~Drown in Love~ part-35


 ~Drown in Love~



maan, I think you are saying right…. Annie, today you come office after your college, , and go through the file… is it ok for you?” asked param looking at her….. now what she could reply…she just nodded and both siblings shared very sad look with each other……


Annie elbowed to Vicky indirectly saying that Vicky think something fast otherwise we have to do surrender in front of maan bhai……. He nodded looking at her but maan’s sharp eyes caught their sign talks and he smirked inwardly, , today he is enjoying his breakfast truly, , relishing every bit of his food…..


today, breakfast was awesome…” he complimented to his mom…..  dadi n maan’s mother smiled looking at each other, , all knew why he is saying like that but they shrugged off their fight and came to the point directly…….


maan, , we cooked specially for today…” spoke maan’s mother….. he looked at her putting another spoon of his breakfast in his mouth,….. “really, for what?” asked maan, , “arey beta ji, , aapki engagement ki date jo fix ho gayi….” Replied dadi cheerfully, , beaming with happiness where maan at once choked his food and coughing badly,….. there is no reason to be shocked but the sudden news can give shock specially a person like maan……


Maan was not able speak a word, , a sudden shock umm not a shock , it’s a sudden happiness, joy, heart started beating fast…. So many emotions ran through in  his heart…….  “haan, maan, engagement is on coming Sunday ..” spoke maan’s mother…… , , he nodded hearing that….. just then an idea striked in vicky’s mind and he winked at annie…..


dadi maa, , too much work for the engagement na..?” asked vicky from dadi….. “ha bête….. bahut work hai… ye week kaise jayega pata nahi chalega…. Kitni shopping karni hai geet ke liye aur maan ke liye… sabke liye gifts bhi lene hai..” dadi replied back…… she turned to maan’s mother and spoke in worry…. “rajni, mai to kehti hu, , aaj hi annie ko apne sath lekar market jao aur shopping kar lo…  2 days toh isi me spend ho jayenge…” then she turned towards maan and Vicky…….


 “maan and Vicky, , you both, , today itself, I want gifts for family members….. aur haan maan, jab tak preparation complete nahi ho jati, , you won’t step in office…” dadi spoke sternly where maan gaped at dadi shockingly, , and annie, vikcy both doing bhagra in their mind….. if maan won’t go in office then how can they go without maan…. After all maan is the only one who will made them understand everything…..


but dadi, too much work pending in office, , I have to finish everything before engagement…” maan spoke in defense,…..  “bête, aapki engagement Sunday me hai, , office days me nahi…. And you can resume your office after all the preparations….” Told maan’s father this time….. he is the strict businessman but he never lack in his family , whenever his presence needed at his home, he was present there whether he had any important work at office….


ji dad..” replied maan making faces where Vicky enjoyed his plight….. he finished his breakfast making grumpy face while Vicky enjoyed every bit of it….. “dadi maa, ring..” spoke Vicky out of the blue…. “ring, kaisi ring?” asked dadi……. “dadi maa, engagement ring… geet bhabhi ke liye…” replied back….. “hey bhagwan…. Engagement ring hum kaise bhul gaye… rajni, tumne bhi yaad dilaya aur maan….. kaise finace hai aap, , aapne ab tak engagement ring nahi li…” spoke dadi in her worried tone….


Maan shocked….. how can he? He thought in his mind….. “lekin dadi, mai kaise?” said maan, , “bête, engagement aapki hai, hamari nahi…” replied back dadi angry tone…… maan gulped and looked down…. “Vicky, , took him today with you in best jewelry shop”, , dadi instructed , , “why Vicky?” maan at once asked, , “Vicky ki kya jarurat hai?” he asked again……


koi to chahiye na nazar rakhne ke liye aap par…..then take annie with you…, annie, go and change, , you both are going now, , ” said dadi, , what happened to dadi today? Maan murmured to himself, ,


dadi maa, what are you saying, it’s 9 only…. Abhi kaun si shop open hogi?” said maan….. “theek hai… after one hour you’ll go but you are not allowed to go office…. But you do your work from your study room…”, , hearing that maan sighed deeply and at once ran upstairs towards his study room…..  as soon as maan disappeared from there, , dadi had a hearty laugh and other member also laughed along with her….


