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I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust,
i wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust,
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot,
you call the shots,
I wanna be yours.

I wanna be your raincoat
For those frequent rainy days,
I wanna be your dreamboat
When you want to sail away,
Let me be your teddy bear
Take me with you anywhere,
I don’t care
I wanna be yours,

I wanna be your electric meter
I will not run out,
I wanna be the electric heater
You’ll get cold without,
I wanna be your setting lotion
Hold your hair in deep devotion,
Deep as the deep Atlantic ocean
That’s how deep is my devotion.

i love you, not your body,
i love you mentally not physically,
i love your golden heart not your milky skin…
what crime i did? loving you is the crime? why?
why did you felt impure yourself?
you are sacred for me…
our love is not impure…
our love is sacred…
love is not the meaning of body pleasure…
love is the name of understanding, care, attachment…
you are pure for me, your love pure for me…
your love is pure bliss for me…
never ever say that you are not right for me…
never ever say that you are pure for me…
never ever say that you can’t complete me…
never ever say that don’t love me…
never ever… never…

love is to cherish, love is to hold,
love is to forgive’love never grows old.
love is fearless,
love is strong
love is comfort all day long.
love is unconditional demolishing hatred.
love is passion,
love is sacred.
love is pure,
love is bliss
love is more than a tender kiss.

love is friendship,
love is eternity
love is more, than a breeze of serenity

just like a precious star,
gleaming in the blue velvet sky,
overwhelmed by the twilight bringing a tear to an eyes,

love is a lost soul,
enticed into a world of fantasy,
captured in a labyrinth ignorant to reality.

for love is for lovers who never need to say sorry,
love is a journey a never ending story

by kavita trivedi..

what will happen when two persons tied in a relationship where one felt she is impure while other said she is pure, where one said she is not right for him while other said she is perfect for me, where one said she won’t be able to do full justice wih this relationship where other said one day you will do, where one said you’ll get punishment marrying me while other said marrying with you is a biggest happiness for me, where one said i never be able to give all the husban’s rights while other said one day you’ll give, where one said don’t wait for me while other said will wait for you till my last breath, where one said after marrying with me your life will not less than from a hell while other said marrying with you is a bless for me…
will they able to mingle with each other?
will they able to cope up the relationship which has two opposite sides?
will he made her believe that she is not impure…?
will she believe that she is pure and able for him?

character sketch


                                                       a man of age 27, well known in India as well in foreign countries’. A great business tycoon, rough tough nature, keen in his vision ,stone hearted for outsiders but soft hearted for family’.cares about nothing but his loved ones that includes his Dadi maa , younger sister Ridhima and his best friend Armaan a lot. …vowing to his high profile society maan is financial supporter of one of the most famous political parties which helps him in case of any problems that occur in his sites and his overseas dealings … . girls always drool over him but he never give a damn to them as he is waiting for the girl of his dreams though appears to be aloof from emotions strongly craves for a person . a Fairy who could share everything with him and make his life complete 





                            a girl of age 24, loving , caring, bubbly ,kind at heart   a sweet natured girl… did her masters in Arts, but a very well known Choreographer, dance is her passion, her life, everything is her dance’.. it’s like she lives only for dance’.. has her own Dance school , was trained under well known Choreographers shamak dawar and Remo D’souza




                                          a girl of age 24, a very sweet, bubbly, innocent nature , loving and caring towards others’. her world revolves around her Daadi maa, bhai maan and fiance Arrmaan …she is a doc in Sanjeevani, a psychotherapist’.. used to irritate armaan a lot but loved him a lot’..




                                    a man of age 27, sweet, caring but has a flirty nature,charming , he also has hot looks like maan’..used  flirt with his colleagues but not a serious types… loves his best friend maan, his fiance ridhima and of course dadi maa’.. he is also a doc in sanjeevani, senior of ridhima, takes his profession seriously, never lack in his duties , he loved to treat his patients by cracking jokes, making them comfortable in hospital environment’..has his family business but he likes being  a doctor’.



                                      an old lady’. a very sweet, caring natured old women, of course dadi of maan and ridhima’ loved her grand children a lot’. Trusty of Sanjeevani’.. waiting for maan’s wife, used to crib to her babaji for maan’s wife and used to irritate maan a lot on this topic’..





                                           50 years old , politics runs in his blood …hard, ruthless, ambitious… knows every nuke and corner of game of politics as back of his hands … He could be called Saguni of present day parliament … considers him a only rightful person to be CM … Can sacrifice anything for Pride and Position … very close associate of maan as he is the financial support of his party …



BACHAO….”   “BACHAO…”  A man was running and keep running in the forest for saving his life where few goons behind him  firing on him but somehow he was trying to escape because of the long bushes and thick tree leaves….. environment was tensed, and the noise of crickets and frogs was too much to scared anyone,

dhundo saale ko… bachne na paaye….” The head of goons  instructed his men for moving in many directions in the search of that man….. the man was sweating badly, panting because of running, he hid between the sugarcane catching his breath, huffing and his body is aching badly….. he sat down between the long sugarcane holding his knees praying his god for saving his life where he heard some foot steps approaching him….

“kidhar gaya?“….. one goon asked to himself where another said… “yahi kahi hoga…. Aakhir jayega kaha….” And they removed their knifes and swords and start searching him cutting the long bushes but they hardly can see anything because it was too dark as it was 5:20 am early in the morning…..

The man was kept praying under his breath, remembering his family, his god last time may be don’t know he will be able to meet his family again in this life or not…..

The head of goons got a call of his BOSS…..

Head-hello, boss….

Boss-what boss? Kaam hua?

Head-woh boss, we are trying to search him, but…… but he was cut in mid by his boss….

Boss- nikammo, ek kaam theek se nahi kar sakte tum log, haram ka khaate ho…. Agar agle 10 min me kaam nahi hua to yaad hai na trailor? The head gulped hard remembering the trailor…..

Head-boss, agle 10 min se pehle aap tak khabar pahunch jayegi…..

Boss- nahi hua to samajh lena ye tum sabki ki zindagi ka aakhiri din tha….. and the call cut off and the goons searched him…… that man tried to move but it was his wrong move, suddenly an insect bite his toe and he scream, and this was his last voice which came from his mouth…..  goons followed the voice and finally held his collar, he was crawling on the land begging for his life but suddenly his voice went off forever….  Their faces covered with his blood and the sword was like bathing in blood….  The head wiped his face with the back of his palm and called his boss, “boss, kaam ho gaya” and the call went dead….  They collect all the proofs from him which was against them…… They took the dead body and made his funeral at the safest place….




A man got up from his bed  stretching his arms after putting off his alarm as it’s time for his daily work out as it was his daily routine…. It was 5:30 am. He washed his face and headed towards his Gym area, ripped his shirt apart and starts working out with vigorous moves, kicking and punching in air, sweat drops came out from his sweaty hairs when he turned his face……




At the same time an alarm was buzzing continuously and then finally it went off….. a girl opened her one eye after uncovering face from the duvet , lazily yawning and stretch her arms….  Finally she got up from her bed and headed towards her washroom, changed in her track pant & vest, washed her face, she was looking so fresh like a fresh flower , water drops on her face reflecting like dew drops on a flower complementing her beauty more & more…….




Same time, he was doing his work out, ripped his vest and ran towards a hanging wood plank and jump, kick it very hard which broke into two pieces….. he fell down on the floor and starts his push-ups….




Meanwhile she went in her dance room and played the loud music, and she starts her morning dancing session, it’s like a passion for her, she daily used to dance early in the morning for maintaining herself as her body needs so much flexibility and it’s very good for the health…..  she stood straight , apart her legs in V shape, bend down and touch he left toe with her right hand and then she did the same with right toe…. The music gave her an unknown energy , she starts slowly -2 her moves and then speed up the pace of her moves……




He grabbed his water bottle and poured whole bottle on his  face after finishing his work out session….he went in his room, took his towel, wiped his sweaty body and headed in his washroom for taking a shower, he did his shave but left a light stubble on his face…. He applied cologne after shaving, the smell of cologne of after shave was intoxicating , can tickled anyone’s sense…. he get ready wore his favorite white shirt with black pant along with black waist coat & a black tie… looking as usual handsome in the mix-match of black & white….  Wore his favorite perfume Davidoff , he was a charm, handsome hunk….




At the same time girl went in her washroom after finishing her dance session….. she lives alone in her house, none is there… she is like a free bird who wants to fly in sky like a free bird….. but alas she has now wings , not to worry, she has her wings of her dreams which is gonna be fulfilled as she is going to choreograph a dance number in Yash Raj Movies and the actress in Kareena Kapoor….  She really wants to do work with them….. waise to she choreographed a lot actors & actresses but still some are her favorite….  Has her own dance school…….  She took her shower , made her breakfast alone, had her breakfast alone and went to her dance school alone………… this ALONE word bites her, sometimes she irritates getting alone in her life….. her parents died in accident, she has no siblings, no much close friends with whom she can share her thoughts, her pain, her happiness, everything but alas there is no one for her…..




At the same time, he came down in hall where his dadi maa and his sister waiting for him for the breakfast….. his sister ran and congratulate him, she hugged him and he too reciprocate, kissed her forehead then he took blessings from his dadi maa and she blessed him for his bright future…. They had their breakfast …

Ridz-bhai, please drop me hospital today, I am getting late…..

Where is your permanent bodyguard? He asked to his sister…. She made a face as her brother used to irritate her calling her fianc her bodyguard but never mind, he was his friend also, he can address him with whatever he wants…..

Ridz-he went Chennai for some special case, Dr. Gupta called him…

Ohk…. He managed to reply her back….  Eat fast I am getting late…. Both brother & sister have their breakfast in such a hurry where their dadi maa was making faces as her grand children has no time for her that’s why she always cribbed for a DIL…. But who knows when this wish of hers will be fulfill….. both hugged dadi maa and took a leave from her……





At the same time she reached to her dance school, finally she managed to reach on time otherwise it was impossible for her to reach on time as usual MUMBAI’s so called traffic….. it was 8:30 am..  her friends over there wished her good morning where her students are waiting for her….. today, it was different for her because today she teach some dance moves to a couple who is going to dance on their sangeet ceremony…. Her other students were practicing in other hall where in other room she starts the song……



A car was coming with it’s full speed and stopped near a glass building and the board over it addressing it’s KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS”


another cars also stopped and  the bodyguard ran towards his car for opening the car door, one leather shoe came out following by another one, shoes are shining like anyone can see their face in it’.


A late 20s man came out from the car adjusting his tie and glasses, caressing the crease of his waist coat, talking to his client through his blackberry, while the bodyguards following him like his shadow where his P.A telling him the schedule of the day and he was nodded only’..


The siren rang indicating to whole office that their Boss has been arrived’. All employees ran here and there, some are collecting files where some are scared, some stood taking files in their hands because they knew their boss can call them in his cabin at any moment after entering in the office’..


where few employees are wiping their sweat from their sweat because today they have to present a report to their Boss and if there is any mistake then they can be fire from their post’..


Girls starts their last touch-up of their make-up, well girls are hoping that may be today their boss can take a glimpse of them,,,,”


 Their Boss has been entered in the office where all employees stood up from their seat welcoming him and wishing him good morning but he only nodded not a single word uttered from his mouth’..


but suddenly he stopped from his path and employees shivered, fear ran through their whole body because they knew if their boss stopped in mid way then surely something strike him’. he tighten his jaw in anger and he turned to his right side where an employee stood looking down because of fear’.. he cut his call in mid and forward his hands towards him’. he set his tie and three words came out from his mouth’.


YOU ARE FIRED” where employee not able to retort him back’..


pari’. Call  Investor’s meeting in half an hour‘” where she replied’. Yes sir’.


Adi, Juhu project budget file and bricks stock file in my cabin in 5 mins‘. ” adi replied’. Yes sir’..

He stopped again from his mid and looked down to his left side’.


wipe your sweat’.. I’ll not eat you‘.” Where that employee immediately wiped his sweat in fear”


sasha’. Pune hotel”s blueprints in my cabin right now” and he headed towards his cabin assigning the work to his employees’.. where everyone wiped their sweat and sighed in relief where 1 person was fired from his job only because tie was not it’s place’..

