Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-51-57


He brushed his lips again with hers while her one hand was roaming on his back shamelessly, , he grabbed her lips in his, , and nibbled slowly, , she too responded him back in the kiss, , and the slow kiss turned a passionate kiss, , both were chewing each other lips, , she gasped for air and he at once caught her tongue, , their tongue danced with each other, tasting the sweet honey nectar of their mouth, , it was like a heaven for them…

their passionate kiss was broken due to lack of breath, both were panting, breathing rapidly, their heart were pumping fast against their chest, , maan kept his head in the hollow of her neck breathing properly and playing with her senses now, tickling her by his warm breath, , she felt tickled sensation in her body due to his warm breath and by the nuzzled with the tip of his nose, ,

a giggle escape from her mouth gaining maan’s attention…. He raised up his head looking at curvy lips which were formed in a smile now… he smiled at her and nuzzled his nose again at her jaw line sensuously making her heart beat rapid, she closed her eyes in acceptance and she hugged him really very tight…..

“thank you geet for coming in my life and for making it beautiful…” he placed some sensuous kisses on her jaw line tracing it down to her neck by his lips like licking her skin, , his hand was making pattern on her waist over the cloth making her moan in pure ecstasy….

she pushed herself more into him, her upper body almost against his neck…. He groaned at once feeling bosom like this, , “geet” taking out her name from his mouth……. and his kisses became more slow, , lusty and sensuous… he was placing full mouth kisses on her neck, throat and collarbone almost wetting her skin by his saliva which was on his lips… …. She was almost wet by this passion of his.. , , She moaned his name in pleasure then replied after struggling a lot….. “maan….. no thanks please…. Otherwise I’ll thanks to you also..” maan raised his face again and smiled back at her reply….

He placed a kiss on her forehead, , a simple gesture for loving and respecting someone…. They wished good night to each other by kissing on cheek like they usually do, , and slept over there on that single bed in study itself leaving Vedanta there in bedroom though the gate was opened of study room which is adjoin with their bed-room….

It was party day, , everything was finalized, preparation was on full swing but our sweetu , ctuie Vedanta, birthday boy was still sleeping on maaneet’s bed and maan & geet were admiring him…. They wanted to wish him first but if he’ll get up then na….

Geet-maan, please wake him up na, , I want to wish him… she pouted and complaint cutely…. Maan smiled at her,,,,,

Maan-geet, seems Vedanta is not b’day boy, you are b’day girl and complaining that none had wished you….. geet, he is baby… let him sleep, when he’ll wake up then you’ll be with first one who will wish him….

Geet-hmm, , ok till then I’ll get ready…. And yes Happy Diwali maan… she kissed his cheek slightly little wetting his cheek by her wet lips… maan blushed with her cute gesture, , and he too kissed her back…

Maan-Happy diwali to you too geet…. And pecked on her forehead and then embraced her in his arms
They glanced at Vedanta then engrossed in their work,,,, maan was busy with his cell, , calling peoples and arranging everything, though event planner was there but still he have take care of each and everything, , Arjun was also managing and Reyhansh also…. They knew very well that how to manage and on which level, after all, Maan Singh Khurana is throwing the party and that too double occasion….

After an hour, Vedanta woke up , Vedanta went happily near to geet because he knew that today is his 4th birthday,…. “mama, papa, where are you?” he was asking so impatiently…. Geet and Maan entered in the room without making any voice…. “boo” they shook him and he got scared at once, , they showed his gift to him and his all fear vanished in a second seeing the gift…..

“Happy Birthday To You… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to dear Vedu (by geet) / baby (by maan), Happy Birthday to you… and Happy Diwali to you” and then geet shoved a big piece of dairy milk chocolate in his small mouth, , (kuch meetha ho jaaye, hehehe…) his small mouth was filled with chocolate and he was chewing it slowly-2 , ,

they sang birthday song for him and maan & geet pecked his cheeks together on his both cheeks… Vedanta jumped in joy in happiness and pecked their cheeks in return….. Vedanta gulped the chocolate….
“thank you mama… thank you papa aur…. Happy Diwali to you too…” Vedanta squirmed in happiness….

Just then Reyhansh, Ashlesha, Anwesha, and dadi entered in their room along with their gifts… and wished him Happy birthday…. He was very happy…. He never get so many gifts like this and none celebrate his birthday before like this…. He didn’t remember much, after all he is a small kid… only 4 yrs. now…. and then they called nakul in their room and nakul clicked their snaps one by one when they were giving gifts to Vedanta and then a family picture, Vedanta was sitting with his gifts and all were also sitting beside him….

After some time Vedanta was searching geet, , but suddenly he afraid of something and screamed in fear….. “mama, , papa… bhoot… aahh” and started crying his eyes out…. Maan who was sitting on the couch in the attached hall of his room heard Vedanta’s scream and ran in the bedroom, , he was panic hearing his scream….

Maan went near him, went on his knees and trying to calm him down….. “beta, what happened? Why are crying?” asked maan impatiently…. Vedanta looked at him with his teary eyes and point out at some where in the room…. “papa, bhoot is over there…. ” he said innocently…. Maan turned his face in the direction and then he saw a petite structure standing there in white top and jeans, hairs tied in a bun and face was covered with face pack….

Maan burst in laugh , Vedanta looked at him like he is seeing an alien …. “papa, what is so funny? Wo bhoot hai… please shoo away that bhoot” saying so he hid again behind maan…. Maan controlled his laugh and pulled Vedanta in front of him….

“baby, that is not bhoot… she is your mama.. unhone face pack lagaya hai” said maan calming him down… but geet was fuming in anger and still standing over there…. First ved afraid from her… she tried to go near him but he ran away and she stood there helplessly and second maan laughed on her…. She stamped her foot in anger and ran away in washroom again snapped the gate over maan’s face….

“oops, madam is angry now” maan thought, , now he has to tolerate her anger, no,,no her cute anger… after all she looks so cute when she is so angry,,,, maan felt a tug on his pant… he looked down and found Vedanta is pulling him, , he sighed and knelt down to his level….

Vedanta-papa, what happened to mama’s face? Asked Vedanta….. maan held him by his shoulder…

Maan- baby, , mama ne face par cream lagaya hai, mama ko sabse pretty lagna hai na party me….. Vedanta nodded and said…. “my mama is sabse pretty… hai na papa?” asked Vedanta….

“haan sabse pretty, most beautiful girl in the world… at last she is Vedanta’s mama na!” he cheered Vedanta and tickled him… he laughed along with maan while geet was also smiling seeing them laughing and yes praising her also…. She felt that she is important for them now….


It was evening, , geet was getting ready while maan was clad in his black tuxedo already…. And now he was setting Vedanta’s hair…. Vedanta is also ready now, same like maan, looking like chhotu maan…. Copying his dad…. Maan set his hairs with gel and now clicking his pictures by his digital camera…. And Vedanta was giving cute pose….

Maan-baby, go and call mama,,, papa will click photo… go fast…. Maan told to Vedanta and Vedanta ran in bed-room calling geet…..

“mama, mama, , come fast… papa is calling you” Vedanta reached to geet who was setting her pallu standing in front of large mirror which is replying her back that how beautiful she is looking in this saree which was gifted by maan on the occasion of karwachauth, , the saree is in baby pink colour which is like a second skin of hers, , the same color like her skin, so pink, , and how beautiful she is looking in that saree….

“what vedu? Why is papa calling me now… papa is ready, you are ready, then let me get ready na…” replied geet back making plates of her pallu….

“no mama, , aap baad me ready hona, right now papa is calling you… hamein photo click karna hai… chalo abhi…” he held geet’s hand and pulled her… she gave up and went behind him…. Vedanta was continuously blabbering, telling her how much gifts he get!, , and how beautiful mansion is looking! , annie bua is wearing this and ash bua is wearing this, rey chachu ne ajeeb si pant pehna hai par unka jacket achha hai…. And so on…

Geet-maan what is this? Please let me get ready na first… she made baby face while Vedanta was trying to made her sit on the couch….

