~Drown in Love~ pt-16

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 ~Drown in Love~



mami…” he screamed when he just put his feet inside the hall and all the head turned towards him… he went inside and stood infront of geet again called her….. “mami..”…. “hello..” geet replied giving him her dazzling smile….. “aap mamu se shaadi karoge?” he asked innocently and geet blushed hearing his simple question while maan stood rooted at his place…….


All the persons who were present there were so amused by Ansh’s question…. They were thinking who had to feed this question in his little mind…… now they are eager to get response from geet…. What she’ll reply him…… ?  Geet was looking down cause she can’t meet her eyes with everyone,  she knew that all have teasing tinge in their eyes…… but maan was also eager to hear her response……


His reverie broke down when Vicky pushed him inside , , “kya bhai….. why are you standing here? Come inside na…. none will stop you…” he teased him and maan glared him…….. just then Ridzy spoke in defense of geet…….. “Ansh……. Ab aapke Mamu ne kaha….. shaadi karunga to bas geet se karunga….. ab unhe itni pasand hai to inko toh aapke mamu se shaadi karni padegi na…”……..  all were smiling at her reply and the environment became so sweet and naughty……


toh shaadi ke baad mami mamu ke sath unke room mein rahengi?” he asked again and all laughed at his question…..where Maan and Geet stealing glances with  each other, feeling very shy to even look at any face from the present ones……embarrassed in front of all, blushing but maan tried to maintain stern face..


Ansh….. come here…badmaash” Maan called him , , he pulled him and grabbed him between his legs, , stopping him….. “beta, no more questions now….. nahi to mamma gussa karegi..” he told him and he jumped in his lap making himself comfortable…….


lijiye, pandit ji bhi aa gaye….” Ridzy spoke when pandit ji entered in the hall….. “namastey pandit ji..” geet’s father spoke ,,,,,  “baithiye..” he told and pandit ji took his seat…..  “pandit ji…. Bacho ki kundli dekhkar batayiye kitne gun miltey hai?” told dadi taking out Maan’s kundli from the bag…..  while ridzy also brought Geet’s kundli and hand over to pandit ji…..


He took both the kundli and started his calculations on a blank paper, doing some calculation on his fingers, , matching their stars and other things….. after some time he reached to the conclusion and all eyes were stuck on him, …. “bahut hi achhi kundli hai dono ki… aur Jodi bhi khoob jamegi…. ” he spoke…..


pandit ji, aap batayiye na… 36 ke 36 gun milte hai na..” Vicky asked….. “nahi beta….. 36 toh nahi…. Lekin 33 jarur miltey hai…. Aur yeh to bahut hi achha hai…. ” all became happy hearing this and started congratulating each other…… and maan & geet looked each other for a brief second…


Just then Rano came along with Sonia , , where Maan’s mother and dadi also prepared all the things that is needed for Roka…..  “Geet, beta… come here and,,, sit with maan…” dadi told her, geet nodded and ridzy made her sit near maan on the couch , ,  Sonia came forwardand covered her head with her dupatta and stood beside her so that she won’t feel nervous…..


Maan’s mother come forward holding a thaal in her hand….. she put a tilak on maan’s forehead and then put some rice above the tilak , , then she put kumkum tilak on geet’s forehead …. Then she gave one envelope to geet that is filled from money, and then she made her wear a gold chain along with a beautiful pendant in the chain, , then she fed some sweets to maan and to geet…..  Maan and Geet both bend down and took blessings from maan’s mother……



Then dadi came and did the same thing , , now simmi’s turn…. “wow.. both are looking so cute…” but she stopped when maan glared at her at the word cute….. she bit her lip…. “so adorable… perfect couple..” she corrected her mistake and maan’s lips curved in small smile where geet blushed…..  on the other hand Vicky became a photographer…. Clicking every single picture of their expressions….


Maan’s father come forward and give envelope to geet and then both bend down for taking his blessings, he put his hands on their head and blessed them….. this time Raj come forward and blessed them…..  fed them sweets, ,


Now Rano come forward along with mohinder , , she put the tilak on Maan’s forehead, then applied some rice, , she gave money filled envelope along with a Nariyal(dry coconut) , , money is around 5100 Rs… that is the ritual… we have to stop the boy by the money around 1100, 5100 and if we want more then we can spend more like 10,000…. Or so,…..  she fed them sweets, both bend down and took their blessings….  


Sonia come and did the same thing but she didn’t give him this much money…. .. Geet’s parents gave them 11 boxes of sweets….  Because maan’s family brought 7 boxes of sweets, , that’s y girl’s side family has to increase the no. of things…..  and mohinder give them 2 baskets of fruits cause they brought 1 basket of fruits…..


It’s time for Milai…… in simple words we have to respect boy’s side family with money…..  when boy’s parents and girl’s parents meet with each other, that time girl’s parents has to give them money… that is called Milai…..


When mohinder come forward with envelopes and he gave first one to Param..maan’s father…….  “arey, mohinder ji…. Yeh sab… iski koi jarurat nahi hai…” “lekin, param ji, yeh to riwaaz hai..” mohinder said…. “ha ha… hum jaante hia riwaaz hai lekin aapne ladke ko rokna tha, humne ladki ko rokna tha, to rok liya… ab iski kya jarurat hai….  ” Param replied ….


