~Drown in Love~ pt-21

~Drown in Love~


Happy Raksha Bandhan to you all…..  so what gift you got today from ur brothers??? Do let me know….



but geet stopped her in mid…… “bas…bas…. Itna sab…. I can’t talk with him properly over the phone..i can’t ask… I’ll discover after marriage…… chal bye…” she said bye before she could say something to her , cause geet knew that she will ask something and she won’t be able to give her reason…..  Geet wants to know him like he wants to know her…..  without asking, just got it by their acts……

geet resumed her story but unfortunately the story has moved little bit, , she cribbed over it and cursed her friend aashima for interrupting her in her story…… it was going on it’s very interesting mode but now she has to listen from mid…. Second half has been passed away and she missed the climax of the story…. Now the story was moving from here….

Ashish ek rikshaw mein baitha hua apne way mein tha jo ki shweta ke college ko jata hai, waise toh wo use uske ghar par milna chahta tha par shweta ne to saaf-2 keh diya tha, agar milna hai to college mein aakar miley par shweta ke ma-papa mein itni himmat kaha thi ki aashish ko ye bata pate ki aaj college mein union leader ke elections ho rahe hai aur unki beti iss elections mein most popular, most wanted participant thi among girls….  Ab hona kyat ha, jaise hi college ka raasta start hua, aashish ko to shweta ke ye big-2 poster dikhayi dene lage the….. aur jis par likha tha “VOTE FOR SHWETA….. hamari apni CHHATRI WALI” aur uske upar shweta ki big si photo…..

Now again the song came , again disturbing her from the story…. She sighed and listen the song but she doesn’t know when sleep took over on her and she went in deep slumber sleep while in Delhi, maan lied on his bed and staring at her photo trying to look deep in her eyes , like understanding, like her eyes speaking volumes and he is getting what she is trying to say…..,  he also doesn’t know when his eyes closed while staring at her photo, and her photo slipped from his hand and fell on his chest over the heart place……  like God is trying  to say that her correct place is in his heart……

After two days, , there is lots of hustle bustle in both houses, , people are running from here and there, and doing the preparations, after all it’s Raksha Bandhan and in Delhi, simming is coming at over there place while annie is cribbing for her gift…. Trying to know what she is getting this time while in Dehradun, geet and ridzy sat in the living room at the couch , their face is very sad, actually not face, they are completely sad, Because rahul, their brother is coming at this raksha bandhan…….

He tried to made them understand that his holiday didn’t sanctioned that’s y he can’t come but gee & ridzy are no where to listen…. They were cribbing over the phone even blackmailed also but nothing worked….. later trio reached on the solution……  Rahul reached at the nearer café and connected himself via web cam and geet & ridz also went ol….  They saw each other via web cam and talked and even tied rakhi….. he pulled his wrist in front of the camera and they tied like they are tying rakhi in real…..

But still they are sitting like before, with sad face…… their parents also couldn’t do something now…..  in Delh….. maan clad in brown sherwani with white chudidar while Vicky wore his denim, he doesn’t like these traditional attire much…..   now they are waiting for simran , they are very hungry….. it’s the ritual in their family that they won’t have anything until their sisten didn’t tie rakhi at their wrist…..

Vicky sat at the couch and pulled his face, making faces, cribbing cause rats are running in his stomach, he held his stomach and signaling at his mom & dadi….. “mom, dadi, pls do something na…” he said looking at them…. While they laughed seeing his face……  “Vicky, , don’t behave like a hungry cat… it’s only 10 now… and you are behaving like you didn’t had ur food from ages….” Maan told him…..

bhai, aap toh rehne hi dijiye…. You can manage but I can’t… simmi di. Jaldi aayo na pls….” he paused for a second then looked at annie,,,, “annie.,,,, pls u tie rakhi first…you’ll get extra gift from me..” he tried to bribe annie but she showed him her thumb……”vikcy bhai…. I am not that greedy, and I am not feeling hungry that much,….. so ur trick has been failed…. ” annie replied back…… “simmi di, kaha ho aap..?” he again cribbed and called for her…….

