fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-39-46


“sure”, arjun replied…. Geet dragged him holding his arm and serve him, she whispered with happy expressions in his ear that she made this food…… arjun shocked and whispered back that then I am not going to eat this….. geet pouted cutely just then maan spoke…..

“You & geet seems good friends?” maan asked

Arjun looked at him for a moment,, doesn’t know that why maan is asking about their friendship, , he thought that maan doesn’t know about their friendship or not but then shrug off his thoughts and passed a smile to him to looked at geet, she also smile at arjun…..

“well Maan, you can say that me and geet are like brother & sister… more than friends…. Hai na geet?” arjun looked at geet for approval…..

“of course, we are more than friends….. our relation is something like no one can guess…” and she hugged him by side ways….. maan smiled at both of them, , he liked their relationship, , their friendship, , and they are like brother & sister, well neither he was doubting them nor jealous with them…. It was just….. curiosity, , curiosity for knowing about her, about her past life, about her relations with others, how well she had adjusted with others, , how special she is in other’s life, , how adorable she is, everything about her is just for appreciation, ,

“I am surprised to see you here as geet’s friend…. I never thought a person like you can be a friend like girl geet…..” maan put his thought in front of him…..

“why surprise maan??, I know I am a businessman but before that I am her friend or you can say her big brother…. I was always be with her when she was a child, ,” arjun cleared his side….

“ahh nothing like that arjun, , I was just wondering nothing else…. So tell me something about geet?” maan asked….. arjun looked at geet, while geet scared that what if arjun spit out everything about her childhood, she will be embarrassed, she denied arjun through her eyes, just then arjun changed the topic and told him about their friendship….. how deep their friendship is…..

“nice to see the bonding between you too…. Aajkal kaha dekhne ko milti hai aisi friendship, , now a days, peoples are only fake & backbiter, nothing else…”
he told thinking about himself, how unlucky he was in friendship and how lucky is geet…. She has friend circle and they love her like a maniac, but he, , none love him except his family and outsiders are only fake, , always roam wearing mask on their faces and never think about others……

arjun looked at him for a while, hearing his words, he was little bit shocked, why he is saying like everyone is fake, , and now a days this is very rare to see a friendship like this otherwise this world is very mean…..
“maan, is everything alright? Why are you saying like this?” arjun asked to him jus then maan regained about his words….. what I was talking? I have to forget everything…. He thought for just a moment then again pass a assuring smile to him…. and to everyone….. everyone sighed seeing him smiling knowing that he is fine now but geet & dadi can see the pain in his eyes……
His eyes are mirror of his heart, he can say anything but his eyes can never speak lie, , always speaks truth and tell to his beloved person that what is store in his heart…… geet was sitting beside him, she hold his hand on the table and caressed his hand for a while……. He looked at her and then at her eyes, he blinked his eyes couple of times and passed a smile….. she smiled at him too…..

“yeah, arjun, everything is fine, I was just saying about the outside world nothing serious….. ” maan spoke assuring words…..

The lunch cum brunch went well and everyone enjoyed each other company, they cracked jokes and arjun pulled her leg, they talked about Vicky , alka and about her family….. it was a lovely family time for everyone after a long time……

It was night when geet was setting the bed and maan was taking his night clothes, , just then Vedanta came in their room holding his tiny pillow and his teddy bear….. and he shouted “mama” , , geet and maan looked at the source of voice and both smiled at him……

Vedanta ran and settled himself on the bed in middle setting his pillow between tow pillows , , maan looked at ved and then geet understanding that Vedanta wants to sleep here tonight but just then ved stood up and went towards maan taking the files from maan’s hand and put them aside , maan was just looking at him what he was trying to do???

“beta, what are you doing?” maan asked to ved while geet smiled knowing that what he was trying o do but she was little worried about the question which is about rise, , ,

“papa, all the time, files, files and files” maan glare at him while geet giggled at the guts of vedanta taking files from his hand and talking to him like that, maan heared her giggle and glare at her also, she suppressed her giggle and put her finger on her lips showing him that now she is quiet….. maan softened his look and again looked at Vedanta, , while ved pulled his hand downwards, , pulling him towards the bed,,,,,, maan was going behind him by himself for want to know that what he trying o do…?

“Vedanta, beta, tell me, aapko kuch chahiye?” he nodded….. maan thought that he’ll demand about chocolates, or toys….. but he was wrong when he heard his words……

“papa, mama told me in morning that I can sleep with her tonight here, , chalo chalo abhi apna kaam band karo, mujhe neend aa rahi hai… ” Vedanta told everything in a while…… maan looked at geet asking for the explanation, , geet feared a little thinking that maan will shout at her, will be angry with her for telling him that he can sleep with her……

Maan stand up and went towards geet, , “ geet, what did you told to Vedanta?” he asked in his soft tone not to scaring her…..

She calmed herself….. “wo maan actually, when he was throwing tantrums in drinking milk that time I told him that if he’ll drink the milk then he can sleep with me,,, only this much, he became happy and had milk…. Mujhe kya pata tha ki wo aapke sath bhi son eke liye zidd karega…” she made a baby scaring face, ,

“geet, daro mat, I’ll not eat you.. samjhi..?” he asked to her…. She nodded and then maan smiled at her….. he held her hand, , “geet it’s ok, tum itna darr kyo rahi hai?? Tumne kuch galat nahi kiya hai…. ” their talks was distracted by Vedanta who was impatiently waiting for them on bed, waiting when they both will come and he will sleep between both of them…..

“mama, papa, what are doing both of you? Please come na, mujhe bahut zoro se neend aa rahi hai..” he said while rubbing his eyes feeling very sleepy, , geet ran towards him leaving maan alone there, ,

“arey mera bacha….. mama sorry hai, , aapko wait karaya na, , chalo hum sote hai…. Papa ko kaam karne do, ok….” geet kissed him on his forehead saying so but Vedanta denied and called again for maan, , this is the first time he is going to sleep with maan and he doesn’t want miss the chance for sleeping with both of his mama papa……

Geet was worried that will maan sleep with them, , because yesterday he told himself that he wants little time for adjusting in this relationship but this is Vedanta, , he knows him before her, he loves him also…. Maan assured her with his eyes and smile, , keep his files & laptop aside , turn off the lights of study and went towards them…..

geet and Vedanta were already settled on bed, , then maan settled beside Vedanta while geet was other side of Vedanta, , Vedanta held their hands and slept while geet & maan were looking at each other knowing that what they are thinking, what is going in their heart & mind, , maan & geet hold each other hand while Vedanta slept and loosened the grip on their hands, , both don’t know when they slept while looking at each other…….

It was early morning when geet woke up, , she felt maan’s hand on her waist holding her with so much with so much love, , and sincerity, , she felt contented feeling his touch on her body, , and shiver ran in her spine, she smiled at her thought, , ,

she turned aside and looked at ved & maan, the sight was mesmerizing, , a complete family, their child is sleeping peacefully in between his parents and looking so calm so maan also, , she can see a calmness, , a satisfaction on his face like he got what he craved for all the while…. Geet niharofying them for a while but then she slept back as it was so early in the morning…..


she turned aside and looked at ved & maan, the sight was mesmerizing, , a complete family, their child is sleeping peacefully in between his parents and looking so calm so maan also, , she can see a calmness, , a satisfaction on his face like he got what he craved for all the while…. Geet niharofying them for a while but then she slept back as it was so early in the morning…..

it was around 7 am in the morning when maan stirred from his sleep, he was hugging his son and his beautiful wife, well not completely hugging but yes holding her by her waist, he smiled at himself when he felt her waist under his palm, , , he held her more tight closed his again doesn’t want to get up, it’s like a dream for him, a complete family sleeping on a bed, it’s definitely a dream for him, how can it real?? He never imagined himself like this.. , ,

there is no reason behind not dreaming like this, , he never have life partner before this, , he never have anyone who can share his bed with him, but then he tried to open his eyes remembering last night events, how Vedanta insist sleeping between his mama and papa, , he smiled at his antics but because of him , me & geet are sleeping so close…..

he opened his eyes and looked at vedanta’s face, who is sleeping calmly like feeling any kind of satisfaction that his parents are near him, , to protect him from this mean world, to love him, to pamper him, to save him from any kind of pain, , it was like blind trust he has on his parents but it is not new, , every child has a trust on his/her parents that they will protect and love him/her….

