~Drown in Love~ pt-24


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~Drown in Love~




haan ji, kahiye papa..” said maan… “wo bête.. actually baat yeh hai ki yesterday geet got an interview call in delhi ” but before that maan cut him in mid…. “ye toh achhi baat hai na papa…” said maan…. “haan achhi baat to hai but beta, if you have not any problem in that..”  said mohinder…. 


what do you want to ask from me papa?” asked maan in confusion….. he didn’t get about what he is asking, about the job or about geet doing the job? “beta, it’s simple…. If you have any  prob with the job then I’ll deny to geet…. Everything depends on your consent maan ji… tell me honestly…” replied mohinder…. He wants to know clearly about his view for this……


papa, , for me, there is no problem in doing job… if geet wants then I have no problem… everything depends on geet and I’ll be with her in her decision, whatever she’ll choose and if her decision is then i’ll guide her…  ” replied maan….. he is happy that geet got a opportunity like this, he’ll be with her in her every situation…. Whether is doing job or leaving the job….. he doesn’t mind, cause it’s her decision , her mind, taste, whatever she desire…. He will be with her only and motivate her, encourage her,……


I am very happy beta ji…. Thank you…. Mai geet ko bol deta hu ki kal wo interview dene ja sakti hai….” Mohinder replied back in happiness…… maan couldn’t guess how much happy mohinder is right now, his heart swelled with happiness and the reason is maan, cause he got a son-in-law like maan…so open minded, so loving and caring , who knows how to give respect to women and so many qualities he found in maan but couldn’t describe what are they….. it’s just mixed up everything and formed one man that is Maan only…..


Later mohinder informed at home and everyone became very happy….. and maan too inform them that geet is coming to delhi for her interview , it was decided that geet will in KM but dadi denied that it won’t be good, as per ritual a girl enter in her in laws house when she’ll get married……  maan told to mohinder that geet will catch her flight from Dehradun  and he will pick her from the Delhi airport…….  And like this both will meet again, they will get to understand each other little bit more……


everyone is super excited, specially geet, as she is getting the chance to meet him again….. she thanked god millionth times as maan was not calling her but as a gift, she will meet to him directly….. she’ll have face to face talk with him,…….



At night, geet was laying down on her bed and listening her stories, it’s going on so interesting as two person met after long 5 years, she engrossed too much in the story , that she imagined herself beside of that girl…… it was so sweet when the boy recognized her by her voice only….. the tears of happiness, and joy, everything was so emotional that she got tears in her eyes…..


it sounds funny when a person cried listening the story only but the way of telling the story by the story teller, it’s something I can’t describe…… the up and down in his voice, the background sound and music according to the situation…. Geet loved every single bit of his stories and the session after stories when the lovers shared their stories with the RJ and send the message through the Radio….. it’s awesome…..


But suddenly her phone buzzed again when she was crying badly hearing an emotional story…. It was too dreadful when the boy died in an accident and the girl was crying over his body and suddenly faints….  Geet looked at the screen and her eyes popped up seeing the caller name…. it’s maan…. She smiled through tears, at this moment, she wants a shoulder to cry over that…. She wants to share this story to someone who can understand the pain…. 


She at once picked up his call where he was waiting for her hello impatiently…..  “hello..” she said in her shaking voice, , and hearing her shaking voice , suddenly maan became alert,…… and a surface of concern spread over his mind and heart…… .. “Geet…. What happen?” he softened his voice at once…. He doesn’t know what happened to him suddenly, why  he panicked and which type of concern that is…..


Hearing his soft , caring, concerned voice, that is only for her, her heart swelled with love and again a tear fell down from her hazels trailing down on her cheek…… “geet, are you crying?”  it was like he is having video chat with her beside of phone convo…. How can he know that she is crying or not? It was new for her… she was surprised….. “Maan…. It….it’s nothing….” She replied back trying to sooth his panicked voice…..


then why were you crying?” asked maan this time in stern voice….. she gulped , oops maan is in strict mode…. “wo, actually…. First promise me you will not laugh at me….” she told me pointing finger as if he is able see that……  “ depends on the answer..” he replied back…..   if he wants then he could tell ok promise but he chose depends on situation cause he never got this condition before…..


please maan…” she said cutely making baby face as if he is watching her…… “ok baba.. promise..” he promised now….. both don’t know how freely that are talking with each other, when they thought what they’ll talk with each other on the phone but it depends on the situation and topic….  


wo, actually I was listening a very emotional story on radio where the boy died so I became emotional…” she told him….. “Nilesh Mishra ki stories?” asked maan at once…..  “aap bhi suntey ho wo stories?” asked geet curiously, she knew that boys, men also listen the stories but maan,,, she never thought about that…. “no, no…. dadi sunti hai… wo oh jab kabhi dadi ke sath hota hu to sun leta hu…” replied maan……


oh..!” she replied back….. “but why you got emotional this much” asked maan….. “wo actually, before a year back I went to Kashmir for tour, there I saw a man who got died by the accident, I can’t forget that scene, that’s y while listening this story, I remembered that one..” she told him…..


oh…. Calm down… that’s only story… wo actually I called you because tomorrow I’ll pick you from the airport, just tell me when your flight will land here?” asked maan…. “tomorrow at 9 am..”, she replied back…. “ok then I’ll pick you, and don’t forget to take all the needy documents..”…. maan suggested to her….. “ok maan…. Thank you…”….



sorry for being late guys…. thanks a lot for the patience u had….

in starting i didn’t get time, then janmashtami n then my grandmother passed away, so i was no able to come online……

pls drop some more comments….

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love ya



21 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-24

  1. Hey Neha…how are you

    Thanks for the double updates dear

    Maan pe toh hum fida hai yaar…so finally they gonna meet..cool

    Awww…Geet so engrossed in the story and then Maan coming to know about his to-be wifey’s liking of hearing and kind of living the stories in radio and then that dadi will be listening that program, so guess Geet aur dadi ki mast banegi ;)…well at first I thought Maan bhi..hehehehe

    To top that, Maan also knowing that she is sad due to her voice was sweet

    Cool part…onto to read next and know whether they met or not 🙂

  2. Are its ok dear…don’t be sorry…hws everything at ur home now..??

    Cmng to update..
    Awesome yarr..!! Maaneet meeting..
    Seriously Maan is soooo gud…kitni sari qualities hain usme..i wish mujhe bhi maan k jaisa koi mile..
    N geet became sooo emotional while listening to story..abi maan ph pe itna concerned hai geet k liye…
    Agr samne hota to maaneet hug mil jata padhne ko..
    Ab geet kahan rukegi..cz dadi ko lg rha hai ki shadi k pehle bahu ka apne in laws k ghar rehna theek nai hai..
    Continue soon

  3. Lovely update! Mohinder happy! Geet gng to Delhi! Maan talking to Geet! She was emotional he ws worried! Maan gng to fetch her frm airport! Well written

  4. maan toh maan hi hai na………woh toh best hi honge na…….

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

    continue soon plz…

  5. Mohinder happy with Maan
    Maaneet convo was short but there was concern from Maan’s side while
    Geet had love filled from her side
    looking forward to Maaneet meeting
    A Heartfelt Update Neha

  6. awsum part
    awww maan is soo understanding n supporting geet in watever she wants to do
    mohinder happy to hv gt a son-in-law like maan
    hayeeeee maan is soo concerned abt geet wen he heard her voice n knew that she was crying
    love maaneet convo soo sweet
    loved it

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