Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~part-33-38


Maan-dadi, is msk not a human? Can’t he show any emotion? Has he not any right to feel pain? Msk is that cold heart that he can’t show any emotion, tell me dadi, is msk that rude, terror for anyone? Is msk has not any heart? Does msk has not any right to be-loved? To cry? Please reply me…… he again hid his face in her lap like he is hiding his face from the world…………. Though he is very strong person outside this mansion, a very rude, arrogant, heartless person but here he is only maan…………

Dadi cried along with him hearing his complaints, she was feeling very timid, not able to answer him back, not able to console him, she ruffled his hairs and wiped his tears…. He was looking at her with some hopes, asking the answers of his questions, his teary eyes said all to dadi…… he is not a man who will cry but when the heart is not able to take more pain then it shattered into many pieces…… and here the condition of maan like this…… he felt he is a criminal who did the biggest crime in this world giving pain a girl who deserves only happiness, love , care and here what he gave to her….. only tears….. nothing else….. he was feeling a shame on himself…….

Dadi-don’t say like this maan…… who said msk has not heart, msk has heart which is very big…… achha tell me, aaj ki generation mein kaun kisi ke bache ko apne ghar mein rakhta hai, parents ka pyaar deta hai?? Batayiye….. he looked at dadi with a confuse look……

Dadi-koi nahi karta, lekin aapne kiya….. aur jaante hai kyon? Because you have heart….. kaun kehta hai maan singh khurana has not any right to be-loved? Wo nanha sa bacha Vedanta bina kisi rishtey ke apse itna pyaar karta hai…… aur kaun kehta hai msk is a cold hearted man….. jab ghar mein kisi ko kuch ho jata hai to sabse pehle aap pura mansion sar par utha lete hai….. sabse jayada tension aap hi lete hai….. aapko yaad hai when annie fell ill on her last birthday to aapka kya haal hua tha…..

He smiled hearing that incident…….
Maan-tab maine doctors ki line laga di thi aur whole 3 days I was with her leaving my office work….. how can I forget this dadi maa……

Dadi-hum jaante hai aap kabhi kuch dikhate nahi hai lekin aap dil se bahut caring hai…. Aur hum jaante hai sab theek ho jayega……

Maan-no dadi maa…… nothing is going to right…. Nothing is at the place…. Kuch theek nahi hoga….. I have lost your trust, annie’s trust and geet….. I have ruined her life….. how will you all forgive me? How can I forgive myself? I always think about myself…… dadi shook her head in denial……

Dadi-no maan…. Nothing is like that…… you always think about us before yourself…… haan yeh baat sach hai ki hum sab aapse bahut naraaz the aapke faisle ko lekar, aapne jo geet ke sath kiya par wo kehte hai na subah ka bhula agar sham ko ghar wapas aa jaye to usey bhula nahi kehte, aur aapko aapki galti ka ehsaas ho gaya hai to hamein aur kya chahiye…….

Maan-but dadi maa, it’s too late….. it’s too late,,, I am late in realizing my mistake…..

Dadi-no maan, it’s never too late…… aapko apni galti ka ehsaas hona chahiye bas aur kya chahiye….. and today I am so happy that you realized your mistake…… isse pehle aur der hoti aap wapas aa gaye….. now stop crying like a child….. otherwise I’ll taunt you again then msk can’t cry like a child…… both smiled through tears….. he wipes his tears and again placed his head in her lap……

Maan-dadi maa……
Dadi-haan bête,,,,
Maan-how will I face geet? How will I meet my eyes with her? I couldn’t meet my eyes with myself then how with geet?

Dadi-I know maan, you have lost your trust ability in her…… I know her,, she has a big heart…… she loves you so much….. she will forgive you but give her little time to cope up with this situation….. I know it will not easy for her…… wo yaha aapki responsibility par aayi thi beause she trust you, par shaadi ki pehle hi raat aapne kya kiya, uss bechari ka dil tod diya…. Aap jaante hai, aaj hum aapse jo baatein kar rahe hai wo sirf geet ki wajah se…..

she never complaint for anything but I know how naïve she is by her heart…… she never gave any reason to me for hate you after that night,,, but I know how lonely she felt here,,, she has everything but I can feel, what a life she is living without a life partner…… this is not easy for her maan….. not easy….. she needs time…..
Maan-I know dadi maa,,, it was not easy for her…… she needs time…. And I promise to you dadi maa that I’ll give everything to her, love, care, trust, happiness…. Everything…… but before all that I have to talk to her…..
Dadi-I’ll talk to her bête…..
Maan-no, dadi maa, not today….. I always wanted to beg sorry from her but never got chance….. not today……. I’ll talk to her……
Dadi-but maan, not now….. rey n ash are also here….. kal baat kar lena aur raat bhi kafi ho gayi hai….
Maan- aapko kya lagta hai dadi maa ki geet mujhe maaf karegi? He was looking at dadi with hopeful eyes, so many emotions in his eyes, guilt, pain, calmness, curiosity for knowing will she forgive him, shame…… everything……
Dadi-I know maan, it will not easy for her but she is a mature girl, she knew everything about you, about herself, about her love for you, everything…… she has a golden heart….. she will surely forgive you but she needs time….. these 3 months are like a hell for her…. No happiness, only pain.,,, she cupped his face in her palm….. will you give her happiness?? Will you fill her life with colors of love, care, happiness, everything where pain doesn’t exist…… boliye maan, denge geet ko aisi zindagi????
He nodded with a smile…… I’ll dadi maa….. I’ll“
Dadi smiled hearing his assurance…… today she felt like she get everything which she desired for geet…..
Maan-dadi maa, have you forgiven me???
Dadi-hamare maaf karne ya na karne ka to sawaal hi nahi uthta….. he raised his brows in question…. Hum aapse nahi , aapki harkato(behavior) se naraaz the…. Aapko apni galti ka ehsaas ho gaya bas wahi kaafi hai…..
Maan-thank you so much dadi maa…… this time I’ll not let you down….
Dadi-I hope so beta….
Maan-dadi, actually I have to tell you one more thing….
Dadi-what is that?
Maan-actually dadi maa, ash & rey doesn’t know anything about my and geet’s relationship, I mean that we both live in different rooms and we don’t have any relation like a husband & wife have……
Dadi-I’ll talk to geet about this matter tomorrow….. it’s too late now aur aapne dinner bhi nahi kiya…..
Maan-aapne bhi to nahi kiya….. she smiled….
Dadi-let’s have dinner together like before…. He nodded and headed towards the dining area where ash, rey and annie having dinner…… they both was not aware the third person’s presence….. who was listening everything from outside the room….. and that was geet…. She came there asking something to dadi but stop hearing maan’s cry…. She was in tears hearing their conversation….. she ran from there when they both left….. she was holding her mouth for not making any sound of her hiccups….


