~Drown in Love~ part-38



~Drown in Love~



She reached at home and she at once dragged by ridzy inside of the house , , geet laughed at her, while others also laughed on both girls, , Sonia and ripu was giving teasing look to geet, she shrugged off and went inside with ridzy….. she throw all the bags on the bed and ridzy showed her maan’s ring….. it’s so beautiful and geet’s eyes widen at once seeing the ring…. It was the same ring which she liked……


But geet had made some changes in that ring….. and she was satisfied with her choice…… she took the ring in her hand and niharing the ring with  much love….. umm…love??? She went in her room with her shopping bags and yeah along with the engagement ring….. she threw the bags on the couch and fell on the bed and stare at the rings….. she can’t believe that she is going to engage with maan…. It’s really big day for her……


Is it love which I am feeling for maan?’ Asked geet from herself, , ‘yeah I like him but love? Is it really possible to fall for someone with whom we met only 3-4 times…..?’ she asked again from herself ‘but is going to be my life partner…. Then it’s possible na… ’ she replied back to herself….. ‘lekin geet, pyaar ki koi timing thodi na hoti hai… yeh to kahi bhi, kabhi bhi ho jata hai….hai.na…. haan geet…. Yeh pyaar hi hai aur kya ho sakta hai….’ She replied again back to herself…..


she doesn’t know from where she got these thoughts but really asking from herself is she in love , nothing can be better than this…… she blushed by her thoughts only , and then smacked her head for getting these kinds of thoughts……. But really this is a fluttering feeling inside her stomach…….  Her muscles flip flopped , she closed her eyes suddenly having a sensation in her body,,,,,,  she slightly kissed the ring and hid her face in the pillow…..


she pulled the photo of maan from below of her pillow and looked at his photo…… she felt mesmerized seeing him again…… she was smiling and looked in his eyes…… they are deep , chocolate brown eyes and his lips in full M shape……  but there was no smile on his face…she at once frown not  finding smile, she smacked her head again…. ‘buddhu, ye photo hai… ab maan photo mein tere liye smile to nahi kar sakte na..’ she told to herself……  ‘but I am in love with yours non-smiling face…, , Maan, aap smile kyo nahi karte?’ she asked from him, actually she asked from the photo……


Maan, dekhna, ek din mai aapko smile karna sikha hi dungi… aur ye mera wada hai aapse, umm actually aapki photo se…’ saying so she smiled and kissed his photo hiding it in her embrace……


After two days, , maan reached home at night from office, , tired, , he had a very long day… continuous meetings, site visiting and above all of that, , he went to head office because they got the culprit and maan was the main officer of that case, so he went there for doing his quiz session with the culprit…..   when he entered in mansion….  Tiredness was oozing out from his face…… all were sitting there in hall and discussing about the marriage and some other stuff also….. 


Seeing maan entering in the mansion, , seeing him… all the faces lit up at once, cause they were waiting for him only…. And specially annie…. She was getting the headache because of his engagement attire…. Till now maan didn’t try it, tomorrow is their engagement , and if it didn’t fit to him then what will happen at the end moment….


bhai…. Not fair… kitna late kar diya… I was waiting for you ,,, whole day..” she emphasized the word whole day….. rolling her eyes…… maan shook his head and kept his bag on the table , fell back on the couch loosening his tie….. “annie, please..”  said maan keeping his head on the couch post closing his eyes…… “what please bhai….. aapka attire ka trial abhi baki hai… kab karenge… last moment par..” she replied him back keeping her hands on her hips standing in front of him…..


Maan rubbed his forehead trying to erase the lines which appeared on his forehead…….  He sighed knowing the reason behind annie’s frustration….. he opened his eyes, nodded…… “let me freshen up first..” he replied back , “okay bhai…. ” she said and sat back on her place……  “maan, , wo sab baad mein… first you go, fresh up and have your dinner..okay…” , said his mother caressing his head lovingly….  “ji mom..” he replied back, and went in his room taking  his bag and headed towards his room…..


annie, that’s not good… tumne dekha nahi maan kitna tired tha fir bhi uske aate hi you started..” his mother tried to made her understand….. “but mom, dress ka trial bhi toh banta hai na… last moment par changes nahi honge..” she replied back making faces….. Rajni sighed knowing, both are correct at their places…..


Maan entered in his room , switched on his light….  He sat on his bed  looking around of his room, , white walls, dark brown furniture, he kept his head on the bed post and closed his eyes….. the day was so tiring , and above of that, annie was bugging his head for the preparations…. God he is damn irritated now…. That’s y he always tried to be away from all these marriage stuff…… but now he had already put his head in fire place , so he has to bear all the flames….. uff…..


But just then one face appeared in front of his eyes, the face who is going to be include in his life, , who is going to be part of his life, , a little smile tucked at the corner of his lips, and he doesn’t know when the tiredness took over him and his body gave up and he fall asleep, , without removing his shoes, without removing his tie, waist coat, all dressed up in his office wear and sleeping, empty stomach….