Maan-“geet, it will take only some seconds… please… only one snap… btw you are looking beautiful…” He complimented her and she blushed… “ok, chalo sit there…” he signaled to her and she nodded…. Vedanta was in middle and geet in left… maan set the camera and put it on the tv, he ran and sit at the right side… he held geet by her shoulder and ,

“say cheese…” geet told and just then a flashing light on and the sound of click… a photo of perfect family…. Geet got up for moving inside the bedroom for getting ready but maan held her pallu from behind and pulled her back… her front was visible now…
she was trying to get her pallu back but maan’s sudden pull and she fell back on maan and vadanta was jumping, clapping, giggling over his parents who were romancing in-front of him… she was totally over him now on the couch while Vedanta was still giggling & clapping seeing his parents like this…..

“and sexy too” he slightly whispered in her ear making her cheeks crimson red… “maan” she whispered slowly while her lips curved in a shy smiled, cheeks were reddened and eyes were looking down in shyness and maan was enjoying this shy geet now…. Sometimes she became so bold that she kissed him and sometimes she became so shy that she can’t even look in his eyes….

“maan, chhodiye na..” she stuggled but his grip around her waist tightened and he shook his head in denial making her more blush…. He is loving his shy wife….

“nahi chhodu then?” he asked showing her his naughty smirk….

“please maan, Vedanta is here” she signaled to him while Vedanta covered his mouth with his palm and giggling mutely….

“so what geet? He is baby now…” replied maan…. “papa, I am not baby now…” he replied back and stormed out of the room telling to annie bua about his parents romantic moments…


“please maan, Vedanta is here” she signaled to him while Vedanta covered his mouth with his palm and giggling mutely….

“so what geet? He is baby now…” replied maan…. “papa, I am not baby now…” he replied back and stormed out of the room telling to annie bua about his parents romantic moments…

all were giggling hearing maan & geet’s private romantic moments…. Vedanta was spilling all the beans, what his parents were doing inside the room, , telling specially to dadi , annie and rey, , ash was busy in her make up….

Here inside the room, , maan was still holding her in his embrace and looking at her lovingly…. Their eyes were locked and so many emotions were playing inside their heart, , “geet, , you are looking really very beautiful” and hugged her more tight telling how much he means those words…..

“maan, this is because of this saree, and you gave me this…. That’s why I am looking beautiful” , she bring her lips more close to his ears and whispered huskily sending sensation in his spines…. “and sexy too” and bit her lip in shyness cause she had blurted what she wanted but now shyness took over him…. He eyes were popped hearing her little shameless words, , “geet, , no… I know that you are looking so sexy but that doesn’t mean that you gave whole credit to this saree, , ” she raised her brows asking why that so?

“because you are naturally beautiful and sexy too…even you’ll look beautiful in your track suit or in your messed hairs” ended maan telling her his POV about her beautifulness…. She shied and pushed him, ran away in bedroom for getting ready….


Everyone was present in the party and were greeting the guests…. Kids were playing in another hall where all the preparations have done especially for kids, , jokers, mikcy mouse, so many toys, kid’s type food and all,,,,,, jokers were entertaining them a lot, ,

Diwali party was going on in another hall, , all the elders were there giving wishes of diwali to each other…. It was really a great occasion for them, Vedanta’s birthday and diwali celebration…. Party was on full swing, , peoples come from business industry and fashion & glamour world, , they were really enjoying…..

Just then arjun came with so many gifts…. Geet saw him and ran to him…. She was angry on him… he was late and he wants everyone punctual at office….

Geet-arjun, stop there…. You are late… saying so she tapped her feet on the floor and tapping her fingers on her arms which were crossed over her chest, , waiting for an explanation….. arjun sighed knowing that she will not leave any opportunity to taunt him…..

Arjun-geetu…. I was stuck in traffic that’s why I am late…. …… he tried to excuse but he was failed….

Geet-oh really, , the famous excuse of all men, I was stuck up in traffic that’s why I am late etc. etc….. why are you not telling me that you were busy in chatting with someone or should I say an……. She was silenced by arjun….

Arjun-what are you doing??? Marwayegi kya apne maan se?? geet giggled hearing and seeing him little afraid from maan….. “who will wish me happy diwali?” she asked in a hurry,….

Arjun-ohho… you are so desperate for the wishes or should I say for the gift…. He asked to her, she smiled knowing that he knew her too well…
Arjun-don’t make face like this… here is your gift, , now be happy… both hugged to each other, then he went to meet maan and his some business friends there also…. Annie was busy with her friend circle and ash also, annie was introducing ash to her friends…. Rey was with maan meeting with business mans…. Dadi was with her kitty friends, , they were talking about geet like how beautiful she is! And why didn’t you call us? Chupke-2 shaadi kara di and all….

Just then whole handa family , Vicky & alka came there…. Geet & maan had seen them, she ran away leaving maan behind…. She jumped in her dad’s arms and hugged him tight…..

Geet-papa, , how are you? I am missing you a lot…. Aap kitna late aaye…. She complaint…. Mohinder hugged her tight, caressing her hairs a little….

Mohinder-geetu, baby, , hows my baby?? You know what I was so afraid when I saw you like that in hospital,,,, it was like a dead moment for me seeing you like that after your mom…. Please always keep safe and healthy… promise me…..

Geet-I promise you papa…. Abhi no emotional talk… pleaassee….. she stretched please word….. he smiled and nodded….. she hugged tej and Tanya….
“happy diwali bro and bhabhi… kaise ho aap?, , ” asked geet….

“we are fine geet, , hamari gudiya kaise hai?” asked tej…

Maan come forward seeing them, , he bend down and took blessings from mohinder…. And both hugged each other….

Maan- namastey papa….. how are you ? Asked maan greeting them…. Geet was first shocked hearing papa from his mouth then touched with his sweet gesture… finally he had accepted her fully and her family too….

Mohinder-namstey bête…. I am fine aur aap kaise hai? Asked mohinder in return patting his shoulder a little while maan stood there beside him so close, ,

Maan-me too fine…. Tej and bhabhi, aap dono kaise ho? And alka & Vicky, at least you should come early, , stated maan…

Geet-see, maan is feeling that… you should have come early but no, , you think yourself as guests na who come at the end time and go away before the function finish…. Cribbed geet….

Vicky-oh my god doll! Still you are the same…. I thought after marrying maan, , some changes will come in you but now,,, you can’t change… never….. alka hit him on his shoulder….

Alka- geet, tere hi liye gift le rahe the and you know na he is late lateef…. Lazy bum…. Always late….

Geet-I know that lazy bum….

Tanya-please , at least stop your fight here in front of maan ji…. She eyed them to stop… and their mouth shut… maan smiled seeing geet cribbing and murmuring something….. alka dragged geet in a corner for some talk or should say girly & private talks….

Maan made them comfortable, , they met with dadi and other guests too…. And there are lots of businessman also who knew each other very well…. All wished Vedanta happy birthday and gave him gifts…


Just then piya, abhay, misha & kabir entered in the hall…. Piya squirmed in happiness seeing geet fit and fine… she handed her gift to mish and ran towards her…. She pounced on her for a bear hug, , both were hugging like sisters who were separate in some fair….

Piya-geet, , you are very bad, you didn’t tell us about that you are msk’s wife… everytime I drool over your husband and you enjoyed a lot…. Not fair…. We didn’t tell you anything when you were in hospital you were not fine,

Misha-hey sexy babes, now , we want an explanation that too big wali… got it babes….

Geet-girls, calm down… no hi, no hello.. direct complaints… that’s not fair… even you didn’t wish me for diwali and what about my cutie pie….vedu??? she pouted cutely….

