~Drown in Love~ part-37


~Drown in Love~



btw, , you will look beautiful in blood red color…” he told her and she shied hearing that……  after some time both cut the call……  like that maan got hint for the saree and on the other hand, geet got hint for lingeries…. She went inside and asked, , “can you please show some in dark red color?”…..


Geet’s cheeks were crimson red while asking for the lingeries in red colors while aashi smirked at her, she blushed furiously and looked down while ashi elbowed her in her stomach teasing her to the core, , “ahem ahem….. ” aashi coughed fake and geet hit her on the shoulder asking, “what???” , , making baby faces, , “ahem ahem…” she cleared her throat again and whispered in her ear….. “toh ji aapke hone wale patidev aapko red lingeries mein dekhna chahte hai???” she asked innocently , batting her lids but in her teasing voice and which sent erotic thoughts in her mind,…..


shut up..!” geet replied back in her shivering voice yet sternly but her cheeks were in deep red color just like same she asked for lingeries……  ufff finally around 1 hour, their shopping finished and they bought so many pair of lingeries , in new-2 styles , different colors and some are very sexy which aashi forced her to buy them……


On the other hand, , maan told them about the color and all have started looking sarees for geet, , while maan was not paying attention, , well he is not made for the shopping….. he knows only one shopping that is only construction shopping…. Or sometimes he is interested in buying guns,,, just then he got a call and he went outside cause he was not able to hear anything from the other side…..


When he was on call talking with his employee, , his eyes got a glimpse of a saree , which was hanging in the showroom of another shop, , it was in the same color like geet told him, baby pink color, just like her skin color, soft…… he cut the call at once and went other side of the road,


He entered in the shop….. “how can I help you sir?” one sales girl asked from him……  he looked at her, little hesitant, , then replied….. “umm, , can you please show me that saree?” he asked pointing towards the saree, , she nodded and showed him the saree…… , , seeing the saree, a sweet smile played on his lips at once, like this saree is only made for geet, , he started imagining geet in that saree, and she looked just like an angel, a fairy who directly came from heaven, , wearing a saree just like her skin color, baby pink color….


umm, excuse me..” maan said calling the same sales girl…. “yes sir..” she replied back……  “I wanna buy this saree…” he told her , she looked at him and then thought for a second….. “umm actually sir, , this is our master piece and this piece came yesterday only… we can’t give you right now…” she replied back….. “why not?” he asked little bit surprised….. “umm, actually sir, , I don’t know the exact price of this saree…” she replied back…..


aah…. Can you tell me, the around price of this saree?” maan asked glancing again at the saree…..  “umm around 15,000… I am not sure..” she replied back…..  maan sighed….. “can you please go and confirm from the owner…?” asked maan…. She nodded and went inside…., , the fabric of the saree was so smooth, so delicate like if we touch it then it will tear away…..  it has the self printed rose on it which has the little bit dark shade then the saree color, , and it has the beautiful embroidery on it….  He was not able to remove his gaze from the saree…..


Just then the sales girl came and told him…. “umm sir, it’s not for the sale but you are insisting then owner of the shop is saying that he can give you in 20,000….. if you really want then you have to pay….” …. Maan nodded and take out his card from his wallet and told her….. “30,000, , I’ll pay 30,000 for this saree…. ” he replied , and the sales girl nodded….  After some minutes, the saree was in his hand wrapped in a paper…….


He sighed deeply and satisfied with his shopping…. Finally he got what he desired for geet, what she wanted for herself, the same color, and she will look perfect in this or may be the saree will look perfect when geet will wear it….  He got a call from the head office , and it’s really an urgent case which happened in old delhi means in Chandani chownk……  he can’t go there by himself,  he will only go through from the file…. Everything has been checked and evidence also collected…..  he has to only go through from those evidence…..


He at once ran away from there, sat in his car and he called Vicky , he told him to come and pick everyone from the saree shop……  then he called his mom….. she looked at her cell….. “dekho maa ji, , yeh maan bhi na… office chala gaya hoga …”  she picked her cell after 3-4 rings…. “hello, maan, where are you? ” she asked in her motherly voice yet she knew what is coming now….


hello, mom…. Actually an urgent case came up and now I am going to head office..”, , “lekin beta side suddenly?” she asked from maan….. “cases suddenly hi aate hai..” he told the fact…. She sighed knowing her son, when it comes to any case then he won’t listen….. “lekin hamari shopping?” she asked trying to stop him…..


mom, I am already on my way and meri sopping ho gayi…. Bye.. and Vicky is coming to pick you..” he said and cut the call….. his mother stare at the phone screen for a while then put it in her bag concentrating again on her shopping….