Well he was MAAN SINGH KHURANA who is a terror in his office for everyone’ wait not only in his office, who is ruthless, sharp minded, stone hearted, never talk with anyone without any topic, THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR OF THE COUNTRY (not the town, in whole country’.)


he is a terror in business world where everyone wants to work with him but also afraid because his anger and his mastermind’. No one can dare to snatch the project from him’.. he has the extra ordinary knowledge of business which can defeat anyone in business world’..


 that’s why his company is on 2nd position in the WORLD’. That’s why he had won  best businessman award of the year 4th time in a row’.. everywhere he is the topic of gossip or in news,,,,,, in newspapers, in news channels’. Where media was trying to connect with him but he is not available’well how can he be available because he has not time for all this, he believe in spend the time in making his company better nor in media stuff or in being famous’..


well you can found him ruthless, stone hearted, angry young man, but he was down to earth also, who loves his family a lot’. Who can do anything for his family’. Where he couldn’t see any line of tension on their faces, where he loves his best buddy Armaan a lot’. Where he doesn’t believe in dreams but he saw the dreams of his angel who will become his life partner with whom he will share his happiness, his sorrows, his pain, who will made him complete, who will fulfill the empty place of his life’..






She was in dance hall telling the couple about the dance moves about the Indian folk dance where they are rehearsing but they were found it difficult but she was there for help them’. She told them first about the basics and now they are doing with comfortable and learning the steps easily” then suddenly a girl came in the hall panting and hugged her so hard crushing her in bear hug , she was jumping talking along with her’. She was so happy’..


“ohhh dii, I am so so so happy’.. ” she kissed so hard on her cheek’.


what happened Kriya? Atleast tell me something‘..” she asked


“ohh di, you can’t believe it, mai DID me select ho gayi hu last 18 contestants mein’ I am so happy”” kriya told her again crushing her bones in a bear hug’.. where  she reciprocate in the hug’..


“and this is because of you Geet di’. ” kriya thanked her’.


this is because of your hard work kriya’ why are you giving credit to me?””””. btw congratulations” where is my treat?” 


“di, how can I forget you treat’. Here is your fav chocolates’. I knew that you liked dairy milk so much’.here is your chocolates’.  ” kriya said to her giving lots of chocolates to geet”


                                     Kriya, who is student of geet in her dance school but she is her assistant also and she also work here’.. last week she went for the auditions of DID and she has been selected’ now she has been selected in last 18′. Because geet choreographed her performance’.. 


                                     geet & kriya has a great bonding’.. kriya is the only one in geet’s life with whom she can share her small-2 things but not her inner feelings’. Geet never expressed herself to anyone’ she always tried to be cheerful in front of everyone’ she always forgot her loneliness when she entered in her dance school and forget herself in the dance’.. just then her receptionist came and told her one TV actor called her for his performance for some Award function and told her to call him back’. Geet nodded and went o call him’.


Geet-hello, Mr. wahi

 Karan wahi-hello, Ms. Geet ‘. How r u?

 Geet-I am fine n you?

KW-I am also fine’ I wanted to meet you’. Are you free in evening?


KW-ok then will meet you at XYZ hotel at 6pm’

Geet-ok.. perfect’ I’ll be there‘.


KW-ok then, I’ll you about the function and other things’.


Geet-ok’ bye..


KW-yeah’ bye’


Ram Prasad came out of his house surrounded by his party members ”””. A whole ground of people were waiting to get a glimpse of him and place their request ”””.. 


” shaab my daughter is suffering from Dengue plzzz help us ” a dirty looking woman in her late 30’s pleaded 


” oh don’t worry ” ram said and gestured one of  his members to bring money 


                            Ram prasad took some two bundles of currency notes and gave the lady ””..


” take care of ur daughter don’t hesitate to ask me any help ” he said


                                Then stood a old man who said that his son who was in military is suffering from cancer and no one is helping him 


” how dare anyone denied u aide ””” don’t worry sir I ll make sure that u get all facilities to cure ur son ”””’. Army people are pillars of our country and not attending to them is disrespecting ur country ” ram Prasad said


                                  The old man shook his hands with Ram Prasad before leaving ”””..Others were also waiting to tell their problems to him but he just got the letters from them and sent them away ””’.


                                      Later ram Prasad entered his house and servant came running with handwash and water ””’.. Ram washed his hands and looked at the backyard where the lady and the old man who he helped this morning was demanding more money from his manager for acting ”””


” sir I don’t understand everyday why we ourselves arrange some actors to act as poor public and pretend to help them ” asked one of the members 


” buddu when we help public media will have good things to say about us in news ‘that is why this drama ””’ moreover who wants to help others ””””if I take care of others who will take care of me ””.” 


” but is this not wrong ? we are playing with people ,aren’t we? ” 


Ram left out haughty laughter ” I m not misusing people’s trust I m using their ignorance ” he said with evil smirk  

                                               Ram made a call to his trust worthy person’

“make sure everything will be happen according to which I have told you’.. “ram said with evil expressions’.

Person-ok sir’.


“make sure traffic will be so hard and at least 1 bus should burn ” ram said making himself comfortable on the big couch type chair resting his one arm on the side of the chair while 1 servant was cleaning his feet and other servant was massaging his neck’.. call went off he sipped his drink calmly thinking more plans in his mind’..




Ram made a call to his trust worthy person…

make sure everything will be happen according to which I have told you….. ” ram said with killing expressions….

Person-ok sir.

make sure traffic will be so hard and at least 1 bus should burn ” ram said making himself comfortable on the big couch type chair resting his one arm on the side of the chair while 1 servant was cleaning his feet and other servant was massaging his neck…..


Later in the evening, everyone was present at the party hall, all the business associates of maan, his clients , his friends n business world where maan doesn’t have any interest in making friends but he had to because he is in business world and no one know when they will be needed, maan gave invitation to some parliament members from different parties, some of Ministers, Media people, press, and conference after the party at the place…. The ladies who came with their husbands, daughter of the businessmen, they are showing off to each other, gossiping and some are waiting for MSK , waiting for one glimpse, some are present form the glamour world…. The party has been started , the hall was shimmered with the white and orange lights and the white curtains decorated with white and purple orchids….

We can see the staff of five-star hotel and best service of waiters and security at the place….  Cameras are at the place which are hidden, bodyguards and police are in civil dress , all are waiting for maan singh khurana…..

After some time maan came along with his dadi and ridhima , media pounced on them but his security buzzed them off…. They entered in the party hall and then the part has been started….. some cameramans pounced on him clicking the snaps, so much media was there, after all MSK won the best businessman of the year award……

After them ridhima stood at the corner and waiting for Armaan, she dialed his number and call get connected…..

Ridz- Armaan, where are you? I am waiting for you.. when will you come? Why are you so quiet, kuch bolte kyo nahi?

Armaan- basket, kuch bone dogi to mai kuch bolunga na…..

Ridz-oops, soory… haan abhi bolo….

Armaan- I am on my way sweetheart… just 15 mins more.. then I’ll be with you….


Armaan-yup… just wait little more, after all maan ke honor me party hai.. how can I miss that….

Ridz-okay… come soon… me waiting for you and maan bhai too…

Armaan-yeah yeah! I know, how much maan waiting for me….

Ridz-I know armaan, you and maan bhai, I don’t know when you both fight and when you both patch up with each other….

Armaan-okay, okay…. I know that you know everything…… now let me come there then will talk to you…

Ridz-hmm… come soon…. Me really missing you so much….

Armaan-love you basket…..

Ridz-love you too…..

After 5 mins, maan came near to ridhima….

Maan-when will armaan come? Maan asked to ridhima as he really wants armaan near him…. though he has so many peoples around him but still he felt lonely without armaan…. He is his best buddy, and without him by his side maan felt so lonely….. though Armaan is in different profession but they managed to spend time…..

Ridz-bhai, I just talked to him. he said, he is coming…..

Maan-okay…. Saying so maan turned and heard a song,

tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye, jaan hatheli par le aaye…. Armaan sang looking at maan where maan has smile on his face just them one camera clicked his smiling face and it will be in tomorrow’s newspaper…..MSK is smiling will be headline of tomorrow’s newspaper…..

Maan-nautanki, why are so late? Maan asked turning again in his devil avatar…. Where armaan frowned but then hugged him…

Armaan-congrats dude for the award….. I knew it you will win the award and I am so happy for you….. maan hugged him back….

Maan-thanks armaan….. now tell me why are so late? you are supposed to be here before the party and you are coming now….. I am not going to talk to you….

Armaan- wait, no one can say, the great maan singh khurana can also complaint to anyone and who doesn’t wait to anyone and today he is waiting for me….. well meri personality hi kuch aisi hai and raised his collar in appreciation…..

Maan-don’t fly too much…. I am worried for my sister… she was waiting for you not me… got it…. Armaan sighed knowing his nature…..

Armaan-not a problem… mai basket ko hi hug kar leta hu…. Armaan and ridhima hugged to each other….. then he met with dadi maa…..

Then maan moved to his business associates , it was the page3 party…. Where are guest arrived from glamour, politics, media and from different world….

Mr. Narang- hello Mr. Khurana….. congratulations for the award….

Maan-hello Mr. Narang…. (they shook hands with each other) Thank you so much for the wishes…..

Mr. Sharma- arey Mr. Khurana…. I was searching you in the whole party…. Btw congratulations…. I must say you deserve this award….

Maan-ohh… thanks a lot Mr. Sharma…. (they shook hands with each other) I was here just meeting with the guests….

Mr. Sharma-oh…. !!! not a big problem at all…..

Mr. Narang- btw Mr. Khurana… what about your new venture? I heard that you are going to merge a deal with Singh’s…..

Maan-yeah, you heard correct Mr. Narang….. but still this venture has time in starting…..


Just then another businessman came and congratulate maan for the success….. and again reporters came and start interviewing him asking questions, that what is the secret behind his success….. and all….!!


Again an old age businessman came who is the oldest client of KC and maan respects him a lot because he is a friend of maan’s grandfather…..

Mr. Roy- hello maan , my son… congratulations for your success…. I am so happy today seeing you here at this place where no one reached in short span of time….

Maan-thank u so much uncle… (they shook hands with each other) , it’s a pleasure to get wishes and compliments from you…. And yes, it couldn’t be happen if you didn’t be my side during my tough phase…..

Mr. Roy-no, no maan…. Don’t thank me… it’s your capability that you have reached here and I was by your side because I trust you…… today my friend will be happy seeing you…… while saying this Mr. Roy got tears in his eyes where dadi maa was also missing her husband whilst ridhima & armaan somehow calmed her…… after some  time…..


Armaan and ridhima tagged along with each other and then armaan looked at his watch and saw the time and again and again he was looking at the entrance…..

Ridz-what happened armaan? She asked while sipping her juice….

Armaan-arey I am waiting for someone…


Armaan-arey geet is supposed to come… but abhi tak nahi aayi….

Ridz-yeah, me too waiting for her… pata nahi kaha reh gayi…… just then maan came to them and along with dadi , maan asked from them why are they looking tensed….

Ridz-bhai, we both are waiting for geet.. she didn’t come till yet…

Maan-geet, kaun geet? Maan asked in confusion because he doesn’t know who is geet…?


Armaan- woh, she is our friend…. We met with her in hospital and then she taught us dance in our engagement because she is choreographer….

Maan-oh..!! he exclaimed….

Dadi- I also didn’t met with her….

Ridz-dadi, you don’t know her because she is to reserved types…. She is just like maan bhai, always engrossed in her work…. Wo to we became friends by the way because of armaan….


Just then maan turned and saw media pounced on Ram when he entered in the hotel….

