Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-47- 50


I don’t know, , I was freeze hearing the words….. “ no, please doctor say it is not true?” I literally pleaded to the doctor but no use, , they shake their head in denial and I felt like ground slipped under my feet, , I felt weak by my legs and I fell down with a thud on the floor freezed with the words which were uttered by doctor…. I looked up again to the sky like again I can see god, ,


(narration by dadi)

Today was a perfect day, , the perfect start of the day, , though maan was in hurry but never mind, , he was always in hurry, after all office is his first love…. But I sighed thinking that today is his last meeting with his ongoing project, , yesterday he himself told me, , he told me that he was not able to give his time to geet and Vedanta, , but he will make it up from tomorrow, , his complete time of them, , they will do lots of masti as geet’s vacations is goingt o start and Vedanta’s also… ufff….. I took out the breath of relief…..

Just then Vedanta come to me with his excite face, , he is so happy, , jumping in joy…. I asked to him…

Dadi-what happened Vedanta? Aaj aap bahut khush lag rahe ho? I asked to him pulling him in my lap…. He gave a wet kiss to me on my cheek and giggled then….

Vedanta-dadi, , you know aaj, , mama will bring my toys… unhone promise kiya hai… I am so happy… he exclaimed in joy…. I pulled his cheeks, , he made an angry face, , I smiled at him and pulled his cheek again and then kissed him….

Dadi-really beta, , ye to bahut acchi baat hai….

Vedanta-dadi, , mujhe cartoons dekhna hai? Tv on karke do na…. he made puppy face….. I smiled and made him sit on the bed…. I switched on the tv and gave the remote to him… because he love to change channels by himself…. After givingremote to him, I went to the cupboard for putting my sarees inside it…. While Vedanta was changing channels…. Just then i heard a voice which made me for look at the tv screen…

Vedanta was changing channels slowly-2, , but he stopped at one channel because there he saw his mama and papa’s photo…. I was curious to know that what’s the news about maan and geet….. I knew that no one know about geet that she is maan’s wife….

“This news is about Maan Singh Khurana, , As we have told you earlier that we got the confirmation by himself Maan Singh Khurana that he is married now, , Geet Maan Singh Khurana, his wife, , we got to know today about her…. But as soon as we got to know about Mrs. Khurana, just then we got a bad news also…. Geet maan singh khurana is in hospital now, ,

she is badly injured, , there was a gun shot on her arm and the knife stabbed in her back…. Now we are standing outside of aims where Geet Khurana has admitted…. Lets go inside and ask to Mr. Khurana, what’s the situation now….”

I felt happy when I heard first two lines . . I thought so finally maan announced that geet is his wife, , i felt so calmed hearing that….. ohh how much I loved those lines but then whole happiness of my face vansihed in a second like someone snatched the land from below of my feet…. I felt that someone stabbed my heart so brutly , , geet is in hospital, , kya hua geet ko? Kaise? So many questions raised inside my mind suddenly but then all the answers I got,,I thumped on the bed hearing that news….

I looked at Vedanta, who doesn’t know anything, , he is happily watching tv screen and seeing his parent’s photo…. He was so happy today that he’ll get toys and play with his parents, , but now no one will play with him…. Just then I reminded the talk between me and maan, , he was saying that now he’ll be free and he’ll spend his whole with his family, , but now everything turned upside down….

Tears slipped from my eyes, , and I ran to my phone… I punched maan’s number and waiting for connecting…. My heartbeats stopped at once, , my breath choked with the thought, , what is going on maan?? How tough situation he was in? I have to reach to him but Vedanta, where he will stay, , it seems like my mind is not working…..

My phone connected with maan’s and it sarted ringing…. I was waiting for him to pick up the phone…. I was continuously looking at the tv screen where the reporters were struggling maan’s bodyguards who reached there for maan, , but I can see maan over there sitting on the floor like a lifeless person…. Tears were running down on my cheeks… I didn’t have the courage to wipe them, , just then maan picked up his phone….

Maan, , I whispered, , but I heard his cry, , he was crying like a mad person, , I can watch him on the tv screen….

(narration by tej)

I was in my room with my sweet wife toasty I mean tanya, , it was Sunday so I thought to spend my time with her otherwise I always ben in office, , but she never complained, , she is so sweet, , I really love her a lot…..

I was watching the show on a news channels, gadgets & more, , the show name, well it gave lots of knowledge about the gadgets, mobiles etc. etc…. actually toasty demanded a gadget for her…. That’s why I was watching that show.. she is sitting beside me and playing with my shirt buttons, , I blushed, , actually little romance is going on between both of us, ,

ohh i really love these small-2 moments with her, , she is really an angel…. She never complained for anything and handled everything with a great way, , she took all her efforts for becoming a good daughter-in-law of this house….

Tanya-tej, , she snuggled more in my arms…. I smiled at her…. Holding her hand…

Haan…. I replied back to her….

Tanya-you know what, today I am feeling that something bad happened…. I am feeling uneasy…. I don’t know what is this feeling, ,

Toasty, , may be any health problem, , should I call doctor? I asked to her… but she shook her head….

Tanya-no tej, it is not health problem, , it is really bad feeling and you know what I am missing geet today a lot…., I really wants to talk to her but her cell is not reachable….

I was hearing her with a great concentration, , actually me too missing her a lot… whenever I was at home at Sundays, , she blasted a lot, , we did great fun, , we went outside and enjoy our day, , we four, , even dad also become like us, , then arjun, vicky, alka joined us and went to beach and restaurants, , had our lunch and dinner outside… no tension, nothing…. But now it seems so dull without her….

I know toasty, me too missing her like a hell, , but don’t worry, she will come on her b’day… she promised na…. saying so I kissed her forehead softly and she gave a weak smile to me…. Now I have to cheer her up…. But before I did anything, , my eyes on tv screen and then suddenly the show stopped in mid… what happened, I thought in my mind….

“The big news of this hour, , This news is about Maan Singh Khurana, , As we have told you earlier that we got the confirmation by himself Maan Singh Khurana that he is married now, , Geet Maan Singh Khurana, his wife, , we got to know today about her…. But as soon as we got to know about Mrs. Khurana, just then we got a bad news also…. Geet maan singh khurana is in hospital now, , she is badly injured, , there was a gun shot on her arm and the knife stabbed in her back…. Now we are standing outside of aims where Geet Khurana has admitted…. Lets go inside and ask to Mr. Khurana, what’s the situation now…. ”

The colour faded of our faces…. Both of us looked at each other…. My little sister was admitted in hospital….. toasty was crying badly, ,

Toasty-tej, I told you na, , I am having a bad feeling, , see, , our geet…. Words were not coming out from our mouth….. I didn’t said anything, , i immediately called to travel agent and booked three tickets to delhi, ,


Toasty-tej, I told you na, , I am having a bad feeling, , see, , our geet…. Words were not coming out from our mouth….. I didn’t said anything, , i immediately called to travel agent and booked three tickets to delhi, ,


Rep-we are here inside the AIMS hospital, , we are trying to gather all the information about Mrs. Khurana, , as you can see The Maan Singh Khurana is sitting outside of the ICU on floor , , he is not in his sense, , we are trying to ask some questions about his wife but he is mum, , not speaking any word……

After an hour, , geet has been shifted to private room, , and maan was sitting beside her while dadi was coming to the hospital, , Vedanta was at home with nakul, , he will take proper care of his….. dadi had called to annie and informed her about geet’s condition, , she panicked hearing this and They all are coming back to delhi….

Inisde the geet’s room…..

Maan was sitting beside her bed and kept staring at her face…. The words of doctor still ringing in his ears…. He can’t imagine that anything like that could be happen and but it happened in real but it is real worst thing that is happened….. he was cursing himself and made up his mind that he will never tell this to anyone…. He doesn’t want that anyone will snatch geet from him…..

Teri baazuon mein meri chahatein samaaye
Teri dhadkano ko meri dhadkane sunaaye

Maan held her hand and placed it near his heart, , telling her that this heart is beating for her, , please wake up… please come back from this unconscious state…..