Meanwhile at Arjun’s place…… he wwa having his dinner when his cell buzzed….
Hello! Arjun said..
Hello…. Arjun, said Vicky…..
Vicky…. Hows u yaar? What happen ? calling me at this hour? Asked worriedly arjun…
Nothing is like that…. chill…. Everything is fine… just getting bore then thought to call you…. Answered Vicky calmly….
And what made you thought that I would be awake at this hour? Asked arjun rolling his eyes at his answer….
I just guessed….. actually I thought to give a try…. So punched your number….. told Vicky…. He was getting bore with his usual life…. Arjun, geet was not there….. and alka was not giving him much time… she is also busy in her fashion designing , spend a little time with him….
Ohhh….. tell me, is everyone fine there? Asked arjun to Vicky….
Yeah, everyone is fine…. And hows u? aur geet? He is missing them like a hell….
I am good and geet… she is also fine… just today she fainted…. Then he bit his lip, what he told him….
What?? She fainted?? Hows she now? Why are you here? You should be there, near her…. You know her na.., she is so careless…. How could you do this arjun…. He became so hyper…

Relax…. Chill…. Take a deep breath….. she is fine now…. Vicky sighed in relief…..

You should be near her by her side…. Suggested Vicky…..

I thought so but then I thought maan came after so many days from his business trip…. So wanted to give her little privacy and waise bhi she is married now…. I know we are her friends but then I thought may be maan won’t like it…. I’ll go there tomorrow…. Aur waise bhi I never met maan after his marriage, so I thought what he will about me to come their house at midnight….. and I have already asked to anvesha about geet… Replied arjun….

He felt a tinge of pain in his heart hearing maan’s name with geet, but he knew that she loved him madly, he was just….. then he shrugged off his all thought, he already forget his love for her…. He knew they are best friends and he never wanted to break this friendship…. This friendship means a lot to him….. he wants only her happiness and he knew that Alka loves him, he knew that she didn’t confess her love to him but he knew that….. and he respects her feelings…… he made up his mind that he’ll never ditch her and hurt her in any way……

I think you are right…. I’ll call her tomorrow… waise bhi she is crazy behind maan, I think you did correct… may be maan won’t like this….waise bhi he doesn’t about us much…. Btw, who is Anvesha? Replied Vicky….. and asked about anvesha in teasing manner…..

Don’t think like that Vicky….. she is maan’s sister and now we are good friends…. Replied arjun thinking that his reply will shut his mouth….

Really..!! only good friends….. ya fir more than…. You know…. Arjun can see his naughty smirk on his face through the phone……

Shut up!!! Told arjun…..

Waise why she fainted?? Asked Vicky again…

Aah… it’s nothing…. She kept fast today…. That’s why….. replied arjun…

Ohhh,,, but she never kept fast….. told Vicky…

Yeah I know,, it’s her in-law’s matter…. How should I know about this? Told arjun…

Hmmm, ye bhi hai…. Chal bye…. It’s late…btw, I was thinking to visit u n geet some day….

That’s great…..when are you coming? Asked arjun..

Will think about it then tell you…ok…. Chal bye… good night…

Ok, good night… and don’t tell anyone about geet there…. Get it… told arjun…

Ok boss….. replied Vicky…….


Maan and dadi joined them on the dinner table……

Vedanta ran and hugged maan tight…… maan smiled and took him in his arms…..

Ved- I missed you so much papa…… and placed a kiss on his cheek…

Maan- I missed you much Vedanta…… hows my son? Kissed him back….

Ved-I am fine papa…..

Maan-chalo jao… it’s too late… sweet sleep…. He nodded and ran in his room….. maan took his seat and starts having his dinner….
Reyhansh- hey dadi, is my room ready, remember that corner one….

Dadi-yes bête, I remember but sorry beta, I didn’t know that you are coming so that’s not ready…. But don’t worry I’ll tell to nakul tomorrow and you can shift in that room after a day tomorrow……

Reyhansh- it’s ok dadi but why so late?

Ashlesha-dadi, aap to isey jaanti hai na, he is so possessive about that room….. ye to hai hi pagal,

Reyhansh-you bak bak Rj, don’t call me pagal….


Maan-will you both shut up??

Ash & rey-sorry bhai…. Looked down and starts having their dinner…

Dadi- reyhansh, beta will you manage tow days in other room except that one? You fav room is not in good condition so I have to re-arrange it…..

Reyhansh- it’s ok dadi…. No problem….

Ashlesha- dadi, do one thing….. this time don’t give that room to him, then we’ll see how will survive without that room….. bada aaya favorite room…..

Reyhansh-will you shut you Rj wala big mouth? Maan was losing his temper because of their tom-jerry fight without no reason…….

Maan stood up from his place in mid of his dinner and gave a glare to both of them and left from there……

Ashlesha-oops, bhai to naraaz ho gaye….

Reyhansh-all because of you……

Ashlesha-no, because of you…..

Dadi-kya aap dono chahte hai ki hum bhi yaha se chale jaaye???

Rey & ash- no dadi….


Dadi-kya aap dono chahte hai ki hum bhi yaha se chale jaaye???
Rey & ash- no dadi….
Annie-mera ho gaya….. good night everyone…..
Everyone retired to their own room,,, but there is two person who are restless…… Geet went in garden feeling miserable , not able to control on her choking heart, over-flowing emotions which are at the verge of breaking down…… she was crying holding her mouth,, sitting on the bench in garden…..

Geet’s Monologue
I am not angry from you maan,, I am not….. actually I was never….. how can i?? I love you and that’s the reason…. I know you did all this for your love, but today you confessed that you was never in love with sameera, it was infatuation…. It was an attraction…… today I can feel your condition, I know from which phase you are going through…… it is not easy to recover after breaking heart….. it was not easy for me maan…… I have accepted that you are not in my destiny but today I found a hope after hearing your heart….. a hope that I can also be happy, I can also feel love, maan’s love, maan’s care….. I know today I am sounding selfish, but there is no selfishness in love……
(she was crying but there is happiness, joy in her eyes, a new kind of spark, a spark of being with maan, the dreams which were shattered, today she felt them alive again),,,,
I know maan, you are not able meet your eyes with me because of our first night….. but believe me, you were not at fault….. it was me who was so desperate for that….. if you are at fault then my fault is bigger than yours….. I knew that you were drunk and I didn’t stop you….. you think that I don’t trust you enough but that’s not true…. Still I trust blindly…. You were not wrong…. Actually you can never wrong….. because I know…. I love you….and that’s the biggest reason behind it….. because of those two jerks, you suffered a lot today….. agar maine aapko roka hota,, aapko uss chudail sameera ke paas jaane hi nahi diya hota to aaj ye sab nahi hota……
(she cursed herself….. on the other hand maan was watching her crying from his window….)
Aur maan, you have every right….. I know you thought yourself the great Msk but that’s not true that msk can’t cry, msk can’t show emotions,,,,,, msk can cry, msk has the right to feel emotions….. you have every right….. just because of that chudail sameera, you can’t breakdown like this….. I won’t let you break down like this…… I know maan, I have promised to you and to myself that I won’t show my face to you but today seems that I have to break that promise of mine……. Today nothing is more important than you…..
You want me back in you life na, then I’ll be….. you want me in your room na because of your cousins then I’ll be…… I’ll be back in your life maan….. I want nothing except you…. Without you nothing is at the place….. but now onwards, everything will be at place….
Aur wo kehte hai, jab insaan pyaar mein hota hai then hamein dimaag se nahi dil se sochna chahiye…..
Do you know how many feelings i carry in my heart,
how do i end my day and how do i start.
Missing you and longing 4 u is all i can do,
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how many unspoken words i wanna say,
how can i say i keep on finding the ways.
Loving you and praying 4 you is all i can do
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how many dreams i have in my eyes,
how can i fulfill them i keep on telling the lies.
Preaching you and caring 4 you is all i can do,
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how much pain is deep in my soul,
how do i bear them and keep trying to come out of the whole,
Searching you and urging 4 u is all i can do
but i wish as i feel you feel the same too.

