fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-58-62


everyone laughed a lot holding their stomach at the vedanta’s antics…. he was running behind geet holding cake’s piece where maan was also behind them…. all bid bye to each other and wished good night…. they retired to their respective rooms…. where geet reached in her room.. she was laughing and screaming saving herself from cake’s cream… she doesn’t want to mess herself but she know that vedanta and maan will not leave her….

she is happy now, , somewhere the pain she was hiding in the corner of her heart went away…. it was not like that she didn’t know about her miscarriage, she knew that but she was hiding her pain because of everyone’s sake… because of maan, , she doesn’t want that maan will go again in his guilt trip, ,she couldn’t see him like this, she knew that if maan will come to know that he will surely blame himself and that was the fact… maan blame himself but geet didn’t know that…..

she was protecting maan from this pain but she never knew that maan already knew about this miscarriage thing…..he was also hiding this pain from her but it was so selfless for both of them, , they wanted to protect each other but their love was so strong that they knew but still they hiding for their well being…..

Geet hid behind the curtain for saving herself from her naughty son, , though she wanted to play the game with him but still she thought to tease them, ,maan and Vedanta reached to the room and searching geet….. Vedanta’s face was fell off not seeing geet there….. he made a face….. and he asked cutely to maan…… “papa, , where is mama? i also want to apply this cake on her face like she did with me” he sat down on the bed with the cute & angry pout on his face…..

Geet was having fun teasing them so much but she couldn’t see him like this…. Maan felt bad for Vedanta but he knew that he can’t be angry from geet…. He called geet but she didn’t reply….. now only there is one way left for him….. he sighed and went on his knees in front of Vedanta , ,he bend down matching his level of height…… maan singh khurana, who never bend his face in front of anyone and here he was totally bend in front of his son, that is the love & affection he has for his son….

“okay beta, , if mama will not come outside then papa is here na…. aap papa ke face par cake laga lo…” maan said to Vedanta pinching his nose a little and messing his nose a little with cream….. Vedanta smiled because getting chance messing his father otherwise when he’ll get this golden chance…….

Vedanat was about to apply the cream on his face but suddenly geet’s voice stopped him….
“arey when I am here then why will you mess your papa? Haan bolo” she said standing little far away from them , putting her hands on both sides of her waist….. cheeks were puffed little bit and she was tapping her foot continuously demanding the answer , , maan inwardly jumped in joy getting her out from her shell where she was hiding…… but he thought to play further…..

“arey geet, , tum rehne do… I’ll manage him….you go & take rest” said maan shooing her away where Vedanta was looking at both of them who were fighting for the cake, on whose face Vedanta will apply cake….. ? uff geet stormed her foot in anger, her lips were curved in anger, looking very cute she was…. She went near Vedanta and held his hand, , she by herself applied the cake on her cheeks then applied little on maan’s face also still holding Vedanta’s hand….

Geet was so much engrossed in Vedanta, , maan thought a plan, he was having cake in his hand, , finding the perfect chance, maan mashed whole cake on her face…. Where she was startled suddenly, she blinks her lashed couple of times which were also messed with the cake bread & cream…. Her mouth was wide open and hands were in air , ,
she was dumbstuck…. Vedanta was laughing like a maniac where maan also…. But geet’s cheeks were fuming in anger, , her cheeks flared and puffed more…. She groaned inwardly and was about to clean her hands on maan’s face… he signaled to Vedanta that go away from here…..

he nodded and went away closing the gate behind….. maan knew her very well… now she’ll take her revenge from maan, , maan laughed pointing his finger at her, she curled her finger in a fist and ran behind him where he was running around the bed saving himself…. The reason of this behind was so clear…. He wanted to see her laughing not a sad geet….. he wants that she’ll enjoy fully not to capture herself in a shell…. And he was succeed….

Geet was very near him from his back… suddenly his feet was trapped in a bed sheet which was lying on the floor, , and he fell on bed where geet also lost her control over herself and fell on his back directly hitting herself on his firm back…. Her whole body crashed on him like a second skin…. Both were startled suddenly….. her both hands around his face and his face was messed up with the cake…. He close his eyes in defeat where her eyes twinkled in winning the game…..

His heartbeats raged a little feeling her softness on his back , slowly he turned up taking her in his arms holding her by her waist while she was blinking her lashes holding the moment in her eyes, , her heartbeats were fast, , she was feeling weak inside her body….. he slowly raised his finger tracing her face by the tip of his finger, taking little cream from her face on the tips, she closed her eyes feeling the warmth of his fingers…..

“geet, open your eyes!!” he demanded to her…. He wants to distract her and he was successful…. He traced his finger again on her face applying that cream on her face….. she slowly open her eyes hearing his demanding voice which has the different impact on her…. She saw the desires in his eyes which make her weak more…… he traced her lips by his thumb and index finger….

Her heartbeat raised , , his wild desires awaken feeling the ups & downs of her curves which were going up and falling down on his broad & firm chest….. his warm breath mingled with hers as their mouth were so close…. Slowly he sucked his thumb and then his finger licking the cream over his finger direct looking in her eyes, telling her straight about his desires…….

She blushed profusely feeling his hardened around her belly…. It was really very hard for both of them…. But she was not less than…. He dress getting a wet patch below down between her thighs….. in a jerk, he turned over and now she was underneath him, covering he petite structure with his manly broad body….

