~Drown in Love~ pt-26

 ~Drown in Love~



ye the Maan Khurana, the great business tycoon, first time kisi girl ke sath dikhayi diye, lekin sawal ye uthta hai ki aakhir wo ladki thi kaun? Kyo Mr. Khurana ne unka chehra hamein dekhne nahi diya? Kya wo duniya se kuch chhipa rahe hai?, jaanne ke liye dekhte rahiye xyz channel…” well the reported belongs to a hindi news channel and tried to use his brain,…


Maan put his car in gear and zoomed off from there……  maan let out a sigh of relief and glanced at her face….. she looked worried and scared too….. he saw she is clutching her fingers ,   he put his one hand on hers and pressed his hand on hers tightly assuring her , nothing is going to happen with them….. Geet looked at him staring at his face , he was calm but some lines appeared on his forehead may be because of her, he is worried for me… she thought in her mind….


Geet, what happened?” asked maan in worried yet calm tone which has the concern for her…. And she liked it…..  she shook her head trying to shrug off her thoughts, maan changed the gear and again pressed his hand on hers, he felt little shiver in her body…. May be she was shivering at airport also but he didn’t felt, shayad media ki wajah se…. maan replied himself back in his mind…


geet, kya baat hai?, why are you tensed? Mujhe nahi bataogi?” asked maan in his caring yet loving voice..…… well he was also little shocked from himself hearing his loving n caring voice…… “wo, itne sare media and all…suddenly..why? aur aap ke pichhey kyon?” she asked innocently looking at him…. He heard her doubts calmly while looking at the road….. for a second he looked at her and then he parked his car aside at the safe place where no much traffic…..  he felt how innocent she is…! She doesn’t know about him and that’s the thing he is loving about her…… he is getting marry with a girl who doesn’t know about his personality , who knows him as an ordinary man…..


Geet…. For you I am a simple man even for myself too… for my family too but for this world, for this society,, for this business world, for this media, I am The Maan Singh Khurana, The Great Business Tycoon, they always tried to spy on me, what is going in my life, in my house, you know I am a CBI officer but this society doesn’t know… for them I am MSK ….  and I really don’t want that they will come to know,,,,,  but geet for you I am Maan only…. ‘Your Maan’……”   he finished himself and found geet staring at him with himself and found geet staring at him with her wide eyes……


I never knew that I am going to marry with a big personality..” she blurt out whatever came in her mind and mouth and hearing that maan smiled at her innocence…… “ Geet, may be I am big personality for the world, but for you, I am maan, …. Don’t try to look me with those eyes like others do, , don’t try to treat me like other treats as a personality who fake everything…., , just try to see me as maan only…. ” maan told her and she smiled hearing him…. He is down to earth…. Being in police and a tycoon, his feet still on land, he doesn’t know how to fly in sky or he doesn’t want to…..


I am very lucky that I’ll be your life partner..” geet told him truly, honestly and lovingly where maan replied…… “me too..”  replied maan back lovingly looking in her eyes deeply….  Geet shied, she lowered her gaze and blushed profusely , she bit her lip in trying not to blush more but failed and maan felt happy seeing her like this…. He felt I am not only the one who felt like this, she also felt the same for me……


He resumed his driving and he turned on the FM…..  geet once glanced at his face and then looked out, looking at delhi’s road, it’s buildings and greenery….. we didn’t realize when we started taking care of that person with whom we met before some days only… …..  how we got these feelings suddenly , a fear of loosing them, a care , sudden attachment we felt at once when a alliance got fixed….. it’s only about heart and mind……


geet was lost in watching outside view but her mind was engrossed in these questions only….. how maan is caring for her, and she got a glimpse of his care for her on airport….. how he saved her from the media…… her stomach flipped realizing their hug on airport and she got one more new feeling in her heart,  soon they reached at their destination…..


She was waiting in the waiting area with maan, all the other girls looking at him and breathing hard seeing a hot personality there…… they forgot that they are here for the interview not for watching MSK….. but what to do when a breathtaking personality is infront of them then who’ll leave the chance…..