Do you know how much I LOVE YOU,
i wanna tell but unable to do.
Missing u, loving u, preaching u, searching u , wat else i can do,
I wish as i feel you feel the same too……..
Geet’s Monologue Ends……
Maan’s Monologue
I know geet, you are crying because of me….. I know I am like this, I am the one who gave pain to everyone, everyone cried because of me…… but today I felt my mistake…. I know where I was at fault…. I promise you geet, now onwards I wont let any tear come in your eyes….. I know I misbehaved with you with our first night…… I was drunk badly….. today I felt the difference between love and infatuation….. I was living in infatuation world and here love was waiting for me and I was ignoring it because of that so cold love of mine…..
(he clenched his fist in anger….. he was frustrated on himself…. He went in his gym area again for removing his anger out from his mind by doing his aggressive moves….He ripped his shirt in anger and looked at his hands……)
These dirty hands touched you that night……. These hands became dirty after touching that b**** and I touched you with these hands….. no, I have to remove her feel from my hands…..
(he took out the belt which has sharp needles on it….. he placed it on the floor and placed his hands on it and starts doing push-ups…. He flinched in pain but this pain is nothing in front of guilt….. blood oozed out from his hand but he was doing push-ups continuously until the surface skin of his palm couldn’t remove from the surface of the palm…… )
Now it has lost her touch…..
( he felt calm after removing her touch from his hands….. blood was continuously oozing from his hands…. Floor was all red with his blood….. )
Maan’s Monologue Ends……
(gals, basically this song in male’s voice but here you can imagine it in female’s voice….. )
(Geet had seen him doing push-ups on the sharp needled belt…. She flinched in pain after seeing him like this…. She wanted to stop him but couldn’t gather the enough courage to stop him….. she sighed when he stopped doing push-ups…. Her eyes filled with tears, tears of seeing him pain…. He was thinking that she was crying because of him and she was thinking that he is doing exercise because of her…… both has not enough courage to stop each other, one was crying feeling helpless and other was doing aggressive moves also feeling helpless….. )
(kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de) – 2
Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
She was about to go but stopped again when he starts his next exercise….. he took out his iron chain and started his tai-chi…. He was about to fell down tripped between his feet but he heard a voice….. “maan” he looked at the source of voice….. he saw her , tears were flowing from her eyes, widen eyes, feeling so miserable seeing her state…. He again felt responsible for himself of her state…… she ran to him…..
Tu har ghadi har waqt mere saath raha hain
Haan ye jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hain
He looked baffled seeing her worn out totally….. she looked at him…. touching him, assuring herself that he is fine… nothing happened with him……
Jo bhi ghum hain ye tere unhe tu mera pata de
He looked at her with so much care….. she took his hands in her hand crying her eyes and heart out….. seeing the blood in his hands, her heart choked and seeing her in this state, his heart also choked….. both are in same boat but not able to voice out……
Kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de
Tears came out from his eyes, she wiped them with her soft fingers where he was not able to move his gaze from her face which has so many emotions…. Love, care, pain, guilt for his this state…..

Mujhko ko to tere chehare pe ye ghum nahi jhachta
Jaayiz nahi lagta mujhe ghum se tera rishta
She pulled him with her and he was going with her like a magnet pulling him with her….. behaving like a statue in front of her….. she went in his room and made him sit on the bed….. “first-aid kit” she asked to him……. “ second drawer in cup-board” she nodded and took out the first-aid kit….. she took the cotton and drenched it in savlon , trying to clean his wound,,, he flinched in pain , closed his eyes in pain and he held her hand with his other hand for stopping her……. He was in pain…. His hands were badly wounded…..
Geet-maan, see in my eyes…. He opened his eyes hearing her voice…… he opened his eyes and looked in her hazels, which are teary but controlling the emotions….. omg, her eyes were filled with so much intensity….. he felt he’ll drown himself in her eyes…. He still felt that he has seen these beautiful almond brown eyes somewhere before their marriage but still unable to recollect where he had seen?? He met with so many peoples, so many girls, always on business trips, he hardly remember girl’s face but these eyes has their own charm, that’s why he is not able to forget, always think where he had seen these eyes before…….
she starts cleaning his wound but he felt nothing because he was lost in her eyes,,, their eyes met, feeling like he was seeing love in her eyes, which he was not able to see before….. actually he never met with her then how could he see love in her eyes but there is a fact also… he never tried to meet with her….. he was at the fault here…… she was cleaning his wound…..
Sun meri guzarish ise chehare se hata de – 2
(kuchh is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aansu tere saare meri palakon pe saja de) – 2
A tear slipped from his eyes and fell on her hand…. She looked at him at once, not able see tears in his eyes…. She wiped them with so much love and shook her head in denial…. Telling him not to cry anymore with her khamoshi…… he nodded and wiped his remaining tears….. his hands are bandaged now…… she stood up for collecting the items of first-aid kit, she arranged the first-aid kit and placed it in the cupboard….. he was looking at her with a great observe while she was obvious with his gaze on her……
Geet-maan, he broke out his thought with a sudden sweet voice of her which is quiet shaking…..
Maan- huh!!! He looked at her with a questioning face….
Geet-wo actually, you need a Tetanus injection….. he nodded….. he stood up and went towards the cupboard for a shirt……
Geet-I’ll give you….. he said nothing and step backward giving her space….. she took out a shirt and give him……. she was about to call the driver…….. then talked to herself….. driver will be sleeping… now what should I do? Maan heard her talk….
Maan- I’ll drive…..
Geet-no, no…. I’ll manage…. How will you drive… you have bandage in your both hands….. she was not looking in his eyes, whenever she met her eyes with him, she felt she will drown in his eyes that’s why she was ignoring his eyes while he was observing her every act…. He was not saying anything because he thought that this is not a correct time for a talk and he has not any right to said her anything….. actually he was fearing saying anything to her….. he doesn’t want to hurt her more now….. he thought if his any talk will hurt her further more then he won’t able to forgive himself…..
He said nothing to her only nodded, agreeing with her and moved out with her….. she took the driver seat where he took the passenger sear beside her….. he was directing her while she was driving….. she was not obvious much about the roads of Delhi , , , , , they reached the nearest hospital from mansion . . . . . . . .


