~Drown in Love~ part-32




~Drown in Love~





Soon he reached to the 3rd floor and got angry glares by his mom and dadi…..  though dadi doesn’t want to come but vicky forcefully dragged her here even he dragged his mom too…. Cause he knew that maan  will never come on time if it’s about shopping…….


poor bhabhi..” he murmured to himself, knowing that after marriage maan won’t take her on shopping…..  and he knew no girl can’t live without shopping…. He sighed deeply and divert their minds…….. “bahi, ye wali sherwani kaisi hai?” asked Vicky showing one the attire from them where maan asked from annie by his eyes…..


 “Maan, first you tell in which colour you want your wedding attire?” asked dadi, hearing the question, he at once replied “wine colour” , , all shocked and maan rocked….. (hahaha, funny line..) , , “maan, you don’t have any shirt in wine colour then suddenly you want this colour,,,, how & why?” asked his mother having some doubt on him…..  hearing the question, maan remembered his talk with geet before 3 days ago…..




Geet, ridzy, ripu and rano, four of them went of the boutique where only lehngaas and sarees are there…..  “wow, di, kitne pretty dresses hai na…” exclaimed ridzy in surprise yet in happiness….. all smiled on her childishness……  rano talked with the a girl and told about the price, upto which price they want lehnga….. she nodded and showed them some lehngaas but geet was too much confused and not even selecting a piece……


puttar, kyaa baat hai?” asked rano….. “nothing mummy….. confused hoon…. ” replied geet making baby face….. she thought she is giving trouble but nothing is like that……. Ridzy stood beside of her and whispered something in her ear…. “di, I’ll click pics of these dresses and then you send them to jiju… he’ll decide what dress and colour will look best on you…” ……….. “lekin unhein bura laga toh?” asked geet from his little sister……


di, don’t worry… jiju ko bura nahi lagega…” replied ridzy and she started clicking pics of dresses, cause that time rano and ripu went to the other corner of the boutiques for selecting sarees and left girls alone for selecting lehnga…… 


Maan who was discussing something with his 2 employees , he was getting messages again and again on Whatsapp….. when so many messages came, he had to look in to his phone, “excuse me..” he said, slide down his phone screen….  His eyes twinkled seeing geet’s name and he smiled when he read her message from the starting….


Maan, please help me… I am confuse in these lehnga… please tell me which one you like it..” and in the last of conversation, there are some smileys, like pleading face, baby face and confused…….


He smiled reading that and his employees got shock seeing smile on maan’s face….. he didn’t realize that he is not alone in his cabin…… He slide down the pictures and saw around 7 pictures but one pic which stuck in his mind, again and again he was looking in that picture, sometimes, make it zoom or sometime tried to know which colour is this….. but soon realize which colour is that………..


He at one replied back to geet that…. “4th one… wine colour lehnga will look best on you..” and pressed send option…… ridzy snatched the phone , saw the reply and in return she send a smiley which has two hearts on it’s eyes….. and one lip kiss picture also…..  maan shocked seeing the smileys but smiled afterwards when he got next message…. “Smileys from geet di….” , oh toh it was ridhima.. he thought in mind….


Geet selected that lehnga only and really it was the best from all….  She wore it cause geet’s fitting and lehnga’s fitting was the same….. when she showed them and asked how she looks? , ridzy again clicked her pic and send to maan, ,


when he saw her pic in the lehnga, he didn’t know what to reply, because he was sort of words, he didn’t knew how to appreciate her, that’s y he sent 5 stars plus a heart…… and geet blushed knowing what it means…… they finalize the lehnga and then she replied to him “thank you”…..


Flashback ends…


He came out from his thoughts when he felt Vicky held his shoulder and asking something….. “huh..!!” he said…. “bhai, where you lost?” asked vikcy…… “jarur bhabhi ke khayalo mein..” teased annie…. First maan blushed then gave a glare to her……


achha, bahut der ho gayi… maan jaldi pasand karo…” said dadi…. “if any sherwani in wine colour is there then pls show us” said annie to the designer , , and then after some times they got 4  dresses in wine colour, those are in different-2 wine color…. Dark and light……  but those are not matching with her lehnga…. He didn’t like any from them…. But suddenly designer spoke….


excuse me… sir…. ” maan looked at the designer…. “yes..”, “there is a another piece which is also in wine colour but some work left on the sherwani.. I mean that is half prepared…. If you have not any problem then can I show you that?” asked the designer……


yes, please show us…” replied maan’s mother, , after some time she came back with a sherwani and believe it, it was already beautiful, they don’t know how beautiful it’ll look after completing….. they at once selected that happily, and it was matching with geet’s attire also….. they all knew that why maan want this colour because they already knew in which colour geet has selected the lehnga…..


well the custom says that, bride will get lehnga by groom side on engagement, , but maan’s family told to geet’s parents that you buy lehnga for geet , of her choice and later they’ll give money because lehnga always should be from groom’s side…..


Maan’s mother knows that a girl went with her in-laws for shopping then she can’t select from her choice… she has to say yes if her in-laws select something for her..she can’t deny them….that’s y she decided that she’ll select her dress from her choice only…. Maan’s mother felt relieved that her decision was correct, now her son and her would be daughter in law got their wedding attire of their choice only….. later they  chose attire for Vicky and for maan’s father……


It was the night when geet cuddled up in her bed along with her huge teddy and ear phones in her ears, listening her fav songs, on the other hand, maan wind up his work and headed towards his room, , when he entered in his room, he regained his talk with his mom, , she told him to renovate his room again according to the both choice…….


Means, she told him to discuss with geet and told to annie what type of room they want…… , , he looked around realizing that, after some time this room won’t be his, , this room will be theirs…. After some days, one more person will live here along with him and he has too share his room with her……




Very very sorry for the delay…. I know I am updating after a week… but what to do, not getting time… I had typed today only…… 

Loved ur comments….. I’ll try to reply you all this time….. I have a wordpress app in my cell that’y I used to approve ur comment quickly….

Yaar, pls someone tell me which is the best mobile tv app in which we can watch star utsav n colors? If anyone from here use mobile tv then pls reply me….

Pls like the update and comment too..

Love ya



36 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-32

  1. oho ho….toh abb dono milke room ki color decide karenge…….

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

    continue soon plz…

  2. Neha as always lovely 🙂
    its really nice and emotional when the bride is chosing the lehanga.. i have been married for 11 years and i still need my husband’s opinion to chose shirts 😀 ..
    waiting for more 🙂

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