~Drown in Love~ pt-18

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~Drown in Love~





Thinking about his life, about this whole week that is passed away like this but he became irritated with the continuous teasing by his family……   his lips curved in a smile when he got her call…. Well it was not hers fault….. it was the naughtiness of Vicky……  first he was shocked when he heard her voice and got to know that that’s geet’s voice…..  he closed his eyes and went back in flashback…….




He was making a presentation in his laptop sitting comfortably on his bed in his room…… well none is there for disturbing him, as he said don’t disturb me…. This presentation is very needed and later he has to look in a case, , but there is one person who won’t listen anything that is his younger brother Vicky…..


Vicky and annie , both were standing outside of his room , trying to get a way to enter in his room but how? “Vicky….. do something na…” annie chided at him……  “I am thinking na…. don’t disturb me..” he whispered back….. “lekin kab….? Aise to bhai ki bhabhi se baat bhul jao…” annie spoke being very sad, , she sat on a couch , held her face in her palms , resting her elbows on her knees and looked at Vicky who was roaming left to right…right to left…..


stop doing left right….okay…” annie said frustrated because of his left right….. “we want to enter in maan bhai’s room not any border….. so stop doing this left and right…” she said again…… “maan bhai ke room mein jana kisi border par jaane se less nahi hai… samjhi u fool..” Vicky replied in back…… she shrugged off his taunt and thought……


you wait here…. Coming in a min…” he said and marched towards maan’s room……  “kaha ja raha hai?” she asked in little louder voice…. Where he immediately turned behind putting index finger on his lip saying her keep silent….. she nodded and he knocked maan’s room…..  “Bhaiiiii…..” Vicky said putting his ear on the gate…….


yes vicky….. ” maan replied from inside…… “can I come in?” he asked in his sweetest voice….. maan looked at the laptop and then at gate….. now what he wants? He thought in his mind…. He already said don’t disturb me but no…. Vicky never listen him…. See this time also came here to disturb me….  He sighed and spoke….. “come in..” hearing his permission, Vicky did  a small bhangra in his mind then entered inside the room…..


why u disturb me Vicky?” maan asked , , “bhai… why u always say don’t disturb me… when u’ll get marry then if you’ll say don’t disturb me then we’ll take out different meaning so stop putting do not disturb tag on the handle…” he suggested in his coolest way taking a place on the couch……….. hearing him, maan’s eyes shot opened and he knew what kind of meaning he is talking about……


Maan pressed his lips tightly, actually gritted teeth little bit, , how dare he tease me in this way but soon those types of images start coming in his mind, , he shook his head at once and glared at Vicky, , “why u came here?” he asked, he asked simple question cause he didn’t want to waste his time strangling with him now.. and Vicky jumped on his bed…..


bhai, please give me your cell…” he asked and the question at once threw on him by maan…. “why?


actually bhai, my cell’s fell down in water now it is not working properly ” he replied back….. “you can take annie’s cell..” said maan….. “she is not giving me… she is busy in chatting with her friends..” he replied back…… “take mom’s or dadi’s cell..” maan suggested typing some lines in his presentation……


bhai,. I have already asked from them….. mom is not at home…. And dadi…. She is busy in listening her fav old songs and playing angry bird ” he said shaking his head…… “bhai please, give me na…. it’s related to your marriage… dad told me to contact a wedding planner and he gave me number, that is saved in my sim…” he literally begged and maan finally gave him his phone…… “thank u bhai…. ” he at once disappeared from there, ,


As soon as he came out from his room, he showed maan’s phone to annie and she jumped, ran towards him…..  “you got it..” she asked and he nodded pulling her towards his room….  “chal ab jaldi kaam start kar..” he told her and she nodded again…..


Annie called to ridzy by her cell and told her that she will give 2-3 miss calls by maan’s cell on geet’s number and then you will say to geet for call back on the number…..  ridzy was also set for this, as she also wants her di will get a chance to talk with maan…..