Her held her hand which was messed with the cake…. And slowly taking the sweet time, he rubbed her hand on his cheek creating havoc inside her tummy when his stubble touched on her soft palm…. She closed her eyes again when he placed a soft kiss on her palm licking the cream by the tip of his tongue sensuously , she curled the bed sheet in her fist by her clean hand……. She was getting weak with this sweet assault only…..

“ohhh geet” he was getting mad by this and making her insane also…. She opened her eyes getting little courage after taking his sweet torture on her…. When she opened her eyes, he saw the glint of naughtiness in her eyes, he knew that she is up to something surely but he was also prepared for this, after all , he wanted her by herself like she used to….

“maan!!” she whispered, her warm breath fanned direct on his lips awakening more desires inside him, , he was hardened more…. He never knew that he can be hard because of this much only but both of them liked that…. Both were blushing like anything, , she moved her a little taking her face on angle towards his cheeks…. She parted her lips where his eyes stare at her passionately….

His hold tighten around her waist when he felt her warm soft petals on his rough stubble licking the cream sensuously wetting his cheek more…. It was really hard for them…. Her lips were moving up & down on his cheek licking whole cream from his cheek , slowly-2 her lips moved down on his jaw line kissing him slowly yet passionately making him groan… her face moved down on his neck where she teethed his skin a little, he hissed a little in pain but it was a sweet pain he felt…. and then licked the skin soothing the pain….

Her waist was messed up with the cake by his hands, , he opened his eyes where his eyes met with her cleavage which was clearly visible by the deep cut of her blouse, though he had gifted her only but he never knew that it can be so perfect & sexy & hot too…. His eyes drugged seeing the view in front of his eyes….. her hand was in air was about to touch her face but suddenly he held her hand and put her fingers in his mouth sucking them slowly taking the revenge from her, , she closed her eyes in defeat…..

And then he traced the area of her cleavage by his finger then slowly-2 his fingers replaced by his lips, tracing down the valley between her curves over her blouse….. she doesn’t know when her fingers started moving down on his shirt unbuttoning it rubbing his waxed chest by her wet yet warm palm…. He dipped his head in the hollow of her neck and placed some sensuous kissed on her neck, her collarbone…..

The hear radiated in her body when his warm finger clutched her cold ones passing the hotness in her body, , their messy hands clutched together messing the bed-sheet while their lips were doing it’s work properly, , his lips placed carnally on her collarbone teething her , she hissed in pain biting her lip in pain, then his sensuous soft yet rough M shaped lips soothed her pain licking the skin , by his lips, by his tongue, she arched back giving him more space for access , ,
her hold tighten more on his hand when he rubbed the tip of his nose between the valley of her cleavage…. She raised her upper body while he dipped his head more in her inhaling the sweet aroma of hers which is snatching the rest sense he has….!

While annie cleaned Vedanta’s face where he was telling her stories that how he enjoyed a lot with his mama and papa…. And annie was laughing a lot hearing the stories in his cute tone…. Later after cleaning him annie make him sleep and then went in her room taking the sweet sleep after all this pain…


While annie cleaned Vedanta’s face where he was telling her stories that how he enjoyed a lot with his mama and papa…. And annie was laughing a lot hearing the stories in his cute tone…. Later after cleaning him annie make him sleep and then went in her room taking the sweet sleep after all this pain…

Next day

Everyone was on breakfast table and chatting…… the environment was jolly & cheerful,, it was like nothing had happened yesterday….. all were trying to cover up the pain which was buried deep inside of maan & geet’s heart….. all the while Vedanta was making them laugh with his cute antics on the breakfast table because he was forcing for milk again by everyone….. today everyone was enjoying every inch of this happiness after lots of struggle…..

The breakfast table was completely filled with the members, , poor Vedanta couldn’t get the seat for sitting…. At-last he was landed on maan’s lap and enjoying his breakfast that too by himself…. Maan tried so hard to make him eat by his hand by he was being adamant, , eating by himself but poor maan…. Maan’s clothes eating more than Vedanta……….. all were enjoying maan’s plight….. poor maan…. But he was lucky indeed….. he was having his breakfast by geet’s hand while geet was having by tanya’s hand….. all were enjoying a lot….

Vicky & Alka were pulling maan & geet’s leg for sharing the breakfast that too romantically…… they were sharing eye lock all along with the breakfast…..

“ahem ahem…. ” Vicky cleared his throat for gaining the couple’s attention who were lost in their small world…. Maaneet’s reverie broke and red hue spread on geet’s creamy cheeks…. She looked down all blushy-2…. She knew that she is going to be teased by her friends and her fear come true so soon but not her….. this time the target was maan…..

“jiju, , romance thoda idhar-udhar dekhkar kijiye…. Don’t forget your family & friends are here..” alka put a cherry in her mouth cooly saying so and blinked her lashes so innocently like she didn’t said anything……

“nothing is like that alka” maan tried to defend himself…. …

“achha to fir kaisa hai maan ji” this time Tanya spoke holding her chin by her two finger and rubbing, waiting for an answer while brows were raised in amusement looking at geet who was tried to hide her face……

It was so small thing in family but still whenever she was caught red handed , she became like a she was caught for the first time…..

“geet, tu hi bata na kaisa hai?” spoke Tanya again…..

“toasty bhabhi, leave it, , ab ye bhi kya karein…. Becharo ko romance karne ka time hi nahi mila… ab ye to hone hi tha,,,,” told Vicky grabbing the toast from geet’s plate because she was having anything , because she was so shy….. she was used to tease before but now in front of maan she is feeling conscious…..

