Fanaa hum Mohobbat mein teri~ part-23-28


Doc-yes mr. khurana…. I want to send her there after 2 days as I have to go with her and I want to meet with the doc personally….. maan nodded….
Maan-okay , I’ll arrange everything for both of you…. Maan grabbed his cell from his pocket and punched adi’s number and told him for arranging two 1st class flight tickets…. And after 5 mins, adi called back to him and the tickets confirmed…..
Maan told doc about the tickets and then took a leave from him, as soon as maan left his cabin, doc called to someone…..
Doc-hello, can I speak to Mr. Viraaj Malhotra?
Sec- wait a sec….. secretary transferred doc’s call to Viraaj’s cabin…..
Viraaj(yudi)- hello..!!
Doc-hello Mr. Malhotra… doctor here…. Suddenly viraaj got up from his seat and shout on him….
Viraaj-why the hell you called me here? Have you forgot me personal number? Doc afraid suddenly and fumbled trying to tell him….
Viraaj-tell me everything clearly….. doc took a deep breath ….
Doc- I convinced maan singh khurana, he was a big fool who believe that sameera is mentally sick and she needs a another doc, he never asked me anything… he just believe on everything which I had told him….. and after two days we’ll be in EUROPE…..after all , we have to prove him that sameera will be fine after the treatment of 6 months….
Virraj-that’s great….. well done doc…. I’ll transfer your share in your account….
Doc-thank you Mr. Malhotra….
[Karanveer Bohra as viraaj malhotra from saubhagyati bhava(LIFE OK) , his nick name is yudi ]
They hung up the call but doc doesn’t know there is someone who was listening all this….. his eyes were red but he calmed himself and entered in the cabin like he didn’t heard anything…. Doc startled seeing him suddenly….
Doc-what happened Mr. Khurana?
Maan-aah…. Nothing doc, who actually I forgot my cell here, so just I came back to get it…. Btw have a good day… maan has his famous smirk on his face while doc behaved like an innocent doc…. Doc bid bye to him and maan went out from his cabin and made some calls while hoping in the car…. He tighten his jaws and clenched his fist, his nails diging in the skin of his palm in anger but he calmed himself and headed towards the home…..

Meanwhile in the university geet, abhay & piya were still discussing over the project……
Piya-geet, still we can chose another company… see there are so many companies in this list which professor gave us…..
Abhay-yeah geet… what about HANDA’s which is in Mumbai….. ?
Geet-guys, stick on 1 company na… why are running here and there….. concentrate on one….. piya & abhay sighed stood up for attending the lecture just then they heard a noise…..
Mish ki bachi…. Ruk ja… you can’t do this to me….. kabir shout on her….
No ways dude and she ran with her full speed towards her friends…. They are looking like it is their daily routine…
Mish, please stop it yaar…. You can’t read my messages….. he was chasing her where geet was looking at them and remember her & vicky’s fight over the cell…. How she used to teased him over the sms and chupke-2 she read his sms and then she sent stupid sms to his girlfriends, then they broke up…. Vicky used to chase her like this and poor alka. She became the bali ka bakra between these two…. She came out from her thoughts when she heard again a voice….
Mish read his sms from the send box’you are so beautiful sweetheart…’ kabir’s eyes popped and he ran but mish ran with her full speed , kabir was about to caught her but she escaped and kabir fell down taking geet underneath him….. kabir was over geet and both were in the garden….
Geet closed her eyes in fear while kabir was gaping this beauty without blink…. Misha was laughing like a manic seeing them and whistling over them…..kabir got up feeling embarrassed while geet is red in anger, she was like she will burst her whole anger over him, poor soul kabir looking at her hazel eyes…. But geet as looking him with her big-2 eyes and about to blast him right now, abhay sensed that geet is in her angry mood, because he never saw geet like this….. kabir muttered sorry and looked down while misha was laughing still but geet turned & glared at her, misha stopped her laugh and looked at piya & abhay for wanting to know who is this girl….
Abhay-geet, I am sorry behalf kabir…. Actually he & misha like that… always fight like tom & jerry but they are best friends….
Misha-hey sorry geet but galti iss kabir kit hi haa….. kabir chal sorry bol……
Kabir-sorry geet if I hurt you…. Geet gave her weak smile to him…. “its ok….”
Piya-geet, meet kabir & misha, they are also our friends, actually they are in computer field , they came back today from dehradun…. So guys hows your holidays?
Misha-it was awesome buddy…. Fulltoo fun…. Btw hi geet….
Geet-hi, they shook their hands and same with kabir…. They chit chatted a little and headed towards their respective lectures….. misha and kabir are in computers stream, doing their MCA, as they has interest in softwares,….. piya, abhay, kabir and misha are best friends….. piya & abhay are couple but misha & kabir are best friends from the childhood…. They did their schooling from Dehradun but they came delhi for their graduation…. They four also belongs to rich family, piya & misha are sisters….
After some time maan reached to KM and straight went to outhouse, he met with sameera there and packed her stuff…. He knew what he was feeling that time, he felt blast this girl right now but he took some patience and behaved like a old maan , he observed her every gesture and went from there…..
Maan again called to someone and told him to meet with him in KM…. before going out from there maan went in a room where he has the CDs of CCTV cameras…. He took all cd and played them one by one…
Before shifting sameera in outhouse maan got the service of CCTV cameras, actually they are hidden cameras, no one can see them, sameera doesn’t know about the cameras that’s why she was so comfortable and free in outhouse…. Actually he had automatic security system in KM, there is no need of security but outhouse has not so he just thought to put cameras in outhouse and security……
Finally maan got the cd and the color changed of his face after listening their conversation…. He was stunned hearing all this, he couldn’t believe that sameera and viraaj can do this with him…. he trusted sameera so much but she cheated him…. he has a cd in his hand , in anger he crushed that cd in his fist and zoomed out from there, went in KM, where he met with a person and told him that he wants every detail about this…. That person nodded and went from there…..
Maan went in his room and fished out every stuff related to sameera, his eyes were red in anger, his whole structure was shivering in anger………..he took out the frame which has the photo of rahul, sameera and maan….. he broke that photo frame in anger…he ran his hand in his hair in frustration, in anger, feel back on the bed, he closed in eyes and held his head between his palms cursing himself…….
Next day early in the morning around 4 am, geet felt thirsty….,she wants water but water was not there in her room.. she sighed and went downstairs, went t kitchen and gulped down the whole glass of water and took a water bottle, she was passing from the gym area, she heard some voice and followed the voice, her eyes widen seeing maan in half naked state… he was bare by upper chest, wearing just his track pants doing vigorous moves in anger, she doesn’t know he is angry or not but she saw him & her throat again went dry, she saw some sweat drops on his neck, which is going down to his back, which going more lower on his lower back touching his hot skin, she felt burning inside, she saw that drop which lost in the elastic of his track pant…. She was lost in him and lost in her thoughts….
She stood behind him and he was facing his back to her, she raised her hand to touch his sweaty body which is looking so edible, she licked her lips but her throat was dry, she tried very hard but her mouth went dry, she touched his nape, feeling his sweaty hot skin under her fingers, running down her fingers on his back to his lower back, she closed her eyes for feeling his skin, feeling like someone has switch on warm heater on her, and she felt warm air on her skin, feeling tickled, butterflies were running in her stomach, she was blushing hard just then she brought back to reality hearing breaking sound of wood planks, her eyes widen in horror and she ran from there breathing hard, closed the door of her room hid behind the door, calming down her raised breath, she put her hand on her heart feeling why it is beating so rapid…. But she was blushing thinking about maan….. she moves to the bed but couldn’t able sleep like sleep is very far from her eyes just thinking about maan though she knew maan doesn’t consider her as his wife but what she can do,,,, she loves him, she can’t took him off from her mind, from her heart….. she closed her eyes again and trying to take a little more sleep but she was not feeling to sleep any more, she got up and went to the balcony, she heard splash sound of water like someone entered in swimming pool, she moved a little towards the swimming pool and saw maan was swimming at this hour, early in the morning…. She never saw maan swimming at this hour , he used to swim after 6 am but today he is here before 5 am…. She stood there and watching him without blink and the hours passed , she was still there so maan was….. he was still swimming and geet was still watching…. She doesn’t how the hours passed….. it was 7 am… she was worried for maan, she never saw him like this, swimming like this… maan was so tensed, angry that’s why he was doing all this tai-chi and swimming… he was taking out his anger though this way…. She doesn’t know why maan is doing all this but she knew maan is angry….