Piya-we came here only for him, understood… not for you… so please clear the way and let us meet with cutie pie…. Huh!!! Piya dragged abhay with her in kid’s hall while misha went to drink corner as it was her favorite time pass,,, drinking….


Rey came up with his handy cam and came in front of dadi…
Rey-dadi maa….. here you are in front of camera, , so I wanted to ask you what do you think about our maan & geet? What do you want to say them? Asked rey in excitement….. before dadi could speak a word, , Ash came there and snatched handy cam from his hand…

Ash-oye, I am RJ here and VJ too… you are a businessman so be away from this field and let me do my work…. She pushed him and asked to dadi again….

Ash-okay, dadi, , so please speak out some wishes for your maan & geet with your sweet voice… we want to hear few words…… she ended up…. Dadi smiled and rey cribbed…. Maan & geet’s eyes and ears were held on dadi who were going to say something for them….

Dadi-maan & geet, , my two sweet grand kids…. Maan is like lava where geet is like water , , maan is short tempered while geet is sweet yet innocent…. But one thing which is common in them, , if they love to someone then they’ll give their life too and I had seen in their eyes….. she ended with her words and on maan’s face, there was an unknown glow hearing some sweet words that too from dadi, , geet’s eye were beaming with happiness and eye lashes were wet….

Ash turned her camera to annie and asked from her…..
Annie-my bhabhi is the best…. She loves us a lot and me too love her a lot…. Love you geet bhabhi…. Muah….. she gave a flying kiss to geet while geet smiled….. handa family was feeling so touched by their love for geet…..

Ash turned her camera to geet’s friends one by one and they told about her sweet-2 talks while open her little-2 secrets or her naughtiness…. Some shared little sweet moments with everyone….

Ash called Vedanta there and asked to him…

Vedanta-my mama is the best…. Papa ne bola she is so pretty…. And papa ne mama ko kissy bhi kiya like mama kiss me…. He replied cutely while everyone giggled hearing the last line, , geet was like sharm se pani-2 types and maan was looking at geet lovingly without caring anyone…

Finally her camera turned towards maan, , and everyone’s eyes fell on maan…

Ash-so last but main and so important person ever in geet bhabhi’s life…. Here we go…. So maan bhai, can you explain geet bhabhi’s importance in your life with any song? What do you feel for her? What emotions you have for her? Why you want her in your life? Anything you want to tell us about her?

Geet’s ears waiting for maan’s reply though she knew that she can’t be wrong? She had seen love for her in his eyes, , she trust him, , it was just the craving inside her heart for knowing that what he thinks for her? How he’ll explain her?

“aaye ho meri zindagi mein tum bahaar banke
(maan was looking at geet while geet’s eyes beamed with happiness hearing his emotions in words first time….)

Mere dil mein yun hi rehan tum pyaar pyaar banke
(he placed his hand over his heart telling her while she nodded..)

Aankhon mein tum base ho sapne hazaar banke
Mere dil mein yun hi rehna tum pyaar pyaar banke
Ghunghat mein kar kali thi rango mein na dhali thi
No shokh thi hawaayein na khushboo manchali thi
(he remember the day when they got married, , she was in veil and he was unaware that who is in the veil, he was not bothered, and then he snatched every colour from her, , she was like a fragile flower but soon it was died because of his sin….)

Aaya hai ab ke mausam kaisa khmaar banke
Mere dil mein yun hi rehan pyaar pyaar banke
(but now everything is fine, they love each other, , the love is in the air….)

Mann ka nagar tha khaali sookhi padi thi daali
Holi ke rang feeke benoor thi diwali
(before your entrance in my life, , my life was like a empty jar, , loneliness, emptiness , no love, no care, , every festival was bore, no happiness… )

Rimjhim baras pade ho tum to fuhaar banke
Mere dil mein yun hi rehna pyaar pyaar banke…
Aaye ho mere zindagi mein tum bahaar banke….
(but now after you came in my life, , you came like a breeze of happiness in my life , filled my life with love & happiness…)”


Rey played the same song and asked everyone to the dance floor for couple dance…..
Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke
Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
You have come in my life as spring
Keep living in my heart like this as love
Maan held geet’s hand and led her to the dance floor where she was feeling like a magnet which attracts to the iron…. She was pulling by herself towards him….. he placed her hands around his neck while his hands rested on her slim curvy waist……

Ankhon mein tum base ho, sapne hazaar ban ke
Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke- Aaye ho,,,
You have stayed in eyes as thousand dreams
Keep living in my heart like this as love
Their eyes were locked with each other like reading the love, craving, or dreams which they have seen for each other…. He took her one hand and placed it over his heart area on the chest telling her that he means those words…..

Mere saathi mere sajan, mere saath yun hi chalna
Badalega rang zamana, par tum nahi badalna
My friend is my lover, walk with me like this
Colours may change, but you never change
Her lips curved in a beautiful sweet smile, taking his hand in hers, their fingers entwined with each other like holding each other hands for a life time, , promising to each other we’ll face everything together……

Meri mang yun hi bharna, taare hazaar ban ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
Fill Mang with sindoor as thousand stars
Keep living in my heart like this as love,,,
He placed his lips on her forehead at the same spot where the sindoor was on her forehead…. He held her hand over her head and she took rounds and then he pulled her closer, she landed on his chest….. everyone was engrossed in each other dance,,,,, lights were dim, , he pinched her little making her angry….

Agar main jo rooth jaoon, to tum mujhe manana
Thama hai haath mera, phir umr bhar nibhana
If I get angry, make me peace
You have upholded my arm, keep it until death
She showed him her fake anger and twist her lip, twisting her nose cutely, , and he pulled her cheeks and held his ears saying sorry…. She forward her hand and he placed his hand over hers….

Mujhe chod ke na jana, wade hazaar kar ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna tum pyar pyar ban ke—Aaye ho
Don’t leave me and go after giving thousand promises,
Keep living in my heart like this as love,,,
She hugged him placing her head on his chest while he circled his arms around her petite structure…. She was beaming with happiness but from inside she was crying silently, , the pain she have inside from her heart, bearing alone, , tears wanted to come out from her eyes but her heart denying that won’t…. they will ruin other happiness…. Yes, she have to bear all the pain alone…..


They were engrossed in their own world that they didn’t realize that they both only on the dance floor and dancing and rest were watching them with a huge smile on their face,,,,, lights were dim and the environment was perfect for the romance, ,

A huge applauds broke them from their dance, they come out from their lala land and geet blushed profusely when she heard the sound of clapping, , she is getting what she wants,
the love from maan’s and his family…..

she is feeling the most happiest person on the world but somewhere a tinge of pain deep inside of her heart, , the craving for something what she never knew
that it existed in her life but when she came to know, It had gone, , like a sand from her hand….. she didn’t able to stop, and how will she able when she never knew that she is worth for it….

maan held her by her waist and led her near to dadi… they stood thier silently, when dadi come forward and kissed geet and maan on thier forehead…. she got that what she desired for maan, and now she is not regretting for her decision to forgive maan,,,, he truly repent his deed and starts loving her, , she wants this from maan and now both are happy in their life….it doesn’t something that they desired… it is like beyond of thier desires….
later after some minutes, dadi announced for Laxmi pujan…. all gathered in the temple , geet, annie, ash, alka and toasty come forward and lit all the diyas…. dadi asked maan to accompany geet in laxmi puja… he nodded and went ahead….. geet glanced at maan and their eyes met for a second, , they smiled at each other..this smile of his is something like snatch any girl’s heart and here so many girls present who are bachelors, , they are literally jealous from geet when they were dancing holding each other so close, thier close proximity is like burning thier heart in to ashes….

maan held puja thaal while geet held his elbow standing right side of his…. the sang the laxmi aarti and all were along with them singing the laxmi aarti…. after that geet take the thaali , gave the aarti to all…. after some time girls went outside taking diyas in a thaal and put them outside and the terrace of the mansion….
all were very happy and enjoying the double celebration.. kids were engrossed in thier own world… playing, jumping, eating…..