Maan went to greet Ram his friend when he saw him entering the party with great difficulty handling the press…

‘ Ram u fine?
‘ maan asked seeing Ram’s annoyed expression as media was asking him questions about sudden withdraw of his not so good friend from their party all of a sudden after rumours of his fight with Ram.

yeah I’m absolutely fine‘ Ram tried to smile
‘ b
tw congratulations‘ Ram Said
thank you ‘ maan said

Maan left Ram Promising to catch up with him later as Dadi called him.
Ram was entertaining himself in the party when he received a call from his party member with definitely not good news
I’m not ready to hear this shit I will win this elections by any means and will kill anyone who intrudes it‘ ram said in a threatening voice and cut the call…
He turned to find a confused maan
what happened? ‘ Maan asked
‘ nothing much just elections‘ Ram said
yeah CM Elections is round the corner and this time I’m one of the candidates ‘ Ram said rather proudly
great… I’m sure u could win’ maan said
could? I must win and yeah I’m gonna be the CM for sure…its my rights after being here in politics for so many years I have learned to play the game well and more over I’m destined to win‘ Ram said
destined? … Rubbish’ maan said
don’t say that there something more beyond our control named fate and this time I have made preparations to beat out as well‘ Ram said
you sound crazy may be this politics done this to you‘ maan said
politics is a dope of its kind u should experience to know about out‘ Ram said
politics no way I’m fine with business anyways like always I’ll support you this time as well ‘ maan said shaking hands with Ram.



you sound crazy may be this politics done this to you‘ maan said

politics is a dope of its kind u should experience to know about out‘ Ram said

politics no way I’m fine with business anyways like always I’ll support you this time as well ‘ maan said shaking hands with Ram.

After talking to Ram, maan excused himself from him….. he wants little bit calmness from all this….. yes Maan is surrounded by the media all the time but that was not true, he  search peace but never get….. he took a light alcohol glass in his hand and looked out from the glass window gazing outside, looking at the sky, searching peace for his mind but couldn’t get because of this loud music, continuous flash lights of cameras, sometimes he thought, it’s a curse been in Business world… his some business associate came there and they starts again their business talks……

Maan was talking with someof his associates as if attracted by sudden magnet his eyes moved out of the window … He almost forgot to blink … he saw A girl no a fairy … her eyes captured his heart even before looking at him … he became speechless … it was a overwhelming visual delight … she was pure angel … it was wondreful and magical …


mr.Khuranna are u here ? ” his thoughts were broken by a voice


umm… Mr.chopra i have something impt to do catch u later enjoy the party” he said in hurry and left 


                                                                              Maan rushed to the main gate … He understood that the angel wasn’t just his mere imagination but she actually existed … She was talking rather arguing with the guards … he went to neart to hear their convo not making it obvious to them …


listen Mr. i m invited here in the party its just i forgot to bring the invitation ” she said


madam ji many ppl come here with this excuse so this will not work ” the security said


i m personally invited by Khuranna family member ” she said making maan wonder who it couled be 


oh really ” the security asked with sarcasam 


‘” u plzzz at least call Ridhima Khuranna u ll know the truth :” she said 


                                                     Ridz’s friend that was a new news to maan 


madam before we could force move from here ” security said


                                                     Maan decided it was time for him to take the situation in hand so he went near them 


what is happening ” maan asked in his typical tone


                                                    The security was scared to find MSK himself there 


sir … this lady came without a invitation … but we asked her to move out ” security said with fear


actually i forgot the invitation but i m invited u can ask ridz, i am geet.. ” she said making a cute face 


                                              Maan was agin lost looking at her … Observing her from close distance he found how expressive her eyes were … they just poerced in his soul … when she looked at him he felt as if he is taking new birth … she was mesmerising … he has seen many girls prettier but none looked so angelic as her … her eyes had strange magnetic pull … well he was lost in her beauty and the way she was talking non-stop, he was observing the way her lips moving, her pink tongue which had shown sometimes between teeth, her body language, innocence which is oozing out from her face, her dark brown doe shape big eyes which are pleading from him..no..not pleading… actually glaring at security……… he was feeling like someone had snatched his breath from him, like he was hypnotized by her……. He observes her top-to-bottom, wearing a beautiful white chudidaar matching her white skin, just like his dream girl…. He was staring her without blink….



                                                 maan’s thoughts were broken by security’s voice who was trying to send geet out 


leave her ” maan  shouted but then composed himself 


                                               Geet looked at him with her big brown eyes 


 ” she … she is ridz frd u can let her in ” maan said 


but sir ” 


                               maan gave one of his angry looks that shut the security…Security feared his anger …


and yeah apologize to her :” maan ordered


                                       Both security and geet looked at him but maan maitained a straight face 


NOW :” maan said


i m sorry mam ” security said eyes downcast 


                                             Geet looked at maan with gratitude 



She sweetly whispered…… thank you! He nodded and maan went inside , geet followed him….. Maan was feeling like he was on 7th heaven after seeing her….. it was like falling in first sight but he was MSK, emotions hardly visible on his face, no one can understand what is going in his mind….. here, he was totally blown away with her beauty but never show on his face……

She was following him lost in her own world but suddenly bumped on his back lost in her thoughts….. she was about to fall back but Maan’s strong arms hold her by her waist again blown away with her beauty…….. there was eye lock between them but immediately they brought back to reality by the whistle sound which was coming from Armaan’s mouth who was leaning on the pillar, whistling on them raising his brows, having fun seeing them like this….. they immediately straighten their self and felt awkward……

Sorry! She mumbled….

Hey sweety…..you are late! Armaan told her looking at his watch….. maan made a face but doesn’t show on his face…. He felt awkward with the word sweety, but shrug off his thoughts and looked at Armaan…..

There is a long story behind it….. said geet…..

Really….. something related to Maan?…….asked armaan…..   He winked at Maan where maan glared at him back….

Who maan??? Asked geet…..  maan coughed a little looking here & there where Armaan looked at Maan with his big eyes while naughtiness on his face….. maan knew that he is thinking something but can’t do anything right here…… 

You don’t know who is maan? Asked Armaan scratching his head… she denied…. Before anyone replied just then ridz came there….

Geet…. Where were you? I was waiting you from so long and you are coming right now….  Asked ridzy…

Sorry ridz…. I was stuck in traffic….. replied geet but maan looked at her…. She lied…. But who cares…. She hugged ridz and then armaan…. 

Meet my brother maan… said ridz….  Geet’s pupils came out from her eyes hearing maan’s name and she was with him all the while and she doesn’t feel any need to ask his name…. she gave a faint smile to him and forward her hand ….. maan took her hand in his hand and both shook their hands,,,, he felt her soft warm skin against his….. again he felt something like he is losing himself in her…..

Congratulations….. she said to him with a sweet smile which means a lot for maan right now but he doesn’t know why he felt like that…..

Thanks…. Said maan…. Both were lost in their eyes that they forgot that they are still holding their hands and Armaan was having fun suppressing his laugh but poor ridzy looking at armaan in confusion…..

Ridz brought them back in reality….

Bro, she is my friend geet…. I was waiting for her…. She said….

Hmm…. I knew…. Saying so maan went away from there and starts talking to his friends from business world while his gaze was on geet all the while….. dadi maa joined them and they had lots of fun in the party…..

Days went well, maan was feeling something new in his heart like his dream girl got the face, like now onwards, he don’t have to struggle with the face of his dream girl,……

One day Ram was having some problems in his work, he thought to meet his trustworthy pandit whom he knows from so many years…. That pandit always gave him right advice…. So he told to his men that bring the cars and arrange things for the temple….

Before Ram could enter the temple his men cleared all crowd . Ram’s mom always believed in God and for this time in elections Ram want no stone unturned.
namaste pandit ji ‘ Ram said

‘ god bless you’ pandit said

god should bless me this time pandit ji I have waited a lot‘ Ram said

 Pandit gave him understanding look.

did you look at my horoscope .’ Ram asked

‘ yes.’ Pandit said

so what does it tell? I’m gonna be next chief minister? ‘ asked Ram with ting of sarcasm.

‘ Ram ji woh ‘

Ram stopped him showing his hand.

i don’t want to hear any story tell me in short clearly’ Ram said

‘ Ram ji to become a ruler your horoscope should be a of a king ‘ pandit said

what do you mean?

‘ sorry Ram ji but your horoscope don’t show possibility of you becoming any ruler’

This came as a blow to Ram. His anger could have burnt pandit there but he controlled as always anger

will not end up in our favour.

any way out ? ‘ Ram asked

‘ only one possible way you can become a ruler ‘ Pandit said

how? .’

‘ you have to mary a girl with luck a queen then automatically you can become a king ‘ Pandit said

is that possible? ‘ Ram asked

‘ the history says so’ Pandit said

Ram was pondering over Pandit’s words then a evil smirk appeared on his face.

so pandit ji make arrangements for my marriage with a queen‘ he said before throwing some cash on pooja plate



you have to mary a girl with luck a queen then automatically you can become a king ‘ Pandit said

is that possible? ‘ Ram asked

the history says so‘ Pandit said

Ram was pondering over Pandit’s words then a evil smirk appeared on his face.

so pandit ji make arrangements for my marriage with a queen’ he said before throwing some cash on pooja plate

Pandit looked at hi stunned’.. he was shocked literally couldn’t able to think what he just told him, he was giving only solution but now he has to search a suitable girl for hi who will become his luck, his queen’.. pandit gave him a faint smile and assured him that he will surely search a queen for him’..  Ram gave him his wicked smile and retreat from there to his mahal, his den’..




Next morning, maan was going out for his office talking to his phone while texting someone from his another phone and another was buzzing but who will pick that’.. he was so engrossed in his phones, he doesn’t about his surroundings and his whole concentrations on his text’.. Armaan was coming inside the mansion whistling and playing with his keys with his index finger’..

Armaan- dude, shall I pick your phone which is buzzing inside your pocket? (he asked to maan stopping him by his shoulder’.),,,  maan looked at him then again back in his cell checking mail in his blackberry, he cut the call and attached it to the Bluetooth and now maan was texting in his both cell while talking via Bluetooth””.. armaan looked at him for a while with his big eyes, checking him if he is a human or any robot””.

Maan- what are doing?? He asked while putting his call on mute’.. maan irritated with his behavior’..

Armaan– dude, I was checking are you really a human?? In case you know!!!

Maan-what???? Are you out of your mind?

Armaan- no‘.  he replied calmly”..

Maan- armaan, not now’ I am getting late’. Bye’.

Armaan-you are really a robot’ seriously man, you never enjoyed your life’ I am regretting now having a friend like you who doesn’t know how to enjoy the life””. Maan closed his eyes, he count 10-1 and breath out”..

Maan-you enjoy your life fully na’. that’s enough for me’. Ok’ now give me way, I have to go office’. Go inside and meet to ridz’. She is sitting there with grumpy face’ manofy her not waste tie with me’. Ok go’.. maan said all this patting his shoulder and disappear from there””.. armaan stood there shocked, he forgot to went yesterday, he had a plan with ridzy but he was busy with Dr. Kirti in OT’.. he rubbed his temple in tension and smiled nervously”” he went inside and found dadi was calling maan for breakfast but he was not there’.

Armaan- maan is not here, he went to office’..

Dadi-what?? But maan ne to breakfast bhi nahi kiya’. Kya karu ai isska’.. he never listen me’.

Armaan-dadi, why are you panicking so much.. he was like that all the while’. Maan n uski boring life‘.

Don’t you dare to call my brother boring”’. Ok‘.. ridzy told him glaring at him’.. armaan gave his million dollar smile to her but she ignored and munching her apple’..

Ridzy-atleast, he didn’t forget his promise and always be on time, not like you who doesn’t know how to be punctual’..

Armaan-not again, ab tu maan ki tarah baat mat karo’.. sorry please’ I know I didn’t came but pls samajh na’. Dr. Kirti gave me an emergency at the last moment’..

Dadi-tum dono ka ho gaya ho to breakfast kar lo.. maan to chala gaya without breakfast’. Ab tum dono to hamein company de sakte ho na’.

Sure dadi‘. Replied both’. Trio sat on dinning table and starts their breakfast’..

Armaan-dadi maa, do something with maan’.. he is becoming more n more boring day by day’.. not a single smile on his face‘.. dadi stopped on her track and worried for maan’..

Dadi-woh hamari suney tab na’. hamesha apni manmaani’.. ghar se office and office se ghar’. Bas’. Yahi reh gaya unki zindagi mein’..

Ridzy-dadi, bhai ki shaadi kara do, mujhe bhi bhabhi mil jayegi’. Achha idea hai na’. she was getting excited like a kid’.

Dadi-as if he will listen to me calmly aur shaadi kar lenge‘..

Armaan-geet’.. his eyes widen and mind starts working, thinking some plans’..

Ridzy-what geet??

Dadi-kaun geet?

