Fanaa Hum Mohobbat mein Teri~part 1-5

Part 1



The environment is heated by their non stop argument….this is their daily routine.. daily they argue on one topic and landed …with a cold war between dadi and maan…. Annie is the one who is silent observer.. who listens their argument silently…..

Dadi-sameera sameera aur sameera… I hate this sameera… I don’t want this girl in your life… Maan-dadi pls… I love her…she needs me…!! Dadi-she needs you.. no maan she is ruining your life… Maan:i don’t care… he said in frustrating voice… Dadi-you don’t care but I am… you have to move on with someone in your life.. Maan-oh please.. not again.. don’t start this topic again..…now again this topic which is irritating him more… Dadi-when it finished so I am starting this again…. But dadi is correct on her place…. Maan-why can’t you leave this topic? Dadi-and why can’t you leave her?. Annie-bhai please.. calm down.. pls listen to dadi for once… she is telling him with some hopes but she knew how stubborn his brother… he never listen to anyone… Maan-annie you too… even you are not understanding my situation… Annie-nahi.. bhai it’s not like that.. I was just… but maan cut her…. Maan-goto your room now…. Annie-but bhai..?

Maan-didn’t you listen me? He was in very angry tone…annie get back to her room immediately with long face… he was very furious…

Dadi-maan, what is this? How can talk to her like this? Now she became more angry.. first he is fighting with her and then he scold annie…

Maan-I didn’t mean that.. sorry…

Dadi-sorry for what maan?

Maan-dadi please stop it… I am going to office.. maan left from there  leaving behind dadi furious….


Maan sat in his office. tensed. …not sure what was really bothering him….one side his love and one side his dadi… both needed him but how can he make both happy? He is very disturbed… not sure what to do… ? he closed his eyes for few minutes, took some deep breath for calming his mind from so many tension…  then suddenly his secretary walks in.

Pinky-sir it’s the Dr! she said in her shivering voice because she knew maan sir is in his angry mode.. but when he is calm.. he always in anger…

Maan: is she alright? Maan asked in panic… he was very worried for her…

Pinky-she went out of control again…. Maan left immediately from the office…..Maan drove there first as he could…. Worried sick…..he is in panic….Maan ran in to the mental hospital…

Dr: I am sorry sir. She went out of control again…he looked down…

Maan: you can leave her with me….

Dr: you are the only one who she listens…

Maan: thanks dr…. Maan slowly walks in… He could see her hand. Covered with blood….like she hurt herself… Her hair was a mess….struggling with nurses…  Mumbling something in her mouth not sure what?… Maan looked at her painful eyes….

Maan: leave from here.. he said to nurses.. they left from there alone both in room….

Maan-look at me… it’s me maan….She slowly walked out of the dark… she was in totally mess….where is my son? Is he still in hospital? Where is he? Is rahul looking after him properly? he can’t sleep at night without me. Is he sleeping well? Maan… Is he sleeping well? Does he go in bed on time? she asked question non stop… without any pause…..Maan walks towards her slowly… Brings her to his embrace. Maan was trying his best to control his tears… but some alone tears came are on his eye lids…

Maan: he is alright sam…. he is alright. Rahul is doing a great job. You don’t worry. I am there to look after him as well….. Sameera smiled… then why he doesn’t come and see me? It’s his birthday today. You know how much he loves his birthday cake….. you know maan he likes chocolate cake… I always fed him chocolate cake… how much he loves when I fed him… Maan nodes sadly…… maan is rahul sending him school? She paused for a little then again said no no, maan tell to rahul don’t send him in school.. now he is very small…. How can he manage all alone… I should be  there na for him.. she cutely talking to maan about his son…  maan is silently listening her talks…

Sam: I want to go home…. She repeated few time… I want to go home….i want to go home… Then suddenly she started to demand… Then scream…..

Maan: sam look at me… Please sam… Just look at me….  Her eyes was moist. She was crying so much that her eyes seems to give up on her…. She was very tired…  Maan couldn’t bare it any longer… he is breaking from inside seeing his sam like this… who has not her sense not anymore…. He couldn’t…. He couldn’t see her in this state. NOT any more. ….Not after everything happened with her… what fault of hers she is bearing all this….  He takes her with him….. he went to the doctor and tell him his decision…..

Dr: per sir…? He knew maan can do anything for her…

Maan: I want a private doctor and 4 nurse round my mansion immediately…. I will treat her my self…

Dr: per it will be risky!

Maan: I don’t care… she is going with me….

Dr: sir please try to understand…. She can’t survive there….

Maan: enough,,  Dr and 4 nurses…. He ordered to the doctor…. Dr couldn’t say much as this whole mental hospital run by his company…. Some another hospitals also run by his charity….maan went to sam…. She is still telling him that she want to go home… she want to see her son, her husband….maan hugs her for calming her……. Maan takes her in to the outhouse….  Nurses gives her a shower… All ready and fresh…then They take her out…..She was still mumbling something…. Something about her son…. But that was not audible… Maan wasn’t sure what she was mumbling? What she was trying to say but yes she want to say him something…. Dr was about to give her some sleeping pill… But maan stops them…..

Maan: she needs to learn to sleep naturally….

Dr: but sir… She won’t!

Maan: I don’t care. She needs to learn to sleep naturally… by herself….

Dr: this will take you forever….. Last time she was wake for three days…..

Maan-I’don’t care… this is for her sake.. she have to learn sleep by herself….


Maan: leave!.... Maan and sam was in room alone….. She wore a White long dress. Still talking about her son and husband….

Maan: sam… Sam….? Sam looks back at him… She was quit. Not loud like she was in asylum…. She is calm now….

Maan: you are at home now…. Sam became happy and stood up searching her son here and there in the room….

Sam: where is my son?? Searching below the bed, behind curtains…. Ohh yes maan.. he is playing hide and seek with me… vedanta… where are you? Come see mama is here for you….

Maan: he is fine. he will be here in few weeks time. They are specially coming to visit you…

Sam: but I want to see him now…. She is throwing tantrums now….

Maan: he wants you to do a favor… he asked her is a soft voice… with some hopes.. hope that she will agree with his excuse….

