~Drown in Love~ part-31


~Drown in Love~



Suddenly reality hit her hard and she looked at him with her confuse face……  he can read the confusion which was in her eyes and lips…. Lips , , oops still his thoughts were wandering around those petals…..

 She bit her lip reading this part of the story…. Her heart was racing and stomach getting up & down…. She can imagine his lips on hers, how it will feel when he’ll kiss her….. when you are in love then these kinds of thought came by itself,


Her stomach fluttered more and anxiety ran through in her veins while reading the story, she was thinking how her relation with maan after marriage? It matters for her a lot……. She doesn’t know when the sleep took over her mind & eyes and she fell in deep slumber……. 


One month left for their marriage , and all the preparation left, , nothing has been finished…..  it was noon when mohinder came from the market….. “rano ji…… rano ji….” He called while entering in the house, , where geet & ridzy were also sitting in the living room and  going through the various design on the laptop…. Opened a site where so many designer wear, suits, sarees…..


ridzy was continuously telling her to do online shopping but geet was denying her,….. she wants to  chose every little thing by herself, by seeing it’s material properly, it’s design and colour and so many other things……


But ridzy was continuously pressurizing , that’s y geet agreed and now ridzy has been chose so many dresses for herself and now her sake, geet ordered 3 dresses…..  “aayi ji…” rano replied while coming down from the stairs……  “haan ji, boliye…” rano said standing beside of him,,,,,,,  mohinder took out 3 bundles of money from the bag and put in her hands……. “rano ji, ye 80 thousand Rs. hai….., , clothing ke liye… matlab hum sab ke kapde aur dahej ke liye bhi.. ” h told to her….. “Dahej” means, bride’s clothes and clothes for her in-laws….. 


theek hai ji..” she replied and went away from there for keeping the clothes at a safe place…..  geet gave water to mohinder and then went inside for making tea for him cause it was the time for his tea…..  … “ridhi puttar, , where is ripu?” asked mohinder……. “papa, he is in his room..” replied ridhima…..  “theek hai bête….. call him..” he said and ridzy went upside…. In a min ripu was standing in front of his father……


“haa papa….. bulaya aapne?” asked ripu taking his seat in front of him , meanwhile geet brought tea for everyone….. … “haan beta, , you know everything about food….. so you’ll decide the menu for the marriage…. Every little thing about the food you’ll decide….. ok..” told mohinder to ripu……


yes dad…. Just tell me what kind of food you want in marriage? ” asked ripu……. “matlab?” mohinder sipped his tea and asked in confusion…. He doesn’t know much about the Cousines , …  “matlab dad, Indian food or variety of cousines , different-2 states ka or countries ka…? Kya chahiye? According to that I’ll prepare menu…” replied ripu to his father just then geet who was sitting there with ridzy, ,


geet blurt out “Indian and Italian, but Indian more ” and 3 of them looked at her at once, gave her a knowing look, she opened her mouth realizing what she had spoken just now…… they gave her a teasing smile where ridzy put the laptop aside and pulled her upstairs , asking from her what kind of talks she have with maan jiju? After she is in the line too after geet……  …


Ripu and mohinder, both smiled at geet’s cuteness and resumes their talks…… “aur haa ripu ….. that is your responsibility to arrange the best cooks, caterers , wedding planner, whatever you’ll feel like important…. Ok… jaane se pehle I want list..” told mohinder…… “ok dad….. I’ll arrange everything…. , and list too..” replied ripu and then both talked more about the marriage preparation where upstairs in the room, ridzy was asking from geet several questions….. but poor geet nothing she replied except of blushing………


In Delhi…


Maan, what is this? You are still in office..” cribbed maan’s mother over the phone…… “no mom…. I am not in office….. I have reached there…” replied maan , , “maan, don’t tell lie to me…you are not in office, I know, I just confirmed from your secretary before calling you” replied maan’s mother having a victorious smile on her face while maan closed his eyes realizing his trick has been failed…..


