~Drown in Love~ pt-13

~Drown in Love~




geet, at least close your mouth” Sonia spoke and geet instantly closed her mouth ,, her eyes set in her lap but in between tried to take his glance now n then where maan was also like same…. Busy in vicky’s faltu talks but tried to take her glance now n then…..


while everyone was just engrossed in their talks….  Param with mohinder….. dadi, rano and rajni together but pulling geet in mid of their talks…….. Vicky n raj were eating maan’s head…… and simmi, annie, ridzy giggling …. Poor those cute little babies looking at all new faces curiously……


Maan’s mother was talking with her about her likes, dislikes……    “geet, beta…. Bahut pyaari lag rahi ho….” Rajni complimented her and geet said “thank u..” a small smile formed on her lips……. Just then all the head diverted when Vicky spoke with all his enthusiasm like he came here with this question only……


bhabhi….. ” but he stopped and flinched in pain at once , actually maan pinched him little when he directly addressed geet as bhabhi….  He wanted to say indirectly that she is not his bhabhi now…..  but Vicky gave a look “she is!”……..


Maan sat in his typical posture tried to engrossed himself, actually pretend that he is reading mails but his whole attention around himself, listening all the talks that is going on here n there…….


ji..??” geet spoke and Vicky again give a look smirking..….. “dekha..”  geet glanced at maan in between and when maan looked up, she at once diverted her gaze and set in her lap…..


bhabhi…. My first and last question..” all the elders looked at him… is he going to do any blunder? Please save this poor girl, dadi thought in her mind knowing the devil mind Vicky has…… geet looked at him again and there , their eyes met with each other for a brief second…….


Vicky, you can ask later..” dadi stopped him and he made  a face….. here everyone is asking but none letting him ask…..  dadi turned towards Rano and told her….. “Rano ji….  Hum sabko jo puchna tha, humne puchh liya…. ” hearing her sentence, maan and geet’s heartbeat raised….. knowing the next sentence that will come out from her…..  geet clutched her fingers tightly where maan clutched his cell in his fist……


Dadi glanced at Maan and then Geet, , she know that both are waiting for this moment….. there are so many question buzzing their head, perhaps…..  she don’t know Maan’ll ask any question from geet or not same with geet, , but they need some privacy so that they can know what they want from this alliance…..


She knows that one meeting is not enough and that is just for some minutes for recognizing their life partner with whom they are going to spend their life……  “ab Maan aur Geet bhi ek dusre se baat kar le toh bahut achha hoga..” finally those words come out from her mouth and geet lower her gaze at once , , suddenly red hue surfaced her cheeks, ,


She desperately wanted to ask from him that why he didn’t tell her about his identity? She was with him around half an hour ago….. . “haan ji, bilkul… ” rano spoke….. she turned toward ridzy and Sonia…. “beta, , take geet and maan ji in garden… ” , , ridzy stood up and Sonia too, where Vicky also made maan stand and annie also accompanied him…… 


Geet is walking ahead with het sister and bhabhi while Maan is behind her along with Vicky and annie….. “bhai, all the best..” Vicky told him…. “shut up… I am not going on world war” maan replied him back…..


bhai, this is not less than any world war… and pls don’t give her your famous glare.. we don’t want to lose her…. ” annie told him and warned also….. maan gared at her hearing her and then nodded……. Finally she sighed in relief that her bhai won’t glare at geet……


geet, , don’t be nervous…. Whatever you want to ask…. Just ask… don’t think too much..hmm” Sonia spoke…..  “di, , server him coffee..okay…. anwesha told me, he likes coffee only… ” saying so she winked at her and left her alone, ,


Maan and Geet stood beside of each other , , geet’s eyes were lower while his eyes gazing her……  after gathering courage…. She spoke….. “please have a sit….”….. “first you sit..” maan replied back…..