Sam: favor??? She started to sit on the floor acting like a 6 years old…. Maan looked away… couldn’t bare the sight of his sam….. She have gone mad. Insane. … behaving like a child now… ohh god what happened to his sam… he looked away not able to watch the sight….He couldn’t bare to look at her… But he needs to… he needs to look after her…. He needs to look at her for her better future…. For her sake…

Maan: he wants you to sleep tonight….  Sleep peacefully….. Sam nodes smilingly at him but still wants to meet his son….…. Maan had some weird effect on her… He knew well how to make her listen… he knew everything about her after all he loves her so much… he can do anything for her…. She never refused anything that is said by maan… Nothing and maan couldn’t ignore her. He loved her too much. He was forced to put her in mental asylum by Dadi. He had enough. He couldn’t do this anymore. Day after day her health started to become worse….. Maan possibly could not let that happen. He have taken decision… It’s him who will look after her from now on…..maan is caressing her hair with so much love making her sleep…..Sam falls sleep in few minutes…… Dadima furious…. Maan slowly walks out closing the door behind….

Dadima: what is this? Humne aapse kaha tha hamein ye ladki aapke sath nahi chahiye fir bhi aap isey yaha le aaye…..

Maan: Dadima please…

Dadima: no! I won’t tolerate this….. She is mad and needs to be in mental asylum. You are not the dr who can treat her…..


argument continues





Maan: she only listens to me! she needs me’.


Dadima: I don’t care maan’.she have to go from here’


Maan: but I do. I love her. i can’t see her like this’


Dadima: don’t forget she was married and has one child. She decided to leave you’.


Maan: she loved him’but I also love her’. I can’t leave her in this situation’.


Dadima: I had enough. I don’t care anymore’.mrs. chopra suggest one girl for you’.


Maan: I am not marrying anyone’.. He turns round in frustration. he couldn’t marry anyone. he will not marry anyone’ he can’t ruin anyone’s life’. He just couldn’t’

Dadima: you have to’.. I am not letting her ruin your life’. Dadi is firm on her decision now’ now she won’t leave maan’ he have to agree for the marriage’.

Maan: I don’t care Dadima’.. She is my life. She is everything to me’ I can’t live without her’.


Dadima: why don’t you understand’ She could never be better’..


Maan: Dadima’I know who is better for me or who is not.. I am not a child anymore’

Try to look through her eyes’straight in her eyes’.

She was about to lose her child’ . Her husband was dead in-front of her eyes’ right in front of her’ She was so so’

.Maan stopped straight way. Tears started to roll down his eyes. He couldn’t bare this pain anymore’. No more words are coming out from his mouth.. he was in so much pain.. no one can understand him.. no one can understand his situation’ he is very disturbed mentally’

Maan: I can’t leave her. She needs me’.


Dadima: I don’t care what you are planning’ But I wont ruin your life like this. I won’t. Never. You will marry within a month. Her name is G’.

 before dadi told him her name maan cut her

Maan: I am not marrying her’ I am not interested’. I don’t want to ruin her life’.


Dadi stood there looking at his grandson. Thoughtless’.. After knowing every fact about her life’ how could he still love her unconditionally’. She has a child.. she was married and now she is widow’ how can he love her so much’ she is trying to digest the fact but couldn’t.. she can’t see her grandson like this..

Dadi: you will not ruin her life’. You will move on with her’

Maan: I am not marrying anyone Dadi. No one’. he shouts in anger and pain. 

 ‘no one understood him. no one. how could anyone think like this specially after knowing what went through him and sameera.?Maan was about to walk in’dadi came towards him and  Dadi blocks his way’

Dadi: if you don’t marry Geet you have to walk over my dead body in to this room’.

Maan: DADIMA! maan was furious now. .. he shouted in pain’ how can she do this to me? She is blackmailing me’ my own dadi’  he thought’.

Dadi: I am waiting for your answer’.

maan: what type of behavior is this? maan retorted’..

Dadima: I am waiting for your answer maan’. And I am very serious maan’ don’t take it as a joke’.

Maan: Dadima!

  Maan knew well how stubborn his Dadima is and top of it she is a heart patient and diabetic patient too’ He can’t risk it’. She is surviving on medicines’.

Maan: ok’ maan closed his eyes with that answer’.. with so much pain’..if he can’t lose his dadi maa’.


Dadima smiled and walked way to prepare everything’.Maan walked in’ Looking at Sameera sleeping peacefully’..  He sat down next to her and started to brush her hair lovingly’. Tears rolled down his eyes’.


He looked way to hide them’ but couldn’t’ tears rolled down’ why this happening with him? Only him.. why this is happening with his sameera? What was her fault’? nothing’ he rested his head on the bed rim and went in his deep thought’. How can he brink back his sameera.. ?like she was in college’.


A chirpy, sharp minded girl’ and today the sight of hers is unbearable’. How she became like this’. Dadi went in annie’s room for giving her the good news’. Today  dadi is at cloud nine.. her wish is going to fulfill’. His stubborn grandson has been agreed for the marriage’.


Next morning’.

Handa Villa’.

A girl came calling geet’.. geet’ geet where are you?

Tanya(toasty) came there from the kitchen hearing her voice’arey alka,

Alka-hey bhabhs’. Good morning’.

Tanya gave alka her angry look that means don’t call her bhabhs.. call me bhabhi’  alka understood her look that what it means’.

Alka-okay.. sorry sorry’ next time se bhabi’. Good morning bhabhi’.

Tanya-that’s better’ good morning’. Itni subah-2 yaha?

Alka-bhabhi’ ye mera ghar hai.. mai yaha kabhi bhi aa sakti hu’.

Tanya smiled at her’.

Tanya-ha ha’ but aaj kuch special..?

alka got excite’ she hold her by her shoulder and made her round’. Both are laughing madly’. Arey alka’what’s the matter?

Alka-bhabhi kal Vicky ka b’day hai.. I am so excited’.

Tanya-ya.. I know.. kal Vicky hai b’day hai’. But kuch khaas‘.. she is in teasing mood’.

Alka-bhabhi’  why are you teasing me’. ?Tanya giggled knowing the truth’.. achha ye sab chhodiye’ where is geet?