Just then dadi spoke….. “param, bilkul sahi keh raha hai……. Ladka, ladki ko rokna kar liya…. Bas ab aur kuch nahi…. Ab to aap bas pandit ji ko bulwa lijiye,…” dadi said with a huge smile on her face while maan and geet sit beside of each other surrounded by family members……


 Pandit ji came again and took his seat…….  “pandit ji,,,, ab ek achha sa shubh muhurat bhi nikal dijiye…” told dadi taking out again maan’s kundali… where mohinder handed geet’s kundali…..  pandit ji started again his calculations and reached to the conclusion……   “2 months ke baad ka bahut hi achha shubh muhurat hai….. isse achha din to koi ho hi nahi sakta…… ”


Hearing that everyone jumped in joy and excitement, , ridzy served sweets to everyone but first she fed the sweet to her geet di and her would be jiju where shyly he took little piece of sweet, , he was hell nervous before that but hearing that after one month he’ll get married, his heart skipped several beats, , something is fluttering in his stomach, he never felt like this before, this kind of feeling, , that’s y he hate this kind of rituals, this whole marriage thing, , how will he survive between all these things ? how he’ll he manage all the things?


A little smile on his face in front of all but so many questions ringing in his mind, , who’ll give the answers of his questions……   I’ll talk to Armaan…. He thought in his mind…. Yeah, he understood him like none can understand him…… they are the bestest buddy from childhood…… he was the only one who understood his silence, , what he needed in school? What he is thinking? Every small thing, , Maan’s family treats Armaan like their own son because of this deep friendship……


On the other hand , geet’s cheeks were crimson red…. She doesn’t know how can any person feel like this for other person in mere some minutes or in some hours….? A face whom she never saw before , she never met before, how can she have this jittery feeling in her stomach for this person? A person who is going to be her life partner, how can she blush with the mere mention of his name? how can her heart jumped getting teased taking his name?


she is shivering like hell, , is he also feeling the same? She asked from her herself and she tried to steal a glance of his face , , she at once looked down in her lap when her eyes met with his, suddenly he turned his face and their eyes locked for a mere second……. His lips curved in a smile knowing the state of her mind…….


Their thoughts broke down with the voice of mohinder……. “rano ji, , khana lagao ji…. ” he told….. “haan ji…. Ridzy, Sonia… come…” she replied back and called them for helping her……  they all went in kitchen while in the hall, , gents were busy in their talks while ladies made geet sit between of them and chatting with her…..  usual talks, ,  and geet was simply nodding or replying only….. nothing much as she don’t what to talk with them now…….


After some time, , the lunch cum dinner has been set on the dinning table and everyone headed towards the dinning table……  Vicky wanted to made geet sit with maan but he was failed and geet sat at the other side……   the food was so yummy, , 4 types of vegetables, , fruity curd, salad, puri, kheer,…… everyone licked their fingers and spoons, this much tasty the food was….. even maan also praised the food and everyone sighed in relief that he’ll be happy with geet……


In our society….. peoples are very hungry for money…. like they are getting their son married just for money…… I really hate this…… even this things happened in my sis’s marriage too….. they want money as a Milai for their relatives…… this society will never change…..

sorry friends….. updates are getting late but what to do…. still down with fever, sneezing badly, headache …… i had holidays from 2 to 6, i thought I’ll give regular updates but see, , i became late…… very sorry sweetis..…… pls-2 do comments….. comments are getting less…


@sampa-missing u yaar..

@cherish- where r u? sorry for not commenting on urs…. not coming ol properly….



29 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-16

  1. fab update. Wonderfully written! Roka takes place. All happy! Maan nervous. Wedding date agreed on. update soon, well written 🙂

  2. Amazing part.
    Loved how maaneet were feeling embarassed lol.
    You are right, people shouldnt ask for money. Ek to ladki bhi chahiye upar se money bhi :s
    Cant wait for more 😀

  3. aww cute ansh n his cute questions make me to smile wide
    i lv all the teasing which come in marriageLOL
    n ya ansh mami toh mamu mean maanu ke room MAI HI RHEGIROFL
    hayee my maneet ka roka ho gya
    lv the way u showed a somple ritual in beautiful way yaar it was really so cuteLOL
    n my maanu feeling butterflies in his stomach
    arey he is blushing n shying more than geetROFL
    n wt ab ye sab b he want o ask armaanLOL
    aww my maanu is so cute sorry sorry hotROFL
    n geet ab girl r bound o feel shy hayee thi whole marriage process is the beautiful time of any one’s life so dreamy
    n after two month they will get married hayee cant wait for more
    lvd it so so much
    ps – ya ur r8 today all r greey for money shadi karne nhi like ladke ko bechne aate hai
    n lv this update most coz we need people in ur society like maanu’s family
    lvd it

    • hello dear….
      me fine, just little bit head spinning….
      thank u dear…..glad that u liked these rituals…. will add these things till marriage…

  4. awsum update
    haha ansh is sooo cuteeeeeee n he is making maaneet sharam se pani pani lol
    hayeeeeee maaneet ka roka
    awww jst love all the small small details u gave of the customs sooo sweeet
    continue soon waitin eagerly

  5. Neha,You described d Roka ritual so precisely.I really didnt have this deep knowledge about the ceremony.You enlightened me buddy.

    You know when I was reading about the monetory thing,even I felt that ppl are treated as commodity in our society and marriage is a big profitable bussiness for d groom’s family.Hate these rituals.

    But the update was great.


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