no…no.. you first sit… ”  geet replied again….. “but rule says, , Ladies First…”  Maan fought back….. “but we are not in any queue , , ” saying so  she sat down, , seeing her…he also sat down on another chair…..  she served him coffee, , “coffee..” she said giving him cup….. “thanks..” he murmured and took the cup from her hand……


While taking the cup from her hand, slightly his fingers touched with her , , a current ran in her spines, she shivered at once and the cup fell from her hand , it fall down on the ground making them jump at once,…. They don’t know what happened suddenly? How the cup fall down? “I am sorry…. Really sorry…. I don’t know….” Maan gaped her, she was saying sorry continuously tried to wipe some stains  that came on his pants…….



geet….. geet…’ he tried to stop her……. “please forgive me…” …. She spoke again….. “chup bilkul chup…” he spoke showing his index finger to her shutting her mouth at once…… like her voice stuck in her throat…… her eyes widen hearing those words and mouth closed at once…. And cheeks puffed a little….


Her sorry session stopped at once seeing his big-2 eyes and she was gaping while he was standing there with his stern face and his finger too…….


  Ridzy and anniee’s  eyes widen when they came to see them…. Actually they tried to eavesdrop and got a shock seeing maan is showing his finger to her……  “ye bhai geet ko bhi daant rahe hai…. Hum kya kam the,….. ” she thought in her mind


I am having fever but still typed for you…but  this much only…..  hope you’ll like it…..  here the famous dialog ….. “Chu Bilkul chup..” kaisa laga??? Please everyone try to comment here on the blog only….. pls sign up here….. and leave your feedback if you are liking the story……

no new part until i won’t get proper comments…. that means i’ll update in Sunday…perhaps….


@sampa- hehehe….. you got my point…. MK n RK…. lolz… I’ll reply to all in next part whenenevr i’ll update…ok….


@trishu- yaar, no new story right now… i can’t bear that burden right now…so, DIL only…..


31 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-13

  1. first of all u should take rest na bt na
    iss viral se jyada maaneet fever strong hai lol
    take care sweets

    n ya update hayee is was awesome finlly m,unda kudi met alone n wah milte hi my fav dialogue
    uff maanu geet ko b dra rhe ho
    bt me so much want to see her reaction bt u stopped uff
    bt koi ni u take rest first
    health comes first
    give neext one when u feelink good
    lv yas aweets muaaahhhh

  2. My previous comment are on IF but commenting for this one here 🙂
    Aww lovely part.
    Bechare vicky ko sawal puchne nahin diya lol.
    At last both were led to talk in private.
    Hehe sonia advising geet and annie advising maan lol.
    Loool ladies first but they are indeed not in a queue lol.
    Oh teri she dropped the cup rooofll.
    Maan said chup bilkul chup. 😀

  3. My previous comment are on IF but commenting for this one here 🙂
    Aww lovely part.
    Bechare vicky ko sawal puchne nahin diya lol.
    At last both were led to talk in private.
    Hehe sonia advising geet and annie advising maan lol.
    Loool ladies first but they are indeed not in a queue lol.
    Oh teri she dropped the cup rooofll.
    Maan said chup bilkul chup. 😀
    Cant wait for more.

  4. awesum…loved …omg!!maan shouted on he too that tooo his fav dialogue….chup bilkul chup….continue soon..
    plzzz take care of urself too and take rest….get well soon

  5. Down with Fever!!!! 😦 Bad news,take rest yaar.Yeh baarish wali fever not good at all.And yet u updated,thanx a ton,buddy.

    Loved d update.Of course I was waiting eagerly for Maaneet to meet alone but then I also wanted to know what khurafati Vicky wanted to ask his “bhabhi”.

    The start of Maaneet meeting was what shud I say hmmmm,its amusing.Both having a tiny argument about who shud sit first and finally when they settled,Maan’s touch made Geet nervous and d coffee got spilled.Awwww poor Geet kitni baar sorry bola and yeyy “chup,bilkul chup” wala dialogue bhi sunne I mean padhne ko mila hume.But this dialogue made her really quite.Oooppssss now what?????