Tanya smiled at her’ alka knew her smile means’. Don’t tell me’. Alka said’. Tanya nodded’. Iska matlab ye hai ki maharani sahiba abhi tak so rahi hai? Tej said’.

Alka-bhaiya.. s

he went hug him.. tej also hug her back’  I knew that maharani is sleeping’ alka replied 

Tej-achha’ tum dono kya baatein kar rahi thi’?. He suspect on them’.

Alka’s eyes widen in fear’ what she will tell him now’. Then tanya replied to him’.

Nothing’ girl’s talk’ don’t interfere between us’ understood’.

Alka sighed in relief’. And tej gave her a suspect look but can’t do much’. As she strictly said don’t interfere in girl’s matter’.

Tej-waise, why are you so happy? Tej divert the topic’

Alka-bhaiya.. kal Vicky ka b’day hai.. pate nahi iss geet ne preparation ki ya nahi? I am so worried’

Tej-I am sure.. usne preparation kar li hongi’.

Alka-bhaiya’ aap hamesha usi ki side lete hai.. kabhi to meri bhi side liya kijiye.. she pouted cutely’

Tanya thought in her mind.. lo ho gaya dono ka drama shuru’

Tej-aisa nahi hai’ mai teri side bhi to leta hu… you forgot’ 

 he is trying to escape from alka 

Alka-haawww’ you lier’ she hit him on his shoulder.. aapne kab meri side li?

Tanya-tum dono jhagda karo.. mai chali kitchen me‘.she knew that inn dono ke bich iska mixture banne wala hai’  Alka stopped her.. no bhabhi.. wait’ you can’t go like that’ Tanya sat there’ achha to bhaiya tell me when you took my side?

Tej-arey kal li thi na’ maine tera and geet ka matter solve kiya tha’ wo white dress wala’.

Alka-aapne meri nahi geet ki side li thi’ she went to Tanya and sat beside her and start buttering her’ bhabhi.. please give me that white dress’ I want to wear that tomorrow’

Tanya shook her head and said no’ now tej leaned back to couch and watching their drama’.

Alka-bhabhi please’. You don’t like these type of dresses’ aap kya karogi uss dress ka?

Tanya-no’ wo dress mere tej ne mujhe di hai’. She smiled at tej’.

Alka-haan.. mujhse and geet se lekar’ 

Tanya-wo dress tej ne mujhe itne pyaar se di hai..

we bought that dress and credit goes to bhaiya’ not fair’. Alka said’.

Tanya-arey mai nahi de sakti’. Mere tej ne di hai’.

Alka-haan’ don’t fly so hight bhabhi’.we bought that dress and bhaiya gave you’ aap kya karoge uss dress ka’… please give me na..

Tanya-no.. if I give you then geet will fight with me’ and I knew geet very well’. so it will be better if that dress in my wardrobe’.. mera wardrobe bhi thoda achha lagega na’.

Alka-that’s not fair bhabhi’.

Tanya-jo bhi ho’. Alka made a baby face’

Alka-bhabhi please’.. she is hoping last time’..

Tanya- no means no.. my hubby gave me with so much love’

Tej-sachi  wifey’ tej hug tanya by side ways’..

Tanya-muchi hubby’.. and a eye lock between them’..

Alka-ahem ahem’.

Both came from their dream land’.. please both of you postpone your romance till night’. 

 Both embarrased’. ab jab tak geet nahi uthegi to hame breakfast nahi milega kya? Tej asked diverting the topic’ and dad getting late for the office…

Alka-chalo geet ko uthate hai’ trio get excite and move towards geet’s room’. She is sleeping on her round shape bed.. white bedsheet’  rose flowers wallpaper on walls and white colour on background on walls’

(pls imagine this bed in circular shape)



sleeping at edge of the bed’



trio is laughing mutely because they know what they are going to do’. After that it’ll like that someone spread the laughing gas on them’ trio sat on the bed beside her’ side by side they 3 sat and move towards geet’s ear and scream in her ear’. MAAAN’ geet slide down immediately from the bed on the floor’

precap vicky’s b’day

Alka-chalo geet ko uthate hai… trio get excite and move towards geet’s room…. She is sleeping on her round shape bed.. white bed sheet…  rose flowers wallpaper on walls and white colour on background on walls… sleeping at edge of the bed… trio is laughing mutely because they know what they are going to do…. After that it’ll like that someone spread the laughing gas on them… trio sat on the bed beside her… side by side they 3 sat and move towards geet’s ear and scream in her ear…. M A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A N… geet slide down immediately from the bed on the floor….trio fell back on the bed holding their stomach from such a funny scene.. daily they did this to geet.. sometime alka, sometime tanya or sometime tej even her dad too but 1 time in a year and that day is a full of masti for whole family because mr, handa did prank on his daughter…… but there is one person who save s her and that is arjun.. her first best friend and like a brother also… but sometimes he also did this with her.. because they all knew that how much geet sleep… she woke up around 9, 10, 11 am in the morning and only this is first & last option for waking her up…. Only this way left… tanya daily came to wake her up but daily she said bhabhi only 5 mins more.. only 5 mins… at-last they have to use this way otherwsie she is not going to get up…. She slide down from the bed on floor just beside of bed but a smile on her face hearing maan’s name…. trio are laughing furiously on geet’s condition.. it’s like a daily comedy circus for them…  she slowly-2 rub her eyes and some laughing sound fell in her ear… her ears started behaving like a dog’s ear.. sharp ears… that made her realized that again her family did prank on her…. Her eyes widen open and she glared on them that make them shut… while Tanya and alka put their fingers on their lips but tej is no where to stop.. he is laughing still holding his stomach like someone spread laughing gas on him but on the other side someone spread anger gas on geet…. She took the cushion from the bed and move towards tej but tej is laughing closing his eyes…. She stood beside him and started beating him while Tanya & alka burst in to laugh… looks like a mother beating her child but here a sister is beating her big brother… that sounds different but in handa villa this is common… pillow fight is normal in brother and sister…

Tej-geet, what are you doing?  pls stop it na… now geet will not stop this.. how can tej utter a word now after laughing on her… that makes her furious but a serious types anger.. her anger is like hawa ka jhoka.. jo kab aaya aur kab gaya pate hi nahi chalta… still Tanya & alka sat there putting their finger on their lips but giggling mutely on tej’s condition…