It was too much time went when maan went in his room… around 40 mins…. Annie went to her mom and whined cutely but in worried voice….. “mom, see na,,, 40 mins spent already and maan bhai didn’t come down…. When he’ll try…?” she asked….. “beta, don’t worry… mai dekh kar aati hu…” her mother replied back….. Rajni went upside in maan’s room…slowly she pushed the door and found it’s silent…. She went move inside and found maan sleeping in a very uncomfortable position, , her face fell off seeing her son like this…. She always cribbed because maan do lots of work, and then he became tired…. It’s not good….


She sat beside him and ran her fingers in his hairs massaging them slowly…….  She stood and removed his shoes slowly without disturbing him,,,, she doesn’t want to wake him up…. And then removed his socks….  Loosened his tie further and opened the buttons of his waist coat so that he can breathe properly…..  she ran her fingers again in his hairs and kissed his forehead just then maan woke up…. “arey maan, uth gaya,,,” his mom said….


ohh…sorry mom… pata nahi kaise… neend aa gayi…” . replied maan…… “it’s ok beta…. You are tired…. Tum fresh ho jao, mai dinner yahi laati hu…” his mother replied back…. Ruffling his hairs again…  she went down , , after some time she was going in maan’s room with his dinner…. Just then dadi met with her….. “rajni, kiska dinner le ja rahi ho?” asked dadi, , “maa ji, maan ka… he is very tired…. Aapko pata hai, aaj to wo bina kuch khaaye so gaya aur clothes bhi change nahi gaye..” rajni replied back in a sad tone….


don’t worry rajni… kuch dino ki baat hai,, fir uska khyaal rakhne wali aa jayegi, fir usey ghar jaldi bhi aana padega…aur yeh to hota hai kabhi-2… pareshaan mat ho…” dadi replied in her ensuring tone….. “lekin maa ji…” but rajni interrupted by dadi….


bahu, tumhe pata hai, tumhare iss ghar mein aane se pehle param ka bhi yahi haal tha… raat ke 10-11 baje ghar aata tha par jab tum iss ghar mein aayi, sab jaise ek second mein badal gaya ho…. Dekhna maan ki pareshaani half ho jayengi jab geet iss ghar mein aayegi…. Aur uska khyaal bhi acche se rakhegi… ” dadi replied back…… rajni smiled….. “ji maa ji, shayad aap sahi keh rahi hai..” rajni said…. “jao, maan ko khana khila do.. pata nahi aaj kuch khaya bhi hoga ya nahi..” dadi said in worried tone and rajni went upside in maan’s room…



Sorry guys, I don’t know why I typed this beside of engagement part…. I think my fingers wanted this one…..   it’s just came out like this…. I don’t know why? I hope you’ll like this part as you all like other parts…. Here I have tried to show some changes that are going to be happen in maan’s life….. I have edited new banner…. hows it???? or should i edit using marriage pics???


Loved your comments…..

@Tia- how are you sweetiepie….. ? kaisi rahi teri trip hujoor sahib ki?  really loved your comments…. Muah… love ya… missed you too much…

@shebs- welcome dear here…. Thanks for liking it….


Thank you so much…

Love ya



24 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-38

  1. Ohhh nice part dear
    Like mom and maan’s part
    Uff geet made a promise and i am sure it will come true
    Thanks 4 such a lovely update
    Pls engagnment kuch long likhna and maan geet ke lonely moments together woh bhi

  2. im all fine the trip was amazing yaar
    n missed u…
    this update so cute
    geet falling in lv with my maanu n realized it also so sweet
    wanna say to geet sometime it took only onle look to fall in lv n wo toh 2 3 baar mil chuki lol
    aww maanu schi daddi is r8 when geet will come na maanu sudhar jayega
    apni geetu baby ke liye will come home soon
    now eagerly waiting 4 the eng
    lvd it

  3. superb update……………. geet ko maan se pyar ho gaya hai……… or maan kitna workaholic hai but daadi ne sahi kaha geet ke aate hi maan change ho jaayega

  4. lovely update
    geet was all lost in maan & maan ko kaam se phursat hi nhi but jab geet ka thought mind ko cross krta hai then he just forget everything

  5. Awww my Maan so much tired.I totaly agree with Dadi that once Geet cmes home,Maan ki life patri pe aa jayegi.

    Happy for Geet feeling love for Maan.It gives a jittery feeling to us.

    lovely part

  6. awsum part
    ayeeeeee hayeeeeeeeeee geet in her dreamland n making a promise to maan i mean uske photo se that she will make him smile someday 🙂
    awwwwww maan hell tired n slept without changing or eating 😦
    it was superbbbb hw u included that maan life will change after geet wl cme in his life 🙂

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