~Drown in Love~ part-27



~Drown in Love~




Maan laughed inwardly at the situation, cause he never faced this type of situation before….. I mean he faced when girls drooling at him and no girl was with him that time who could be jealous and possessive for him……  Maan used to tease or pity at Armaan when he used to tell the incidents which he faced with his girlfriend…… when other girls tried to drool at him, , even sometimes he witnessed the cat fights too I mean girl’s fight for Armaan……  maan smiled remembering those days and now he is witnessing all these but he is liking geet’s protectiveness for him…….  And he fall more on her cuteness…..


Soon one girl came and called geet inside….. maan held her hand and wished her “all the best” and she nodded running inside…….. but when she came back , he saw she is very sad, , Maan at once stood up seeing her sad ….. she came running and he doesn’t know himself when and how he stretched his arms for her, inviting her in his arms and she is crazy like fell in his arms at once, hugged him tight, while he reciprocate also……..


Geet, , what happened?” asked maan in his worried tone….  “please maan…. Let’s go from here…” she told him looking at his face…. He nodded, , she loosened her grip from his body and stood side ways but maan didn’t leave her , he held her by her waist and she kept her face on his chest….. he held her protectively and both moved out from the office……


They reached in the basement but geet didn’t spoke a word…… “geet..” maan called her softly cupping her face in his palms, she looked at him with sad eyes….. “kya hua? Interview achha nahi gaya?” asked maan….. this much softness was not there in his behavior…. But doesn’t know from where this softness came in his voice….. A man who used to be strict in his office though he is still strict there , a man who never talked with any person until it was not important , and today he stood there with her with lots of patience……


Suddenly her sad face turned in anger…… she was like mad on someone, “what he thinks about himself….. company ka owner hai that doesn’t mean that someone will call him and he’ll give job to him without taking any interview…….” …….maan looked at her…….  “kya geet? He gave this job to another person without interview…” asked maan , he knew so many peoples are there who pressurized by some big names and got the jobs….. and sometimes he also got these types of call but he denied them politely or sometimes he insult them direct on their face……


how dare he? How can he deny you?” maan was seething in anger, his finger curled in a fist, blood rushing through in his veins so fast that his skin glowing red…..   he was about to go inside but  at once geet held his hand stopping him from going inside….. “maan, where are you going?” asked geet in worry….. she knew he is angry, but she is loving this anger too….. though first she was shocked seeing his anger but realized it’s his worry for her…..


how dare he geet? He doesn’t know who are you?” told maan….. geet came close to him and unknowingly rubbed his biceps calming him down……. “maan..” she called him softly…. A sweet smile was playing on her lips….. he twitched his brows seeing her smiling….. now why she is smiling? Asked maan from himself in his mind…..  “bhale hi wo nahi jaanta ki mai kaun hu lekin mai toh jaanti hu na ki mai kaun hu….” Replied geet to him and maan became happy hearing her….. that means geet accepted maan with her heart……


There is no second thought for each other…….  “did you show him who you are?” asked maan holding her by her shoulders…… both doesn’t know how freely they are talking with each other even hugging and holding each other without any hesitation…… it was the situation which occupied their mind but their heart knew each other ‘s touch……


of course maan….. I told him I don’t want this job, where interview doesn’t matter, where the owner of company lives like a scared puppy, where any person can pressurize him, I don’t want to do job there, , I am kicking hard to this job…. Keep it with you… ” geet looked at him happily……


you said all these things and he listened silently….. ” asked maan…. He wondered how this happened….. but geet shook her neck in no…. “he told me how dare I to told him all those things ?” , , then geet replied….. “well mr…. whatever…. Kaun kya hai yeh aap nahi jaante…” , she turned towards maan….. “maan, I didn’t revealed my identity because I know it matters to you…. You want to reveal it by urself…. So just chill…”  said geet…..


Maan looked at her… how she knows what is bothering me? And she managed it all…. He is feeling proud on his parent’s choice…. Until now he was running from this marriage word but today he is loving it… because his parents chose a right girl for him, who has a golden heart with love, care, and she has mind too….. I think I am in love with her…. He said in his mind and he hugged her tight…. She too held him tightly, it was like sudden spark between them and both are loving this new feeling which entered in their life………


Maan broke the hug and looked in her eyes….. “geet, you’ll work in Khurana Constructions… you’ll work with me..” said maan….  She was shocked, how can maan give me job just because I am going to be his wife….. she shook her head…. “ no maan…. I can’t..” she replied back….. “but why geet?” asked maan confusingly…..


maan, just because I am would be MSK that doesn’t mean I’ll take ur advantage…. Maan, don’t look at me like this…… I am not denying ur offer…. I’ll surely work with you but after marriage and with proper interview session….. nahi to aap me and uss khadoos me kya fark hoga,..” saying so she giggled softly and maan smiled at her thoughts……. And again both hugged each other……


Just then he heard a sound and he smiled….. he looked at her face, she knew that why he is looking at her like that…. She pouted cutely , “hungry?” asked maan….  And she nodded….. “then why you didn’t tell me?” asked maan but geet looked at him, how to reply of this question…. Till now she don’t know how to show her right on him? How to tell her little-2 things to him? How could she tell him that she is hungry right now? How could she? She just stared at him blankly……


And he became confused by her stare, what her eyes wants to tell him?  Why she is looking at me like this? He thought in his mind….. he put her strands behind her ear and cupped her face….. “what happen geet?” asked maan….. “why are you looking at me like this?” he asked again.. he couldn’t control on himself from asking……


she just smiled and shook her head in no…. how could she tell him her confusions….   Confusion not about the marriage…. It’s just sometimes about her rights….  Her relations started just before some days and now how can she tell him little-2 things….. she can’t do this…. It’s not in her nature….. she sighed and said…. “chalein” …..



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22 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ part-27


  2. So the khadus corrupt owner didnt give job to Geet but Geet replied him very well.

    And d hug mmmmm 😉 it was just awwwesome.Loved it to core.

    Loving theis strengthening relationship.


  3. Oh now both Maan and Geet is taking advantage
    of the situation and just getting close …… thats just awesome
    Maan also realizes that he has a perfect partner
    Lovely Update

  4. awsum ud
    jst loved geet reply n the way she understand maan worries
    hayeeeee maaneet hug n maan concern for geet soo lovely
    love hw maaneet understand each other without any of dem saying anythng
    maan happyn proud on his parents choice as they hv choosen the right life partner for him

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