Geet-no I’ll not stop beating you.. you laugh on me… how can u bro? tej ran from the bed in whole room and geet is behind him running talking cushion along with her beating him but tej is too fast for her.. he ran downstairs and geet behind him , alka & Tanya also behind them…

Geet-maan ke naam se uthana to theek hai but you all laugh on me.. now I’ll not spare you… she said pointing a finger to him… she is running in whole villa in her white satin short and a pink loose hanging sleeveless top.. hairs are messed up,, bare foot and cushion in her hand… I am just like a kid written on her top.. yeah she is like a kid but sometimes otherwise she is too mature after the death of her mom…  her father is sitting in hall reading the newspaper and he  saw all this.. tej ran towards him and hid behind him… she stop on her way and glared at him…

Tej-meri maa… chhod de…. these both are also laughing at you.. you didn’t said anything to them.. why specially me? Now this line divert her mind to her bhabhi & her best friend… who stood at the corner watching their drama….she turned to them and both gulped hard seeing her glaring eyes…. She loves that she get up after hearing maan’s name but that doesn’t mean that someone laugh at her.. chahe koi bhi ko.. even her family also… but sometimes she forgives them and happily got ready without creating any fuss…. Geet knowingly behave like a kid because she wants to see all happy… yet she is too mature than her age… understands the situations, circumstances… loves her friends and family and maan too…  her family and friends knew that how much she is crazy about maan… if someone tell anything rubbish about maan in-front of her then she gave a straight punch on the face of that person… her room is full of maan’s pics… she has renovated her room specially for maan.. one wall is plain and she has arranged maan’s pics on it…  uthte,baithte, sote , jaagte huye,, everytime she saw his pics lovingly…  drawers are filled with maan’s articles, his interview pics etc etc.. it’s been 4 years she is been like this… tanya, her bhabhi is like a mother for her.. when geet needed a mother’s love that time tanya is there for her.. she pampered her a lot and help her to came out in guilt… guilt for that mistake she did unknowingly … that was the worst part of her life… may be  destiny and fate wants this from her life.. she is regretting after that night… she did her best but she was unable…  whenever she saw that night in her dream she shivered badly… her whole body starts shaking… but who knows god is bringing more worst part in her life and she doesn’t know about this.. she is lost in her world… in her friends… in her family… and top of that in maan’s dreams…  destiny and fate, these two things … we can never fought with them…  our destiny and fate decide the things which are in our future…  our happiness and our sorrows are in hands of destiny and fate… destiny and fate plays a vital role in our life… we can never change it, never fight with it….

Mr. handa-geet beta now stop this… aaj ke liye kafi hai… baki ka kal continue karna….  she nodded cutely at her dad…. And hugged her bro sweetly and he too hugged her back.. he is holding his ears and geet is laughing at him.. even alka too laughing at him…  can we get some breakfast Tanya? Mr. handa said..


Mr. mohinder handa… a great and powerful businessman… loving and caring by his nature.. loved his family a lot… pamper his daughter a lot… yet he is a strict businessman…. Never tolerate mistakes from employees… he is strict but has a soft heart also towards the employees… always he pay attention towards the needs of employees… after the death of his wife, he became very lonely but geet, tej and Tanya never made him felt like alone in this world.. all loves him a lot…




Tanya-yes papa… bas abhi laayi…

Mr. handa-please make it fast.. we are getting late to office… 

Tanya-yes papa.. give me 5 mins… she said this and left to kitchen while geet & alka talking to tej about the vicky’s party and mr handa is reading newspaper…  geet is not allowed to late night parties but this is vicky’s birthday… and every year they had a great fun on this day but they get lots of restrictions on this day and they are scolded very much by their elders on the birthday of Vicky… geet & alka cribbing and making faces to tej but tej is ignoring them because he knew that if he gave permission to them then he is the one who will caught by his dad but there is no escape for him… he will not allowed to go with them.. if he goes with them then they will not do fun because of tej but there is one person who can handle these two but on vicky’s birthday he will be in geet’s team…

Geet-bro please,,, give permission na…. she whispers…making a very cute and innocent face… tej looked at her face and went in deep thought…

Alka-bhaiya please… for me… you know na why I am asking this to you…. Looked at him with so much hopes….

Tej-ok ok let me talk to dad…. Both sighed in little relief because tej took a one step ahead… he scratched his head and lift himself from his seat and went towards to his dad… both girls crossed their fingers in hopes and looked at their brother and dad from their corner of their eyes…

Tanya-papa, breakfast is ready.. come and have it… all come and sat down on the dining table.. while geet is going to take the apple but Tanya hit her hand…

Geet-ouch bhabhi…  I am just eating apple…. While rubbing her hand….

Tanya-go and brush your teeth first then have it… tej and alka giggled mutely at geet condition.. she can’t have anything before brushing her teeth… Tanya never let her take anything before brushing teeth… this is the rule for her but daily she broke it and then gave up… actually she did this daily knowingly because she can listen little bit daant from her bhabhi who scold her like a mother… this is saying that if life is full of sweetness then life became little boring.. so little spice should be there…  a relation should be full of sweet & spice…  geet left from there to her room…. On the other hand in khurana mansion…

On the breakfast table…. Maan , dadi and annie are there and taking their breakfast silently….then dadi spoke to maan..

Dadi-maan.. today I am going to take your marriage proposal… maan stop eating immediately and looked at dadi with anger but composed himself and replied in his cold tome..

Maan-do whatever you want.. I am not interested… he left his food in mid and left to outhouse bringing breakfast for sameera…..

Annie-dadi, where bro is taking this food? She doesn’t know anything about sameera till yet that sameera in outhouse…

Dadi-annie bte.. actually that food  is for sameera… annies choked her food and coughed… what dadi? What is sameera doing in out house? She couldn’t believe it that sameera is there… how ?

Dadi-haan annie… kal hi wo yaha aayi hai.. she said in a very sad tone because maan didn’t listen anything of hers.. but she is happy that maan is agreed for the marriage…

Annie-but dadi, didn’t you stop bro?

