Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein Teri- pt 20-22


Vedanta who was sobbing like anything who fell asleep in her arms…. She mad her way to vedanta’s room and lay him down on his bed… she herself too the place beside him patted his chest , after a while he was taking his normal breath and he was sleeping calmly… she stood up and nany thanked her….  Geet smiled in return and told her not to tell about this whole scene to maan… she became confuse and then gave up, told her that she won’t tell anything to maan.. after all what it takes matter to her…. She is only care taker of this child….

It was the day after a week, geet and Vedanta mingled with each other very much, Vedanta starts loving geet like a mother and geet also loves him like her own child…. Maan also met with Vedanta but in morning and at night when he came from his office…. Maan still doesn’t know anything about geet and vedanta’s relationship with geet…..


Tej was upset, sitting on his bed and was his deep thinking mode…. But the sadness on his face…. Tanya was observing him and looking at him… she never saw him upset like this…. She went near him..

Tanya-what happened tej? Why are you looking so upset? She asked from him holding him by his shoulder.. tej sighed and looked at his wife..

Tej-nothing actually missing my gudiya very much…..

Tanya-aaj achaanka, kya hua bahut pareshaan lag rahe ho? Geet se kuch baat huyi kya?

Tej-nahi bas aise hi, pata nahi kyo ek ajeeb sa darr lag raha hai….

Tanya-to isme kya hai… call her….  She took his phone for dialing geet’s number but his cell buzzed and geet’s name flashed on the screen…… Tanya smiled widely and looked at tej….

Tanya-dekha, geet ko yaad kiya aur uska call aa gaya…. She immediately picked her call…

Tanya-hello geet, kaisi hai tu? You know what just abhi we are missing you much and you called us…

Geet-I am fine bhabhi aur ghar me sab kaise hai?

Tanya-yaha sab ache hai, aur waha tere hubby ka kya haal chaal hai? She asked from her in teasing manner but color faded of geet’s face hearing maan’s name…. how can she tell to her about maan… she kept quiet for a moment…

Geet-yaha sab theek hai bhabhi, papa kaise hai?

Just then tej snatched cell from Tanya….

Tej-kaisi hai tu? He asked in his worried tone…

Geet-mai theek hu bro aur aap?

Tej-kya hua tujhe? Why are you sounding so low? Sab theek hai na waha par? He became worried suddenly hearing her low voice, he never imagine his geet like this.. she was bubbly and today she is sounding so low…..

Geet-everything is fine bro, wo bas missing you all…. Bahut yaad aa rahi hai aap sab ki… she sobbed a little….

Tej-arey-arey…. You are crying like a child… chup ho ja… mai aata hu na tujhse milne, stop crying…. She put the call on speaker mode…

Tanya-baby, what happened?

Geet-nothing bhabhi…. Bas aap sab ki yaad aa rahi hai subah se….

Tanya-ho hi nahi sakta… maan ke hote huye tu hamein miss kare…. Naah….. tej silent her because he knew how much sensitive his little sister….

Tej-tu itna hi miss kar rahi hai to aaja na milne, ya phir hum aate hai waha par….

Geet-no bro, I’ll come there on my birthday,

Tej-but tera birthday mein to 6 months hai….

Geet-wo actually I am going to join MBA, bas isiliye aapko call kiya tha….

Tej-wow… that’s a great news…. Kabse join kar rahi hai?

Geet-not now, wo actually I needed my degree and certificates for the admission form…. To can you please fax me my documents…?

Tej-of course.. just give me fax no. I’ll fax you….

Geet-thanks bro… she told him KM’s fax machine number and he noted down…

Tej-achha tell me which college or university?

Geet-wo, I am trying in AMITY or SHARDA UNIVESITY, which one is better?

Tej-these are very good university.. I think both are in GREATER NOIDA na?

Geet-ji bro…

Tej-dono me try kar le, dono hi best hai….

Geet-okay bro, achha now I have to go…. Annie is calling me….

Tanya-ok bye sweety…. And take care aur haa wapas aise rona mat…. Samjhi..

Geet-ji bhabhi….

Tej-will miss you so much…. Take care… love you

Geet-love you too bro and bhabhi….. bye and they hung up the call…. Geet cried more missing her family so much, crying for telling them lie…. She knew if they came to know about maan then they will take her with them back in Mumbai and she doesn’t want to go… she is happy here….  Just then annie came there holding her documents and geet wiped her tears at once….