Where did you go leaving me alone,
giving me the pains which I do not own.
Please geet, , yours maan telling you to come back to me, , I am waiting for you, , see near you…..

Dadi come at the hospital and standing maan, , she is crying literally seeing geet like this, , she is not doing any activity which she used to do…. She is not giggling like she used to do with dadi while cracking jokes with annie, , and passing comments, , she is not playing with Vedanta or telling him stories, , she is not doing any effort to regaining conscious….. why? Why she is not doing any effort? Why she is lying like that?

Maan-dadi, see na geet ko kya ho gaya hai? Please say to her for wake up, , open her eyes, , please tell na…. she listen your every word na, , please if you’ll tell her then she will surely open her eyes….

Teri khwahishon se meri khwaishein riha hain
Teri karwaton se meri daastan bayan hai

Dadi turned her face, , she can’t see maan like this, , the situation of her both loving grand children, , she can’t see…..

Dadi-maan bête, , what did doctor said? Dadi asked to maan, , she wants to know about her progress…. Hearing these words maan went back before 2-3 hours, , when he talked with the doctor and when he was told by the doctor those painful words…. No, I can’t tell anyone, , no…. not even to geet, , I can’t give more pain to geet, , I have already given lots of pain to her, not now…. Maan was mum and kept thinking what doctor had said to him….. no, maa? no, what are you thinking? How can you hide this from her? She has the right to know everything, , after all it’s was her baby…. No, I can’t hide this from her, , mujhe geet ko batana hi hoga…..


Maan-doctor, , how is geet now? Please tell me, , ….. doctor was thinking that how to tell him and he has to, , and they say that doctor has not heart when they operate any patient and their duty is to tell everything about the patient to their relatives…..

Doctor-mr. khurana, , your wife’s condition is not normal, ,we can’t say anything right now….

Maan-what do you mean doctor? How can you say that you can’t say anything right now? You have operated her right now, you supposed to know about her then why are you not telling me anything? She is my wife, my life dam it…. Maan was screaming, shouting, , threatening the doctor, , the doctor was trying to console him as much as he can do..

Doctor-please mr. khurana, , hold on, calm down…. We are not saying that anything bad will happen, , I am saying that your wife will be under observation for next 24 hours till then she will not regain her consciousness, , then we can say that how fast she can progress…… hearing this maan sighed in little relief…. But the next set of words snatch the land under his feet…. He was stunned hearing that news., , no, it can’t be true… how it can be true, , oh no…. ye kya ho gaya? Kaise ho gaya?

Kya sukoon kya junoon humnawa
Abhi abhi dil ki suni hai

Doctor-but mr. khurana, there is a bad news also…. Maan at once looked at doctor’s face, , what it can be? He was shaking with fear from inside, ,

Maan-w-w-h-aa-t doctor? Stammered maan with fear and confusion….

Doctor-we are sorry mr. khurana, , we didn’t get success in saving the baby… sorry, , you have lost your baby….. doctor looked down first at the floor then patted maan’s shoulder and went away leaving him alone, , maan was stunned, , he lost his baby that means geet was pregnant…. Oh god! Maan was thumped down on the floor, tears fell down from his eyes, ,

Why did you broke my heart into two,
without caring about me and listening me too.
Why did not you try to understand my feelings, my love,
just left me dumb with thousands of unsaid words.

He never knew that geet was pregnant but suddenly he is feeling the strong attachment with the baby, the sudden love he felt for the baby, for whom he never knew that he is exist in this world , , this is all just because of me, , only because of me, , the first night of our wedding, ,please god, don’t punish me like this for those sins i have done…. Please god, don’t punish geet for my sins, , what was her fault? why she will suffer? Why god? why?

Flashback ends….

Maan came out from his thoughts when he heard dadi is calling him…..

Dadi-maan bête, , boliye na, doctor ne kya kaha? Maan looked at dadi and then geet….. he swallowed hard, ,

Maan-wo dadi, doctor is saying that they will keep geet under observation for next 24 hours till then she will not regain her consciousness…. When maan was telling this to dadi, , he saw tej , toasty , geet’s father , alka and Vicky, all were standing at the door and listening to him…. Maan looked at them with his guilty eyes , , he doesn’t know how to meet his eyes with them, , but the truth is that they don’t know anything about the baby…..

They all come towards geet’s bed and looked at her with their teary eyes, , mohinder was completely broke down, , he is so soft by his heart, , he can never see anyone in this condition and here his doctor in this condition… tej was consoling his dad, , holding him by his shoulder while dadi was trying to say something to maan….

Maan looked at mohinder, , he felt guilty, ,

Maan- I am sorry papa, , I am failed in saving geet, , I am responsible for all this,,,, maan was cursing himself again, , but he never knew that he said papa to geet’s father, , whom he never talked with, , not even at phone… he doesn’t know why the papa word come out from his mouth….

Mohinder-no maan bête, there is no fault of yours, , you are with her, that’s enough for us….

Tej-maan ji, doctor ne kya kaha? Before maan could say something, dadi spoke in mid, she knew maan’s state of mind….

Dadi-they are saying that they will keep geet under observation for next 24 hours…. Now 20 hours left….

Maan-dadi, you go home, I am here near geet… please all of you, take rest, , you all must be tired after travelling….

Tej-but maan ji, , hum kaise?

Dadi-haan maan, hum aapko akele chhodkar kaise chalein jaaye?

Maan-seems you don’t trust me, that’s why you are saying like this, , , saying so maan looked at geet….

Mohinder-no, maan bête, , nothing is like that…. Chalo tej, toasty, , we all will come in morning but promise me maan that in morning you’ll go at home and will take some rest….. maan nodded in yes and , , dadi kissed on geet’s forehead so mohinder , tej and toasty also….. they all took leave from there…..

Then nurse come on round and wrote the progress on re notepad and gave an injection to geet….. she went and maan slipped beside geet on her bed, , that bed was big in size, , he wants to hold geet near his heart…..

I feel so incomplete as you are not beside me,
Just like the heart without the heart beats,
Just like the body without soul,
Just like the night without stars and moon.,
Just like a ship with a hole.

In reality, you are beside of me but in real sense you are not, , I can’t feel soft caress on my chest, , the soft music of your breath, , it’s like I am here without soul, my body is here, , I also can’t breath properly because I can’t hear your normal breath….. I am nothing you geet, , please come back….

Abhi na karo zamaane ki baat
Abhi abhi baatein ruki hain
Abhi abhi dauhraane ki baat
Abhi abhi aawargi aayi
Abhi na karo sambhalne ki baat
Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai

Maan took her in his embrace and hold her properly, not to hurt her anymore, , he had done everything already, , just before some days I have realized that I have some feelings for you and now you went in this state, , please don’t do this to me, , He placed a kiss on her forehead and held her close to his heart, , doesn’t know when the sleep took over his eyes and both went in deep slumber, , one was unconscious and other one is dreaming about his life….

Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat
Woh subah toh bewajah ho
Ke guzre bin tumhare jiski raat
Woh subah toh bewajah ho
Ke guzre bin tumhare jiski raat

Our life has been started now and today you are lying in my arms like a lifeless body, , why geet? Please wake up and tell me that you are still mine….
It is early morning now, , he opened his eyes, , looked at her pale face, , she is still unconscious, , lying in his arms like a lifeless body, , every morning when he opened his eyes, , the glowing face of geet come in front of his eyes and today she is so pale, , if morning like this, then he doesn’t want any morning, , he will be in illusion that this is night and will always held geet in his embrace, , he doesn’t know what is happening with him, , but he is going insane for geet, , every minute, every second is looking like ages….

Teri baazuon mein meri chahatein samaaye
Teri dhadkano ko meri dhadkane sunaaye
Teri khwahishon se meri khwaishein riha hain
Teri karwaton se meri daastan bayan hai
Kya sukoon kya junoon humnawa
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare

H is feeling so empty this morning because he can’t her cuddles in his arms, , he remember one night when Vedanta didn’t sleep with them in their room, , that night was the best night ever,, geet was sleeping so calmly in maan’s embrace, , and next morning she was cuddling in his arms like a baby hiding her face in his neck because of sun rays….