Maan bend down his face a little and pecked vedanta’s forehead, , he felt over protective towards Vedanta after what happened with Vedanta….. what was the fault of this little life? Why he suffered but maan promised to himself that he never revealed this truth to him, , he never tell him that he is not their real child, , why to bother this little life when he is getting parentally love, , he bend down again and pecked again on his cheek this time and moved his finger in his hairs, , Vedanta smiled like he can feel his father’s touch on him…….

maan also smiled seeing him smiling in his sleep…. He turned towards geet and snuggled in her arms while maan was watching them so closely, , , he felt an urge to kiss geet but controlling himself, , she was looking so innocent while sleeping, , well she is really innocent while she is awake, , so serene, , so natural, , and so glowing without any makeup….. and the way she was holding Vedanta so close near her heart like protecting him from this world….. he smiled watching the scene, , no one can say that Vedanta is not her child, , geet & Vedanta has been involved with each other like this , like salt mixed in water, , no one can say that is salt in the water or not, , the same way Vedanta & geet loved each other the same way, ,

maan forward his hand and settled her flicks behind her ear which were disturbing her calm sleep, teasing her cheek, , she is really an epitome of beauty, , maan caressed her face with his fingers, she smiled feeling some kind of touch on her cheek, , he got up a little and move his face towards her face and pecked her forehead like thanking her for supporting him, , he felt contended with the scene and then went towards washroom, ,

geet & Vedanta snuggled more in each other just then her sleep disturbed with the phone call, , her phone is ringing while she stirred in her sleep covering her ears with the cushion , sighed that phone call went off, , she was about to remove the cushion from her ear, phone again buzzed and she threw away the cushion in anger , took the phone in her hand and picked it without seeing the caller ID…..

Geet- hello, ,

What hello? Why didn’t you picked my call?

What happened alka? Subah-2 kyo pareshaan kar rahi hai?? Geet complained still trying sleep again…..

Oye jag ja meri maa, , kab tak soyegi kumbhkaran? Alka tried to wake her through her cell…

Don’t disturb my sleep, , tujhe kya chahiye subah-2 ? geet complained…..

You know what I really pity on your husband, , tu abhi bhi pehle ki tarah kitna soti hai…. Alka trying wake her up again….

Tuney ye bolne ke liye phone kiya tha? Btw thanks for pitying on my husband… now bye…. Geet was about to cut her call…

Wait!!!! Alka screamed…..

Kya hai? Kitna zor se chillaya, , meri sari neend khraab kar di…. Finally geet woke up and settled herself by the bed’s head board….

Finally old trick hi kaam aa gaya… she started laughing….. tu kabhi change nahi hogi…. Tera maan tujhe daily aise hi uthata hai kyat ere kaan par chilla kar jaise hum uthate the?? Alka trying to control her laugh knowing that geet will be now making faces and that’s true, geet is making funny faces at alka’s comments….

Don’t make face, waise bhi I can’t see through phone so don’t waste energy….alka trying to be calm….

Theek hai, theek hai, , now tell me fast why did you called me at this time?? Geet asked patiently though she love to talk to her but she spoiled her sleep…. She was dreaming about her & maan…..

Achha chal, gussa mat kar…. Come to the point…. Did you read the Maan’s article in latest fashion magazine?? Asked alka….

Nahi to, , kya hai usmein?? Asked geet still yawning….

Arey , the upcoming fashion show me he is going to be show stopper , can you imagine Maan on ramp? , the Natasha kapoor , , uske latest winter collection , Maan is the brand ambassador, , Maan & Natasha kapoor ek sath , ek ramp par…. Haaye me thud…. I am going in this fashion show, and you know what it is going to be in Mumbai , , that mean Maan & you are coming to Mumbai…. Yippiee… I am so excited…. Finally take a breath of relief after telling everything to geet ….

On the other hand geet become excite hearing that she will to her house but become sad that maan didn’t told such things to her…..

Alka, tell me , when this article come out?? Asked geet…

Arey this Friday…. And today is Monday, wait a min, didn’t you read the article? Kaisi wife hai tu, tujhe tere maan ke kaam ke bare mein nahi pata?

Nahi , nothing is like that… I knew it, , I didn’t know about that article only…. Maan had told me everything about this fashion show…. Lied geet….

Theek hai, tell me when are you coming here? I am so desperate to meet you , maan and tera cutie sa baby Vedanta, , I really want to see him… though you have sent his picture to me but still I want to see him….. you know what I am very glad to know that you & maan adopted him otherwise none can think like this at this time….. alka told to geet…

Hmmm, , thanks for understanding, , I’ll ask to maan and then let you know, okay…. And Vedanta will also accompany with us…. Now happy….. finally geet smiled….

Okay…. Come soon…. Chal abhi tu so ja… and alka laughed at her own comment…

Now I can’t sleep, , I have to prepare breakfast for maan though servants can do but still I have to check out….

Okay, chal bye.. I have to go uni. And have to meet with Vicky also…

Okay… and love you… muah….. geet kissed on phone… at last the call disconnected…. Just then maan come out from the washroom in trouser and vest….. towel was around his neck and he was wiping his hairs, though it was difficult for him in wiping hairs but he is trying…. Maan saw geet , she is awake…

Good morning geet, , maan wished her…. Geet open her eyes hearing his voice…

Good morning maan, greeted geet….. geet saw he is struggling again but didn’t bother to call her once for help…. She got up and went towards him and snatched towel from his hand…. Maan startled suddenly but sighed seeing geet near him….

What is this maan? Why didn’t you call me for help? Asked geet…. She held his hand dragged him and make him comfortable on bed while she took the position near him and starts wiping his hairs while maan smiled at her….

Wo geet, you were sleeping so I didn’t have a heart to disturb your sleep…. Sorry next time it won’t be happen…. Maan tried to assure her….

It’s ok maan but promise me, next time you’ll call me…. Asked geet..

Promise geet…. Told maan….

Now you hairs are dried, let me take a shirt for you…. Maan nodded and geet went to take his shirt , , took the navy blue shirt for him and matching tie , , hanky and his other needed things…

Maan stood up and wore his shirt while geet come in front of him and starts buttoning his shirt and tied the tie also….. then geet remove the old bandage from his hands and bandaged his hands again and kissed them like her mom used to do , her mom used to kiss on her bandage whenever she injured, , and told her that the pain will fly away if we’ll kiss at injury…. Geet used to believe her mom and believe at this fact also, that’s why she kissed on maan’s hands , maan smiled at her knowing the reason behind her act because his mom also used to treat him like this…

Maan, aap ready ho jayiye , mai breakfast lagwati hu…. Maan nodded and geet went away downstairs…. After a while maan come down when geet was arranging breakfast at table… dadi was also present there….

Good morning dadi… maan wished her…

Good morning beta… dadi wished him back….

How come you are early dadi? And where is everyone? Asked maan….

Maan, you forgot, it’s only 7:30…. They will come after half an hour, , , replied geet…..

Okay…. Replied maan…. Geet come and have breakfast….. told maan……

I’ll do with everyone but I’ll accompany you…. Geet replied him back, maan smiled , geet served to maan and dadi while she took a glass of juice for herself….. she sat beside maan , he was having difficulty in holding the glass…. Geet saw it and took the glass from his hand and took it near his lips and gestured him to take a sip.. maan nodded and starts drinking juice, , after having breakfast, he bid bye to dadi while geet went behind him because he forgot his cell….

Maan, , geet called him…. maan stopped on his way and turned behind found panting geet…..

What happen geet? Asked maan…

Wo you forgot your cell…. Told geet….

Thanks geet… he came forward , cupped her face and pecked her forehead again, , bye geet…. Geet smiled shyly while maan was also expecting a good bye kiss….. geet knew that why he is waiting….. she went to tip toe and kissed hesitatingly on his cheek, smiled shyly again , , bye maan… have a good day…. He wished him….. maan also smile at her sweet yet innocent gestures… she is so adorable.. he was a fool who didn’t recognize her inner beauty…. He slapped himself mentally and smiled at her waved at her bye and went away while dadi felt happy seeing the little communication between both of them…. Like she found everything…..


He slapped himself mentally and smiled at her waved at her bye and went away while dadi felt happy seeing the little communication between both of them…. Like she found everything…..

Maan went to office while Geet went inside and straight headed towards her room for waking Vedanta as it’s time for his school….. she looked at ved who is sleeping so calmly snuggled in blanket like a small ball like he was in his dreamland…..

Geet smiled at him and sat beside him, , she caressed his face then ruffled his hairs little bit, bend down her face a little and pecked his forehead, , he is looking so innocent like maan looks so innocent while sleeping…..

Vedu, baby, , get up…. Finally Geet tried to wake him up…..

Ummm, , he made a noise only then covered his face with blanket….

