~Drown in Love~ pt-9





“excuse me…. ! can I help you…. ?” he asked politely…… “yeah…..tyre became flat and  this jack is not working and am not able to put the car on this jack….  ” she spoke still struggling with the jack…..


he sighed and went back….. took out his own jack from his car and came back…….  She realized that she asked help to some stranger without looking at the person…. But now she needs help at the top most…..


here is mine jack…. Let me help you…” he told her……  she looked at him with her hazels and his breath stuck in his lungs , he gasped seeing her , , the same eyes in whom he drowned yesterday night….. the same face, after looking at, beautiful word slipped from his mouth…….


She looked more cute with Grease on her cheeks…… she wiped her face again with her dirty hands because some strands of hairs troubling her…..


But her cheeks became more glossy with grease……. She was looking at him confusingly , thinking like why he is staring at her? She waved her hand in front of him and he snapped from his thought…… his face flushed at once being so caught like this…….


He thought what she will think about him? But still his beats were moving so faster than before, , cause he found her more….. no..no….. much more beautiful than her snap…….


excuse me, Mr…. if you want to help me then do otherwise go from here…… waise bhi I didn’t ask you for your help..” she told him and he amused with her……  Did she recognized me or not? Why she is behaving like this? I think she doesn’t know who am i? the chain of his thoughts broke when a loud shriek of her cell fell in his ear…… anxiously she picked up her call……


He started his work, , trying to adjust the jack below the car but his ears are shot open,,,,,, try to hear her talks though he knew eavesdropping are bad manner but when the talks itself fell down in ear then what can we do?


haan mummy…..” she replied back to her mom…….. “what? They have reached..” she felt suddenly nervous knowing that guests has been reached at her home…… that means soon she’ll be infront of him…… him means maan,,,,,,, “ohh….. toh my family reached there….. ” maan murmured to himself after hearing her……


ji mummy……bas…. Half hour mein….” She replied back when Rano asked to her when she’ll reach at home…… “maan….in half hour, your life will be change…. Are you ready?” he told to himself……  he made a normal face when she took out the tyre from the car and now she is trying to move the tyre by rolling it on the road…….


But to her bad luck or his heavenly stars….. she tripped in between her saree and sandals….. and ofcourse the tyre she was rolling down……  before she could do something or he got alarmed, straight she fall down on him , a loud scream escaped from her mouth in fear and now she was on him but maan was half sitting & half lying on the other with geet in his arms , she fall flat on him……


Their eyes were closed , both don’t know what happened suddenly ,,,, she opened her eyes coming back in her world checking herself, did she get any injury or not? Is he hurt or not because of her? She looked in his dark brown chocolate eyes , , those eyes are staring her…..  she found too hard stare on her like his stare give a hole in her……


Their eye-lock session broke when they heard some sound……. Both slanted their neck towards the car and found the car is not on the jack…… one side of the car fall down on the car and little bit edges of car’s body broken due the fall….. …


She stood up at once but again her bad luck, she again tripped in her saree, and not able to stand properly….. that’s y she hate sarees……  knowing the reason maan helped her in standing and quickly she murmured “thanks” to him…… he pressed his lips and nodded little, , he tried to put the car on jack again…… but stopped hearing her……


umm….. if you don’t mind…. Actually uhh….erm….can….” she was fumbling with her words and knotting the edge of her saree pallu….. he noticed her very closely, ,  “yes, you can tell me…” he tried to boost up her confidence so that she can tell him her problems……


I am getting late, aur…. Mujhe ghar jaldi pahunchna hai….. ” saying so she stopped……   he nodded…… “why he is nodding? Did he get what I am trying to say?” she asked to herself….. “but your car?” he asked from her……. “I’ll lock it and later I’ll take it at home…” she replied proudly……


but it won’t be right….. someone can steal your car…” he told her……. “but I’ll lock it na” she replied him back…… “yeah but still, , thiefs are very intelligent….. they can steal your locked cars too…” he told her the fact…. She don’t know what to do now?  She looked at him with hopes…..


she doesn’t know she is expecting something more from him? He is totally stranger for her….. she had never seen him before here in Dehradun….. seems any tourist or any new one here……


He took out his cell and called to someone….. “come at this XYZ road, here will be a car no. ******** ,  get it fix soon”, , saying so he hung up the call and she gaped at him with her open mouth…… how can anyone help this of stranger?  He felt nervous because of gaping at him like this…… he never feel like this ever in his life……


even not in his college life when girls used to gaped at him, , but here is a difference…… he knew that she is going to be his life partner……. He knew now what relation he’ll have with her…


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34 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-9

  1. First thanx neha di cuz u made ur blog open 4 all..part 6,7,8,9 are awsome..maan to full flat..bhai jab geet sundari ho to bechara maan kya kare..nw eagerly waiting 4 next update when geet wll see our munda maan as her would be hubby..

