~Drown in Love~ part-34


~Drown in Love~




so try to be get up early…” he again spoke in his stern voice but he tried to muffle his laugh…… “ji..today only I woke up late cause I was dreaming about you..…” but she stopped in mid and bit her tongue, closed her eyes……. And hit herself on her head……..  he raised his brows like geet is standing in front of him and a naughty yet wicked smile spread on his face…..  “ohh, so you were dreaming…. About me….?” Asked maan in teasing tone…… 


she nodded silently like he is sitting in front of her…..  well maan was trying again to follow Raj’s advice, trying to be frank with her, trying to tease her……. While on the other hand, geet was looking here & there nervously , chewing her lip , clutching the pillow in her fist and made baby face…… “uh..oh.. ji..wo mai..” she struggled with her words and maan was enjoying her state….


Geet , jhalli what you had blurted….. you were dreaming about him… lekin unke same bolne ki kya jarurat thi,,,, ab fass gayi na…. bhugat ab…..   her lips pouted and she was thinking how to escape from this situation…….. 


geet, are you there?” asked maan after not getting any response from that side, , well he was having fun truly…. In his life , he never had fun like this…..he used to tease his friend armaan whenever he shared his love life means his time pass love life with maan, and maan being a serious person but still he never left any chance to tease him, and that’s the only thing armaan loved about him….. being a boring person he knows that how to have fun, , he has his own way to have fun…….


ji… aapka naashta ho gaya?” asked geet trying to change the topic….. maan smiled knowing her trick… well he also used trick to change the topic with his mom….. when his family members started giving him gyaan about being busy all the time that time he used this trick and changed the topic, now he is getting geet’s perspective too…..


abhi nahi geet…” replied maan…..  “ji..” she replied back, , now she don’t know what to talk to him, ,  just then geet heard the sound of someone is coming towards her room……  “umm…. Maan, will talk to you later, , aapko late ho raha hoga na… ” she told him…… “okay geet, , bye…” he told her….. “ji, bye..” and then the call went dead from both side…..  


throwing his phone on the bed, he sighed and looked at himself in the mirror, , what kind of tie he had tied? He wondered and then smiled at himself…. And opened his tie, , tied again,, buttoning his waist coat and final thing, , his black polished shined shoes…. He wore them, , and looked around of his room, , he had to do something for this room but what? He wondered keeping his index finger on his lips….


Keeping her cell aside, she fell back on her bed covering her face from the duvet and blushed furiously , she loved his teasing nature , it was the first time she had talked to him in this way, so openly, she is loving that…. She closed her eyes, and their first meeting moved in front of her eyes like a movie is going on…..  their first encounter, ,


Just then she felt some weight on her, , she uncovered her face and saw it’s ridzy, , “ridzy, kya hai?” asked geet annoyingly, , because of her, her fav movie stopped….. “di, kitne sapne dekhti ho… utho, , papa bula rahe hai,,,” told ridzy pulling away the duvet from her while geet tried to snatched the duvet from her hand, , “di..” ridzy squealed , , “it’s not fair…. Get up now..” ridzy again spoke completely taking away duvet from here….. geet sighed and finally sat up on the bed, folding her knees , keeping her head on her knees, again closed her eyes and smiled broadly , , while ridzy gaped at her, , naughty smirk spread on her face……


Ridzy shook her hard, , “di, , itne sapne mat dekho nahi to jiju ko bata dungi…” ridzy ran saying and picked geet’s phone from there…. Ran away showing her tongue to geet, , geet’s eyes popped up and she ran behind her,,,, “ridhi ki bachi…tu ruk..” saying so she ran with her full speed, , ridzy was running down from stairs while geet used the side pipe of stairs for coming down , , till when ridzy reached downside, , and she saw geet is standing there……


Both girls fought over the phone , , suddenly ripu came from behind and snatched geet’s phone from ridzy’s hand, , ran away leaving both girls behind, pouting, seeing the scene, mohinder & rano had a gala time, , now this house is filled with happiness, but what will happen when their both girls will leave this house, , this house will look like a zombie house….. …