Dadi-I tried my best bte but you know your brother.. how stubborn he is…!!  He didn’t listen anything of me… but I am happy that he will get married to my choice…

Annie-ok dadi.. I’ll go with you when you’ll go to meet HANDA’s… I want to meet my would be bhabhi…

Dadi-annie-abhi kuch baat nahi huyi hai.. first let me know about their views then I’ll tell you.. ok..

Annie-ok dadi… I ma going to college.. she kissed dadi’s cheek and left to her college…

Handa villa

Geet came down after take a bath… all are surprised that today she came after taking a bath… but alka, tej & Tanya knew that why all this.. she wants to buttering her dad for taking the permission for the party and that too late night… she signaled to her bro that start the conversation to dad… tej nodded and he was about to start to say dad when a voice came behind…

Kisi ko baat karne ki jarurat nahi hai.. mai hoon na… geet became happy because she knew who is this and now everything will be fine… she ran in her full speed and hugged him..

Geet-umm umm ummm….. that person said what..??

All burst in laugh because toast in her mouth and she is trying to say something….  She made a baby face.. all are laughing at her…

Mr. handa-geet first.. finish your toast then speak something.. we are unable to understand alien’s language… all are giggling at her and she gulped the toast immediately and said.. what do you mean dad that I am an alien? How can you think like this about me dad? She said this showing her fake anger and that person took her side… all know ye to hona hi tha…




Marriage proposal and vicky’s birthday


Mr. handa geet first.. finish your toast then speak something.. we are unable to understand alien’s language… all are giggling at her and she gulped the toast immediately and said.. what do you mean dad that I am an alien? How can you think like this about me dad? She said this showing her fake anger, resting her hands on her hips pouting her lips…..  and that person took her side… all know ye to hona hi tha…

All laughed at her plight…. She ran and hug arjun by side ways…




he too hugged her back… all are looking at both of them… their relation is beyond of their thoughts…in a minute both fought with each other and in another minute both hug to each other… both can’t live without pulling each other’s leg…. And same relation with alka but arjun cares about geet more than alka & vicky…

Tej-ahem ahem… tej cleared his throat…. All looked at him…what he is upto….


Arjun.. hum bhi hai yaha… agar get se milna ho gaya ho to humse milne me koi harz nahi hai….. arjun smiled at hive him….

Atjun-don’t worry tej… abhi geet se proper to mil lu…. Geet showed him her cute dimples…  good morning uncle…

Mr. handa-good morning arjun….come arjun.. have breakfast….  Arjun nodded…. And all went to dinning table…. Geet signaled to arjun… and he assured her… he will take permission to uncle… tej and Tanya and alka looking at them.. tej sighed in relief… now arjun will take the permission….

Mr. handa-arjun.. hows is business going on? Uff geet looked at her dad…. Again business talks… yeah she also business but now other things are most important except of business.. she made a irritated face….

Arjun-uncle, business is going good… some new projects are lined up.. and a big project is coming.. and you know geet before arjun tell her about the new project she  pinched to arjun….  Ouch… arjun jumped back… geet and alka giggled mutely at arjun.. and arjun rubbing his arm…..

Mr. handa-kya hua arjun? Arjun made an angry face to geet but behave normally to her dad…  nothing uncle… lagta hai some mosquito bite me… and passed an angry glare to geet who is giggling at his excuse but after then she frowned.. how can he call her mosquito….  She twisted her nose and looked at other side….


Arjun thought that now what happened to he? Ab maine kya kiya? He slowly whispers in her ears…if you will made these faces then I’ll not take permission to uncle…. And gave her his most killing smile…. But it is not affected at geet…. . her eyes popped open at his shart….


She gave him a look means.. okay okay..i’ll not made these faces but ask to  dad about the party…. Arjun sighed… he cleared his throat…. All looked at their plates and having their breakfast silently…. There is so much calmness…. Mr. Handa looked at arjun…. Arjun you want to say something? Her dad asked….


Arjun became little conscious….. he smiled a little and little worried too because mr. handa doesn’t like late night parties and that too in disc…

Arjun-hmm… actually uncle… who.. kal na Vicky ka b’day hai to….

Mr. handa-hmmm… I know that…while having his breakfast…  geet & alka looking at them from the corner of their eyes….

Arjun-actually uncle.. woh we wanted to celebrate his b’day at tonight at sharp 12 am….

Mr. handa-to isme new kya hai.. every year you  all did this then why are you becoming so formal…. Geet gulped her food immediately… tej is having fun and Tanya hit tej’s leg with her feet for having fun….

Arjun-nahi uncle.. permission lena bhi to jaruri hai na… he showed his sincerity to her dad… but he knew that her dad knows him too well….

Mr.handa-geet.. learn something from arjun…. Geet gave a nervous smile to her dad while glaring at arjun which makes him worried.. now he gone.. ab class pakki hai arjun ki… but before that permission is most important….

Arjun-uncle… kya hum sab Vicky ka b’day celebrate kar sakte hai… he paused a little and speak in meek voice…. Aaj raat disc me…. And closed his eyes little while geet & alka looked down immediately…. Tanya rolled her eyes.. why they all afraid from dad.. he is so sweet…. Her dad passed a angry glare to all then replied….

Mr. handa-lekin jaldi wapas aajana…. All became confused… all didn’t understand what he said… her dad laughed at all.. their faces are horrible…. Arey mera matlab hai you can celebrate his birthday but jaldi wapas aa jana…. Geet jumped in excitement , leaving her food behind and ran to her dad.. gave him a bone crushing hug…. Thank u thank u so much dad… she kissed him on his cheek…. He patted her back lovingly….

Arjun-bas bas get.. ek hug idhar bhi banta hai.. after all permission to mane li hai na…. she showed her cute dimples to him…. Awww my buddy…. She gave him a tight hug…. Alka also gave him gave.. now trio is hugging to each other…

Mr. handa-chalo chalo.. bahut  hua drama… geet goto  your college now and tej come with me to office…

Tej-yes dad… wait a min.. i have to pick my laptop.. just cone in few minutes….


Mr.handa-okay…come back in 5 mins…. Tej shook his head.. he want to do little romance with his beautiful wife but his dad is very possessive about business…. He headed towards his room ,took his laptop..

Geet-bye dad.. bye bro… have a good day… tej hugged her back and said you too….

