be or may be not….. I blushed little bit thinking about him……

We have packed our bags….. and now standing at the gate of our house….. just then maa came there with bhabhi, , there is one blank paper in her hand and bhabhi was holding a thaal which is filled with dilute paste of haldi, , I felt my view blurred because of my teary eyes…….. I looked at her, then bhabhi then all my family, , there is a sadness on their face, , maa nodded, , “geet beta, , apne hatho ko iss haldi me rakho aur fir apne hatho ke nishaan iss blank paper par laga do…. ” I nodded….. and I did as my mother told me……..

then ridzy was holding a thaal of rice….. I turned towards the road and filled my hands with rice and I throw them above my head and my mother, arjun veer ji, ripu and papa collect them in a cloth….. I did it three times…. once my mother told me about the truth behind this ritual….. kehte hai jab beti ghar se vida hoti hai to ghar se laxmi chali jati hai….. so when girl throw the rice above her head that means laxmi is going out from the house…… maa went inside the house and kept the things at a safe place…..

suddenly I felt some pain in my heart and I felt a burning sensation in my eyes, my hands turned in a fist and I clutched the side of my suit very tightly, my nails digging in my palm through the cloth, , and suddenly a sob came out from my mouth and I broke down in tears, , I am continuously looking at my house, though my view blurred because of my filled eyes with tears, , I am looking at my house, where I got birth, it’s the place where I first time I held the finger of my mother & my father, , it’s the same place where first time I spoke, and you know what’s the first word I spoke , , it was papa……

sab kehte hai baby jab pehla word bolta hai toh wo hota hai maa…… but mere case mein ye different that,,,,,, ridzy ne bhi papa hi bola tha….. we both sisters are same, , I laughed a little remembering her fight with me on every single thing but I never mind…… just then again another sob came out from my mouth and I broke down completely bending down on the floor clutching my heart and with another hand I covered my mouth for stopping myself from crying but then I felt my mother embracing me in her arms, , I can feel her tears on my face, , I know she too is crying, after all she is my mother, , she was continuously telling me some soothing words but nothing is working…….

Last time I cried like this when I went school for the first time….. I cried a lot and you know what my papa did, , he took me back in home ….. m home, safe home…. But today I am leaving my home forever, , it’s the same place where I took my first step holding a finger of my papa and mama….. ek ladki ko hi apna ghar kyon chhodna padta hai…. Why not boys? You know I used to ask about this issue from my mother but she gave silly answers….. like traditions all that….. but why this tradition….

Ladki hi kyon? I don’t want to leave my home, , please koi mujhe andar le chalo , , I literally begged in my mind, in my heart, , slowly I felt I am in my papa’s arms…. He was consoling me in his soothing voice but nothing is going in my ears….. I was continuously sobbing, crying, tears trailing down on my cheeks, , I looked upward and saw all the faces….. everyone is crying…. Arjun bhaiya holding my mother, , ridzy n ripu were crying together, , Sonia bhabhi holding me and my papa too….

“papa, mujhe nahi jana…” I said in my meek voice, , it was mere whisper, “ssshhh,,, chup hoja..” papa told me in his soothing voice….. “aisa nahi kehte…” he told me again…. “mujhe apna ghar nahi chhodna…. Mujhe aapse dur nahi jana..” I said again, , he shook his head slightly , “nahi beta aisa nahi kehte.. why are you thinking that you are leaving this house..” he cupped my face in his hands, I looked at his face….. tears were trailing down on his cheeks too…. He was sobbing also but tried to control also….

“beta, , jahan tu ja rahi hai wo bhi to tera ghar hi hoga na…. naye rishtey honge, maan jaisa humsafar hoga, ek naya parivaar hoga, dekhna hamari yaad bhi nahi aayegi…. Aur phir ye to tera hi ghar hai na… aise nahi rotey bache…” he told me and wiped my tears…. I again looked at my house…. Usually ek ladki ki vidaai uske ghar se hoti hai but maan’s parents wanted the function together…. Then it’s ok…. I don’t know so many emotion going in my mind, my heart……

I looked at my father again pouting my lips, , I was making baby face, , he chuckled seeing my face….. he knew that when I pout my lip while crying that means I am convinced….. he again shook his head and wiped my tears, , telling me indirectly that don’t cry…. I nodded, tried to subside my tears, my sobs are still coming out….. I looked at my bhabhi, , she knew that what I am feeling right now as she had already went through this pain….. she shook her head , wiping my tears and hers too….

“chup hoja geet…. Aise nahi rotey…. Haan mujhe pata hai iss dard ka, jo apne ghar ko chhodne ka hota hai, apne parivaar ko chhodne ka hota hai” I nodded hearing her words…. “lekin geet ye bhi toh sach hai na, shaadi ke baad ek naya parivaar milta hai, ek humsafar milta hai jiske sath hum apni nayi zindagi ke sapne buntey hai…. ” bhabhi again wiped my tears and smiled…. Me too smiled seeing her…. Her words are correct but still the pain is there of leaving my family, my house behind…..

“yeh to har ladki ko karna padta hai…. Agar mummy apna ghar nahi chhodti to aaj hum sab yaha nahi hote… na mai aur na hi tum… geet sambhal apne aap ko… ” she hugged me…. “cha lab chup hoja…. ” I nodded, , we all stood up, I hugged arjun veer ji tightly, he caressed my head lovingly, I felt tears marks on his cheeks…. I wiped them and gave my teary smile to him…. Then I hugged ripu, who was crying like a child, worst than me….

I laughed seeing him but soon a tear fell down from my eye and he wiped it….. I wiped his tears and cracked a joke for him…. Then ridzy hugged me so tight…. She was sobbing badly… “ab mera room tera ” I told her, she shook her head…. “mujhe nahi chahiye, mujhe bas aap chahiye” she told wiping my tears and held me tightly ….. we all sat in our cars, veer ji kept the luggage in the car and we all headed towards our destination……


19 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-49

  1. Oyyeee i m reading ur story 😉 i just loved all the rasams 😉 n maaneet cute romances 😉
    me the one who first commented on mgffwritters group 😉

  2. emotional part….
    so khurana’s decided that they will perform every ritual together
    must be tough for geet to leave her house

  3. Neha…i don’t hv words for ur ud..
    Its mindblowing…
    The way written dis ud…i felt kike everything is running in front of my eyes…
    I am also feeling geet’s pain…n u knw ur ud made me cry…
    Emotions are soooo beautifully written..
    M aj tk kbi bidaai wala part padh k ya dekh ke nai royi…
    Hats off to you…

  4. soooo emotional n tuoching ud
    awww geet is sad leaving her home n remembering all the times she spent here n crying as she wl miss evrythng n along with her all crying ouch 😥
    ur such a wonderful writer the way u describe each n evry little things jst superbbbb n evryone emotions superbbb job dear

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