Baby, utho… school ka time ho raha hai…. Geet removed the blanket from his face…..

No mama, pls 5 mins… ved said to geet trying to fetch little bit more sleep…..

Okay, only 5 mins, , I am coming in 5 mins… after that I won’t listen anything…. Understood…. Geet kissed his nose and went in his room for taking his uniform and his school bags & other belongings….. it’s been 5 mins, she come back to her room, , Vedanta being a good boy, , he was sitting on the bed while rubbing his eyes still in sleep…..

Awww my baby uth gaya….. geet went near him and placed a kiss on his cheek……

Good morning mama….. where is papa? Asked Vedanta…

Good morning sweetu…. Papa to office gaye…. Told Geet to Vedanta…..

Vedanta ke uthne se pehle chale gaye? He murmured to himself…..

Awww, , baby don’t be sad…. You know papa ne bola hai ki wo sham ko jaldi aa jayenge aur hamein park lekar challenge…. Geet lied to him but somewhere she knew that maan will come home early at evening…..

Really??? Vedanta beamed with happiness…..

Yes….. bas you have to remind your papa about park…. You know na papa bhul jaate hai….. geet told him while removing his night dress….. while ved nodded at her statement that maan will forget….

Ok mama, , mama I am a big boy…. Hai na…. asked Vedanta…

Yes, Vedanta is a big boy…. Replied geet…

Then I will take bath by myself ?…… asked Vedanta

No beta, abhi aap utne big nahi ho…. Replied geet…

No, just now you said I am a big boy then I’ll have my bath by myself……. , , , saying so he took his clothes and ran in his room for bath….. geet smiled….. she took her clothes and ran in her washroom for having bath because she is also in hurry, , she has to go Uni. And today is very important lecture…..she couldn’t miss it….

After a while everyone is ready, , , everyone gathered at dining table except Maan, , ,

Vedanta-mama, milk do na….. Vedanta told to geet while everyone on the dining table looked at little Vedanta with surprised face like they had seen some kind of creature…. Vedanta is asking for milk by himself…… geet’s mouth was fell open hearing his demand… everytime he denied for milk and she has to give him excuses for milk but this time, , 8th wonder…..

Geet-baby, , are you fine?? Geet checked his forehead….. checking if he has fever or anything but he is fine….

Vedanta-oho mama, don’t over react…. I am just asking for milk.. pls give it na… school ke liye late ho raha hai….. everyone smiled at his comment while geet was in dazed state gave him the glass of milk and Vedanta finished in one go…. Even delight the milk taste….

Well who knows what is going in this little brain….. he is having his plans and that will surely execute… and profit will all vedanta’s….. he is really happy today….

everyone had their breakfast while joking & pulling each other legs….. then geet left with Vedanta, she has to drop him at his school then she will go to Uni. , , annie has a off today so she and Ashlesha went for shopping along with dadi,, they will dadi at the Trust building and then will pick her, , , remaining Reyhansh went to study for doing some office work…. It is different study room only for others…. Maan has his separate study attached with his room……

Geet reached to Uni. And catch up with her friends….. everyone seems very happy but she doesn’t know the reason, , but Misha is little bit fed up with Piya…. Geet whisperedin abhay’s ear
“what’s the matter?? Piya is very happy, , tum dono ka patch up ho gaya kya?” asked geet…

Geet, what are you asking? Hamara break up hi kab hua tha jo patch up hoga, , , and rest about Piya, , don’t you know she is crazy… Abhay whispered back in her ear…. Geet nodded, ,

Geet, Piya, Abhay headed to their classroom while Misha, Kabir went to attend their VB class…..

They attended their important lectures and they got their assignments, it seems too difficult for them….. piya,geet & abhay got the same assignment, , it’s really helpful for them…. It was around 3, , geet had already called to annie and told her that pick to Vedanta from his school…. Though he has a school bus but they prefer to drop and pick him by theirself…..

It was a free period for MBA and MCA students…. They all five catch up with each other and sat in garden beside the main gate…. Just then they heard giggle of some girls, , they are MBA students…

They got up and went towards the girls and they hear their talk which they doing with each other, ,

Girl1-and you know what the latest news?


Girl1- THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA, , geet’s ear become like doggy’s ear hearing maan’s name from that girl…. She made a face…

Girl2-what about that hotty? She asked…… while misha also made face, , she doesn’t know that why all girls became so insane behind that maan?? While abhay trying to drag piya from there, because he knew that if piya will start on maan’s topic then she won’t stop…. She will be gag a over maan…..

Girl3-as you know he has his own brands and that too so costlier brands he made in his company KHURANA TEXTILES but still he is becoming brand ambassador for another brand and will endorse her branded clothes, , maan has very efficient & popular designers in his company but still he is going to be a show stopper of Natasha’s fashion show, , Natasha kapoor is launching her winter collection , , Natasha & Maan will be on ramp with each other as show stopper…. That is wow na…. hearing this geet & abhay turned found piya is lying on ground seems she shocked….

Girl2- this is really shocking, ,

Girl1-but you don’t know the main reason behind this….

Girl2,3- what is that?? geet also wanted to know that what is the reason behind this?

Girl1- arey Natasha is sister of Rajat Kapoor, ,

Girl2- Rajat Kapoor, , who is a businessman and right now he is in dubai….

Girl1-yes, , Rajat and Maan has old business relations, , I have read somewhere , , Natasha knew Maan from so long infact she had been worked in his company also…. Natasha asked to him and Maan couldn’t deny her…. That’s the main reason behind this…. Nothing else….

Girl3-ohh, , that’s the reason…. Geet also sighed hearing that’s the reason…. Nothing else….. abhay sprinkle water on piya’s face , , she came out from wonderland, , looked here & there….

What I heard while ago, , was that true??? Asked piya…. Misha & abhay rolled their eyes while kabir suppressed his laugh….

That was true piya….. replied geet…..

Piya took out the old magazine from her bag and looked at maan’s pic , , he was in business attire , , killer looks… she murmured to herself….. while geet heard this…. She wanted to snatch this magazine from her hand and wanted to tell to maan that why can’t he less handsome….? Every girl drooled over him…. she is burning inside, first those stupid girls and now drama queen piya…. On the other hand Abhay was also burning from inside seeing piya admiring maan, , , yeah she is in love with Abhay but always drooled over maan’s looks but sometimes only for teasing him to the core, , , she did with abhay like this because anger didn’t took over him so easily so sometimes she wanted to test his patience nothing else…. This was their daily routine to teasing each other…. This was a new kind of love of thiers….

Misha, pls pinch me yaar….. told piya…. Misha again rolled her eyes and pinched her so hard…. Piya jumped back and screamed….. aaahhh, , , rubbed her arm…..

You idiot, , I didn’t said that pinch so hard…. Piya glared at misha… abhay & kabir went aside and stood there watching their drama….

Relax babes, , why are you so flying so high…. You told me to pinch, and pinched you.. simple… saying so she went to abhay…..

Piya again went to her dreamland…..
Kash main ek baar maan se mil paati, , usey touch kar pati, , she was dreaming while geet was burning, , just then her sight fell on maan who is coming outside from principal’s office… actually he had a meeting with the management , , they want to construct a building attached to their university facing another side…though the university is so big but still they thought that they are lacking in some fields, , so they wanted a building for that….. MAAN came here for discussing the project….. management couldn’t found any other best construction company beside of KHURANAS…. That’s why they contacted to Khurana Constructions….

hey wo dekho kaun aya yaha, Maan Singh Khurana himself, , , , ,
piya exclaimed in happiness…. All turned and saw maan is coming….. maan stopped on his way and looked them hearing her voice….

he saw geet is standing there wearing black jeans and loose fitting white top, open hairs looking so beautiful, , he just wanted to go and hug her tight, , like crushing in his arms…. He doesn’t know why he has a feeling like this hugging her, , this is new for him…. he never felt like this…. While geet is looking at him with her big eyes, , and piya is at verge of faint with happiness, , right now the garden was empty, , those girls also went away in canteen, , , only they 5 were there…..


he saw geet is standing there wearing black jeans and loose fitting white top, open hairs looking so beautiful, , he just wanted to go and hug her tight, , like crushing in his arms…. He doesn’t know why he has a feeling like this hugging her, , this is new for him…. he never felt like this….

While geet is looking at him with her big eyes, , and piya is at verge of faint with happiness, , right now the garden was empty, , those girls also went away in canteen, , , only they 5 were there…..

