~Drown in Love~ pt-22


~Drown in Love~


Ripudaman Handa, , 22 years old….. younger than geet and elder than ridzy….  He is a chef and has a job in a 5 star Hotel, as a head chef…. He achieved a lot in this early age….. though mohinder wanted him to be a army man but he couldn’t do much when he wanted to be chef then let it be…. He agreed and he chose to be a chef…. His family and the first one, geet supported him……




Ripu loves his sisters a lot and specially geet but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love ridzy….. he love to tease her like hell while he love to shower love on geet as geet pamper him a lot….. and he was here cause he knew his geet di was sad little sad when he was not here on that day when maan & his family came here to see her……


she wanted ripu and rahul there but none was present from both…… afterwards, she fought with of both of them and they promised that in her engagement or in any other function related to her marriage, they’ll be present there………..


ripu, fresh hoja. Then we’ll celebrate rakhsha bandhan….” geet told him…….  As soon as geet finished herself, ripu at once spoke like he was waiting for this moment only….. “wait di…. I’ll have a good bath and we’ll celebrate festival also but in mid of that, I’ll prepare something for my sisters…. ” ripu spoke ……… “now tell me, what do you want to eat? Ridz, you can also tell….” Ripu asked……. “now why are you asking from me…..? mujhe kuch nahi khana…” ridzy showed some anger which is little fake, and ripu knew that what kind of anger she has……. Every time she is in teasing or fun mode then how can she show anger to anyone…………


aww, my darling little sister…… gussa hai…” he spoke pulling her cheeks…..  he pulled out a box from his bag and handed her…… “go and put this on gas…. Teri fav dish, I prepared for u only….. di, don’t touch her dish..okies…” he told to geet……. “okay chef…..” geet replied back….. ridzy jumped in excitement and licked her lips when she saw what her brother cooked for her……  it’s her fav dish which only ripu can make according to her taste….. she kissed him on his cheek and ran in the kitchen while ripu headed in his room for freshening up……


While on the other hand in Delhi, , everyone was laughing, joking and teasing , and Maan is the one who was tolerating the teasing session…… he couldn’t take it any more and stood up……everyone knew that he is irritated now…. Specially Vicky and raj teased him……  but Raj was the one who was giving him lessons which he learned after getting married…… “saale sahib….. ye jo shaadi ka laddoo hota hai na, ye sirf dur se hi meetha lagta hai, paas aane par pata chalta hai ki ye kitna feeka, tasteless or ye aapka stomach bhi khraab kar sakta hai….” And then hearing all that simmi fumed in anger…..


acchaa…. Ji….. what do you mean by tasteless and stomach khraab? Huh..! kehna kya chahte hai seedhe-2 kahiye….” Simmi standing on his head, I mean not proper on his head just standing beside of him and everyone muffling their laughter or amused laughter, poor Raj, he tried to give some knowledge or should I say tried to warn him but he made himself stuck in all this….. he looked upward looking at the god……. And mumbled….. “baba ji, save me..” ….


kya kaha?” she asked…. She turned towards maan who was still standing there…… “maan, don’t listen to him..okay…. he spoke rubbish all the time…. ” she told him….. “and marriage ke bare mein never listen his advice…got it…” she warned him where maan nodded looking at raj who was telling him something through his eye and even maan understood…… it was “will talk later..” which simmi didn’t get it……


1 min jiju, , didi aisa food banati jisse aapka stomach ki tie-2 fish ho jati hai?” asked Vicky leaning towards him on his sofa taking anshi in his lap while simmi glared at him, , and all laughed at his question but poor Raj couldn’t reply……. “why are you asking this question from me? Didn’t you taste food cooked by her…. ” replied raj….  Before raj, Vicky or simmi fought with each other more, maan interrupted in between…..


okay guys… me off from here now…. Mom, going in study… please send my black coffee…” he told and retired from the hall….. “even, me also off from here…. Going office, have an important meeting”… maan’s father said and went in his room for getting ready…..





Ripu came back after taking a nice shower and straight went in kitchen and send geet & his mom out from the kitchen…… “chef Ripudaman Handa present at your service… tell me what would you like to have,,!” asked ripu and everyone stood there with his demands and told one by one while ripu started taking out all the ingredients…..


After one hour or so, he prepared all the dishes and then they all celebrated  Raksha bandhan happily……  later trio sat in geet’s room and ridzy showing all the photographs of geet’s roka to ripu and telling every little things which she got it in first meeting……. She told every single thing even geet’s meeting with maan on road also she told to ripu…… just then geet’s cell buzzed and she looked at the screen…. It’s flashing new number…..


She picked it up and she became very excited hearing for other side….  “yes-2… I’ll be there…. Thank you so much…” geet replied back…..




