~Drown in Love~part-30


Finally Our DD won the Trophy of Jdj… congrats to all… hip hip hurray….

~Drown in Love~



 maan….i am not alone, and papa won’t allow me to go or come alone at this hour of night… my brother is with me..” she replied back and maan let out a breath of relief…..  “okay then… good night…” he said…. “yeah… good night…. Sleep well” she said and both cut the call…. Till now they reached half of the way to their home….. while in Delhi, maan sat on his rocking chair and closed his eyes…..




He felt some changes in him….  The care for her, protective for her, he has started feeling something for her, when she was in his arms, he felt butterflies in his stomach, and his heart was beating fast that time…. How can any person change because of a girl? He wondered but what is the need of wondering when he is noticing changes in himself….


Lekin jo bhi ho, sab naya sa tha uske liye aur bas uski har chhoti baat dil ko chhoo jati…. Uska hasna achha lagne laga, uska chhoona achha lagne laga, uska phone na karna bechain karne laga, ,  Kya yahi hota hai pyaar?


He asked from himself…. May be that’s the love only…. If yes then he is in love with her, , he smiled getting a name of his feelings which he has for her and soon sleep took over him and he slept there on his rocking chair itself…..


 Geet told everything to Ripu what had happened in her interview even she told about the offer which maan gave her…… and ripu loved her decision….. it’s not in their nature to take any advantage from anybody , , not even from their relatives also…. Soon they reached to their house….. geet stepped outside while ripu parked his car…..


When she entered inside , she talked with her parents and about her interview but soon she heard ridzy’s voice…… “di, come fast….. Jhalak Dikhla Ja super finale going on….. bas 5 min me result announce hone wale hai…” she shouted at the top of her voice…… “kya? Oh god… mera super finale nikal gaya…” she blabbered to herself and ran upside saying good night to her parents……


Both girls looking at the tv screen , biting their nails, where in tv.. Manish Paul and kapil Sharma requesting to judges that come over the stage and announce the result…. While they called all the four contestants on the stage…..  soon they have started announcing the name from the lowest scorer contestant , geet crossed her fingers and praying to god about her fav contestant though she was not able to do vote for her and behalf of her, ridzy voted and even ripu also done voting for them….. even before going to delhi, she told to her mom and her bhabhi for voting for Drashti Dhami….. her fav contestant……


And soon, Karan Johar announced DD’s name and both girls, geet & ridzy hugged each other , fell back on the bed screaming loudly and soon they have started dancing on the bed itself……  soon ripu joined them with a cake which he specially made for them…..  he put the cake on the bed and trio held the knife and cut the cake , saying congratulations …. And celebrations…..


They had finished the whole cake, half they eat and half was on their faces, they were laughing and both girls opened their facebook account and uploaded a cake pic which they had taken when ripu brought the cake…. Wishing and cheering for DD……


It was 12:30 now at night….. everyone slept beside of geet…. Though she was doing nothing just staring at the ceiling in dark…. A table lamp was switched on but the light was not too much….  She was just remembering her meeting with maan…. And sudden her cheeks burnt because of blush…. She was blushing hard still feeling his touch on her body like now he is holding her, her stomach flipped flopped  remembering his soft lips on her forehead….. the feel of his lips….. what will happen when she’ll feel his lips on hers….? Oh god what I am thinking? She slightly smacked herself….


But soon she smiled naughtily, pulled a cushion in her embrace and hugged it tight like she is hugging maan…..  she is liking his care for herself, his protectiveness for herself, his anger also…. She is liking his touch , she felt goosebumps whenever his single finger  touched her skin….  When he held her by her waist, she felt like a couple, like nothing can be better that this,,,, it’s  a sweet feeling….. she is liking every single about him….. his little shyness also….  “Am I in love with him?” She asked from herself….. “if yes then yes…. I am in love with Maan Singh Khurana….” ………. “Agar yahi pyaar hai toh haan…. Mai pyaar karne lagi hu aapse….” She whispered slowly to herself and hide her face in pillow blushing hard…. 


She took her cell and opened the playlist…. She wanted to listen some romantic numbers, , sliding the songs but she is finding every song is romantic…. She was about to play a song but realized ridzy is sleeping beside her….. she sighed and put her cell aside….. she doesn’t know where her sleep went away…. She is tired also but didn’t feel sleepy…..  she took out her fav novel….. and opened it from the mid….. she just wanted to read something romantic which will sooth her heart…..


Both were in their reverie lost in each other touch, feeling so close in warm weather in the car, , actually cold is outside but hot is inside the car by their hot-2 acts, , no-no, not that hot… actually effect of warm heater which was switched on inside the car making them more hot in their acts……


Their lips were mere millimeters away from each other , , barely touched yet untouched, , their lips were about to meet but just then another halted on the way bringing back from their la la land making them blushed, , well they are not embarrassed , , there is no other person with whom they can feel embarrass n this situation and the road was also deserted, , by chance that car came there otherwise mostly that way been deserted……


Suddenly reality hit her hard and she looked at him with her confuse face……  he can read the confusion which was in her eyes and lips…. Lips , , oops still his thoughts were wandering around those petals…..


She bit her lip reading this part of the story…. Her heart was racing and stomach getting up & down…. She can imagine his lips on hers, how it will feel when he’ll kiss her….. when you are in love then these kinds of thought came by itself,





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the story part was from fhmmt…

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33 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~part-30

  1. This is a beautiful story… 2day while reading this part, I started thinking if I ever enter into an arranged marriage, how will my journey b with my would be

  2. maanet lost in each other
    n geet two step forward
    thinking about maanu’s lips ahhaa rofl
    geet not only li[ps his whole is only urs. you know he is a freash piece only will b touch by u =)) 😉
    god it was amazing
    n i lv it when ever i read ity my smile never left my face shoo sweet

  3. awesome dear ………………..

    jdj ka jashan bhi yahi mana liya wow ……………

    read part 27,28,29 &30 together …………..

    lovely story

  4. Lovely part.Both Maaneet self conessed their love like-
    “Kya yehi pyar hai?
    Haan yehi pyar hai !!
    Dil tere bin kahi lagta nahi,
    Waqt guzarta nahi”

    The story part was beautiful,though I’ve read complete ‘FHTMM’ yet I cudnt figure it out until U mentioned at the end.

    The JDJ part was also superb.

    Gr8 part.


  5. Wow wow wow 27 to 30 parts ws awsme..drashti winning part also there..lvtd geet’s decisin..oh my both birds r in love..kuch to hua hai kuch ho gaya hai..

  6. sry 4 not reading update so far
    am busy in ganesh preparations and i read all parts in one go ireally liked no no loved it and loving it very much
    maaneet feelings are really awesome
    their care and protectiveness 2wards each other is amazing
    waitng eagerly
    cont soon

  7. awesum…both realised their feelings as love….and now both feeling on top of the world but missing their partners…continue sooon

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