~Drown in Love~ pt-19

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~Drown in Love~



haan, kaam toh bahut hota hai par my family never suffer because of my work..” he said , he doesn’t want that she felt bad because he has so much work…….


But suddenly line went off…… she looked at her cell….. cut gaya….. she made a sad face and he also looked at his phone…. Oh god.. battery down…. ..he at once put his phone on charged and tried to switch on his phone while she also stare at her phone, expecting his call again….  “till now, I didn’t get you call, it was okay but now I got it, and now I am expecting again… geet , hold on girl… what happen to you? ” she talked to herself……


Maan, get a grip on you man!…. he said to himself when he panicked at once when the call went off…..  he became very restless, he doesn’t know for what this restlessness? For not talking with her, for cutting the call or what she is thinking about him?  He is getting a new feeling inside his heart, something is flipping inside his heart, a roller coaster feeling…..


Till now he switched on his cell and opened the message box…… he is in dilemma that should I msg her or not? If I am sending msg then what I’ll type in that message? He flipped the cell in his hand but alas he failed in that cause of charging wire…. He sighed ….. he saved her number as Mrs.Maan Khurana  casually…. Actually in his thinking session, he didn’t get with what name he is saving her name…… and then opened the message box again and typed “sorry geet..” and finally he pressed send button…..


Her cell buzzed and she at once jumped on her cell leaving her all the clothes from her hands……. “Maan ka msg…. kya likha hoga?” she murmured and at once opened ,….  But he could call me na…. she thought in her mind…… lekin geet you won’t be able to speak a word to him, you see na what happened just now… you went just silent like you are a dumb…. Theek hi kiya….. she replied back herself in her mind……. Her all curiosity went in vain when she read sorry geet…… sorry for what? She asked to herself……  she replied him “sorry for what?”


He got her reply…… he didn’t realize that he was waiting for her reply so impatiently….. he didn’t touch his laptop and was staring at the cell……  “because low battery, call cut ho gaya tha…” he replied and she smiled getting his reply back…..  “but there is no fault of yours then why are you saying sorry….  ”  she replied back , , his cell beeped , his lips curved in smile….. yes there is no fault of his, but he didn’t know why he said sorry…..


Both didn’t realize, it’s been half an hour they are talking with each other, ,  but soon realization sunk down in their mind when he heard a mail sound from his laptop and he got it it’s been half an hour….. he never chat with anyone by message…. It was his first time that too with his fiancée…..  “umm, geet… sorry but now I have to go…. I have to prepare a very important presentation..” he finally send but hoping that she won’t feel bad…… ..


presentation??? But you are CBI officer…” she asked from him by msg….. he smiled knowing that she doesn’t know about his business…. She thinks that he is only a CBI officer…… “Geet, , I handle my father’s business too and I am not a permanent officer, ” he replied back…..  she was shocked getting that he has his business and not a permanent officer….. “but no one told me about your work… they told you are in police..” she told him and he smiled feeling that she is complaining to him…. 


After some seconds,, her cell buzzed again with a message tone and she at once looked at the screen…..”geet, was that complain?” he asked… he couldn’t control himself from asking….. “haan…even you didn’t tell me about your profession…” she replied back…….  He smiled more reading her message filled complaints……  but he also has the right to complaint….. “but you didn’t ask about my profession…that’s y I didn’t tell you….” He replied to her…..



She felt good when he shared something about his work….  He has to prepare a presentation…. “ ok maan…. Work is needed….… you are getting late for your presentation and do ur work..” she replied back and he felt calm knowing that she understands him….. ..  “thank you” he replied with a smiley and she replied back only a smiley…. Like this their conversation ends…..


Finishing her chat with maan, she fell back on the bed hiding her face in the pillow, a shy smile crept of her face, , she felt very good after talking with him….. he is not like those cruel police officers…. He is pretty understandable….  She bit her lip consciously , the feel of his voice when she heard on the phone…. Though she had talked with him face to face but now their relation changed….. that time they talked first time, she didn’t know about him….  


geet, , you are a big jhalli….. you didn’t ask about his profession….. ” she thought for a second..”but geet….tuney toh kuch bhi nahi puchha..” she replied to herself…… “waise, yahi sahi hai…. At least, I’ll get to know some things about him whenever I’ll talk with him…” she assured herself and again hid her face in the pillow feeling shy from herself…..