mom…. Too much work at office and you didn’t send Vicky here…. See, like this he can’t learn A of business…” replied maan sitting in his cabin…… though he was talking with his mom but looking in his laptop and checking presentation which he got just now by a mail…..


maan, don’t change the topic….. me, your dadi, Vicky and annie, we four are waiting for you in boutique and you are still in office….. maan, this careless won’t work… at last it’s your wedding and we are here for your wedding clothes….” Replied his mom in a sad yet strict tone……..


he closed his eyes again realizing his mom is sad now, first he has to think something for please her but before that he has to reach to boutique…… all the devils are there specially vicky and his drama queens, his mom & dadi…. He knows well dadi didn’t call him because this time she will do Emotional Atyachaar on him….


He closed his lappy, called his secretary and canceled his meetings…..and then zoomed out from the office in a fast speed…..  this time if he has the power to fly and wings then surely he would use them but alas, beside of birds none has wings…..


He drove the car by himself very fast but in hurry he broke the signal and poor man, traffic police stopped him , , and now checking his documents, making his more late….. now he has to pay the fine too….. well fine is not a problem for him, he is getting late….. after complete and precious 10 minutes, he sat in his car again and drove off to the boutique……


In no time , he stood in front of the boutique and guard pushed the gate for him……  he got a call from Vicky….. before he could say hello….. Vicky spoke from the other side.. “bhai, come fast….. 3rd floor… jawalamukhi fatne ko hai…” Vicky told him and warned also…. “hmm…coming” maan replied back…… maan prayed from god, telling please save him from his mother and dadi…. There was a screen on the wall which shows the entrance….


Soon he reached to the 3rd floor and got angry glares by his mom and dadi…..  though dadi doesn’t want to come but vicky forcefully dragged her here even he dragged his mom too…. Cause he knew that maan  will never come on time if it’s about shopping…….


poor bhabhi..” he murmured to himself, knowing that after marriage maan won’t take her on shopping…..  and he knew no girl can’t live without shopping…. He sighed deeply and divert their minds…….. “bahi, ye wali sherwani kaisi hai?” asked Vicky showing one the attire from them where maan asked from annie by his eyes…..





Very very sorry for the delay…. I know I am updating after a week… but what to do, not getting time… I had typed today only…… 

Loved ur comments….. I’ll try to reply you all this time….. I have a wordpress app in my cell that’y I used to approve ur comment quickly….

Yaar, pls someone tell me which is the best mobile tv app in which we can watch star utsav n colors? If anyone from here use mobile tv then pls reply me….

Pls like the update and comment too..

Love ya



34 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-31

  1. bechara maan abb toh gaya………..

    geet abhise yeh sab khayal……mills n boons ki asar hai…..koi baat nehi……hota hai…….

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

    continue soon plz…

  2. hey neha ,both prts r osm ,like de way deir dress selection going on .u hv written real life mrg preprations,like geets fathr giving mny 2 rano 4 shping ,den menu selection prts ,,,,,,totally enjyed it congrts dear,,,,,

  3. How sweet of Geet to think romantically about Maan,me also blushing 🙂 So the wedding preps are on full swing,with on-line shopping of ridzy and cuisine settings of ripu.

    But our busy bee,MSK ka kya,he is toh still busy in office.But thanks to d drama queens who compelled Maan to fly to the mall.

    Lovely part buddy.Thanks for d PM 😀

  4. How sweet of Geet to think romantically about Maan,me also blushing 🙂 So the wedding preps are on full swing,with on-line shopping of ridzy and cuisine settings of ripu.

    But our busy bee,MSK ka kya,he is toh still busy in office.But thanks to d drama queens who compelled Maan to fly to the mall.

    Lovely part buddy.Thanks for d PM

  5. awsummmmmmmmmmmmmm
    hayeeeeee maaneetwedding dress matching n geet thinking abt maan n the way she said abt indian n italian food soo cuteeeeeee
    loving dis story more n more

  6. Geet still into her Mills & Boons …………
    exciting times comming as both famalies prepare for the wedding
    awesome update as usual

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