Maan can see her angelic beauty. He went towards her taking his own sweet time, , taking slow steps of his creating havoc inside her geet, where maan was approaching her while geet was gaping at him openly or drooling over him shamelessly again, , on the other hand piya was trying to digest the fact that maan singh khurana himself stood in front of her, she rubbed her eyes again and again , but everytime she can maan singh khurana there, ,

Maan was feeling conscious with geet’s pierce gaze like she can see him through his clothes , he felt embarrass , a sweet yet un-noticeable smile was forming on his m-shaped lips which is playing with geet’s senses. She was dying already with the looks he was giving her and now his smile ufff, , , creating roller coaster inside her tummy, ,

She can’t think beyond him right now, , Abhay was all the while feeling literally jealous with the looks piya was having on her face for maan, , though this is the another fact that maan didn’t saw piya till yet, , tow men beside of maan , that is abhay & kabir thinking that what he is doing here but these two girls were lost in him where misha was rolling her eyes over geet & piya’s reaction…. No one was there beside these six, ,

Finally maan approached geet fully while piya’s mouth was fell open in big O shape, , it was kind of dream for hers come true, , maan can see others’s shocking face , he knew that already, but he is here only for geet otherwise he can go without telling her but he wants to meet her in her college right now,,,,

Maan wants to tease geet, , he wants to know that if geet has a jealousy factor inside her or not, , if she will get jealous from other girls or not? He wants to know her more then this is the perfect time for knowing about her, , in jealousy you can know other’s inner feelings which they have for you,, it was kind of love but a different type which will come out in a form of anger or possessiveness, ,

maan wants to know that if geet is possessive for him or not? The jealousy fact will really help him,, , maan turned towards misha behaving like he didn’t saw geet & piya because piya & geet were stood together where misha was alone…. Maan knew that these two girls are drooling over him where that tom boy types girl was engrossed in her own world may be laughing at some silly joke , and may be replying back in her cell, , , maan decided to tease geet and decided to approach that girl by himself, , he wants to see her reaction…..

“hey beautiful” maan said ignoring geet & piya to misha, , geet’s mouth was dropped open hearing hey beautiful from maan’s mouth and that too for misha where she was expecting this from him for her….. on the other hand misha was like WTH, , Abhay let out a giggle burning piya more….

“geet, kabhi bhi kisi se high hopes mat rakho… this is lesson no. 1” geet thought in her mind…. Geet blinked her lashes couple of times digesting the fact, , ,

“Oh hello! I am not in category of those types of yours so called bimbos, , who will melt hearing your hey beautiful”, , she said like chided to him….. misha is always like a tom boy

“Oh really, , then how will you melt? Tell me, I’ll try that trick also…” maan said to her while removing his goggles, , , geet and piya were stood there like a statue shocked hearing these lines from maan specially geet…. She never expected this from maan…. Maan can see the tinge of jealousy on her face, , the shocking expressions and the clutch over her book by her hands, , greeting teeth and murmuring something under her breath….

That is the sign of jealousy she is having from misha right now , , but maan was having fun seeing the new avatar of geet, , , till yet he saw geet is sweet yet innocent girl but right now she is totally different and looking so cute also…

“dekha geet, , kaise openly flirt kar rahe hai, wo bhi uss misha ke sath… chi chi baba ji, , don’t give freedom to anyone… hai na…. haan… lesson no. 2” geet again thought and made her mind…

“Oh mr. the over package of attitude , first tell me who are you?” misha asked to him though she knew that he maan singh khurana but she wants to know that what special he has that every girl is dying for one look from him for them, , if they’ll get his one look then they behaved like they got heaven…..

“achha kiya misha, , ab pata chalega maan singh khurana ko, , what he think that every girl dying for his one look… see here is exception case… don’t give much importance to anyone… yes… lesson no. 3” geet again think in her mind…. “geet, remember lesson no. 2, , don’t give freedom… stop him right now” she tapped her fingers on her book while thinking this…..

Maan opened his mouth for replying misha back but before he say something geet called him softly “maan” stopping him right there….. maan turned towards geet, , actually he wants that geet will call him by herself, , maan gave his simple yet killing smile to him, ,

“hey geet, , what are you doing here?” maan being innocent questioned her… while piya was like omg maan knew geet before that’s the miracle for her….. if geet knew maan then it’s kind of lottery for her….

“Maan , I am a student here, , doing mba remember?” geet asked gaining his attention….

“Ohh great…. Wonderful” maan replied to geet….

“btw maan, , what are you doing here?” asked geet..

“ohh nothing much geet, , just has some business work over here, , nothing else…. Classes are finished or not” asked maan

“ji, , classes are finished…. ” replied geet….

“no geet, still one lecture is left na, , ” told abhay..

“abhay, , that is not important, I don’t want to attend that one… ” told geet….

Okay replied abhay…. Where maan was also have a little bit jealousy seeing an unknown person with geet but showed nothing on his face…..that’s the good thing about him, , no one can know what is going inside his mind, , and his facial expressions, ,always same…..

At the same time geet got a call which was from annie, , , geet moved aside for taking her calls while piya was giving odd looks to maan , well that was the best look according to piya she is giving to maan while maan was feeling odd with her gaze over him…. suddenly she screamed and maan jumped back hearing her scream…. Actually piya asked to misha for pinch her, , misha this time also pinch her hard and she screamed , , , just then geet come there, , maan asked to her that whose call was that?

“annie ka call tha maan” she replied….. all her friends looking at them like they have seen aliens, , they are talking to each other so easily, perfectly like they knew each other from so long….

“what she was saying?” asked maan….

“ahh nothing, , just shopping stuff and all… ” geet replied… she tried her best to look calm but inside she was burning with the looks piya was giving to her…. She understand that there is no fault of hers, , whole fault of maan’s, , he is so handsome that every girl drool over him but thank god that misha is like that otherwise she will feel jealous from her both friends….

Maan sensed something with geet’s behavior, , she replied him angrily, , he though that lave is burning…. He smiled inwardly…. Maan move towards geet, , little bit more close, , put his hand around her waist….. piya follow het gaze on his hand and eyes popped up, , he moved his face so close to her and pecked her cheek….. “chalein Geet Sweetheart?” asked maan….. indirectly telling others that he is already booked…. Geet let out a fake smile on her face and moved with maan towards the main gate….

While behind then Piya fell down with a thud hearing Geet Sweetheart from Maan’s mouth, , ,

Maan opened the door for her while geet sat down inside on the passenger’s seat, , maan took the driver seat beside her and start the car…. They zoomed out from there leaving the puzzled four persons…. Abhay sprinkle water on piya’s face , ,

Geet looked outside the car through the glass window , , she is angry with maan and maan knew this…. He is very happy knowing that she can be jealous , , she has possessiveness for him.., , now nothing mattered him, , but geet is unhappy now so he has to patch up with her…..

“Geet “ he called her softly, , ,

“kya hai?” she snapped back, , maan backed off his hand feeling her temperature is high, , madam is boiling with anger…. He let out a deep breath while driving , , seems he has to work hard…. He tried again…. “geet , , what happen?” asked maan innocently , , geet turned towards him at once

“why can’t you be less handsome” asked geet greeting her teeth…..

Maan smiled inwardly seeing her reaction…. “is there any fault of mine?” asked maan….

“of course, , whole fault of yours, , why you have these killing looks on your face, , your M Shaped lips give other girls dirty message, , your Attitude killed them, , everything about you give other girls wrong Intentions…. So every fault of yours….” Spoke geet in one go, , she didn’t know what she said while maan was jumping in joy….

“did other girls found me handsome, attractive, sexy?” asked maan again innocently , , looking straight at the road while geet’s attention on his face, , her mind is not in her control, ,

“bilkul… every girl found you attractive, , handsome, , sexy, , and … and Greek God bhi , , haan” replied geet…. She nodded in acceptance…

“really?” asked maan turning his face towards her…..

“bilkul” replied geet making her eyes big and again gave a nod in yes…

“did you also found me attractive, handsome, sexy and , , and yes, Greek God too?” asked maan… maan was laughing inwardly, ,

“of course yes, , why can’t i? I too found you attractive, handsome, sexy, and yes, Greek God too” replying while counting everything on her finger…..


“did you also found me attractive, handsome, sexy and , , and yes, Greek God too?” asked maan… maan was laughing inwardly, ,

“of course yes, , why can’t i? I too found you attractive, handsome, sexy, and yes, Greek God too” replying while counting everything on her finger…..

He smirked at his victory but keep his lips sealed as he didn’t want to ruin the moment…. He saw the deserted place and thought for something, , he didn’t know that why he wants to know her more about her inner feelings, , as if his life depends on her feelings, , every moment wants her, , something is awakening inside him but he doesn’t what is that?