She stood there and watching him without blink and the hours passed , she was still there so maan was….. he was still swimming and geet was still watching…. She doesn’t how the hours passed….. it was 7 am… she was worried for maan, she never saw him like this, swimming like this… maan was so tensed, angry that’s why he was doing all this tai-chi and swimming… he was taking out his anger though this way…. She doesn’t know why maan is doing all this but she knew maan is angry….

Geet’s monologue…………
Today, I woke up early in the morning because I was feeling thirsty , I want water at that time but unfortunately water was not in the room….. I thought for a moment and went in kitchen for the water….. I don’t why I was feeling so thirsty at that hour, I never drank water early morning in fact I never woke up at that hour…… my bhabhi used to wake me up who bhi after lots of try and now where I am…. Now I used to woke up myself, well I went in kitchen and gulped the whole glass of water and took another bottle as I was passing from the gym area, I heard some sounds, I followed them and I found maan was doing vigorous exercise……
my eyes popped open seeing him bare chest, only I knew what I felt that time, I was so tempting to feel his sweaty skin under my fingers, I saw some sweat drops which were falling from his hairs and crawling on his back and escaped in the elastic of his track pants……… I gulped hard, my mouth went dry, I so much wanted to feel him , he was looking so desirable but my fate, I felt that time like my fate was laughing at me, at my condition, at my desires, at my urges for feel him, but I felt pain also at that time seeing him doing those vigorous moves…..
I felt like he is removing his anger but I didn’t knew much about him….. just then I started dreaming about him and went in my dreamland with my maan….. wait a min geet, kya kaha tuney, my maan….. but wo to tujhe apna maante hi nahi….. par geet to kya hua… tu to unse pyaar karti hai na…. so what’s the problem in seeing my him.. after all he is my husband…………..
and I can watch him…… then suddenly I ran out from there in my room and hid myself behind the door , my heart was beating so rapidly like some kind of machine, I tried so hard to calm myself but all the futile attempts went in vain…. I tried to sleep but whenever I closed my eyes, his half nude structure came in front of my eyes….. I knew ye sab galat hai par mai kya karu? I got up and went in balcony for taking some fresh air but who knows that I will see maan again…. He was swimming & again I lost in him……….
Geet’s monologue ends…………..

Just then her thought broke by the voice of Vedanta…… who was sleeping peacefully but sun rays which was coming from the window was not letting him sleep a little bit more…..
Vedanta- mama, what are you doing? Please let me sleep na….. he said to geet rubbing his eyes with the back of his palms…. Get turned and looked at his cute antics which he used to do whenever she opened the curtains early…. She went towards him and kissed on his forehead…..
Geet-good morning vedu….
(ok, vedu is his nick name given by geet… only geet can call him with this name…..)
Geet-chalo, chalo…. Get up, school ke liye ready hona hai… get up fast….
Vedanta-please mama, 5 mins more and he fell back on the bed covering himself from the spread….. she sighed , she knew he won’t listen her until she didn’t give him 5 mins more… it’s his daily routine, till then she used to took out his uniform and other stuff….
Geet-5 mins up vedu, not get up….. she removed the spread from his face and as usual he gave her his famous cute smile which makes geet happy….. he jumped immediately as his demand was fulfilled, he kissed geet’s cheek and geet too kissed him back…. He jumped from the bed and ran in the washroom taking his towel from the bed…… in this little time she forgot about maan that he was swimming there….now she is only vedanta’s mama…… she moved to the window for setting the curtains again her sight fell on maan who was still swimming, but he calmly laying in the water by his back, closing his eyes…..
Maan was in deep thinking, calming his mind by swimming, refreshing himself, he knew it can’t help him but still he was trying to calm his anger, he knew he can take wrong action because of his so called anger…..

Maan’s monologue…………..
Why I was so blind in my love that I couldn’t able to saw her real face? Wait a min…… what I said love, no ways it can’t be love…. Was my love so weak that she betrayed me? Again I called it’s love…… can she did this to me? I was her best friend, how can she did like this to her best friend….. why I was so blind, I never thought like this about her…. Because of her , I fought with my dadi maa, because of her I scold my little sister, because of her I compromise with this marriage, because of her that girl is suffering…. What was her fault that she is suffering….? How can I let that happen? I gave her so importance in her my life and she misused that importance….. she dared to play with MSK now she have to face real MSK, till now she has seen my love, my care….why still I am calling it love………..
no, it can’t be love…. It was never love…. In fact it can never be love…….. it was my friendship which I was doing…. I served my friendship, how stupid I was,,,!!! Dadi maa, annie always told me that it was not love, they always tried very hard to made me understand but I was so blind in me & sameera that I was no where to listen them…… I am sorry dadi maa, I am sorry annie for scolding you without any reason…. I know I am the main culprit, if I should never gave this importance to her then she can never did this to me….. but why me? What I did wrong ? did my friendship was wrong? Did my concern was wrong?
I know I was attracted by her personality at the first day of college…………attraction, yes…… it was never love, it was just a mere attraction…… haa It was attraction, it was infatuation….it can’t be love…. It was never love…… it was just a attraction towards an opposite sex…. But today she is no more attractable for me, in fact she is no more friend of mine, no …. No, she is no one to me….. now I will show her right place, her real place……
Maan’s monologue ends…………….