While on the other hand, , geet and aashi looked for some nighties…..  aashi whispered in her ear… “see, how sexy nighty this is!” pointing towards a nighty which a dummy was wearing…… it was till upper thighs, fabric in silk, white color and the upper portion of the nighty in net , and it has very thin straps on it……  geet blushed and felt shy even looking on that nighty….. aashi smirked…..


achha.. geet.. tu udhar dekh, mai yaha dekhti hu…” she said to geet and geet nodded…. Geet went other side while aashi at once bought that nighty without any information of geet……


While geet bought a nighty in a full length…… just then her cell buzzed showing ridzy name on the screen……. “yeah ridzy…. ” she replied to her call…… but in a response she heard hear squealing sound…… “di…” she screamed in happiness….. “di…. Oh god… ” she spoke again screaming on the phone which geet kept away little bit from her ear, , she doesn’t want to harm her cell…… “hold on girl… what happen?” she asked looking here and there…. Even other people also can hear ridzy’s screaming voice…..


di, have you seen jiju’s ring…. Omg it’s mindblowing…. ” ridzy couldn’t stop screaming and geet laughed at her craziness….. ridzy is behaving so crazy now a days…. She is behaving like a 4 years kid…. “achha baba…. Am coming home…” geet replied back…… “kitne time mein di?” she asked, “half an hour..” replied back geet, , while paying for the shopping…. “am waiting di… ” both off the phone and geet laughed again at her little sister…. Sometimes she really behaves like a kid, she is so cheerful, she knows how to live her life….



She reached at home and she at once dragged by ridzy inside of the house , , geet laughed at her, while others also laughed on both girls, , Sonia and ripu was giving teasing look to geet, she shrugged off and went inside with ridzy….. she throw all the bags on the bed and ridzy showed her maan’s ring….. it’s so beautiful and geet’s eyes widen at once seeing the ring…. It was the same ring which she liked……



Maan & Geet’s Engagement…. Finally…..


@Cherish aka ffdeewani- really missing your comments…

@tia- where are you? Missing you….

@ritzy di- thank you di for your lovely comment…. It’s encouraged me…. Love ya..

@maanmania- sampa, yaar… really loved ur comments…

@pihu- urs also….

@all- thank you so much for lovely comments… i am really touched when you said you are in love with this story…..

Really sorry guys, I know I am irregular with the updates now a days, but believe me guys m not getting time…… 

Loved your comments…. Pls drop some more…. And yeah suggest this one to your friends also… and now there is offer….hahaha… i mean if you really want to see something special then pls do let me know… i’ll try to add some fantasy of yours in this story……except of really romantic moments…later i’ll show but not right now….

Thank you so much for the likes and comments…..

Love ya




33 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-37

  1. heyyyy neha
    miss u yaar
    n omg so many updates
    hayee it was like a treat for me to read so many updates at once
    chal lets start from where i left
    ab i have to compensate for all na lol
    now coming to my sweetu ff
    part 31

    first of all i want to say im in lv with the stories in this ff to show their emotions
    aww the best way yaar
    n one month left for marriage hayee
    n this one month will b full of dreams me all dreamy dreamy
    n geet aww she suggest abt food n all giving her look lol
    n other maanu actually my work holic maanu
    arey yaar shadi hai
    show some enthusiasm bt na he is maanu
    bt let geet come sudhar jayega rofl

  2. part 32
    awww maanu bura fsa lol
    bt he should also give time for his marriage preparation na lol
    wine color n the secret behind i mean reason behind it was also so cute
    maanu selected wine colour lehanga or geet n same colour dress for himself
    aha sahi ja rhe ho maanu babu lol
    maanu’s mom n their thoughts r so good
    so now maanu will think abt sharing his room with his geet
    how it feel maanu hehehe
    lvd it