maan directed to nakul that bring the cake, , nakul followed and brought the cake…. all were gathered in the party hall and waiting for the delicious cake desperately and kids specially…. kids were having a hard time for the cake…. after all it’s vedanta’s birthday, , maan singh khurana’s son….. everyone was so happy , vedanta was jumping in joy, and in love he is getting from so many peoples…. playing with so many kids….

geet’s friends were not leaving him, , sometimes pull his cheeks or sometimes kissed him, , making geet jealous that see they love vedanta more beside of geet, but geet was geet, , she was not in a mood of jealousy today…. she is having fun totally, enjoying the day fully, being with her love, her maan, , her family from whom she got whatever she had desired, ,love, attention, and so on… friends, who love her more than anything…. her bestest buddies, arjun, alka and vicky, who being with her in her hard time also….

whenever she had needed a shoulder for cry, arjun or vicky would be the first one while alka stood in front of her holding tissue box…. but somewhere there is a emptiness in her heart, craving for that what she didn’t got…. yah, craving for that, that was not hers, , actually seems that is not in her destiny, , otherwise she would surely get to know about that….

but seems that it’s god wish for not fulfilling her demand,,,, this is not necessary that person get everything in her life….. there is always lacking something, , after all no one can be perfect with all things,,,,, that is the rule of nature….

nakul brought the six layers cake, flavors with chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, dark chocolate chips over them, and garnished with orange cream and pineapple peices, , and don’t know so many flavors in that cake…. different layers with different taste….. all were gathered around the table, , vedanta is in mid, in left is geet, in right is maan, dadi was standing near geet while annie was beside of maan, rey and ash were capturing the moments…. tej, toasty, arjun, alka, vicky, piya and all were either beside of them or behind of them…..

maan held the knife and placed it in vedanta’s tiny hands, , maan held his hand over his while geet also held their hands…. all were smiling and laughing… it was the best day in khurana mansion, so much happiness in one day… double celebration,,,, some were waiting for burning the crackers while some were waiting for getting the big piece of delicious cake…. kids were waiting for cake and return gift…. it was like everyone is waiting for something…..

tall have start singing the birthday song, some are in thier sweet tone, while some are in their besura tone, but when every tone mixed up, it was like sweet birthday song reflecting love, affection, eagerness for the cake….. they were about to placed the knife’s sharp edge on the cake just then a voice stopped them from their track and the birthday song has been stopped…..

“wait maan, , vedanta will cut the cake with his mama only” said the lady…. well an evil lady….. all were stood rooted at their place sameera there, , geet’s eyes popped seeing sameera there, , she stood rooted at her place, ,but soon she come out from the shock and her eyes filled up at once hearing that…. though she very knew that vedanta is not her son but still hearing that from other’s mouth affected her…. it pinched her heart…..

sameera come slowly towards maan and stood near him , , everyone knew that vedanta is not maan’s real son cause he got married before 4 months only….. he is a adopted child and all respected maan for this….

maan was shocked seeing her there, how can she come out of jail and that too from Europe, , he is not getting anything, while rey and ash were also shocked seeing her there…. the case was so strong that she couldn’t be come out then how??? sameera was very happy seeing maan’s shocking face while she was burning seeing geet with him…..

“”how the hell you are here? maan demanded an answer from her, , geet raised up her face looking at maan, the hateredness on his face, his face was shaking with anger, , his jaw was tight, eyes were spitting fire…. Still his hand was clutching Vedanta’s hand tightly giving him more pain….

“aah” Vedanta hissed in pain, , maan looked down hearing the voice filled with pain, his eyes soften at once seeing Vedanta in pain…. He loosened his hold on his hand, , and knelt down in front of Vedanta forgetting that sameera is here…..

“sorry baby….. papa is very sorry for hurting you…. ” he blew on his hand like it was burned from something…. And kissed numerous times on his hand….. geet felt her heart will choke with emotion, , she couldn’t control anymore and held maan by his shoulder…… “he is fine maan…. Nothing happened to him” geet spoke softly……

Actually maan felt suddenly like if sameera take away Vedanta from him….. the pain of distance, , the pain of going away from their beloved person is very hard….. it was a sharp pain he felt for Vedanta….. and geet, , how will she survive without Vedanta, , he was the only source when he was away from her, , Vedanta is the only one who brought the smile on her sad face, , who cheered her up with his innocent talks, , it was like Vedanta is everything for her….. she never told anything about Vedanta to anyone but everyone knew that what Vedanta meant for her, , and specially dadi & annie….. but maan knew that what type of bond geet shared with him…..

Maan nodded and stood up straight looking at sameera, , sameera was beaming with happiness seeing the fear on maan’s face for Vedanta but soon that fear turned up from the dangerous look, , the famous look on maan’s face….. sameera was scared from inside but she knew that she has to put up the brave face…. And her motive to come here is not only Vedanta but something else which none knew that…..

“Vedanta, baby… come mama ke paas…. See yours mama is here on your birthday…. ” she came forward to Vedanta raised her arms signaling him to come in mama’s arms….. geet at once pulled Vedanta towards her hiding his face in her stomach so that he won’t be witnessed of her evilness……

“she is not my mama” said Vedanta hiding his face in her stomach more…. His voice mere audible but geet was able to hear that…….. she at once knelt down matching his level…..

“no baby…. She is not your mama… I am your mama…. Sirf mai” geet trying to assure him in her strong voice but only she knew that what kind of trauma she is going through….. and waise bhi, , they had adopted him by legally and no one can separate them….. Vedanta hugged geet while sameera come forward trying to touch Vedanta but soon maan held her arm and pushed her back…..


Before her hand reached to vedanta, maan held her hand and pushed her back, , all were shocked,,,,, she came here to create the scene in front of media…. All were very shocked, , before she will create more scene arjun decided to end the party……

Arjun apologized to everyone for the inconvenience and said that the party has been over…. The food kept in another hall which is little far away from there….. He showed them way to the food area and told to media people also for having food….. Slowly-2 all guests went away from there but gossiping with each other….

It was a great news that some another lady came and claim over vedanta….. Soon the party hall was empty….. Geet signaled to piya for taking vedanta away, , annie also accompanied her….. Sameera again tried to reach vedanta, touch him, hold him but soon failed when maan came in between vedanta and sameera….

“don’t you dare sameera!!” maan warned her before doing anything….. He don’t want to regret after taking action so thought to warn her before….. Where geet, arjun, vicky, alka and tej were really tensed….. They don’t know is she really that girl with whom they met around 4 years ago…. Face is matched with her but that time she was a vulnerable girl but today she is showing her evil face……

“maan, , he is my son and you can’t stop me to meet with my son” she tried to do again but this time maan pushed her really hard that she couldn’t stable herself and fell back on the floor….

“maan!!!” she shout in the top of her voice making everyone deaf….

“he is not your son, understood…. Vedanta is geet’s son…. Got it… Only geet is his mother not like you a b****” he spat angrily…. Sameera eye’s fumed in anger seeing the love for geet in hsi eyes and the way he was claiming her son to geet’s son….

She couldn’t control over herself and got up fuming in anger, burning in jealousy…. It was like she is not in her sense, well when she was in her sense….. She marched towards geet burning in anger, thinking that she ad showed her innocent face that’s why maan got trapped in her plan otherwise maan would be sameera’s….

Sameera jerked geet away, pushing her back from her shoulder….. “who are you? A bitch…. Who trapped my love in your innocence,,,, why you did this to me? Haan… Tell me…. You snatched away my husband from me and you snatched my child away from me and now you snatched my love also…. ” she was out of control….

She raised her hand for slapping geet but before her hand touch geet’s cheek , a sharp pain she felt on her cheek…. And it was from maan…. She slapped her so hard that the finger’s marks on her cheeks that too red….

