~Drown in Love~ part-36

~Drown in Love~




While on the other hand, maan sat in his study , sitting on his rocking chair and a small smile was playing on his lips thinking about his engagement….. finally they will exchange the rings, , they will be official fiancé, , suddenly he stopped rocking on his chair and he opened his eyes, reminding dadi’s words…. He has to buy an engagement ring for her that too for his choice only….. oh god, , how am I able to know what she likes or what not? He told to himself, ,


then connected his laptop to internet and opened the sites of some famous diamond companies, and went through from so many girly ring designs, , some are heavy designs then some are so simple, only single diamond, , he wants something attracts him , something which caught his attention at once but what/ he was confused seeing so many rings on so many sites, , he closed his eyes in frustration and closed his lappy…..


just then he remembered something and a relief smile spread on his face…… he grab his cell and called to someone…… he knows a person who owns a diamond company, , well maan is big personality so it’s won’t be shocking if he knows some big names….., , he talked to him and described what kind of ring he wants but he didn’t said anything geet….. he just described about the ring and that person assured him that he will prepare a ring same like maan told him…


after talking to him, maan sighed deeply as there is no need to go market and now he can do his office work….  It seems like office work and his CBI work is his life…… without his work he can’t breath……  while on the other hand geet informed to her mom and everyone at home that she is going on shopping with her friend…..


soon she reached there at the decided place, , when she met with her friends, , aashi was continuously winking at her and geet was bright red imagining everything about their on-going topic…..   how he will look at her? Will he praise or not? Aashi was filling her mind with erotic thought and poor geet was shivering hearing all these, , Aisa nahi ki geet ko yeh sab nahi pata…..


it’s just hearing all these from someone else’s mouth, , giving more erotic thoughts, and the way aashi was describing everything she had experienced all this…. Finally geet opened her mouth and said to aashi “shut up.. now close your mouth..” she told sternly, , and aashi closed her mouth at once…. She had a great fun in teasing geet…


soon they reached at the shop and there only ladies were present…. Well we girls feel awkward if we ask for lingerie from guys…. , , that’s y there is only girls present there as sales girls…..  geet & aashi looked here and there, , and there were so many types of pieces hanging on the wall…..


how can I help you mam?” one of the sales girl asked from both of them, , geet nudged to aashi, indirectly saying that you speak… she nodded….. “can you please show us some latest sexy lingeries?” said aashi , sales girl smiled at them naughtily.….. the sales girl couldn’t stop herself and asked from them….. “umm, , are you both getting married?” aashima and geet looked at each other then nodded….. 


okay then, I’ll show you according to that..”  sales girl replied back, , both friends smiled at her , , they went inside and sales girl showed them designer lingeries in different – 2 colors, bridal wears, in bright red color, maroon color, magenta color, they all really looks likes for bridal only……


Just then she got a call from maan, , she was staring at the screen like fool , , “kya kar rahi hai? Pick kar na..” said her friend…. Geet nodded and picked his call….. “hello..!” she spoke over the phone…. “hello, geet… what are you doing?” asked maan….. “woh I am buying inne…..” she stopped cause aashi pinched her, , she was going to blurt inner wear….. she bit her lip realizing again she will create embarrassing situation for herself……  “what?” he asked being confused…… “umm, I am buying ear rings..”…. she replied back sighed and praying that he’ll convince by her answer…..


ohhh..!” he replied this only…. Actually poor soul sitting with his mother, dadi  and annie in saree shop…. He was forcefully dragged there….. maan was very happy after ordering ring on phone but when his family came to know, , they told him it’s cheating…. He has to go for shopping, if it’s not about ring then he’ll accompany with them for saree shopping for geet…. And they will buy every piece chosen by maan only…


All forced him to call geet and asked about her favorite color….. that’s y he called her at this time….  “umm geet, , what is your favorite color?” asked maan….. geet excused herself and stood at the corner…. She can’t talk with maan in anyone’s presence….  She at once remembered aashi’s talk…. She told her to ask what color will maan like on her? “umm maan, , what do you think, which color will suit on me?” asked geet……


Maan got her point and he also excused himself…..  “geet, , yeh kaisa question hai? Tum par to har color achha lagta hai…” he replied back…. “please maan, batayiye na… ” she asked again….. “geet, kaisi bacho jaisi zidd hai yeh..” maan said became irritated…. Though he liked her asking from him but how can he told her , ,


achha maan, , tell me why are asking?” asked geet in calm manner….. “actually , we are doing saree shopping and mom told me to ask your fav color from you as this saree you’ll wear on our engagement…” he narrated everything……”ohh, that’s the problem… then maan you can buy saree which one you like the most…. simple” replied back geet….. “fir bhi geet, give some hints ” this time maan pleaded, , geet made baby face “okay, , baby pink color or red color… but don’t search according to these colors…. Buy according to your wish… okay ”,,,,, 


btw, , you will look beautiful in blood red color…” he told her and she shied hearing that……  after some time both cut the call……  like that maan got hint for the saree and on the other hand, geet got hint for lingeries…. She went inside and asked, , “can you please show some in dark red color?



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30 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-36

  1. maaneet such cute couple yaar.. i love the way the converse..cant wait for engagement….i think geet too innocent for lingeries shopping..he…he..cant wait for their engagement..pls cont soon..

  2. what a sweet and fun parts yaar…you have captured essence of the excitement, nervousness and the beautiful phase between engagement and marriage…awesome

  3. terrific update! Thanks 4 da pm! Maan arranged 4 the ring bt still had to go shopping! Geet n Aashi @ a lingerie shop! Maan calls her to ask her fav colour n Geet also ask wt colour will suit her! Maan tells her blood red! well written! update soon!

  4. Dark red colour,Mmmmm 😉

    colour of Looooove.Awesome choice our Maaneet have.Oh I love them so much with their cute convos.And Maan anguthi se gire saare pe atke 😀

    Lovely part.

  5. Colourbazi ki choice..lolz kya hota agar maan ko geet ne blurt kar diya hota that where is she..geet to sharm se pani pani ho jati..maan babu kamchor ring ghar se hi order kar diya…awsme update

  6. awsum ud
    aye hayeeeeeee maanu asking geet fav colour n on the other hand geet trying to know maan fav 😀
    hmmmmmmm dark red ahem ahem 😀

  7. oh ho ho………….geet shopping something something fr maan……..lage raho geet……..

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

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