Annie-bhabhi, don’t hide your tears from me, I know you are missing you family…. But am I not your family? She asked from geet making baby face and geet smiled at her antics…. She pulled her cheeks and hugged her …. Crying endlessly missing her bhabhi’s warmth…..

After some time, geet and annie were surfing net and collecting the info about MBA in both universities…. Just then Vedanta came after finishing his home work and stood near them, looking at both of them trying to understand what they are doing…. Both looked at Vedanta and then again engrossed in their laptop screen…..

Vedanta-mom, what are you doing?

Geet-ved, mom is filling her college form….

Vedanta-what is college? He asked in confusion…geet smiled at him..she ruffled his hairs..

Geet-like school….

Vedanta-sachi, you will also goto school….?

Geet-haan my baby….

Vedanta-then you will also do homework like me? Annie came and took him in her arms…

Annie-haan ved mama will also do homework like you did…. Okay…. Now go and show me your school book…. Vedanta ran and then annie helped her in printing the papers and filling the online form and kept a copy with them….

Again a month passed and geet did her preparation for the MBA entrance test though it was not government university but they took a test before the admission… she did work very hard for taking the admission in SHARDA UNIVERSITY, now the day came for her exam and she did it…. The result will come after a week , till then she have to complete her other work…. In this month Vedanta turned to 4…. Maan went to Bangalore for his business trip though he doesn’t want to go but office needed him… it was the deal for some fashion show in Bangalore and they want clothing from his company,,, KM TEXTILES is one of from the best companies in India….. maan has his other companies in different fields and KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS  is also 1 of from them…. Maan did charity a lot and he has many branches of his companies in other states… and some are out of India…

Maan loves Vedanta a lot but he met with him a little means he is not able to give his much time to him…. one side his tension towards sameera then office, hospitals and home… he couldn’t able find time for himself…..client meetings in his 2-3 offices in Delhi and site visiting…. But still he managed his temper as everyone knew he is short tempered person and lost his temper very easily…. But between in these works he never forget to drop Vedanta to school and checked his books in morning…. He daily got up early in the morning around 6 am, did his exercise and get ready… geet also wakes up early in the morning and made Vedanta ready for his school and went in kitchen for making breakfast but never came in front of maan…. She also told to Vedanta that never talk anything about her in front of maan and he is very intelligent boy, he agreed….

It was the day again sameera got an attack and threw everything on the floor, nurses try very hard for controlling her but at last they landed to injecting her and then she went in deep sleep….

Maan was in bangalore so this time geet enjoyed her time with Vedanta.. full time with him, roaming everywhere in KM without nay tension though she knew maan didn’t came at home in day time….she never try to visit out house because dadi denied her….

After 2 days the girl is sleeping and she felt the vibration of her cell… she opened her eyes and looked here and there if anyone is here or not…. She felt relax not finding anyone near her… she at once took the call and whispered….

Person1-hello lady…. He spoke to her via phone with his most killing attitude….

Person2- finally….. thank god you have called me…. Where were you from past so many days?

Person1-sweety…. Just relax…. Calm down…. Now tell me what’s the problem?

Person2-ohh dam with your relax…. Here everyone is getting my nerve and you are telling me to calm down….

Person1-OMG my lady hitler…. You are so angry…. Take a chill pill babes….

Person2- don’t made me lose my patience , come here fast and tell me where are we heading?

Person1- oopss sweets… I can’t be there till 2 months….

Person2-what…? Means I am stuck here for another 2 months more… do something fast…..i want him at any cost otherwise you know what will be the consequence…

Person1-oops, you turned to your angry mode… sorry babes…. Just wait a little more… I have something… will tell you later… right now, do the same thing which you are pretending….

Person2-okay…. And they hung up the call…………..




Person1-oops, you turned to your angry mode… sorry babes…. Just wait a little more… I have something… will tell you later… right now, do the same thing which you are pretending….

Person2-okay…. And they hung up the call…………..

2 days passed from that day, maan came back from Bangalore…. He completed his office work and then came home at night, it was late…. Everyone was their bed as usual everyone was sleeping at that time…but the one person was wide awake….. she was in vedanta’s room, making him sleep , she heard the skid sound of tyres and she knew that it was maan…. she hurriedly went in kitchen and warm the food and told to nakul to serve him and don’t tell anything to him….

Maan came and freshen up, ate his food…. Actually he relished the food, he really missed this food…. He doesn’t know who cook this food but he is loving this food, after all it’s cooked by geet but maan doesn’t know about this fact….he never fond of such food but suddenly he felt a new kind of taste in food and he starts loving it….he never licked his finger after eating chicken curry but now he licked it… he couldn’t believe on himself that he is licking his finger which he never did….