Armaan-dadi, you forgot that girl who came in the party that day, our friend’.

Dadi-ha’ haan, she was very sweet’. Bahut hi pyaari bachi hai, hamein bahut pasand hai’..

Armaan-mujhe bhi‘.. ridz dropped her spoon in her plate and looked at armaan’..

Ridz-don’t you dare to look at her’. Otherwise I will kill you with you these hands’ showing him her hands like she will crush his neck in her  hands right now’.. armaan backed away a little’.

Armaan-sorry sweety, not in that way which you are thinking””. She is my friend’.. ignore it and listen me first”.

Dadi maa, do you remember that when maan smiled last time??? Dadi and ridz thought for a while and shook their head in negative’.  Armaan grinned and was smiling foolishly’.. both were looking at him like they had seen some joker’..

Ridz-amy, will you stop your smile and tell us what’s the matter? She frustrated’..

Armaan- you know dadi maan smiled last time when he met with geet’.. he narrate the whole situation to them and they were dumbstuck hearing all that’. they all they grinned and smiling foolishly’..




Geet was listening soft romantic songs while driving her car’. Outside is raining , weather was pleasant, chilled wind is blowing, touching her hair locks which are teasing her cheeks and eyes’.. rain and cold air was ticking her senses and humming the song , lost in her world but suddenly car stopped,’.

What happened? She asked to herself looking down and here & there’..  ek baar aur try karti hu’. She again talked to herself and tried again but the car was no where to start’.. the car was making weird noise, she was trying again n again but no use’.

Arey, yesterday I bought my car from service and it again ditched me’.. ab kya karu? Bahar check karti hu‘. She took her umbrella and stepped out from the car and looked here n there checking the tires but everything is fine but car was not starting’..

While maan was coming to the same direction in his BMW, checking his mails in his laptop, he looked outside for a sec and his sight fell on a girl who was stood beside her car’. Car’s speed was slow due to rain, he slide down the glass for a clear view’..”geet“‘. “what is she doing here?

Maan-driver stop the car beside that girl’. Maan ordered to him while driver looked at him shocked’.  Geet who was stood beside her car, she shocked seeing a car approaching her’. She murmured’. Why this car coming towards me??? Maan slide the window, she bend down a little for looking who is it..?

Maan- geet’..


Maan-remember’. Maan’ ridhima’s brother’. He asked to her’.

Geet-oh yeah’ hi’. She thought why he is here?

Maan-what happen? Is any problem? He showed his concern towards her’.

Geet smiled faintly and replied’. Ahh nothing much’. Ermm wo’…ummm”actually  my car broke down suddenly’ so’ she looked here & there not looking in his brown eyes’..

Maan smiled’.. come inside’ I’ll drop you at your place‘..

Geet-no” no it’s ok’. I can manage’.. why are you stressing yourself?

Maan-it’s ok.. I’ll drop you’

Geet-don’t bother for me’ I’ll catch a taxi’.

Maan-and from where you will catch any taxi? Taxi stand is 2km away from here’. You can’t find any taxi here and in this rainy weather’ that’s impossible’. Come inside‘. Geet smiled awkwardly’.. feeling weird taking lift from him’..

Maan made a call to the car service and told them to pick a car from this place and made it’. “driver, you stood here with the car’. Service man will come and when it will be ok, drop it her place’.. geet give him your address and car keys’. ” maan said in one go and waiting for her reaction’.. geet doesn’t know why she is doing what he is telling her to do’. She gave her address to driver and car keys” maan stepped out and took the driver seat while geet sat on the passenger seat beside him”smiled nervously”





She gave her address to driver and car keys…… maan stepped out and took the driver seat while geet sat on the passenger seat beside him……smiled nervously…….


Maan wore his glasses again and ignited the car….. he gave his killer smile which is merely seen on his face,…..  their eyes locked for a moment but she felt awkward with his intense gaze, she looked outside the window seeing the rain…..  it’s been 5 mins, none spoke….. she felt nothing but he felt like it’s been ages he doesn’t hear her sweet melodious voice,, he felt empty not hearing her voice….. it’s not like he knew her from ages, he merely know about her, only her name and her profession……


nothing else…. But he felt like he knew her by his heart which starts beating for her, he doesn’t why he felt like giving her a lift,,, he doesn’t know why he insist her…. He knows one thing and that is he did what his heart said to him…… nothing more……


Her duppata flew a little from it’s place and fell on gear……  she was abut to pull it from gear but suddenly maan held gear, she became nervous suddenly, he felt her dupatta under his hand, he glanced at the dupatta then her and pass a smile again to her…. She tried again to pull dupatta again but maan didn’t let go, he was enjoying her dupatta in his hand, feeling like having her in his arm, feeling like crushing her in his warm hug, it has the touch of her…..


she was struggling with the dupatta but he was not letting go of it….. he was enjoying her presence in his car a lot…… he never felt so contended in drive never before like he is feeling today……


Both looked at each other by chance and both passed a smile to each other…… her smile meant a lot him, he doesn’t know why? But he likes her smile….. it looks funny that maan singh khurana showing emotions for a mere girl whom he doesn’t know much…..  the drive was calm, no one spoke from them….. not a single word…. But again a problem came…. His car stops in mid….


Geet-what happen? She asked to him…… he tried to start the car again….

Maan- I don’t know…..  start nahi ho rahi hai….. I have to check engine…..

Geet-but outside is raining…..

Maan-I know but I have to check it….

Geet-okay, then I’ll accompany you….

Maan-wait…. You will drench in rain….

Geet-don’t worry…. I have an extra umbrella in my bag….

Maan-ok….  Both stepped outside from the car…. Before geet have him inside the umbrella along with herself, he was already drenched in rain but geet held umbrella over him when he was opening the bonnet…..  while he was checking the engine, she was looking at him and observing his acts he did when he gave her a lift…… after a while…


Maan-let me start the car,, she nodded….. he get inside the car while she stood outside….. he tried but it was not going to be start…..  damn…..  he put a frustrated hand in the steering and then pushed his hairs behind with his long fingers……  he came outside the car…. It’s rare that brand new BMW stopped working suddenly but may be fate has it’s own way……


it was their destiny or coincidence , who knows except god….   god himself wanted them to meet again and spend some quality with each other…..  well, maan doesn’t believe in God but sometimes, something happened that convince people to believe in God….


Maan-it is not gonna start…. Seems today we have to feel the rain….. she smiles….  He shocked with the set of his words…. What did I said? He asked to himself….. feel the rain…. He hates rain but today he said he will feel rain…. Well he was already drenched in rain…..

Geet-it’s ok…. Let’s walk…. mera dance school yaha se 10 mins walk par hai….. he nodded…..  he was about to held the umbrella just then their fingers touched with each other…..  he felt current ran down in his body in this rain with her mere touch while she felt nothing……  he held the umbrella after coming out of his dream and she left the umbrella….  Both walk side by side under one umbrella. Their arms are rubbing with each other sometimes but both said nothing….. today he felt so happy after spending lots of time with her….


It was their 2nd meeting but he felt like he knew her from years……  after a while they reached to her dance school where she invite him inside…..  both was drenched fully in rain…..  actually first time, maan was not irritated with rain…. He felt like , if he will with geet then it should rain…..   she went in her personal room along with him and gave him a towel for drying……




Geet-why thanks….  You helped me, so I should say thanks to you, not you…..  he smiled…. She left him there…… she went in kid section where all kids learnt dance from her…..  there is one section more which is for adults….

Geet- hello all…..

Kids- hello didi……  maan came outside hearing kid’s voice….

Geet-ready all…..  one of from kids asked…..

Kid- didi, you are drenched in rain…. So can we dance outside today in garden??

Geet-no,,,,, sochna bhi mat….

Maan-why are you scolding them?? She looked at them, then suddenly all kids starts screaming and ra outside the school where she & maan left there, geet was dumbstuck and maan was smiling seeing her reaction…….


Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom…


All kids start singing and dancing in rain,  moving their waist in a round motion and their arms were moving along with the rhythm of their waist…… she cave outside and saw all kids are dancing and fully drenched in rain…. Maan was all the while smiling…. It’s very rare to see his smile but he has a killing smile….. kids were doing some funny acts while maan was totally lost in geet, , ,


Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum

O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum

Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum

O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum


They all looked at the sky complaining but smiling and having fun….  Moving like animlas and making fun of each other…….


Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom


She stood there watching them where maan was enjoying first time seeing kids so happy and dancing like this….. he used to do charity in orphan age home and sometimes visit there too but today it’s a new feeing for him…….  kids ran and pulled maan and asked him to dance with them….. she laughed at maan’s reaction, he was black suddenly when kids were pulling him…. he was struggling but no one was listening him……  he looked at her face, her smile , her chirpiness, a kid inside her, he can see…….


He starts dancing along with the kids looking at her and singing for her where all kids accompanied him….. she felt laughing more after seeing him dancing…… who will say this is maan singh khurana who is dancing today…..


Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai

Baarish hoti hai chhanar chhanar chhumchhum


Maan signaled to kids for pulling geet here and they nodded……  they all ran and pulled geet there….. she was all ready…. She danced looking at him, dancing around him…. he felt so happy seeing her dance….. he doesn’t know what is this feeling? It’ new for him but he is feeling happy after having this new feeling for her…… no one say that maan singh khurana can be playful, infact he could’t imagine himself that he can do something like this, drenching in rain and that too with lots of kids and a pure beauty with him who made him lost in her beauty….


Koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Arre koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghumghoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom


Ho ho ho ho

Hey hey hey hey


She forget where she is….. she held his hand and pulled him again in mid of the ground and danced along with him…. kids were circling them…..


Baadal jhuke jhuke se hain

Raste ruke ruke se hain

Kya teri marzi hai megha


She was going ahead but a kid stop her by the edge of her duppata, maan was watching her every reaction……


Par hum ko jaane na dega

Aage hai barsaat peechhe hai toofan


All kids circled her, some are pulling her ahead where some are pulling her backward where maan accompanied them by pulling kids ahead…… one kid ran and jumped on maan’s back where he gave that kid piggy ride….  Geet’s mouth was wide open because she heard from ridzy that her brother doesn’t like kids but ridzy likes kids so much….. once or twice she came here in her dance school and spent some time with her and kids & learn some dance steps…..


Mausam beimaan kahaan chale humtum

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom


He looked at her…..


Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai

Baarish hoti hai chhanar chhanar chhumchhum


She looked at him…… their eyes met….


Koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghumghoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom


Both broke out their eye-lock and looked here & there…….  Kids separate them……


Ho ho ho ho

Hey hey hey hey


She left stood there like a statue where he starts singing and dancing along with kids…..


Ambar jhuka jhuka sa hai

Sab kuchh ruka ruka sa hai

Chhaya samaa kitna pyaara

Saawan ka samjho ishaara


He went near her and shook her by her arm where she came out from his dark brown eyes…..


Aise mausam mein tum bhi kuchh kaho

Tum bhi kuchh karo khadi ho kyon gumsum

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom


 She pushed him and pulled kids….. all kids showed thumb to him and danced…….


Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum

O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum

Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum

O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum


Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom


He pulled all boys with his side and sang for girls


Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai

Baarish hoti hai chhanar chhanar chhumchhum


Where she left there with all girls and sang for the boys….


Koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghumghoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom-4


They mingled with each other and danced with each other and maan with geet…… it was rare to see maan singh khurana like this…. Thanks to god that media didn’t came to know about this otherwise it will be the headline of tomorrow’s newspaper that the great msk dancing with kids & a girl in rain……

Ho ho ho ho

Hey hey hey hey

Ho ho ho ho

la la la…


i don’t know…



Maan was in his own la la land … lying on his bed all his thoughts were about the short time that he spent with geet… 

‘ will she be thinking about me ? ‘He wondered … how much he wants the answer to be yes … he just can’t get the images of her eyes off his thoughts …
                                      Maan wasn’t aware of the three should watching him hiding behind his door…
” what happened to bhai ? why is he smiling looking at the ceiling ? ” ridz asked worried 
” ur brother is bit by a bug ” armaan said 
“what ??? bug??? Oh god amy go bring anti-virus injection …………. Oh god we should treat bhai immediately ………………..we should take him to hospital ” ridz panicked 
” uff ho ridz beta armaan is talking about Love bug ……………… u r so much buddhu …………… ” daadi commented 
                                  Ridz made a baby face seeing amy and daadi laughing at her …………..
” daadi I told u that maan is in love but you didn’t believe me ………………… did u notice how he came home drenched in rain ……………. Have u ever seen him like that ? ” armaan said 
” u r right amy …………. Finally my grandson is in love and I m very happy ” daddi ‘s heart made a minin banngra …………….
” now what will we do ? ” ridz asked 
” now before doing anything its payback time for mr.khuranna ” amy smirked evily 
” what ?!! ” daadi and ridz asked confused 
” don’t u think we have good reason to tease Maan ” amy asked and daadi and ridz smiled knowingly 
                                         Armaan entered maan’s room but maan was still in his dream world with his angel and so didn’t notice him ……………………. Armaan cleared his throat but even that didn’t get maan’s attention …………………
                                          Armaan looked at daadi and ridz making a baby face …………… they showed him a thumbs up and asked him to continue ………………
” aag fire aag fire ” armaan started to shout 
                                              Maan jerked up suddenly and looked around in panic
” where is fire ? ” he asked 
                                           Armaan started to laugh 
” fire is inside my stomach coz of hunger will u plzzz come for dinner ” armaan asked still laughing 
                                             Maan gave him dangerous look but it had no effect on maan ……………
                                      They all sat in dining table for dinner ………………..
” btw maan why were u so lost ? what were u thinking ? ” armaan asked 
                                      Maan again immersed in his angel’s thoughts ………………….with that dreamy expression in his face anyone could tell that maan was thinking about geet …………………………. Armaan snapped his fingers that brought back him to reality ……………………
” what happened maan ? ” daadi asked 
” who daadi …….. nothing ……… I was just thinking …………I and geet …………no no I and preet yeah ……….i and architect harpreet were discussing about a project and that is what I was thinking about ………….” Maan took a sigh relief and praised him mentally for coming up with something wise ………..
” maan u said something geet ?? ” armaan asked 
” geet ? why would I talk about geet ” maan maintained a serious face 
” no maan u said geet right daadi ? ” armaan looked at daadi for support 
” yeas u did ” daadi agreed
” haan bhai u said geet ” ridz played along 
                               Now poor maan didn’t know what to say ……………….. he was stuck with his domestic Sherlock Holmes dadi and he knew he has noo escape ……………
” who I ………. I was telling that geet ………….. ur friend ……..”  maan was stammering 
” my friend geet ? ” armaan asked maintain a suspicious face 
” no no not ur friend geet ” maan smiled uncomfortably ………….. ” I meant to say geet meaning song ……………. Yeah right song ……………. Ridz ur song taste is bad ………… I ur i-pod play list its so boring …………… load new geet I mean song ……………….. ” maan said with fake confidence
                                       Ridz’s lips formed a ‘o’ in shock …………….. how can maan comment about her song taste …………….
” but bhai …………..” 
” I m done ………….. I m going to sleep ” maan went to his room without listening to any 
                                 Once he walked away all three broke into laughter ………………
” can u believe that its MSK who just went from here as he wasn’t able to hide from us that he is dreaming about his lady love ? ” amy asked in amusement 
” yeah ………… but still bhai shouldn’t have insulted about my song list ” ridz pouted 
” I still can’t believe my arrogant grandson is falling for a girl ” daadi said placing her hand near her heart ……………
” daadi be ready for marriage preparations soon …………………” ridz said 
” the way maan is behaving I think one day he ll come before us with garland in his neck and say us that he is married ” armaan laughed 
                                         Everyone retired to bed with whole hearted happiness …………………
                                  Pandit ji was startled to see Ram’s men standing before his house …………..
” what are u doing here ? ” pandit asked 
” ram bhai asked u to search girl for him but u are here doing nothing ” one of the men said 
” but ……..” 
” listen u don’t give any excuse by tomorrow we want the girl else u ll not live to see the next day” they threatened him 
                     Pandit ji was in utter shock ………………. He knew ram’s men wouldn’t hesitate to kill him ……………….. how will he find a girl ? ……………… if they kill him what will his family do ……………… all this thought made him sick …………………
” pandit ji ” geet’s voice broke his thoughts   
” are u alright pandit ji ? ” she asked 
” haan beti how are u ” 
” I m fit and fine as always beti ” he smiled fakely 
” pandit ji I told u I got an offer to choreograph in film right ? …………… see I have got cheque from the producer ” she happily showed him the cheque 
 ” now my life is complete pandi ji ” geet said happily 
” no beti a girl’s life is complete only when she is married and gives birth to a child ” pandit ji said 
” marriage ?!! I don’t have anyone to care for my marriage ” geet said sadly 
                                   Pandit ji’s mind flashed an idea ……………….. he didn’t like doing it but when he remembered his family he was bound to act like this  for his own good 
” geet beti I want to talk with you it’s very  impt ” pandit said 
” yes pandit ji ? “
” I know you don’t have anyone in this world but I consider you as my own daughter ………………… I will be more than happy to see you settle with your family …………… I have a boy in my mind so if u agree I can talk with him ” pandit said 
” but ……” 
” see I know its very sudden but I want u to be happy ……………. Think about ur life after 10 years you should have someone to support you …………… moreover don’t u want a life of ordinary girl with husband and kids ” pandit ji said 
” whatever you feel is good for me I ll do it .. u r like a father figure to me ” geet said politely 
                            Once geet left the temple pandit called ram ………….
” what pandit ji did u find the girl ? ” ram asked 
” of course ……….. hse is an orphan very good girl ………… her name is geet “
” umm I ll send my men give her horoscope to them ” ram said 
                                   Pandit ji didn’t know what to do ? he knew ram’s ways so he just gave geet’s horoscope to ram …………………….
                                 Pandit ji was hell tensed …………… after 30 minutes he received ram’s call ……………………
” hel..ll..o ” pandi said shivering 
” pandit ji u r great ………….. u found the best girl for me ………………. Seems that she is like a lucky jackpot and her husband will have power to rule the entire world ” ram said 
                       Pandit took a sigh relief 
” I m happy ………….. fix the marriage asap  ……… whats her name btw ? ” 
” geet ” pandit said
” yeah geet …………… msg me her number ” ram said 
” sure ” pandit ji said and cut the call
                            He looked at God’s Idol and lifted his hand in gratitude …………….
” thank u bhagwan ji for saving my family  “


It was the day of marriage, ,  geet was very happy, , finally she is going to be married, , the last dream of her parents is gong to come true, , they always wanted the best for her and now she is going to get the best, , she thought in her mind, . pandit showed her the photo of the guy and must say he is really handsome and good looking too’.

But she doesn’t know that fate is playing game with her or someone else playing game with her beside of her fate’..


Pandit was feeling very bad for cheating her but he has not any other way of protecting his family, , this was the best way’.  Ram will get his queen and geet will also get married’. It was called two works will accomplish with one shot, , but he is really feeling bad for geet but they say fate has it’s own way, ,

every one come on earth with their own fate & destiny, , no one knows that what will happen in next moment, , it’s only in God’s hand’


If God will want to save her life then it will happen otherwise she has to face the worst of her life’.  Pandit did the same as he was told to do’.  Pandit told to geet that Sidhanta , the guy with whom she is going to be marry, , is really very good guy, , educated and well mannered’. Studied in U.K. , , he is the son of a famous politician, , geet get ready for the marriage, , s

he has not any reason for deny it, , and she has not any close relative with whom she can consult, , if she has , , they are little greedy and she doesn’t like them’..  that’s why she didn’t consult with anyone’.


On the other hand, , maan was confirmed with his feelings that is he loves geet, , every thing about her, , he get to know more about her from ridz, , ridz thought to share some things about geet, , about her likings, , taste etc, etc’.

 armaan, his best buddy told him that when we are in love then what happen with us, , the small-2 hints we get when we are in love, , though armaan love to tease him to the core for falling in love but right now he thought that realization is first, , he can tease him later but first maan should know that he is in love with geet, , nothing else mattered right now’.


Sidhanta has been arrived Delhi from U.K. , , he is the son Ram, , but he hates his dad to the core because of his politics, , his tricks , he use to fool the public, , he always wants to get away from his dad, , but before two days he got invitation of his dad’s marriage, ,

he knew that something is really fishy here, , otherwise why he is going to marry, ,he can’t do anything sitting in U.K. so he thought to move in delhi and stop the marriage, , he can’t see that the life of an innocent girl will ruin, , there is really some hidden motive behind the whole marriage’


The marriage is on big scale, , people of his party has been invited along with maan’. Maan , who was shocked at first with the invitation of Ram’s marriage , ,

may be it is his trick of gaining votes and all, , the funda behind his to become C. M.  but then he shrugged off al the thoughts and though to attend the marriage as he is the financer of his party’..


The auspicious day has been arrived for geet , , she is in Ram’s home and the girls from the parlous getting her ready, , geet is happy, , where ram is also getting ready’. Geet doesn’t know that she is going to marry with ram not his son sidhanta, , she doesn’t have much dreams about her marriage, , but yes she want to talk to his would be husband for once , , 

she asked to someone that she wants to talk but she told by them that he went to airport for receiving his friends, , he will come soon’ she said ok to them and get ready”


Meanwhile sidhanta has been arrived at home and he was stunned seeing the arrangements, , he is sure that something is really fishy here, ,

why he will marry now with a girl who has the same age like his won son? He is getting suspicious with everyone, ,  meanwhile ram is smirking at his own victory, , he will become the king after this marriage, , all the starts will shine at his victory, , he will become C. M. for sure, ,


Ram greeted his son, sidhanta and told him to get ready for attend the marriage, , he nodded, , tried to behave that he is really with his father’s marriage but inwardly he is cursing his dad’. He tried to look here and there for getting any clue, , just then his sight fell on the pandit who is sweating badly in this AC hall, , the AC is very high, , everyone is feeling little cold but he is sweating, why?  He is  hiding something may be or may be not? He have to find out that’.


Meanwhile maan also arrived there, , media is also outside the bungalow, , everyone wants to capture the glimpse on the girl’s face, , every channel of news is going only 1 thing that is ram is going to be marry again, , some news channel is showing that why he is getting vary at this age,, this is not the age of his marriage, , but what they can do? They can only capture the wedding and ask the questions only, nothing else’.


Sidhanta cornered pandit with the excuse of asking something about the ceremony and took him in a dark room , , pandit was already scared with whole things and now this guy cornered him, ,


Sidhanta-pandit ji, , tell me fast what are you hiding and what is the reason behind this marriage?

Panidt-i’. i..d..d..on’t know anything’. He managed


Sidhanta-don’t try to fool me ok, , in AC hall you sweating badly why? and please don’t tell me that because of fire and all, , because you were not there in mandap, , I can see the fear in your eyes, , sach-2 batayiye pandit ji baat kya hai?  I promise vai aapko kuch nahi hone dunga , yeh ladki ki zindagi ka sawaal hai, , ,  sidhanta tried to convince him’


Pandit-sidhanta beta, , if I open my mouth then my family will be in trouble’ I can’t beta..


Sidhanta-aur uss innocent girl ka kya pandit ji? Usne aapka bigada hai?  I promise, , aapki family ko kuch nahi hoga’. Mai aapse wada karta hu’.


Pandit starts sobbing little, , he is very guilty on his deeds, , he is going to do a sin which is not forgivable but then he thought that may be god doesn’t want that this sin happen that’s why god has send this boy for helping him, , and take that girl from the trouble’. He made up his mind and thought the spill the beans, , thought that he should tell the whole truth to him, , may be he can help him and geet also, , will understand his problem and his dad’s evil intentions’..


