~drown in Love~ Part-46






Mohinder & rano came forward and put tilak on maan’s , gave him envelops filled with money and dry coconut ,and fed him sweets…  everyone from geet’s side came one by one and put tilka on maan’s forehead and gave envelops and dry coconut and fed sweets too…   some gave gifts to maan & geet also , while armaan & Vicky clocked photos of the ceremony while the photographer making video of the ceremony…  rano took all the things from geet’s lap and gave to ridzy… and then geet stood up… maan & geet stood together and both took the blessings from everyone together started from dadi and followed by param, rajni, mohinder, rano and some other near ones too…


Every person blessed them from the bottom of their heart… now it was the time for their separation, , it was the time when they will apart from them but this separation is for a short time… Soon they are gonna be married and after that they will be two bodies & one soul…



achha mohinder ji… Ab chaltey hai…” param told to mohinder shaking hand with him… both shook hands lovingly and then both hugged to each other… maan was still surrounded with his cousins and some other peoples while the same condition with geet… She was also surrounded with her friends and cousins, some other ladies… but both are in separate rooms now… both didn’t get time to talk with each other… The talks which both had done, that is through the eyes, but maan didn’t hear her voice, and he is getting impatient for that… he wants to talk with her but what? That is the main problem… ufff, , why I am so shy? Sometimes he thinks like that but what to do? That is his nature…



Every person has different nature… some are shy but some are bold…  some like shyness but some like boldness…  but when a person has the mixture of shyness & boldness, that person is completely perfect… and these things geet has seen in maan till now… Though he is more shy but he is bold through his actions…  being a shy person is not a problem and that is thinking maan is having for geet… he likes her shyness …  in the mid of their thoughts, two person were there who were observing them… maan & geet were lost in their thoughts, not responding to anyone completely, ,



And the persons were ridzy and armaan… Armaan knew his friend completely… he needs to spend some time with geet and that is thing he is not getting…  today when these two met with each other but didn’t get time to talk, that means they needed to talk with each other , if they won’t talk then they can spend some time with each other silently…



Armaan came forward towards maan… “maan, 1 min, come here..” he told him… Maan came out from his thoughts and looked at him… “hmm… Tell me..” he replied sitting there only… “arey yaar, yaha aa na..” he replied back to him… maan nodded and excuse himself from the people… he sighed deeply in relief after getting rid from these relatives because they were behaving like honey bees…



He was feeling like he is honey and they are bees… “thanks buddy… Mujhe bachane ke liye… otherwise you had to shift me in some asylum..” maan joked seriously… “I know that maan… That’s why I have already booked one room for you..” armaan also joke seriously… maan looked at him and armaan did the same and then both burst in laugh…  “now come with me… ” armaan dragged him, “where you are taking me?” asked maan… “arey every time , is there any need to behave like a CBI officer…? sometime behave like a friend or a lover or a fiance too….” Armaan spat the truth on his face, maan looked at him… he made a face and then said “ohhkaay… now no more questions…fine..”



On the other hand, geet was asking from ridzy, “ridhima…” geet called her, whenever geet is angry from her or frustrated on her, she called ridzy by her full name… “di, stop getting angry on me… and yeah be silent…” ridzy instructed her… “you are not my mother to instruct me..” geet replied back chided at her… “ohh, I never knew that… But I am a little sister of yours then hukum chalana toh mera haq banta hai..” saying so she giggled and geet’s cheeks puffed… “di, abhi apne face par se gussa wipe karo and a sweet si smile le kar aao… ” ridzy told her after reaching on the terrace… “someone is waiting for you on the terrace..” ridzy whispered in her ear… ridzy giggled again, , but geet behaved like a dumb, didn’t get what she was saying…



Maan was already there on the terrace and waiting for someone but he doesn’t know that who is that someone? He was standing near the railing and gate of terrace was not far…  maan’s mobile beeped… he got a message, he read it , “close your maan..! pleassseee…! No cheating…! One surprise is there for you..!     – Armaan… ” maan sighed, kept his mobile in his pocket and closed his eyes…



On the other hand, geet and ridzy reached at the terrace… “di, now close your eyes, ” ridzy told her…  Geet’s eyes widen and she made face… “what the he…” Before she complete herself, ridzy put her finger on her lips… “di stop it… Now be a good girl and close your eyes… ” geet sighed , she stared at her for a second and close your eyes… ridzy flashed her teeth , turned her towards the terrace, , they reached near to maan… maan’s ears shot up, , he knew someone is coming near to him, but he can’t open his eyes…he can hear the clicking sound of heals…



He was waiting for some movement but nothing is happening… he sighed again, suddenly he felt some wait on him, no, no, he felt someone on him… he stepped back little bit due to wait, his arms went around a slim body to prevent from falling down on the floor…both looked at each other and then heard a giggling voice of two persons, and they knew who they are…  maan’s arms around her petite waist and her hands rested on his chest, clutching his coat, their eyes were locked and both were lost in each other…



Both were lost in each other like this that they didn’t realize when armaan & ridhima clicked their pics, , Soon she closed her eyes, and inhaled his musky scent,  which made her body jolted, his scent has a deep effect on her, her body reacted at once and her hands itself went towards his shoulder while his deep chocolaty eyes niharing her beauty, her soft full rosy lips, a cute nose, and her long lashes… He wants to be little bold but can’t…



Soon, her arms made a circle around his neck while his hands were moving up & down on her back, both closed the distance between their bodies and hugged tightly without leaving any gap… He dipped his head in her hairs and inhaled the smell of her fragrance which made his senses unstable…  he tighten his hold around her waist and curled his hand in a fist, , every part of their body touched with each other and they felt the electric sensation in their body… geet rubbed her face on his coat and her finger ran in his thick hairs, massaging them slowly , feeling his soft hairs on her skin, while his body jolted when he felt her smooth fingers in his hairs, his hold tighten more around her waist and he pulled more her in his body… head to toe… Their body touched with each other…



I hope you’ll like the update… little disappoint after getting less likes and comments…

@sampa, cherish, tia- missing you gals like hell… where are you? and where is your comments?

Thank you for the likes and comments..

Love ya




24 thoughts on “~drown in Love~ Part-46

  1. awsum part
    ohhhh nooooooo maaneet nt getting time to talk with each other as honey bees around dem ouch 😦
    bt armaan n ridz hai na unke saviour lol :p
    hayeeeeeeeee maaneet hugs ufffffffff soooooo dreamy n both lost in each other eeeekkksssssssss 😀

  2. Ridzy & Armaan ……… thank you for getting Maaneet to the terrace
    now this was Maaneets 1st passionate hug ………just awesome Neha

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