“haan vicky, you are saying correct…. See they didn’t go anywhere…. Bas ghar mein hi baithe rehte hai” whined annie…. She really wanted that they’ll go for honeymoon but no….. actually it was not their fault…. It was their fate, destiny that they didn’t get any time for spend time with each other….. but now everything is fine now…..

“annie…. Don’t be tense… that day will come soon” maan assured everyone…. Hearing geet looked at his face, gazing direct in his eyes, she was the assurance, the love, and the longing in his eyes but alas she couldn’t do anything……… all were laughing at their plight…. How they were teased but then the topic went on Vicky and alka…. Now they were teased by geet & maan….. in a short span of time, maan mingled with them like salt mixed in water so easily….

No one can tell that maan was not their friend before….. dadi was all the while blessing them inwardly… blessing them always be happy yet blessed too…. The incident happened geet will never happen again….
But one person was mute all the while that is none other than geet’s father….. dadi noticed that she got worry because she is thinking that he was not happy because of yesterday’s incident,

“mohinder bête, what happened? Aap theek to hai” dadi spoke in worry….. hearing this everyone alarmed and especially geet….. she at once rushed to her papa…..

“papa kya hua? Are you fine?” asked geet in really worry touching his forehead and neck, assuring herself that he has not fever….. mohinder held her hand….

“I am fine bête…nothing happened to me… sab theek hai” mohinder replied ,,,,

“papa, fir kya baat hai? Aap kuch pareshaan lag rahe hai” asked maan making Vedanta sit on the other seat…..

“everything is fine maan bête….you are getting worry without any reason” mohinder stated calmly….

“then what happened papa?” asked maan again…. In a short span of time maan became his son….

“you all are getting worry without any reason…I was just thinking that where you should go for a vacation” mohinder changed the topic…. Everyone sighed in relief that he is not angry or something else…. Though he was tensed because of his daughter’s pain…. How she bore all the pain all alone, didn’t flinch once, never told to anyone, never complaint For anything, , how mature she became so soon….. he didn’t realize….

But he is happy also because she is with maan where whole happiness belongs too….

“papa, why you get worried without any reason…. Aur aap hamari vacations ke liye itna worry mat kijiye, uske liye maan hai na….. aap kyo worry karte ho… waise bhi aapki tabiyat theek nahi rehti…” geet became senti and pearls came out from her eyes ….. mohinder also became senti seeing his daughter crying because no reason…..

“arey mera bacha…. Sorry baba…. I’ll no do like this ever again…. Now happy…. See papa is holding ears also…” everyone laughed seeing the drama geet created….. geet also laugh at her father’s antics…. She is feeling like she is in her childhood memories where she used to cry for no reason her papa used to held his ears calming her down……

After a while they finished their breakfast and then tej broke the news that they are going back because he has to attend the urgent meeting which is in evening….. so they have to go now….. geet became again emotional , her family & friends are going back…. She hugged every person and cried, they too cried because they don’t know when they’ll be able to meet her again but yes they knew her b’day is coming…. So the next meeting will be on her b’day….and they will celebrate it with a blast…..

Everyone went back to Mumbai…. Later maan went to office , he was late but that doesn’t a big problem… … he was held up with his work…. Doing everything so fast….
It was late night, , geet was waiting for maan on dinner table but he was no where to show his face…. Everyone had their breakfast because they were feeling sleepy…. Vedanta was also slept after having his dinner….. geet was waiting like a zombie, , making faces,, cribing over his so called work… gazing the dinner… she was so hungry , ,

Finally her wait was over and she was able to see maan’s face but he was really tired…. She can see from his face… lines of worry but they soon they went away….. she saw the sweet smile on his face but don’t know why this smile on his face….. she smiled and got up, ,

Before she said something….. “sorry geet… really very sorry…. Mujhe time ka pata hi nahi chala… actually was held up with an urgent project… so much work” he held his ears while apologizing….

“it’s ok maan…. I can understand project is really important…. You can’t delay the work but iska matlab yeh nahi ki you forget me…. You didn’t call me once…. ” she cribbed making cute-2 faces but suddeny stopped when she felt her cheeks was pulled by maan…. Her mouth fell open and eyes were big, ,

“geet, you look so cute when you cribbed like this with these cute-2 antics of yours…. ” saying so maan again pull her cheeks….. geet lost it now and she looked here and there and found the fork & knife over the table…. She grabbed them….. maan jumped back at once seeing the knife & fork in front of his eyes…..

“ge-et what are you doing..? maarne ka irada hai kya?” asked maan in amusement because of her choice , the knife was not that sharp….

“maan” she shrieked and tapped her feet in anger but still she is looking so cute…. Her pouting lips then suddenly she felt pain, gosh again maan pulled her cheeks…. Now that was it…. She threw the fork & knife away and pulled his cheeks in return…. That to so hard…. Uff maan winced in pain coz of sudden pressure on his cheeks by her delicate fingers…. But then her eyes popped when she felt something snaking on her delicate slim waist…. She jumped in fear.. she scared at once, she felt somekind of insect of something on her bare waist,…..

When she look down , her mouth fell open in shock seeing his finger tips tracing down the waist line , going up & down on her waist….. she felt something in the pit of her stomach, she felt her legs will gave because he s creating havoc inside her, , who was angry little while ago on him now she is clutching his shoulders, diging nails in his biceps where maan lower his face , slanting slowly in her ear’s direction and slowly he nipped her ear lobe , the hold on his biceps became tighter than before…..

