~Drown in Love~ part-45


~Drown in Love~



All the adults joined ridhima & Vicky and they made a circle around maan and geet and danced while armaan pushed maan towards geet and he fell on geet, bringing her in his embrace and she hid her face in his broad chest biting her lip, stopping herself from blushing but her cheeks were already like tomato………. Everyone hooted, clapping and whistled loudly……..


It was a great gathering, , great function.. all had the great fun here in dancing, singing, teasing to maan & geet….. geet was hell embarrassed , her cheeks were crimson red like a ripped tomato while her eyes were twinkling with joy, love and the new feelings for maan…… the way he looks at her, the way a small smile tucked at the corner of his lips when he looks at her, the way his eyes shined when he saw her smiling face, , seeing his small smile, her heart missed a beat and she felt somersault in the pit of her stomach, , it was something she cannot describe if anyone will ask from her…..


After all it is love which is not describable , and in the same condition is maan now….. he was feeling her warmness in his arms still when he was hugging her…… her rose fragrance still tickling his senses…… the way she held his hand, he felt goose bumps in his body…. The way she blushed when he look at her, , his heart skipped a beat, the way she felt shy when he touch her even slightly ,


he felt like watching her without any hesitation, without any disturbance, , the way he is feeling now, he cannot describe to anyone if anyone ask from him that what he is feeling now?  He cannot put his thoughts, his feelings in words , , and all knew that he is the man of less words…. He speaks when it’s needed otherwise he prefer to stay quiet,……


Both came out from their la la lands when they heard the loud applauds for them….. they looked at each other and smiled…. Geet looked down shyly and maan smiled seeing her shy smile….. he loved her shy smile, , it’s makes his heart jumped in excitement which he never experienced before…… he used to feel gross whenever any girl passed her a fake smile to him…. But geet , she is different from everyone….. she has the aura which matched his style, , he loves to stay silent while she loves to read his silence, he loves to be calm while she fall in love with his calmness, he loves white color while she found love in white color……


Both seated back on their place while again everyone joined them… maan’s cousin were talking to geet while geet’s cousin teasing maan, , demanding many things…. Asking that where he will take their geet on honeymoon….. and geet went red hearing the word of honeymoon…… the thought of honeymoon didn’t strike her mind till now and while maan just smiled and replied back that “I’ll take her at that place which will be beautiful like geet… ” and hearing that all hooted loudly and geet went red, she bit her lip and maan laughed along with everyone….


Dadi and maan’s parents satisfied completely after selecting geet as their daughter-in-law… a smile of satisfaction appearing on their face cause they knew that maan liked geet, even he has taken the first step on the stair of love….  Dadi looked at rajni and told her that “bahu, ab gaud bharayi ki rasm shuru kar deni chahiye ” , , “haa maa ji. Fir nikalne ke liye late ho jayega..,, mai rano ji se baat karke aati hu..” rajni replied back and went in the search of rano who was busy in the preparation of gaud bharayi…..


Soon rajni found rano and smiled seeing her doing the preparation of gaud bharayi….. “rano ji..” rano looked behind and found rajni there….. she smiled and came down from there…..  “arey bahan ji… sorry who mai taiyari vich phass gayi thi…. Kya baat hai ji, ” she asked in her soft melodious voice… rajni smiled seeing her panicked….. “nahi bahan ji…. Nothing like that…… I just came here for asking about gaud baharayi…. Abhi rasm karni chahiye fir hame delhi ke liye nikalna bhi hai…. Pahunchtey-2 late ho jayega…” rajni told about her worry….. 


haan ji… bas 2 min…. mai abhi geet ko laati hu….” She replied back….. “chaliye mai bhi chalti hu..” rajni said and both went inside the hall and see maan & geet…… what a great couple…. Both are looking so good with each other…..