A smile crept on maan’s lips regaining that night but soon it vanish from his face when his sight fell on her face and regain the words of doctor….

Please come back in my life,
i have forgotten to live it without you.
Come and hold my hand my beloved,
as i am dying to meet you and love you.


A smile crept on maan’s lips regaining that night but soon it vanish from his face when his sight fell on her face and regain the words of doctor….

Please come back in my life,
i have forgotten to live it without you.
Come and hold my hand my beloved,
as i am dying to meet you and love you.

I was gazing at her angelic face which was glowing till yesterday but today it is so pale, , dark circles under her eyes seems there is no blood in her body, , still she is not coming back in her conscious state…. I was so in my thoughts and lying beside her on her bed…. Though there is not much space here but I have managed….

Just then my thoughts took a halt when the door opened and I saw the nurse coming inside with some equipments and and medicines… she looked at me and passed a smile… I thought why she passed smile to me then I take a look over at our positions, , I was lying beside her, , ohh that’s why she was smiling that means, , even in her bad state I can’t sleep without her, , well, , it was true, , it seems I got a habbit sleeping with her, , without her I can’t sleep….

I got up and went in washroom for getting fresh…. When I come back, , she has already given the injection to her… I couldn’t control over myself to ask from her, ,

Maan- umm, , wo sister, , I was hesitating little bit, , doesn’t know what to do? How to ask?

Nurse-what happened mr. khurana? She asked to me politely , ,

Maan-wo, , are you going to give her sponge bath? Gosh, what I asked to her… I wanted to ask something else but doesn’t know why I had blurted those words…. I gave a fake smile to her… she smiled at me back….

Nurse-yes mr. khurana…. Umm, , do you want to give her? She smiled naughtily, , I was uncomfortable with that smile of hers…. Ok I knew that geet is my wife but that doesn’t mean that other people give me nuaghty smiles…. I had not any option beside of nodding, , so I nodded in yes and she told me how to do…

I took the water bowl and sponge from her hand and placed it on the side table… no one has arrived still, , so I am alone here that means I can ask to her what I wanted…. I tried again, , I know that these kind of talks with other people is really odd but there is no escape for me, , I can’t ask infront of anyone….. finally I breath out and called her once again….

Maan-aah sister, , wo I wanted to ask you something, , finally I got a courage, , after all I am maan singh khurana…. Gosh, , maan you have again started with your praise, , don’t forget geet is still unconscious and there is no use of being maan singh khurana, , you can’t wake geet, , you can’t bring her in her conscious state then why are you maan singh khurana?

Ok, , I come out from my talks with my mind when sister asked me, ,

Nurse-what do you want to ask mr. khurana? She asked to me politely again…

Maan-w-when a girl is pregnant then what type of changes she felt? I mean physical changes and something else?

She look at me with a smile… she said nothing then come over with a reply…

Nurse-well mr. khurana, , please tell me clearly what do you want to ask? I wanted to know that why geet didn’t tell me that she is pregnant? Ok, that was difficult for me, , I am feeling shy with those words, , then how will I ask to her…. I wanted to ask in pregnancy a girl got her, I mean every month….. god please help me, , she smiled again, , I think she understood….

Nurse knew that when the gents hesitated the most, , there is only one topic otherwise they can talk properly….
Nurse- mr. khurana, , when a girl is pregnant then she doesn’t get her periods, , she get her periods after baby’s delivery…. I nodded and then she went away, , as soon as she leaved , , everyone come, , dadi, papa, tej, alka, Vicky, annie, arjun even Vedanta too…..

Vedanta ran and showed his arms to me, , he is saying that he wants to come in my arms… I took him in my arms and kissed him….

Vedanta-papa, , mama ko kya hua? Why she is lying like that? Kal raat mai unke sath soya bhi nahi…. He made baby face….

Maan-beta, , mama so rahi hai….

Vedanta-abhi tak, ,it’s morning na.. mama ko bolo morning ho gayi hai abhi uth jaaye…, , everyone smiled at his cute talks,,,, finally someone is there who can bring smile at everyone face…. I kissed him again….

Maan-beta mama is tired na, , aap mama ke paas baitho tab tak papa thoda kaam karke aate hai… Vedanta nodded like a obedient child….


(narration by Piya)

It was 9 a.m. , , I was at my flat, , today was holiday between the exams so I was watching television, , just then I heard door bel ring, , I thought it should be misha because I couldn’t expect Abhay at this time, , because whenever he could get time, he runs to his dad’s office and help his dad in business, , how boring but why I am saying it boring, , I am also studying business…. God, , only you can save me, , I stood up and went to open the door, ,

For my utter shock, , it was Abhay, , omg! I was at cloud 9, , I jumped in his arms and he securely held me closely, , very close, , seems he’ll crush my bones in his arms…. I placed a kiss in his neck and he placed a kiss over my head, , well, , this little romance we often do… it’s romantic….
I invited him inside and closed the door…. He sat down on the couch and I went in kitchen for taking the juice, , just then I saw from the kitchen that the channel has been changed from songs to business news channel, , gosh this man is really insane behind the business, , sometimes I really think who is more insane, , maan singh khurana or this abhay, , I shook my head, , this happened usually with me so I didn’t put my leg in his matter but sometimes his business news channel eat my head…..

I served him juice and sat beside him looking at him intentionally…. oh god! This man is really insane, , means he is holding juice glass in his hand and his mouth slightly open, , he was supposed to take a sip of juice but nah…. How can he? After all business news are going on TV, , anger took over me and I snatched juice glass from his hand and sat on his lap blocking his view from tv……….

I was trying to get little intimate with him, , I blushed a little , obviously I’ll blush at this thought…. I caressed his forehead to jaw with my index finger awakening desires inside him, , arousing him little bit so that I could get a kiss from him, , his rough breath was on my throat, I felt jitters , , currents running , , the pours of my skin awaken and I start breathing heavily, , he buried his face in my thick curly hairs and inhale the smell, , I was giving him space so that he could get little bit more access over me, ,

I was about to kiss him on his lips but suddenly a voice fell down in my ears, , the voice was saying that mrs. Geet maan singh khurana, , geet, , is that our friend geet, , might be, , because a week ago we had all seen her with maan, , no, , it can’t be true…. I glanced at abhay’s face who was engrossed in me, , I slightly turned my face and glanced at tv screen and my eyes popped seeing the face over there….., ,

Voice doesn’t come out from my throat and I fell down from abhay’s legs and abhay was startled with the sudden activity of mine, , he was shocked so was I, , but the reasons were different, , I was continuously staring at the television screen like a fool where abhay was staring at me just then his eyes looked up at the television screen and I saw his wide eyes, ,

“are you seeing the same which I am seeing?” I asked to him still in shock, ,

“are you thinking the same which I am thinking?”
he asked me question beside of giving me reply he was asking me question but he was right, , was I thinking the same, , seems I am getting insane, , god if this true then how will I face her, , ohh no…

“abhay tell na, are you seeing and thinking the same like me?” now I asked a question again….. but his reply was insane like him, ,

“yup, , that is how can sensex be so hight in just half an hour?” oohhhhh goooodddd, , I grabbed my hairs in my fist and looked up at his face with my red angry eyes…. Maan and geet’s photo was flashing on tv screen and he is asking about sensex, , can’t he see their photo?