He felt like drowning himself in her dark almond brown eyes like he knew these eyes before, , he wants the answers of his questions, , like she has some secrets in her deep almonds which she is hiding from him but what? Whenever he saw in her eyes , , he felt like he has some connection with those hazels, , he wants to know why he felt like that? but he feared if he hurt her again asking some questions to her, , if she takes him wrong then what will he do?

This is not insecurity but something else…. He shrugged off his thoughts and stopped the car aside , , he turned his face towards geet, , he saw her pouting face , still she is feeling jealous , , ohh how much he loved this scene but he has to take a move forward towards her, , , a cute frown on her face making her more cute, she is still thinking that why he is so handsome that every girl dying to have his one look and feel like they got some kind of treasure, , ohh god she will go insane if she is thinking like this….

Maan knew that what she is thinking like he is any mind reader, , he chuckled at her thought and leaned over her a little where she doesn’t know whether is car moving or not, , she lost in her thoughts, , just now she confessed her feelings to him but she doesn’t know….. it is true that she loves him but she didn’t confessed it openly to him, , he knew that she loves him but he wants to know where she saw him? exactly when she started love him? what made her think that she has feelings for him? why he doesn’t know about her? Only remember a girl’s brown eyes, , the same colour geet has, , the same big eyes , ,

He leaned over her and whispered huskily making her shiver suddenly with the sudden whispers of his, ,


she stiffened a little hearing her name but then relaxed found him, , her breath relaxed a bit seeing him but the close proximity they are sharing, , ohh how much she love it but fearing that he love it or not?

“what are you thinking geet?” he asked, , his voice is merely audible but she can hear it, , his hot breath was fanning on her side nape , she closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her skin , , she felt like any ball is going upside down inside her tummy , , she blushed with the thought only feeling his closeness with her where maan was observing her very closely, , he can sense that what she is thinking? He can see the redness on her cheeks, , she is blushing but nothing is happened between them right now, , the closeness between them made her blush,, , she never blush like that in these two days and right now, , why?

He got the answer by himself, , right now they are alone and the topic is also like that…..

“geet, , why are you blushing?” he asked leaning over her more barely touching her nape with his lips , ohh she felt current in her body, , his name slipped from her mouth with the feel of his lips..

“maan” geet whispered back…

“hmm geet, , tell me one thing” said maan to her….

“hmm maan, , kya?” she asked lost in him….

“tumne jo abhi kaha, is that true?” asked maan feeling her skin under his lips, ,

“haan maan” replied geet in a trance, , she doesn’t know nothing right now, , the feel of his M shaped luscious lips, , her heart is pumping fast against her chest so fast, , her chest is going up & down with the rapid breath, , they were so close, , ,

“hmm, geet…. Are you still feeling jealous ?” he asked lost in her still , , lost in her almonds…

“hmm, ” she nodded in acceptance….

“why geet? ” he asked to her, , wants to hear from her, her inner feelings….what she thinks about him, , why she feel jealous?

“because” geet said…. Still closing her eyes where his barely touching lips on her nape creating havoc inside her, , she felt like pours on her arms shivering, ,

“because” he asked rubbing his nose on her skin, ,

“because maan” she opened her mouth again but nothing is coming out….

“haan geet, , bolo because” he encourage her a little…

“because mai wo” she opened her eyes at once hearing the horn sound which is coming from the passing vehicle, , maan too come back in his sense , , a sudden silence prevailed between them at once, , just before they were so close and now they are embarrassed, , she hid her blush looking outside the window where maan straighten himself, , he looked in her direction, , he knew that she is still blushing , , he cleared his throat for gaining her attention, , she looked at him back…

“geet wo, , mai wo, , abhi jo hua…. I mean so” he was about to say sorry to her but he was silenced by her hand, , she knew that he will say sorry to her and she doesn’t want that, , she put her hand on his lips for silencing him, ,

“please maan, , never think like this… and don’t you dare to say sorry again to me, , got it” she threatened him , , she was hurt that everytime something happened between them and he said sorry to her…. She wants to move ahead with this relationship, , not to regret…. She smiled…. And then emphasize the word “please” like a pleading child…

He remove her hand from his mouth and held between his, , he looked down at her hand and rubbed it slightly with his thumb like soothing the pain she is feeling now with his unfinished sorry….

“as you wish geet, , last time forgive me, , I won’t say sorry again to you.. promise” said to her looking in her eyes again where he is still caressing her hand with his thumb…. She felt his soft thumb over her skin, , his slight touch on her skin gave goose bumps in her, , she nodded accepting his promise….. he brought her hand near his lips and placed a pecked over her hand, ,she looked down and blushed again….

Ohh , he can see the redness again on her cheeks snatching his breath away from him, , his heart is thudding against his chest like blood circulation of his heart became fast, , heart beats going fast seeing her only blush….

She tried to take her hand away but he tighten his hold on her hand while she blushed more, , she opened her eyes hearing some sound , she looked at his direction, , the sound is coming from his stomach, , his stomach is grumbling, , he is hungry, ,

“maan, you are hungry?” she asked to him, , he nodded making puppy face…. He thought for a while then looked back at her face…..

“geet, will join me in lunch, , we can go in some hotel if you want or we can go home also, , ” asked maan…

“of course, yeh bhi koi puchhne wali baat hai…. ” she replied back….

“where do you want to go?” asked maan putting the car in gear, ,

“as your wish maan, ,I am happy with both” she replied back….

“okay, , ” he said only this and drive the car…. She was stealing glances of his and the same was happening with maan… he was also stealing glances of her face but fearing like he is doing any sin like she is not his and stealing glances of her face is like doing any crime , , she felt his nervousness , she knew that he is looking at her time to time but said nothing… actually she loved it….

She held his hand which was over the gear, , and squeezed a little assuring him that she is fine with this…. He felt relief with her sweet gesture , and smiled at her back assuring her back that he is fine now…. Ohh how much she loved this smile of his..! this smile makes her crazy, , she took her cell and on the camera, ,

“maan” she called him softly, , he turned towards her still having a sweet smile on his face, , she clicked and he heard that click sound suddenly the smile washed away from his face, , geet chuckled, , ,

“Kodak moment” she smiled back….


“maan” she called him softly, , he turned towards her still having a sweet smile on his face, , she clicked and he heard that click sound suddenly the smile washed away from his face, , geet chuckled, , ,

“Kodak moment” she smiled back….

His smile was washed away but then he smiled back at her, , he loved this innocent act of hers, , Beside of snatching cell from her hand maan was smiling at her antics, , actually he is loving this new geet because he is on the way of knowing about her, , those little-2 things which made her more beautiful by inside, , the inner beauty is really needed, , he wants inner beauty rather than outside beauty, , he was ditched once by her who has outside beauty but from inside she was a beast but where the girl who is sitting beside him, she is beautiful from inside n outside too, ,

His face is glowing like any girl’s face glow, , he doesn’t know what he treasured , , why he is smiling without any reason but right now he get to know one thing and that is, , he felt like smiling when he is with geet, ,

By the time they reached to hotel, , it is not crowded hotel but according to his taste, , he likes less people where he went and this is the same place, , maan come out from the car and move towards her side, , she was about to open the door but before that maan opened it for her…. She felt nice with his sweet gesture….

Maan locked the car and held her hand in his taking her inside the hotel, , she moved with him like she is the part of his body…… maan left her hand while walking, , she looked at him confusingly , thinking that why he left her hand but his next movement stunned her, , she felt something on her waist, , found that his hand on her waist holding her protectively, , she looked at him then looked down shyly and blushed….

Maan knew that she is blushing, , he thought to tease her little bit , , he bend down his face a little matching with her level, ,

“geet, , don’t blush too much,,,,,, we are at public place” maan whispered in her ear making her stop on her way, , she looked at him stunned again with his words but then blushed again, ,

“geet, , you are blushing a lot, , maine kuch kiya kya?” he asked seductively in her ear sending shivers down in her body…… they are still in outside the hotel, alone in parking area…..

“maan” she whispered shyly…. She loved his teasing but she is not used to it, , she knew that she loves him but this is new feeling for her, , the tickling sensation she felt when maan come close to her, , the roller coaster inside her tummy, , when he look at her, the sudden redness appear on her cheeks making her blush, , she loved this new feeling, ,

“geet, , bolo na maine kuch kiya?” he asked again while walking taking slow steps lost in each other….

