~Drown in Love~ part-42


~Drown in love~





Hai, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja


Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja, Hoi…


 As soon as the song finished and the dance also….. Armaan made his entry inside the hall….. Maan and Geet enjoyed the whole dance session a lot….. the teasing and the little nok jhok…. Truly they loved it,  but most of the time maan and geet were lost in their eyes , , still both were looking in each other eyes, the eye lock was unbreakable….


Geet’s cheeks were crimson red while maan doesn’t know that he is staring at her, looking deep in her eyes…. He was lost somewhere else….. while others were giggling at looking them…… in between of that…… Armaan stepped outside from his black shinning car, in his black tuxedo , looking dashing and handsome as usual…..  he shook his neck slightly combing his hairs slightly from his fingers , giving his charming smile to the girls and girls flattered on his smile…..


He came inside looking in his cell actually texting to someone while an another person also coming from the other direction , holding her lehanga and talking to herself and then both person bumped to each other…… Armaan’s cell


His cell fell down from his hand and a girl landed in his arms , , when he looked down, a girl is lying in his arms,  eyes shut in fear, lips pursed tightly , and fingers curled in fist, when he glanced at her face, he couldn’t able to blink for a second, , his lashed stuck on it’s place, when she slightly opened her eyes not feeling the land , , she opened her one eye and then found herself in two arms safely….. she at once opened her another eyes confirming that she is not on land….. suddenly smiled spread in her mind but soon it’s flew away and she panicked finding herself in some manly arms…..


While Armaan was staring at her face losing himself all over on a girl……  her eyes widened and she started struggling in his arms taking him out from his la la land and when the realization fell in his mind and he loosen his hold from her waist and she fell down on the ground at once….. Armaan bit his lip and closed his eyes while her lips curved in o shape “ouch” word come out from her mouth….


He sat down beside of her realizing his mistake and trying to correct that….. “are you okay?, I am really sorry….. really very sorry….. ” he was continuously saying to her while she was seething in anger … “what sorry…? Who are you? Aur…. Aur..tumhari himmat kaisi huyi ?”  by one hand she rubbing her leg while another finger pointed at his face, he at once jumped back when she pointed her finger to him….. “whoa…. Slow down girl…” he spoke holding her finger in his and gave her his charming smile while she mouth again curved in o shape, she gritted her teeth and snapped on his hand,……


who invited you mr.?” she asked standing on her feet and he too straighten up , and correcting his coat while she corrected her dupatta & lehanga…..  “well, mai unmein se nahi jo uninvited kahi bhi chalein jaate hai..” Armaan replied back crossing his arms over his chest….. “that means you are invited?” she asked again pointing her finger again to him…..   


well, is that a question or a statement?” he asked….. “huh..!…. whatever..” she said trying to dismiss him by her hand but Armaan held her hand in his right on time ,, “who invited you??” she asked snapped again on his hand….. “ouch… hold on girl… you are so curious..” he spoke….. “I should be… after all it’s my sister’s engagement… I won’t tolerate unwanted crowd here..”  she snapped again by her words…..

ohhhh….” He said putting his finger on his chin going in thinking mode , he rubbed his chin little bit….. “then I’ll be the most wanted one of the crowd here… after all I am the best of bestest friend of yours would be brother in law…” he said showing twinkles in his eyes , her eyes widen , she snorted her nose, , and went away from there taking a last glance of his face, swaying her lehanga while he rubbed his heart , he smirked and went inside of the house searching his best friend and when he reached inside the house, he found maan sitting with his would be wife,


he grinned like a fool seeing his best friend like love sick puppy , both are looking so cute, he said in his mind , when he turned his face he found again the same girl burning in anger…. He smirked again seeing her, and wave his hand to her, she turned her face at once without taking his hello….


She held Aashi’s hand and dragged her from there whispering something about armaan but aashi giggled…. Armaan went more near to maan & geet, , slowly-2 he went stood behind them…..  he looked at them…… their eye lock and geet was blushing like hell… her cheeks were like red tomato and maan was smiling yet it was so small smile but still armaan was so happy seeing a sweet smile on his face…. Armaan smiled truly , , he smiled evilly at once “booooo….” Maan & Geet at once jumped scared….

Geet’s eyes widen at once and the same thing happened with maan,,,,, some head turned towards them…..  maan turned his head behind and soon the frown which was on his face disappeared and that frown replaced by a sweet si big si smile……  maan grinned seeing his best buddy and armaan laughed seeing his best friend like this…..  he had never seen maan like this…. He is truly a new maan infront of his eyes….. .. maan stood up and both buddies hugged each other…….


congrats yaar….” Armaan patted his back in a friendly manner , Vicky laughed seeing them while rajni , dadi and param shook their head seeing these two , armaan is like a son for them….  Geet stood up seeing them and she was little bit confused while ridhima murmuring something actually she was talking to herself, ummm some profanities for armaan….. some words with flowery touch coming out from her mouth that too for armaan, , she snorted her nose again and stood there crossing her arms …..

thanks yaar. ” maan replied back and both broke the hug…….  “kaisa hai yaar?” asked maan….. “arey isko maar goli….. bhabhi ji..” armaan spoke pushing him aside and himself, stood in front of geet…..  “bhabhi ji… myself Armaan….. aapke hone wale patidev ka bachpan ka dost..” armaan introduced himself to geet….. maan gave him a slap on his shoulder, he was going to introduce him but he was like a metro train, …..


Geet smiled at his introduction….. armaan came close to geet and whispered…. “and I am the one who knows every little secret of your loving fiancé..” geet giggled hearing that , maan narrowed his eyes while everyone is having a gala time seeing them….  Maan poked his finger in armaan’s shoulder , , armaan frowned and turned towards maan asking from him……


19 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-42

  1. awsum part
    hayeeeeeeeee maaneet ki sagai hogayi sooooooo dreamy 🙂
    oyeeee hoyeeeeeeeeee maaneet lost in each other lol widout caring abt others :p 🙂
    heheeee maan cnt stop niharoying geet n she cnt stop blushing 🙂
    ailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kya entry hai armaan ki lol aur woh bhi kisse takraya ridz se :p
    jst loveee armaan n maan bonding 🙂

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