~Drown in love~ part-39


~Drown in Love~


don’t worry rajni… kuch dino ki baat hai,, fir uska khyaal rakhne wali aa jayegi, fir usey ghar jaldi bhi aana padega…aur yeh to hota hai kabhi-2… pareshaan mat ho…” dadi replied in her ensuring tone….. “lekin maa ji…” but rajni interrupted by dadi…. “bahu, tumhe pata hai, tumhare iss ghar mein aane se pehle param ka bhi yahi haal tha… raat ke 10-11 baje ghar aata tha par jab tum iss ghar mein aayi, sab jaise ek second mein badal gaya ho…. Dekhna maan ki pareshaani half ho jayengi jab geet iss ghar mein aayegi…. Aur uska khyaal bhi acche se rakhegi… ” dadi replied back……


rajni smiled….. “ji maa ji, shayad aap sahi keh rahi hai..” rajni said…. “jao, maan ko khana khila do.. pata nahi aaj kuch khaya bhi hoga ya nahi..” dadi said in worried tone and rajni went upside in maan’s room……….


Maan freshened up already and was waiting for his mom to bring his dinner….. he was damn hungry but now he was not much because he is so tired and hunger flew away somewhere after taking a nap….,, Rajni entered in his room and gave him a smile…… “lo maan… start your dinner….” Said his mother keeping the tray in front of him which has so many things…..


ji mom..” he replied back… … “maan, , acche se khana… samjhe..” his mother told him again while serving him properly….. he just nodded but after having 3-4 morsel, he stopped eating and told that “enough mom… I am done now…” h said while wiping his hands from tissue paper……


but beta, tumne toh kuch khaya hi nahi…” rajni said looking at the food….. “mom, bas… I am tired….” Maan replied back keeping the tray on the table….. “maan, aise kaise chalega ….. day by day you are getting more busy, more tired…. ” cribbed  his mom but maan smiled in return….. he used to listen all these cribs and he just ignored these giving only his one sweet si smile…..


his mother chided seeing his smile…. “now, don’t give me those looks for pleasing me… ” said Rajni….. “mom… ” he called her in his sweet voice…..  “kaam hai to karna toh padega hi na…..ab aapke dusre bete ki tarah khaali toh nahi ghoom sakta na” he told the matter of fact…..


haan maan lekin…” but she was interrupted by maan…… “mom….. it’s only for some days…. Now we got a new and big project…. I have to assign all the work to the team, then I am taking interviews for our interior designer…. Annie denied that’s y I have to take interview otherwise itna busy nahi hota.. ” maan tried to made her understand……


achha ji, , if you are handling all the things then what’s your dad doing there? Enjoying??” asked Rajni puffing her cheeks but in her pleasing tone…. Hearing that maan laughed little over his mom’s thought……. “mom, , when I am here then why troubling dad…  let him enjoy na…” replied maan……  


that’s not good maan….. I’ll ask from your dad that why he is letting you do this much work….itna busy kar diya hai ki family ke liye time hi nahi hai…” rajni told him and showed him her fake anger……. “mom, nothing is like that…. I love to do all these work…. ” replied maan affectionately…….. “fir bhi maan…” but again maan stopped her…… “mom… for some days only…. Jaise hi everything will be set then I promise, I’ll take an off and that too for full day…” saying so, a smile spread on rajni’s face when he said he will take an off that too full day…..


maan, not one day…. I want your complete 3-4 days…” rajni replied back….. and maan’s eyes popped hearing that 3-4 days holdidays….. no ways…. “mom, wat are you saying,  ? aise to company par lock lag jayega, you don’t know these employees never work properly behind my back…. Everytime they want their dose otherwise they forgot how to work properly…”, , told maan gritting his teeth remembering the carelessness of his employees……


okay maan, jo bhi  hai but I don’t want that Geet will suffer in mid of this…. You have to find out time for her from your busy schedule….” Rajni told him in her soft voice keeping her one palm on his cheek…..  maan took her hand in his and looked in her eyes…. “mom don’t worry about that…. I assure you, I’ll not let her feel uncomfortable here…. That’s my promise to you…. It’s just for some days I am busy but I assure you again I’ll be free completely before marriage… hmm….” Maan told to his mother holding her another hand…..


Rajni smiled and patted his cheek  warmly  showing her affection and love….. “sleep now but before that have this milk… you are tired na.. and you didn’t had your food properly…” rajni said giving him glass but maan made face….. from his childhood he hate milk, and now also….  When it comes to milk , none knows from where he got so many ideas…. “maan, don’t make these face, , drink it fast…” said his mother giving him a glass and sat there until he didn’t finish it….


Looking at his mother at last time, he hold his nose , close his eyes and drank full glass milk in one go…. Though he liked everything made by milk but don’t know what kind of allergy he has from milk…. Rajni patted his cheek again and maan slept after some time…..  and Rajni left from there having a contend smile on her face,…..


Next day,…..


This day finally came when two person who barely know each other but falling in love with each other are going to engage….. finally their engagement day came , , …..



It’s early morning , umm around 4:30 am…. When geet’s eyes opened and she sat up at once …….  Today is mine engagement…. She mumble these words and held the cushion in her embrace keeping her face on the cushion dreaming about her engagement….. soon she came back from her dream land when her alarm buzzed, she shut it at once and realized that she is up before her alarm, ,  she went down from her bed and directly headed towards ridzy’s room for waking her up……


she knocked her room door calling her name but she is not waking up…. Later she realized that door is not locked, she pushed it slightly and saw ridzy is sleeping like a pig…..  geet fumed seeing her… yesterday night ridzy gave her all kind of gyaan like she should wake up early and have a long warm bath  and see here she is sleeping herself…….. she went inside and pushed ridzy, ridzy screamed she got a push and fell down from the bed………..