Geet turned her face , she twitched her brows and got suspicious that why that girl is looking at them…? Even she doesn’t know her….. she shrugged off, may be trying to guess whether me too came for the job…..  geet slanted her neck to other side found another two girls giving odd looks…… odd looks?… oh no..no…. odd looks for geet only…. They are giving their charming smiled to maan but maan , he is busy in reading a business magazines which was kept there in the folder…….


Maan found geet coming closer to him , he looked at her and smiled at her….. seeing the smile for geet, other girl’s heart burned like hell and they cursed geet……  they cursed geet like….. she won’t get this job, he’ll dump her soon, blah blah blah….. but I think, they didn’t know it or they didn’t read it behind the trucks…..


 “buri nazar wale tera muh kala”  geet cursed them saying this quote in her mind and smiled evilly clinging more to maan even she didn’t realized when in jealousy she clutched maan’s arm tightly but maan didn’t said anything cause he knew why geet is behaving like this….. he had seen those girls looking at him with hungry eyes and geet’s suspicious face first and then her frowned face when she confirmed her doubts…..


Maan laughed inwardly at the situation, cause he never faced this type of situation before….. I mean he faced when girls drooling at him and no girl was with him that time who could be jealous and possessive for him……  Maan used to tease or pity at Armaan when he used to tell the incidents which he faced with his girlfriend…… when other girls tried to drool at him, , even sometimes he witnessed the cat fights too I mean girl’s fight for Armaan……  maan smiled remembering those days and now he is witnessing all these but he is liking geet’s protectiveness for him…….  And he fall more on her cuteness…..


Soon one girl came and called geet inside….. maan held her hand and wished her “all the best” and she nodded running inside…….. but when she came back , he saw she is very sad, teary eyes…..



@tia- where r u sweety….? missing u a lot….

here is the next part…..

thank u so much for the lovely comments….

i am very happy that u r liking the story….

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33 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-26

  1. Haila maan ki jaan jalous 4 her jaan..lolz..n maan babu enjoying ..buri baat maan babu..btw what happend in interview? Why she was so sad?

  2. Awesome ud dear…
    Luvd the convo b/w maaneet…hw sweetly and without any hesitation they said what they feel 4 eachother…
    m luvng dis cute n innocent geet…
    All d girls drooling over maan…n geet getng ‘j’…n maan smiling n feeling gud seeing geet’s protectiveness 4 him..
    N yarrr agr maan wahan hoga to koi b drool karega na…n baki grls b ‘j’ to hongi hi geet se…jahan wo maan ki ek glimpse k liye tarasti hain…wahan maan geet ko itni attention de rha h…smile kar rha h…
    Hope geet get selected in interview…
    Continue soon

  3. hi dear! Terrific update! Maan explains to her! Geet jealpos n possessive seeing the girls drooling over Maan! She attends interview and comes out crying! Y? update soon! Well written 🙂

  4. manueet talk aww i loved it
    how easily our heart accept the person when we come to know we are going to bind with him. i love it when he said your maan
    n her possessiveness for maanu aww it was so good
    i just lvd it yaar
    poor other girls
    bt maanu is only geets’ lvd it

  5. Hey sorry buddy for late comment.I only came to know that U updated,when U pmed me.Sorry again 😦

    Now the update.Awwww It was one of the sweetest update.After Maan saving Geet,how innocently she asked d questions.And how sweetly Maan answered that he is a simple guy for d family but MSK for d world.

    Lovely part.

    Running to read d next part 😀

  6. Hey sorry buddy for late comment.I only came to know that U updated,when U pmed me.Sorry again 😦

    Now the update.Awwww It was one of the sweetest update.After Maan saving Geet,how innocently she asked d questions.And how sweetly Maan answered that he is a simple guy for d family but MSK for d world.

    Lovely part.

    Running to read d next part 😀


  7. Geet getting slight jealous while Maan enjoying her cuteness
    I like how Maan said …….I’m your Maan not some big prsonality
    just another awesome update

  8. omg me falling more in love with dis story
    awsum part
    maan care towards geet n knowwing wat she is feeling n reassuring her its soo lovely n also asking her to love him nt the MSK
    ooppsssssssss jealous geet lol
    oh noo geet in tears

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