He said nothing to her only nodded, agreeing with her and moved out with her….. she took the driver seat where he took the passenger sear beside her….. he was directing her while she was driving….. she was not obvious much about the roads of Delhi , , , , , they reached the nearest hospital from mansion . .

They visit the doc and maan was injected, and doc prescribe some medicines to him…… they came back to mansion…. It was past 2 am at night…. Everyone was sleeping except these two….. who are in pain, trying to remove their pain and guilt but not able to get rid off……

she was walking ahead while maan was walking behind like a puppet of her, like she had hypnotized him, like a statue who doesn’t about his surrounding only following the orders but little anyone know that what pain he was carrying in his heart, feeling miserable at that very moment……..

As soon as, she was about to take a turn towards her room, she felt a tug on her hand…. She knew who was he, but still wanted to assure herself…… only she knew how she felt when he touched her, the roller coaster inside her started to take a ride inside her tummy, she turned and found maan on his knees looking down not able to meet her questioning eyes with his guilty eyes……

how can he meet his eyes with her? He has guilt in his eyes while she has love & care in her eyes….. he has selfishness in his eyes while she has selfless love in her eyes……

She took a time to register her surroundings, why he was kneeling down, and why he is looking at the floor? Why he is not saying anything? She was about to ask him why he is sitting like that and why he is not saying anything but she head his painful voice which choked her heart….

“I am sorry geet, please mujhe maaf kar do”

he was still looking down, he doesn’t wanted to see her facial expressions because he knew she will be hurt with his words….. after all he knew her this much….. he continued with his guilt full voice…

“I know, I had hurt you a lot, even I am not worth for standing in front you but still wanted to say something, ” he paused for a moment, he knew she is hearing his words, he knew she is in pain, he knew he is giving her pain again but apologize is also important……

“I know geet, how much you love me, I am not saying that pyaar karna galat hai but how can you love like a person me who raped his wife at their wedding night, who hurt his wife at their wedding night, who told his wife at their wedding night that he loves someone else”,

he didn’t dared to look at her, he knew she is crying and that too because of him, but he has to continue his side…… he continued again……

“pls geet forgive this fool, who was blind thing love of a mere attraction, pls geet forgive me, I knew that meri galti maafi ke layak nahi hai… maine jo kiya shayad wo kisi ne nahi kiya hoga….. apni hi wife ka rape…. Chi…. Ab mujhe kehte huye sahrm aa rahi hai par maine ye galat kaam kiya hai…. Pls give me punishment…. Kuch bhi…. Jo tum kahogi wohi mai karunga…. But pls give me a chance….. I know, asking another chance from is not right but still I wanted to prove myself wrong, wanted to prove your love is right…. I wanted to feel that what love is?? I know you are thinking that how a big idiot I am, always claiming that I love sameera but in reality, that was not love…..”

it was very hard for him to say all this to her…. He knew how much pain he was bearing at that time…. It was not easy for him…… he was still looking down feeling her gaze at him… he knew she was staring at him, he heard her sweet melody voice which stunned him hearing the set of words she used…..

“ho gaya aapka ya abhi aur kuch baki hai??” she strictly asked to him

she asked in her irritating voice….. she knew how much she carved for his voice, for his sight, only a glimpse of his made her day, she felt complete hearing his voice whenever she heard…… how much she missed him, the morning stuff, night stuff….

She used to made breakfast, dinner for him…. every little need of his she fulfilled and here he was begging sorry from her , telling her that he has raped his own wife at the wedding night….. how can he?

She has already told him about all this in her letter but looks like he become stubborn not hear anyone…… she has already cleared him that he was not at fault but still he was blaming himself, she couldn’t tolerate this anymore that’s why she chose these words….

He looked at once at her face hearing her words….. he was shocked & stunned but thought to remain calm as she has every right to say him anything, at last he was at fault…. And he himself told her about the punishment and he is ready for that…..

Seeing his expressions and his guilt full eyes, her voice soften, and she at one kneeled down in front of him…… she took his hand in her looking in his eyes like she is pleading to him……

“how can you think like this maan? Aapne aisa soch bhi kaise liya….” She asked to him n her sweet tone with tears filled eyes but those eyes searching answers in his eyes…

“kaisa geet?” he asked not bale to understand what she is asking to him…..

“yahi ki aapne apni wife ka rape kiya…” she almost shouted at him but that not a shout, it looks like she is telling someone, something in her meek voice…..

“But the truth is I did…. “ he confront her….

“you didn’t…. you can’t, you can never do this with anyone….” Geet retorted back in her meek voice….

“I know geet, I have hurted you a lot b…” his words left in mid when she retorted back….

“yes maan, you have hurted me a lot…. Hurting me saying that you raped me…. How can you rape me when you are not in ur sense….. when you are thinking me as sameera, rape to tab hota na jab aap mere sath zabardasti karte, but you didn’t do anything like that with me…. I willingly gave myself to you, if I wanted then I can stop you but no…………”
her voice was choked saying all this… tears were trailing on her cheeks making them wet…… she paused for a moment taking a deep breath and out….. where he was looking deep inside in her eyes, so much love she held for him, and he was being an idiot all the while not able to recognize her love for him….. yes he was an idiot, a big fool… he cursed himself…..

“don’t curse yourself…. ” she said observing his face where he startled at her sudden voice….

“huh..!!” he gave her questioning look, he thought that she can read mind too…. She didn’t said anything….. after not hearing anything from her side…..

“but still geet, how an I loose my sense like this? I know I was drunk but how can I snatch your precious thing from you? These are not my principles…. The lessons dadi gave me, this act is totally against them…… how can I paid for your pain? The pain I gave you that night, the pain you are bearing right now, the pain you felt when you found that I love someone else, the pain you felt when I denied to give the right of my wife….. pls geet forgive me,,, I really wanted to start a new life with you, a person who love me, a person who didn’t found any fault in me…. Will you forgive me???”
Forgive me for what cannot be forgiven.
Open up the door I once slammed closed.
Restore the love that I once squandered, driven
Grimly by some grinch I’ve since deposed.

I cannot plead for what I cannot fathom,
Valuing least the value I most crave.
Each heart must sometimes haunt the steep-walled chasm,
Made mad by wrath and selfish songs that rave
Empty on the edges of the grave

He looked at her with so much hope,,,, his ears are dying to hear her yes, only a yes but he knew how hard for her to say yes…..


He looked at her with so much hope,,,, his ears are dying to hear her yes, only a yes but he knew how hard for her to say yes…..