“nahi” she replied enjoying her closeness with him, ,

“kuch karu?” he asked again , still he is teasing her, , he knew that she will deny but her reply shocked him, , he thought why not fulfilling her wish…

“haan” she replied back to him again lost in him….

“really!” he asked again, ,

“hmmm” she replied back….. but the next act of his stopped on her track….

Maan walked fast pecking her cheek like a newly boyfriend did with her girlfriend for teasing her, , geet stood there rooted and touched her cheek where maan kissed just a while ago, , and blushed again but suddenly she came back in her sense, , she ran behind him, , he turned and ran ahead facing her laughing at her plight….. geet stood there at once hearing his laugh…. Ohh he looks awesome when he laugh, , so mesmerizing sight…. She was admiring him, , he stopped laughing when he saw her lost in him…

He moved towards her, , shaking her by her shoulder…..

“geet, what happened?” he asked in worry..

“you looks more handsome when you laugh..!” she said looking in his eyes….. he smiled at her compliment…..

“please aap smile kiya kijiye, , aapko suit karta hai” she said to him….. she tiptoed and kissed on his cheek, , maan blushed with a small kiss, , geet looked down and blushed again….

I keep thinking of how much I love talking to you..
How good you look when you smile.
How much I love your laugh.
I day-dream about you off and on,
replaying pieces of our conversation;
laughing at funny things that you said or did..
I’ve memorized your face & the way that you look at me..
I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine..
I wonder what will happen the next time we are together
& even though nothing will come out of this,
i know one thing for sure, for once.. i don’t care,
i cherish every moment i have with you.

(credit goes to an unknown person, , don’t know who wrote this one, , found it on net…)

“chalein geet?” asked maan again holding her by her waist lovingly… she nodded and they entered in hotel where the manager saw them and greeted them….. he personally took their order and told his serviceman for taking his extra care…. They ordered Indian food because geet wants to eat this….

Maan and geet left alone, , because they were sitting in his personal area, , it was his usual table at the corner , , when he come here with some really important person in family then he come here whether it is dadi or annie or his close friend in business world…. And now geet also added in the list…. Now he has accepted that geet is really important to him…. ..

Silence was disturbing them, , both were looking at each other, , geet placed her hand over maan’s which was on the table…. Maan looked at the hand then at her face…. And knotted his brows asking to her what happen? She shook her head in denial and held his hand in hers…. Maan sensed something…. He saw she opened her mouth for saying something to him….

“maan, you must be thinking that as a joke which I said in car” told geet…

“what geet?” asked maan placing his hand over hers…

“which I said about you like handsome and all, , ” she said to him placing her left hand over him…. now their hands completely joined with each other…..

“what happen geet?” asked maan sensing seriousness in her voice…

“maan, , don’t take that as a joke, , I really mean it,,,, ” there is no regretting or anything in her words… the simple confession she did to him…. maan silent for a while listening her,, her melodious voice

“it was not in jealousy, , it was my inner feelings which I have for you, , I really mean it maan, , but it is also true that I can’t see you with anyone….pls don’t ever leave me”

He brought her hand near his lips and placed a assurance kiss on her hand…. “never ever geet, , and this is msk’s promise… but you have to promise also geet” asked maan to her still holding her hands near his lips…

“kya maan?” asked geet…

“promise me geet, , tum mujhe kabhi chhod kar nahi jaogi, , kuch bhi ho jaaye, , pls geet ” asked maan, , he wants geet by his side at every moment of his life, , he wants to cherish every moment of his life with her, , he wants to share his life with her, , in these 2-3 days he got to know her importance in his life, , the small-2 things she did for him, , this is unforgettable, , the love she had for Vedanta, , unmatchable, , everything about her so good….. he don’t want to loose her, , never ever…

“I promise maan, , I’ll never leave you alone and this is mrs. Msk’s promise… ” geet replied back in his manner…. Maan smiled hearing her statement…. Just like him….

Na koi kisi se dur hota hai,
Na koi kisi ke kareeb hota hai,
Zindagi khud hi nazdeek la deti hai,
Jab koi kisi ke naseeb mein hota hai…

(credit goes to nishita25 aka my sweet shona nishi, , love you dear for sending this sms to me, , muah)

“thank you geet meri zindagi mein shaamil hone ke liye…. And thank you for telling me your feelings which you have for me….” Geet smiled….

“geet” maan called her….

“haan maan” she answered back…..

“I want to confess something, , ” maan uttered finally, , he made up his mind today that he will tell her, , he will tell her that how he feel for her, , everything, ,

“kya maan?” asked geet…..

“geet, , I like you geet, , I really like you, , you must be thinking that this is because we are in relationship now, , but nothing is like that geet. Geet you know what, , I like you from the day 1 when you entered in Km, , the love you have for me, , the innocence inside you, , you never hate me for that I did with you, , the love you have for Vedanta, , the way you handle everything” maan was interrupted by geet in mid…

“maan, why are you saying all this now? I didn’t want to hear anything about the past, ,” told geet to him…

“no geet, , not today, , don’t stop me, , tumne socha hoga ki I hate you that’s why I didn’t accept you but geet nothing was like that, , ” told maan, ,

“to fir kaisa tha maan?” asked maan, , now she wants to know….

“because mai tumhe jhuti ummedein nahi dena chahta tha, , I never hate you geet, , I wanted to talk to you but you promised that you never show your face to me, , I was hurt that day because I hurt you, , apure innocent heart who deserves only happiness nothing else, , but what I gave you only pain…. But today I promise you geet, , aaj ke baad sirf khushiyaan hi hongi hamari zindagi mein, , sirf aur sirf khushiyaan…” told maan….

“sachi maan?” asked geet, , her face beamed with happiness, , a tear of happiness come out from her eyes…

“muchi geet” he replied back… he wiped her tears away from her eyes….

“aaj ke baad yeh aansu inn aankho mein nahi honge geet, ,I promise geet” maan told her and promised again…. He felt light after sharing this with her , , just then their sweet moment interrupted by the waiter, ,

“here is your order , sir” he placed everything on the table… “anything else sir?” waiter asked to him, , maan looked at geet for asking to her if she need something else, , she shook her head in no…
“no, , you go, , and don’t disturb us till then we call you” maan said to him… he nodded….

Geet is about to serve him the food but maan stopped her holding her hand in mid…

“no geet, , today I’ll serve you, , will you mind?” asked maan…. She shook her head…. Maan started serve her and himself too… maan took the chapati’s bite and dipped it in the veg, , and placed it near her mouth, , she looked at morsel and at him, , ohh,, she loved this sweet gesture of his… she opened her mouth and ate , , maan smiled….

“now it’s my turn” said maan, , behaving like a little kid who is happy like his mom will feed him food, , geet smiled at him and feed him , , maan again feed her, , turn by turn both are having their food…. It was best time of their till yet and they are cherishing it completely lost in each other….


“now it’s my turn” said maan, , behaving like a little kid who is happy like his mom will feed him food, , geet smiled at him and feed him , , maan again feed her, , turn by turn both are having their food…. It was best time of their till yet and they are cherishing it completely lost in each other….

Geet felt his gaze on her, , she looked up and found he was staring at her, , his intense gaze awakening some desires inside her, , she knotted her brows and asked him what happened? Why are you staring at me? He shook his head and pointed at her lip….

She doesn’t understand what he is saying? She asked to him again with her eyes, , maan told her wait with his eyes and she nodded….. he moved his finger towards her lips, , her heart beats raised and she felt like submit herself in him, , she closed her eyes and the next moment his finger on her lip, , ohh it felt so soothing like he has applied ointment on her wounds, , the touch of his finger on her lips felt amazing, , but he is awakening more desires in her, ,

His finger was rubbing her lower lip, , she opened her eyes and found him staring at her, , she lowered her lashes and blushed, , his thumb caressed the side skin of her lip on her cheek and the next moment she was shocked but the blushed furiously due to his act…. He tasted his finger which was rubbing her lower lip , , she felt like he is tasting her lip with his lips, , her throat went dry with his little act but he doesn’t know what effect it left on her, , the feminine hormones are changing it’s motions, ,

“wo geet, , tumhare face par thoda food laga tha, so maine” maan trying to explain his act to her….

“maan, , please don’t give explanation to me, , you have very right” she told some words which gave relief to him….. both finished their lunch feeding to each other , lost in each other, , they doesn’t know how close they came in this one day only…. Today morning their day starts with niharofying each other then good bye kiss, , then the college fiasco, , and then the parking area teasing and now the time they spend with each other in lunch time… it was different feeling for each other….. half day changed their lives….

Maan paid the bill and both moved out….