  3. part 33

    aww maanu surfeing to get some design for his room bt got nothing aww baby bt he so worrying when geet will b with him soon rofl
    my maaneet all lost in each other haye so dreamy
    n a simple good morning msg can charge u like this i never know
    maanu teasing geet n shadi ke baad se tie bnvana hai ooooohhhh hehehe
    n geet aww said to him that she was dreaming abt him
    some situation make u so embarrass and these situation gave u courage also
    lvd it

  4. part 34

    waise ek baat hai in laws should gave permission to get up late
    waking early morning is the worst thing after marriage according to me lol
    my maaneet so both know how to save themselves changing the topic heheheh
    n the cat dog chasing of siblings was cute
    n eng after five days hayeee
    n maanu hayee mera maanu is not so much boring as many think heheh
    lvd it

  5. part 35

    maanu trapped annie n vicky lol
    but his eng came as a relieve for them rofl
    n maanu aww how will he live without his work lol
    n all enjoying my maanu’s plight aww my poor baby
    other side geet bearing of torture of shopping changing like fool bt its the fun haina
    her frnd called her 4 lingrie shopping n when she said to ask maanu wt he will like in her irritation cracked me up so much that tears came out from my eyes ROFL
    udha maanu smiling to himself aww
    n want a special ring for his geet hayee
    lvdf it

  6. part 36

    aha my smarty maanu ordered a ring of his choice n again back to work
    ya its like work is his life only till geet comes wink wink
    ashi’s teasing made geet blush so much lol
    wt will she do when manu ahem chodo wink
    geet in shop n maanu ka call
    good ashi pinched her nhi toh lol hehehe
    toh geet ne pooch hi liya wt colour he will like on her wink
    n maanu aha he though he is saved selecting a ring but his family is more smart n fssa liya saree shopping mai
    hayee it was all so lovely
    lvd it

  7. part 37

    i lv my blushy geet
    aww maanu selected a baby pink saree for geet n imagning geet in it hayee so dreamy
    n other side geet bought sexy lingris n nighties for her ahem actually for her maanu
    hayee maanu ki kya halat hogi geet ko waise dekh ke
    im just imagining wild for them
    kya kru cant control lol
    im eagerly waiitng 4 their eng. + marriage
    lvd it
    n ya i miss u alott
    n ur update ofcourse lol
    lv ya

  8. Hello…first of all a big wala sry for nt cmntng on previous part..was l’ll busy…

    Nw cmng 2 ud..
    I don’t hv words for ud…i dunno wat to say..
    Oh..boy..!! Maan ne 30,000 ki saree li…for geet..hayee kash mujhe b aisa hi koi hubby mile…me already strtd imagining geet in dat saree and also maan’s imagination..:D
    Hayee geet..blushy..wushy..!! Abi se geet ka ye haal hai pta nai..jb wo lingeries pehnegi tb kya hoga…n poor maan wo to behosh hi ho jaega apni innocent and shy geet ko sexy lingerie m dekh ke.. 😉
    Ritzy is really crazy…
    Ritzy k ph ne geet ko bacha liya…
    Precap very exciting…
    Continue soon…

  9. fab update! Geet blushing n Aashi teasing her! Aashi buys the sexy nighty 4 Geet! Maan found n buys the perfect saree 4 Geet! Maan has to rush 2 wrk! Well written, update soon 🙂

  10. superb n naughty update……………. wow maan ne double paise dekar geet ke liye saree li lovely…………….. geet kitna blush karti hai jb maan hoga saamne tb kya hoga humari geet ka 🙂

  11. hey neha sorry for late and short cmnt.

    Loved d part as usual.But cutest part was Maan purchasing that saree.Yaar Neha,Maan mera waise hi favourite hai,and u r making me fall for me all over again.

    And Ashi is the cutest frnd Geet cud get.Itni saari sexy lingerie,OMG!!!!

    Great part buddy.

  12. hey neha sorry for late and short cmnt.

    Loved d part as usual.But cutest part was Maan purchasing that saree.Yaar Neha,Maan mera waise hi favourite hai,and u r making me fall for me all over again.

    And Ashi is the cutest frnd Geet cud get.Itni saari sexy lingerie,OMG!!!!

    Great part buddy :))))

  13. awwwww awsum ud
    hayeeeeeeeeee maan buying pink sari as per geet choice
    n geet buying inners as per maan choice sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee
    aashi is soo lovely n sweet n ridz seems more happy than geet lol 🙂

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