His lips traced down her neck line trailing down the kisses , her hands went around his neck , slightly his hands went around her delicate waist pulling her more close to him….. her body glued to his and then he totally lost it completely , he teethed her collarbone and she flinched in pain….

“geet, I am hungry” he husked , where she moaned “hmm…”…. “geet, I am really very hungry”….. he told again slowly….. “me too maan!” their trance broke down suddenly hearing a voice which left them blushing and embarrassed too….

“if you both are hungry then have dinner na… ek dusre ko baad mein khana” she giigled and ran away leaving them embarrassed…..

After a while they have their dinner and retired to their room…..

After a week…..

Geet opened her eyes and shrieked in fear finding herself all alone in a car , that too on a deserted road…. She looked here and there , there was a man standing beside the car…. She tried to open the car door but it was lock…. She was at the verge of cry…. Where I am? How I came here? I was sleeping on my bed then how come I am here? Why? How? So many questions rang in her ear…. No one in the car with her…..


Geet opened her eyes and shrieked in fear finding herself all alone in a car , that too on a deserted road…. She looked here and there , there was a man standing beside the car…. She tried to open the car door but it was lock…. She was at the verge of cry…. Where I am? How I came here? I was sleeping on my bed then how come I am here? Why? How? So many questions rang in her ear…. No one in the car with her…..

She looked at herself… she was covered with the shawl and a warm coat inside the shawl and a warm cap over her head….. her hand were covered with the warm gloves and shoes were in her feet….. she was fully packed, , seems the person who brought her here, , done all the safety for her…. She looked around…. There was a thick fog over all, every where….. there was small-2 trees or should I say bushes…. She can see the dew drops on the leaves of the bushes….. flowers were also covered with the dew drops and fog….

She was literally scared, , don’t know where is she? No one is with her…. She was in her room last night and how the hell she is here? She thought in her mind….. she looked inside the car…., none is there beside of her…. Where is maan? Where is everyone?

She regained the last night…. I am very sure that I was on my bed last night, , haan cuddling in maan’s arms sleeping so peacefully , hai na…. haan…. But fir mai yaha car mein kaise? And where is maan? Aise kaise ? if I am here then how come I don’t know about all this? Hey baba ji mujhe kuch mat hone dena…. And how I wore these clothes? As far as I know that I was in my jeans & top when I slept…. Dekhti hu maine kya pehna hai? (she looked at her jeans and top inside of the coat)…. Ye to same hai….. hey baba ji, please help ma…. She murmured and prayed to her baba ji in her cute tone, , looking at the roof of her car…. Actually she was looking at the sky but what to do, car’s roof came in between……

She talked to herself but suddenly the voice broke her trance….. “geet, tumhare baba ji tumhe kuch nahi hone denge” she sighed hearing this…. She slanted her head slowly towards driver’s direction…. First her eyes went big, then little bigger more and then beamed with happiness when she saw who is he……. Her eyes fell on the thing which he was holding….. she ignored it and gazing at his face continuously without blinking , ,

“maan” she shrieked in excitement, she jumped at once, throwing herself in his arms like she got what she desired the most, she hugged him so tightly….. touching him , assuring herself that he is really here….. “he is here….. my maan is here” she spoke inwardly…..
“maan, where were you? Aisa bhi koi karta hai kya?” she slowly hit his chest by her fragile wrist….”pata hai mai kitna darr gayi thi” she said sobbing little…. ….. rubbing her cute red nose by his jacket which was red due to fear, little anger and cold too, ,

“geet…sssshhhh, don’t worry…. I am here, , there is no fear now….” He said rubbing her back slowly…. She raised up her face slowly and look at his worrying face yet he is smiling too, , but why? There is no reason of smile and that is the fact he smile less, even he didn’t smile on jokes too then why he is smiling now , as far as she remember that she didn’t crack any joke……

her cheeks puffed little bit, anger flared on her cheeks making them more red in anger, , her eye were like will come out soon from the pupil….. glaring him by her doe shape big almond eyes but he chuckled at her state which made her more furious…… she turned her face in anger and then spoke…..

“care to explain mr. khurana that how I come here?” that was it…. His smile vanished from his face seeing her angry….. o o….. his jaan is angry,,,,, now he has to pacify her….but that was not a big deal for him…….

He held her wrist straight in front of her face showing her that see I am holding your hand…. She glared at him……. Her jerked her at once , cause of that she fall on his chest directly hiding her face in his chest…. She raised her eyes looking at him then her following her eyes….. mere mm gap between their face…….

She closed her eyes when she felt a warm air coming out from his desiring lips…… he blew warm air on her face, which directly fanned on her lips making her shiver with the intensity of the hiding passion behind this act of his….. pours of her skin warm up and get relaxed now which were irritating her due to cold,,,,,

A burning sensation ran through her body when she felt something cold touching her soft cheeks…. Something too soft,, too delicate, like a feather, , slowly-2 she opened her eyes and found he was caressing her soft cheeks by the delicate flower creating havoc inside her, , she felt her stomach from inside rolled down in anticipation , , and then her heart beat raised when the soft petal of the flower touched her petal like lips, , the cold tips of his finger touched her lips along with flower’s petals….

