~Drown in Love~part-28



~Drown in Love~




she just smiled and shook her head in no…. how could she tell him her confusions….   Confusion not about the marriage…. It’s just sometimes about her rights….  Her relations started just before some days and now how can she tell him little-2 things….. she can’t do this…. It’s not in her nature….. she sighed and said…. “chalein” …..


He nodded and both moved from there…….  In arranged marriage, when two person will open up with each other after then a girl can show her rights to her would be husband, when her would be husband will talk with her, open up with her, when he’ll show his right on her then she can also make a move towards him…..


After some time  maan stopped his car and a gate keeper came , open the car door , she looked at him and he nodded…… she stepped outside and maan also…. He gave the car keys to the guard and he stood beside her……  he smiled at her and then she felt a hand on her waist….. a sudden current ran through in her veins, and a red hue surfaced on her cheeks , , a sudden spark  between them and both looked at each other lovingly……..


It’s not like that they are touching each other for the first time, they had already hugged each other but sometimes a simple touch by your partner gives goosebumps in your skin and you felt shivers in your spines…… her lips curved in a shy smile and maan’s heart pumped fast seeing her blushing as if he got what he desired….. slowly-2 he is getting the feeling of love, what happen when a person is in a relationship with someone…… he never had any experience , and this one is a first time for him actually for both,……


She just looked like at him lost in her thoughts…. He is the same maan who used to be shy or who hesitate to talk with her…… though maan never told these things to geet but a girl also can understand other side also…. What he thinks or what not? And once simmi also told her that maan is little bit shy types…. He took time , he can’t open up with anyone easily…..  (same thing applies on me..)


It was a posh hotel, 5 or may be 6 star hotel…..  geet lost in him beside of seeing the hotel’s interior or luxuries…..  and maan amused seeing her reaction……  till now he heard from Armaan that his girlfriends demanded from him to take them in posh hotels and here maan brought his fiancé in posh hotel , she lost in him…. That is the difference between a real couple and in timepass……


Maan pulled a chair for her like a gentleman types and she sat, , their table is in corner actually it has a separate portion which is specially designed for love couple who wants privacy and in same way there are other separate portion for business meetings……


She clutched her fingers , she is nervous,  maan looked at her and got it, she is nervous…. Till now he had noticed this little things about her…… whenever she clutched her fingers that means she is nervous….. he sighed and then geet felt a hand on hers…. He gazed at her face lovingly, assuring her, something new in his eyes geet saw….. “what happen geet? Why are you nervous?” asked maan…. He wants to ease her…..


She looked at him and asked from herself….. how he got to know everything what I am thinking? Kaise ye sab jaan lete hai….. “geet, your eyes speaks, your eyes knows how to tell your problem” and that’s it….. this quality of his touched her heart….. he knows how to go deep in her heart, mind….. it’s just his nature or something which he also doesn’t know….. bas wo kehte hai pyaar sikhaya nahi jata, wo to bas ho jata hai….. there is no training center for love…. No one can give training for doing love…. It’s just a emotions which comes out from the heart itself…….


nothing maan…. It’s just first time…” but she cut in mid….. “geet, it’s mine also first time…maine kaunsa phd ki hai..” said maan and then she doesn’t know where her fear flew away….she giggled softly.. And then she put her other hand on his, and his heart felt light…..


waiter…” called maan….  “geet, order…” told maan to geet…… “umm maan, whatever you want..” replied geet….. she doesn’t what to order and by chance if she did then will maan like or not…..? it’s just her difficulty…… maan nodded and looked in the menu card….


 “1 Potato & cheese soufflé , 1 cabbage Lasagna, 1 Pasta and 1 chineese rolls…..  and”…. He looked at her….. she gave a look, enough….. he nodded and…. “Pls bring it”…. Waiter took the order and went away….. .


She curiously asked….. “umm maan, Italina is your favorite..?” , “yeah actually…. I can eat any type of food, no particular… mostly I prefer Indian,,,” he replied…… “then why you ordered everything in Italian and chineese…” asked geet…..  uff tough question…… “ummm geet, actually I have heard that girls have a  fantasy about the English food… so I thought that” , geet interrupted him in mid…. “that I am  also crazy about English food…. Right??” he nodded nervously….. “Maan,,,” she called him stretching his name little bit……


 “all girls are not same…” geet told him….. “I know..” he replied back…..  geet raised her brows like how you know???  “I mean…it’s just….” He stopped at once when he heard her laugh…… she was laughing so freely and her laugh is like a music for him…… it was silent till yet but now like a someone played any music for them…… He was sort of words and lost in her, she is looking so beautiful while laughing, , …..


She somehow controlled herself from laughing holding her stomach….. already she was hungry and now her stomach is aching because of too much laugh…… she let out a deep breath and looked at him… he was still lost in her, she bit her lip stopping herself from blushing but couldn’t…. it was the effect of his deep yet intense gaze…. How can anyone blush getting an intense gaze by your fiancé….? It’s like a connection from heart to heart,,,,, when you got it that he or she is the one who will become your life partner, the effect come by itself….


You have started blushing or shivering when the person come close to you, when he or she touch you, shivers ran through your spines…..  blood rushed so fast, and heart beats become irregular…. Red hue surfaced on your skin and you felt tickling sensation in your private parts just because of an intense gaze…… how can this happen ? whatever it is, it’s like a beautiful dream from them…… these questions nothing matter when it comes to love, when you fell in love, all these things come along with love…..  and life become beautiful when you are in love….






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20 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~part-28

  1. Hi…!!
    Both the uds were so awesome..
    Luvd d freeness that came automatically b/w maaneet..
    Awww geet is such a cutipie…i mean c cn mk msk gv explanations…
    Luvd deir care n cncrn 2wards each other…luvd d way geet ctrl maan’s anger…
    Their understanding towards each othr is sooo gud..

  2. oye hoye hug shug n holding hands aww me just loving it n no doubt arrange marriages r fun more than lv ones 😉 ( no offense) lol
    lv he way they r procedding
    maanu ordered english food thinking girls like it bt ya all r not same.
    my maau wah bina khe start reading he eyes kya baat hai. lvd it

  3. You the blushing part is the cutest of all.I jst luv it.But I never experienced blushing 😦 Pata nahi mera number kab aayega.

    Geet’s getting lost in Maan while entering d hotel and Maan’s assuming that Geet must love english food then getting corrected by her,all these lil lil things are making thier r’ship strong and beautiful.

    Lovely part 🙂

  4. awsum part
    maaneet spending time together n the way both understand each other hayeeeeeeeee
    awww maan lost in geet
    jst love the way maaneet relationship proceeding

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