Sonia came there with tea tray and served everyone, , then she sat beside rano, , and started showing some designs of jewelry which she had searched from so many designers, ,  geet and ridzy were about to go upstairs again but stopped hearing mohinder’s voice….. “geet beta, , come here..” he told and she turned and sat in front of him on the couch……


ji papa, boliye…” geet asked….. “beta, , yesterday maan’s father called me and…” he stopped in mid…. “and..??” asked geet being confused…… “and, , we discussed about the engagement date..” her heart stopped beating for a second and then it fast like a Rajdhani express…., , anticipation was like no one can imagine, , she lowered her gaze, , her heart wants to know the date but how can she ask from her father….. she has some culture, , she is not much open up with her father…..


which date papa ji?” asked ridzy out of the blue and geet looked at her, , she winked at her slowly, , … “jaldi batao na papa ji,. , mujhe apne liye bahut sari preps karni hai… oh god… ” ridzy started with her non-stop…..  rano & Sonia smiled at her childishness, , “this coming Sunday… mean after 5 days…


Geet’s eyes popped and lips curved in blush…..  after 5 days, she will be officially his fiancé, though their relation has become official and it’s only roka na… sagai toh abhi honi baki hai…..  geet blushed, nodded and ran inside clutching her heart, ridzy ran behind her calling her name , , she wants to tease her like hell……


On the other hand, , maan went downstairs, , three person were sitting together and whispering something….. he wished good morning to everyone , trio nodded and laughed again saying something whispering in each other ears…… maan knotted his brows and narrow his eyes in confusion,  , “what’s going on there?” asked maan taking his place on the breakfast  table, , “nothing bro..” replied Vicky, , he whispered something again in annie’s ear and both laughed , , maan glared at them, they muffled their laugh and concentrate on their food…..


Maan got it, it’s related to him only, that’s y they are behaving like this…. He thought for something, , “dad, , don’t you thing, , this is final semester of Vicky, he should join our business as a trainee and learn something, , ” maan said looking at his dad and passed an amusing smile to Vicky while vicky’s face fell off at once hearing about business, , the naughty smirk which was on his face, suddenly he wiped off from his face and made pleading, baby face, putting his one finger & thumb on his throat, swearing that I won’t do it again, but please leave me….


But maan was maan…..  “dad, I was thinking that, the upcoming project, I think Vicky can help me, I want new-2 ideas and he has a fresh mind, , so he can help me better..” said maan about his POV and maan’s father agreed at once, , everyone looked at Vicky sympathetically and annie patted his back in concern , , “and dad, I was thinking one more thing, , our interior designer, who fell sick suddenly, and we can’t find any designer so soon, annie can do this job, after all, it’s been 2 years, she is learning interiors… what you think dad?” asked maan…..


maan, I think you are saying right…. Annie, today you come office after your college, , and go through the file… is it ok for you?” asked param looking at her….. now what she could reply…she just nodded and both siblings shared very sad look with each other….



Thank you so much for the Likes and Comments..

loved them truly…

Pls drop some more… today i thought to update 2 parts but couldn’t get time to type more than this…. i hope you’ll like it…

Love ya



26 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-34

  1. oh god..like maaneet..i’m falling in love with this story every day..love the way maan tease geet and geet alll blushy….such a cute couple…poor vicky and annie..he he he…lovely yaar..pls cont soon..

  2. wow lovely talk of maaneet…………….

    waiting for sagai ………………….

    anni and vickey .ab bhugtoo…………..

    maan se panga ……………………………

  3. Nice update dear…
    Loved maaneet convo… :* haayee engagement after 5days 🙂 bechare annie n vicky, maan ne unka hawa nikaldi :p

  4. awsum ud
    love maaneet convo n maan teasing geet 🙂
    hayeeeeeeeeee maaneet engagement fixed 😀
    heheheeeeeee bechare vicky aur annie lol 😛

  5. maan dis is very bad ….bachcho ko kyun phansate ho…….

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

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