Pandit-  beta, , geet ko bacha lo, , please take her away from your father’s cage’. She is really innocent, ,  he explained everything to him that how his father come to him and asked about the horoscope and asked to search a suitable girl or should say queen who will rule on his fate , ,

after marrying with her, , there is more chances for becoming c. m. and how one day geet come to him and how he told her about this marriage and how his father told him to show your photo to geet otherwise she won’t agree for the marriage’ he did as he told to do’. He was threatened by his dad , , if he didn’t found any queen for him then he will be in trouble along his family’  


pandit starts crying and sobbed in front of him’ sidhanta was stunned with the whole truth’..  sidhanta tried to console the pandit, ,


sidhanta- pandit ji, , take this money and do as I say to you’..  delay the marriage with appropriate reason on which my dad can believe easily like the girl’s horoscope is going through bad phase and we have to wait for 1-2 hours, , till then I’ll shift your family on a safe place and save the girl also’..


pandit agreed and left from there’.. pandit went near ram, , he read her horoscope in front of him and told him that geet’s has a bad phase in her horoscope right now, , if you will get marry with her right now then it will effect your future which will join with her after marriage and if we’ll wait for two hours then everything will be fine’.





pandit agreed and left from there….. pandit went near ram, , he read her horoscope in front of him and told him that geet’s has a bad phase in her horoscope right now, , if you will get marry with her right now then it will effect your future which will join with her after marriage and if we’ll wait for two hours then everything will be fine….


Ram was first surprise as suddenly what happened in her horoscope that they have to delay the marriage but then he gave his deep thought on this matter and reached to conclusion that if he will hurry in marriage then anything bad can happen , it will better if he agree with pandit otherwise it can be harmful for his future,,,, he had an evil smirk on his face…


Ram-pandit ji, , if we delay the marriage for two hours then everything will be fine na? ram asked to pandit taking him in a corner so that no one can her them….. pandit , who was fearing inwardly but put up the strong face and tried not to look coward and scared….


Pandit-ji ram ji, , then everything will be fine, , just we have to do some other ceremonies alone at some kind of place where no one can see us, , only you and me,,, told pandit to ram…


Ram-why me pandit ji? Why not that girl? Pandit  scared a little then try to make it real so that this cunning mind can believe on him not to suspect at him, ,


Pandit-because you are going to merry her, , yours and her horoscope will attach after this marriage that’s why we have to find a solution together….  Ram gave a thought again on this matter and nodded, , gave his approval to him….


While on the other hand media was surrounded around his bungalow and trying to take a glimpse of the bride, , slowly-2 every one is arriving, ,


Reporter1-as you can see, we are standing outside the ram’s bungalow where the great politician is going to merry but the million dollar question is that why he is going to merry? who is that girl?


Reporter2-just now Home minister has been arrived, , slowly-2 the famous name, , famous personality of politician world and bollywood world who is attached with other parties in politics are  arriving, , come and lets try to ask some question to  Jaya ji, who is from opposite party but still she is here, , we can’t understand that who is friend here and who is not…..


Reporter3- why the sudden marriage? This is the time for his son’s marriage and now we are seeing that he himself is going to be merry, ,


Reporter4-is there any mysterious intentions behind this marriage?


Reporter5-as you can see that the great businessman Maan Singh Khurana’s car has been arrived here,  you all know that he is financer of ram’s party, , come and let’s have some words from him about this whole marriage issue, , come and let’s listen his views about this marriage….


As soon as maan’s bodyguard opened the door of his Mercedes , , everyone is looking at him, , all the reporters pounced on him for asking the questions…. His bodyguard trying to shoo them away but they kept asking questions on and on….


“Mr. khurana, , what do you think about this marriage?”


“Do you know that who is the girl with whom mr.ram is going to merry?”


“Of course, you knew that who is the girl, after all you are the financer of his party and as we know that you have little bit friendliness with him”


“Why the sudden notice to media? Is there any mystery behind it” 


Meanwhile his bodyguards continuously saying that no questions but media is media, , they are very stubborn, , they kept clicking pictures of him, , maan kept walking and walking without opening his mouth because he doesn’t know anything about this marriage then what will he reply to media and he doesn’t want to lie them and regret afterwards…..


Reporter1- jaisa ki aapne dekha, , Maan Singh Khurana ne ek word tak nahi bola, , kyon koi kuch nahi bol raha hai?


Inside the bungalow, , maan entered and ram greeted him and then told  him that has some work, please be comfortable and enjoy, , as he has arranged entertainment for the guests like dancers , maan congratulated him and took his place…..


Ram and pandit move ahead and going to enter in a room but suddenly stopped by his men who was feared first but the gathered courage and stop ram from his mid way, , ram glanced at his face and  understood that matter is serious otherwise there is no need to come to him….


Ram took his men aside, , 


Man-boss you can’t believe on that what I heard just now…


Ram-don’t talk in riddles, , come to straight at the point…


Man-boss, , sidhanta sir comes to know everything, ,


Ram-what? But how?


Man-boss, , I saw that pandit and sidhanta sir were talking with each other then I heard their talk, , they were talking about that girl and that pandit had spilled the beans…


Ram-what? Tumne mujhe pehle kyo nahi bataya?


Man-sorry boss, wo you were busy in guests that’s why I didn’t interrupt you…


Ram-okay, , don’t let sid come near geet otherwise it won’t be good for you and your family too… aur agar kuch ho jaye to don’t hesitate to finish that girl… understood..


Man-y…ye…yesss boss…. And then that man went away , , ram went towards the pandit and thought to play game with him…. Ram kept him engrossed him in work while his men were working, ,


Meanwhile sidhanta entered in geet’s room where she was getting ready, , first she was startled with the sudden arrival of a person but when she saw the face she was first shocked seeing sidhanta there but the gave him her little smile….  She wanted to talk to him but didn’t get any chance to talk to him but now she can talk to him, ,


Sidhanta looked at her and thought that she is so innocent and his dad is ruining her life, what  a shame, he was feeling for her but now exchanging words with each other is the first priority, ,


Sidhanta-are you geet?  He asked to her…. She nodded…


Geet-are you sidhanta? She asked to him…. He nodded, , I wanted to talk to you but, geet was interrupted in mid by sidhanta, ,


Sidhanta-dekhiye geet ji, we can talk later but listen to me with a great concentration and gather your whole courage because I know that after hearing this you might feel weak…. Geet got scared hearing his side first but then took a deep breath and gestured him to continue….. sidhanta nodded…


Sidhanta-geet ji, , you are not gwith oing to merry with me, , your marriage is held with my father, , he wants to merry with you by fooling you… he showed my picture to you so that you would convince for the marriage ,  your life is in danger geet ji… geet was shocked hearing this…

Geet-but how it can be possible? Pandit ji ne to kaha that ki meri shaadi aapse? Aise kaise?


Sidhanta-geet ji, I know it is not easy but this is the truth, , pandit was threatened by my dad and this is because your horoscope is very good for his future… aapki life khatre mein hai, , aapko yaha se jana hoga… you have to run away from here….


Geet was shocked  completely not able to respond…. She didn’t know what to do? How can any pandit do with others? And he is very reliable pandit, , she gave him the place of her father, , he always shower love on her and today he wants to ruin her life…


Sidhanta shook her, , geet ji, are you fine? He asked to her after  not getting any response to her… she nodded….


Geet-hum yaha se kaise jayenge? Asked geet….


Sidhanta-don’t worry, I’ll help you, , first I have to do preparation for you then we’ll leave from here till then you have to fake it… like you doesn’t know anything…… he tried to made her understand everything…. Geet nodded after getting everything…..


On the other hand, maan was feeling restless, , like something bad is going to be happen but what? Something is bothering him, , but what ? again this question is lingering in his mind, , in the AC hall, , he is feeling sweaty, why? He is having an unknown feeling like his  to close relation is in danger but who?


what is happening with me? From today morning I am feeling bit worried, , why my eyes roaming here and there like searching to someone but whom? ” he loosened his tie a little but nothing seems to working with him, ,


On the other hand, maan was feeling restless, , like something bad is going to be happen but what? Something is bothering him, , but what ? again this question is lingering in his mind, , in the AC hall, , he is feeling sweaty, why? He is having an unknown feeling like his  to close relation is in danger but who?


“what is happening with me? From today morning I am feeling bit worried, , why my eyes roaming here and there like searching to someone but whom? ” he loosened his tie a little but nothing seems to working with him, ,


Sidhanta comes out of her room while geet was in shock, , she was in such a mess, , how can se believe on any1? She was thinking, , she was such a fool, , she  thought that she took that pandit her father’s place and what he did with her, , he cheated her badly only for his family, ,


how can he do with her like this? Does he has no heart, , no humanity for any person…? Her eyes were cloudy with tears while body was shaking with fear, , every word was echoing in her ear and mind that she was about to merry with that ram, the politician but why? Why only she?


Sidhanta was passing from the hall just then his sight fell on a person, , he admired him a lot because of his personality, , his working style, the position he held in society, his name everything about him for admirable….  He is none other than Maan Singh Khurana, , he is very fond of maan,, 


he met maan in a political party , he went there forcefully by his father, Ram, , he didn’t like political parties but he had to  go there for name sake only, , he didn’t like the environment of these kind of parties…..  maan  also knew sidhanta, , and he is very good boy in his sight ,,


Sidhanta thought that he can believe on maan because he knew that fact that maan respect for women a  lot and he is only financer of his dad’s party and this is the fact he knew only that is he didn’t like ram, so he can trust on maan on this matter….


Sidhanta took a deep breath and headed towards maan, ,


Sidhanta-hello maan sir, , maan looked up and saw sidhanta is standing in front of him, , man smiled a little and stand up for him….

Maan- hello sidhanta, hows you? Asked maan while shaking hands….


Sidhanta-I am fine sir… what about you?


Maan-same here… so tell me, , enjoying your father’s marriage? Asked maan….


Sidhanta- sir to, actually mujh aapse bahut jaruri baat karni thi…. Told sidhanta feeling very nervous thinking that how to reveal his dad’s deeds….


Maan-what happen sidhanta? Is everything fine? Asked maan….


Sidhanta-nothing is fine sir.. everything is messed up… please aap mere sath chaliye…. Replied sidhanta…. Maan understood the seriousness of the situation….  Both walked a little and went a place where no one can see them….


Maan-now, tell me what’s the matter? Asked maan …. Sidhanta took a deep breath and breath out


Sidhanta- sir the matter is very serious… actually my father is cheating a girl…. She was told by the pandit that her marriage is going with me and showed my photo also but she doesn’t know that she is  going to merry with my dad, ,  hearing this maan’s blood boiled, , how can ram do with any girl? And why? He knew that he is a shrewd politician and he can do anything for winning the elections but this is something else….


Maan-but why ram is doing this? I didn’t get it…


Sidhanta-there is a reason behind this…. Actually her horoscope is very good for the future of dad and after marrying with her, dad is thinking that he will become C. M. and she didn’t know till yet but I told her everything…. Before some time ago I got to know everything and I can’t see that any innocent girl’s get ruin by my dad…. You have to help me sir…


Maan was stunned hearing this…. He knew that ram is totally jerk, , maan was with ram only for his profit nothing else… sometimes, , they get hurdles in business and they to have to take  a help from the politicians or some underworld don but he can’t get so low that he can see a girl ruining by their hands…. 


Maan was feeling some kind of unknown feeling inside him like a fear engulfing his heart, , he doesn’t know why and for whom he is feeling like that? But he couldn’t ignore the fact that the fear inside his, this real because this morning he is feeling that, he never felt before like this, , why now?


Maan-what’s her name? asked maan, , though he knew the name of the girl which was printed on the marriage card but he doesn’t know why he asked this question….


Sidhanta-her name is geet…. Sidhanta uttered her name….. maan felt like the land is slipping under his feet, , geet, the name echoing in his ear, , geet, his geet… no, this is not true…. It can’t be true….


Maan-no, ye nahi ho sakta… card par to Geetanjali likha tha na? asked maan….


Sidhanta-yes, this is true that card par name geetanjali likha hai but her name is geet, geet handa…. She is very innocent, she doesn’t know anything…


Maan felt like he will faint right there hearing all this… no, no, his heart saying that this can’t true, geet , he has to save her, she is only his… he can’t see her ruining after knowing all this…. No, he can’t waste the time….


Sidhanta-what are you thinking sir, tell me na, will you help me? Asked sidhanta hoping that he’ll say yes….


Maan-where is geet/ where is my geet? Maan felt like destroy everything right now, , how dare that bas**** ram ? how can he think like that for his geet? He’ll kill him right now but alas he can’t do that…


Sidhanta was surprised hearing my geet from his mouth and so much anger in his eyes ,  his eyes turned red suddenly , , he feared a little with anger but calm himself….