2 months passed like this….. sameera is doing good and maan is taking care of her, at the same time he is taking care of Vedanta but he never came home in day time….

It was the day, 8 am in the morning, geet is doing everything in such a hurry, putting her every document in her hand bag, making ready Vedanta at the same time, she made breakfast too in a hurry with never forget to make maan’s fav black coffee , pasta with pesto sauce…..

Finally she finished her every  work and took blessings from dadi maa because it is her first day of her college…. She took admission in SHARDA UNIVERSITY…. She took her car with driver and zoomed out before 2 hours because it takes 1 and 35 mins from there to GREATER NOIDA and delhi’s traffic you know….

She is soc excited fr her first day but she is missing Vicky and alka as well… she took out her cell and put it in a conference call with Vicky & alka….. Vicky was a lazy bum sleeping still while alka was getting ready for her college…..

Alka-geeettt……….. kaisi hai tu? She asked in such an excitement because she is talking to her after so many days…. Geet covered her ear and took away her cell from her ear………..

Geet-why are so shouting? I am good and you? Alka made a face…

Alka-as if you didn’t shout…. Remember when I called you from Canada and then OMG tuney kitna shout kiya phone par…. Pata hai  dusre logo ko bhi pata chal gaya tha ki duri taraf koi pagal ladki hai….

Geet-alka…….!! Mai pagal hu,

Alka-le, ab tuney hi to kaha tu pagal hai… and starts laughing……..

Geet-achha chhod, pata nahi ye Vicky kaha hai, he is not picking cell, call conference par hai….

Alka-as if you don’t know…. I am sure hamesha ki tarah so raha hoga

At the same time Vicky stir from his sleep because of continuous buzzing sound of his phone…. Somehow he grabbed his call without checking the ID…. Kaun hai?

Geet-vicky, you are still sleeping? College nahi jana? Vicky jumped hearing her voice….. he rubbed his eyes, he should rubbed his ear but he was rubbing his eyes……

Vicky-ye tu hai geet? He asked to her thinking he was dreaming….

Alka-nahi uska bhoot bol raha hai Vicky….

Vicky-tu kaha se tapak padi bich mein, abhi to geet thi na

Geet-duffer, conference call………….

Vicky-ohhh…..!!!, btw I was sleeping yaar….

Alka-tu ek din apni neend nahi khraab kar sakta, kaisa friend hai tu….

Vicky-dekh meri friendship par mat kuch bol… geet became irritate his cat-dog fight…..

Geet-guys…stop it…. Meri bhi to suno kuch…..

Vicky,alka- haan bol and trio laughed in unison….

Vicky,alka-kaisi hai tu?

Geet-I am fine yaar aur tum dono?

Vicky, alka-hum bhi ache hai….

Geet-I have a news for both of you….


Vicky-arey jaldi bol….

Geet-ok , ok don’t start again…. I am very sad….

Vicky,alka-what…????? Ye good news hai?

Geet-nahi ….. tum log reason nahi puchhoge ki why I am sad?

Alka-achaa baba, why are you sad?

Geet-because me missing you all…..

Vicky-awww my doll…. Me too missing you so much…. Tere bina college jane ka bhi mann nahi karta….

Geet-same, mera first day hai college hai that’s why I am missing you two….

Alka-me too missing you yaar…. I know you will made new friends there too….

Geet-I knew that…..

Vicky-but not better than us…

Geet-I knew because you both are the worst friends of mine who never missed me, who never called me.. and showed them her fake anger….

Alka-don’t blame us ok…. You are the one who didn’t call us, who engrossed with her maan… waise hows maan?

Vicky-kaisa hoga, bechara geet ko bhugat raha hoga and starts laughing…..

Geet-very funny….. my college came, will talk to you later… they bid bye to each other and geet reached to her college which is new for her.. she doesn’t know anyone here, not even a single person… annie also studied in some other college, she also can’t help her but she knew GEET HANDA never fears from anyone, oops did she called herself GEET HANDA, yes she called herself geet handa, being a khurana, she is still borrowing her father’s surname….. what an irony na…. every girl wants to be mrs. Maan singh khurana and here she is but she is not able to use the surname….  She felt bad but then she relieved that no one won’t know her that she is mrs. Maan singh khurana….. otherwise it will be difficult for her being a khurana, just then she checked her forms and other documents, everywhere she filled GEET HANDA and SINGLE…. She sighed and put them back in her bag….