It’s nothing bad in this……  Ridzy was having Geet’s cell in her hand and talking with annie, , while annie also doing the same but she is having maan’s cell in her hand…..   annie called 2-3 times and ridzy got 2-3 miss calls on geet’s cell , now it’s her chance to trap geet……


finally done…now vicky go….. give bhai’s cell back… nahi to investigation start ho jayega..” she spoke and both giggled…. And somewhere both had a little fear in the corner of their heart for being caught……


In Dehradun…..


Geet was busy arranging her cupboard , ridzy peeped inside and saw her….. “wow… mood is good… chal lag ja kaam par..” ridzy spoke in her mind and entered showing some hurry….. “di, 2 miss calls on your phone…. ” she said giving her cell…. “kiski hai?” asked geet seeing number in cell…. “I don’t know… it doesn’t showing the name… seems new number… ” she replied back…… “okay… jiska hoga call back karega…” said geet keeping her phone on bed…………


Ridzy shocked……she at once took her cell in her hand….. “no di.. you should call back and ask who is this?” said ridzy…… “why should I call?” asked geet still busy keeping her clothes in cupboard….. “once, it happened with me too…. I also thought the same but when I called back, I got it was my friend, who changed her number…. And waise bhi, aapki wo jo friend hai na Aashi, she is not here , may be she called you” ridzy hopped that geet di, please convince na….  geet looked at her , thinking for a while…. “okay…” she said taking her cell back……..


Giving her cell back, she at once flew away from her room while on the other side Vicky also flew away from maan’s room giving him his cell back….. but he kept his ear on the gate….. geet slide the number and make a call , , his cell buzzed breaking his concentration from his work…..


Maan looked at his cell screen, it’s showing new number…… who is calling me ? new number…. He said to himself…..  geet’s patience was giving up as none picked the phone, , as soon as she was about the cut the call, he picked it….


Hello..!” he answered the call, , “hello, , who is this?” she asked at once hearing a male voice…. She again looked at the number….. “ex-cuse me… you called me.. you should know to whom you are calling…” he replied back…… “wait a second… I got miss call from this number…. Can u pls tell me who r u?” she said again….. his mind at once worked up and vicky’s imaged flashed in his mind….  He made a face….. “It’s Maan Singh Khurana” he said his name proudly but on the other hand, ,


Voice stuck in her throat hearing his name….. Maan….. Ma….an… called me….. her mind is buzzing with these lines……  “hello…”….. no response from her side…. She doesn’t know what to reply…. She talked with him little rudely cause he was not telling his name….. “hello…. Answer me.. who is there?” 


Geet, di… ho gayi baat..?” ridzy screamed as much loud she can so that maan can hear her voice…..  geet was in a trance didn’t realize that maan got it who is there…… he heard ridzy’s screaming voice and at once “geet” name slipped from his mouth…….. “haan..ji..” she replied at once….


Maan smiled getting the response from her side…. He got it why she was not responding him back…..  “hi..” he said keeping his laptop aside…. Well how can he work now when he is talking to his would be wife…. Now work has to wait……


hello..” she replied back , her heart was beating so faster than it’s usual pace, , her hands were sweating even she could feel the heat coming out from her ears, , on the other hand, maan’s condition was also not less than……  his heart was also beating so fast, , he could imagine heart’s beating speed is more than 100 times in a second….  He doesn’t know what to say further…..


I didn’t call you….” He said, , and hearing that her heart felt bad at once, that means he didn’t want to talk with me but soon he corrected himself when he realized what he said…. “I mean, I want to but busy, Vicky took my cell and he called you..” he doesn’t know what he is saying, , even he didn’t realized what happiness he gave to geet saying that “I want to but busy” she has not any problem with his busy schedule , at least he wants to talk with me… that’s enough for her…. “it’s okay” she replied back and he sighed in relief……


okay..” he said……  sirf okay…. Doesn’t he wants to talk to you geet? She asked herself in her mind……  “kaisi ho?” he asked absentmindedly, ,he doesn’t how those words slipped from his mouth…… “ , theek hu… aur aap?” she asked shyly putting her previous thoughts aside….. “mai bhi…. Wo actually office mein bahut kaam tha isliye..”  but before he complete himself, she interrupt him in between….. “I can understand… aapko bahut kaam hota hoga na..” she replied……


haan, kaam toh bahut hota hai par my family never suffer because of my work..” he said , he doesn’t want that she felt bad because he has so much work…….


