~Drown in Love~ pt-25


~Drown in Love~




oh..!” she replied back….. “but why you got emotional this much” asked maan….. “wo actually, before a year back I went to Kashmir for tour, there I saw a man who got died by the accident, I can’t forget that scene, that’s y while listening this story, I remembered that one..” she told him…..


oh…. Calm down… that’s only story… wo actually I called you because tomorrow I’ll pick you from the airport, just tell me when your flight will land here?” asked maan…. “tomorrow at 9 am..”, she replied back…. “ok then I’ll pick you, and don’t forget to take all the needy documents..”…. maan suggested to her….. “ok maan…. Thank you…”……..


She fall back on her bed holding the phone near her heart, holding her breath and lips curved in blush, haaye mar jawan….. she whispered to herself and blushed more…..  her face was glowing like a red tomato and heer petal like lips curved more, her eyes were sparkling, and heart pumping so fast with a new feeling, a new spark she felt right now when he showed some concern for her…..  that means he also felt for me…. She whispered again to herself….. that means he also have soft corner…..  she bit her lip  stopping herself from blushing but failed and she blushed more…..


Next day , Maan was getting ready but confused what to wear….. ufff, Mr. Khurana is confused…..  he stood infront of his cupboard and staring at his clothes…… “what to wear, casuals or formals…??? Damn why it’s so hard to select….. that’s y girls take too much time in getting ready but why I am getting confuse?” He asked himself little bit loudly, , “because you are going on date with would be Geet Maan Singh Khurana…” Vicky spoke and winked at him…… and maan glared at him….. “what date and me?” maan replied back shockingly and while Vicky suppressed his laugh…..


of course bhai… jab koi ladka shaadi se pehle kisi ladki ko bahar le jata hai toh usey date hi bolte hai na…” replied Vicky casually selecting some decent clothes for him so that he will look dashing and handsome…. Well he is already but he has to look more for his lady….. Vicky smirked and looked at maan who was still glaring him showing him his big-2 eyes………. “bhai, I don’t get scared from your glaring session cause I am used to it now…” said Vicky and maan stopped glaring at him…..


Maan sat on his bed and hid his face in his file while Vicky non stop blabbering and trying to tease him , and showing him shirts time to time….. “Vicky, I am getting late…. It’s 8 now……” said maan….. “aahan…. bhai..so desperate...” vicky teased him…… “shut up...” maan glared at him again… “achha bhai… causals or formals?” asked Vicky , he asked because if he select something and maan will not like that then those clothes will be on his head……


vicky, , side ho… I’ll choose cause I know better….. ” said annie entering inside the room….. “haan, annie… you tell…. , Vicky is a totally duffer..” said maan looking at Vicky and Vicky shockingly looked at his bro, how can he call me duffer….? He stormed his foot and went in his dressing room for selecting the perfume and watch…., well his room is big like a hall…..


here are your clothes bhai….” Spoke annie showing him clothes and maan impressed from her choice…. “I am sure, geet bhabhi will be flat on you..” and winked ….. and this time maan bushed little… when Vicky winked he glared, annie winked then he blushed….. what a difference…..   Maan wore grey denim jeans, white shirt and dark grey waist coat……. He looked more dashing and sexy cause upper three buttons were opened, sleeved folded till his elbows……


He reached at the airport and waiting for her, when she’ll come out,….. he doesn’t know why he is getting so desperate? His heart beating so fast… he never felt anything like this but was he be with any girl before this…?, , then it’s normal to having this type of feeling when first time you are going with a girl for the first time and same thing happen with maan…..  


Annie planned full day for them….  And suddenly he heard the announcement that flight has been landed at Delhi Airport…. And he became anxious….   It’s past 9 , and there she is coming out after completing the process and checking something in her bag, and then she is doing something in her cell, her curls were covering her face , actually blocking his view,. Clad in a blue jeans and baby pink long top, after all she is going to give her interview, she have to look decent,


He is about to move forward when his sight fell on some media people , media was there at the airport cause one actor was present on the airport and they were covering him but suddenly one of the reporter’s sight fell on maan, he thought to cover maan as everyone is covering that actor, their news channel will have some spicy news after all he is MSK, a very big name in business world, but none know about his CBI officer identity beside of his colleagues…..


He thought if he approached geet directly then they will catch her, and then later she has to face problems, after all popularity brings danger with it’s…..  and he doesn’t want to put her life in danger….. geet looked at his face, he looked tensed, she worried at once why he is tense? He should be happy, is he not happy ? she asked to herself in her mind but couldn’t able to get the answer…..