“tumne bulaya aur hum chalein aaye…… khana bhi apne sath laaye re….. ho..o..o… tumne bulaya aur hum chalein aaye re….” simmi sang the song while entering inside the mansion……….. all laughed at her song and Vicky jumped on simmi pulling her, made her sit beside of him and showing her his wrist, she got what he tried to say, and simmi denied, and turned towards Maan…… vikcy sucked his upper lip like a baby and all giggled looking at him……. “nautanki sala..” maan murmured….. and hugged simmi…..

Ansh jumped in her nani’s lap while anshika aka anshi chose to be in her father’s lap only……   Maan covered his head from her handkerchief and put his right hand behind his head…… simmi put tilak on his forehead , then put some rice above the tilak, now it’s turn to tie the rakhi on his wrist, , now she fed sweet to him, it’s time for her gift….  “happy rakshabandhan maan” she wished him , “to u too di..” maan wished back and he handed over her gifts, ,….

Simmi turned towards Vicky while annie tied rakhi on maan’s wrist…..  after the rakhi session, Vicky jumped on the food , but first they had, vermicelli that is mixed in milk…….. it’s a ritual to cook milk vermicelli on raksha bandhan…………


Their face suddenly lit up when the person who is most awaiting person at this time appeared in front of geet & ridzy, both smiled broadly and jumped in his arms when he stretched his arms like SRK style, and then he embraced both in the hug,,,,, geet & ridzy clinging on him like he is a teddy bear but he is not less than……

Ripu…. Kab se we were waiting for u…”  geet complained to him while he held his ears mouthing sorry to her…..  “ripu veer ji…. Aap to baat hi mat kijiye…..”  ridzy turned her face from him coming out from his embrace…..  “oye, ridzy… kyon muh phula rahi hai… gift nahi milega fir.,..” he told her making himself comfortable on the couch….  .

Ripudaman…. Kitna late kar diya…” mohinder told him taking his seat in front…. “papa, , you know na delhi se dekhradun kitna far hai…. Late ho gaya…sorry papa..”  he replied back having water which geet brought for him……

Ripudaman Handa, , 22 years old….. younger than geet and elder than ridzy….  He is a chef and has a job in a 5 star Hotel, as a head chef…. He achieved a lot in this early age….. though mohinder wanted him to be a army man but he couldn’t do much when he wanted to be chef then let it be…. He agreed and he chose to be a chef…. His family and the first one, geet supported him……


Did you like the new entry…. Ripudaman Handa…??

Wow, part-21 on date 21 august….  Nice na…lolz…

Thank u so much for the lovely comments….

Pls drop some more comments..

Love ya





19 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-21

  1. yippeeeee first one to comment after so many days bcoz of college urgghhhhh
    awesome part
    vicky is just like my cousin bro khana khana
    simi and annie tie rakhi to maan and vicky
    ripu entry is amazing
    my brothers gave me chocolates and money and one bro gave handbag too on rakhi

  2. happy rakshabandhan to u too neha
    lovely update oh cute vicky cribbing for food and they taking advantage of this. new introduction ripu liked it verymuch

  3. oh wow the raksha bandhan part was so cute n vicky
    really a nautanki
    bt yaar y u didnt complete the story i really liked it
    chal koi ni bt hope u wrote an os on that lo
    aww geet missing her bro bt ki ni ek nhi toh doosra bhai aa gya
    n yha tak baat hai wt we got on this day
    kk let me tell u
    bhai ne broadband lgwa diya a dress n money yeeee

  4. Oye kya song hai yaar
    “Tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye
    Khana bhi saath mein le aaye re______”

    Uff I cant stop laughing at Vicki’s plight.

    Loved d whole Raksha bandhan ceremny that too in detail.

    And Ripudaman,I have to like him Yaar,My GC supported him na,how can I not like him.

    But I really wud like to read the ‘Nilesh’ story,Chhatri wali ki kahani achchhi hai.

    Loved d update buddy.


  5. awsum part
    ouch geet n ridz sad as der bro rahul nt cming this year on raksha bandhan 😦
    hahaha yeh vicky bhi na intezaar v ny kr skte lol 😛
    nautanki vicky bribing annie lol 😛
    awwwwwww nw geet n ridz happy as ripu came 🙂
    ohhh soo ripu also der bro niceeeeeee 🙂
    love it

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