She reached inside the college after enquiring to other students who are looking at her like she is an alien because she was wearing a white chudidaar suite and the students of SHARDA UNIVERSITY are high profile, who gave a dirty & pity look who are in salwars aur looks like a behen ji types…. Geet felt awkward because of their looks, she knew because of her dress, she never wore these kind of dresses in college, she made up her mind that now onwards she will wore jeans at least she will look a little bit decent…..she felt like she moved out from here in a fraction of second before anyone insult her but now she can’t back out from here….. she made up her face strong and went to principal’s office, principal greeted her because ARJUN RATHORE informed him…. principal knew arjun a little because arjun’s company constructed a little part of their college of their another branch….

Both talked a little and principal told everything about the college and discipline and if she gets any problem then directly came to him and informed him without any hesitation…. She nodded and went out from there….. she went to library and applied for her library card…. It was around 1pm and then she collect 1-2 books for just information…. She was lost in herself……

At the same time in same college, in corridor a couple is fighting or should I say the girl is teasing the boy with her antics……

Piya-He is so sexy, abhay gave her his glare but she ignored….


Piya-dam hot, PIYA…!!! Abhay called her….

Piya shrugged off…. Don’t disturb me abhay…. Let me analyze him

Abhay-you can’t do this to me…. He made a baby face but passing his glare to her….

Piya-don’t give your these glares, understood… these are not gonna be working on me.. she tapped her foot and then again looked in the magazine and read the article……  OMG look at his rough stubble which looks more manly In this magazine… and you are so cleaned shave…. Piya checked abhay’s face and engrossed in the magazine while abhay traced his cheeks with his fingers….

Piya-now stop checking yourself and let me concentrate on my hotty….. abhay’s eyes popped out from the socket hearing hotty word from her innocent piya’s mouth…. She never called him hotty and today she calling him hotty…. He looked at himself….

Piya-oh my god if I looked him in real I am sure I’ll be faint….she rest her hand on her cheeks and blinked her eyes couple of times….. she was dreaming with her opened eyes while her boy friend cursing her under his breath….. he sat beside her on the bench peeking in the magazine… he starts playing with her curls for gaining her attention but his piya is in her lala land, she wacked his hand again starts her dreaming session……

Piya-uff, he is looking damn eatable  and licked her lips,while abhay’s mouth dropped open seeing his piya like this….

Stop this Piya…. How can you praise any other man infront of me….. chided Abhay to her girlfriend….. piya gave her cheeky smile to abhay who was following her everywhere… actually she was giving him punishment for being late yesterday… she didn’t said anything him yesterday because she doesn’t want to destroy her date but now she is taking her revenge from him…..

Piya-ohhh my sweety abhay…. Are you feeling jealous…..? she asked making an innocent face…

Abhay-ofcourse, if any girlfriend will praise MAAN SINGH KHURANA in front of her boyfriend then any one can be jealous….

Piya-really, but looked at him, he is so sexy na…. look at his biceps abhay… have you also biceps like him? she looked at his biceps trying to hold them in her tiny palm but unable…. He smirk at her while she gave him her weak smile knowing he has also big biceps…. Abhay smiled but his smile vanished when her next praise fell in his ear….

Piya-look at this pic abhay, he is smoking hawt…. Six pack abs but I can’t see them because he is wearing his office attire na….


Piya-what piya? Wait a minute, have you also six pack abs? she asked him in such excitement…. Abhay gave his sexy smirk to her “of course I have and more than this MAAN SINGH KHURANA”

Piya-wait, wait, wait…. Where you saw his abs, OMG are you lesbian?

WHAT……..!!!!!!!!!!!! exclaimed abhay in such a shock…. His eyes were wide opened while he mouth fell opened in big O shape…. He felt like murder this right now but can’t do this because he love her so much….. he closed his eyes and count 10-1 and let out a breath….

Abhay-have you gone mad? He asked in his calm tone as much he can….

Piya-sorry, but you never showed me your six pack abs…. then she bit her lip knowing what she blurt out….

Abhay-so you want to see my abs…. huh..!! she denied but he came close to her and the magazine she was holding fell down from her hand, geet was passing right there and it fell on her feet….




Abhay-have you gone mad? He asked in his calm tone as much he can….

Piya-sorry, but you never showed me your six pack abs…. then she bit her lip knowing what she blurt out….

Abhay-so you want to see my abs…. huh..!! she denied but he came close to her and the magazine she was holding fell down from her hand, geet was passing right there and it fell on her feet….