Both are sitting in front of each other, facing each other, looking direst in each other, searching their answer of their unanswered questions…… both are hoping for the best, looking ahead of their life which is waiting for them……

“no maan, don’t say like this….. you didn’t gave me any pain….. you can never give me any pain….. I know you….. haa yeh sach hai that I felt a lump in my heart when you said that you love someone else, I thought that my whole life shattered into many pieces…… “

she paused for a moment, he was looking at her with his remorseful eyes, the guilt was quite visible in his eyes , on his face, he felt a lump in his throat when he heard what pain she felt at that night, her whole hopes shattered into many pieces, just because of him……. what he gave to her only pain…… his hand move forward to wipe her tears but stopped in mid…. He felt at the very moment like dejected by himself,,, he has no right on her, he knew that…. he withdrew his hand back & finger curled in to a fist

” you don’t have to pay me……. Please maan don’t curse yourself, don’t blame yourself, don’t punish yourself……. At least for me…. ” she looked in his eyes with so much hope may be, for her he can stop to blame himself,,,,,

“and rest about the most precious thing of mine,,,, wo to hamesha se aapke liye hi thi…… it always belongs to you…… ” she couldn’t voice out her feelings, her voice was choking second by second, her over flowing emotions at the verge of burst……..

“but geet, pls try to understand….. I had rape….” His words left in mid when geet placed her hand on his mouth not letting him further….. she was hurt listening those words , she felt likes someone is humiliating her, insulting her…… he blinked his lashes couples of times feeling the soft skin of her palm on his lips…… but she doesn’t what she was doing????

“don’t…… pls maan don’t humiliate me uttering those words……
(she was crying while saying…) , , ,
why are you insulting me calling that night a rape, calling yourself a rapist, calling me a victim,, why maan? Why?
(she left his mouth but held his collar in anguish, in hatred towards the word ‘rape’, , jerking him demanding the answers……)”
“geet, mai, woh….”
He couldn’t able to utter more words seeing her condition….. she was sobbing badly, demanding answers but seems voice was stuck in his throat….. he doesn’t know what to answer, how to answer?

“woh mai kya maan?
(she jerked him again looking straight in to his eyes, her eyes were red due to cry while she was feeling weak….she flowed with her emotions, she forgot that right now, she has not nay right on him but she knew that waking him up is very needed, she cupped his face in her palm), , ,

you know maan, that night was THE best night ever in my life, i….. I felt heaven in your arms, I felt secured in your arms, that moment was the best moment in my life giving up in your arms, pls don’t insult that night giving name like rape…… rape was something else, why are you humiliating that night, that moment which takes a big place in my life….. pls don’t do this, pls stop all this maan…… pls I am tired listening rape rape and rape…… “

she paused for a second stopping her sobs during her talk, maan’s hand lift wiping her tears, she let it be…… when his fingers touched her supple soft cheeks, tears trailed down more from her hazels wetting her cheeks more…..she took his hands in her covering her face while crying….. he was also crying seeing her like this…

slowly-2 he took out his hand from her grip while she covered her face with hers, he took a move and covered her fragile body with his arms scooping her in his arms moving towards her room, she hid her face in the hollow of his neck while he was carrying her…… he opened the gate with his feet and placed her on the bed…… he knelt down again in front of her and wiped her tears again….now she was feeling better than before….. she is little stable now, little calm from her sobs……

“I am sorry geet….. I have not any intention to hurt but I did, I hurt you again…… it’s my fault….. only mine…… not able to understand your place in my life, always I was behind that dirt(he held her hands in his and asking to her…) please geet forgive me…. I promise I won’t blame myself just for you, I won’t call that night again with bad name….. (she nodded when he was saying those confident words which were soothing her aching heart just like a ointment works on a wound, his words help in healing her wounded heart…..), ”

“maaf karne ki to baat hi nahi maan, jab mai aapse naraaz hi nahi hu…..bas don’t call my best night with a bad name…. it’s a request…. ” their hands were joined with each other when they are sorting out there differences…… it was like they knew each other from a long time……

“ek min geet…… before you will say something….. I have to tell you something more….. have to confess more of my sins…..” he looked down again……

“what maan?” she asked in confusion…..

He hesitated for a second then took a deep breath before saying more….. “I know geet you’ll think that I came to you when I was ditched by that girl, that’s why I am accepting my mistakes to you, that’s why I am apologizing you, that’s why I am asking another chance, that’s why I want to give a chance to this relationship…… hai na geet… you must be thinking…” she shook her head in denial… these thoughts never came in her mind….. she wants only maan, his love nothing more…….

“but geet, there is no explanation behind all these questions…… I don’t know what to said….. and I don’t want to give any excuse behind all this…… I.. I just felt like to give another chance to this relationship,, no other thoughts in my mind…… I thought why you would suffer because of me and it was enough you suffered a lot just because of me ”

he looked at her pausing for a second, looked straight in her eyes, he found restlessness in her eyes but in-spite of all this, there was love and care……. Her eyes were puffing due to crying or may be it was too late, may be she wants to sleep……. He sighed and wanted to tell her one thing more, may be this thought of his give her proper explanation behind all these questions……

“geet, one thing I have learnt because of sameera,,,, bhale hi usne mere sath kitna bura kiya ho par ek baat hai jo mujhe sikha kar gayi…… aur wo kehte hai na ki ek insaan apni galtiyo se hi seekhta hai aur maine apni galtiyo se bahut kuch seekha hai…. And rest about the thing I have learnt from sameera i.e. ” he stood up and sit beside her, he found restless on her face, curiosity in her eyes,,

“we should live our life with that person who love us , I mean, , hamesha uske sath apni zindagi bitao jo aapse pyaar kare na ki uske sath jisse aap pyaar karete ho….. aur mujhe iss baat ka meaning pata chala…..” a tear slipped from her eyes but that for happiness, not for grief….. no grief anymore… he promised to himself…… he wiped that tears from the tip of his index finger and placed his hand on her left cheek…… she was looking like a child to him right that moment…..

“and geet I want to spend my whole life with a person like you who love me…… will you like to spend your life like a person me who is fool, stupid, idiot (stopped by geet by placing her hand on his lips)”

“bas maan….. aur nahi…. Cursing session bahut hua….. would you like to hear my answer???” she asked happily like she got what she desired the most, but that’s true….. she desired maan all the while and today she is got what she wanted…… he nodded like child,, like he was waiting for the appreciation after getting good marks….. she smiled looking at his face……

“I would love to spend my life with you maan, , it was my desire and today I am the most happiest girl in the world who is getting her love, her husband after so many hurdles….. ” she beamed with happiness like she found any treasure….. he took her hand in his……

“but geet, before all this, , I want to understand you, our relationship before moving ahead with this relationship….. will you accept this? I want that you’ll take a decision about this relatioship”

She nodded,, “I love to maan….”