She held her cheek and eyes were red in anger…. How can he slap me, , once i bear his slap in europe but not now…. “how dare you maan to slap me? You should slap this bitch who snatched your friend rahul from you, who snatched my husband from me… Who snatched vedanta’s father from him… Why are you slapping me… ” she spat angrily, removing everything out which is her main motive….

Maan froze hearing that, , why geet is responsible…. He knew that, that was an accident…. And everything was cleared…. Where geet and her friends were shocked hearing that….. They knew the truth and sameera also knew the truth then why she is accusing geet for this……. That was an accident and it was also proved that…..

“what do you mean sameera? You know that , that was an accident, , geet is not responsible for that, you understood that… Geet is not responsible…. (he went towards geet and held her in his embrace..) You don’t worry geet, i am with you…. I know you didn’t do anything, , sshh rote nahi… Kuch nahi hoga”
He tried to calm her down… She was getting shock again and again…. She looked in his eyes assuring her heart that nothing will happen wrong…. She knew that when everyone is with her then nothing can happen to her….. She has faith in her family, her friends and her husband… But destiny is somewhere always defeat her faith…..

Arjun come forward and jerked sameera away…. “how dare you to say that geet murdered rahul…. You know the complete truth…” arjun asked angrily…..
She jerked away her hand…. The environment was really very tensed…. No one get to understand that what is happening? Why she is accusing sameera…. Sameera ran towards maan….
“maan , please belive me… She is the main culprit…. Isi ne rahul ko mara hai…. She snatched everything from me… Maan, why are you not believing me… I am saying truth… I am not faking anything…. Believe me maan”

Maan pushed her away at once not hearing anything but he was somewhere went back in those memories when he tried so hard to get the main culprit, , but he never got success, , because that time everything has been cleared… It was not a murder… No one knew the main reason behind this…. No one knew that how that accident happened….

“jiju. Don’t believe her… She is totally faking…. Geet is not responsible… She was not… ” alka tried to defend geet….

“maan, everything happened because of her, , she is the main culprit of all this…. Trust me maan, , maan mai keh rahi hu na uss raat isi ki wajah se wo sab huya jo nahi hona chahiye tha…” sameera tried again for trapping him but he is not listening anything……

“yes maan, , that’s not the truth… Yeah that is true that rahul came in front of uor car but how can any accident happen when the car’s speed in only 20 km/hr….. Tell me” vicky told and asked…. Answer and question both at a time…. Maan froze hearing that , that car was geet’s….. That means…..

“see maan, , it was geet’s car.. She was driving that time and she snatched rahul from us..” she shed crocodile tears gaining sympathy…. The hold around geet’s shoulder loosened but still he trust geet…. He knew that she can’t do this…. Just them alka remember something, ,

“1 min jiju… Mai abhi aayi… Abhi sabke samne sach aa jayega , , i have an evidence which will prove that sameera is faking…” everyone turned towards alka dn staring at her retreating figure…. But sameera feared for that she don’t know…..

“maan, i am not responsible for that….. Tha….that time i was learning driving and…. And don’t know from where he came in front of o-our c-a-r…. Believe me maan…. An….and car’s speed was only 20km/hr…. Sirf 2okm/hr… believe me maan…. Maine kuch nahi kiya….” Geet tried to tell everything to maan where in response he nodded assuring her…..

“sshh geet, , you don’t worry…. I knew you are innocent…. I knew that… sshh calm down” he caressed her head lovingly where sameera was burning in jealousy , , it seems her plan backfired on her….. She thought for a while and smirk, , ready for her next plan……

“maan, she is telling a lie, , speed was so high that’s why rahul went away leaving us alone…. Maan don’t believe her…. ” sameera tried again but she didn’t use her next plan now….

Maan looked at her, , he knew he’ll never believe on sameera after that she had done with him…. He knew her reality now….

“maan, , that’s true that geet was learning driving but you think by yourself, can anyone learn driving with so high speed….… speed was so slow and it had proved that , that was not an accident…. “ arjun said to maan….. Maan’s eyes widened hearing that rahul’s death was not an accident….

“what are you saying arjun?” Asked maan….. Arjun took a deep breath and thought to tell him everything….. What happened that nght and how everyone was in a mess….. But they were thankful to god that nothing happen with geet…..

“maan, , that night, geet was on a driver seat and i was sitting beside her…. That was a lonely street… means very less traffic in that area…. It was around 10 pm, i know too late for learning driving what i was so busy, that’s we chose that time…. Alka n vicky were also with us….
Suddenly don’t know from where rahul came in front of our car, geet put the break at once, , but he was bleeding badly, , but the fact that our car didn’t hit him…. And that was also proved because of cctv camera, ,” he paused for a while looking at everyone’s face…. Their face was showing confusion but sameera’s face was showing fear…. She tried to interfere but failed ,

“continue arjun” maan spoke….. Arjun nodded, he glanced at geet and she also signaled that continue further…..

“you must be thinking what cctv camera doing there, , actually the place where that accident happen, there is car company…. So the cctv camera was placed outside of the company, , in the footage, it was clearly shown that rahul didn’t by our car… he was already bleeding , , and how we helped him by taking him hospital and all…. ” arjun sighed but still some facts are left….

“that’s not true maan, , they are telling lie” she tried again, but none was listening her….. Just then geet spoke taking away the land from her feet…..

“maan, , abhi bahut kuch baki hai about that accident” she raised her face looking in his eyes while maan little numb hearing all that about his friend’s death…..

While on the other hand rey was contacting overseas now… trying to get to know how she come out of jail ? And what about that viraaj? Where is he? So many doubts and confusion in everyone’s head…. While arjun was also contacting mumbai trying to get those proofs which proved that geet was innocent and sameera was the main culprit…..

“go ahead geet, i want to listen everything…” maan told her and assured her with his eyes not to fear and tell him everything, , every small fact…. He’ll surely punish the real culprit….. Geet nodded in acceptance while alka also came down with the evidence which will prove everything and sameera will be finish soon…..


“geet speak up, tell me what’s that which is troubling you? i want to know the complete truth” maan encouraged her with his words…. geet nodded while all member’s eyes stuck on her except vicky, arjun, alka , and handa family who knows the complete truth….. they didn’t want anything from sameera, , they were happy that time that their geet is fit and fine, ,

“maan, , don’t believe her, you have to trust on my talk after all i have lost rahul, not she…. got it” sameera said that….

“shut up! just shut up….not a word from your mouth… i am letting you stand here that’s enough for you otherwise you very well know that what can i do with you” maan threatened her with his dangerous talks…. she shivered for a second but then again put up a fake mask on her fearful face and was about to say something but stopped when geet started to talk…

“when we got out of our car that night, , we saw that rahul was lying against our car and bleeding badly…. we panicked seeing him…. i was so worried…. at last i was not so mature that time… i was like a kid for all…. and specially arjun…
(she smiled sadly saying that line knowing that how much he is possessive for her, means her cares her a lot, not bear nay scratch on her skin..),,,,, there was no blood on our car, , we immediately took him in our car and reached to hospital…. you know maan, the most strange thing happened, ” geet looked at maan….

maan knotted his brows in confusion, wrinkles on his forehead and his lips moved for saying something…..
“what is that geet? what happened after that?” asked maan….. all were very tensed meanwhile Rey got to know that how she has escaped from the jail and where is Viraaj? and arjun had talked to commissioner uncle, he knew him very well… he is alka’s father’s friend, , he helped them a lot in that case…. he agreed to send the proofs to Mansion… he gave them the fax no. and everything has been sought out…..

“maan, , we jsut reached to hospital and was filling the form, , rahul had been shifted in OT, , we didn’t know anything about him, we didn’t call to anyone but suddenly this girl sameera and another boy came there and starts accusing us for the accident…. how they got to know about the accident? we were at the reception that time, , no one can say that we were with rahul but they knew that… strange na maan….