I shook him like a hell and shout in his ear, , I was here in utter shock and he is enjoying his sensex, , he is engossed in his sensex like it is s** not sensex, ,

“abhay, are you out of your mind, , please come back to your sensex world and tell me na it’s not true, , they are showing thet geet is maan’s wife and she was injured, , no one told us about her condition, , she is in hopsital now, ” here I was in shock and abhay was searching his keys why? But next moment I got to knw why he was searching keys, ,


It was 11 a. m. I come back from mansion, , while on my way I purchased geet’s favourite flowers, , I knew she liked purple orchids, , and I grabbed bunch of roses also, , with a card saying that GET WELL SOON, , I wrote my name also in the card…. I reached to hospital and everyone was there surrounded geet, , she was still unconsciuos, ,

I told them that get back to mansion, because I am here now, , I told annie that to office and handle a meeting over there because she knew little bit business , she agreed and went there…. Everyone get back except tej, , he was there but waiting outside and he gave me little space , , I am now with my geet , , I held her hand and planted a kiss there, , I placed flowers and card near her face…..

I moved my face and planted again a kiss on her forehead, , then following I placed a kiss on her cheeks and moved my lips near her ears, , “GET WELL SOON SWEATHEART”, , for my utter shock or happiness, , I heard her voice, , “hmmm” I glanced at her face, , there is wrinkles on her forehead like she is feeling pain, , I can see the movement of her eyes while the lashes were closed….

“geet” , , I called her, , “aahh” I heard her painful voice, , I caressed her face and hairs for soothing her pain and doesn’t know when I have started kissing her face like a maniac, , she slightly open her eyes adjusting her eyes with the lights, , she was in pain but suddenly I can msee a little smile formed on her lips seeing me near her…..


“geet” , , I called her, , “aahh” I heard her painful voice, , I caressed her face and hairs for soothing her pain and doesn’t know when I have started kissing her face like a maniac, , she slightly open her eyes adjusting her eyes with the lights, , she was in pain but suddenly I can see a little smile formed on her lips seeing me near her…..


Geet got discharged from the hospital, , all were in hospital with geet, she was surrounded with everyone, , mohinder was sitting beside her on the chair while dadi was making eat apple, ,

Toasty-geet, koi bahana nahi chalega,, chup chap open your mouth and eat the fruits fast….

Geet-bhabhi please, , yuck this papaya, , ewww I hate it….

Toasty-eat this otherwise you will drink milk… geet’s eyes widened hearing milk’s name and she immediately put a papaya’s piece in her mouth…. though geet was making faces but everyone was glaring at her specially the little Vedanta, he was taking his revenge for making him drink milk, , he went to geet and took a piece of apple, , held it near her mouth and told her..

Vedanta-momma, , if you won’t eat apple then I also won’t have milk, , now decision is yours, , he put his condition in front of her, , geet pout cutely at his condition but then everyone laughed at his cute condition, , just then maan came there and spoke in mid….

Maan-who is saying that geet is not having anything, , she will eat surely and that too from my hand, , saying so maan shoved a piece of apple in her mouth and geet first startled and then chew apple unwantedly, , everyone laughed at her cute face……

Maan-discharge papers are ready…. Bhabhi, can you please pack the stuff?…. maan spoke softly to toasty, , maan now address toasty as bhabhi as geet addressed her but he is not able to address tej as bhaiya or bro, , he doesn’t know why but he didn’t feel like….. he call him as tej only… toasty nodded and while he called at home, , Rey and Ash were at home while annie went to office for some paper work, , maan called home and told them that decorate it properly , ,

Now it’s time to move to mansion, , her stuff has been packed, , dadi went back mansion because she wanted to do aarti of geet when she will come, , tej picked her bag while toasty is having her medicine etc.. geet was having difficulty with her leg, , in accident, her leg was twisted a little, now she is having pain there also…. Maan move towards her and picked her in his arms at once, ,
geet blushed and hid her face in chest because everyone in hospital, all were looking at them lovingly saying that how adorable and cute couple, , geet’s cheek reddened and she circled her arms around his neck……


(narration by maan)
It was a month after that day when geet got her conscious…., , I was very happy after getting my geet back, , I kissed her and she was in so pain, , I soothed her pain with my kisses…. Tej, toasty, papa, geet’s friends went back to Mumbai, they stayed with us around 2-3 days, , we got attached with each other in a short span of time, , alka teased me a lot and geet blushed hearing her comments, , she was teasing geet on the topic like saali like aadhi gharwali and all, , and then geet fought with her, ,

it was so good seeing her like this…. Actually in this we come so close with each other, , some times vedanta sleep with us but now most of the times he sleep with annie or dadi because geet was injured, , she was having difficulty in sleeping, , her body wanted space a little on bed, ,

I didn’t let geet do any work, , she felt like I caged her but that’s only for her betterment, , that’s why we all gathered in my room and cracked jokes so that she didn’t feel lonely, , it was so awesome having a big family, , after some days, , Rey and Ash were also saying that they want to go back but I denied them, , now they are also here, ,

In this one month, our relationship got much better than before, , now I am not so hesitate with her like before, , I can talk to her freely, , even sometimes we made fun of each other…..

It was another day, , Vedanta was having holidays, , he came running to me, , he was excited and thrilled, , actually he wants to play a game with me and geet …. Geet was getting ready, , I was also going office late so I was having time so I agreed , ,

“Vedanta, baby, what game do you want to play with us?” I asked from him….. he was so excited , , and jumped from bed and ran towards me pulling me holding my hand, , we reached to dressing area where geet was sitting and applying lotion on her arms and waist…. Oops I was gazing at her bare waist, , actually she was wearing saree, , she less wear sarees so I got less chance of checking her in and out… I blushed but she was unaware that I was gazing her that too so intensely….

Again she took little lotion in her hand poured on arm,, her hairs were open like always, , , , I was watching the little-2 movements of her fingers which were moving in circular motion , I was so lost in her that I forgot that Vedanta is also here,,,,, geet looked up in mirror and found me staring at her that too so lovingly, , our eyes met and she blushed at once….

Then she knotted her brows asking me what happen? I shook my head little in denial, , but just then Vedanta held geet’s hand and pulled her too, , geet stood up and Vedanta told us that what game he wants to play with us,, we were hearing patiently to him…..

Vedanta-papa, mama, , we’ll play Hide n Seek…., , we were amazed at his choice, , we agreed,,,,,,, he was jumping in joy, ,

“so who’s turn first?” I asked to him…. He promptly replied “first your turn papa”, , ok now first my turn, , so geet and Vedanta will hide and I have to find out them, , I closed my eyes and count reverse 10 to 1, , geet and Vedanta hid properly, I doesn’t know where they are right now, I have to find out them, , now I have reached to 1 and open my eyes, , I looked here and there but no use,,,, I couldn’t able to locate them…..

“geet, , Vedanta, , where are you” ok, I was trying to call them but no use, they are not replying me back… I searched them here and there but suddenly I saw something, , that is Vedanta’s little fingers…. Ohh toh he is hiding behind the couch, , I slowly-2 moved towards him and caught him…. I called out geet, , “geet, come out, , now Vedanta’s turn” hearing my voice, geet come out and she pouted to me…

geet-kya maan, thoda aur fun karne dete na, , itna jaldi dhundh liya, , I casually turn towards her and circled my arms around her waist, , obviously her hands rested on my chest and I brought her little more close to me, , “acchha, , if I lose then, , you know na maan singh khurana can never lose” my lips were so close to her, , barely touching , , I can see her reddened cheeks, , I rubbed my thumb over her side waist feeling smooth skin under my hand, ,

geet- I know maan singh khurana can never lose but at least he can lose for his wife and son, but no, his biggg egggooo, , she replied softly, , hmm, there is point in her statement, , I smiled a little then nuzzled my nose with hers, , “acchha, , for you, mera ego toh kya, whole maan singh khurana package haarne ko ready hai” she blushed but our trance broke with Vedanta’s voice, ,

Vedanta-papa, , aap ready ho haarne ke liye? He asked cutely, , I laughed a little then picked him in my arms said “of course not beta, , turn to aapka hi dena padega, , ” he made a sad face then he closed his eyes started counting 10 to 1, geet pushed me and ran, ,

I ran behind her and we both hid behind the curtain, , she was wearing payal, , so the sound of anklet is too much, , I hold her close to me and my fingers move on her arms, , caressing it slightly with the tip of my fingers, , I got lost in her while she was giggling and wriggling in my hold, ,

I circled my arms around her waist and dipped my head in her curls inhaling her aroma, , I nuzzled my nose on her neck while my fingers making patterns on her bare waist, , I was so much in her that I forgot that Vedanta in on turn and we were playing Hide n seek, , I placed a kiss on her neck and was about to placed a kiss on her cheek just then Vedanta comes and found us, he was laughing, ,

we both first startled and then we laughed lodly almost caught red handed by Vedanta, , he was jumping in joy that he found us and I picked him in my arms and then we three have a family hug, , I took geet also in my embrace and placed a kiss over her head…..