“thank you geet, thanks a lot, I can’t explain how I am feeling right now, like a big burden went away from my heart…. Thanks a lot for being with me like a pillar beside me,,, ”

“please maan, don’t thank me…. It was my love for you….. nothing else…..” she looked down……
He stood up and made her lie down on the bed making her comfortable, covering with the comforter… as soon as he was about to turn from her, she held his hand, he flinch a little bit when she held his hand, , his wound hurts but never mind, he didn’t moan at all in pain….. he knew that if he will moan that it will give pain to her also…… he just close his eyes in pain, nothing at all….. she remind something suddenly, , , he turned and looked at the hold on his hand….. then looked at her face which was showing some kind of worry…..

“geet, do you need something??”
he asked in confusion because of her hold on his hand….. she just shook her head in denial but stood up facing him, she said nothing to him but led him, actually pulling him by his arm, he also said nothing rather than following her like a obedient child….. right now, he knew that they are going in kitchen but the confusion id, they had their dinner now what she wants from kitchen….. he was about to ask to her but cut off in mid by her showing her hand to him…… she was telling him wait for some minutes with her silence….. he nodded and let her do what she wants…..
she took a pan and poured milk in it….. add 1 spoon turmeric in it… he was observing her, now he is understanding that she is going to make haldi wala dudh…. (turmeric milk), , , she added 1 spoon sugar in it and warm the milk little bit…. Now she was done with the process and present the full glass of turmeric milk in front of him……
he made the yucky face seeing milk in front of him….. “geet, I don’t need milk aur waise bhi I don’t (cut by geet in mid again)”

“ I know maan, you don’t like milk….. but it is very much needed for your wounds…. It will help in healing the wounds so soon…. Pls have it….” She pleaded to him…… he couldn’t do much now after listening her plead, he knew that she cares for him and today he witnessed also….. he calmly took glass from he hand and gulped the whole glass of milk in one go because he knew that if he will stop in mid that he won’t be able to gulp it again…..

“thanks geet…” she nodded…..


he calmly took glass from he hand and gulped the whole glass of milk in one go because he knew that if he will stop in mid that he won’t be able to gulp it again…..

“thanks geet…” she nodded…..

He was about to turn but then she called him softly “maan!”

He stopped at once and looked at her, replied…. “huh!!”

“Maan, wo actually…..” she looked at down feeling nervous, doesn’t understand how to approach him, playing with her fingers….. he looked at her finger activities and understood that she is nervous, she wants to ask something but confused…..

“what happen geet? koi baat bolni hai?” he asked softly…. She nodded quietly….

“then say what it is…” he told her…. She nodded again….

“Maan, wo actually, can……can I … can I shift to your room???” Geet asked to him looking down scared from his answer….. he thought for a moment….

“no” maan denied…..

She looked at him at once hearing his reply… she felt hurt when he denied her….. she cursed herself in her mind for asking….. she thought what was the need of asking….. he smiled looking at her facial expressions…. Pouted lips,,, he moved towards her and made her look in his eyes holding her face by her chin with her index finger…. She shivered with his touch and looked in his eyes…… searching the answers, searching the reason why he denied her…..

“geet, that was not my room only, that yours also…. ” he eyes beamed a little with happiness…..

“geet, that was our room and you have no need to take a permission from me,,, if you want to shift in our room then you can, , ” he assured her….

“thanks maan” geet replied…..

“geet, don’t thank me for anything…. I am not worthy for it…. Ok…. Room mein chalein ya saari raat kitchen mein hi bitaane ka irada hai?” he teased her a little bit….. she smiled and nodded…… both made their way to their room, , both was feeling a little bit awkward going in one room…. It was 3 months now and they never shared one room….. as soon as they entered in the room…..

their sight fell on bed, one bed…… maan saw the bed and look at her face…. He can sense the awkwardness between them….. though she was ready to share with him but he was not…. He wants a little time to understand her before taking their relationship further….. geet was also thinking about him, , , , if he is ready to share the room & bed also….

He turned towards her…. And cleared his throat….. “ahem ahem”, , ,she looked at him….

“wo geet, , you sleep here and I’ll sleep in study…. ” she nodded…..

“geet, don’t feel bad… actually I want little time for understand you, our relationship before taking any step and this time I don’t want to do any mistake that will hurt you more…. ” maan tried to clear his side to her….

“no maan, there is no need to feel bad…. I can understand you…. I’ll sleep here….. ” she replied him….

“geet, are you with me in this tough phase?” he asked holding her hand….

“I am always with you maan in every phase” she assured him with a smile…..

Pyaar ne pucha zindagi kya hai?
humne kaha tere bin kuch nahi.
usne fir pucha dard kya hai?
humne kaha jab tu sang nahi.

…pyaar ne pucha mohabbat kaha hai?
humne kaha mere dil me kahi.
usne fir pucha khuda kaha hai?
humne ne kaha tujhme kahi.

pyaar ne pucha humse ishq kyu hai?
humne kaha usko bhi pata nahi
usne fir pucha itni bechaini kyu hai?
humne kaha isme kasoor mera nahi.

pyaar ne pucha aetbaar karoge mera?
humne kaha tumse badkar koi nahi.
usne fir pucha saath doge mera?
humne kaha kyu nahi kyu nahi!!…

“thanks and, good night, have a good sleep” maan wished her…

“good night, and you too” she said with a smile…. Maan retired to his study with had the joint gate with his room….. geet went back in her room and took her some clothes and came back to their room….. after placing some clothes in cupboard, she sat bed…. Slowly-2 caressed the bed , the memory of that night regained in her mind, but the sweet memories of their togetherness , their being one, their sharing the bed, , it was her sweet memories of that night… she smiled slowly and placed her head on the pillow caressing his side, , ,

Geet’s Monologue……
Today I felt so happy when maan talk to me, it feels like I got what I desired from so long… I know it was not easy for him but it was not easy for me too to forget everything…… only I know that how much I have suffered, how much I have craved for his single glimpse in these 3 months….. it is not easy to forget everything, but I am trying…… I know maan, you are trying to put your best for this relationship but I know how much uncomfortable you are! , how much repenting you are! , I know how much you have suffered …. But I promise maan, I’ll help you to be comfortable in this relationship…….

To you I give the whole me
For I believe that you’re my destiny
To you I offer every best of my heart
For I believe that you will value it

I want to share my whole life with you
For me to show that my love is true
I want to hold you in my arms
And sing you songs and lullabies

Loving you is what I want to do
Although I know that it can make me blue
Cause tears in my eyes has nothing to do
If I’m with a man that is you……..!!

Geet’s Monologue Ends…..

she doesn’t know when she slept while caressing the bed sheet….

On the other side, maan was feeling really light after begging for his mistakes…. It was so hard for him but finally he did it….. it was really a relief for him, , , still he is repenting , , it is not easy for him for forgetting everything what he had done with everyone…… he changed in his tracks and saw the light of the room was still on……

He slowly-2 opened the door and peeped in the room but the sight was so contended…. She was looking so cute while sleeping, so innocent….. unknowingly his feet moved towards her, she was lying on bed like a ball feeling a little bit cold, AC’s temperature is little bit high…… he slow down the temperature and covered her with duvet,,,,, switch off the light and went on his bed…..

