~Drown in Love~ part-47

~Drown in Love~




Soon, her arms made a circle around his neck while his hands were moving up & down on her back, both closed the distance between their bodies and hugged tightly without leaving any gap…. He dipped his head in her hairs and inhaled the smell of her fragrance which made his senses unstable…..  he tighten his hold around her waist and curled his hand in a fist, , every part of their body touched with each other and they felt the electric sensation in their body….. geet rubbed her face on his coat and her finger ran in his thick hairs, massaging them slowly , feeling his soft hairs on her skin, while his body jolted when he felt her smooth fingers in his hairs, his hold tighten more around her waist and he pulled more her in his body….. head to toe…. Their body touched with each other……..



The feeling was like they couldn’t explain to anyone….. having your life partner in your arms, feeling life partner, is so soothing….the tingling sensation in their bodies , their bodies jolted with a current which they are feeling now….. they are not used to hug other gender and this is so new for them….. they were so engrossed in each other, they forgot the surroundings of theirs and lost in feeling each other, , just then geet snapped her eyes and realized that she is hugging maan,,, but this is not a sin… he is her would be husband,,,, her cheeks burned more with the blush,,,,, he realized that her hold around his neck is loosening ……



He also loosened his hold around her waist and she looked at him, she can see the love in his eyes but how can any person fell in love with a person with whom he met 3-4 times….. and the same question she was asking from herself….. but love can happened in first sight also…. And may be that’s what happened with them….. she came out from her thoughts when she felt a warm finger on her face, she realized that maan is putting the tendrils of hairs behind her ears which were fallen on her eyes, , her tendrils were blocking his view….



He wanted to look in her eyes and her strands not letting him to do so…… he really like her eyes…… honey brown eyes, her hazels told him that what she feels….. he never knew that what is the feeling of love but today he knew that what is love after looking in her eyes….. her eyes are so innocent yet deep too…..  she looked down couldn’t bare his deep and intense gaze on her face, , geet bit her lip stopping  herself from blushing but failed….. her cheeks got more red by the feel of his gaze, ,



Maan was enjoying her situation and the same thing he was feeling….. he was getting a fluttery feeling in his stomach seeing her red cherry cheeks …. Knowing that he is the reason of her blush, the red hue surfaced on her face because of him….. slowly he lift his hand from her waist and she looked at his hand, , slowly yet warmly he put his hand on her cheeks, , she looked in his eyes asking him what but he smiled slowly….. he kept her hairs behind her ears again, , slowly-2 he bend little moving his face towards her ears……



Her skin tickled feeling his warm breath on her bare skin of her neck….. and a smiled tucked at the corner of her lips….. he opened his lips for saying something and she was anticipating for his words…….  “ab aur intezaar nahi hota…. Jaldi se ghar aa jao..” these words come out from his mouth and her heart raised, and he planted a soft kiss on her cheeks…. she blushed , her stomach flip flopped, she caressed the area of her cheeks by her fingers where he kissed her……… she nodded slightly and he smiled……  he slowly turned towards the gate for leaving, after all it’s time for going back to delhi…..



She stood there gazing at his back, seeing him going away from her but soon she heard her name called from his mouth, still her fingers on her cheeks…. Still she could feel his lips on her cheeks and again she blushed more…….. he turned towards her again, she looked at him and soon she saw a flash from his cell, realized that he has taken a snap of hers in his cell and then he disappeared from there..….. she smiled more , ridzy came there and took her in the room….



All the Khuranas sat in the car for leaving….. before going maan looked up from his car, and saw her at the window of her room… their eyes locked for a second but soon he was called out and instructed for start the car….. in no time, all the cars went away from there but she could see the car running on the road….. but soon they disappear from there also…..



She was standing at the window and slowly her fingers moved towards her cheeks…. Still the feel of his lips lingering on her cheeks….. her stomach churned with the feeling of him ,,,, And then she was got a attack by ridzy & aashi… they bombard the questions on her , what happen on the terrace between her & maan….. hearing the question, , the hug and the kiss came in front of her eyes…..  both realized that she is not reacting beside of blushing, , they teased her like hell…



Geet couldn’t bear the teasing and she throw them out of her room and locked herself inside…. She wanted to be alone….. the same thing would happen with maan if he sat with vicky or raj, , for saving himself he sat with dadi, rajni and his father….and he himself drove the car….. on the way he was getting messages by raj on wahtsapp but he ignored… he knew that what kind of messages he is getting…… they all frowned after not getting any reply from maan then they realized that he is driving the car…..  