“maan, , don’t be stubborn , , please let me do this na?” she made ever so cute face, , I was melting seeing her cute face but still sternness was on my face, , I can’t let that happen, , she is not fine properly, ,

“no geet, ,you are not well still, , I said no already then why is the need to ask again?” I asked to her, , I knew that she is also so stubborn and she is not going to leave this topic like this, ,

“maan, this is my right, , and listen carefully, , I will surely do this… got it, , if you Mr. Maan Singh Khurana then I am also Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana” oops I got scared with her ever so cute dhamki, ,

“really geet, , then mai bhi dekhta hu ki tum karwachauth ka vrat kaise rakhti ho?” I told her, ,

She made puppy face and held my hand, I knew it, she will blackmail me emotionally, , but this time I am not going to listen her…..

“please maan, , you know na this is for husband’s long age, ,” she said to me….

I sighed and held her hand properly, , I sat beside her…. “I know geet, you are emotional right now, but geet listen me, , is this long age only for husbands not for wife? Tell me what will I do without you? Please geet, you are so weak still and I can’t take any risk, , you should have good meal and here you are telling me that you will fast for me, , geet, tumhe meri kasam, tum aisa kuch nahi karogi” she gasped at once hearing me but I made it clear…. She had little tears in her eyes but I wiped them, I knew that these only for melting me, but I can’t take any risk with her health….

Next day, today is karwa chauth and geet didn’t fast for me, , I told to dadi that make sure that she eats properly…. At breakfast, , I made sure that geet have breakfast in front of me and she did… I sighed and went to office….

Next day, today is karwa chauth and geet didn’t fast for me, , I told to dadi that make sure that she eats properly…. At breakfast, , I made sure that geet have breakfast in front of me and she did… I sighed and went to office…. I knew that she will be angry from me but I know that how to pacify her….

It was lunch time when geet send my lunch but I didn’t have because I was busy in meetings…. Too much work load and over that, that fashion week is coming close, so we have to work hard….

It was night, , I came back, , though geet didn’t fasted for me , I was so relief with it, , her health was most important for me, , now a days I couldn’t tolerate any kind of carelessness, , daily I made sure she had healthy food that too n front of my presence and in lunch time, sometimes I come at home for lunch then she had with me otherwise she had her food in dadi’s presence, , and my jasoos that is Vedanta told me everything , ,

As soon as, I entered in mansion, I saw that it was decorated like a bride though none fasted, neither geet nor dadi but it was for others, , geet was waiting for me desperately, , I looked her and passed my smile to her, , she passed me shy smile , ,

Geet-maan, , I understand that why you didn’t let me fasting for you but now can you please have dinner with me after seeing the moon? She asked hoping so much, ,

“of course geet, , let me freshen up first then we both will have dinner together” I told her, , she smiled back….

Geet-achha maan, , aapne lunch kiya, , I cooked it that too your favorite dishes, , kaisa tha? She asked to me so desperately but how could I tell her that I didn’t had it….. oh god,, kaha fass gaya… I was cursing to myself….. then I thought that I should lie to her for her happiness only…..

“aah, geet, that was so yummy, , I never eat so yummy food before…” I told her…..

Geet-really maan…. You liked it….. I nodded….. achha palak paneer kaisa tha? She asked to me….

“palak paneer, dam good geet, , still I have it’s taste in my mouth…” she was so happy…..

Geet-really, , and that custard, , you know first time I have tried custard, hows that?

“custard was so yummy geet, , so sweet also…” but in next moment I saw tears in her eyes, , I was shocked and worried at once….

“geet, what happened? Kya hua? Why are you crying? ” ohh god, I thought this time also I made some mistake, now what?

Geet-you lier, , I knew that you didn’t had anything from morning, not even a drop of water, , aapne mujhe vrat nahi rakhne diya aur apne aap vrat rakha? Why? Yesterday you was telling me that what will you do without me and now what will I do without you if I got long age?

I at once covered her mouth with my hand, , I was hurt with her talks, , how it can be happen? We’ll live together always….. “geet, , how can you think like that? Nothing will happen, , you get that, , hum hamesha sath-2 rahenge” she nodded slowly, ,

“achha leave it, , see what I brought for you, come I’ll show you, , ” she got excited and forgot about that vrat and all, , waise I was hungry like anything but I didn’t tell anything to her otherwise she will crib again…. We reached to our room, , all the members on terrace and waiting for moon, , I made her sit on the bed and I was kneel down in front of her, ,

“first of all, , this rose for a beautiful lady, , ” I kissed the rose slightly and present to her, , she blushed and accepted the rose….and then for my utter surprise, , she kissed at the same place on the rose where I have touched my lips…. Me too blushed and then I slide gift wrapped box to her, , her eyes twinkled with happiness, , it was first time ever I have gifted something to her, ,

She was continuously gazing at the gift but didn’t try to open it….. “arey geet, open to karo” I told her, , she nodded like a child, , it was like she is seeing gift first time in her life….. she placed her fingers on the ribbon and loosened the knot…. As soon as , she opened the box, , I saw the happiness in her eyes, , she jumped suddenly and hugged me tight…. First I was stunned with her sudden act but then I too reciprocate and hugged her back…..

I heard her blabbering which she was blabber in hr excitement….. “omg! Omg! Omg! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it so much, , this is so stunning, , and so pretty, , ” she broke the hug and kissed me tight on my cheek…. Omg, , it was dreamy, , I never expected like this from her…. She is crazy really, , “do you like it?” I asked to her as everyone asked after giving the gift, , she blinked her lashes couple of times , , her lips were wide in a form of smile, , I can count her teeth also, , I laugh at my imagination…. I pulled her cheeks and a cute frown on her face when I pulled her cheeks….

“maan, , like it, I loved it, thank you so much, though you kept fast for me and here you are gifting to me, , according to the ritual, I should give you something na??” I nodded like a obedient husband…. She made me sit on the bed and she sat beside me, , I was thinking that what is going in her mind, , she move close to me, , her lips were so close to my ears, , and then she whispered in my ear with her sexy yet sweet voice…..

“maan, , close your eyes… ” her breath was fanning on my cheek, , I was shivering with the close proximity of ours, , it was so unusual between us, , “please maan!” she whispered again and I did as she instructed me to do…. I closed my eyes but my heart beats were raising with the each passing second, , it was like volcano inside my stomach, first I am hungry and second she is close to me, , my tummy was growling but I ignored it…..

“think it as your karvachauth gift maan from your wife” and then after some seconds I felt weight on my legs, , ok, she is sitting on my lap, , she held my hands and placed them around her waist, , I tighten my hold around her waist, , I didn’t know that what will happen after next moment, , ? next second I felt her hand around my neck, , she whispered again, ,

“maan, don’t open your eyes, , open it when I call you, ok” she told to me…. “ok geet, ” I replied back….

Next moment, I felt her one finger tracing my face, forehead to my jaw line, , gosh what she is doing with me? I asked to myself, , she is testing my patience, , I won’t leave her, I decided in my mind but then I felt her thumb tracing the outline of my lips, , I dam wanted to open my eyes but just then she again whispered…. “please maan, , aankhein mat kholna… please” she pleaded again and I nodded,,,,,

She shifted herself more into me, , I gasped a little with the feeling, , and at the next moment, I felt something wet on my lips, , what was that? I don’t know but then I got it what it was? It was her tongue tracing my lips, , she was licking my lips with the tip of her tongue… and then I felt my lower lips between her lips, , she was nibbling my lower lip, , I tighten my hold around her waist, my fingers were digging in her waist skin, , but she was no where stopping, , I dam wanted to open my eyes but can’t break my promise…. I was feeling dam good, , it was new sensation in my body, , it soothed my heart, mind, every part in my body, , soon I respond her back and start nibbling her upper lip, , her one hand reached in my hairs and she start massaging my hairs….