After a week, it was Sunday, , everyone was enjoying
Their time with each other talking with each other…. All were sitting in living room, , just then reyhansh spoke,

Rey-bhai, , we are getting bore, , no fun at all….

Ash-yup bhai, I am agree this time with rey, , koi faida nahi India aane ka,,, you all are so busy, , no fun…. She made a face….

Annie-ha bhai…. You are bust in office, bhabhi busy in studies, and this little one cutie also not doing anything, , I am also having my holiday, , what to do?

“then join me” a voice interrupt their talk… all looked at the source of voice…..

Arjun, annie exclaimed in happiness and ran towards him…. She hugged at him at once while arjun looked baffeled with he sudden hug, , he was not expecting hug, yeah expecting it but from geet not from annie…. All looked at annie with their wide eyes, , geet gulped her saliva and looked at maan, , his facial expressions saying that he is not approving this….

What are you doing? Arjun whispered in her ear…. Annie come back to reality and broke the hug… she went back to her seat and arjun also took his seat beside geet…..

Arjun-geet,, actually I came here to inform you that I am going to shimla for some business work… and will stay there around 2-3 weeks…. I come here specially for informing you otherwise later you quarrel with me….. geet’s mouth dropped hearing that shw will quarrel with him…

Geet-what do you mean that I’ll quarrel with you? Maine tumse kab jhagda kiya? Bolo…

Arjun-achha, , you forgot the last one, , I went to chennai and god the whole week you didn’t talk or met with me…. That’s why this time I don’t want to take any risk…

Geet-theek hai, , go away and apne sath rey, ash and annie ko bhi le jao.. bechare they will have fun also…

Annie-really bhabhi… we can go??? Asked annie…

Maan-excuse me, , I am here still…. Koi mujhse bhi puchhega?? Maan interrupt them…. Annie bit her lip and her whole excitement went in vain… geet held his arm and told him that say yes by their eye talk… first maan thought to tease them and have little fun but then gave up….

Rey-bhai please say yes na… I have never been in hill stations in India…

Ash-please bhai, say yes na…

Maan-okay but…

Annie-but what bhai?

Maan-yahi ki take care of each other…. Everyone smiled and beamed with happiness… after that rey,ash and annie packed their clothes and the very next day they flew away to shimla for enjoying…. They wanted to take Vedanta with them but he is so small and having school also…..

It was two week from that day, , geet had a two week holidays for the preparations of pre-exams, , and she has to complete all the assignments…. She was very busy in her assignments and she has to cope up with vedanta’s studies too, , though maan was there for them but still he has his office work also, , and always get tired with the hectic schedule of his office now-a days, , he is working on a very important project and daily he has to visit construction sites and daily he had meetings about the changes they are having in their model, ,
on the other hand, , in KT, , they are having the upcoming winter collection, , he has to meet with the designer, , finalize the material, , finalize the design , , finalize the material stock, , dealing with other companies , from whom they are purchasing the material in a heavy stock, planning the strategies for endorsing their collection, , this was not so easy but this was his daily routine , ,

maan was used to all this but that time he was alone, , only annie and dadi was with him, , there was no any thought that he has to give his time to others but now there is geet & vedanta for him, , responsibility and has to take care of them, , give his time to them, , pamper them, , and now-a-days it is really impossible for him but still he is trying his best….. when he come back, only he found geet waiting for him, , he felt bad for her but what he can do, , work ate up his whole time, ,

geet understood him, , because this really happened with her brother Tej and her dad… they also used to come home late nights when there was much work in office… but she is happy with this also, , at least they can spend little time with each other….. still there is no much open relation between them but there is no much hesitation between them, , they are coping up with each other very efficiently,

On the other hand, geet is also not able to give much time to Vedanta as her & his studies taking her whole time and then she has to spend little bit time with dadi and annie also and at night , she wants to spend few minutes with maan, , Vedanta daily slept with maan and geet on their bed, , he went early in their room and slept before maan come home, ,

By this act of Vedanta, geet & maan also sleep on the same bed with each other….Vedanta is not used to awake late nights so he went to sleep till maan come home, , Vedanta wanted to go to park that day but maan has to canceled it because of his sudden meeting and he couldn’t ignore that, ,

It’s been two weeks that geet didn’t talk with anyone of her friends, , because they went to Dehradun for spending their holidays with their parents and they can prepare there too, ,

It was a Monday , , geet has her exam today, , geet was getting ready while maan also, , Vedanta was already ready and went downstairs for breakfast, , maan was getting late because he has a final meeting today then the work load will be less and he can spend his time with his family also,, just this final meeting, ,

Maan- geet, where is my matching tie, ,I am getting late…. Geet was in bathroom wearing her clothes after bath, ,

Geet-maan, please check, , wahi kahi hoga, , geet shouted from the washroom,, maan checked it, , he wants black tie with white stripes on it matching with his shirt, ,

Maan-geet, nahi mil raha hai, , kaha rakha hai? Please aakar help karo na…. maan shouted again busy in searching tie in his wardrobe, , geet gave up and wore her clothes in such a hurry…..

Geet-coming maan…. Maan heard her voice and stopped searching and went to comb his hairs, , geet come and starts searching his tie…. She was having all fresh look on her face, , little wet curls teasing her cheeks, , top was not at it’s proper place and she was wearing the shirt, , two buttons were not close because she wore her clothes in hurry, ,

Geet-maan, , aapko tie milta bhi kaha se, , you have put your laptop bag on it…. She told him showing the tie and laptop bag, , while maan smiled at his foolishness,, he move towards her and took tie from her hand and mouthed thank you to her, , she smiled at him and went to comb her hairs…..

Maan was about to wear his tie but suddenly he got the call from his one client with whom he was having meeting, , maan got lost in his call so that he forgot to wear his tie, , geet glanced at him, , she put down the comb and move towards him and took tie from his hand, , first he startled with the sudden touch because he was too lost in his call, , but then smiled at her and gave her space to access the work…

She starts tiding his tie and he was talking on phone, , by the time he finished his call and geet also finished with his tie, , she was checking his clothes whether they are perfect or not , , on the other hand maan was busy checking her, , his sight fell on her two buttons which were not closed, , maan smiled at her negligence and his finger automatic moved on her buttons, ,

She felt shivers with the touch of the tip of his cold fingers on her belly, , his heating gaze on her face while his fingers on her shirt button, , her hands automatically moved on his chest, , she was taking heavy breath while his fingers stopped on button and his whole attention was on her face, , she was looking so angelic, so pure and serene, , his fingers moved on second button and close it, , he moved his face towards her ear and whisper that made her blush, ,

Maan-geet, , thoda dhyaan, , I don’t want that anyone will see my wife like this…. Maan encircled his arms around her waist while she was setting his tie, ,

Geet-really mr. khurana?

Maan-yes of course mrs. Khurana….

Geet-then you have to take care also of yourself…. Maan knotted his brows…

Maan- like mrs. Khurana? Asked maan,

Geet-like, , you have to take care of your dressing style…. Replied geet with a naughty glint in her eyes….

Maan-matlab? Geet buttoned up his waist coat…

Geet- matlab, I don’t want that anyone see my husband pant, , and giggled looking at him…. First he was little confused then he followed her gaze and realized that h didn’t wear his pant till yet…. He felt embarrassed first then smiled at her, ,

Maan-wo geet, , I was little tensed that’s why and… maan again was interrupted by geet…..

Geet-maan, don’t give explanation… ho jata hai…. Now wear it fast….. maan wore his pant and hurriedly wore his pant and then cupped her face…

all the best for today’s exam…. And saying this kissed on her forehead, , geet also get ready and both moved downstairs, ,

Geet’s exam was over and she got a call from that he will pick her up as the meeting got over, , maan picked her and both had lunch together in hotel, , both wants to spend little time with each other, , it’s been two weeks that they didn’t have lunch or dinner together…
Jus then geet got a call from home….

“hello” geet took the call..

“hello mama” told Vedanta from the other side…

“haan baby, , kya hua?” asked geet…. Maan gestured to geet that you talk to him till then he will take the car from parking, , she nodded and maan left her there….

“mama, , please bring pastries and my new wali remote car” Vedanta requested to geet, , he was asking from so many days for remote car and today he thought that he will ask to her again….

“okay bacha, , mama aapki pastries and remote car le aayegi… abhi happy na?.” asked geet….

“haan, , bohot happy, , love you mama” told Vedanta, , he beamed with happiness, , today he’ll get his favorite remote car….

“love you too vedu” told geet and kissed him through the phone….. they cut the call, , maan was not there so she thought that she will call him and tell him that toy shop is outside so she will buy the toys and pastries also which is near by of toy shop, , he will pick her from there…..