Simmi knocked the door of his study room…. Maan didn’t like when any one disturb him when he is in study , everyone knew that but his family didn’t disturb him until it’s not important…..  “maan, can I come in?” simmi asked…… “come di..” maan replied back….. she pushed the door inside and entered……


hope I didn’t disturb your work..” said simmi….. “no … di… not at all… I was just going though from a file… nothing else…” he put his file on the table and sat in front of her….. “something important di..?” asked maan cause he can guess from her expressions, when she is worried then some thin lines appeared on her forehead, that’s y he can tell she is worried sick for some reasons…… simmi nodded and replied back….. “it’s related with geet…” she spoke and maan at once looked at her wondered what is it?



Another Meeting of Maan & Geet….

Are you excite for this meeting? Well I am….

Thank you for the lovely comments…pls drop some more….

Love ya



33 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-22

  1. nice part
    all teasing maan and raj giving gyan about marriage to maan
    geet too celebrated rakhi with her brother
    what is there simi wants to talk to maan about geet
    excited for maaneet meeting
    do update soon

  2. hayeee wat an updt…
    Rakhi ka maza double ho gya ud padh k..
    Agr mere paas ripu jaisa bhai hota na to m to pta nai kya-2 banvati..
    n m very-2 excited abt maaneet meeting…
    n ye b jaan na h ki geetu ko kiska call tha..

    N rakhi gft:
    i got a frock suit, a watch n 750 rs…
    wt u got..??

  3. lovely bonding between ripu geet and ritzy. All the teasings in KM is lively.yeh kya twist hai related to geet. Eagerly waiting for their meeting

  4. Di iam here finally..hw r u..i lvd rakhi spl updates..ripu’s entry..wow..u knw i luv ripudaman ..he is so sweet..btw waiting 4 another meeting of maaneet..luvd the geet’s pov abt arrange marrage nd partner’s likes dislikes..btw di plz tell me na hw 2 reg.in blog..plz do pm me 4 this if u can..plzz

  5. lv ripu geet ridzy bond
    so cute
    n all teasing maanu hai ram maanu ko tease babaji lol
    n his jiju mean raj he is really cute bt y scaring maanu giving his advices his dee is r8 maanu dont take rajs’ advises seriously kk lol
    get kiska call aya n simmi wt she wanna talk abt geet
    lvd it

  6. waiting 4 maaneet’s meeting
    yr fana hum mohabat mein teri bhi full update kerdo blog mein i m waiting 2 read ir as i havenot read it before

  7. mee excited for their meet…………….

    come fast ………………

    just notice mee first here and as well as last part ………….

    silly mee……………..

    par in love with my maaneet ………………

  8. Heyy neha wow that was soo cool re specially geet listening story nice idea
    Wow wonna thank Vicky and aniee because of them maaneet able to catch up some time
    And there messages chat actually seeing maaneet in that phase wow lovely re
    Ahaa Ripu tum usko bhi laya you know me too thinking to brought him in my story I like him
    And Rakhi fest was superb Vicky was Rolf he is too much cute
    Maaneet meeting again guess Sim did some thing to make them meet
    What say AAshiq haha you thought I for got this name no way you are my Aashiq haa hehe
    Wise ek date pe chal sakthe hai maan ab and they can get to know about each other tastes

  9. ” Simmi standing
    on his head, I mean not proper on
    his head just standing beside of him”

    :-):-):-):-):-)Ha ha ha

    Neha your comedy touch is superb.It makes the whole update lively.

    Loving the peppy relation of Ripu,ridzy and Geet.Its awesome to see him cook.

    The whole masti wala environment of Khurana house is fabulous.And Raj woh toh mahfilon ki shaan hai.Making everybody laugh.

    But what did simi wanna talk to Maan about Geet? I hope nothing to worry.

    Now I m super excited for Maaneet meeting.Jaldi update karna.

  10. Ripudaman Handa is also used here….
    Raksha bandhan is celebrated in both houses….now what Simmi wants to tell Maan about Geet…
    I am really surprised that Maan is a businessman and in police force also and he is so shy to speak to a girl who is going to be his wife…
    awesome updates…

  11. Read the parts 20,21 and 22
    Both have no words what they should talk with each other as both are short of words
    Maaneet celebrating rakhsha bandhan with their bros and sis cute
    Wow maaneet gonna meet again
    Continue soon

  12. awsum part
    love ripu n his bonding with his sisters n hw much he loves them n also like to tease ridz
    hahahaaaa jst love raj teasing maan lol
    ripu preparing evryone fav dishes n all celebrating raksha bandhan n also at maan place evryone enjoying n teasing maan n irritating him 😛
    ooooppssssssss kiska phne tha n wat simmi planning to tell maan abt geet
    hmmmmm i think geet ko simmi ka hi phne aaya tha n nw saying something to maan
    hmmmmm toh yeh sab kuch maaneet ko milwane ka hi plan hai vry gud simmi 😀

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