Maan’s Monologue
I know geet, how much you have suffered in these 3 months but I promise geet, I’ll give you all the happiness, love, care….. everything what you desired….. I know it was not easy for her, but it was not easy for me also to forget everything and start a new life with that person whom I don’t know much… but I know 1 thing about her that is, she is pure at heart….. you are with me geet then everything will be fine soon….. we’ll make our life a happy married life….. I promise…..
Maan’s Monologue Ends…..


Next morning, dadi & annie was sitting in hall, , just then Maan came down their without disturbing geet, she was sleeping so calmly like her sleep was waiting for this moment,,,,, after so many days it was looking like a family….. dadi, annie, , maan, like before they used to sit with each together and had fun….

chatting and laughing….. dadi panicked seeing maan’s hand bandaged …
dadi-maan, what happen to your hands?? She caressed his hands and her eyes moistened with tears….

Dadi maa, don’t panic,,,, it’s nothing… wok al raat gym mein…. It’s nothing… see, geet ne bandage kar diya tha….

Annie-geet ne….. bhai you hurt her again?? She asked while shocking hearing again geet’s name from maan, she knows nothing about this matter…..

Maan-annie, I am really sorry for hurting you all…. Please tum bhi mujhe maaf kar do…. And then he explained everything that he begged sorry from geet for his mistakes and misbehaved….. dadi smiled through tears while annie also had tears in her eyes…… he again asked sorry from her and She happily gave in after knowing that everything is fine now…..

she wants only geet’s happiness, , , nothing more….. when geet is happy then why can’t she be happy…. Just then ash came yawning, and wished good morning everyone…..

“hey everyone…. Good morning…” ash wished….. all wished her back…..

Ashlesha Singhania

and sit beside annie….. asked for coffee….. just then rey also come, he too was also yawning…. Everyone was late today, slept late and woke up late….

“hey bro, annie, dadi and u ash… good morning” rey wished them….. ash made a face but wished him back….

Ved ran and sat on maan’s lap….

“arey, my baby woke up this early” maan asked ruffling his hairs,,,

“good morning dad” told Vedanta….

“good morning beta” replied maan….

“papa” told Vedanta.. when Vedanta wants something then he addressed maan as papa otherwise dad….

“yes beta” replied maan kissing his cheeks while everyone engrossed in their chatting in pulling teasing Vedanta without no reason……

“what you brought from Europe for me??” he asked hoping so many toys….

“papa brought so many toys for you, everything , now happy baby” maan asked to him….

“very happy… love you papa” and kissed him on his cheek and maan again kissed him back….

Dadi-today I am very happy…. Itne dino baad sab ek sath hai…

Annie-haan dadi, aaj bahut achha lag raha hai sab ek sath aura b to ash & rey bhi sath hai….. kyu na masti ho jaaye…

Ash- bilkul…. Kya plan hai annie?

Rey-lo , yeh dono ho gaye start…. Inhe bas mauka milna chahiye , waise plan kya hai? And everyone laughed at once…… just then nakul came with the glass of milk and handed to dadi maa because he knew he won’t listen him……

Vedanta saw the milk and hid his face in maan’s chest…. “kya hua baby?” he asked him taping his back….

“I don’t want drink” and made yucky face…… dadi shook her head and annie took the glass from dadi’s hand…. This is his daily routine…. Daily he ran away seeing milk…. Somehow geet convince him for the milk…..
On the other hand geet woke up after taking a sweet sleep…. She has a beautiful smile on her face like it was her best sleep as ever….. she yawned and hugged herself pulling duvet near her chest feeling contended, closed her eyes and smiled beautiful….. she stood up and made her way to downstairs , she knew it’s Sunday and everyone will be in hall…. And today there is no problem with maan that she won’t show her face to maan….. it’s like a new day for her….. after all it’s new beginning of her life, no,,,, no their married life……

“but beta, milk gives you energy” maan tried to explain him…..

“no, I don’t want energy and again hid his face…. He hates milk…” ved again spoke….

“if I’ll mix chocolate powder in it then you’ll drink it na…. ” ask annie….

“no.. ” and he ran away jumping from maan’s lap….
Maan took the glass from annie’s hand and ran behind ved telling him to take milk otherwise papa will be gussa from him…. but ved being stubborn shaking his head in denial and running around in whole hall while all were laughing seeing the sight…… it was so new for them even geet was shocked seeing this…. She never imagined maan like this…….

She came down and watched them….. a sweet smile crept on her face just then ved hid behind her escaping from maan, , , maan stopped from his pace seeing geet there….. but then gave a liitle smile to her……

“good morning maan” she wished him with her usual big smile….

“good morning geet….. ” maan replied back while ash, rey also wished good morning to her……

“see geet, he is not having milk” he complained to geet about Vedanta….. ved peeped behind geet and looked at maan , pouting lips and looked down…..

“maan, he is like this…. Always throw tantrums” geet replied him back… dadi had tears seeing the scene…. It was like a complete family….. she was praying to god that everything will fine soon between maan and geet…..

Geet held vedanta’s hand and pulled him in front of her…..


“see geet, he is not having milk” he complained to geet about Vedanta….. ved peeped behind geet and looked at maan , pouting lips and looked down…..

“maan, he is like this…. Always throw tantrums” geet replied him back… dadi had tears seeing the scene…. It was like a complete family….. she was praying to god that everything will fine soon between maan and geet…..

Geet held vedanta’s hand and pulled him in front of her…..

“ved, what is going on? Why are you not having milk” she asked sternly….. oops maan shocked to see her stern expressions…. He never saw her so stern like him……

“milk nahi peena” he told again…. Poor baby… no one is listening him….. geet took him in her arms and asked why?

“you know mama very well that I don’t like milk….” He complained again…

Maan sat on couch holding the glass of milk….. she also went behind maan and sat beside him taking ved in her lap….

“hmm” then she said something in his ear and his face brighten with happiness….

“now tell me, will you drink milk or not?” geet asked again… she took glass from maan…..

“yes mama” he happily took glass and drank the whole glass in one go….. everyone was shocked seeing the sight…..

“geet, what did you told him” maan asked shocked and everyone also asked what did she told him…..

“mai kyo batau…. It’s a secret… hai na vedu??” she asked to him….. he nodded and kissed her cheek…. Yes it’s a secret…….

“no Vedanta, it’s cheating…. You have to tell us what your mama told you…. Now spit out fast…. Dada is waiting” maan tried to buttering him…… Vedanta cunningly smiled and shook his head in no…. maan starts ticking him while he was sitting in geet’s lap…..

Vedanta starts laughing, because of his hand’s movement, geet also starts laughing feeling tickled, maan stopped on his track and looked at the mesmerized sight…. She was looking like a child whose face became red due to so much laugh…..he lost himself in her childish laugh, so cute she was looking with red nose….. vedanta ran away , sit beside dadi…..