It was like hungry lion inside waken up and attacked on it’s prey, , still my eyes were so closed, , our lips were messed up with our saliva but it was dam good feeling, , I was feeling like tasting honey, , soon I heard my name from her mouth, ,

“maan” ohhh…. Hearing my name from her mouth was like being In heaven….. she told me that when she will me then I can open my eyes, I followed her instructions and opened my eyes, , and then what I saw, her angelic face that is red with shyness , her closed eyes, , her petal like lips in my rough lips, , she was nibbling my lips and me too was so lost in nibbling her petals, ,

I couldn’t control on my over flowing hormones and emotions and I bit her lips, , she gasped at once and my tongue got an entry inside her mouth…. Our breath mingled, , My tongue slid down inside her mouth and tasted her sweet nectar, , her tongue entangled with mine and our tongue danced with each other, , we were so lost in each other that I forgot I was hungry, , after a long kiss, , we both were short of breath and finally we broken out kiss, , she was flushed completely so was i…. our forehead touched with each other and we were panting….. “thank you geet for this sweet gift, , I’ll never forget”, , I thanked her….. she was shy, not bale to meet her eyes with mine….


“ohh, , toh she is Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana, , interesting”, ,

“you know her”

“of course and you too know her but seems you forgot but how can i?”

“then what are you going to do? ”

“just wait and watch”

“ohkay, , then it’ll be fun”

“of course, , it’ll be fun, will see on whom he’ll trust?”


After karvachauth, , again a festival came, , we all were having dinner and chatting , just then geet spoke…

Geet-dadi, tomorrow is Hoyi na, , ? she asked to dadi…. Dadi smiled…

Dadi-ji bete, , kal hoyi hai and you know hum bhi maan ke liye vrat rakhte hai…. Geet excited…

Geet-really dadi maa…. She was about to say something but I stopped her….

Maan-dadi, this time you are not going to fast for me, , eveytime I denied you, , but this time you’ll listen to me…..

Dadi-maan, kyo aap zabardasti kar rahe hai, , hum theek hai….

Maan-no dadi, you are not well, , aapka Blood Pressure kitna low tha kuch din pehle, , geet tum hi samjhao… she nodded and looked at dadi…

Dadi-geet, don’t look at me like this, at least you understand me na…

Geet-please dadi, , you are not fine… mere paas solution hai…

Dadi-aur woh kya? Asked dadi to geet, , I was also so eager to know what is that solution?

Geet-dadi, , every year , you used to fast for maan but this maan will fast for you, , this is not necessary that mother should fast, , bete ka bhi koi farz hota hai…. Aapko pata hai, tej bhaiya used to fast for mom, ,

Annie-how sweet…. Bro learn something….

Dadi-but bete, , this is not right….

Geet-dadi, , aapki tabiyat theek nahi hai, , achha, you want to keep fast for maan na, , then you can fast only till noon, , but maan will keep fast for you & Vedanta also… hai na….? she asked to me….. I smiled and nodded… how sweet she is! I really liked her sweet gesture…. Though Vedanta is not her own child but she wants keep fast for him….


Now geet’s injuries healed properly and she is fine now, , it was a week after that Diwali is on it’s way, , we all were sitting in hall and discussing about the diwali party , , about the guests and meals, ,

It was night, , we all were sleeping but me and geet are awake, , but Vedanta is again sleeping with us on our bed, , actually tomorrow is Diwali and Vedanta’s birthday too, , so me and geet were planning to throw a party along with Diwali party….


Hoyi is a festival, , in this day ladies who are mother used to keep fast for their child well being and long life…. Those mothers who are having son can fast otherwise they can’t…. that is main thing of this festival, , mothers keep fast for their son and pray to Hoyi mata for their son’s well being & long life…


Today maan didn’t denied geet, , she is very happy that she is fasting for Vedanta and maan too…. Maan and dadi were touched with her decision, , she is so sweet, , she have inner & outer beauty both…. No one fast without any reason, , some doesn’t fast for their own child and here , Vedanta is not her own child but still she is fasting for him, , geet has a really big heart and have so much love also in her heart

it was evening and geet is waiting for maan, , she is in her room and pacing here & there…. Muttering something or may be cursing him but how can she curse him…..??

“ye maan bhi na, , he knew that today he should come home early but how can he? I told him but still , dekha kitna late ho gaya hai, , aur, aur mera call bhi nahi le rahe hai, , kya karu mai?” she is pacing up and down, , some times sit on bed then sometimes stood near the window seeing outside, , it’s been half an hour she is waiting for him….

“he knows that I am waiting for him, , I told him in morning that we both break the fast together, , abhi to dekho starts bhi nikal aaye but where is my star?” she sulked just then she heard a whisper in her hear…..

“seems, , someone is waiting for her star?” she knew who it can be, , she turned to him and show him her angry face, , pouted lips and looking down, , she knew that she can’t fight with him , , it would be better she will give him her silence treatment….. she get to know about this silence treatment from her tanya bhabhi, , whenever tej used to come late at home then she doesn’t said any word to him only gave him her silence….

“sorry geet, , I was stuck somewhere, , ” he held his ear in front of her…. He was waiting for her reaction but no reaction on her face…. Dam she is so much angry he thought….

“ok geet, at least listen to me where I was held up?” he tried to make her understand then he got a little confirmation from her side when he saw her soft gesture that is continue your story…. He sghed and remove his waist coat….

“you know geet, I used to brought a gift for dadi maa on this fest, , and today also I went to brought a gift for her….” He looked at her face which is now calmed little bit that the reason behind his late coming that is dadi maa not his business meetings….

“don’t you want to know that what I brought for her?” he asked to her, , hoping that he will get to hear her sweet voice… she stood up and went near him helping him removing his tie and gave him towel, ,

“maan, , I know that aapne best hi choose kiya hoga dadi maa ke liye…” she smiled at him…. And maan too smiled in return….

“I’ll show you when I’ll give it to dadi, , now let me freshen up then we both will break the fast…ok…” he said placing his palm against her cheek caressing it little bit showing to her that he care for her…. , , she held his hand then she pushed him inside the washroom and placed his clothes on the bed….


Later maan & geet , dadi, Vedanta went to temple which is in the mansion…. They prayed and then dadi & geet did some important things which is really important in the puja…. Then they took water in separate glassed and went to terrace…. Then after seeing the star(in this vrat, , star is important no moon, , ladies can break fast after seeing the star), they gave the water to star and the come down… maan brought his gift and gave it to dadi…

“dadi maa, , like every year, this year too I brought a gift for you, hope aapko pasand aaye?” said maan giving the gift to dadi….

“maan, , I like every gift from you and I know this year too you would bring something really special like every year….” Said dadi caressing his head with so much love…. She opened the knot and the gift was breathtaking for dadi….

“hows it dadi?” asked maan… dadi had tears in her eyes seeing the gift…

“maan, ye aapko kaha se mili?” asked dadi..

“dadi, I was having it, , first tell me aapko pasand aaya?” again asked maan….

“maan, nothing can be better than this… thank you bete” said dadi…. Maan kissed her hand while dadi also kissed on his forehead…. All were happy seeing the bond between these two and the gift was really amazing…. It was a little collage , , so many pics are there…..