While on the other hand in dehradun…..   geet became a model, , rano and Sonia telling her to wear this outfit or other and show them, how it will look on her, , she became frustrated of continuously changing of clothes, , just then her cell buzzed and she at once ran towards her phone, , she heard giggling, and teasing words, , “maan ji, ka phone hai kya? ”, , “oh god, , itni excitement apne unke phone ki…”  geet ignored the comments and saw the name on screen…


hey asshi…. Bol..” said geet on phone….. “geet, , come with me on shopping…” aashi said over the phone….. “kaisi shopping?” asked geet going upward in her room……  “god, geet… you are really a jhalli….. when two alone girls will go on shopping then what type of shopping it can be?” asked aashi rolling her eyes while geet made face and became confuse….. “I really don’t know…” she replied sincerely…… “lingerie shopping, bewakoof…” geet’s eyes came out from socket and lips turned in big O…. “lingerie shopping..” she repeated the words….


haan budhu… inner wears, , shaadi ke baad suhaagraat par koi stylist se, jo aapke husband ka mood on kar de, ab aise lingerie to pahanni pedegi na..” aashi spoke over the phone while geet’s cheeks turned red in embarrass hearing all that then what will happen when she will wear all that in front of maan, , the thought itself giving goosebumps to her skin, wild thoughts to her mind , and she blushed…..


madam stop blushing and come to xyz shop… I’ll reach there in half an hour… ” her friend commanded her…… but geet made face…..  “how can I know what he likes or not?” asked geet innocently….. “then ask to him, , like maan ji, what type of lingerie you like ?, what colour you would like on me? Both lingerie in same colour or different?  Or single strap or strapless or transparent? plain or flower printed or self printed ? cartoon printed? Ask and inform me…” aashi spoke irritatingly, ,


shut up,  are you mad? How can I ask?” replied geet back…. “you only forced me to said all this… come at the shop fast..” she commanded again…. “yaar, it will be exciting in shopping all that, , believe me, you’ll have a great fun..” aashi told to geet…… “haan yaar..” replied geet back…..  “then come fast and yes , , keep imagine, , ” aashi said and laughed….


what I have to imagine?” asked geet, , “you know what you have to imagine.., okay” replied aashi back…… hearing that geet blushed hard and shied , , her cheeks again burned and turned red in shyness, , “okay, I am coming there…” replied geet back…. Imagining all that making her shy then what will happen when he’ll see her like that….. oh god, she was like sharm se pani pani….


While on the other hand, maan sat in his study , sitting on his rocking chair and a small smile was playing on his lips thinking about his engagement….. finally they will exchange the rings, , they will be official fiancé, , suddenly he stopped rocking on his chair and he opened his eyes, reminding dadi’s words…. He has to buy an engagement ring for her that too for his choice only….. oh god, , how am I able to know what she likes or what not? He told to himself, ,


then connected his laptop to internet and opened the sites of some famous diamond companies, and went through from so many girly ring designs, , some are heavy designs then some are so simple, only single diamond, , he wants something attracts him , something which caught his attention at once but what/ he was confused seeing so many rings on so many sites, , he closed his eyes in frustration and closed his lappy…


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30 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-35

  1. lovely update geet shopping aur wo bhi lingerie and she is blushing by hearing about that. Jab maan usko dekhega tho kya hoga uska

  2. awesome updates
    vicky, annie ka luck ka accha tha ki daadi unki side thi warna becharo ko office me kaam krna padhta
    poor maan he is so confuse choosing engagement ring
    & geet…. she is going on lingerie shopping with her friend 😀

  3. Hi…!!! Lovely ud…hayeeee maaneet engagement….(me strtd day dreaming) awww my poor baby maan…shopping m bahut bura h…confused soul…smjh nai aa rha ki kaunsi ring le geet k liye..room ki chngng kam thi jo ab ring ke liye b sochna pdega…hawww sab mere maan k maze le rae the.. use kaam nai karne de rae…:( n vicky-aniee ko plan mil gya offc nai jane ka…luv d way ridzy was teasing geet…n my geetipie gng red wid d mere thought of gng lingerie shpng…
    Continue soon

  4. awesum update! Poor Maan! Dadi is too much! Aashi taking Geet lingerie shopping! Geet shocked! Maan thinking abt her n a ring 4 her! Well written, update soon!

  5. hi r,soyee 4 late cmnts,lov de updtts specilly tesing session of mneet,so excitd 4 engmnt ,,,,,,,mneet milenge na ,,,,,waiting 4 nxt,,,,,

  6. Lovely part with Dadi bossing over Maan and Annie and Vicky enjoying.Poor Maan fell prey to his own family.Now what kind of ring wud Maan choose for engagement???

    And Geet and Aashi going for lingerie shopping!!!! Not bad 😉

    Great part buddy.

  7. Lovely part with Dadi bossing over Maan and Annie and Vicky enjoying.Poor Maan fell prey to his own family.Now what kind of ring wud Maan choose for engagement???

    And Geet and Aashi going for lingerie shopping!!!! Not bad 😉

    Great part buddy 😀

  8. superb update………. engagement fix n maaneet shopping kar rahe hai
    geet ke naughty thoughts lol………………….
    maan confuse h ring ko lekar………………..

  9. awsum ud
    heheheeeeeee vicky annie bach gaye n nw teasing maan along with dadi 🙂
    hahaaaaa geet friend such a teaser lol 😛
    hayeeeeeee maan selecting engagement ring for geet bt confused on seeing soo many ouch
    geet going shopping with her friend 🙂

  10. both busy in impresssing their partners…maan out to buy engagement ring and geet to buy lingeries….continue sooon

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