~Drown in Love~ part-40


~Drown in Love~



missed you a lot bhai..” both girls spoke together and he chuckled slightly but soon his eyes also got wet……. Soon his baby sister will flew away from here then there wil be no one to prepare delicious dishes for him when he’ll come home in vacations…


me too missed you a lot my dolls..” arjun spoke looking at their faces and wiped their cheeks which has the tears marks….. geet & ridhima wiped his tears….  He tried to lightened the environment…..  “arey I forgot…. Sabse pehle big wala congratulations to my geetu…. ” he spoke hugging her and then soon a big dairy milk appeared in front of her eyes…… “kuch meetha toh banta hai na….” he said tearing the wrapper of the chocolate and trio shared the chocolate, “thank u bhaiya..”





Vicky….. Vicky….” Param was shouting his younger son’s name very loudly standing at the top of the stairs in anger, umm…. Not in anger… it was his worry for his careless son who always seems in his masti mood, trying to take everything jokingly, not seriously and on the other hand, his elder hand who takes everything seriously….. uff what to do with these two brothers….. he sighed deeply trying to calm himself… when vicky showed up his face, , he shot a glare to him… Vicky gulped and trying to think that what I have done now? But nothing entered in his pea size brain what his dad & his bro called him but he never mind that…..


you called me dad?” he asked ever so innocently…… “ji beta ji,,,,, aapka hi intezaar ho raha tha..” param replied sarcastically , , he scratched his head nervously and gave him a smile….. “umm dad, kya kaam tha?” he asked , , “vicky, when I told you to put these things in car, but no you were engrossed in your own world….. where were you yesterday?” asked param putting his hands on his waist…..


dad, don’t say like this… I was preparing everything for the engagement…” replied Vicky back taking things from the ground…… “theek hai theek hai…… take these things and put in car…. And yes where is maan?” asked param…… “okay dad….. maan bhai , I think I saw him going in study room before an hour ago…” replied Vicky back heading down from the stairs with the bags……


oh god…  why maan is workaholic  …? ” asked param from himself and headed towards the study room…… when he slightly opened the door and found his workaholic son engrossed badly in his laptop and his files……  he rubbed his temple and called his name…. “maan…” maan stopped typing and looked back….. “yes dad..” replied back maan…


his dad came inside and pressed ctrl+s and then at once closed his laptop at once, , yelled maan at once…. “dad, ye aapne kya kiya?, , I have lots of work…” maan gazed at his dad’s face……. Param had a stern look on his face , , “maan, mujhe tumse yeh ummeed nahi thi…. Today is your engagement and you are sitting here with your laptop… ” replied param to maan……


but dad, only half an hour work left…” maan tried to made his way towards his work…… “I think there is no need to engage you with geet..” told param crossing his arms….. maan’s eyes popped at once hearing that……. “dad, what are you saying?” maan at once perplexed…..  his dad muffled his laughter and still maintained stern look on his face…… “yes maan….. when you are not showing any interest in your engagement then there is no need of this engagement… ” replied back param facing maan now….. maan sighed deeply knowing what his dad is trying to say….


Okay dad….. no work now… is that alright…?” asked maan…… “maan, work nahi karna koi solution nahi hota…… maan I heard that you didn’t try your dress till yet…” asked his dad…… “umm… dad I am going for that now..” saying so maan ran away from there and finally laugh slipped from his mouth and he laughed loudly….. and after sometime he saw maan is trying his dress and annie is checking out whether it is properly fit to him or not? And whether her brother looking dashing or not?…..  now there is no need to put off that dress, after all maan has to wear that dress only for his engagement….


After some time, there is too much hustle bustle in the mansion when their close relatives came there and simmi , Raj and her family also came….. children are running here and there in their cute-2 dresses, Ansh was looking like a small price while Anshika is looking like cutie princess in fairy dress…..


It’s around 9 am when all the members are ready, , Vicky put all the things in the car, all the cars are ready in front of the mansion while Maan’s  black BMW is specially shinning today , , today is God Bharayi also along with the engagement……




Everyone is running here and there , looking here & there the arrangements…… Ripu was checking the food arrangements, there is so much variety of food and that is A-one quality with new style…… he is looking dashing like before while Arjun was checking other arrangements, like the decorations is complete or not, whether is Dj is properly set or not, sitting arrangements and some other cousins are helping him in that…..


While on the other hand Rano & Sonia were getting ready, after all ladies took much more time than gents….  Geet was in her room with rdizy and with all the beauticians, she wore a beautiful designer saree in deep purple colour with magenta shade in it…… heavy embroidery on it but in latest fashion…..  she is looking very beautiful without make up and without all the jewels….