Soon she felt his cold fingers reached in her scalp through her thick curly hair inside the cap pulling her more close….. he rubbed her scalp skin by his clod finger tips sending chills in her, , their lips were barely far away, , but the flower between their lips….. he tilted his head and moved towards her ear, , husking slightly sending goose bumps hearing his words which were fanned in her ear hole…..

“geet, we are on a vacation or you can call it honeymoon” hearing the words from his husky voice, the red hue spread on her cheeks which were already red, she blushed profusely , lashes bend down not bale gaze in his eyes directly……

He satisfied seeing the blush on her face, that is the confirmation from her side…… “maan” she whispered his name too innocently, too cutely and should I say in a sexy manner which snatched the breath away from him…… he sighed deeply and held her chin raising her face up little bit……

“geet, did you like it?” he asked to her , , he wants to know….. if she is not happy then they can go back…. They are not so far but yes near to their destination…… hearing his question she looked in his eyes, she can see the confusion there, , but who else will know that how much happy she is….! After all she is getting the chance to spending time with maan that too in cold weather…..

“maan, you don’t know how much happy I am right now, , you give me the most beautiful gift, thank –”, , she spoke from her heart…… maan placed a finger on her lips which made her stop not to talk further…..

“sshh geet, don’t thank me…. Here is little selfishness by my side that’s why I have planned this trip” he told her truthfully , ,

“what maan?” she asked to him…..

“actually, , I want to see my geet happy, smiling, enjoying that’s why I have planned this trip,,,, and if you’ll be happy then I’ll be happy…. So the main motive is that I want to be happy….. that’s all” maan finished then turned his face but frowned seeing the expression she is giving to him……

“geet, what is this? Now why are you crying? See you are spoiling my happiness” maan angered cutely which made her smiled through her tears……

She placed her hand on his cheek where he pushed his cheek more into her palm….. “maan, I am very happy and these are the tears of happiness, , ” geet told to him showing the tear drop on her finger…..

“geet, these are not tears…… these are the pearls…. So please soch samajh use kiya karo…. Arey bhia mehganyi ka zamana hai….and you know what I don’t like wastage of anything fir chahe tumhare aansu hi kyo na ho….” Hearing this she threw herself in his arms hugging him tightly where he also wrapped his arms around her petite structure giving her warmth of his body……


Vedanta open his eyes found himself laying beside of his nanu….. he jumped in joy and started waking up mohinder who was sleeping peacefully holding Vedanta…..

“bête so jao… this is very early” mohinder tried to understand him but he is kid…. Now he is no where to sleep back….

“nanu, please utho na… ” he is very enthusiastic, , first time ever he came here at his nana’s place…. He started screaming in happiness…. Mohinder frowned and sat up finally where annie came running hearing his hooting and screaming….. actually Vedanta knew that he is going to his nana’s place but everyone told him that is a secret so not to tell anyone…. That’s why he kept quiet but he didn’t know that so soon he will be here…..

“bua, hum yaha kab aaye?” he asked innocently….. annie smiled….. she wished good morning to mohinder where he wished her back…..

“Vedanta, did you wished good morning to nanu?” asked annie in her little stern voice…. Vedanta made a cute sorry face and smile showing his full teeth , actually showing a black hole space between the teeth, his one teeth has been broken….

“good morning nanu” he kissed his cheek whishing him…..

“good morning bete” mohinder did the same which left him giggling behind……

“arey , aapka daant kaun le gaya?” asked mohinder teasing him…… “hey, who took away your teeth?”
Hearing him Vedanta closed his mouth at once not showing his teeth anymore…. He turned , now his back is facing mihinder where annie knew that, he’ll reply now because if he’ll reply in his previous position then when he’ll open his mouth for speaking, his teeth will be show and he doesn’t want that….

“wo mama said that, one bird came and took it away but jaldi hi that bird give me my teeth back” he replied innocently…………


“Wo mama said that, one bird came and took it away but jaldi hi that bird give me my teeth back” he replied innocently…………

Mohinder gave a approving look to vedanta that , that bird will give his tooth back to him….. Vedanta excitingly jumped in his lap and then both nanu & grand son cuddled up in each other arms under the warm duvet…… annie smiled and left them alone….


Both were in their reverie lost in each other touch, feeling so close in warm weather in the car, , actually cold is outside but hot is inside the car by their hot-2 acts, , no-no, not that hot… actually effect of warm heater which was switched on inside the car making them more hot in their acts……

Their lips were mere millimeters away from each other , , barely touched yet untouched, , their lips were about to meet but just then another halted on the way bringing back from their la la land making them blushed, , well they are not embarrassed , , there is no other person with whom they can feel embarrass n this situation and the road was also deserted, , by chance that car came there otherwise mostly that way been deserted……

Suddenly reality hit her hard and she looked at him with her confuse face…… maan can read the confusion which was in her eyes and lips…. Lips , , oops still his thoughts were wandering around those petals….. He sighed and asked to her……

“what happen geet?” Asked maan cupping her face in his warm hands giving her warmth of his warm hands, , she snuggled her face in his palm but spoke before she lost in his sensual touch…..

“Will vedanta be able to live without us?” Asked maan feeling so helpless, , doesn’t know anything…… maan can see the motherly love in her eyes right now and he knew that she is missing him very much but he doesn’t want her to crave for him, , or she will feel that because of her Vedanta will live alone there……

“how you brought me here? Does everyone know about it?” She asked impatiently……. Though she is very excited for this trip but still she has a family also and kidnapped by her own husband for the honeymoon, somewhere she felt awkward but somewhere she felt thrilled and enthusiastic also….. It is so romantic also…… she doesn’t want to spoil his mood that’s she didn’t ask such questions……

“geet, , don’t you trust me??” Asked maan…… he knew that she trust him but still wanted to ask this question from her….

