~Drown in Love~ pt-23



~Drown in Love~




hope I didn’t disturb your work..” said simmi….. “no … di… not at all… I was just going though from a file… nothing else…” he put his file on the table and sat in front of her….. “something important di..?” asked maan cause he can guess from her expressions, when she is worried then some thin lines appeared on her forehead, that’s y he can tell she is worried sick for some reasons…… simmi nodded and replied back….. “it’s related with geet…” she spoke and maan at once looked at her wondered what is it?


Although maan always had a stern face but now sternness was oozing out from his face…… simmi looked at him and sighed seeing him so serious…. “Maan…. Don’t be so serious..” simmi told him and he nodded ………… “di, you are looking so serious… I mean is everything alright?” asked maan….. though he was so impatient for knowing about the matter but he patiently sat in front of her……


Maan, , you know before two days I talked with geet but before that I had a talk with ridhima… geet’s sister…” told simmi…..  “so, what happened?” asked maan…. He didn’t know what’s the matter? Did she told to her something….. well he is referring geet as she…… “Maan, you know what, we girls always have a hesitation in arrange marriage…. I mean, in talking with a stranger who is going to be your life partner and the same thing applies to boys…I know that…. Boys also has emotions, hesitation to talk with a girl and I know you better than you know yourself…… ” simmi stopped in mid watching his expressions….


Maan was looking calm but so many thoughts roaming in his mind…..

Maan, a girl wants to open up a little with her would be husband before marriage so that she can’t face problems in her married life, so that she can get a better understanding with him….” Simmi stopped by his question………… “di, what do you want to tell me….? Tell me straight..” told maan….. and she nodded……


Maan…. When I asked to ridhima that you & geet talked to each other or not? Then you know what she replied…. She said only once…” she looked at him and watched him, maan knew that what is coming now and what simmi wants to tell him……  “then I talked with geet….. and when I asked the same question from her, she told, you both talked daily with each other….  But I knew that she was telling a lie to me, because I felt a sudden shock in her voice and then hesitation in lying to me… you know why she told me like this?”………  Maan shook his head cause how he is able to know all that……


because she doesn’t want that anyone will say anything to you about you r not calling her…. I am not blaming you…. I am just telling, being a girl, she can’t call you in starting…. Later she’ll be able but now…. It’s not possible for her….. and I know how shy you are in all these matter….. I won’t push you but I can advice you that pls try to call her, talk with her, try to understand her, not daily… once in 2 days…. ” maan was about to say something but simmi spoke before that…..


I know you’ll say, you have whole life to understand each other but maan this time will never come back…” simmi finished herself and stood up…. She patted his shoulder and left him there in study pondering thoughts over this matter…..




Geet put down her phone and squealed so loudly in happiness , ripu and ridz had to close their ears…… she jumped on both of them and shouting…. “omg…omg…omg…. I am so happy..” both tried to free themselves from geet’s hold but she held them so tightly…. After some seconds or a min, she sat back and they both had a breath of relief, they checked their neck, are they alive and geet frowned at their this act ….


geet, di… what happened? Who called you?” ripu asked….. “ haan di, why are you so happy?” asked ridzy…… geet looked at them…….. “you know what, I got a call from a MNC where I had applied before a month ago….they called me for an interview…..” , geet finished , ,


but di, do you think maan jiju will allow for the job?” asked ripu…. He is concerned for her, “but the main problem is, will papa allow you for the job? I mean marriage is over the head and ” geet stopped her mid…..”you both are correct… lets see..” her concern is correct… will her father allow her for the job that too at this moment when she is going to marry……


At night at the dinner table….. all were having a gala time with ripu and having a yummy food, ripu relishing each n every bit of the food cause he is having the food made by his mom after a long time..…. and the food made by rano is the best and because of her he became chef…..   trio looked at each other…..


ummm, papa, wo I wanted to talk with you…” said geet…. Mohinder looked at her….. “haan, beta bol…” replied mohinder…… geet played with her food and spoke again…… “wo papa, today I got a interview call letter for XYZ company…. Umm can I go ?” she stated……


He stopped eating and looked at her….. when he stopped, everyone present on the table stopped eating and waiting for his reply….. “beta, on this matter, I have to talk with maan’s family… after then I’ll able to reply..” he replied back…. It is not like that he is not happy for her job, but when a girl got engaged with someone then she has to do everything by asking from her in laws….. it’s the fact….  “ji papa..” geet replied understanding his condition at this time…..


Next morning, mohinder called in khurana mansion landline no. and maan pick up the phone, , “hello” maan said…. “hello…. Can I speak to Param khurana” mohinder asked…. …. “ji, wo to ghar par nahi hai…. Aap kaun bol rahe hai?” asked maan, he didn’t recognize his voice cause he is talking to his father-in-law for the first time…..


mai mohinder handa bol raha hu, dehradun se..” he replied back and hearing his name suddenly some emotions appeared on his face….. “namastey papa… maan is here..” he replied back….. well like a girl has to call her MIL and FIL as mummy and papa and the rule applies to the boy also…. He doesn’t know when the papa word slipped from his mouth…..


namastey beta… how are you?” mohinder asked…. “I am fine papa…. Aap kaise hai? Aur ghar mein sab?” asked maan…. “mai theek hu and ghar me bhi sab theek hai….” Replied mohinder….. “koi urgent work tha papa se?” asked maan…..  “aisa kuch nahi…. Mujhe aap se hi baat karni thi…” said mohinder…..


haan ji, kahiye papa..” said maan… “wo bête.. actually baat yeh hai ki yesterday geet got an interview call in delhi ” but before that maan cut him in mid…. “ye toh achhi baat hai na papa…” said maan…. “haan achhi baat to hai but beta, if you have not any problem in that..what are your views about this?”  asked mohinder….  



