~Drown in Love~ pt-20



~Drown in Love~




Vicky turned and fell on the floor tired fully….. annie looked at him trying to drag him from there but he didn’t budge from his place….. “hippo, kitna khata hai… hilta hi nahi… chal yaha se..” she told him….. “haan jaise kit u to slim trim stick hai… jaise ki hawa ka jhonka aayega aur tujhe udaa le jayega” he replied her back , finally stood , went in his room and direct fell on the bed , feeling sleepy now……


Flashback ends….


His lips curved in a smile when he glanced at the full shined moon standing at the window, when he got a glimpse of geet’s face in moon….moon was shining like it got his chandani just like him……  he put his hands in his track pockets and sighed deeply, he wants to talk to her but don’t what to say beside of hello…. After that he didn’t talk to her and he knew she must be waiting for his call but what to do, he couldn’t gather enough courage to call her by his own…..


He knew that, that day Vicky did something but he didn’t said anything to him for his mischief cause he liked it for the first time…he didn’t felt offended … he loved his siblings too much and he can do anything for them but in a limit only….. if they are doing something wrong then he has the responsibility to made them correct not to help them or ignore them….. and that’s the thing he was doing till this time, but this time he liked his mischief even he liked his teasing cause it kept him reminding about his relation with geet…… hot it will look like….?


While on the other hand Geet lied in her dim lighted room and stared at the ceiling but her eyes and heart dreaming about him…..  Her ears and mind was filled with the love story she was listening with a great concentration and imagining herself……


Aisa nahi that ki Aashish shweta se pyaar nahi karta tha, wo toh bas kashamakash mein that ki kahe toh kahe kaise….. shweta , jisey log chhatri wali(umbrella girl) ke naam se jaante hai, jo purey college ki union leader hai , jo wahi bolti hia jo uske mind mein aata hia, bina soche aur bina samjhe…. Ab uske aagey aashish apni baat rakhe toh rakhe kaise….? ye sabse badi uljhan thi……


Geet was lost in the story which she was listening and trying to think what will happen now? What aashish will say to shweta? She couldn’t relate anything now cause now the song came in between the story….  She was imagining herself in one of story told by Neelesh Mishra, the story teller…… she is a big fan of his stories but she got a new problem cause she remembered his one story which was based on arranged marriage….. and it was quite interesting…….But soon she brought back from her dreamland when the song finished and the story started again…… 


  Shweta ko shaadi ke liye manana bahut hi mushkil kaam tha….. aur uske ma-papa badi hi uljhan mein the, kyunki shweta to bas apna career college ki union leader mein hi dekh rahi thi….. aakhir kaar usey ladkiyo ka future jo banana tha…… chhatri wali wo yuhi nahi famous hai….. hamesha uske ek hath mein uska bag aur dusre hath mein uski chhatri means uska umbrella hota hai….. jab bhi koi ladka uske sath ya kisi aur ke sath badtameezi karta hai toh bas kya hai, wo fat se apna umbrella itni speed se kholti ki wo jakar uss ladke ke stomach me lagta hai aur fir jo pitayi karti uss ladke apne umbrella se…… Sham ke 7 baje shweta ke ghar ghanti baji….. darwaji ki ghanti nahi, phone ki ghanti baji… aur hath saaf karti huyi Mrs.sharma ne phone uthaya….. “hello” …… aashish thoda hichkichaya kyonki usey pata tha ki ye shaweta ki mummy ki aawaz hai…. “hello, namastey aunty ji… hum aashish bol rahe hai..”  


Before that she could relate with the story more, again a song came according to the situation and she lost more in the song…. Did he also think for call me or he never felt like? Oh god please help me… I want to hear his voice, know about his life style, something about him which he knows only, which he’ll tell me only…. Which he share with me only…..  just then her thoughts broke down when he cell buzzed flashing the name of her best friends Aashima….


He lower down the voice of Fm and picked up her call….. “hey aashi…” she spoke over the phone and she heard her chirpy voice…… “hiiii geetu… kaisi hai tu?” she asked from here….. “oye, tera trip kaisa tha tere fiancé ke sath?” asked geet……. “it was amazing yaar… you know we both went to Crystal world , kempty fall and both had lunch and dinner together…. It was so much fun and romance full you know…” aashima teased her and told her everything which geet wants to listen specially…….


Geet felt little bit sad cause she got maan’s call only once that too for some minutes…. But she can’t compare her relation with aashima……  aashima’s fiancé is jovial, funny and here Maan is serious types, stern, like gentle man wala attitude…..  but somewhere she is happy with maan cause she doesn’t know much about him where aashi her friend knew everything about him….. then there will not much curiosity is finding things about your partner after marriage when you know everything about them…..