Mr.handa-geet you and alka… both of you.. bahut huyi masti now do some study….

Geet-okay dad…. Alka said.. okay uncle…. Her dad and tej went to office ..

Arjun-geet…I am also going to office.. meet you at evening..and alka… evening me yahi par milna.. sab sath chalenge….

Alka-okay arjun.. I’ll be ready….now you go aur haan office me jayada kho mat jana.. bhul mat jana raat ko party hai….

Arjun-how can I forget that… after all hamare charm ki birthday party hai…now you both go to your college…. Mujhe koi laparwaahi nahi chahiye.. specially in your studies….

Geet-arjun.. please.. don’t behave like my dad… last night I was studying around 1 am…

Arjun-okay okay.. I don’t want any explanation.. go to college…. He said that and left to his office….and geet and alka went to college….


After one hour….

Mr. handa got a call on his cell….

Mr. handa-hello….

Dadi-hello… can I speak to mr. mohinder handa?

Mr. handa-yes.. speaking….

Dadi-mrs. Savutri khurana here from delhi….

Mr.handa-hello mrs. Khurana…. Hows you? He knows about khuranas because of business… once he met with her in a business party….also knew that maan is grandson of her.. but never met with him…

Dadi-I am good mr. handa…aur aap?

Mr.handa-I am also good… kahiye kaise phone kiya?

Dadi-actually mr. handa-hum aapse milna chahte the….

Mr.handa-is everything  fine?

Dadi-ha ha.. sab theek hai… kya hum aaj mil sakte hai…?

Mr. Handa-ha ha of course…

Dadi-to theek hai… hum dopahar tak Mumbai aa jayenge….

Mr.handa-okay mrs. Khurana… waise kuch important?

Dadi-ji… milkar batate hai….

Mr.handa-ji theek hai… hum intezaar karenge… aapko address to pate hai na?

Dady-ji ..ji bilkul… hum dopahar 3 bje tak pahunch jayenge…

Mr.handa-ji theek hai.. hum wait karenge…

Dadi-ek request thi aapse..

Mr.handa-ji kahiye…

Dadi-kya hum aapki beti geet se mil sakte hai…

Mr.handa-ji bilkul.. I’ll call her from college before you came…

Dadi-thank you…..and the call ended….

Dadi became very happy… she again called in air lines and booked an emergency ticket for two..(pls don’t tell me ki emergency tickets book hoti hai ya nahi because I don’t know about it…it’s my imagination only)  the flight is after 1 hour…she called to annie and told her about this.. annie became very excited about this… and she came early from the college…here mr. handa called to tej and told him everything…and then called to tanya…she became very happy that maan’s dadi is coming Is their home… he added in his talk to tanya that called geet early before noon because she wants to meet with her…  tanya called to geet..

Tanya-hello geet…!!!

Geet-hey bhabhi…. Why you called me at this time?

Tanya-geet…take a breath and let me talk first

Geet-okay bhabhi.. tell me what’s the matter?

Tanya-ok..listen me.. come home immediately….

Geet-but why bhabhi? Mera bahut imp lecture hai….

Tanya-geet…no more questions…. Ghar aa ja fir bataungi….

Geet-okay..bhabhi..coming but anything serious?

Tanya-nahi.. ghar aaja fir bataungi…. She said ok and after  1 hour she came home….

Geet asked to Tanya that why she called her home so early….

Tanya-geet..go and get ready..chal I’ll help you….

Geet- but why bhabhi….? Who is coming? Tanya went towards her and dragged her in her room while she is asking to her bhabhi continuously that who is coming? Tanya made her sit on the bed and whispers in her ear that maan ki dadi is coming….. her eyes widen open and her jaws dropped open… she stood up immediately and asked WHAT..!! but why?

Tanya-stupid… you should be happy that maan’s dadi is coming and ulta you are giving me shocking expressions….

Geet-but bhabhi… why she is coming to our home?

Tanya-I don’t know.. papa called me and told me that call you early at home.. she will be here till noon…

Geet-okay fine bhabhi..but what will I wear?

Tanya-I’ll help you…. Tanya opened her wardrobe and after lots of searching.. she found a very pretty baby pink colour suit with chudidaar…. See this.. it will be perfect on you.. and you will look a like princess in this dress….

Geet – okay bhabhi… I’ll wear it… she took the dress and went in washroom… Tanya went downstairs for doing the preparations….


Dadi called to maan and told him that she is going to Mumbai in handas for his marriage proposal…

Maan-dadi… I am not interested…. You know why I have agreed for this marriage.. so please don’t involve me in this whole matter….

Dadi-but maan?

Maan-I have cleared all things before so why are you telling me all this… do whatever you want.. I’ll marry with her…. He said all this in one go and cut the call…


dadi sighed and called to annie from her room.. she came downstairs running fastly because she is very excited to meet her would be bhabhi… she is so much thrilled.. she so much wanted a bhabhi with whom she will share her all secrets, her happiness, her sadness…. Everything which she doesn’t able to share with her brother… she really wanted a bhabhi who will be like her..chirpy, fun loving, bubbly, sweet nature and who can handle maan… she never liked sameera.. she was so happy when sameera get married to rahul but somewhere she felt bad for maan….but there was no fault of sameera also because maan never voice his love for her… so how she supposed to know that maan loves her but sam loves to rahul and rahul also loved to sameera.. both got married… maan shattered but never voice out because both are his best friends….


He always has feelings for sameera but never voice out but maan’s family knew that maan loves sameera.. but maan’s family didn’t like sameera because of her bitter nature… because of high society stuff…. Because of high standard….she never talked to those peoples who are poor.. who are nothing in front of her… she is very rich.. but there is no fault of her’s… her parents died in her early age and she was brought by her uncle who is care taker of her and her property too… she slowly-2 became a spoilt brat because lack of love… but she found love in rahul’s care…after she became 21, all property went on her name and she get married to rahul.. her uncle was so much greedy… never loved her.. but he died in a car accident after her marriage….


Maan’s family never liked her because of her rude behavior towards others….but maan loves her.. she never misbehaved with him.. she found a friend in him… and maan also a found a friend in him.. he was stunned with her personality and body language for the very first day in the college of post graduation…. Slowly both became  good friends then rahul entered in their group and trio became best friends.. sameera & rahul fallen in love with each other but maan left behind.. both never realized that maan also love sameera….