Finally Maan got ready properly in his suit which has the sherwani look , it’s in black color which maan’s favorite color, hairs are gelled but not that much…. Rolex watch shinning on his wrist and properly  shined shoes in his feet…….. he has the diamond broach at the side of his coat pocket which shined too much and a chain attached with the broach which lead to the pocket….  any girl can get a heart attack seeing him so dashing, handsome….. 


Finally everyone came downside after getting ready and gathered in the hall….. maan bend down and took the blessings of dadi first followed by his parents….. his siblings and cousins complemented him , , all the family members looking so fab after all they are khuranas……  soon they headed towards their car and all the cars ran on the roads in their fast speed but yes in control…..


On the other hand in Handa Villa, , handa family freaked out completely cause the preparations are not over till yet…… when they thought everything is complete then one new thing came up and engrossed them in work….. Gents are not ready till yet and engrossed in work…. They are wondering that what will happen when marriage will held….? They sighed deeply and mohinder sat over a chair in the hall tired but that is not the time for being tired…..  “papa, water…” Arjun gave a glass of water mixed with glucose ,…. “thank u beta…” mohinder replied back and gulped the whole glass water in one go…..


After some time, some of Mohinder’s friend and gathered at one place, cracking jokes and telling some their experience of army between the people , what they did at the border or other things while other peoples were enjoying that fully……


Inside the house, , decoration was complete while on the other side,,,,, food arrangement is also almost done….. just table setting left, they can do this work later….. while upside in the room, Geet wore her saree and her make up also almost done….. just hair style and jewels left….. while ridzy is already ready , same with Sonia & rano…..


Some of geet’s couins came over there ….. there is lot of hungama going on….. some small children dancing on the floor and doing funny-2 acts,,,,, meanwhile it’s 1pm now….


Maan was sitting behind the wheels backside of the car along with annie and Vicky…. And yeah how can we forget ansh, who always wants to be with his mama & mausi…….  Vikcy was driving the car and Raj also accompanied them…… Ansh sat in maan’s lap, though they tried a lot to made him sit on his papa’s lap so that maan’s clothes crease didn’t spoil but being a sweet spoil brat , he didn’t budge from maan’s lap, , and maan also let him sit there,….


He was continuously asking questions from maan  like he  cracked a question in front of maan….  “mama….. mama….” He called maan in his sweet babyish tone….. “haan beta…” maan replied calmly but inwardly he is scared now from ansh’s questions…… “we are going to mami’s place…na… then you’ll marry with her…?” he asked cutely…… maan sighed and looked at him……


no beta… aaj toh engagement hai marriage nahi hai..” maan replied back then ansh went in deep thought then he cracked another question………. “woh kya hota hai?” he asked cutely…. “jab ladka and ladki ek dusre ko ring pehnaate hai usey engagement kehte hai..” replied maan calmly…


On the other hand Raj was teasing maan to the core like telling him all kinds of funny things…. But he gave him his super advices also…. “saale sahib….. I am giving you an advice that is totally free…  when you’ll made geet wear the ring na, that time hold her hand tightly… pata hai iska advantage kya hai?” Raj told to maan, till now maan was irritated completely but he calmed himself,


ji jija ji…. Batayiye advantage…” replied maan back looking in his phone back….. “the greatest advantage is that you can hold a girl’s hand in front of your family without any hesitation… fir pata nahi kab chance miley…  jab chance miley , faida utha lo bachu… ” Raj replied back, hearing that all laughed and soon they read the board saying that “Dehradun….. 10 km ”


While in Handa Villa , everything is ready now…. They sighed finally in relief, , mohinder , ripu and arjun also ready in their suits and looking dashing and handsome…. Well Mohinder handa thinks himself like an adult….. now comfortably sitting with his friends and cracking jokes……




Next one is coming up also…

so read fast….


22 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-40

  1. Phew much so much chaos in both d villas.But the stern yet funny Param took my heart.Kya nakli dbnt lagayi hai Maan ko.He just ran to try his sherwani.Thnking that his engagement may get cancelled 😀 Ansh and his questions are really no less than crackers.Aur Raj,toh Mashah Allah.What a jija ji Maan has.

    getting eager buddy

  2. awsum part
    hayeeeeeeeeee preparation of maaneet engagement going n n evryone busy 🙂
    heyyyyy babajiiiiiiiiiii maan ka kuch ny ho sakta aaj usske engagement hai aur yeh janaab hai k apne kaam k aage kuch ny dikhta 😛
    heheheeeeeeeeeeee jst love the way maan dad n raj teasing him n adding to that ansh cuteeeeee cuteeeeeeee questions lol 😛

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