She called maan and told him everything , , he said he will accompany her…. She said okay to him and the next minute maan was there in car, , geet get inside the car and both zoomed out…

“geet, , we’ll buy from the mall which is not far..” said maan to her… she accepted and both went there in the mall which is not is not far from there….

They get inside and selected toys for Vedanta and buy pastries and ice creams for other members, , maan paid the bill and then they are coming out from the shop, , both were so lost in their talking and laughing ,,


She called maan and told him everything , , he said he will accompany her…. She said okay to him and the next minute maan was there in car, , geet get inside the car and both zoomed out…

“geet, , we’ll buy from the mall which is not far..” said maan to her… she accepted and both went there in the mall which is not is not far from there….

They get inside and selected toys for Vedanta and buy pastries and ice creams for other members, , maan paid the bill and then they are coming out from the shop, , both were so lost in their talking and laughing ,,
(narration by maan)
I and geet were coming out from the toy shop and we are laughing , actually geet cracked a joke over a lady and a man who was with that lady, , I never laughed at any joke but this time I couldn’t control on myself and laughed along with her…. Me too cracked a joke over another couple and some boys…. It was a great fun with her…. She is really an angel… I have already confessed to her that I like her, , I really enjoyed her company, , her small-2 sweet gestures , , I really like her….

We are were walking while hand in hand…. She didn’t hold my hand, , I held her hand…. She looked at me and then smiled… I also smiled at her and rub her hand with my thumb… it was a great time…. Today it was a last meeting with the clients, , so today I am free now, , I am happy that I can give time to geet and Vedanta… both are craving for me, I knew that…. I was feeling little guilty for not giving her time , she never complained but I can see her eyes that she is craving for me, , I promised her that in our life, , there will be happiness all the time but seems I am failed this time….. ufff….. but now I’ll make it up, ,

We are coming down, we have ordered toys and gave the address, , they will deliver the toys before we reach at home, , that’s one thing I really liked about that shop…. They do their work on time even before the time and I really appreciate those person who are punctual in their work….

Me and geet came down now but suddenly we heard some sound of clicking….. geet turned towards me and asked to me….

“maan, what is media doing here?” she held my arm now feeling scared little because she never face media, , I held her hand which is over my arm…..

“geet, nothing will happen, ok.. there will be some meeting or something else” I assured her, , she nodded and looked towards media just then I heard a voice, , oh gosh… I am in a mess now…. Media saw me and that too with geet, , now I can’t go away from here because all the media people ran towards me, and start clicking pictures…. I tried to hide geet’s face by my hand but no use, they had already captured her face…. They were asking questions to me continuously, ,

Rep1- Mr. Khurana, who is she?
Rep2-what relation you have with this girl?
Rep3-what are you doing with her?
Rep4-is she your girlfriend or some kind of yours , , before he complete his sentence I closed his mouth with my answer….

“she is my wife… Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, got it” I told, , there was deadly silence when I roared.., , even we can hear the sound of falling needle…. The pin drop silence convert into the huge applauds and the questions they started to ask me…. Geet got scared with my voice and she hid her face in my chest…. I held her tightly….

Rep1-when did you merry with her?
Rep2-why no one knew about that you are married now?
Rep3-is there any reason behind hiding the your marriage mr. khurana?

Before I reply them back, there was sudden hustle bustle, , I don’t know what happened suddenly the crowd started running here and there for saving their life, , suddenly I felt a push and the grip I have over geet loosened , , she got separated from me, , the next moment I saw some goons , I think they did robbery, , I was having push by the people who are running for saving their life….

And the next moment, I felt like the land under my feet slipped away, , geet was bleeding from her back and she fell down on the ground…. The goons were passed from her, , the next moment I heard a gun shot, , I felt like the heart beat of my heart stopped at the very moment…..

I shouted her name “Geet”, , she was far away from me, , i ran towards her but before I reached to her, , she was on the floor, , peoples were running , I saw some people ran over her, , police was also there, , beside of saving peoples , , they were firing in air…. I felt like snatch their gun and shoot them right now but I gave up the idea and took geet in my arms, , she was going unconscious state, , I shook her, , patted her cheeks..

“Geet, geet open your eyes….” Tears slipped from my eyes…. I never mind about those tears… I took geet in my arms and ran outside without wasting any second more….. I reached to the parking area and drove to the hospital… geet was badly bleeding, , I don’t know what to do? I never felt so hopeless, so helpless before, , I felt like my life is slipping from my hand like sand slip from the fist…

While driving I took the water bottle from the dashboard and opened it with my one hand and tried to sprinkle water on her face…. I am trying that she will awake till we reach to the hospital…

“Geet, geet please, open your eyes, , please geet try to open your eyes…” I was trying continuously , , she slightly opened her eyes, I felt like relief of breath, I speed up the car and trying to reach the hospital asap….

“m-ma-aan” she whispered my name, , she was moaning in pain continuously, I can’t see her like this…. She was stabbed by the knife on her back and a gun shot on her arm, , there were another gun shot also and 2-3 people were also shot by the bullets….

“haan geet, , aankhein khuli rakho geet, hum jaldi hi hospital pahunch jayenge… please geet” I tried to assure you but who will assure me? She gave a faint smile to me, , slowly-2 she is slipping in deep sleep… I couldn’t see that…. I speed up my car more and broke the signal, , traffic police ran behind me but I didn’t bother… I speed up more and broke another signal…..

Please geet, , before some time ago, we met, sort out our differences now you please don’t back out, , before some time I start liking you and now please you don’t do this with me, please don’t go away…
Abhi abhi toh mile ho
Abhi naa karo chhootne ki baat
Abhi abhi toh pasand aaye ho
Abhi abhi roothne ki baat

We reached to geet, , I took geet out and ran inside the hospital screaming doctor’s name.
“doctor, doctor…. ” 2 ward boy came running with the stretcher, , I made her lay down on the stretcher and we ran towards the ICU, doctor come running and saw me, , he knew me, , before we talk to each other, 2 traffic police come inside in the search of me , they knew that it was me…. I was not in a good condition for arguing with them, , they tried to charge on me but don’t know what happened to me, I didn’t utter any word…. I don’t know what they were telling to me, , they told me to sign on some papers and I did it…. They charge and I paid, , nothing is matte right now than geet….. just then nurse come to me and told me sign the papers, , I didn’t asked why the sign? Because they told me that if I didn’t sign the papers then they can’t operate geet…. I signed the papers immediately…..
They went away leaving me alone behind….. I turned and saw that the bulb outside of ICU is on… means they are operating geet…. I felt weak and slid down on the floor, my back hit the wall… I put my arms on my knees and head on my arms…. I closed my eyes and the sight of geet haunting me…. Tears strike down on my cheeks, I cried, , I won’t survive if something happen to geet, , I don’t know what is happening to me?

A nurse come out from the ICU and I stopped her…
“sister, , geet kaisi hai? Wo theek to hai na?” I asked to her….

“right now, we can’t say anything… let’s hope for the best..” she said to me….

Please geet, don’t do this to me, , some time ago, , our life get lighten by your love, , and now you are backing out…. No, , you can’t…

Abhi abhi toh roshni aayi
Abhi naa karo munh chhupane ki baat
A ward boy come out from the ICU and ran towards the blood bank… he told me that her blood group is very rare but they have the same blood in their blood bank….

I relief a bit, , and I looked up like I can see god… I was praying to god for her….

Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai
Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina, neendh tihaare, ,

I closed my eyes and the sight of geet messed in blood come in front of my eyes, I opened my eyes at once…. She was wearing the white shirt and now her white shirt turned in red by her blood….

it was 2 hours, , geet is inside the ICU, , I glanced upward the saw that the bulb went off, , that means operation has been finished…. I got up from the ground and hoping for the best… I was having the fear inside me but I don’t know that it will come true…. I don’t know how many times I have prayed to god….

Doctor come out and glanced at me, , I was so worn out…. And the next set of words which was came out from doctor’s mouth took away my breath….

I don’t know, , I was freeze hearing the words….. “ no, please doctor say it is not true?” I literally pleaded to the doctor but no use, , they shake their head in denial and I felt like ground slipped under my feet, , I felt weak by my legs and I fell down with a thud on the floor freezed with the words which were uttered by doctor…. I looked up again to the sky like again I can see god, ,


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  1. awesumpart…the last one very sad…hope nothing happens to geet….u write so beautifully that the readers feel the emotions of the characters…they cry with them and also laugh with them

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