After taking a bath geet placed maan’s clothes and his needed things and went away in kitchen for helping nakul…. Though she knows limited things in cooking but she is learning well from nakul & other chefs… maan came in his room and found his clothes on it’s place & felt happy , she choose a grey check shirt with a combination of black & white and black jeans for today… after all it’s Sunday….

No working clothes today…. He loved her choice of clothes……

After some time when geet entered in her room for calling maan for brunch….. she found him struggling in wiping his hairs…. His hands were paining but still he was trying….. though his whole palm was not bandaged but still wounds were there, , and that too deep wounds…..

He doesn’t notice her and engrossed in his won world……. Suddenly he flinch in pain, his wound hurt and blood oozed out from the palm…..geet ran towards him and held his hand in hers & starts blowing on it…. His hand brushed with door while coming out from washroom but he didn’t notice that that blood was oozing out, seeing the blood again, she felt pang in her heart again, , , she couldn’t see him in this state….. She felt her eyes moistened and she starts scolding him….

“maan, aap bhi na… why didn’t you call me? See kitna khoon aa raha hai,” she scold him…..

“geet, it’s nothing…. Dekho jayada nahi hai…. Halka sa hi cut hai…” he tried to defend himself…

“you are calling it a small cut, how deep it is…. Let me clean the wound…” she overpowered on him…

“par geet…. It….” But he stopped in mid by her….

“don’t talk…. Let me do my work…. I don’t want any disturbance…. ” she said pointing a finger towards him and starts cleaning the wound with cotton & Savlon… he again flinch in pain…. A tear fell down on his hand from her eye and he felt his heart stabbed by something……

“geet, why are you crying now….? Did I say something? Did I hurt you again?” he was feeling like because of him she is crying again….there is a insecurity inside him that is he can’t make her happy… every time he is responsible for her tears,,,,,

“shhh…. I told you na don’t talk…. Yes you hurt me again but not by words, by these wounds…. What’s the need of removing your anger on yourself…. Everytime you punish yourself, tell me…” she asked from him controlling her tears…..

He held her face by her chin with his fingers, , “sshh geet, don’t cry.. I am sorry for doing this….i know I am stupid that’s why I did these acts every time and hurt you again with my acts…. Please sorry….. I promise…. I won’t do anything like this in future….” He said all in one go looking in her deep almond brown eyes which were wet due to him….

“promise” she asked forwarding her hand in front of him….

“promise” he placed his hand in hers and said with a smile…..

“now let me wipe you hairs” she snatched the towel from him and starts wiping his head, he being like a obedient child said nothing and enjoyed her care for him….. it was a great feeling for both of them…. A new beginning of their relation….. they have to go a long way for understanding each other, their life style, their likes & dislikes, taste, interest, their love towards each other, care, they have to know slowly-2 that what type of feeling they are carrying for each other, what they expects from each other…… it’s like a new way for them and they have to cross it by together, holding each other hands….. by giving support to each other, without support of their partner, they can’t cross this way, and it was a start of their exam…. It was like a exam of them and they have to pass out otherwise their relation will call failure…

They can clearly listen each other heartbeats, they are so close to each other but still so far away by their heart, by their soul….. maan closed his eyes feeling her aroma in air, her fragrance she carried wherever she went, , it was kind a different feeling for him, he never felt like this…. A new kind of sensation in body, that is the different he felt between her & sameera….. geet is so pure & serene…..she carried cuteness, sweetness, mercy, love, care, and so many things he doesn’t know now but he knows slowly-2 he will get to know everything about her…..

“maan….. ” she called him but he was not giving any response to her because he was lost in his thoughts thinking about her…… “maan” she called again….. this time she tapped his shoulder and he jerked away feeling her touch on his bare shoulder…..
“huh! What happen geet?” he asked coming out of his thoughts….

“where were you lost? I was calling you” she asked to him looking at his face…..

“wo nothing…. I was thinking something…. Why were you calling me?” he asked looking up at her face….

“wo, your hairs are dried….come fast downstairs, everyone is waiting for you for brunch” she told him while placing the towel on it’s place…. He nodded and took the shirt for wearing…. But again having difficulty in buttoning the buttons but again said nothing to geet…. He thought this is a little thing, at least he can do this without bothering her, already she have done so many things for him….. but for his shock he felt suddenly her fingers on his shirt… she is buttoning his shirt…. She knew that he will feel pain….. after doing this….

“thanks geet” she smiled and nodded and went away smiling at her thoughts….. she felt butterflies in her stomach when she was standing so close to him…. like her something in her stomach going up & down and her skin is tickling…. Somehow she controlled her because she doesn’t want to make it obvious in front of him……

Everyone was having brunch , laughing, teasing, it was like a great moment for dadi….. it was 3 odd months, this house haunted her, no happiness, only pain & sorrow in every corner of this mansion…. But today, it was like all the old happiness came back at their gate….. she wants to treasure it more & more….she felt contended….. she has tears in her eyes but wiped them silently not to disturbing anyone because everyone is very happy today….. Vedanta was teased by annie& ash while rey & maan were talking something about business , remained geet & dadi… they are happy like this with each other feeling happy seeing everyone happy…. Just then they heard a voice…

“hello everyone” arjun said..

Geet happily left her food in mid and ran towards him…. “hey arjun, hows you?” and hugged him….. annie’s face also glowed with happiness seeing arjun, ,

“ye sawaal mujhe tujhe karna chahiye… kaisi hai tu? Ab teri tabiyat theek hai na?” he asked cupping her face…..

“I am perfectly fine…. Look at me” she turned left & right showing herself to him….

“tu apne khyaal kyo nahi rakhti?” he asked in worry

“mera khyaal rakhne ke liye tum ho na” and gave a cheeky smile and he melt at her smile….

“arjun uncle…” Vedanta also called him….

“hey champ…” and took him in his arms… placed a kiss on his cheek while demand a kiss for himself also… ved happily kissed him back…

Arjun went towards dadi and took blessing from him…. just then he looked towards maan…..

“hello Mr. khurana” by forwarding his hand to him…..

“hello Mr. Rathore, How are you?” while shaking hands…

“I am fine mr. khurana, what about you?” arjun asked to him back…

“same here…. “maan replied still putting stern expressions on his face….. “call me maan” maan told him, he doesn’t want to be professional with geet’s friends….. he wants to know her and being formal, he can’t do anything, he has to be friendly with her & her friends too…..

“ohkay….. maan, then you have to call me with my name..” arjun smiled at maan…..

“sure arjun, why not…. Come and join us…” maan invite him….. everyone felt overjoyed seeing little bit change in maan’s behavior…… and dadi felt over-joyed….first maan realized his mistake & begged sorry also, second maan & geet stepped in their relationship, third now he is trying to be friendly a little bit everyone not like old maan who was always in serious mode…..

“sure”, arjun replied…. Geet dragged him holding his arm and serve him, she whispered with happy expressiona in his ear that she made this food…… arjun shocked and whispered back that then I am not going to eat this….. geet pouted cutely just then maan spoke…..

“You & geet seems good friends?” maan asked


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