Geet looked down to her feet and found a magazine there…. She turned her gaze and found two love birds in their own lala land, she smiled at them and bend down for taking the magazine but she gasped after seeing the pic…. She admired the pic silently , there is no bad thing in admiring her own husband, well the pic is her hotty husband….. she knew there is no relation between them , the name sake relation they had but that was only for her but she can at least admired his hot looks, well he is all for her, at last he is her husband, naah her so called husband but only for her…..

She gulped hard imagining the kind of stuffs in her mind seeing her hotty husband and then shrugged off her thoughts and turned to see the couple who were staring at each other lovingly…..

Geet-ahem ahem…. She coughed a little for gaining their attention and they came out from their dreamland….. piya was red due to caught red handed wo bhi by the unknown person…. Abhay looked here and there for hiding his face where geet was having fun seeing their state…. She was feeling like she was in mumbai with her friends and she caught a couple red handed in her circle….

Geet-erm…. Sorry for disturbing you both but your magazine…. Piya’s eyes popped regaining the admiring session was disturbed because of this abhay…. Grrr she hates this….

Piya-thanks god, I remember….. she took the magazine form geet’s hand and turned to abhay who was baffled seeing her angry expression though she looked more cute with her angry glares but who told her this…. He wants to eat her those red cheeks but poor soul is helpless……

Abhay-what? He asked innocently while geet stood there seeing their fight….

Piya-just because of you, my admiring session disturbed…. I was admiring this hotty MAAN SINGH KHURANA and every time you made me disturb….. she shoot out the glare while geet’s mouth fell open knowing she was admiring her hotty husband….. well she wants to murder this girl right now but couldn’t…

Abhay-so, when you will try to admire him, I’ll always disturb you, after all I am your love not he…. So admire me….. piya starts mimicked him meanwhile geet burst out in laugh and both looked at geet like a alien…. Geet looked at them and immediately controlled her laugh and said sorry to them…

Geet-sorry, wo actually you both were looking so cute and was like a tom & jerry fight so I couldn’t myself … sorry again…..

Piya-it’s ok, btw hi I am Piya Jaiswal…..

Geet-hi, I am Geet….. well confused to tell her surname so just told them geet……

Abhay-I am Abhay Raichand…. 

Geet-nice to meet with both of you…..

Abhay and piya- same here in unison…. They passed smile to each other and here the chatter box of SHARDA UNIVERSITY starts her chattering……

Piya-hey geet, are you new here? Wo pehle kabhi nahi dekha na, well lagti to new hi ho fir bhi I thought to ask you…. Here abhay was looking like she can’t change where geet was thinking she is too much chatter box than me…. Geet smiled at her…..

Geet-yeah, I am new here, just today my first day in MBA….

Abhay-ohhh wow…. We are in MBA and the session starts from today….

Geet-yup, I knew it…. I think lectures will be start after 3-4 days?

Piya-haan…. But starting 3-4 days are full of fun… just like today I got a new friend…. And they talked for a while and they retired to canteen…. Have some snacks and they became nice friends of each other…. Well in a day geet got 2 new friends at new place…. She was happy today…. After a long time she came out from the house and met with 2 new person who are full of life like her…. As she was in mumbai with full of enthusiasm…..

The college has been started and it makes geet happy…. 2 months has been passed like this…..

 It was the another day, they were sitting in garden making notes, they were engrossed in their studies, professor gave them a project over SOLE PROPERTRIOSHIP and told them to chose a firm and gave them a report , collect all the info, their marketing plans, business plans, shares, liabilities, assets, about the name in market they have, about their MD, CEO and directors, everything about the firm…. Abhay, piya geet and another tow students more are in a group,,,,  it will help them in future and later in the last semester of the MBA, the college held a competition and companies came here and the rapid fire and question session held between the MD of company and the students…. Firm asked the questions and if students passed then they get internship in their firm….

Abhay- geet, I think we should chose my dad’s firm… we’ll get all info very easily…

Geet-what is the name of your dad’s firm? She asked to abhay while writing down notes….

Abhay-RAICHAND ADVERTISING & CO. you can also suggest another companies name , I am not forcing….

Piya-I think, we should take another firm as it will be not good, can we take some caf or lounge or any other firm, it is not necessary to pick only business company…..

Geet-I think you are right but it will be better if we chose any business firm as we are students of business stream….. ummm what about KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONSA? (She doesn’t know that maan owns this company…. She knows only that maan has khurana textiles…she has suggested KC unknowingly….)