Sidhanta-sir, wo she is caged in the last room on second floor…. He uttered about her….


Meanwhile is geet’s room…..


No…. please don’t do this… please….  Geet pleaded for her life….


Hahaha, , men were laughing at her seeing  her situation…. She was crawling on the floor covering herself, , not letting them to touch her body, , he dupatta was lying  some where in the corner of the room while she was crying… her face, make up was all messed up with her tears….


One of them replied her sincerely, how can we leave you? Jab apne samne itna achha maal ho to isey kaise chhod de…… and laugh at her state….


Geet crawled back and her back hit at the wall….  Please for god sake leave me…. She pleaded again trying to grab something but nothing was there near her….


Another man from them held her feet and pulled her towards them…..  geet was crying and screaming  nothing was leaving nay effect on them because they are so hungry for her, , they want to feast her body, ,


They tore her one sleeve and she cried more  covering herself with her hands…. They were like attacking on their prey, , they were ordered by ram that if something happened then kill her but they thought that before killing her, let’s have some fun, , geet was trying to run away from there ram’s men saw her and grabbed her….


Suddenly the door was wide open and the sight was stabbing maan’s heart…. The man was half lying over geet and her dress and torn, she was crying and wriggling in his grip, , but they were 3-4 and more strong than her…. Maan greeted his teeth and clenched his fist also… his eyes were more red now… 


The man stand up immediately seeing maan there, he knew that who is maan and sidhanta was also there…  maan grabbed that man’s collar in his one fist and gave a solid punch on his nose that he fell down with his badly bleeding nose, , geet crawled back more hugging herself more, covering herself more, , crying, , tears were like non stop coming out from her eyes….  Maan knew her state, , sidhanta hit another man, while maan took her dupatta and covered her properly, geet didn’t have any courage to look at him…. She was feeling so humiliate, like she has been raped by them, , feeling very low….


That man attacked on maan on his back but maan was too fast for him, , he grabbed his arm and twist it on his back , the bone was broken of his arm now, , he kick him on his leg….


You wanted to rape her, , hai na, now you won’t be able to have s** with your own wife… I won’t leave you, you bas***,  and maan hit him between his leg so many times that he was crawling on the flour holding himself in so much pain, , this was no over, , maan was hitting him on his stomach,  kicking him continuously, that man was half dead now but maan was no where to stop, , sidhanta was also done with another man, ,


Before maan went towards geet, , ram came there, ,


Maan, sidhanta, what is happening here? Asked ram so cooly like nothing is happened right now….  Maan turned towards him and his blood boiled more seeing his disgusting face…., he raged with anger, ,  he clenched his fist, his nails digging in his skin,,


You bast***, , how dare you? Maan pounced on ram grabbing his collar and gave a tight punch in his stomach… sidhanta was also fmeeling disgust seeing ram’s face…. He was feeling shame for being his son…. Today he is regretting more…. Maan punched him again…


Maan, , tum kitna bhi maar lo par sach yeh hai ki she is going to be my wife…. Told ram smirking….


You bloody bast***, , she is not going to merry with you.. samjhe…. Maan jerked him so close and hit him with his head….


Really? Then what will you said to media? Asked ram….


Uski fikr tum mat karo.. mere paas jawab hai…. Replied maan…. He leave him and turned back towards geet…. Maan took out his coat and made her wear geet… geet who was not in her sense, , she doesn’t know that what is happening now? She was numb now…  she was feeling disgust from herself…. She wore coat by maan and then maan covered her by her dupatta…. 


Wait and watch…. Said maan while moving out with geet….. maan reached downstairs where all the guests are waiting, , he reached there and all sights was on them…. A dulhan, who was messed up, face was in tears, messy hairs, , maan, , blood on his hands , sidhanta, same was with him and the most important ram, who was dulha but right now he is looking like a goon, , whole face was covered with blood, injuries on his arm and neck… torn clothes…. Looking like a beggar  with his clothes… everyone stood up seeing the sight….. 


 They stood in the mandir which is in the hall, , it was only for showing off, , but it was a mandir, ,


 “Open the door”… maan roared and the guards opened door at once…. Media saw the door opening and they barged inside the bungalow… clicking pictures and asking questions but the next incident was shocking for all of them….


Maan filled geet’s maang with his blood , he tore ram’s dupatta and his sherwani and thre it on the floor… all are witnessing maan’s act…. Maan fired the clothes with the matchbox and then he took geet in his lap and started taking pheras around the fire…. Pandit who was standing there, he start chanting the mantras, , media found it spicy story and they were clicking pics continuously,


The marriage took place but now ram and geet, , it was maan and geet…. Marriage was over but geet was faint in maan’s arms…. Everyone was watching it live on their television because media was covering ram’s marriage on a live tv….



However bad things proceed but if the end is good things seem easy ……………………. Maan was in quiet a state of calmness as he managed to save his geet from dangerous fall …………………… he couldn’t imagine how things would have been if he hadn’t come to know about things …………………….

                                          Maan couldn’t deny the fact that everything is not normal around him especially when geet is lying unconscious beside him……………………… He looked at her pale face ……………. She seem exhausted ……………….something what she faced today might test the strength of any girl ……………….she was brave he couldn’t deny that ……………………. The very moment after he filled her forehead with sacred red sindoor she fainted…………………. That moment everything around him stopped ……….. all he cared was to take her to a safe place ……………..
                                     Maan brought her to KM and immediately informed armaan to reach there ………………. Now giving silence as answer to all questions of daadi and ridz maan is in his bed room with geet lying unconscious in his bed ………………… maan’s thoughts were broken by armaan’s voice
” maan what is all this ? what happeed to geet ? ” armaan asked worried
” armaan she fainted I don’t know why plzz check her ” for the first time ever fear was a part of feel in maan’s eyes
” but maan……….” Armaan’s words caught in his throat when he saw red color on geet’s forehead ……….
                                 Maan followed armaan’s gaze and he knew he is answerable to his family but now this is not the right time ……….. all he cared at the moment was that his geet should be safe ………….
                                   Armaan looked at maan then his gaze shifted to daadi and ridz who were standing near the door  with worried expression ……………….armaan looked back at maan …………….
” I can explain everything to u all but that is not impt now ……… plzz check geet ……….” Maan’s voice held concern 
” maan wait outside take daadi with you ridz will help me ” armaan said 
                                         Maan followed …………Armaan was checking geet’s pulse when ridz stood beside him locking the door ………..
” is she ok ? ” ridz asked with a broken voice
                                   Armaan turned to look at crying ridz ………….
” ridz be strong u r a doc ” armaan said
                                    He knew what ridz must be going through now its not easy to see u friend lying like this in front of ur eyes …………. Even his heart was bleeding at the sight but creating drama won’t be a sane thing to do in this fragile situation ………………….Armaan knows how much maan loves geet and nothing could possible near her when maan is like a savior beside her ………………
                         After checking geet and arranging drips for her armaan and ridz reached the living room where maan and daadi was sitting ……………
” armaan is she fine ? ” maan asked immediately 
” well not exactly ” armaan said
” what ?!! u can’t say this armaan ” maan said
” listen maan she is still unconscious so u have to tell me what has happened that caused this else I will not be able to treat her ” armaan said 
                                    Maan explained everything to them ……………… from when he started falling for geet to the moment when he made her his wife in front of the world ………………… everyone were shocked to hear this and a wave of disgust passed hearing abt Ram ……………..
” maan I can’t believe all this happened  ” daadi said
” daadi geet has to undergo so much and I had no clue about it ……” maan cried
                               Daadi held maan’s face
” maan beta this is not ur fault praise the lord that u were able to reach at right time ” daadi said 
 ” armaan why do u think geet fainted ” maan asked
” possibly it could be stress but I can’t tell anything clrearly before she becomes conscious ” armaan said 
” will she be ok ? ” maan asked 
” she will be maan don’t worry ” armaan said 
                            Maan turned to daadi 
” daadi aren’t u angry on me for marrying geet like this all of a sudden ” maan asked worried 
” maan I can never be angry on u ……………. I believe that geet is right life partner for u and I m veru happy ………………… so stop worrying and go stay with geet ” daadi said smiling 
                          Maan went to his room and saw geet still lying in same position ………………….. he sat beside her ………………..
” geet I don’t know if u ll be angry on me for this step but trust me geet  I love with whole heart and take care of u ……………… plzz wake up soon geet plz ” maan bent down and kissed her forehead ……………..
                              Maan moved to the balcony and took his phone out ………………. By god’s grace he saved geet from that monster ram but it doesn’t mean that he ll let him live in peace ………………….. Ram has messed with MSK and it time to face MSK as enemy ………………….
                                  The next day police surrounded ram’s house the whole media was there and it was getting difficult for ram even to breath……………………
REPORTER : as u can see police has surrounded the politician Ram’s house ………………. If u all can remember it’s the same Ram who was to get married yesterday but that never happened on the other hand his bride became the wife of his partner / friend Mr. Maan singh Khuranna ………………….none knows the reason……… While that case still remains the mystery ………………… Videos of Ram involved in illegal business with under world group has been leaked in intenet ………………..and if rumours are to be believed then Paper evidence agains Ram regarding misuse of money allotted by the govt for poor people has reached police……………………………. With all this in plate police is here to arrest Ram for more news follow our channel ……………….
” leave me alone I m not at fault … i did nothing ” ram pleaded
” sir we ll talk in the station come with us ” inspector said
                                                 Ram had no other go… press was all over the area , strong evidence and to save reputation he had to go with police …
                                              Ram sat in his car with one police with him … the police recieved a call and seeing the ID he gave to ram 
” hello ” Ram said
” this is starting of ur downfall ” it wasn’t tough for maan to recognize that it was maan 
” maan u ??? ” 
” yes i m .,… and from now on every moment of ur life u will remember my name as u will regret every moment for trying to mess with my Geet ” maan said 
” is that **** girl reason for all this ???????” 
” shut up She is Geet Maan Singh Khuranna and u ll pay for even taking her name from ur B*** mouth ” maan warned 
” u know me as maan and now meet MSK trust me u ll not like it ” with that maan cut the call



Everyone was settled in their own room while  maan was settled with geet though he will stay away from her as he told to armaan and dadi also about his decision’. He was sitting beside her caressing her head lovingly soothing her pain with his soft touch, , where she was murmuring continuously in her sleep, , she was scared and seeing the bad dream’..


No one was with her in this world, , everyone in her family left her alone in this mean world, and when she tried to made her own family and then she was cheated badly’.


It was morning now, maan was sleeping on the bed in his sitting position , his back was against with bed post’. While his hand in her hairs still caressing a little bit moving slowly in his sleep also, , while geet was sleeping peacefully while her arms around his waist hugging him almost’.  Geet opened her eyes slowly coming out from her deep slumber sleep, , where maan was still sleeping in his uncomfortable position’.


Geet’s eyes moved here and there adjusting the view around her, regaining what happened with her last night or day? She looked at her arms which were around maan’s stomach, , she looked at her  arms then  maan’s stomach and then she raised her eyes for looking who it is? She jumped back at once seeing maan there with her’.  She gasped at once with a shock where maan’s sleep broke down with the sudden voice and acts’.


He rubbed his eyes a little and looked at her scared face’.. his eyes wide open seeing her shocked’. And then reality hit him thinking that may be she is taking all this in a wrong way, , he have to clarify all this soon otherwise it can be turned in a big misunderstanding’..


geet, look, as you are thinking nothing happen,  like this, , yesterday that ram’s fiasco and then for saving you I had married with you, see I didn’t touched you at all ” he was just blabbering on and on in defending himself and for clarifying the misunderstanding , but the effect of his blabber turned wrong,  she was shocked hearing all this, though everything happened with her only but the sudden realization took her breath away’.


Her eyes were filled with tears and those tears rolled down on her cheeks wetting down them with the salty water , she chewed her lip stopping her sobs and she hugged herself regaining the dreadful moment when those goons were trying to force her, , when they snatch away the dupatta from her body,, when they tear apart the sleeve from her arm’


And then her savior came and saved by him’she glanced at his fearful face , he has fear where she can she concern also for her, she remembered how he had saved her when she was about to brutally snatched away’. She looked at herself checking herself at the last time and once again looked at him, matching his face with the face who had saved her and in her mind both face matched and at once and she moved in his embrace hiding herself from this mean world , pushing those dreams away and came in the arms of her savior, , she felt like anything will not happen with her now, her savior with her now’.