Geet’s monologue……………
Why I have the feeling like maan is disturbed? Why I am feeling uneasy seeing him like this? I have never saw him doing exercise and swimming at this early morning from past 2 months….. but what happened right now that he is looking so much disturbed……I am observing him from few hours, like he is restless, like something is eating him, like something is burning inside him…. but what? Is everything fine with sameera? Is she alright? Kahi maan usi ke liye pareshaan to nahi hai? I know she is not mentally stable but why today maan is behaving like this? From past 2 hours I am seeing him, wait a min, 2 hours…. It means I stood here from past 2 hours and watching him…..
what happened to me suddenly? Why I am also feeling uneasy? Why I have a feeling that something is going to be happen but what? Babaji, sab theek rakhna…..i know I am sounding weird but fir bhi, maan ko kuch mat hone dena…. Please keep him safe & sound….. geet tu bhi na, kya-2 sochti rehti hai…. Dekh na maan kitne hot lag rahe hai…. He swims very well, tabhi to he saved me otherwise mai uss shark ke stomach me hoti…..
Geet’s monologue end…….

She saw maan is coming out from the swimming and he wiped himself from the towel…. She gaped at his body, how hot he was looking in his wet form….. she checked him top t bottom and her throat went dry seeing maan like this…. She never saw him in wet form, she felt like she is drenched in water…. Her thought broke again by vedanta’s voice who was stood there wrapping himself in towel around his waist…. He was calling her from past 2 mins but she was no where to listen….. she made him ready for the school and then went o kitchen for making breakfast…. She knew when she was making breakfast in that time maan met with Vedanta after getting ready….. here she is preparing breakfast for maan , at the same time maan was checking vedanta’s books….. both are ready, Vedanta for school and maan for office….. geet called nakul and told him to serve breakfast at the table…. She immediately went in her room for getting ready otherwise she will be late….
Geet reached college and engrossed with her friends and in her studies….. though kabir & misha were new for her but misha was a masterpiece….. she cracked jokes and all the time she made the environment light by pulling kabir’s leg , she love to tease him so much because of bimbos…. Ok misha used to call bimbo of kabir’s girlfriends…. She usually called bimbo to those girls who wore mini skirts like showing off their bodies, and those girls who are like chalti firti make up ki dukaan and who has so much attitude…… it was so fun for her pulling their legs and pass the comments on those girls….. she was like a fundoo girl… no tension, no pain nothing in her life only masti, masti and masti…..
Geet liked her nature so much because before 2-3 months geet was also like this…. She really missed alka, Vicky & arjun so much, with whom she used to do all masti & all…. Kabir, he was handsome but a little bit shy guy who became flushed with the teasing of misha….. he has a sweet nature, caring ek dum Vicky types…..
The day went well of geet and rest about maan, he was in full anger, he was feeling guilty, repenting his deeds, he was full in animosity, he knew he did wrong trusting so much on sameera and about viraaj, he could never thought that viraaj can do something like this with him….. well maan was on a mission of destroying them which is a little bit secret….
Next day, it was Sunday so maan & geet both are at home, like every Sunday geet was in her room and trying very hard on concentrating on subject but alas, she was failed…. She was thinking about maan, yesterday’s incident…. She is still feeling restless….. like something is going bad…. Like maan is not well, she knew she is becoming insane thinking again & again about this, but what she can do right now…. She snapped her thought when annie came in her room, she was panic, huffing too…..
Geet-what happen annie? Why are you panting ? Geet asked in worry…
Annie-woh geet, Vedanta was not listening, I tried so many times….
Geet-but hua kya?
Annie-nothing, actually he wants to listen story and I don’t any story… maine bola mujhe story nahi aati so he started throwing tantrums…… geet sighed in relief….
Geet-bas itni si baat….. chalo I know a story…. My mama used to tell me this story so I remember this one…..