(sameera glared her while maan held her by her shoulder, and rubbed her arm for soothing her pain , she held his hand in hers feeling the warmth and seeking the permission for continuing further, he nodded telling her that go on….), ,
we some how filled the form and the operation has been starts…. maan even i gave my blood to him because his blood group was very rare, and only blood matched with him, but that girl accused me for that also… when the operation finished, we got know from the doctor that he was no more…. we got to know 1 more thing which was very shocking… ” geet stopped again…. looking at the face who were present there in the hall….

“geet, why you stopped in mid, , i want to know… what is that? don’t fear.. i am with you..okay….. ” saying so maan kissed her forehead while sameera boiled seeing that, , now another plan come up in evil mind, , she smirked again, thinking that let her finish with the truth then she will accuse her again….

“maan, we got to know that his death was not an accident, , matlab, there was a big injury on his forehead like he was hit by flower vase or something else, , and they found slow poison in his blood also…. they told in last after his death… later police came and arrest me because i was driving that time….
then police started their inspection and they found slow poison from sameera’s house, and the cctv footage, that was also showing that rahul didn’t hit by our car…. i was free, , and the case started on sameera because it was about property…” geet took out a deep sigh completing the truth…..

“property???” asked maan…..

“haan maan property” said arjun….

“but how i mean?”

“wait a min maan, i’ll show you something” said arjun and then he headed towards his study…. he got the fax and came down to maan…

“maan, have a look on these papers, ” said arjun..

“what is this arjun?” asked maan taking papers from his hand…

“maan, these are rahul’s property papers…. according to these, if rahul died in accident then whole property will went to sameera’s name and if he was murdered then it’ll go in trust…. after the inspection, we get to know that sameera first murdered him and then tried to cover it as an accident but she was caught…. she got to know that whole property went in trust….. for saving herself she did a fake drama that she is mad now…. after then she was in mental asylum… ” arjun completed the whole truth….

“but how i didn’t know this? i tried to search the victim but never met with geet? how?” asked maan in confusion….

“maan, you forgot, that time you were in London when rahul died… and when you came back, sameera was in asylum..” spoke dadi….

“yes, , i tried so hard but failed in knowing that what happened exactly…” said maan to himself…

“jiju. that’s because papa had stricted to the whole police team who was handling the case and commissioner uncle also…. that not to leak geet’s name at any cost” replied alka…

“but how can your father strict them?” asked maan being puzzled…

“actually jiju. may be you don’t know, he is a politician, Mr. Nityanand Tiwari, that’s why that case was closed soon and jiju , here is her confession, recored in this tape” alka gave maan a tape…

“but how did you ge it?” asked maan… meanwhile sameera was trying to get a chance for speak but no one was letting her… but she has to play her last card…

“jiju. yesterday, i went in mall for buying the gifts for geet and vedanta, when i was coming out, i had seen sameera & that boy who was with her at that accident time… they were talking about geet, , i got alerted and when she was confessing her truth to him, i recorded everything because i got to know they will try to harm geet”
finished alka…. today maan was proud on geet and her friends… they really care for each other and cursed himself that he didn’t able to save his friend….
maan listen the whole confession and marched towards sameera for slapping hard, but before he do anything, she spoke…

“great geet, , at last tumne maan ko apne jaal me fasa hi liya… par don’t forget that he wanted to marry me but because of this old woman, he had to marry with you, and yes, he didn’t saw your face after marriage… forget how he kicked out you from his life”
sameera spoke smirking seeing the shocked face…. everyone was extremely shocked hearing this, their geet suffered after marriage, , sameera knew the weak point and where to hit them… geet’s eyes filled up seeing the hurt faces of her family and friends but maan, hearing this, his guilt grew up…

sameera smiled evilly, , she spoke again in witchy voice “oh my my, how can i forget to mention this…. even you both are not having healthy husband wife relationship….. am i correct sweetie pie geet? ” geet marched towards sameera in anger,, she wants to murder her with her bare hands, ,
“and yes, i think you didn’t have sex wi…” but before she complete her words, she felt a sharp pain on her left cheek following on right cheek….. she looked up and glared at geet….. geet poited her finger towards sameera….

“enough is enough…. bahut hua tumhara drama, , who you are talking about our relationship? huh! tell me” geet pushed her back cursing her….

“what did you know about our relationship? reply me dam it… we love each other so much, utna ki tum soch bhi nahi sakti” geet pushed her more, she landed back on teh floor by the hard push from geet….

” tum jaise girey huye ke liye yahi jagah perfect hai and yes rest about the healthy relation between husband and wife then let me tell you that i can be pregnant in 4 months then i think it’s a awesome relation we are having but yes luck was not in my favor… that i got miscarriage of that baby…” everyone’s eyes popped up with the shock, this was utter shock for them….

dadi’s eyes welled up and toasty ran towards her for holding her in her arms giving her a mother’s warmth which she needed a lot where maan was in shock that she got to know? he didn’t tell her till yet….

the environment was too saddy, , just then police came there and arrest sameera, viraaj was also there with them in their custody…. police told them that there was a constable in the jail in Europe who helped them because he got lots of money from a third person who helped them, it was a rich girl who loved viraaj… the police was searching them in Europe but they were flew away by changing their names and attire with thier fake ID… it was a big plan,,,

“inspector, take them away before i punish them in my own way” told maan to the inspector… inspector nodded but sameera was struggling from thier hold and cursing them…. geet broke down completely and fell on the floor in toasty’s arms…..

maan rushed towards geet and took her in his arms soothing her pain, though pain was in his heart also but the mother’s pain is different…. both were hiding the truth from each other but the truth comes out in the different way which took away the land under everyone’s feet….. everyone was crying seeing the state of maan & geet….

geet was sobbing in his arms clutching him so tightly, , maan took her in his arms and lift her…. signaling dadi maa that take care of here, he will take care of geet…. dadi maa nodded and looked at every one., , thier eyes were wet while some are regaining sameera’s talk, is that true that maan’s wanted to marry with sameera and he didn’t saw geet’s face?

dadi maa read the confusion on their face….. she knew the truth but now everything has been changed…. “aap log jaisa soch rahe hai, nothing is like that…. sameera jhuth bol rahi thi… maan and geet loves each other a lot…” ddai tried to make them understand…. meanwhile in the room, vedanta was continuously asking for geet, asking that only geet’s his mama, not that lady….

where piya and annie were making him understand…. he is really so small and his birthday spoiled by that lady… he cursed her for not letting him cut the cake…. he was asking for the cake… annie sighed and get down in the kitchen for taking cake but saw the environment is too saddy, maan and geet also not there and where is that witch…


everyone was baffled with the news, , geet was pregnant and had miscarriage also,,, it was so shocking for all of them…. suddenly mohinder fell back on the chair in shock, tej and toasty rushed towards him… he was in shock and after that , sameera’s words echoing in his ears that maan didn’t saw her face and all… he was very tensed with it… he doesn’t know what to do or what not? it was so difficult for him as a father, whom he believe or on whom not? it was like everything has been messed up….

toasty-papa, , calm down… if you’ll break down like this then who will console our gudiya? haan tell me…. she was sitting on her knees in front of mohinder… it was like a sudden tornado came in their life and destroyed everything they have,,,,,

tej-haan papa, , toasty is saying right… papa, geet ke liye, please sambhaliye apne aap ko.. please papa….. tej held his hand in his and kissed slightly on his knuckles…. e drop of tear fell down on his hand, tej looked up and wipe the tear with his finger shaking his head in no, saying him not to cry but the pain should be come out and there is only way for it, tears….

dadi maa come forward,, mohinder bete, i knew that saying is so easy, even i couldn’t come over the shock but we have to…. we have to only for geet…. hamare liye na sahi lekin geet ke liye, , we should understand her pain also, , she knew the truth all the while but she never told us, , somewhere i knew the reason, she wants our happiness, she doesn’t see us in pain that’s why she hid the truth, , we should respect this efforts of hers, , she bear all pain alone and now this is the time that we have to stand by her side, only for her….. she caressed slightly his hairs, mohinder is like her own son, , he felt his mother’s warmth in her, , he nodded slightly and wipe his tears by himself….