  2. ha ha Maan meet Geet and that outside on the road…

    he found her more beautiful than snap….but seems she didn’t saw his snap that is why didn’t recognize him..
    now I think he will be dropping her at her house and in this way he will enter with her….
    waiting for next part…
    awesome update…

    thanx for pm…

  3. aww wt a first meet car ne mila diya
    aww my maanu gaping at her
    aur kyu nhi when he knows wt she is to him gonna b.. hayee munda so confident that their life gonna b change not bad my maanu lol
    por geet shocked to see maanu helping her so much n ya their fall was too good my heart was singing mahiiiiii lol
    so dulha dulhan will go home together hayeee waiting

  4. commented in IF but still wants to comment here
    wonderful updates all the three y updates are mindblowing explained how parents feel about their daughters marriage .maneet ki meeting sabse alag tha loved it

  5. awesome update
    geet is so shocked that a stranger is helping her so much
    but later she will be more shocked when she will got to know that d starnger who helped her is going to be her life partner 😉

  6. hayee, hayeee…Maan is openly drooling, but got caught..I so wish to see him again and again like this..”wink”

    The rough and tough, though soft at heart guy behaving like this is a wonder and I wonder what would his family’s reaction to it..hehehehe, I am so gonna love it.

    Finally, he knows that his family has reached..thru his only source..”wink”

    chalo its might be quite interesting for him to know about her and also the fact that she hasn’t seen his pic yet..waah

    Then their sweet moment, their eye lock, after that tripping..hayee lage raho yaar..hehehehe

    so they gonna be together for some more time now, thanks to car 🙂

    me giggling seeing maan’s condition with Geet’s gaping…it was fun yaar

    Me toh loving this story a lot..its getting interesting with each update…looking forward for more, especially Geet’s reaction when she knows he is Maan Singh Khurana…so update sooonnnnn

  7. chalo dulha-dulhan mil hi gaye………geet ko jab pata chlega ki yeh stranger hi ushki life partner hai tab kya hoga……….

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

    waiting fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  8. Awesome update loved it
    Ye ajnabi maan hai…geet ko pata chalega to uska reaction Kaisa hoga?
    Waiting for next

  9. Hi Neha,
    I didnt know that u’ve updated fooouuuurrr parts.God I missed so much.But koi ni,now I’ve read them all,thanx to ur pm.


    Well Geet ki pic dekhke koi mesmorise na ho thats not possible,and then Maan is to destined to “Drown” in Geet’s eyes.Its superb the he’s awestruck with the pic only.

    Armaan-Maan’s meeting was also interesting.The touch of that case was also good.Loved their frndshp and bonding.

    But the awesomest part of all the updates was Maaneet meeting.God its so thrilling, meeting you groom on road,taking help fm him,I am jst wondering how Geet will react when she’ll come to know that she took lift fm her future hubby.Oh God its super exciting.Loved their fall and the way Maan understood Geet’s unsaid words.

    Now Maaneet will go to Handa mansion together.Superb.

    Loved all the parts.

    P.S.-Its good to know that U missed my comments.Thanx 4 d mention.I m feeling so happy.

  10. lovely story ………….so they met .. maan ko to pata hai …………………..

    ab geet ko bhi jaldi pata chal jayega ……………….

  11. mindblowing update…
    Wow…!! Dey met…finally…bt geet nai pehchani use…
    Hayee maan to abi se geet me lost hone lga h…aage pta nai kya hoga…
    Continue soon…

  12. wowwwww fab awsum fantastic update
    hayeeeeeeeeeeeee maaneet meeting was jst awsummmmm
    heheheeeeee maan drooling on geet lol
    oooppppppsssssssss geet fallen on maan oyeeeee hoyeeeee
    geet amazed that a stranger helping her bt she does nt knw that maan knws her lol
    its really superb ud

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