She moved in his direction and about to approach him but maan knew that , camera is catching him and if once geet’s face flash in tv and newspaper then media will surely trouble her and media will get new work, spy on Maan Khurana and Geet handa….. they will try to dig their head in their personal matter,


He took faster steps and at once hid geet in his embrace, from his one hand he is holding her back and with another he held her by her head and her face hid in his chest , geet was startled at once by his sudden act , “geet, try to cover your face by your hairs, media is here..” he whispered in her ear and she put some curls on her face, she clutched his shirt in her fist and both moved out of the airport, till 2-3 more reporter joined the first one and trying the questions from him……


He felt some kind of current in his body when he felt her lips on his neck , his two buttons were opened , he felt her soft skin against his, and he felt some spark in his body…. And same geet also felt when maan pressed her face more in his chest trying to hide her face from media , again a new feeling both felt right now when their body touched with each other, , they are hugging to each other very tightly even air also can’t pass between their bodies….. glued with each other and camera continuously clicking their snaps…..


who is this girl?”, “first time , Maan Khurana with a girl…” “do you love her?” but maan didn’t feel like to give answers any of their questions and moving forward holding geet in his embrace while geet clutched him so hard, she is scared little bit…. First time she saw something like this in her life……


Maan opened the lock of his car by the remote and tried to made her sit in the car safely without letting them see her face and approximately he got success, now worry as his car is having black glasses though black glasses are not allowed in Delhi but what he can do when the company itself designed the car like this….. and he also has taken the permission from law for having black glasses car….  He took his sear beside of her and closed the door on the faces of reporters…..  


ye the Maan Khurana, the great business tycoon, first time kisi girl ke sath dikhayi diye, lekin sawal ye uthta hai ki aakhir wo ladki thi kaun? Kyo Mr. Khurana ne unka chehra hamein dekhne nahi diya? Kya wo duniya se kuch chhipa rahe hai?, jaanne ke liye dekhte rahiye xyz channel…” well the reported belongs to a hindi news channel and tried to use his brain,…



huh..!!! finally updated 2 parts…

i hope u all r happy now…

will be waiting for ur comments..

love ya



32 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-25

  1. superb update
    haaye maan was actually confused with his clothes after all he is first time meeting his fiancee after their roka

  2. Loving this cute and sweet story dear.

    The level of comfort was nice…its unknowingly and knowingly progressing.

    ohohoooo…maan like a teenage boy meet his girl thinking what to wear was an unexpected from MSK 😉 😛

    Loved the sweet and loving Bro-Sis moments…

    Awww grey Jeans and white shirt..me toh full on dreaming thinking Maan in that…so dashing and hot na

    Then their such a first close moment..was dreamy, thnx to media..hehehe

    waiting for next part and as Maaneet are together now its making the wait much more exciting

  3. chotu sa but cute sa update..
    Hayee my geetu is blushing sirf maan ki care se n wo bhi ph pe..i dunno no ki shadi k baad kya hoga..
    N i luvd d way..hw maan protected geet from Media..so media doesn’t knw abt maan being engaged..
    Aww my geetu was so scared from media..
    Uff!! Maan confused while selecting outfit..n vicky ko glare pe glare mil rahe the for teasing while anniee jab b tease karti maan blushes..
    Continue soon..need FHMMT’s link

  4. amazing update! Maan worried abt media n shields Geet! He tells her! Media after Maan! Bt he does nt let Geet’s face b seen! Well written! update soon 🙂

  5. have read part 24 and 25 ohhhh..love the way he support geet for her job..he..he..he..he…he is confuse what to wear…god..both is falling for each other..also love the way he emrace geet to protect her from the media..wonderful update and pls cont soon..tk care.

  6. Haii neha how ru at last update

    I like maan soo much he is truly soo adorable
    Now a days people thinking changing they were allowing women to do jobs
    But still there are cases of domination and customs hate it
    Maan allowed het to do what ever she wanted to do hayee love you maan
    Who is that narrator AAshiq bathvo muje I don’t know him
    So they met and this time with hug ahaa nice development maaneet
    Credits to you Aashiq and yeah what maan did was necessary to save geet
    Now they were enjoying there closeness haha go on maaneet
    Loved Vicky and aniee teasing but poor Vicky always getting glares

    Beautifully written as always
    Now waiting for maaneet day out

  7. Part-24 & 25

    Lovely parts.

    The first part was really cute with Geet crying hearing a tragic story fm Nilesh.Exactly same thing happens with me and I feel so embarrased if I m sitting among family members.
    And Maan was so concerned to hear Geet’s sniffs,love his care.

    And the second part was also fantastic with a confused MSK,who doesnt know why is he confused on the first place.Love vicky and Annie,they are gem of siblings,naughty but too lovable.

    And then the airport incident.God it was a dhamaka.Maan closely hugging Geet to save her fm media and both having the ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ wala feeling 😀 Awwww its so luvly.

    Loved both d parts.

  8. awesum….maan and geet meet…media sooon caught them….maan is successful in hiding hr identity….now geet willl also get to know his lifestyle and him…continue sooon

  9. he is maan singh khurana……..n without his permission hwcoud antone knw abt geet maan singh khurana…….

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

    continue soon plz…

  10. Neha I enjoyed the part when Maan had to hold Geet
    securely to him so that reporters don’t trouble her
    so now they both felt sparks
    A Funky update

  11. awwwww awsum part…maan confused wat to wear n vicky teasing him lol bt annie came as his saviour 🙂
    ohh nooo reporters saw maan n he hiding geet frm dem as he dnt want her to face any danger sooo sweet
    hayeeee maaneet feeling something something by being soo close ahem 😀
    loved it 🙂

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