Annie and dadi left from delhi to Mumbai…. After 2 hours Mr.handa & tej also came at home…all checked the last time preparations and sighed in relief but all are tensed in one question that why she wants to meet with them and also with geet… and here dadi and annie came at their place….

Mr.handa, tej and Tanya greeted them with so much respect…. All made themselves comfortable on couch….

Mr.handa-kahiye mrs. Khuarana.. kaise aana hua?


Dadi-mr.handa, ji hum yaha apne pote maan ka rishta aapki beti geet  ke liye laye hai… all became stunned hearing that maan ka rishta geet ke liye… while annie is checking their house which is well decorated and very big too like their mansion… after all handas are also very rich peoples like khuranas…

Mr.handa-ji… maan ke rishta geet ke liye… aapne geet  ko dekha hai…. I mean achanak se…he is too shocked reacting on this matter at once.. 


Dadi smiled at him… she knew he will be shoked after hearing this…

Dadi-hamein pate hai ki aapko shock laga hai ye sunkar aur humse geet  ki photo dekhi hai… mrs. Chopra suggest me geet  for maan…. Isliye hum yaha par aaye hai…. Her dad sighed in little relief…

Mr.handa-ohh that’s okay…. Tanya.. geet ko bula lao… Tanya nodded and went upstairs for calling geet … she is waiting in her room anticipated…. Butterflies are dancing in her stomach that why she is coming to meet with us and why she wanted to meet with me… she is very nervous too.. biting her nails… Tanya came and saw her nervous state…

Tanya-don’t be so nervous my dear….

Geet-bhabhi..why she is here? Tell me please…he asked her in one go knotting the edge of her dupatta….

Tanya-relax dear…now your dream is going to be fulfilled…. She chuckled thinking that geet’s dream is going to be fulfilled.. she will get marry to maan.. her dream prince.. with her maan….

Geet-which dream bhabhi? What do you talking about? I am not getting anything… please tell me.. aur kaun aaya hai unke sath?


Tanya…. Geet geet..relax ho ja… maan ki dadi aur maan ki sister yaha aayi hai.. aur pata hai kyo? She made a curious face and asked why? Kyonki wo maan ka rishta lekar aayo hai tere liye.. Tanya said… geet got a shock of her life… she wanted this so much that she will be mrs.maan singh khurana and today this is going to be fulfill….  she blinked her lashes couple of times and cleared her ear with her fingers… she couldn’t believe that maan ka rishta uske liye aaya hai… haye she is almost dead thinking about this….

Tanya-ye expressions baad me dena.. pehle nichey chal.. they are waiting for you then unhe wapas delhi bhi jana hai…. She nodded nervously and went with her bhabhi downstairs…



Again same vicky’s b’day party

and maan going to mumbai



Her body is almost jolted with the thought that the maan’s alliance came for her… she is shcoked, shivered, feeling anxiety , feeling thrill , excitement, nervousness…. Every emotion a girl feel when any alliance came for her and here…her dream man’s alliance came for her.. she is at cloud9.. doesn’t know how to react… she wore a beautiful pink color suit with chudidaar.. looking an angel…. Straight hairs giving her more elegant look….




tanya took her with her downstairs…. She is looking down all the while not able to meet the gaze with anyone.. because she feared that if anyone will see the excitement in her eyes then what will that person think about her… her heart is throbbing again her chest rapidly… she froze for a moment if anyone will listen her rapid beats… ohh god she is so much conscious….  Dadi smiled widely after seeing geet…would be bahu of khurana khandaan… annie scanned her top to bottom and stunned seeing her beauty.. she is life a fairy for her..who came from the sky… she thought she is queen of beauty…. She is so much impressed her would be bhabhi… and thinks that her brother is very lucky who is going to marry with such a beautiful girl….beautiful is a small word, she thought… something bigger word should be compliment her…

Mr. handa-mrs. Khurana.. she is my daughter geet….and geet ye hai maan ki dadi…

her thought broke out when dadi told geet to sit between her and annie.. she did the as dadi said to her.. she greeted dadi with namastey and dadi caressed her head with so much love… but she does’t know what to tell this girl who is sitting beside her she doesn’t know her name… but before she could speak something to her annie starts… she is same like geet…a chatter box but she only chatted with her friends and dadai.. maan is not so much interested in her talks… he is very reserved man… only speak word to word… yeah sometime spend his time with his sister..somewhere annie also feared with her brother because of his rules and regulation…but never express it…

annie-hi bhabhi.. oops.. sorry my  would be bhabhi…  I am annie.. I mean anvesha.. but you can call me annie… annie for my close ones and now you are going to include in them so you are allowed to call me annie…  she is going to chatter continuous.. tej looked at her… and though geet ko uske jaisi hi ek aur mil gayi.. dono ki khoob jamegi… but his thought broke out when dad stopped annie…

dadi-bas annie bete.. inhe bhi to kuch bolne ka mauka dijiye… annie looked at dadi and then looked at all of them then she realized she talked too much…

annie-oops.. sorry.. who kya hai na mai thoda jayada bolti hu… she said this making a sorry face… and sorry for troubling them then tanya replied…

tanya-it’s okay anvesha.. geet bhi itna hi bolti hai…don’t worry…

annie-really… par lagta to nahi hai.. she said while looking at geet who didn’t utter a word still….

Ddai-annie bete.. app mauka dengi to hi wo kuch bolegi na… dadi said smiling at her grand dughter who is just a chatter box… she doesn’t care where she is..!!

Annie- hii.. I am anvesha.. now this is a formal introduction… annie smiled widely raising her hand in front of geet…Geet shook her with annie and repled.. hi.. I am geet…

Annie-wow bhabhi.. aapki voice kitni sweet hai… geet blinked her lashes again hearing the word… she blushed… and replied thank you..!!