“maan, kaisa sawal hai yeh? Of course I trust you” she replied placing her hand on him which was on her cheek, , her eyes were speaking more loudly than her lips….. And he understand that language of her eyes….. There is immense love & trust for him in her eyes ……

“geet, actually everyone went to Mumbai at your place” he spoke looking in her eyes, , he knew that she will feel bad hearing that she won’t be able to meet her family but he is here for compensating and giving her more happiness which she never got by his side….

“geet, before you ask anything let me explain everything… can I?” Asked maan bringing her in his embrace by side ways holding her shoulder while she placed her head on his chest holding him by his waist encircling her arms around……

“geet, , dadi’s friend lives in Mumbai and there is a wedding of her grand daughter….. So she invited dadi there with family but I have already planned this trip, , so dadi gave me suggestion that she, annie & Vedanta will go there and me & u can come here for the vacation…. And rest about Vedanta, , he knew about it , that his mama & papa are going on vacation while he is going to his nana’s place…
he was very happy, so I let them go there with Vedanta…. Now they are at your place in mumbai and then the day after tom they’ll go dadi’s friends place for attending the function… ” he paused for a second glancing at her face patting her head slowly…..

She raised her face gazing in his eyes , , “geet, maine theek kiya na? And waise bhi Vedanta was having winter vacations so I thought I should let him go there….. ” she raised her face more and finally pecked his cheek lovingly and then blushed with her small act of hers…. Maan smiled at her simple yet sweet gesture…. He loved it….

“maan, nothing can be better than this…!”…… she snuggled more in his embrace taking the warmth of his arms…..

“maan…!!!” She called him in her sweet tone…..

“hmmm” replied maan lost in her….

“how did you brought me here???And packing & all” she asked in her confused state…… she really wanted to know…….. Maan chuckled at her question, , he knew that this question will come soon but he doesn’t want to reply her right now……

“geet, , i’ll tell you later” replied maan…..

She come out from his embrace gazing at his face with her almond innocent eyes……. “but maan…!!!” She tried to ask him but his finger placed on her lip stopping her, not to talk further……

“sshh geet, , suspense hai,,,,, mood khraab mat karo” she pouted and cribbed inwardly, , telling some profanities under her breath……

“achha theek hai but at least you can tell me how did you packed the clothes n all? Asked geet to him gazing at his face with hopeful eyes….. maan put his index finger at the edge of his chin, rubbing slowly like he was in deep thought…..

“hmmm, so you want to know haan???” asked maan naughtily….. geet pushed him back a little and replied……

“ji, pati ji…” and geet put up a stern faces….. maan amused at her reply, raised his brow , and a smirk at the corner of his lips…..

“so, biwi wants answer…. Jaisa aapka hukum biwi ji” replied maan in a manner of slave, geet blushed at his antics….. geet nodded and gestured him to continue…..

“wo actually biwi ji, , yesterday I brought all new clothes & other needed things… listen koi bhi cheez maine cupboard se nahi li, everything is brand new…”

“but maan, I didn’t saw them” told geet….

“wo isliye because I never brought bags inside the mansion….they were here in this car itself… everything was ready…. ” replied maan to her…..

“that means, everything is in shopping bag till yet?” asked geet……maan denied…..

“nope geet, I had purchased a new holiday bag and arranged them properly that too in outhouse, without telling you, , just annie helped me… and yes, , annie ne ek packet rakha tha for you only… she instructed me hard that not to open it… so I don’t know what is inside that packet…. ” maan was talking….

Hearing all that geet was cursing him not to telling her anything…… maan can see the lips movements of hers which was moving so fastly…….

“ab tum aise tempt karogi to i’ll make my honeymoon here in this car right now” she felt short of words at once hearing his shameless words , , and then she blushed profusely giving him more signals,,,,,,

“uff mar jawan…!!!” He fell on his seat placing his hand at his heart place doing drama which made her smile & blush more….

“maan, , aagey jana ka iraada hai ya honeymoon yahi manaoge?” She blurted out and the suddenly bit her lip knowing that what she had told him…… he raised his brow questioning her while she hid her face in her palm….. He leaned on her giving her clues what he wants……

“what an idea madam ji” maan spoke in her ear snapping her out from her palm and then he drove off the car towards his destination……….. geet was looking outside niharofying the view of outside, , the nature’s creation, ,
so many trees on the way like they are moving and they are only sitting in their car itself…… she slide down the window slightly feeling the chilled air gazing her face, , hearing the chirpy sound of birds at this early morning…… it’s only 7 am……

Maan watched her,, , glancing at her while driving feeling happy seeing her so happy…… he slowly put the digital camera in her lap bringing her back from the fantasy world….. she looked at the camera and then him asking him, , but he said nothing…… she happily took it started photographing of the nature’s creation from their moving car….. it felt so awesome……

“maan, how did you know that I loved photographing?” asked geet shocked while taking snaps of beautiful flowers and monkeys & so many other little birds, little animals…..