on the other hand annie was shocked listening all this…. her bhabhi was pregnant and no one knew that….. why? and she had miscarriage also…. tears fell down from her eyes also…. she love her more than she love maan…. she found a sister, a friend in her with whom she can share her secrets, her every small talk…. that’s why she loved her more than maan…. and her pain, she can’t bear…. she wipe her tears and ran upstairs near vedanta…. as soon as she entered in the room, she hugged vedanta at once….

piya was shocked seeing her state, , arjun had seen her going upstairs, he ran behind her and saw she was crying…. he slowly entered in the room….

arjun-annie… calm down and come with me….. he knew that it’s not the perfect time for all this but he has to do, he wants to know the truth, the complete truth…. and right now he can only ask from annie….
annie nodded and left vedanta there, , arjun held her hand and took her out, taking her somewhere in the corner of the mansion….

annie-arjun, geet bhabhi, why she arjun? why she? she sobbed,,,, he hugged her , rubbing her back slowly-2 soothing her pain, , he wants to be with geet but he can’t… he knew that maan will handle her properly, after all she is his wife and maan also lost his child…. he was in pain also…

arjun-annie, ssshhh…. calm down… aise nahi rotey…. geet keliye be strong… aur haan remember, only for geet’s sake, we have to be happy in front of her…. like she was with us… happy and jolly…. he wiped her tears and she nodded in yes…..

arjun-annie… wo… I….. i… wa…. i mean…. he was fumbling with words… he doesn’t know how to ask her? it is a big question, , if he was wrong then , oh god, he was in dilemma… ask or not?

annie-what happen arjun? she asked to him holding hm by his arm….

arjun- nothing annie… it’s only…. i mean, i want to ask something from you…

annie- then what’s the problem? replied annie…

arjun-wo annie, actually…. it’s…. it’s about… umm…. yeah…. it’s about maan and geet….

annie-what about maan and geet? what’s the matter arjun? you are sounding tensed…..

arjun- actually,i wanted to assure myself… jo kuch bhi sameera ne kaha… i want to the complete truth…

annie-kya kaha sameera ne?

arjun-wo, she said that maan wants to marry with her and he didn’t saw geet’s face whole month… maan doesn’t love geet and all…..

annie-then what do you want to know? asked annie….

arjun-wo, kya ye sach hai jo sameera ne kaha? dekho annie don’t hide anything from me…. annie knew that telling him everything will create problem in thier life so she can’t tell him the truth….

annie thought for a while what to say him or what not? then she took a deep breath and replied that which is good for this current situation…..

annie- arjun, we know sameera from a long time, , she was bhai’s friend in college but we never thought that she can do something like this….. bhai only helped her when he got to know that she is mental asylum… and there was a big reason behind this,,, she was the wife of bhai’s best friend and he thought to help her in her bad state…. and vedanta is her child… that is true but bhai had adopted him legally…. how can he leave that small child without his parents alone…. rahul died and sameera was in mental asylum…. and rest about the question you asked from me after the marriage affair…. that is not true….

you knew about sameera, how cheap she is! she can do anything for money and that is she was doing , she wanted to threw geet bhabhi away from bhai’s life that’s why she was trying to trap you all…. that is only… bhai & bhabhi loved each other and now passing from a bad phase after loosing their child…. why this happened with them arjun? why? saying so she sobbed in his arms….

the doubts arjun was having all cleared… he knew about sameera from so long, if she can kill her husband then she can do anything……she knew the truth but how can she let down her bro in anyone’s eyes… she knew he did was totally wrong but he repented his deeds and now both love each other very much… that is enough…. both are happy with each other……


maan lied down geet properly on the bed but she was not letting his shirt, , crushing his coat in her fist tightly pulling him towards him, , he knew that she needs him badly…. he slowly loosened the hold around his coat and then tucked the duvet over her till neck…. he lay down beside her taking her in his arms while sheturned and hid her face in his chest sobbing, , he was carressing her hairs soothing her pain while his another hand was on her back calming her down….

his eyes were wet also…. they say that father has a strong heart than a mother but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t feel pain or they can’t cry…. they also feel pain , their herat also ached when they lost someone…. they also have emotions,,

he was not crying properly but he wasalso feeling pain , pain of loosing child, pain of seeing his geet in this state, pain for that he couldn’t able to do anything….. his heart was filled with pain…. he felt a lump in his throat when he tried to speak something….. he gulped hard because his throat was dry…… he gathered courage and trying to calm her down…

maan- sshh geet, calm down…. look in my eyes geet…. look here…. he cupped her face… she raised her face hearing his soothing voice but she can feel pain in his voice also…. her face was messed up with tears and hairs were wet due to tears…. he slowly tucked her hair strands behind her ear with his long fingers and wip her tears by his plam….

she was continuoulsy looking in his eyes then suddenly she broke down….

geet-hamara baby maan….. hamara baby…. i was failed in saving him…. i was failed maan….. i am not a good mother, i failed….. she cried her eyes out…..

maan-sshh geet… aisa nahi kehte…. you are best mother you know, , and why are you saying that you failed…. you can never fail…. it was our fate and believe me, , our baby will come back soon near us… in you, then you can feel him…. don’t cry…. jo kismat mein tha hi nahi uske liye kya rona… hum apne kismat se to nahi jhagda kar sakte na… understood geet….

geet-par maan….

maan-sshh no more words…. think about vedanta… he is your child na… then how can you fail… you know na how much he love you and how much you love him…. then how can ou fail…. tell me…. he slightly kissed her forehead assuring her, bringing her back in her usual self,,

geet-maan, , wo.. wo vedanta ko mujhse dur le jayegi…. she looked at him while pinting her finger somewhere at the word “wo”….. maan understand her pain, her fear, her over flowing emotions….. he held her finegr in his hand and kissed it….

maan-no one take away vedanta from us…. samjhi.. no one… he is legally our child.. samjhi.. don’t scared for this…. we have done al the legal procedure, no one can gather this courage to take away vedanta from you…. he is our child and will be always…. now calm down….

geet-sach maan….

maan-hmm… sach…. now take a little nap… you’ll feel better….

geet denied… she doesn’t want to sleep…. he careesed her face slowly….

geet-par maan, hamara baby…. please maan aise kaise wo chala gaya, mujhe pata bhi nahi chala…. why this happened to me maan? why? she asked to him shaking him slightly….. he took her face in his hands and hid her in his chest…. she hugged him tightly, he was telling her soothing words….

maan-wait geet, first eat something, you didn’t have anything from noon….


maan-wait geet, first eat something, you didn’t have anything from noon…. she shook her head in no and made baby face… she doesn’t want to have anything… she wants stay near him, in his arms…. she is feeling solace in his arms, , where maan was confused that how geet came to know about her miscarriage? he wanted to ask from her but how? this is not the correct time for these types of talks, he knew how much disturbed she is now! it’s not teh right time… he should wait for a while, , first let her come out of this emotional phase then he’ll ask to her….

he sighed thinking this and pulled her in him more, there is no space between their bodies….. but suddenly he hear her whimpers again, tears were welling down on her cheeks…. he doesn’t know to made her calm down?

maan-geet, geet please calm down…. dekho that was not in our hand na…. we can not fight against it….. sshh don’t cry…. she shook her head in denial and cried again…. there was no way left for him…. he sighed and cupped her face , , in another second her lips was in his… her eyes widened with the sudden feel of his lips over hers,,,, she was shocked…. he had only this way to keep her silent, , otherwise she was not going to calm down…

her whimpers stopped and she lost in his kiss…. that was not a passionate or aggressive kiss… it was a kiss for soothing pain, emotions, telling her he is with you, he’ll not leave her alone…. finally she gave up and closed her eyes in acceptance…. she started kissing him back with the same emotions…. her whimpers finally stopped and tears were also stopped coming out from her eyes….