Both girls fought first but later both patched up with each other and now it’s 5 am…..  It’s not like that none is up in the house….. everyone has been woke up and busy in preparations, Mohinder was giving orders to the people who are decorating the house…..  “arey bhaiya, , ye corner kyon chhod diya…. Yaha kya mai decorate karunga….” Mohinder told to one worker…… that worker frowned first but started decorating that corner also…. Then mohinder went outside of the house for seeing the preparations but seeing very less decoration…… he sighed and no one is present there…..


He himself took the decoration things and take the ladder and started decorated the front of the house,…. While inside of the house, rano and Sonia was taking out the things which they are going to give to maan’s family as shagun….  Sarees for ladies, dress for annie , small dress for children , clothes for maan and Vicky, for maan’s father and sweets, packets of dry fruits, and some more other stuff also….  Some guests were also present there but very close ones….


Just then they heard  a word “surprise..” all the head turned towards the door and their face lit up at once seeing him after a long time and there is a one person who is very happy seeing him that is Sonia only after all her husband came after 4 months…. “Arjun..” she whispered slowly, , Rano & Sonia ran towards him and he took both of them in his embrace……. Both women cried little bit,  it was juts an emotional time,. He tried to sooth them ,


 “mom, Sonia… please,… stop crying… see I am infront of you… now what’s the problem…” he asked from them…… “shut up..” Sonia replied back and trio smiled  after wards……  “papa kaha hai?” he asked looking here and there…… “he is outside  only”, , replied rano…. He nodded, and went outside , he saw his father on the ladder and all the flowers, and other decorating stuff around his neck that’s y he couldn’t recognize his father…. He think of some worker , he suppressed his laughter and called him… “papa, nichey aayiye..” he called him… mohinder looked down and found his son….. there is no bound of happiness of his face….. and in his heart….


He at once came down from the ladder, it was about to slip on the floor but Arjun caught it at the right time, , “sambhal kar papa..” he at once called out , he freaked out at once and sudden fear engulfed in his heart….. mohinder smiled at his super frightened son, who can say he is in army and now he is scared…. That calls love, that calls a family which give fear in that heart….


He came down and both hugged each other, it was a warm hug, a fatherly hug and then Arjun was wiping his tears from his father’s eyes…. That calls a father though he was also in army, and now his son in army, he has proud for him but still he is a father on the other side ….. “papa, aap chhodo ye sab… mai karta hu…” arjun spoke taking flowery material from his father’s hand but his father denied…..


no beta… abhi toh mai jawan hu…. Tum apne baap ko budha samajhte ho…. Bhale hi mai retire hu but you forgot I was a major…” mohinder spoke in attitude and again climbed up on the ladder while rano & Sonia laughed seeing the drama……


Arjun shook his head and went inside leaving him alone , , he went upside and heard his sister’s voice and laughed listening their shouting…. Both were fighting on something, , just then he bumped with ripu who was coming down from the stairs holding a basket , , “kaun hai? Dhyaan se chalo bhai…” ripu spoke standing at his place, ,


arjun smiled hearing and spoke in his stern voice….. “mai dhyaan se hi chal raha hu mere chhote bhai..” , , he took the basket from his hands and ripu smiled broadly seeing arjun there….. he tried to hug him but oops, basket came between them……


bhai, I am coming in 2 minutes… give me this basket…” ripu spoke taking basket from his hand and ran downside, arjun shook his head, , ‘I have to find some work soon but before that first I should meet with geet…. It will be surprise for her…’ he talked to himself and headed towards her room…. He slightly pushed the door and saw that both girls are fighting over the lehanga, which geet is going to wear today…..  both are fighting in which style geet should wear the dupatta on the lehanga……


meri sister par koi bhi style achha lagega..” arjun told and both girls turned behind , first they shocked, their eyes popped open and mouth dropped down then arjun closed his ears because both squealed sow loudly in happiness, and in the next moment he found geet hugging him and crying her eyes out, soon ridhima also joined him…. “missed you a lot bhai..” both girls spoke together and he chuckled slightly but soon his eyes also got wet……. Soon his baby sister will flew away from here then there will be no one to prepare delicious dishes for him when he’ll come home in vacations…



Hello hello hello…..

well here is long part more than 2,000 words… i don’t know when i updated this much long part last??? lolz…. i have tried a lot to give u engagement part but i don’t know why it’s not coming up…? i think i am going in deep details…. uff…..  but don’t worry….. next part i have written half and that will also more than 2,000 words…. and i am typing now engagement part…….. finally… tomorrow i’ll that one…okies…

i think i am getting less response now…. pls comment more otherwise it will de-motivate me….. hope u’ll understand me…..pls copy n paste this link in new tab and see the banners there,… i am lil confused…. do let me know which banner u like the most…. just click on the pic and it will come in big size…..


love ya




27 thoughts on “~Drown in love~ part-39

  1. Rajni-Maan part was way too luvly yaar.Maa ka baithke khana khilana chahe beta kitna hi bada kyu na ho jaaye,IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA.The way she made him drink milk is too cute.

    And then Arjun’s entry.The perfect man,son and brother,all in one.he is too gud.

    great part.

  2. awsum part
    jst love maan rajni part it was soo lovelyyyyyyy mom n son duo 🙂
    awwwwwww arjun entry n evryone happy n emotional seeing him

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