“geet, I’ll reply you later , okay…. Now enjoy” he said, , concentrate on his driving…… she happily agreed and lost in taking snaps…… maan played the soft english music in the car which soothed her mind , , it is giving so romantic feeling…… it’s her favorite song and favorite singer also…..

she loved this whole thing….. she at once turned and placed her soft lips on his cheek , , his feet pressed the brake at once stopping the car , , she was shocked suddenly…… now he demands more……. He winked at her naughtily and she blushed, ,

Omg, she is loving this naughty maan….. maan didn’t do anything further and let her explore the nature for a while with her new camera…. Just then geet turned towards snuggled in his chest not to disturb him in his driving….. maan smiled seeing his sleepy wify…..

he bend his face little not to broke the concentration on the road, , and placed a soft kiss on her head…. She smiled little and snuggled more…. Maan gave her space for snuggling more in his arms…..

He was driving continuously and she was resting in his arms….. just then she spoke softly barely audible but yes, audible for maan…..

“where are we going maan?” she asked in her sleepy state, , maan knew that, it will come soon….

“geet, it’s a surprise for you….” Replied maan…….

“no more surprise maan, , I became a complete package of surprises…. Now no more….. please…” she said cutely raising her face looking at his face hopefully….

“ohh my mishty, don’t be sad now…. ”

“to fir batao kaha ja rahe hai hum?” asked geet again….

“geet, you’ll love it…. It’s a natural beauty which you have never seen” said maan hinting her a little…..but she was confuse….. “kaha maan?” asked geet again….

“geet, remember, , once while watching discovery, you have never visit India’s hill stations.. ” asked maan…… she went in her thoughts……

Maan & geet were sitting on bed and watching discovery…. There was documentary show going on…. They were showing the hill stations in india…. She kept her head on his shoulder and watched the television….. she spoke softly…. “maan”….. “ummm” he replied…..

“this place is beautiful na, , natural beauty, snow , valleys , everything is so beautiful” said geet….

“haan geet, , you know what, I have visited so many hill station in foreign countries but never find this beauty anywhere” told maan……

“you know maan, been in India I never went in hill station of India though I have visited foreign countries and India never…” she spoke truthfully…. Maan looked at her for a moment….

Flashback ends…..

“yes maan, I had told you” said geet….. “geet, that day I have decided that we’ll together somewhere in India itself… no foreign country…” she felt overwhelmed…. She never knew that he’ll fulfill her so small & simple wish….. she placed a kiss on his cheek and snuggled in his arms feeling cozy confessing her love to him….. “I love you maan”… maan smiled, , “love you too geet”


“yes maan, I had told you” said geet….. “geet, that day I have decided that we’ll together somewhere in India itself… no foreign country…” she felt overwhelmed…. She never knew that he’ll fulfill her so small & simple wish….. she placed a kiss on his cheek and snuggled in his arms feeling cozy confessing her love to him….. “I love you maan”… maan smiled, , “love you too geet”


maan was driving while glancing at her angelic face, , her face gives him some kind new energy, a brewing desire to see her happy always…. he can see a small frown on her face, actually she was uncomfortable with her position….. she was sleeping at her seat itself, she never knew when she fell asleep in his arm snuggling close to him…. he smiled seeing her a cute frown on her face……. only 1 km left then they will cuddle up in each other arms in their cozy bed….

the fog was increasing as they were heading ahead…… he can see the snow on the front glass of car, , he started the wiper of car on front glass for the clear view, , fog and snow, , uff so cold there….. he slowly turned his face towards geet, she was shivering little,,,, he knew that she is not use to this much cold….. in MUMBAI, there is not much cold like DELHI but here, , you’ll be freeze in winters……

geet opened her eyes, , she smiled seeing the handsome face ever, her husband’s face… she slanted her neck asking why he is signaling her but then she understood that he is telling her look outside but she was lost in him that she doesn’t realize her surroundings…..

she slanted her neck towards side glass of her seat, the cute smile was on her face vanished at once when she saw the snow fall….. suddenly her eyes twinkled in joy and delighted at once, , she slide the glass and slide her hand out for feeling the snow fall…..

“geet, what are you doing?” asked maan in worry seeing her so childish…. she looked at maan with her innocent eyes but he can se twinkles and happiness in her eyes…. he smiled at her…..

“maan, maan please stop the car…” geet said to him so fastly that he couldn’t understand anything why she was asking to him for stopping the car but without questioning her further, he pressed his feet over brake at once in a jerk…… now he can see geet is outside of the car playing with snow, , ohh to isliye she was asking for stop the car…..

he shook his head in disbelieve at her childishness but he sensed later, though it is little childish but there is no age limit for playing games or doing mischieves……. he smirk and stepped out of the car…..

and after a second, a loud shriek came out from geet’s mouth, , she was stood there shocked, hands in air , opened mouth, , widened eyes, like some one told her statue…… maan laughed seeing her condition but his happiness was not for long, , he was shocked when he felt a big heap of snow fell direct on his face , , he blinked his lashes couple of times for understanding what happened? and when he gained sense, , both were lying on snow rolling on each other playing with snow….

both were shivering so badly , they couldn’t get warmth of each other body because they were lying on snow, , geet’s face was became so red in cold and when he heard the chattering sound of her teeth, he t once stood up and brought her in his arms, places securely in car, soon took the driver seat…….

switched on the warm heater in the car, placing the warm jacket and a blanket over her….. ensuring that she is covered fully….. geet smiled assuring him that she is fine now but her assurance was no longer when she sneeze 2-3 times, , his patience loose, , he drove fast but he couldn’t increase the speed in this thick fog….