Geet-what happen annie? Why are you panting ? Geet asked in worry…
Annie-woh geet, Vedanta was not listening, I tried so many times….
Geet-but hua kya?
Annie-nothing, actually he wants to listen story and I don’t any story… maine bola mujhe story nahi aati so he started throwing tantrums…… geet sighed in relief….
Geet-bas itni si baat….. chalo I know a story…. My mama used to tell me this story so I remember this one…..
Geet and annie went in vedanta’s room where he was sitting on the bed with baby angry face….. geet sighed and went to him, he was expecting story from her….. annie also sat with them on the bed and geet starts the story….. she told him that there was a king, who was little half minded….. but he was king of his kingdom…. Vedanta looked at him with curious eyes while annie went busy in her cell….. she continued the story…..
At the same time maan was in his room, he was feeling restless rather say he was angry but he wanted to calm himself…. He was busy in his laptop checking his mails but he couldn’t able to concentrate on his work….he thought to spend a little time with Vedanta, he knew he is alone, he was feeling very bad for him, what was his fault that he is living a life like this without his real parents but for Vedanta, geet & maan are his real parents…. Vedanta was away from his parents from many years…. Whenever he needed his father that time he found maan near him as his father…..maan loved Vedanta so much…. He has a different bond with him from so many years…. At one time maan was his father as well his mother also… maan brought him to this age….. Vedanta also loved him so much though he doesn’t know the meaning of love but still he has a bond with him…..
Maan put his laptop aside and made his way to his room, Maan was going to met Vedanta as he wanted to spend some moments with him, he was feeling really very bad for him after knowing the real face of sameera……he was in his won trance walking in corridor , thinking about sameera & rahul…… he doesn’t know why sameera did this but he has his won way to find out the truth and he is doing his work by his trust worthy peoples who are doing the work behalf of maan……. when he reached to the window of his room, he heard a girl is laughing and cracking jokes, he heard her melodious voice, which is telling some prince & his kingdom story to Vedanta…. The melodious voice was magical echoing in his ear like some kind of musical instrument….. he took 2 steps back and peeped inside the room through the window as it was slightly opened, he saw annie, Vedanta and an another girl was there….. he knew who is another girl….. ofcourse how can he forget that night, that letter, how he regret after his shameful act…….
Actually geet was telling him story, she told him….. “aapko pata hai aagey kya hua?” geet asked to Vedanta, where he made questioning face and asked “kya hua mama?”
“king ne decide kiya ki wow o bahar ki duniya dekhege, wo dekhna chahta tha ki dusre log kaise rehte hai….. usne apne servants ko bola ki wo bahar jaana chahta hai lekin uske servants boley ki bahar to bahut tez barish ho rahi hai….. fir” she stopped a little looking at Vedanta actually geet was feeling little bit restless where maan was stood outside the room near the window listening her melodious voice….he was lost in her sweet voice and he too listening the story……
“fir kya hua mama?” Vedanta asked to her, geet started again “fir, fir king ne bola ki wo jana chahta hai aur wo jayega….. wo akela hi bahar chala gaya wo bhi by foot bina apni car….. wo thodi dur chala aur suddenly a doggy saw him and starts barking on him, king ran for saving his life aur fir achanak se wo zameen par gir gaya, barish jo ho rahi…..waha par khadi ek ladki usey dekhkar has padi…. Raja made baby face hearing her laugh on him…. to fir usne thodi der socha aur wo uss ladki se bola ki mujhe help karo… ladki ne help karne ke liye apna hath usey diya par king ne usey bhi zameen par gira diya aur khud zor-2 se hasne laga…. ” hearing this Vedanta started laughing loudly . listening his laugh geet & annie also starts laughing with him where maan stood outside the room , he was mesmerized hearing her laugh…..he was so lost in her laugh but then he heard some foot steps approaching him, he looked right and found dadi is coming with nakul where nakul has tray with food in his hand…. Maan at once hid behind the pillar, he doesn’t want feel dadi maa his presence……
Dadi went inside the room and nakul too…. Nakul kept tray on the table and left from there….. maan at once came out and looked again inside the room through the window…..
Dadi-geet bête, hum aapka lunch yahi le aaye hai…. Aap kar lijiyega…..
Annie-no dadi maa, today I want to do lunch with geet… hamesha ye aise hi karti hai…. Daily college jati hai aur Sunday me apne room me lunch karti hai…..
At the same time maan became curious that why she did her lunch in her room and she went college…. He looked again inside the window…
Geet-annie,,, don’t do this…. You know why…. Sunday me maan yaha hote hai to mai kaise unke samne jaa sakti hu….
Outside the room, why because of me? He thought in his mind……
Dadi-annie bête, you knew all thing…. Aap jaanti hai jabse maan aur geet ki shaadi huyi hai par ye shaadi, shaadi nahi hai….. maan ne kabhi geet ko accept hi nahi kiya to fir wo kaise maan ke samne jaati ….. aap jaanti hai na geet ka faisla to fir aap aisi zidd kyo kar rahi hai….. annie felt guilty for being behaving like stubborn girl and said sorry to geet where geet smiled at her….. but outside the room maan felt a lump in his heart like someone stabbed his heart…. He felt something crushing badly inside his body…. He went from there in his room and looked outside from the window thinking deeply, asking to himself…..
Maan’s monologue…..
Today I felt so restless , so thought to spend little time with Vedanta….. but when I reached near his room, I heard a melodious voice, he couldn’t recognize that voice because I heard that voice first time in my life…………. No, I think I heard that voice before this time…..but don’t know where….. suddenly I stopped and looked inside the room through the window though I never peeped anyone’s room but doesn’t know why I did this….i saw a beautiful girl there just like an angel, annie and Vedanta was also there…her name is geet… a song… ..i was seeing that beauty first time in my life but I felt restless seeing her like her eyes are voicing out some pain or I have seen her almond eyes before….i never felt like this before, it was like had some kind bond with her after seeing her hazel eyes…… ….i knew who was she…. She was that girl with whom I had married…. I have never seen her before today…. I don’t where she was? But then I came to know that she went college that means she is like annie and then I came to know that because of me she didn’t came in front of me but I didn’t said anything to her in fact I have never talked to her…I felt a great bonding between Vedanta & geet…but how can she love him after knowing the fact that he is sameera’s son? But job hi hai Vedanta got a mother in her and I think Vedanta also love her….. I have to find out what’s the relation they both are sharing? …. ..i knew very well that I never wanted this relationship and I had snatched her sanity, how can I forget that day when I found myself naked on the bed and blood stains over all on the duvet and bed-sheet….. I felt so miserable that time… I knew I did a big sin but I wanted to beg sorry from her but dadi maa stopped me…. Then what did I do?…………. I knew I never wanted this marriage but don’t know now why I want this relationship…. I didn’t know she will forgive me or not? But I have to talk with her, I have to beg sorry from her….. this all happened because of sameera, just because of her I became a culprit and committed a big sin but not now….. I have to do everything on place……
Maan’s monologue ends……..
A week passed like this…. It was the day geet was coming from her college alone by her car…. She knew driving and has driving license too…. Now she Is aware of Delhi roads otherwise Delhi roads are so confusing….in this week, geet mingled with kabir & misha , now abhay, piya, geet, misha & kabir are in a group…. Though kabir & misha in different stream but they are like a gang now….
Geet was going to Delhi after crossing Anand Vihaar and now she was on highway…. It was late because she went to book market for buying some books….. she was alone in her car….. at the same time maan was also coming Delhi after visiting the site which was in Noida Industrial Area, near that there was a land where was his company constructing building…..
At the same time geet’s car went slow down and slowly-2 it went off…. Geet tried again to start the car but unfortunately it didn’t start…..
Geet-what the hell???? Iss car ko bhi abhi khraab hona tha……. She came out from the car and saw tyre was punctured…. Her eyes widen now what can she do now? There was no sign of mechanic….. she took her belongings and locked the car…. She was trying to get some lift but unfortunately no one was giving her lift….. she thought to went by walk but she can’t left her car like this here….. don’t know from where suddenly 3 biker came there shouting and hooting….. geet became scared hearing their voice but thought to not react but they were jerk…….
1 biker stopped his bike…. “hey babes wanna lift?” geet didn’t react , and starts walking ahead…..2nd biker stopped his bike “seems you are alone on this highway….” Geet again ignored…..
Another biker stopped his bike…. “don’t be shy babes… we’ll give you a good company….” Geet straighten herself, setting her duppatta and walking ahead ignoring them…… 1st biker held her dupatta where 2nd biker starts singing the song……. Choli ke pichhey kya hai , chunri ke pichhey…… 3rd biker- ye duppatta humko dede….. geet felt disgusting….. one of them tried to touch her but before he can touch, a tight slap on his cheek by geet, he looked at geet holding cheek by his palm….
At the same time maan was coming on the same route and saw some boys behaving badly with a girl…. He clenched his fist not knowing with whom they are misbehaving…..he speed up the car and stopped his car near him…. before they can touch her again, a strong hand stopped him and kicked on his back so hard that he fell down on the land straight by his stomach….. maan’s eyes widen seeing geet here….. geet was so petrified seeing him here but at the same she felt happy found maan near her…..
He held 1 boy’s hand and twirled it on his back and gave a straight punch on his nose and that boy fell back on the ground with his bleeding nose, bleeding lips….. geet went near the car hiding herself…..
another boy attacked him from his back but maan was too sharp with his moves, maan at once turned & punch on his side neck which makes him fall to the side on the land with his broken bone…………………
at the same time a smile crept on geet face thinking about her first encounter with maan…. She went in past, it was also the same scene…..


He held 1 boy’s hand and twirled it on his back and gave a straight punch on his nose and that boy fell back on the ground with his bleeding nose, bleeding lips….. geet went near the car hiding herself…..
another boy attacked him from his back but maan was too sharp with his moves, maan at once turned & punch on his side neck which makes him fall to the side on the land with his broken bone…………………
at the same time a smile crept on geet face thinking about her first encounter with maan…. She went in past, it was also the same scene…..