Dadi-mr. handa.. hamein geet bahut pasand hai.. hamein aur kuch nahi janna…  aapka kya khyaal hai? She aksed to her dad… actually they are very confused suddenly maan ka rishta geet ke liye.. aise achanak se… and they liked geet in first meeting.. but they are very happy for her… only they know how much she is crazy behind him… and today maan’s alliance came fo their duaghter who is juct maanmanic…

Mr.handa-hamein kya problem ho sakti hai… maan ka kafi naam suna hia humne… isse achhi baat kyo hogi hamare liye ki hamari bei ki shaadi maan se ho…  geet is blsuhing looking down .. her heart starts beaing rapidly.. ohh god.. everyone agreed for her marroage with maan.. but maan didn’t came.. doesn’t  he want to meet his would be wife? Why he didn’t came here? She can’t this from anyone… she is helpless…

Dadi-ek baar geet se bhi puch lete hai wo kya chahti hai…? Dadi turned towards her and asked to geet…

Is she happy from this alliance? Before she replied to dadi.tanya interrupt her and said… ek min.. I’ll ask to her.. she will never answer here… dadi smiled knowing a girl’s condition when she is going to marry… she smiled and nodded in yes…Tanya took geet with her inside the room and asked to her if she is happy with it? Se knew the answer but still puchna to banta hai na…  she nodded in yes.. she is agree with this alliance… Tanya became very happy and hugged her at once….  Geet asked to Tanya..bhabhi sab theek to hoga na.. I am little scared…. She is feeling conscious..  Tanya rubbed her back hugging her and making her feel better… everything will be fine.. just trust in yourself.. she nodded in yes and then Tanya and geet outside after some time.. and Tanya replied that she is agree with it.. dadi has no bounds of happiness.. at last she found a perfect girl for his stubborn grand son… she stood up immediately and kissed her forehead… and hugged her… get bend down and took blessings from dadi… dadi blessed her so much then annie came and hugged her.. and teased her calling her bhabhi… everyone hugged to each other feeling very happy… then Tanya brought some sweets for them and they have some sweets.. annie fed her bhabhi… oops she is just practicing calling her bhabhi… nothing else…  then dadi gave two bangles which she brought for her…and made her wear them….. after some time all bid by t each other…

Delhi khurana textiles…  maan is in his cabin talking to his clients.. after some time adi came there ..he knocked the door….

Adi-may I come in ssir…..? adi feared with his temper because now a days his temper is high…

Maan-come in adi..!!

Adi-thank you sir..!!

Maan-what happened adi? Is anything urgent? I have told you that don’t disturb me….

Adi-sssorry sir.. actually sir.. mr.sharma, our mumbai’s client called that he wants to meet you today itself.. he has some new projects and he wants to do with our company… so he asked that if can you meet with him today…? Maan thought for a while then replied at adi that he will meet with hi.. after all he is very client.. both company are dealing with each other from so many years so he can’t denied him… and this time he is talking about a new big project which will be very good for their company..

Maan-adi.. do one thing.. arrange my private jet…in an hour.. I’ll arrive in an hour for Mumbai… understand..

Adi-okay sir.. I’ll arrange it and will inform to mr. Sharma that you are coming to Mumbai…

Maan-hmm….  Adi went from there…. After some minutes maan called to dadi that he is going to Mumbai…

Dadi-okay maan bte.. hum hi yaha se nikal chuke hai.. airport par hai.. aapse baad me baat karte hai..

Maan-okay… he totally forgot that why dadi went to Mumbai… and he went to mansion for meeting with sam… he straight went in outhouse where sam is… he saw that sam is thrwing tantrums for her son… nurses are trying to calm down and telling her that eat something but she is thrwoing things on them.. maan saw that and tell to nurses that leave them alone.. nurses did so…. Sam saw him and ran to maan..

Sam-maan…. She clutch his collar and asked to him …. Where is my son maan? See those bad girls are not teling me anything… her eyes became cloudy with tears…. Maan couldn’t bare the isght but he has to…. Maan tried to calm her down..

Maan-sam… sam lookt at me…!! She looked at him…. Maan hold her by her shoulders and made her sit on the bed…. First eat something…. Maan said…. She denied..

Maan-sam… vedanta will be here…. Won’t you eat for him? She immediately took the plate in her hand….. and start eating in her childish way… maan smiled at least she ate something… she immediately finished her food and again asked about her son to maan….

Maan-first take these medicines….! She made a  face listening the name of medicnes but immediately have it because of her son…. Maan gave her sleeping pilss this time because he is going to mumbai and he’ll not here for taking care of her.. so it’s really important for her… after some minutes her eyes giving up and she went in deep sleep…. Maan sighed and packed his bag for mumbai…. after half an hour maan arrived for Mumbai..

handa villa… Mumbai

geet called to alka and arjun and told them about the whole incident.. vicky’s number is going engaged so she is not able to inform him about this.. after some time alka and arjun reached at her place straight in her room…

alka-oye hoye… kya baat hai.. madam is blushing. She teased her…

geet-aisi koi baat nahi hai… she tried to protest

alka-achha ji to kaisi baat hai… wow geet… you are going to marry with you dream man.. I am so happy for you….both hugged to each other then arjun cleared his throat… both looked at him.. he has some another plans to tease her..before he could speak something alka  asked to her..

alka-geet..i heard that he is too charming , so hot and good looking…. Geet looked at her…she knew how much breathtaking he is..!!

arjun-haan.. I also heard that.. but he is very short tempered….even I saw his anger…geet became curious..where he met with maan….?

Alka-really..arjun… you knew about his temper but how?

Arjun-arey I saw him shouting on his employees.. his employees were shivering when maan was shouting on them…

Alka-but still how? I mean did you met with him? Geet looked at him for an answer…she is very curious for knowing when arjun met with maan….

Arjun casually replied… yeah I met with him….

Where?  both girls asked together.. arjun looked at them for a moment the replied… have some patience girls.. I am replying…. Actually when I went delhi with my dad.. our company was doing a project with his construction company so that time I met with him.. god swear.. for a moment I also froze when I saw his red eyes…  oops geet is hell scared now… she made a baby face hearing his talks about maan the both alka and arjun starts laughing at her… this made her angry… .. she took her pillow starts fighting with them running…. around her bed she screamed where is my savior… please come and save me from these 2 devils…. She called him and one voice came form the entrance of her room.. at your service ma’m… she ran and hugged him…



will they meet?



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