mama….. where is mama? he cried calling his mama his eyes out… his nose, cheeks were red due to crying… annie and piya were not able to handle him… annie gave him pastry because he didn’t cut the cake… she thought that he can cut it tom or later.. right now she should give him pastry….. but he was crying for his mama…. they don’t know what happened to him and he started crying , tears trails on his cheeks…..

annie-baby, don’t cry too much…. mama is not well.. wo jaldi aajayengi…. chp ho ja vedu… she wiped his tears and trying to calm him down….

piya-mai chocolates laati hu, may be he’ll convenience…. annie nodded….

vedanta-no, mujhe kuch nahi chahiye, mama….. mama kaha hai…..? mama… he screamed her name…


suddenly she backed out from the kiss… she was restless suddenly…… her heart beats were fast and a fear ran through her nerves….

maan-geet what happened?

geet-vedu… maan, vedanta….. vedanta maan….. she was taking vedanta’s name again and again…. she got up and sit on the bed…..

maan-geet, vedanta is fine… nothing happened to him…. calm down…. he also sat on the bed cupping her face in worry…

geet-no maan…. he called me,,, just now… i heard his scream…. maan he is alone…

maan-geet, annie is with him.. shaant ho jao….

geet-no maan…. oh no….

maan-geet kya hua? look at me….

geet-maan, how can i do this with him? maan mera baby is crying…. maan today is his b’day and he didn’t cut the cake… see how careless i am… mai apne dukh mein sab bhul gayi… kaise?

maan understand her inner turmoil….. “geet nothing is like that… first calm down…” maan tried to console her….

geet-no maan, how can i? mujhe vedu ke paas jana hai… he is waiting for me and cake… see i failed again…. she threw the duvet and ran away leaving maan alone…. maan shocked with her sudden disappearance…. he to ran behind her…. she straight away went in kitchen and took the whole big cake with her…. maan was behind her….

geet-maan please side…. geet said in hurry to maan…. she was guilty that how can she forget about vedanta? he is first priority for her than her own baby…. how careless she can be? it was her thought…. she was shivering due to guilt or her careless nature or she was restless because of his cry….

maan stopped her, , “geet ruko…give this to me.. now come ” he take the cake from her hand and she ran away in vedanta’s room leaving him alone….

“geet, please go slowly… geet listen to me” maan tried to stop her but she was no where to listen him totally ignored him ran away in vedanta’s room…. maan sighed and ran behind her holding cake properly in his hands…. he was really worried for her condition, the trauma she was going through was really emotional….

when he reached the room, he saw geet was hugging vedanta tightly where thier tears were no where to stop, , vedanta was sobbing for her…. his heart ached after seeing them like this….. but he was feeling contended after seeing the love between them……..

“mama, , aap kaha the??” he wiped and pouted cutely…. geet chuckled at his face and maan also….. maan called annie by signaling her with eyes….. she came to him….. maan told her that call everyone here, she nodded and went away for calling everyone….

“mama sorry hai…. sorry baby…. mama ko maaf kar do… ” geet said to him…. he nodded and hugged her back…..

“arey mera bacha . kya hua?” asked maan placing cake on the table…. vedanta saw the cake and his eyes delighted seeing the cake, , his mouth watering seeing the cream and choco chips on the cake…. maan looked at his mouth, , he was licking his lips…. maan smiled where geet still holding him murmuring continuously sorry,,,,, maan knew her inner turmoil, what she was feeling at this moment…..

he stood up and sat beside her taking both of them in his embrace…..
“sshh geet, stop now… don’t say sorry to him… it’s okay… nothing happened to him na…..” maan rubbed her arm for soothing her pain….

“no maan, , how can i forget vedanta, i was so engrossed in my pain that i forgot him, , it was his b’day maan…. aur mai bas apne dukh me hi thi…. i am so bad…. ” she sobbed hiding her face in his chest while holding vedanta so close….

“not at all geet geet, , sshh , , calm down… nothing happened , aisa kuch nahi hai geet… kuch bhi nahi…. there is everyone for vedanta na then why are you feeling like this? ” maan tried to convenience her….

everyone was watching them, they were emotional seeing the love geet has for vedanta…. in today’s time, no one loves anyone without any reason…… geet come forward and placed her hand over her head….

“geet bete, aisa nahi kehte….we know that how much you love him, you yourself know that, and vedanta, he himself know that how much you love him… isliye remove this thing from your head,,,, understood…..” and then she placed a kiss on her forehead, , geet nodded slightly and she kissed vedanta’s cheek who was looking them with his innocent eyes….. vedanta smiled when geet kissed him, , he also kissed on geet’s cheek….though sometimes he said yuck to his cheek kiss but sometime he felt pampered by this kiss…..

“maan, why you called al of us here?” asked mohinder….

“papa, you forgot, today is vedanta’s b’day… arey cake nahi cut karna” maan said enthusiastically….. vedanta jumped in joy from geet’s lap and ran towards the cake…… all laughed at his excitement…..

“yippie…. chalo mama cake cut karte hai….”
saying so vedanta pulled geet by holding her hand pulling her down from the bed, , al smiled at his excitement and the way he was in such hurry….. geet smiled finally at his antics seeing his cute faces…..seeing geet smiling, , other also felt relieved , she’ll come out from her shell soon because of vedanta… she really loves him a lot…..

geet was taking baby steps…. maan sighed and pulled geet in a jerk that she landed direct on his chest and poor vedanta crushed between them….. all gaped at his sudden act where geet was shocked first then blushed thinking about thier closeness in front of all….

“geet, jaldi karo… dekho baby is waiting for you only…” geet nodded , , all stood around the table and vedanta was in mid where geet & maan were by his side left & right respectively….. all stood behind them blessing them by thier heart, , and hoping that no evil eye will look at them…. they always be happy….

maan placed knife in vedanta’s hand and then maan & geet placed their hands over his tiny hand holding him & knife properly….vedanta raised his face and have a glance of his parent’s face, looking at them that how much they are happy now….. before some time ago they crying… he didn’t like that…. there was a reason behind of his cry that is he heard his mama’s cry…..

geet saw the twinkle in his eyes, , she felt guilty that she left him like this all alone and she was so engrossed in her world that she forgot about vedanta….. she felt bad but then smiled at him…. she bend down and placed another kiss on his cheek…

“chalo cake cut karte hai….” said geet…. those were the first some happy words from her mouth ,,,,
trio bend down and vedanta blew air from his mouth blowing the candles….. maan & geet helped him because the candles were
fired again n again…. vedanta was jumping in joy when the candles lit again and he blew them again…. this session goes on, all were laughing at his antics and geet too by whole heartly….

after some time finally…. the candle gave up and all were clapped a lot, , vedanta now jumped in joy more…. now maan & geet held his hand properly and cut the cake, , all sang the b’day song and clapped a lot…. blessing them a lot…. maan & geet took the piece of upper layer and fed vedanta, , geet was in jolly mood now… she took little cream and applied on his cheeks….

“ewww, , mama, , abhi mai bhi karunga…” he also took some cream…. geet horrified from that little vedanta and ran away… all laughed at their antics,,,, vedanta ran behind her, though he was too little by this cream applying session, , maan thought for a while, , he also took some cream and ran behind them telling annie to serve the cake at all… she nodded….

“mama, meko bhi lagana hai”,,, cute Vedanta cribbed running behind her but they were tiny steps…


2 thoughts on “Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-51-57

  1. damn touching parts….hate sameera fr spoiling vedus birthday…hate hr fr trying to seperate vedu frm maneet and also maneet…geet really hs got true frnds….loved how dadi handled things when truth ws out of maneets wedding….loved it….atlast they r 2gether….BTW, eager to know how geet came to know abt hr loosing the baby….hats off to u, neha…love this story a lot

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