“dadi, , please tell me na ye pics kab ki hai?” asked excited geet, , she wants to know everything….
Dadi smiled and start narrating everything while everyone start having their dinner….. “the first one when I got married with your dada ji, then this one is when I was pregnant
(dadi shied a little bit),
aur ye tab ki hai when maan’s dad came in this world, , aur ye, ye hai maan ki pic, , when he was only 2 months , he was really a cry baby, so I trying to calming him….
(maan glared at dadi for telling him cry baby but dadi smiled and geet giggled , , now everyone is around dadi and listening the stories behind the pics…) ,
this one is, when maan took his first step, , aur ye, , maan was pulling annie’s hairs

(dadi start laughing while annie’s cheeks puffed hearing that, , maan also smiled and geet was also giggling, , suddenly two hands pulled annie’s hairs… that is one hand maan’s and another one is reyhansh, , annie screamed while maan & rey rolled on floor laughing their stomach, , annie screamed and then she took 2 glass of water and poured on maan and rey’s head, , their laugh at once stopped and the geet & annie, Vedanta start laughing at them…)”


Maan eyed to Vedanta that give geet’s gift to her which he brought for her , , Vedanta nodded and ran in his room….. he bring the gift and stood near geet…

“mama, , ye aapke liye., aapka gift meri taraf se” he gave to geet… and kissed her cheek….. all were surprised …. Geet hppily accepted the gift and kissed his both cheeks , ,

“thank you vedu… aur aapko gift kisne khareed kar diya?” asked geet yet she knew who it can be….

He happily replied…. “papa ne” and went to maan ,kissed his cheek… geet thanked him via their eye connection….. she opened it and it was the first pic of maaneet together, , it was when geet was dancing at janmashtmi and maan came there, , geet fell down in maan’s arms then who were clicking the pics, they clicked it also… it was really awesome pic….. geet ran in her room and hang the big portrait on the wall and looked at the photo lovingly and maan also stood near her looking at geet lovingly….

She looked at maan, , he held her by her shoulder and brought her close to his chest, she placed her head on his chest and held his shirt in her fist, , lost in the photo so maan also….

“thanks maan for the gift… this is reaally specail for me…” said geet to maan…. Maan ighed knowing the reason behind it…

“I know geet, , this is first pic of ours together… hai na…” asked maan to her…. She nodded and hugged him and he too reciprocate back….


It was two days before diwali, , Now geet’s injuries healed properly and she is fine now, , it was a week after that Diwali is on it’s way, , we all were sitting in hall and discussing about the diwali party , , about the guests and meals, ,

It was night, , all were sleeping but maan and geet are awake, , but Vedanta is again sleeping with them on their bed, , actually tomorrow is Diwali and Vedanta’s birthday too, , so maan and geet were planning to throw a party along with Diwali party….

They were discussing about the menu, theme of the party, venue, invitations, invitation card and the main things, there will be twp partied held at the same time, diwali party and another one is Vedanta’s b’day party, , so it will be in separate hall but in the same venue….

Just then geet saw that Vedanta is disturbing with their voice…. She whispered slowly to maan ..

“maan, , Vedanta will wake up because of noise, so we should move to study” suggested geet, , maan nodded and collect their belongings, their cell, laptop, notepad, pen and so many other things and moved to study without disturbing Vedanta….

they started their discussion just then geet’s cell buzzed with the sms tone , , she opened the sms and that was a joke, , she laughed, maan narrowed his brows and asked what is that with his facial expressions but she denied with shaking her neck and suppressing her laugh….

“geet, what is so funny in the sms? Tell me, , I’ll join you in your laughing session” told maan irritatingly when geet didn’t tell him…. Geet stop her laugh “nothing maan”, , she knew that she can’t tell anything about the sms to maan knowing about the sms…. Maan nodded but the thought something and in a fraction of second geet’s cell was in maan’s hand where geet’s mouth was wide open in a big O shape and eyes were also big…. She was dumb stuck at once with the sudden act of his where maan was smirking at her with his this step….

He was about to read the msg “maan, no please, , aap sms read nahi karoge…” she said firmly but she was so helpless….

“why geet? Why can’t i? I also want to laugh…” he made innocent face and then showed her cell to her which is in his hand , saying to her which his expressions that he is going to read it…. He touched his fingers on the screen of cell and reached in Inbox, , was about to open the msg, , just then geet ran behind him…

“no maan, please… ye galat baat hai…” she whined like a small baby but maan was also behaving like a small baby who got excited after snatching the chocolates form his sister/brother’s hand……

“no way geet, aaj to mai padhkar hi rahunga…” saying so he ran taking cell with him and geet ran after him, , both were running round & round to the bed which is in study, , maan ahead while geet is behind… she was calling him continuously , saying him not to read, , while running maan is not able to read the sms, ,

Just then she held his vest but tripped between the carpet fell on bed taking him along with her and both crashed down on the bed, , geet was underneath maan, while her eyes were shut due to fear and her clutch over his vest so tight, , he was looking at her , his one is below her head , assuring that not hurt her head while his another hand on her waist and the cell was somewhere else on the bed….

They were panting like anything, like they come out after swimming from the ocean, , maan was lost in her face, her face was covered with her curly hairs, , he slowly took out his hand from her waist and caressed the soft skin of her face with the tip of his fingers, removing the hairs from her face which is hiding the most innocent & beautiful view from his eyes….

With the feel of his fingers on her skin, the lining of fear on her face vanished at once knowing that she is safe now… her soft petals curved in a smile and slowly-2 she opened her almond eyes reminding maan of those almonds which comes in dreams….. maan was all over her covering her petite body with his manly structure, , his warm breath was fanning on her face making her shiver, jitters were in tummy, ,

Her heart beats raised in a fraction of second while maan’s heart was also pumping against his chest, , he traced her face with his fingers sending shivers , , he brought his lips so near her ears almost touching her ear lobe with his lips, ,

“geet, , kuch puchhu tumse??” asked maan, , he wants to know the secret behind it…. Geet brought back to reality hearing his manly voice against her ear, ,

“haan maan” replied geet in back…. Maan take in and out the breath, ,

“geet, , every time when I see in your eyes, , I felt that I have seen these eyes of yours before, like I have some kind of unknown connection with these almonds, I don’t know where I have seen? I don’t know I am asking right or wrong? But I thought to ask you once , please tell me kya hum pehle miley hai? I am not able to regain anything, , your eyes remind me something, , you know your eyes remind of that girl once I have saved her but couldn’t able to saw her face…. I don’t know why I am joining those eyes with your face” he paused for a min seeing her reaction where he saw a little happiness on her face….

“geet , I know you are thinking me insane but I am really restless , I felt like I have an unknown bond with you before our marriage”, , he caressed her face again pecking her forehead,,,,

“geet, , every time when I see in your eyes, , I felt that I have seen these eyes of yours before, like I have some kind of unknown connection with these almonds, I don’t know where I have seen? I don’t know I am asking right or wrong? But I thought to ask you once , please tell me kya hum pehle miley hai? I am not able to regain anything, , your eyes remind me something, , you know your eyes remind of that girl once I have saved her but couldn’t able to saw her face…. I don’t know why I am joining those eyes with your face” he paused for a min seeing her reaction where he saw a little happiness on her face….

“geet , I know you are thinking me insane but I am really restless , I felt like I have an unknown bond with you before our marriage”, , he caressed her face again pecking her forehead,,,,

Her heart beat raised hearing his words, , she was thinking all the while that he remember her but no he doesn’t remember her, , only new about her almond eyes, , she felt choking but then she thought for a moment that he never saw her face then how will he remember her, , she smiled at her thoughts, , sometimes we expect more than its needed….

First time she was wearing yashmak , her face not visible, only her eyes were visible… and then in Spain, , in that night, her shiny eyes were only visible otherwise her whole face was covered with his shadow, he didn’t saw her that time also…. She shrugged off all her thoughts while maan was waiting for her reply…..

She was so much engrossed in her thoughts that she doesn’t get to know that maan is watching her every changed expression… he slowly caressed her face with the tip of his fingers taking her back from her thoughts….he patted her cheeks slowly, his lashes going up and down checking her facial features….
“what happen geet? You didn’t reply me, , did we meet before geet? Bolo na” he asked impatiently to her….
She gasped at once, his closeness taking a toll on her hormones, , something is happening inside her, , she was feeling differently, , “wo maan” she whispered slowly, , their breath was mingled with each others, , both felt each others hot breath on their face, , it was really new for both, though both slept in each other arms sometimes but they were never so close like this….