But suddenly line went off…… she looked at her cell….. cut gaya….. she made a sad face and he also looked at his phone…. Oh god.. battery down…. ..he at once put his phone on charged and tried to switch on his phone while she also stare at her phone, expecting his call again….  “till now, I didn’t get you call, it was okay but now I got it, and now I am expecting again… geet , hold on girl… what happen to you? ” she talked to herself…..



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44 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-18

  1. Sweet part…… Actually ab mujhe lag raha hai ki mujhe sugar ho jayegi …….lol…. (U know being typical punjaban Delhi girl itni soft spoken conversation thoda ajib lagti hai……) plz don’t take the comment as offence…. But i know jab aap kissing stranger say baat karngey toh shyam asey hi karoge i guess there conversion was quite obvious

  2. Phew finally read previous five parts which I missed.

    Oh God this Vicky,Annie and Riddhi played so smart.And thanx to them that Maaneet got to talk.They were so nervous,yet happy to talk to each other.And then…then…the call got disconnected due to low battery!!!!

    Awww,yeh toh anti climax ho gaya yaar.

    But yet I loved d update completely.

    Waiting for next part buddy.

  3. aww vicky annie ‘s plan to enter maanu’s room funy yaar lol
    n wahvicky ne kya baat nhi
    when u’ll get marry then if you’ll say don’t disturb me then we’ll take out different meaning so stop putting do not disturb tag on the handle…”
    n maanu should b not shocked shi kha vicky ne ROFL
    me lv vicky n annie ‘s plan to make maaneet tal k aww so sweet of them naLOL
    aaha kya baat ki hai
    this ff just gave me cyte cute feelings in y stomach
    im imagining how wil b my life partner n i want like maanu only bas lol
    n ye maanu ke call ko battery stupid abi low hona tha
    waitign 4 more

  4. Hye mi here..di kitna wait karwaya…nd thanx 2 the khurana nd handa devil phone wala kand karwane me..di geet ko bola hota na battery charge karneko..want maan’s rean..btw mung ka halwa only for khuranas..me 2 want nw..

  5. Hye mi here..di kitna wait karwaya…nd thanx 2 the khurana nd handa devil phone wala kand karwane me..di geet ko bola hota na battery charge karneko..want maan’s rean..btw mung ka halwa only for khuranas..me 2 want nw..nd ye kya maaneet to dhakka start hai..lol

  6. ohhh god their first call both are so confused what to say n how to say
    thanx to vicky , annie n ridz otherwise both even not tried call each other
    arghhh maan your stupid cell
    waiting for enxt update

  7. maan ….cell ko charge kiya karo…….geet k saath baat karna hai na…….vicky done a gr8 job………..

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  8. I can relate this story to real life
    people who r going to have arrange marriage must be felt like d way maan n geet r feeling here
    superb updates

  9. Awww adorable part.
    Vicky teasing the do not disturb to maan lol.
    Thanks to annie vicky and ridzy the cupids.
    Loved their talks. Oho battery down.
    Cant wait for more 🙂

  10. have read part 17 and 18 was amazing..maan love sweet and geet expert in cooking sweet awwwww…love vicky and annie prank to make maaneet talk..will maan call geet back..hope he will..pls pls cont soon..