When she was in 12th standard…… geet was naïve yet brave girl….that time she had a friend named ritu beside alka….. ritu was sweet , caring but she was in love with someone unfortunately that guy was not in love with her…. He was only using her only for taking her on his bed with him… but she was naïve doesn’t able to understand his intentions….
He portrayed himself like so sweet, innocent types and ritu fall for him… he was not form their school… he was the outsiders but geet also knew him as she had seen him from far away when ritu went to meet him but fortunately that guy doesn’t know about geet, even he had never seen her….. nor he knew her name because ritu didn’t mention anything about her to him…..
everything was going well but one day somehow he managed to convince ritu that they will visit his home and she agreed being so naïve… she didn’t know anything about what he was going to do? She went with him at his place then he offered drinks to her like orange juice… she agreed…. That day no one was there…. She felt awkward being with him alone at his place…. She never went with any guy at his place when no one was around not even with the boys of their group…..
he managed to made her drink that orange juice but who knew that what was in his mind…. After some time she felt dizzy and she went in deep sleep….. that guy took the advantage of that spend the night with her but also made a MMS for blackmailing her….. he wants to share his bed again with her that’s why he did all this…..
Next morning when she woke up from her sleep then she found herself wrapped in bed sheet, her eyes widen and she started crying…… then that guy show her the MMS and told her everything…. Ritu horrified and she cried a lot… she didn’t knew what to do….. that day he freed her but kept blackmailing her for the net time…. She told everything to geet….
She cried a lot but somehow geet made her calmed down and assured her that everything will be fine…… Geet was geet, she made up her mind….. geet knew about his place and ritu told everything about his place to geet because geet had asked from her…..
Next day geet wore yashmak(yashmak, it is a piece of cloth which is used to covering the face and mostly used in Muslims for covering their faces from other peoples…. ) and went at his place, luckily there was no one,,,, she entered in his house from the window after breaking the lock of the window because she knew some tricks how to break locks…..once Vicky told her because she was stuck in her room , because the lock of her jammed and they had to broke the lock, geet asked from him how they broke the lock then Vicky told her how they broke the lock….. and that day, that trick worked well….. she found his laptop along with CD and his another mobile which has the MMS in it….. she checked his laptop and deleted the that video but the she heard some noises from outside….
She feared, she took CD and his mobile and ran from there but her bad luck, there was that guy along with friends who had seen her running away from there….. she was running saving her life and those proofs too…those guys ran behind her,, she was running with her full pace, those guys were very near to her but she didn’t lose her hope and kept running ,
she looked behind , looking the distance between them then she suddenly bumped to someone’s back who was checking his car’s engine as his car broke down in mid way….. he looked behind with the sudden bump but his surprise geet was cling on him and asked him for save her…. He looked in her eyes, her hazels, almond brown eyes which were begging help from him, which has fear in it, which were watery , he turned his face and looked at those guys who stopped found her, she was hid behind him…..those boys stopped and looked at them….
They doesn’t want her but yes they want those proofs which she had…. She was scared , held his arm and hid her face behind him….. he looked at her then those guys…. His eyes spitting fire , his made his fist and his whole tensed in anger, tighten his jaw bones in anger….
Please help me….. she begged from him , fear was reflecting from her voice and her eyes were teary…. She was little trembling, actually her whole body was shaken….. she knew, she has to be brave, she was brave until now but she felt weak when she saw maan….
Go away… he said
Boy- tu hat hamare raaste se aur ladki ko idhar de….
MAAN SNIGH KHURANA ne kadam badhane ke baad kabhi pichey hatna nahi sikha….. said to him pointing his finger towards them…. saying so he gave straight punch on one boy from the group…..

that boy fell on the land with his broken bleeding nose….she stood there hearing his name from his mouth….. MAAN SINGH KHURANA her life savior…. Another boy attacked him, trying to punch him but maan was too fast for him….
maan held his hand in mid and kicked him on his stomach and then he also fell back holding his stomach in pain….. then suddenly one boy from them trying to snatch those things from geet but she was struggling , maan saw him and held him by his neck then twirl his arm by his back and keep punching him on his stomach till then blood doesn’t came out from his mouth….
Just then one boy attacked him from the back and held maan from his neck but maan turned and elbowed him on his stomach which made him loosened his hold from maan’s neck then maan slap him again and again…. Then maan turned looking for geet but for his surprise she was no where to be seen….. he saw she was running from there…..that time he doesn’t know what happened to her that she ran from there….
Moreover she wanted to thank him but she was so scared, she didn’t realize when she ran away from him…. while running she turned her face and looked at him for the last time… she knew his name was maan singh khurana….. maan wanted to know that what’s the matter but she ran away… he sighed and again engrossed in his car….. she somehow reached to her house and burnt those proofs… she knew that she had put her life in danger but thanks to that guy, named maan who saved her life….

She jerked away when maan kicked one boy on his back and that boy banged on car beside of geet… she jumped in fear and without the second though she immediately hugged maan…. She was dazed, she doesn’t know what she was doing? She doesn’t know she was doing right or wrong? She doesn’t know what will happen after that? she doesn’t know that she is hugging maan, she only know that she is hugging that man who is her life savior, who has saved her life thrice….
Because of him she is alive today…. For her surprise, maan too hugged her back….. both felt complete in each other arms…. That seems perfect couple….. both lost in each other, doesn’t know where they are? What are they doing? For the first time they are feeling each other, for the first time they are feeling something like this…..
then maan asked in his soft tone…… “are you fine geet?” he patted her back in a way to calming her down….. may be he knew that she was scared from all this fiasco…..
those words made her realize that where she is? What was she doing? She snapped back in reality and looked at him…. her eyes became teary and some unknown fear ran in her body through veins, suddenly she broke the hug, he looked at her in surprise….. maan doesn’t know what to do? He was just stood there and kept looking at her….. he covered her mouth by her palm and ran away from there left behind her belongings and maan too….. he called her in worry…
Geet….. geet please listen to me….. maan shouted….. geet turned and looked at him back but didn’t stop…… he again shouted ……
Geet…. Geet stop…. But no use…. She was running , he ran a little bit behind her but she was so far from him….. he saw she was bumped to some biker who had stopped his bike on the side of the road and talking to the phone…. For a surprise , both hugged each other and they went away from there…. He doesn’t know what he was feeling at that moment when he saw , geet was going with someone else beside of him…. he sighed, took her belongings and he too left from there… the whole way eh was thinking that who was that man? What relation she had with him? maan doesn’t know who was that man? Actually he was not able saw his face….. his thoughts snapped when he heard other car’s horn ….. he shook his head and went to KM…..
On the other hand geet reached with that man at his place and both entered in the house…. She was so happy being with him…. they both hugged each other again and she roamed at him place, at every corner, saw his house…..
Coffee???? He asked to her and she nodded….. he ordered o servants for two coffee till then both settled on the couch….. she sat beside him, hugging him side ways, keeping her head on his chest, cuddling like a ball in his arms….. and he too held her in a protective manner….. finally she managed to ask him….
When you came here arjun? Geet asked to him raising her head looking at him….. he sighed… he knew she will asked to him surely…..
Yesterday…. That’s it.. geet became that old geet… she escorted her nose and snapped from his hug…. Stood up and sat on the other couch, tied her hands over her chest… she kept looking at other side but looking at him form corner of her eyes…. He stood up and sat beside her…
Naraaz hai? He asked….. “nahi, I am doing bhangra ” geet twisted her lip and turned her face…. He smiled knowing her jhutta gussa….. her mouth went in big O shape seeing his smiling face….. he suppressed his smile and trying to being serious but before he do that, a cushion threw by geet on him…. he ran for saving his life from her but she was throwing cushions on her…..
Geet, dekh I wanted to give you surprise but you caught me…. Told arjun running around the couch…
Mujhe kuch nahi sunna…. You cheat me…and I wont forgive you…. Saying so again throw the cushion on him…
Geet, jitna gussa karna hai kar lena first listen me properly…. Slowly -2 he came close to her and held her both wrist…. She made baby face knowing that he knew she was not angry from him….
Now listen…. Both seated on the couch….. she was quiet that was unusual for arjun seeing her so quiet……. He liked her being chatterbox….