At night, , she laid down on her bed, closed her eyes…… the scene came in front of her eyes…. The way he hugged her…. Still his touch lingering on her skin….. how his long fingers felt against her skin when he kept the tendrils behind her skin,….. , she flipped herself at once and laid against by her stomach, digging her nails in the soft pillow, biting her lip in between of her teeth and closed her eyes again…..  and then her thought went towards him…..  “who kya kar rahe honge? ” she thought for a while,



ghar pahunch gaye honge ya abhi bhi he is on the way?” she asked from herself and then again thought for a while…… “kahi who sapna toh nahi tha? Sach mein unhone mujhe kiss kiya na? ya phir I am hallucinating ?” she caressed her cheek by the tips of her fingers and thought again ….. she grabbed her cell and she send a ‘blush smiley ’ to him on whatsapp, , her gaze fell on her the ring which is in her finger….. it’s the symbol of her engagement…… that means she is engaged with maan….. she was looking at the shine of the ring….. it’s a simple yet very petty ring….


She admired it dearly and softly kissed it….  She took out from her finger and her eyes caught something…… she looked inside of the ring, , something carved at the walls of the finger, , it’s ‘Maan’ a heart shape ‘Geet’…. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling…. It’s something that she never expected….. again she grabbed her cell typed the same thing which is carved in the ring…. She wore it again in her finger and admire it again….



 soon she drifted in deep slumber……  on the other hand ,  later at night, , maan checked his cell and got the notification, , maan got her message, , he saw the message and his lips curved in a smile….. ‘she is still blushing’…..   he thought in his mind , , he send a big grinning smile to her and laid down on his bed thinking about the incident of today’s….. he looked at the ring in his finger and admire it….


It’s the symbol of their engagement…… he also took out his ring and looked at it…. There is also something carved in the ring…. That ‘Geet’ & ‘Maan’  he never expected that geet would do something like that…. He really like it , again he grabbed his cell and text back the same thing…… he wore it again and his eyes closed due to tiredness and he slept and drifted in sleep…..



Next day maan went to office early because he needs to save himself from teasing on the breakfast table…. Simmi & raj also present there so it can’t be like that they won’t tease him….  Whole night raj tried to talk with him but then gave up after not getting any response , and Vicky, he shut his mouth after getting a hard glare from soon…..  he murmured that “bhalayi ka to zamana hi nahi hai…” though  maan smiled hearing that but didn’t reply anything because if he said something then it would be like ‘come & eat my brain’ and that thing maan didn’t want…. That’s y he quietly went in his room and slept…. And early morning left for office ….




Well guys, , here is the next part…..

Hope you’ll like it….. but really guys i am really disappoint with the lack of response….. hope this time I’ll get more….

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31 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-47

  1. hye maanu..geetu..me too grinning like maniac..hye magical,dreamy..hehehe bhalai ka to jaman hi nahi hai..bechare vicky ko teasing ka no chance

  2. shuru hogaye inke pyar….wow…..

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

    continue soon plz…

  3. beautiful update
    maan & geet to spend sometime with each-other but soon maan had to leave for delhi
    geet is still not believing that he actually kiss on her cheeks

  4. omggggggggggggggggg :O thuddddddddddddddddddddddddd me *FAINT* n *DEAD* with this ud:D
    hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rabba its soooooo dreamy MAAN SAYING AB AUR INTEAAR NAHI HOTA…JALDI SE GHAR AA JAO hayeeeeeeeeeeeee koi toh pinch karoooo mujhe lol :p n maan kissed geet on her cheeks n she cnt stop blushing oyeeeeeee hoyeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀
    heheeee maan avoiding evryone teasing lol n same with geet :p
    maaneet in der dreamland n thinking abt each other 😀
    awwwww cnt wait to knw further plzzzzzzz update soon 🙂
    muahhhhh n hugsssssss for these lovely awsum dreamy uds :* ❤
    cont soon 🙂

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