now they are in their private cottage…..still geet doesn’t know where she is! cause she was sleeping again due to so much cold…. she couldn’t bear this much cold as she is not used to….. maan gave the tip to that person who brought them here and strict him that not to disturb them…… he nodded and went away…… soon maan was under duvet holding her so close giving her warmth of his body……

but she shivered more, her teeth were making chatter sound so badly, and her fingers curling in a fist due to so much cold…. Maan’s eyes wide open seeing her shivering so badly…. He at once sat up taking her hands in his rubbing them slowly so that the flow of her blood can increase and she’ll get little bit warm…… her hands were so cold….. he removed her socks also and rubbed them in faster pace before than……

he was little worried for her……. He immediately called on reception and demanded a warm heater and under 5 mins he can hear the knock on their door…… in no time the heater was switched on and started giving warmth of it’s…… maan arranged the fire house & lit that….. arranged that warm heater there and brought geet in his lap in front of fire house, ,

Maan sat near the fire house on the chair taking Geet in his lap, now she was getting warmth of Maan’s body, fir house and warm heater….. He was continuously blaming himself for bringing at this place where she fall sick before entering in the city, , but weather change was really needed for her, for her mental state, he wants to open up her every pain which she hid deep inside of her heart somewhere in the corner…..

He wants to give her happiness but before giving her anything, she fell sick…. He was warming his hand above warm heater and then placed his warm hand on her cheeks, sometimes on her hands….. He was warming her feet also taking her little more close to the warm heater ……

And in no time he felt her hand on his cheek, her eyes were seeing him lovingly, , her petal like lips curved in a lovely smile seeing his soft gesture, she never knew he can be like this……. So sweet, so caring, and doesn’t know how many things she doesn’t know about him…..

She pressed her body in him hugging him so tight , maan felt contended feeling so her fit & fine….. she circled her arms around his neck hiding her face in the hollow of his neck while maan covered their body with the blanket circling her waist by his arms….. “Thank you maan for taking care of me this much!” ……

“sshh geet, , ” maan silenced her stopping her not to speak further, , “not a word more”….. he remove his finger from her lips and set her strands behind her ears….. “how can you thank me for taking care of you…… you know what , you are part of me and you’ll thank me for taking care the part of me….. sounds weird na….. ”…….. she was looking at him with her confuse eyes…..

“geet, ,I was taking care of myself and you are thanking for that…. Ajeeb hai na…. so now close your this big mouth” maan teased her little….. geet smiled listening his little weird talks but she felt nice seeing him like this……

“love you maan”…. Saying so she closed her eyes and tried to hug him more tight but she was already glued with his body like fevicol,,,, maan didn’t replied further just smiled……

“maan!” she called him softly , , where he managed to reply her only in “umm?” without opening his lips……. She raised her face looking at his face, , “where are we? Kya jagah hai yeh?” asked geet in curiosity, , he didn’t old her till yet what is their destination but now the limit of her patience is over flowed…… maan smiled at her curiosity, ,

“geet, this is the most beautiful place, a hill station, hassen waadiyaan, ” geet was looking at him with great concentration trying to guess the place, ,

“geet, , we’ll go at the border of Kathmandu and while returning rudrapur and then UttarKashi from here” he said everything but doesn’t reply the main answer of her question….. geet curled her hand in fist and hit him on his chest for not replying her properly….

Maan laughed loudly teasing her so much…. He face was worth watchable when he was telling her everything, , she was having concentration look on her face and then not getting the main answer, a cute frown appeared on her face, she pouted her lip cutely and hit him…… she was hitting him continuously , he held her hand gazing intimately in her eyes, , she couldn’t hold his intense gaze, red hue flared on her cheeks and she lowered her lashes……

She tried to get up showing him her angry-2 big eyes, , shooting anger and glaring at him for not telling her….. he smiled, held her wrist & brought up close to his chest again, , told her without no delay, if she gets angry more…… “we are in Raniket jaan”, , he struggle seemed timid and soon her eyes twinkled getting the place’s name…..

A smile lingered on her curvy lips , soon they were on his lips giving him shock of the life again…. His eyes were popped open first feeling her lips on his then his eyes were closed giving her back response , , they were nibbling their lips holding each other so close, , her fingers were continuously brushing his hairs, massaging them, ,

her lips parted a little bit and maan took advantage of that, throbbing his tongue inside her mouth exploring her hidden parts, tasting the sweet nectar of her mouth, , his teeth bit the skin over her lip , licking away the blood with the tip of his tongue……..

his hands travelled on her back, caressing her over the clothes, , the intensity of their burning desires, , maan’s hands reached on her hip pulling her more close, , they were very close to loose their sanity, , their intimate position was like oil in their burning desires, soon he left her mouth , placing his burning desiring lips on her jaw line, the wet full mouth kisses on her jaw line going down on her neck, while she arched back giving him more space,,

she clutched his hairs in her fist pushing her upper body more into him, , he brought his fingers on her coat , unbuttoning slowly-2 tracing her cleavage with his finger tips while she moaned his name ever so softly giving him more pleasure…..


9 thoughts on “fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-58-62

  1. This ff have only 62 chapters or there r more chapters
    becoz I want to read all chapters together thts why I have not read previous chapters til now
    gn tc ks hsd
    happy navratri

  2. Ther r more chapters or thiss ff have only 62 chapters
    becoz I want tto read all chapters together
    thats why I have nt read older chapters till now

    Gn tc ks hsd
    happy navratri

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