  11. very sweet, cutie update…..
    Vicky, Annie and Ridzy planned to make Maan-Geet talk through phone…
    Maan is irritated with all these teasing….but with family he has to bear all this…

    read ur note where u mentioned about demand of money from boy’s family…..
    there u shared about ur sister’s in-laws behavior…so I also want to share one incident….Indian society is very weird Neha….in our community we don’t have this type of Roka ceremony and all….whatever boy family do they will do by their own money and whatever girl family will do they will do by their own money….like in some communities when girl parents will give money then boy’s family will buy things for girl…this is not in our community….and no asking for anything from groom’s side…if groom side ask anything then girl family has rights to break alliance and no body will say any wrong to girl….
    but my nephew ( my Jeth’s–husband big brother’s son )did love marriage with another community girl….during marriage there was no such asking for any money or shagun from our side because we don’t have this custom…..but what girl family did u will be surprised….achcha I also tell u that we don’t have this rasm also in our community as MILAI….but girl’s family said that they will do it because it is their side custom…. we said ok…then they came for MILAI ceremony and we were shocked to see sarees they gave us…that saree was not even worth to give my maid servant….we really felt very bad and insulted….if we don’t keep any demand then they will do like this….if they don’t have money then it is ok we didn’t ask for any ceremony in first place…why they have to do like this….we felt very shy to even question them… then during reception after Baraat reached their place the food was of very low quality….
    actually in our community neither groom family has to say anything or neither girl family do any low activity because we know each other and respect but as girl’s family were from other community so they think that if we are not asking anything so they can do like this….

    marriages are bonding of 2 families….I think they both should keep and respect each other’s dignity….

    • that was really very bad behavior from their side….. if they are giving something then give like at least a person can wear….. these cheap things…gosh….. MILAI is like…. jo log unke ghar mein baithey hai like unke tau ji, dada ji, nana ji… unn sab ki milai lekar jaate hai… 500 ki ya more than that…..
      it’s our wish what we want to give to girl or boy but when they ask for money like we want car, bike or any other thing…. it’s really bad…..
      during my di’s marriage…. i was saying to mom… why there is no custom to give milai to girl’s side from boy’s side….? i was saying ladke walo ko bhi ladki walo ki milai karni chahiye…..
      and in marriage ….. they say…blanket se milai karni hai..means…. jitne logo ko hum paise denge like 251-501 uske sath ek blanket bhi or warm sheet…. jo gents log winters mein shawl ke jagah pehnte hai…that one…..

      me n my cousin said…. it’s better to marry in church…. we will have a church wedding…. but who will listen to us…… this society and it’s custom…..will never change….

      • we didn’t knew what was Milai but when they said that we want to do it then we had to ask some people what is that….in our community ladke waale bhi gifts le jaate hain when they go to bride’s house….for bride and her sisters, mother, bhabhi whatever they will…..earlier days groom have to take big gold nose ring for mother-in-law…..when bride and groom will take phere then with each phera it is said in our customs that bride leave one relation of her parents…so with each phera groom have to gift something to each relation of bride….now a days bride’s family don’t like to take anything from groom so groom will give shagun to pundit instead of in-laws….

        u will be surprised that the sarees those people gifted us just cost 150/- per saree…it was so insulting….but we didn’t said anything because we feel shy to say anything like this….

  12. omg omg omgggggggggggg hayeeeeeeeeeeeeee maaneet first phne call ufffffffffff me in dreamland
    arey wahhhhhhhhhh annie n vicky very good job n ridzt also kya planning ki hai tooo good
    hayeeeeee rabba maaneet will kill us one day wid der jii haan n hw r u lol
    ooopppppsssssssss phne cut gaya n geet sad…dnt wrry geet maan will call u back lol
    ailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa am sooooooooo in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with dis ff ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. hi thanks 4 da pm n wonderful update! The siblings intervene n Maaneet talk! bt Maan;s fone dies! update soon! Well written

  14. Awesome updates dear
    Read upto part 18
    The developing relation between maaneet is soo cute
    And conversation between them on cell was superb
    Hope maan will call her again me also waiting for his call like geet:/))))
    Continue soon

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