Rajni felt very happy seeing maan talking and laughing with whole heartedly….. “dono kitne achhey lag rahe hai na sath mein..” rano said looking at them….. “haan, bilkul ram banayi Jodi..” both smiled and headed towards them…. It was like a mela around maan and geet…. Both were surrounded by friends & cousin….. clicking photos, making fun of each other…. Asking silly -2 questions from maan & geet…..  demanding gifts and laughing their heart out…..


it was looking so good and maan was feeling so light….. so happy in this environment, he used to bored in weddings & all…. But today he is feeling happy after all it’s the function for him, and this function is the part of his wedding, of his life……


bacho…. Bhaut huyi masti…. Now enough..” told rajni to them…..  all nodded…. “geet, chalo beta…. Gaud bharayi ki rasm ke liye..” rano said and held geet by her shoulders…… she took her outside of the hall while all the cousins & friends of geet went behind her….. “annie, simi beta…. Gaud bharayi ka samaan kaha rakha hai?” she asked….. “badi maa, mai laati hu..” simmi replied back,,,,, “Vicky and annie, come with me…things are too much…. Call armaan also… he’ll also help us…” simmi instructed to vicky…. He nodded and called armaan…… in no time… armaan was with them and they were bringing the things towards the stage while maan & geet already seated there on the floor of the stage….


Ladies surrounded geet….. one lady stood from there and opened geet’s hairs…. Then she took the comb and combed her hairs, , she put some oil in her hairs and again combed and made plates of her hairs….. then she took cream and applied on her face….. another lady took a hanky and wiped her lipstick then she took another lipstick and applied on her lips…..  then she took kajal and applied on her eyes…..  rajni came and took off the jewels which geet was wearing then she took all the jewelries which she brought for her……


She made her wear 1 diamond necklace and 1 heavy gold kundan necklace with matching earrings in her ears, , and 1 long gold necklace and some other necklace kept in the box but they opened the box and showed to everyone….. then they made her wear gold bangles , , simmi came and made her wear anklets , rings and maang tika….. then simmi put some sindoor in her maang then again rajni took the chunri, a dupatta in red color and covered her head…… 


now 2-3 elder ladies came and they put tilak on her forehead one by one,  put some sweets in her lap, dry coconut, envelops filled with money, , and then they put a cute doll and a boy doll in her lap and blessed her that after marriage she’ll have kids like them….. a baby boy and a baby girl….  And fed her sweets too…… Everyone lady from maan’s side came forward and blessed her , give her envelope also…..


Mohinder & rano came forward and put tilak on maan’s , gave him envelops filled with money and dry coconut ,and fed him sweets…..  everyone from geet’s side came one by one and put tilka on maan’s forehead and gave envelops and dry coconut and fed sweets too…..   some gave gifts to maan & geet also , while armaan & Vicky clocked photos of the ceremony while the photographer making video of the ceremony…..  rano took all the things from geet’s lap and gave to ridzy……….. and then geet stood up….. maan & geet stood together and both took the blessings from everyone together started from dadi and followed by param, rajni, mohinder, rano and some other near ones too….



Again , I am really sorry guys for being super duper late….. I am not getting time guys…. , really I don’t know how the whole day passed away…..


I hope you’ll like this update….. I thinks you are loosing interest in this story…. Should I finish it soon…..


Please drop your feedback and likes….

Love ya




29 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-45

  1. its awesome update…………… yaar godbhari hariyana ya rajasthan side ka tradition hai na jo shaadi ke time mama karta hai

  2. Read part 41 to 45

    Sorry for late cmnt.Life has been busy last few days.

    Anyways,The updates are so vivid that I was feeling like I am there myself,specially d rituals.With every minute details you’ve explained them so beautifully.

    Loved each and every part.You are making me love Maaneet all the more.

  3. awsummmmmmmmmm part
    wowwwwww am really speechless abt ur writings superbbbbbbbbbbb
    jst loveeeee hw maaneet family doing all rituals
    awwwwwww my maaneet soo perfectttttttttt n sooooooo dreamy engagement 🙂
    ailaaaaaaaa sagai aisa hai toh shaadi kaisa hoga 😀 cnt wait :p
    plzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz dnt end it i loveeeeeeeeeeee this story sooooooo much 😥

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