Mujhe kuch nahi sunna…. You cheat me…and I wont forgive you…. Saying so again throw the cushion on him…
Geet, jitna gussa karna hai kar lena first listen me properly…. Slowly -2 he came close to her and held her both wrist…. She made baby face knowing that he knew she was not angry from him….
Now listen…. Both seated on the couch….. she was quiet that was unusual for arjun seeing her so quiet……. He liked her being chatterbox….

Before you beat me more, listen me at least once…… arjun pleaded to her…. He knew that she is showing her jhutta gussa but she won’t melt until he won’t pleased her with his buttering talks…. She loved to be pleased by him… no one can understand her better than Arjun…. At last he consider her his small sister where she also consider him as big brother but they are shared friendly bond and never hide anything from each other but this time geet knew that she had hid a big thing of her life from Arjun…and when he will come to know about this, surely he won’t leave Maan as well he won’t forgive geet also…..
Finally she gave a smile to him and then sighed knowing that now madam ka mood theek hai…..
There is a good news for you….. told arjun to her while placing coffee mug in front of her…. Her face lit up suddenly hearing good news….. she jumped on him and asked what is that? Arjun knew that when she will know about the news, no one can be more happy than geet…..
Whenever you will need me, I will always be with you because now I have shifted my business in Delhi…. Told arjun looking at her face and her eyes first gave the shock expressions but then he saw sparkling joy in her eyes…… she immediately hugged him very tight……
Really? Thank you, thank you so much…………. You know I really missed you all a lot….. and then she starts crying pouring her heart out , the pain she was hiding from them from so long…. She couldn’t able to control herself and starts crying….. she was really needed a shoulder when she was alone but alas that time no one was with her beside annie & dadi maa, but she was really needed a person who was very close to her and those persons are her bhabhi and Arjun, Alka…. She never hide anything from them, if she hide anything then they came to know that from her behavior…. Whenever she hide anything from them then her behavior changed, she starts behaving abnormal and then they came to know that she was hiding something……
Arjun patted her back , he thought that she really missed them that’s why she is crying now….. some tears came out from Arjun’s eyes too seeing his little gudiya crying….. he broke out the hug and cupped her face….
Gudiya, what happen? Itna kyo ro rahi hai? Arjun asked in worry….. Arjun used to call her gudiya whenever she became emotional or cry….. she wiped her tears…..
Nahi, kuch nahi… bas I really missed you all…. And seeing you after so many days, I became emotional…. Finally she managed to say something between her sobs….. Arjun sighed in relief knowing that she was only missed them otherwise he thought that she is in some kind of problem and she is hesitate to tell him….. he wiped her rest tears from her cheeks….
Aur koi baat to nahi? He asked softly to her…. First she shivered then relaxed and shook her head in no…. Arjun smiled at her…….
It’s okay…. Now I am here na… now you won’t miss me anymore ….. he softly kissed her forehead…. They both shared a different bond….
Achha, why suddenly you are shifting here? She asked form him changing the topic and sipped her coffee…..
Actually dad wants to set up business here so I thought to shift in Delhi aur waise bhi mai tujhse dur thodi reh sakta hu…… both smiled at each other, suddenly he heard her stomach is grumbling from hunger….. she made baby face where he chuckled …..
Wait, mai tera fav parantha banwata hu….. Arjun called the servant and told him to prepare paneer parantha with curd….. after some time, servant served the food to them and they both ate their food , enjoyed a lot, feeding to each other and snatching each other food…. Laughing, joking, pulling each other legs….. after so many days she is feeling refreshed like she was been in Mumbai with her friends & family…..
Now you have to help me in furnish this apartment…. Help me in shopping, I don’t anything about the homely stuffs, I don’t know what things I have to buy or what not? So now you are engaged for this week with me….. okay….. told her while feeding her parantha….. she was behaving like a child with him…..
Are you asking to me or ordering me? Asked while munching her parantha…..
Jo samajhna hai na samajh le… bas you are occupied this week with me….. no other work beside of your college…. After college you have to furnish this house….. she nodded cutely and then he dropped her KM in his car…. Geet offered him to come inside but he denied because it was late…. He told her will come here some another day right now he has to take a leave, because there is lots of work which is pending in office….
Both hugged each other and bid bye but they don’t know that a pair of eyes which are watching them but their good luck or his bad luck, he didn’t able to saw Arjun’s face because he stood there facing his back to him…. he could see only geet, who was very happy with him, talking very friendly, hugging him, shaking her hand etc… etc….. finally she entered in Mansion and straight went in Vedanta’s room where he was doing his homework…..
Maan came down from the terrace and stop his way at the window of Vedanta’s room where he saw again geet and Vedanta….. geet was helping him in homework where Vedanta was continuously chattering , telling her about his day in school, what he did today and geet was calmly making him understand the things, you should not do these things, you should behave mannerly with others…. You should behave friendly with your peers, never fight with them….. maan doesn’t when time flew away he stood there watching them…. He saw again geet told him story and he went asleep, suddenly a smile crept on his face seeing their bond….. how they are happy with each other….. they both doesn’t want the third person when they both are alone…. They are happy in their little world……
Suddenly he saw geet is coming out from there, he at once hid from them and saw geet went away in her room….. then maan went in vedanta’s room, softly caressed his hairs and placed a little peck on his forehead, he felt calm seeing him sleeping so calmly….. he went in his room stood at the window, gazing at moon thinking about the today’s incident……
Maan(himself)- today I saw her 2nd time…. When I saw her surrounded with those boys, I don’t know what I felt time, I knew only one thing and that is nothing should happen to her otherwise I won’t be able to forgive myself….. I don’t know what was that feeling seeing her again….. and when she hugged me… I felt complete…. I don’t know why I felt like this? I never knew…. I don’t why I hugged her back? What was that which I had seen in her eyes for me….. I felt needle pierced in my body when she pushed me from the hug and ran away, I saw fear in her eyes like she feared from me…. But why? I didn’t eat her alive….. and when she went with that guy, what was that feeling which I never felt in my life…. I kept calling her but she didn’t reply me back… why I am feeling sad…. And before some time she was with that guy(arjun), and that time also I felt something which I don’t know what? But one thing I have noticed…. She truly loves Vedanta… iss sab mein Vedanta ka kya fault tha? Why he is suffering? No, he is not suffering…. He got a mother like geet… if he was with sameera then he suffered… thank god he was not with sameera otherwise don’t know what will happen…..
At the same time, geet also stood near the window and gazing the moon thinking about today’s incident…..
Geet’s Monologue…….
After so many days, today I am feeling refreshed just because of Arjun…. (she smiled thinking about she spent her time with arjun…..),,, I felt so emotional seeing him after so many days and I couldn’t control myself, and I started crying,, I really wanted to share my pain with him, I badly wanted to tell him what happen with me….. but I stopped my self because I knew maan was not at the fault….. he loves sameera, the situation was worst that’s why all this happened….. but fir bhi , I really wanted to tell him but I thought, he was so happy seeing me, why I snatch that happiness from him and from me too…. I was also happy that time….. now this coming week will be great for me because I’ll be with Arjun, all the time……
Today I really felt safe when I saw maan there for me….. I really felt like I belongs to him and he belongs to me…… But what was that? why I hugged maan? Did I really saw concern in his eyes for myself or I am hallucinating….. but at the same time he hugged me…. Why? Why he hugged me back? He loves sameera…..(she talked to herself sitting on the bed….) wait a min geet….. did he knew that you are geet, I mean you are his wife, but when he came to know about me? I never met with him, I tried my best not to come in front of him then how he came to know about me? He knew my name also….. he was calling me but I didn’t stop…. I kept running, leaving him behind because I feared….. yes I feared from him, if he will again reject me, then I won’t be able to come out form this shell….. that’s why I parted myself from him before he reject me….. geet, you did correct…. Now don’t blame yourself…. Babaji, ye aap kya kar rahe ho? You know na very well that mai unke saamne kyo nahi jaati, mai kyo unse dur rehti hu, but fir bhi aaj aapne unhe mere saamne bhej diya….. (she stopped for a moment and think…… ) but geet he helped you, he saved you again from those boys….. at least you should thank him…. he saved you so many times but you didn’t thank him for once but geet he didn’t know that he saved you some years ago too….. kash that day maine wo stupid sa yashmak nahi pehna hota to today he recognize you but if you didn’t wear that yashmak that day then those boys tried to harm you………… that day, I met him first time and I came to know his name, MAAN SINGH KHURANA…. What the name…!! naam mein hi power dikhta hai…. I tld everything to Alka, then she told me about Maan that he is the owner of KT, And she wanted to work with him….. from Alka, I came to know about maan….. she used to show me his pic in fashion magazines and his articles…..
Par babaji, aapne mujhe unhe hug kyo karaya? You know I love him, what effect he left on me whenever I came close to me…. Jhalli tu sirf 2 baar hi unje kareeb gayi hai, par geet tu unhe chhup-2 kar to dekhti hai….. (she shied a little remembering her morning session when she used to watch him secretly….she bit her lip and covered her face from her palms and laid down on the bed….) I know maan, you never accept me but still no one stop me from dreaming about you….. but I am sure one day you will surely accept me……
Geet’s monologue ends…….
She laid down on the bed remembering the incidents and thinking about him where maan also laid down on his bed thinking about geet & Vedanta & that guy(arjun)…. But both are wide awake…. Jaise neend dono ki aankho se koso(miles) dur ho , par dono ko jaagna achha lag raha hai………

