~Drown in Love~ part-29

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~Drown in Love~



You have started blushing or shivering when the person come close to you, when he or she touch you, shivers ran through your spines…..  blood rushed so fast, and heart beats become irregular…. Red hue surfaced on your skin and you felt tickling sensation in your private parts just because of an intense gaze…… how can this happen ? whatever it is, it’s like a beautiful dream from them…… these questions nothing matter when it comes to love, when you fell in love, all these things come along with love…..  and life become beautiful when you are in love….,


He at once called the waiter again and changed the order,….. the waiter was looking at them weirdly , first they ordered Italian and now it has been changed in Indian…. How suddenly it happened…..? whatever it is, he just took their order and went away…… till then maan & geet were talking with each other about each other’s studies and college life…etc..etc…. around half an hour, their order arrived and both served each other……  after the meal, they order the sweet dish and it’s custard….. he loved custard…..


 “maan, you like custard?” asked geet….. the way he was relishing the custard, she realized it’s his fav dessert…..  he looked at her and smiled….. “yeah, but now something else is my fav..” he replied back looking in her eyes……  “what?” she asked curiously….. he gazed directly into her eyes, their eyes locked with each other and he opened his mouth…… “Moong Dal Halwa..”…. and then first she was shocked but soon come over the shock and blushed…..


It’s the time when both are standing at the Airport and waiting for the announcement…… the flight is half an hour delay cause of bad weather…… and both are sitting in the waiting area , where geet was looking here and there and maan was busy in checking his mails……. Just then she got a sms from her friend aashi and soon she was engrossed in chatting with her, , two persons were sitting together but lost in their own world…. Uff….  But suddenly geet felt someone’s gaze on her, she looked at up at once and found a guy staring at her, ,


That guy was sitting totally in front of her and staring at her with his dirty intentions…..  geet felt awkward and tried to set her top, though it was already on it’s place but when we knew that someone is staring at us then we tried to adjust our clothes, , geet tried to pull the neck of her top and failed…..  Maan felt some movements by her side…. He looked at her and found she is making weird faces and adjusting her clothes…..


Soon he found she is looking at someone again and again……he followed her gaze and then he kept his protective hand on her shoulder and pulled her in his embrace hiding her from the dirty eyes…..  she hid her face in the hollow of his neck while maan showed him his big-2 red eyes and glaring at him like his deep yet angry glare will make a hole in his face…..  


That guy gulped seeing maan angry , , seeing him, maan texted someone and soon 2 guards came and took that guy away from them…… maan caressed her back warmly assuring her like I am with you in every phase of life….. she looked at him and got to know one more feeling or one more gesture about him…..


geet, if you have any kind of problem then straightly tell me…. Don’t be afraid ok…. ” told maan to geet, she nodded  and replied…… “maan, I can handle these issues by myself but today I didn’t want to create any scene here, that’s y I kept quite….. ” she spoke everything in a go….  Maan smiled at her straight forwardness…… and he liked it….  He wants a life partner who never bottled up anything inside her heart…..


Soon they heard the announcement and geet stood up taking her bag, , maan stopped her holding her hand, she looked behind at him…… he forward a packed gift towards her….“umm…. Geet, I don’t know what type of gift a boy should give a girl…”, , “maan, there is no need of gift…. ” replied geet…… “I know geet….. it’s just nothing…. Some chocolates…. For you & Ridhima..” he replied back….. she smiled and took a gift from him…..


thank you maan…. You know I love chocolates but I eat less…” told geet to maan…… maan knotted his brows hearing her…. If she likes chocolates too much then why she eat less….? “why?” asked maan……”I’ll reply you over the phone…. Getting late..” she spoke in a hurry…. “yeah… you have to go first security checking…” he spoke , ,


She was about to go but again maan held her hand and gave her a warm hug , she too hugged him back…. Don’t know when they both will meet with each other? It’s the time for relishing small-2 yet romantic moments with each other…..  after some seconds, both broke out the hug and maan placed a kiss on her forehead…..


when she felt his lips on her skin, current ran through in her spines and her lips curved in a smile….. “take care, ” he told her and she nodded…… “and yeah, give me a call when you reached there…. Okay…” said maan little sternly but showing his care also…. 


you too take care…. Bye..” she replied back….. he nodded , she kept the gift in her bag and soon she disappeared from there and lost in the crowd….. he sighed and went away to the mansion…….  After some time,,,, umm around 1 or 2 hours, she is standing at the Airport of Dehradun and completing the security process and some other checking…. while Ripu was waiting for her at the entrance…..


After some time geet joined him, but before she could say something to ripu, her cell buzzed and it was maan….. Maan who was in delhi, he was getting impatient , why she didn’t call him? Cause he knew how much time a flight takes to reach there, it’s over 15 mins now…. And he told her , call him as soon as she reach there otherwise he’ll be tensed…… when she didn’t call then he make a call to her….


kaun hai?” asked ripu…. “ Maan..” she whispered slowly and Ripu gave her a knowing yet teasing smile to geet which she ignored and picked up, “hello..” she said after picking the call…. “hello…. Geet…. You reached?” asked maan at once when he heard her voice….. “maan… just now finished the check out process…. ” she replied back… he sighed…..  she smiled inwardly loving his care and protectiveness for her……  “okay…. You’ll go alone to your home?” asked maan in his worried tone…..


maan….i am not alone, and papa won’t allow me to go or come alone at this hour of night… my brother is with me..” she replied back and maan let out a breath of relief…..  “okay then… good night…” he said…. “yeah… good night…. Sleep well” she said and both cut the call…. Till now they reached half of the way to their home….. while in Delhi, maan sat on his rocking chair and closed his eyes…..

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18 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-29

  1. love d protectiveness of maan towards geet………

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  2. chlo order for food change
    my maanu he is becoming naughty not in actions but talking n always made her blush n coming out of his shyness
    at airport i lv his big angry eyes he shoed to that creature lol
    n geet i would lv to see how she could handle this sutuation
    afterall maanu have r8 to see her sherni avtaar na
    so she went back to her city
    aww me lv his concern n all lvd it

  3. Wow,even I want a protective husband like Maan 😀 Haiiii Koi iiiiiitnaaaaa dreamy kaise ho sakta hai yaaar!!!!!!
    Love him 2,3,4….much.

    The airport incident was awesome and the he gifted ‘chocoladies’ to her,sweeet.

    Aur itni tension ki plane land karte hi call kar diya,great.

    Great going Neha.


  4. awesumly awesum…loved the way maneet relation is proceeding…. love the way u write maneet feelings….awesum writing skill…continue sooon

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