Sorry guys for being late….. now a days I am getting time cause I am taking student’s computer practical, after that I became super tired….. today I thought I’ll give 2-3 parts but today I face some another prob…. First electricity was not there then I found my lappy was also not charged… so i had to spent my  whole time in sleeping….. …


Maaneet meeing is not here….. today u might get there meeting if I could update 2 parts….. will try to update in Tuesday…..


Thank u so much for the likes and comments…

Pls drop some more..

Love ya





42 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-23

  1. Amazing part dear.
    Love how maan’s sister made him understand to talk to geet every second day 🙂
    Maan calling mohinda papa was too good. He got happy with geet’s interview 😀
    Geet will meet maan interview ke bahane 😉 cant wait for more 😀

  2. aww simi is so sweet how sweetly she made maanu understand abt this marriage n call things
    n geet she got an interview call n asked her papa n her dad decided to ask he in laws ya thats 8 after engagement girl’s life decision r depends on her in laws n maanu i know wt would b his reply :)lol
    n his calling papa well its like showing respect n that aalso ki he accept her family as his
    it such a cute thing
    lv dd it
    waiting 4 more

  3. awesome update
    Simi tried to make maan understand that he should talk with geet
    Geet got an interview call
    Mahindor talking with maan regarding geet’s jobe
    Waiting for next

  4. Wow Maan ki didi kitni sweet hai na!!!!!!
    Normally in middle class family elder sisters wud never allow their brother to talk to his future wife frequently.But here,its not the case,here simmi herself solved d problem.

    And Geet’s job!!!
    With the sweet nature and broad minded thinking,I dont think Maan wud deny Gee to work.

    Lets see whats in store fop us.

  5. sorry for late comment yaar.. iwas out of town for 5 days and cnt really spend much time.. i read part 21 to 23 in one go..amazing yaar..i love simmi di advise to maan and cant wait for maaneet to meet..pls cont soon..

  6. heyy Aashiq

    i thought some thing simmy was perfect reflection present married women
    understanding things and she she put some brain in maan’s mind haha
    he is workhaulic yaar thanks ti simmy but me wondering will he put any advances
    now geet job you know after marriage every girl have to do what MIL wale says
    cont they live happily with job doing house wroks uff ise log abhi bhi hai
    nice update waiting for next

  7. lovely update! Thanks 4 da pm! Simmi explains to Maan! Geet gt a call interview bt has to ask her dad! HE will talk to Khuranas! HE calls n Maan says its good bt he asks MAan his views! Well written! update soon 🙂

  8. awesome ………… i hope maan jaldi geet se baat karega …………….

    or i feel geet will come to delhi for interview …………….
    hope they will meet soon …………..

    jaldi update de do …………

  9. yarr u ended on cliff hanger…
    Although sab jante hain bt phir be…
    N plzzzz-2 maaneet meeting karva do…n deir l’ll bit conversation…
    Ud was awesome…n geet jaise cheekh rai thi na…waise m b cheekh ti hu jab koi gud news sun ne ko milti hai…
    N dear dnt b sry for nt able 2 gv me link of ek anjana chera..
    U hv cmplt fanna na on blog…?? cn i get d link..??
    N i hv alos started a work…on maaneet..my first ever writing..
    Sapne bhi sach hote..giv it a try n let me knw hws it..??
    Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3712176#90641972

  10. awsum part
    simi telling maan that he needs to talk with geet to knw n understand her
    ohhhhh to call geet k interview k liye tha n i thought that it was simmi lol :p
    geet asking permission frm her papa for the interview bt mohinder saying that he needs to talk with maan n family first
    maan happy hearing abt geet interview… bt wat will be his reply ???
    continue soon will be waitin eagerly

  11. I was really concerned what Simmi wants to talk with Maan on geet…

    but yeh to theek hua she atleast put some sense into him….

    yaar ladkiyon ki tarah sharmata hai….abhi pehchaan nahin karega tou shadi ke baad kya karega….

    awesome update…

    thanx for pm…

  12. I was really concerned what Simmi wants to talk with Maan on geet…

    but yeh to theek hua she atleast put some sense into him….

    yaar ladkiyon ki tarah sharmata hai….abhi pehchaan nahin karega tou shadi ke baad kya karega….

    awesome update…

    waiting for next part….

    thanx for pm…

  13. some problem happened with comments….that is why it is posted twice….
    in first attempt when I hit POST COMMENT button it didn’t work then again I hit it said that this comment is already posted but there was no comment visible so I add one more line then iit posted and then I am seeing my 2 comments have been posted…

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