On the other hand maan , for some seconds he stared at his cell, , he didn’t believe that he talked with geet , first on call and then by message….  He smiled and get back to his work…. While outside of his room Vicky still stood there….. “Vicky chal na… ab kuch awaaz nahi aa rahi..” annie told to Vicky…. They were hearing maan’s voice but not properly…. They knew that he is talking with geet but what? They don’t know……


Vicky turned and fell on the floor tired fully….. annie looked at him trying to drag him from there but he didn’t budge from his place….. “hippo, kitna khata hai… hilta hi nahi… chal yaha se..” she told him….. “haan jaise kit u to slim trim stick hai… jaise ki hawa ka jhonka aayega aur tujhe udaa le jayega” he replied her back , finally stood , went in his room and direct fell on the bed , feeling sleepy now….



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36 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-19

  1. Lovely part yaar.
    Aww they continued their convo on sms. 😀
    Geet cutely complained to him about his profession yet she understood his commitment towards his work and let him prepare his presentation 😀
    Cant wait for more 😉

  2. how easily our heart start beating for an unknown person just knowing he is gonna our soulmate. n how confortably we start sharing our life.. its such a beautiful feel. n blv me reading all this me also eagerly waiting 4 my soulmate to meet me so that i can also enjoy all these feling
    maaneet first phone no chat through meggase ot just lovely
    hayee maar dala
    perfect 10
    n ya this is it
    blockbuster hit rofl

    • aww, loved ur comment….
      soon u’ll get ur love and soulmate sweety…..
      hehehe thank u for the perfect 10, this is it and blockbuster…… love it….. 🙂

  3. awesum update! Maan says sorry. They message each other! Maan has to do wrk n tells her he also handles his dad’s business! Geet complains! Maan n Geet happy! well written, update soon 🙂

  4. lovely update dear…
    Vicky n anniee…dey r lyk tom n jerry…hehe maaneet ki baatein sun rae the..
    N maaneet conversation was beautiful..
    Dono ek dusre pe hak jatate hain..complaints karte hain…but samjhte b hain…
    It was beautiful dear..
    N i want d link of ur ff ek anjana chehra…IF pe jo link h…wo bar-2 home pg le ja rai hai…if u could gv me fb link..as wo blog m b nai hai..

  5. . Haii neha its me me poo sorry for delay really held up with this net and soo many things spar me plz
    I don’t know you were waiting for or not but here is my comment
    The story was really very good concept and many written on marriage issue but your were diff and outstanding must say I loved it re.
    Maan was not at all thinking about his marriage stuff but dadi talk made him realize the value it was really good way you touched my heart sach kaho tho. And the family bonding and teasing and all in both mmaaneet family was really good. Geet babhi made her out of fear I love her and mostly this was situation will happen with girls trust me my sam (my best frnd ) ka is hi hua she was shivering all the while ladake nahi aaya per relatives aaya and you know the most funny is they are boring their eyes on sam Even touched her hair to know if it was real or not at end no one likes them so we dropped them. Ok leave it for now.
    Maaneet emotions and the doubts every one normally will heve the happiness at same time nervous you touched each thing perfectly it was perfect totally. Maaneet talk was normal like no a days generations will do I hope I too will have same normal talk like maaneet blush. And milae it was new thing as I am south Indian in my side dowry problem was there u know it was cause of soo many problems in middile class families I seen in my relatives place I hate them will look for girl who will give money more not for anything gold diggers I really hate this custom. I am happy my bro already taken decision he wont take any dowry for his marriage.
    Upto now I don’t have any thoughts of my marriage but ur story makes me think for my prince now you will get how much I liked this story I loved it soo much
    Red upto part 18 only

    With love

  6. Awwwww
    Charge ke vajah se phone kat gaya toh msg se chatting kar li,woh bhi more than half an hour not bad haan!!!!!!!!

    And our Geet complaining to Maan about not telling her about his business,madam haq jata rahi hai,And Maan is also feeling good about it.

    Lovely part buddy.

  7. awsum ud
    maaneet talking on phne bt caal cut gaya ouch 😦
    maan restless n geet also waiting….
    very gud gud tat maan thought of messaging her 😀
    hayeeeee geet happy receiving maan msg n both chatting more dan half an hour 😀
    heheheeeee geet complaining that no one tld her abt maan business lol 😛

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