    Shall be waiting for next part,but pls update only when U are fit.
    You see-“Health is wealth”:-D

  6. Haila ye maan geet k gharwale kids unko bat karne denge kya..tapak pade yaha bhi..nice update di..waise meko laga ab neha di ko maaneet pe taras aa gaya isliye finaly unko milwa diya bt ye ritzy n annie ko bi gift bhej diya..di apko jab lage tb ap hame new fresh story dena cuz i knw u r busy schedule..

  7. Awww…such a cutie update…!! I cnt stop myself from smiling…
    Vicky, Anniee n Ridzy are such a cute devils…
    M sure dekhna shadi k baad geet ko chidhane m sabse aage honge trio…
    N my cutiepie geetu…kitni nervous hai….shiver kar rai hai…n coffee b gira di nervousness k karan…
    N Anniee n Ridzy ne kya tym pe entry mari hai…jab maan ne geet ko halka sa daanta for her sorry saga…
    N Vicky my poor baby…kisi ne use ques hi nai pouchne diya…:-(
    N Anniee c is such a sweetiepie…maan ko bola ki apne glares geet ko mat dena…as v dont want to loose her…
    Shadi k baad to dekhna maan ki puri family geet k side hogi…
    Maan na business deals n goons ko pakadne k tym itna nervous nai hota hoga…jitna abi hai…cnt believe he is d gr8 MSK…

    Take care dear…N Get well soon….

  8. Love maaneet family alot..vicky & annie already accept geet as bhabhi..soo sweet..finally maaneet was left alot and love the “geet” famous dialog“Chu Bilkul chup..” one of my favourite..want to know how the convo progress fm there..he he..he..pls take care and cont soon..

  9. hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee amloving this story more n more
    oh god vicky nw want to ask geet questions lol
    bt dadi knowing his devil mind stopped him hehe
    nw the time for maaneet meeting together alone ayeeee hayeeeeeeee
    hehehe annie telling maan nt to give his famous glare at geet lol
    ooooppppsssssss geet soo nervous n dropped the coffee
    omg geet repeatedly saying srry n maan cld nt help bt cme with his famous dialog lol Chup Bilkul Chup
    thnkuuuuuuuuu for giving the famous MSK dialog hayeeeeeee mar gaye
    lovinggggggggggggggggggggggg it sooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    will be waitin eagerly for ud
    bt u plz tc of urself first
    thx for pm dr

  10. lo pehle hi mulaqat mein chup bilkul chup……bechari geet sahmi jayegi………maan very bad……..dekhte hai kya hota hai…….geet k shocked face hum soch sakte hai……..

    awesome n wonderful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  11. awesome update
    Maaneet are left alone to talk
    U sit first . . No u sit first . . Confuse souls
    Geet’s sorry session . . Maan’s famous dailogue. .
    Annie thought he is scolding geet
    Get well soon
    Waiting for next

  12. wonderful updates….
    Geet climbed the tree to go into the house…..she is good match for Maan…
    waise bhi Dehradun mein girls know how to climb on trees….I myself know very much….
    hayee Geet ka bhi favorite hero Manoj Kumar…..my favorite hero is also Manoj Kumar from old lot….I don’t like any new heroes…..just after watching GHSP my favorite hero from new lot is GC only….

    haww Geet ko daant diya…..but it is not to scold her but to stop her sorry ranting only….but baaki logon ne galat samajh liya….
    waiting for next part…

    yaar please sorry for responding late….my net was not working properly….I opened the page but can’t able to read….if successful in reading then not able to comment…now it is alright so writing comments….
    thanx for pm…

  13. fab update! Vicky is too much! Maaneet alone! Ridzy n Annie go n eavesdrop! ahh the famous chup bilkul chup line! Take care..get well soon! well written

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