She talked with her some more  time then her friend asked from her….. “yaar geet, you like Maan na?” geet confused that why she is asking such question…. “haan aashi but what made you ask this question suddenly?” asked geet….  “it’s just strike my mind that’s y….. it’s arrange marriage na and you don’t know much about him….” She replied back to geet…


no yaar, nothing is like that….. I know it’s arrange marriage but believe me yaar I am happy being with him…. Haan right now mujhe jayada kuch nahi pata but trust me yaar…. Slowly-2 I’ll get to know everything about him , kya pata woh bhi isi kashmakash mein ho…he doesn’t know anything about me…. But yaar, jo maza slowly-2 ek dusre ke bare me janne mein hai wo kahi nahi…. I mean, aapko unki likes and dislikes ka pata hai but what about their little-2 secrets which none knows…. I’ll be surely happy with him…. I can tell from now only….” Geet finished herself ……


 “stop praising girl…. Itna hi achha hai to mujhse milwa na..” aashi spoke …… “kyon? Tu apne wale ke sath khush reh…. Don’t eye on mine..” she said to her showing finger like she is able to see her finger…..  “achha aashi bata na, when he called you then what type of talk you both had? I mean just want to know…” geet couldn’t control on herself from asking….. she wants to know everything….. what type of talks she can do with maan? Will he like it or not? Etc etc …..


kyon batau…. Discover by urself…” she replied back…… “you are very bad..” she said her and about to cut the call….. “achha baba….sorry….. sun, ummm haan,,, first talk about your likes, ask his.. I mean what type color he likes, actor, actress, about tv, and then tried to ask personal things….. I mean about he do from morning to night… what type of perfume he likes, and..” ……………


but geet stopped her in mid…… “bas…bas…. Itna sab…. I can’t talk with him properly over the phone..i can’t ask… I’ll discover after marriage…… chal bye…” she said bye before she could say something to her , cause geet knew that she will ask something and she won’t be able to give her reason…..  Geet wants to know him like he wants to know her…..  without asking, just got it by their acts….



@sampa-where r u? again lost kya?

@tia- haaye sweety, loved ur comment….. surely u’ll meet to ur soulmate soon….. don’t worry,…..


@pihu- thank u dear for the lovely comment….. yaar, that thread has been deleted, and that is not on facebook also…. and by mistake, my whole data has been deleted that is saved in my pendrive…. so i can’t give u those parts…. sorry dear….

@poo- haaye dear…. I was waiting for ur comment but didn’t expected at this time…. Loved ur comment…thank u so much yaar for loving the story and even sharing something about the arrange marriage…… arey this Milai system is very bad in North side….

@kiran di- loved ur comment at previous update…. I had replied u there…just check it…

@humera- loved ur comment…thanks dear…..

Thank u so much to all of you who commented here and IF too….  Loved ur comments… Thank u so much for relating this story with ur real life and even dreaming about ur life partner too….. i am very happy for this….. i am sure you’ll get ur life partner soon and i hope he’ll be just like maan……… pls try to comment more than awesome & lovely part….. pls it’s a request….


Love ya



26 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-20

  1. aww maanu want to call her bt munda kashmakash mai hai baat kya krega
    arey isko bolo na call kre baatein khud aa jayegi lol
    n geet aww she also waitign 4 his call n desperate to talk to him
    hayee ye craving is so sweet
    she want to know wt a engaged couple talked even i want to know
    u know when my cousin dee got engaged she talked for hours on phone n i always crribed her to tell me wt she talked cause she never talked anyone on phone more than 5 to 10 min n here 2 ours dead yaar
    bt my kasmini dee kbi nhi bola lol
    bt here i will discover wt they will talk hahahaha lol
    i ya never knew radio pe story b hoti hai
    n ya plz complete that radio story also me liking it lol
    lvd it yaar

  2. awesum updt…maan wants to call hr but dont know what to talk to hr…geet waitin eagerly fr his calll so that she can get to know him….loved geet-ashima convo….beautiful part…updt sooon

  3. Kitne din ho gaye ‘Neelesh’ ki kahaniya sune huye,huh,I miss his stories.

    You know you created curiosity about Shweta-Ashish too besides Maaneet.

    Loved d convo between Geet and Ashima where she describes why she prefers arrange marriage and why she is happy.The curiosity and enthusiasm to know each other gradually must be an enriching experience.The restlessness,the butterflies in stomach,all these give an immense beauty to the courtship period.The feeling has to be lovely.

    At the end you’ve wished all the girls to get their Maan,thanx for d wish buddy.I really hope your wish turns true for all the girls.

    And a vada wala THANX for d PM.

    Love ya.

  4. nice update geet asking her friend what to ask when maan calls and she wants to know what he likes yes it happens in arrange marriages.

  5. Lovely part. 😀
    Was missing ur ff.
    Awww maan liked vicky’s michief for once hehe.
    He wants to talk to geet but doesnt know what to tell her. Both are longing to talk to each other lekin milke kya bole 😉
    Aashi to bari naughty hai ji lol.
    But like geet said, jo maza shaadi ke baad slowly all likes and secret janne mein hai woh ab kahan 😉
    Cant wait for more 😀

  6. maan want to call geet bt nt having the courage n also dnt knw wat to talk wid her
    love the convo between geet n her friend n also geet saying that she will slowly slowly get to knw abt maan likes n dislikes after marriage

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