Mujhe ab neend ki talaash nahi,
Ab raaton ko jaagna achha lagta hai.
Mujhe nahi maalum ki aap meri kismat mein ho ya nahi,
Magar khuda se aapko maangna achha lagta hai.
Jaane mujhe haq hai ya nahi,
Par aapki parwaah karna achha lagta hai.
Aapse pyaar karna sahi hai nahi,
Par iss ehsaas ko jeena achha lagta hai.
Kabhi hum sath honge ya nahi,
Par ye khwaab dekhna achha lagta hai.
Aap mere ho ya nahi,
Par aapko APNA kehna achha lagta hai…..


Maan(himself)- I have to talk to dadi maa about this issue but before that, I have to punish them, I’ll show them, what will be the consequence after messing with MSK…. Just wait and watch sameera and viraaj…. I’ll show you your right place where you both belongs….
At night, maan called to adi and told him to book his tickets and do all the arrangements and plan a trip around one month there,, and maan told him some secret work also which is highly confidential….
Next morning, geet went in dadi’s room…..
Geet-good morning dadi maa….. she wished her sitting beside her on the bed…..
Dadi-good morning geet bête……
Geet-actually dadi maa, woh yesterday I met with Arjun….
Dadi-Arjun…. When he came here?
Geet-before two days….
Dadi-and you are telling me now… hum aapse bahut naraaz hai… wo yaha bhi nahi aaye…. (dadi knew about Arjun, that he is her best friend and she met with him in marriage….she found him so sweet when she talked with him…..)
Geet-dadi, aap mujhse naraaz ho rahi hai? Mai khud kal Arjun se jhagda karke aayi hu…. Wo to I just found him on the road otherwise wo to kuch batata hi nahi mujhse….. she made baby face telling about her meeting to dadi maa except her meeting with maan and those boys…..
Dadi-okay…. Tell him ki kal raat ka dinner wo yaha hamare sath hi karenge…. Wo aaj hamein bahar jana hai isliye…
Geet-it’s okay dadi maa….. I’ll tell him….. woh dadi, actually he is going to settle here so he wants my help in shopping because he doesn’t anything about here and homely stuffs etc etc….. so I thought to help him in shopping…..
Shopping..!!!! both turned hearing a voice and turned to find out that is anvesha……
Kaun ja raha hai shopping? Annie asked curiously …..
Dadi- geet is going for shopping… uska friends aaya hai na to yahi shift ho raha hai so he wants her help in shopping……
Annie- ohh…. Kaun hai geet? Do I know him?
Geet-may be or may be not….. Arjun… he came in wedding…. Pata nahi tum mili ho ya nahi ussey? Annie went in deep thought recalling Arjun’s name , did she met him…. trying o recall faces with whom she met in wedding….. she remember Alka because she had fun with her, another face came in her that is geet’s bhaiya & bhabhi….. no…. she said in her mind…. Ye to nahi hai…. Fir…. She recalled two another faces but doesn’t know names…. Ab madam ko confusion of ho gaya kaun Vicky hai and kaun Arjun hai…. “can I tag along with you in shopping…. Actually mujhe bhi kuch lena hai?” annie asked in a hope….
Dadi- koi shopping par jaaye aur anvesha sath na jaaye… ho hi nahi sakta….. dadi told in teasing manner where annie made angry funny face and pouted cutely…. “ye kya dadi…. Last time when you went shopping… I didn’t went with you…”
Dadi-because that day you had your exam…..
Annie-okay.. fine…. Mujhe nahi jana shopping par…..
Geet-arey, kisi ne mujhse to pucha hi nahi…. At last I am going on shopping….. annie’s face lit up suddenly hearing geet’s statement….. “geet, can I come with you…. I know you want privacy with your friend but I promise, mai alag se shopping kar lungi….”
Geet-annie, don’t behave like a child….. and don’t be silly talking about privacy and all that…. we are very free with each other so no privacy …. Okay…. Annie nodded…… “achha chal, get ready….. meet me in half hour….. ”
Annie-ok but which mall…? South Extension mein new mall khula hai… my friend went there and told me that there is everything so unique and homely stuff too… latest brand and latest style mein….
Geet-okay…. I’ll inform Arjun… just tell me the address….. annie told the address and geet messaged to arjun…. Annie wore her fac maroon sleeveless suit where geet wore her jeans and white top….. After some time both headed towards the mall where arjun also went there…..
Arjun was waiting for geet at the entrance …. After some time Arjun saw geet is coming with another girl…. He doesn’t able to saw her face because she was hung up with her cell, chatting with her friends on facebook….. geet wave her hand to arjun and he also waved his hand…. Just then annie looked up and saw arjun and geet stood side by side…. Annie blink her eyes couple of times , she thought… ohh to ye hai arjun… I didn’t get chance to meet with him in wedding… now I have chance…. She snapped her thought when geet called her….
Geet-annie, he is Arjun and Arjun , she is ….. before she complete her words , arjun stopped her…. Anvesha Khurana .. right…. Geet nodded where annie blown away suddenly due to his voice…. It is like music is playing in her ears while she shook her hand with him, Arjun was no less than her…. He also blown away with her beauty and her voice…. He felt suddenly like violins and guitar are playing behind him…. they are lost in each other where geet looked at both of them…. And smiled inwardly…. Geet cleared her throat…. Ahem ahem…..
Both broke out from their imagination and felt embarrassed…. After then they went inside and shopped every need thing where arjun and annie stealing glances of each other ,,,, later they went in restaurant and ordered their fav food…. They were having their food just then geet felt a tap on her shoulder…
Babes….. you didn’t inform us before coming here…. We could also join you but your are so selfish….. told misha to geet making faces,,, geet looked at misha, kabir, piya & abhay…. All were there when they saw geet is also there but with some other persons…. They thought to meet with her…..
Geet-sorry misha….. actually we planned suddenly so couldn’t able to inform you….
Misha-it’s okay… why are you panic…? I was just kidding….. btw who is he? Misha whispered in her ear, geet hit her shoulder and whispered in her ear… aisa kuch nahi hai….. where kabir was looking at arjun….
Abhay-geet, won’t you introduce us?
Geet-ohh sorry… I forgot….. guys meet him… pointing towards arjun…… he is arjun… my best friend and she is anvesha….. my…. She paused for a moment where annie felt her hesitation but geet spoke again…. My sister…. All four wave their hands towards them , and these are my college friends and now we are a gang in college….. arjun, annie…. Meet misha, kabir, piya & abhay…. And you know piya & abhay are couple…. Guys, join us….
Arjun(himself)- why didn’t geet told them anvesha’s real identity? Is there something which she is hiding from me? Yesterday she was so upset… she never cried like that like she did yesterday…. Not even that time when I went to London for 6 months…. She happily came to airport for received me but yesterday she was different….. I have to talk to her but not right now…. I have to wait for the right time…..
Misha-of course…. All joined at one table and had fun…..