“haan bolo na geet, , I want to know, , I don’t know geet why I am feeling so restless, bolo na geet, , kyo mujhe tumhari aankhein kisi ki yaad dilate hai, aisa lagta hai like I knew you before the marriage…mai tumhar chehra unn aankho ke sath jodta hu jisey mainey ek baar kuch boys se bachaya tha, I don’t remember clearly but still some faded memories are there…. ”

“Maan, , really aapko kuch yaad nahi hai?” she asked finally…… (maan, really you don’t remember anything?)

“nothing like that geet, , I remember little bit but not in a exactly… you tell me na…” he set her hair strands behind her ear, , she smiled now remembering those meeting with him, , the first time when her eyes met with him, , her second meeting with him….

“geet, why are you smiling? ” he asked from her feeling like an alien who doesn’t know anything…..

She circled her arms around his neck and brought him more close to her suddenly…. He fell down on her, the little bit was left between them covered by that sudden pulled, , the air also can’t pass between them….. “ geet, what…” he gasped at once and he was about to say something but his talk was left in mid when geet placed her finger on his lip silencing him further…

“sshh maan…. Aapko pata hai sunsaan sadak par, ek akeli ladki aur uske pichhey kuch gundey, , wo help-2 chilla rahi thi, , ladki aagey-2 aur gundey pichhey-2, , bechari ladki dari si sehmi si, , kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha ki kya kare, , aur uska chehra……”, , this time she was silenced by maan….
(you know maan , an alone girl in an empty road and some goons behind her, she was asking for help, , she is running ahead and goons were behind her, , poor that girl scared and feared, she didn’t understand what to do? And her face….. )

“aur uska chehra covered with yashmak, , ek ladka jiski car khraab thi wo waha apni car repair kar raha tha, , tabhi wo ladki uss ladke se takraati hai aur kehti hai please help me, , aur ladka uski aankhon mein dekhta hai, , tabhi wo gundey…” now maan was silenced by geet, , and she told him…
(and her face was covered with yashmak, one boy whose car was damaged, , he was repairing his car over there, just then that girl bumped with that boy and asked him for help, and that boy saw in the eyes of that girl, just then those goons…..)

“tabhi wo gundey waha aa jate hai aur wo ladka unn logo se uss ladki ko bachata hai, unse fight karta hai” replied geet, ,
(just then those goons came there and that boy fought with those goons and saved that girl….)

“par jaise hi wo ladka palat kar dekhta hai to wo ladki gayab, , uss ladke ne uss ladki ko bahut dhunda par ladki bina kuch kahe waha se chali gayi, yeh nahi ek thanks hi keh kar jaati…. Wo ladka bahut niraash hua” said with such a disappointment …..
(but as soon as that boy turned up, that girl was disappeared, that boy searched that girl but that girl went away from there without saying anything, , at least she can say thanks , , that boy was very disappointed….)

“thanks maan, uss ladki ki help karne ke liye…. ” replied geet tightening her hold on maan’s neck….

“that means wo ladki tum hi thi, , hai na geet?” asked maan….. she nodded smilingly….

“par geet, why were you running and why those boys were chasing you?” asked maan going hyper….

“nothing maan, , it’s a long story , leave it…waise maan thanks for beating them, bahut maza aaya” replied geet….

“geet, tumhe maza aaya, bechare ladke ke bare me nahi socha, , uski kya haalat huyi hogi?” told maan dramatically….

“oye khabardaar jo uss ladke ko bechara bola to, , I saw , his biceps, , uske dole sholey, , his red eyes when he saw those goons, majaal hai koi usey hath bhi laga de…”

“achha ji, , itna confidence achha nahi aur ye kya tum mere samne uss ladke ke bare mein soch rahi ho, not fair…” he chided like a cute baby….

“ale, , mere cutie jealous hai?” she asked pulling his cheeks…. He snapped at once and glared her back calling him cutie…. And jealous,,,,, no ways…. He thought…

“geet, , none call me cute and you, you are calling me cute… and jealous no ways,,,, I am not jealous… aur uss ladke se to bilkul bhi nahi….” Replied maan with a confidence….

“but mai to jealous hu with that girl, , and yes I have only right to call you cute…. My cutie hubby” she laughed so maan also. , , now he is feeling light after knowing that geet is that girl whom he had saved…. Both rolled on bed laughing, enjoying but suddenly maan regained something and stopped, , now geet is over him, , maan is underneath her….

“and geet, , I had saved again a girl and that too in Spain, , when I was diving and she was also diving… I can’t understand one thing, , why that girl was diving that too at night, , usey pata hona chahiye tha ki at night it’s not safe diving in the sea… ” maan complained cutely….

“ohho maan, , that girl saw that boy who saved her, she saw him, he was going for diving so she also went behind him, , she was crazy you know , ,” replied geet…

“but why she was crazy for that boy? Usmein akal naam ki cheej hai ya nahi?” asked maan…. Both were smiling and sharing their thought with each other in a different way….

“maan, what are talking, I said na she was crazy then how come she will have brain, , common sense nahi hai aap mein…” she replied jokingly….. maan smiled and rolled over….

“achha ji, , mujhme common sense nahi hai, , then how come you fell in love with a senseless person?” asked maan to her….

“maan because I am crazy and only crazy person can fall in love with senseless person… you got it…”

“bilkul geet, , perfectly…..waise geet, , how come you fell in love with me?” asked maan finally…. He wants to know the reason behind this…. He never knew her and she was in love with him….

“maan, , actually I don’t know when it happened? May be at our first meeting when ours eyes met or may be second meeting or may be I used to drool over your pic in fashion magazines…really I don’t know…” replied geet with a serious face, , she really knew when it all happened with her, , it was like she was going deep and deep inside the pool of love…or in ocean of love…. Her friends used to make fun of her but then they become serious after seeing seriousness over maan….. maan sensed seriousness , he thought to change the topic…. He smirk and told to her….

“btw geet, , that night in Spain, , you were wearing shorts and (words stuck in his throat when he was about to voice out what it was, , he felt shy only with the thought and geet’s eyes widened hearing him, she was wearing shorts with blue color bra, , words stuck in his mouth when he remember she was wearing shorts & bra) umm nothing, , I mean leave this topic….”

“maan” she whisper slowly…. She felt shy, he cheeks reddened, , and blushed profusely , , he was also blushing…..

“btw geet, , I can imagine you know now in that dress” he smiled sheepishly , , she hit him on his shoulder at once…. Suddenly maan stopped and stared at her face, , his intense gaze stopped her smile also, , she can see the so much intensity in his eyes, the love,, and what he wants right now…. Thinking about that she blushed again….

His warm breath become more warm with his demand , her fingers reached in his scalp and massaged his hairs, , she closed her eyes indicating him to go one, , move ahead with your demand….he bend slowly his face, turning with the angle of kiss, , slightly brushed his lips with hers, ,their body jolted at once, , their body stiffed at once with the feel of each other lips second time…..

He brushed his lips again with hers while her one hand was roaming on his back shamelessly, , he grabbed her lips in his, , and nibbled slowly, , she too responded him back in the kiss, , and the slow kiss turned a passionate kiss, , both were chewing each other lips, , she gasped for air and he at once caught her tongue, , their tongue danced with each other, tasting the sweet honey nectar of their mouth, , it was like a heaven for them…


4 thoughts on “Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-47- 50

  1. Mane phele hi pad li wo kya hai na I couldn’t wait 4 u 2 give me in the blog so maine. Idhar udhar complete kar li
    Its a good story altogether however I felt that u have hurried up with the end !I

  2. awesum parts….loved the way they were closing the gaps in their relation….loved it the way they revealed abt their first and second meetings bfore marriage….loved the way they were xpressing their feelings too at that time….loved their beautiful kiss a mark of new togetherness…awesum

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