Abhay, piya and other two agreed with her and they starts their project…..


After a week,at night in outhouse…

Well everyone is sleeping in KM and nurses also sleeping in outhouse…. Just then sameera’s cell buzzed, it was on vibration mode, the caller knew when he should call her, actually sameera gave miss call to the person and the person called back to her…..

Sameera-when are you coming yudi?

Yudi –I am coming tomorrow, have little patience…

karanveer bohra as yudi ,,,,, yudi is his nick name… will reveal his real name later…


Sameera- have you some more plans? I mean you were mentioning last time about something…..

Yudi –yup, I have arranged everything, I have talked to doctor and he agreed…. He will made him understand by his own way….

Sameera-superb…. How much you paid to that doctor?

Yudi –none of your business….. just do that what I am saying to you…. He told her and she agreed…..

Sameera-this maan is such a big fool…. I couldn’t believe that the great business tycoon MSK has been fooled by me, years went and he was like a total brainless person, he loved me a lot

Yudi –and that’s why you are taking his advantage….. both laughed….

Sameera-not only me, you are also taking advantage…. After all you grabbed the project from his hand…. He smiled hearing sameera….

yudi-of course, I want to finished him, he did very wrong…. You are snatching humanity from him and I am snatching his business from him….

Sameera-but we have to be careful , don’t forget he is MAAN SINGH KHURANA,  she sound little bit scared….

Yudi –MAAN SINGH KHURANA is my foot….  Don’t be scared from him…. he is like bullshit…. Just wait and watch….. hey what about that girl with whom he married?

Sameera- oh that girl, I heard that maan and that girl has not any relationship like a husband & wife….

Yudi –good for us…. And this is because of you, he is mad in your love….

Sameera-tabhi to, both are not in relationship…. Poor that girl….

Yudi –I am pitying on that girl….

Sameera- no need to be pity on that girl, she came here for snatched maan from me…. Uske sath achha hua…. She greeted her teeth…..

Yudi –hey sam, don’t be so cruel…. Uska kya fault iss sab mein….

Sameera-ohh just forget it…. Thanks to you that you told me how to handle Vedanta otherwise I was stcuk here with that child…..

Yudi –ohh don’t thank me… it was my duty towards my best friend…. Now tell me in detail what you have done with yours so called child?

Sameera-ohh don’t ask me…. You know I froze when I saw Vedanta with maan…. I was so scared and then your suggestion came in my mind and I did the same thing which you told me before two days….i started screaming as much I can, and maan tried to give Vedanta to me but I jerked him….  I know Vedanta hurts when I jerked him but I have not any other option….i know he felt bad but he was became he headache of mine…..

Yudi –I can understand…. That was unwanted child of yours…..  don’t feel bad, btw he has his so called father maan…. I was thinking maan loves Vedanta or not?

Sameera-of course he loves him….  and you know what he bought a land on vedanta’s name…

Yudi –oh that’s great….  They chit chat a little bit more then bid bye to each other and sameera starts her drama…..




It was the day after 3 days,

Sameera’s doc called to maan and called him in his clinic….. maan thought it would be urgent so he finished his meeting early and went to hospital…

Maan was waiting for his appointment in waiting room just then his name announced and he went in his cabin…

Doc-come in mr.  khurana.. have a  seat…. Maan went inside and grab the seat….

Maan-what happened doctor?

Doc- actually mr. khurana, I wanted to talk to you something important about sameera….

Maan-what happened doc? Is anything serious?

Doc- ohh don’t be panic mr. khurana…. Actually I have researched on the disease which sameera has…. And I found a famous doc in EUROPE….

Maan-ohhk….. he signaled him to continue…..

Doc-actually I was thinking to refer sameera to Dr. Kelley Pit….

Maan-it would be great if he agreed for this case….

Doc-yeah…. I have talked to him and send her reports and told him about her history and for  a luck he is interested in this case…. He wants to meet this patient & treat her…..

Maan-is there any chance in her recovering?

Doc-yes, there are lots of chances as he told to me after seeing her history & reports….

Maan-that it will be great….

Doc-yes mr. khurana…. I want to send her there after 2 days as I have to go with her and I want to meet with the doc personally….. maan nodded….

Maan-okay , I’ll arrange everything for both of you…. Maan grabbed his cell from his pocket and punched adi’s number and told him for arranging 2 1st class flight tickets…. And after 5 mins, adi called back to him and the tickets confirmed…..




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