At the same time, a flight landed on EUROPE Airport….. and the passengers came out from the flight…. A person came out from the flight in his black attire , wearing his black goggles and saw the time and ascending the stairs of flight.. headed towards the security check and completed all the formalities of immigration…. His bodyguards joined him and took his luggage , a limo was waiting for him…. he sat in the Limo, where his bodyguards followed him… and switched on his cell and just then his cell buzzed…..
Hello..!! maan picked up his call at once…..
Hello, Maan sir, have you reached here? A person asked him…
Hmm …. Replied maan….
Okay, sir,… I am waiting on the Reception , told the person….
Hmmm, will meet you in 15 mins… told maan to him and call hung up….
After 15 mins, maan reached at Blue Diamond Hotel…. It was a five star hotel, has the best security and best service…. It is specially for VIPs….
Hello sir… hows the journey?
Hello…. Fine… told maan…. Michel , Come with me in my room…. Told maan….. Michel nodded and took the key form the reception and headed towards maan’s room….. they entered in the room….
Maan-did you find out where abouts of them? Asked maan patiently making himself comfortable on the couch…..
Michel- yes sir…. I knew everything about them…
Maan-hmm….. give me the details…..
Michel- sir, I have already mailed you everything….
Maan-hmm…. Now you can leave….will call you later, Michel nodded and went away from there….. maan opened his laptop and read all the details about them…..maan smirked after reading the details…. maan called adi….
Maan-adi, is everything fine there?
Adi-yes sir….
Maan-do one thing….. take an appointment to Mr. Smith… I want to meet him and will discuss about our next project,,,,,
Adi-sure sir… give me some time… I’ll call you back…
Maan- do one thing also…. Maan told adi some work which he has to complete within a day…. And made sure, no one can know about this… otherwise you’ll tolerate the consequence…. Adi gulped hard in fear…. But he managed his courage and replied him back…. D..d..don’t worry sir…. I’ll do everything and will report you so soon…..
Maan-hmm…. They hung up the call…. Maan rested his head back on the couch post and closed his eyes , he seems composed like never before but has a evil smirk on his face, seeing him anyone can tremble…. Well something is going in his mind.. for sure evil things which will be dangerous for others….
Next day maan was busy with Mr. Smith…. They both discussed about their upcoming project, talked about the loss & profits and then they went to site visit….. the day was so hectic for maan as he was busy in his business deals…. Maan came here for two purposes… first, he wants to punish sameena & viraaj and second, he has some projects and wants to visit the branches of KC and KT…. For Upcoming fashion week, maan is going to deal with a fashion designer who will work with KT…
Next day at night, maan again called to someone…..
Hello… maan here, told maan…..
Hey maan….. hows you? It’s been a long time we both talked with each other….
Hmmm….. that’s why I have called you…. Because you never called me…… told maan….
Well, everyone afraid from MSK even me too…..and he giggled….. btw how is dadi maa and annie?
All are fine…. Listen I have some work with you…. Wanted to meet you…. Maan said in his typical serious tone….
Hey, is everything fine? You seems tensed….
Yeah, everything is fine… will tell when we both will meet….
Okay dude,,,,, wait a min, are you here in Europe?
Yeah, I am here….. told maan….
You are here and you are telling me right now…. Not fair….
Everything is fair… well…. Will meet me tomorrow at 10am at xyz plaza…. Told maan…
Okay, will be there at perfect 10 am, as I know you don’t like irregular persons…..
Hmm…. Hows everyone there? Asked maan….
Everyone is fine here…..
An one more thing… don’t tell anyone that I am here… ok, will tell you the reason tomorrow itself…. Told maan
Do as I said…..and told ashlesha to accompany with you… I have some work with her also… replied maan….
Okay, don’t be angry…. I’ll tell her, and she will come with me for sure…. After all she loves you….
Ok, bye, good night…. Wished maan…
Yeah, good night…. Take care….
Maan cut the call and closed his eyes, his eyes are red because of anger, he is burning,… he wanted to punish them right now but no, he wants full proof plan…. That’s why he will meet tomorrow with that person with whom he was talking before some seconds ago…..


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