Maan was startled at once wit her sudden movement, , “you are so good person, you had saved my life, my sanity, you are really a god for me, I’ll owe on you, , this life owe you’ thank you so much” she was murmuring continuously thanking him, , telling him everything which is coming in her mouth, not understanding what she is saying, just thanking him’.



It was noon now, she didn’t come out from her room fearing with the outside world’ armaan, dadi and ridz thought to give her little time for recovering from the shock, , the thought may be she wants to live alone for a while, she will recover soon’. 


It was lunch time’ today maan didn’t come out from the mansion’ he didn’t went office today nor attend any calls where so many calls were coming from the business world and media for congratulating and wants to know the condition but they didn’t any calls where the security was really tight, they knew that media can’t leave them and it happened, the media is outside of the mansion where guards were shooing them away’.


Armaan thought that he will call geet for lunch downside and will also meet with her’. Thinking so he made his way to her room, , she was sitting on the bed still regaining the shocks of yesterday, how sidhanta helped her against his dad and the way maan fought with those peoples and then she faint’.  She doesn’t know what happened suddenly then she faint away and why she is here in ridz’s house and in her brother’s room? But she is not in a state that she can stress so much,,,,


Her mind working slowly, ,slowly-2 armaan pushed the door little bit inside and she jerked up with the voice of door opening, , her eyes popped, she feared who can it be? She curled and hugged her knees saving herself from the torture, thinking that the person will again try to force her’. Tear started to building in her eyes regaining those moments’


Armaan come inside the room and looked at her position, , he got shocked seeing her state, , she got  scared seeing armaan there and she started screaming in loud voices’.


Geet-go ‘. Go away’. No’. please leave’me’. Sobs’. Please’. Help‘ (she clutched the photo frame which was kept on the bed side and threw away on armaan, , armaan was shocked hearing her screams and then the biggest shock when she threw away the frame over him, ,he somehow moved aside saving himself, , )


Armaan-geet, it’s me armaan’ your friend‘  he tried to inch closer to her but again she threw another glass frame over him, , this time also he escaped, ,


Geet-no, you’ll hurt me also’ maaan, come here,,,, see, he’ll hurt me maan’ help’ go’ go away’ shoo‘. She threw cushions over him again and again’.  Maan, ridz, dadi came there hearing her screams, , and shocked with the seen,,, whole room was messed and she was sitting at the corner of the bed hiding herself inside the duvet thinking that if she’ll hid here then he’ll go away’. She is till screaming’..


Maan, please come’ see’ he come again maan,,,, maan save me“‘.. she doesn’t know that why she is calling maan , may be his face in her memories when he saved her, thinking that he’ll not let her do anything, he’ll save her always’ he is her savior’.  Maan ran towards her without seeing that glass pieces over the floor, the glass pieces pierced his skin , blood oozed out but he didn’t flinch , neared to geet calling her softly’.


geet, see it’s me maan’ see, no one is here“‘

he signaled to them that go out, he will made her calm’ they nodded and closed the door but stand outside of the room impatiently’ they can’t see geet in this state’ he trying to get her in his embrace but when he tried to take her in his arms, she scratched his arms with her nails, , she attacked on him, scratching his arms and face, , after lots of struggle, he managed to get her in his embrace calming her’.


shh.. geet, , see I m here, , your maan is here” he caressed her head softly’. “maan, , he came maan’ he’ll hurt me again maan’. maan” she is whispering slowly, her sobs not letting her voice out her fear’ her cheeks were fully wetted with the salty water which was coming out from her hazels’.


geet, no one is here.. see’ only you & me’ look’ koi nahi hai’ no one will hurt you” he tried to cup her face so that she can see around her’.  She gather her all guts and raised her face a little bit trying to see whether is some one here or not? But she found only maan near her’. She looked at him hoping that he is saying truth’. Finally her sobs changed in whimpers and then she dozed off in his arms due to her medicines’..




It was two week after that day, , geet is little bit fine now’ she scared less now , , and not feared seeing any other man now because of therapies Ridhima applied on her’.  It was the medication course of 1 n half week and she completed it without any tantrums’. She listened everything told by maan to her’.  And now maan told her that they are married now’


First she was little shocked then accepted because she thought that he is her savior and he’ll not hurt her but still somewhere deep in her heart, there is a scar that she is impure, , she doesn’t fit for maan’ he is so pure from his soul, body, nature, mind and she is impure, she is touched by other men, she was tried to rape, , she was attacked by other men, , though she has accepted this marriage but she is not able to move on with maan in this relationship’.  


Maan was very tensed with her behavior, , she behaved fine when she is with everyone, , but when she is alone with maan in their room, she felt that she will made him impure also, so she tried to keep herself away from maan’. Though she talk with him, , talk with everyone but she kept aloof everytime’..



Last part


Maan was very tensed with her behavior, , she behaved fine when she is with everyone, , but when she is alone with maan in their room, she felt that she will made him impure also, so she tried to keep herself away from maan…. Though she talk with him, , talk with everyone but she kept aloof everytime…..




It was again a month after that day, , Ram was still in under custody of police, , he was charged by illegal business and it was found out that he was connected with under-world also, , and the video which was aired on you-tube against Ram for his illegal work and he was charged by black money also…. His case was going in Maharashtra High Court, , and was about to get punished for his deeds…..




Geet is better now after that day, , Armaan and ridz were shocked by her behavior, she was wild but they can understand her inner trauma and why she is feeling so impure….. they tested on her again and Ridz is Psychotherapist also, , so she can managed her properly…..


she had started her therapy and Geet didn’t protested once because ridz is a girl, sometimes she became weak while therapy , then ridz suggested to Maan that he will accompany her during her therapies so that she can feel safe and would not get afraid because of her presence…..


There is a different treatment for his type of patients who feel their-self as a impure person…… Maan used to pamper her as much as he can, , while Maan is not a type of person who pamper anyone a lot or anything else, , but still he can do anything for his family and now Geet is really most important for him…. Geet felt safe in his presence around her, , now she didn’t get scared by Armaan’s presence but some times if anyone comes from office or any servant comes near her then she get scared and became wild….


During her therapies, , ridz suggested to maan that if environment will change then it will be great change for her, , she can feel fresh air, she will meet new peoples and may be maan’s love get her back, , maan thought that it will be good for her, ,


armaan managed everything for their trip and set everything about their stay at hotel or farmhouse, flight tickets everything small thing they will need there….. while maan got busy little in office coz he have to set everything before going out of station….




It was a week that maan & geet are in Ooty, the fresh yet chilly air which was freshening up their mind and heart, , geet was feeling better after going there….though she is still calm and didn’t talk much, but she was always like this, silent, non-communicative person after her parents death….  Maan is doing every small thing which will make her happy and now she is getting happiness by maan’s smile only…. She started feeling that what feelings he have for her…. 


It was a such day when geet was looking out of window and engrossed in her thought when maan came in with beautiful flowers, , but his face fell off seeing her so quiet and sad, , he knew that what she thinking and why?


Maan-geet, I think you are not happy here? He sad placing the flowers on the table and starts removing his jacket…. Geet’s trance broke down with maan’s voice, , she turned back and looked at maan & then her sight fell off on the flowers which were placed on the table…. She knew that he brought these flowers for her….  She sighed knowing the reason, she reached to flowers and took them in her hands , caressing them lovingly with a sweet smile…..


Geet- how beautiful flowers, , why didn’t you give me??? She asked cutely….


Maan-geet, why you want flowers when you didn’t care for me ? asked maan rudely ,

he knew that this is only way to bring her back from her shell…..  hearing this tears build up in her eyes hearing his rude tone, , she knew that he is right, , she didn’t care for him once, , whenever he tried to make her happy, she dejected him, he tried to take her out for lunch, dinner or even breakfast but everytime she told that she doesn’t want to go anywhere, , he tried to give her flowers, gifts but she took them and placed it on the table and again went in her shell back…


Maan was frustrated by her excuses, , he was so soft with her while his nature is not soft, , he never care for anyone and here he is having so much patience for her, while he is so impatient person….


Geet- maan, nothing is like that, , you know that I care for you….  She was feeling dejected by his tone but now she is trying to talk with him while in past month, they have shared only yes or no only for name sake…. Whenever she is out of her control, then she called maan for her help, , in her dreams, maan used to control her, make her sleep….


Maan-really geet, , you care for me na, , hai na…. then where were you when I tried to make you happy, whenever I tried to take you out but no, you didn’t care for my feelings, , whenever I tried to hold your hand but no, you think that you are impure, if I’ll touch you then I’ll become also impure, , you don’t fit for me, you are not able for me, hai na geet, , you think same na…. if this is your care then to hell  with your care….


Geet was crying hearing his heart out, , the pain which he was hiding in his heart, today it has been come out, the frustration because of her behavior, , the sadness inside his heart for not responding of his care… it’s around 2 months now… but she is still the same… she came near him and held his hand in hers, , slightly kissed on his hand assuring him that she cares for him…..


Geet-maan, nothing is like that, , you know na, I was feeling soenough geet, , you are trying to say that you are impure na, , impure, impure, , impure, , I am tired with this impure, ,” replied maan in anger…..


Geet-maan, you know na, they…they touch me here, here and here (pointing out at her arms,waist, neck ) then how can I fell myself pure, tell me na maaan, , I felt disgust from myself maan….. please maan do something na, , please maan make me pure, please,,,,,, she broke down completely, fell on her knees crying badly….. maan couldn’t see her like this so broke down…  he knelt down beside her cupping her face in his….


you want to be pure na, then I’ll wash away every touch of those men from your body, got it..” maan completed her sentence….. her eyes were wide open and she trembled a little hearing him….


Geet-maan, please… mai, wo, aap, a-aise…… ka-kaise…w-wa-wash away t-t-touches….?? I am toh i-im-imp-ure na….  she was fumbling with words, ,  She was feeling really scared but he has to do with her otherwise she will not come out from her shell….


Maan-geet, I’ll make you pure with my love…. Saying so , he held her hand and lead her in washroom while she was asking to him that what he is doing? He didn’t reply her back, , he blindfold his eyes and starts removing her clothes….. she was shocked by his action while maan didn’t gave a dam to her….. 


he on the shower and starts washing away the touches on her neck and her arms…. While her tears mingles with water but still maan can feel her tears, , his eyes were blindfold…. “now you are so pure like before, like holy water, understood, you are not impure anymore… understood… now you are so pure with my touches on you, , ” ,


she was so touched by this  gesture of his,  though there was rudeness in his act but there was so much care also, concern and love, feelings for her, , pain and the craving for soothing her pain, , but he land up with this act of his…..  After washing away the touches from her body, maan started placing his lips on her neck and arms, her face, at every inch on her neck and arms which was visible that day, ,


after that maan went out marking her as his and gave her clothes to her…. She was feeling so weird, , an unknown sensation  in her body after feelings his lips on her skin… like it was heaven for her, , she is feeling like those touches were not existed on her body, , she was crying but she doesn’t know when her lips curved in a smile while her eyes were teary still, ,


she knew that she gave so much pain to maan by her behavior, , whenever he held her hand, she told him that she is impure, keep away yourself from me but not now, , it’s enough now… she is feeling calm by his action now, ,she is feeling happy because at least he has showed his right on her, , she knew that she has feelings for him but she buried them somewhere in the corner of her heart, , but now after his action, those feeling awaken now…  she smiled through the tears , ,


she changed in a new pair of clothes and ran out from washroom where maan was feeling so shame by his own sudden action, , how can he lose his control from himself…..


Geet- maan, she whispered slowly, , maan thoughts broke down by her mere whisper, , he looked up at her, he saw some new emotions on her face, , he is seeing a new geet after that his action…… she ran and fell in his arms leaving her whole weight on him,, he fell back taking her in his arms, , both were in half lying position , she was holding him so tight, , he was sort of breath,,,,,


Maan-geet… he called her softly caressing her head little….


Geet-I Love you maan…. And she sobbed in his arms…. I am sorry maan for the pain I gave to you, I am really sorry…. Please forgive me…. Please apni geet ko maaf kardo…. Please….. she begged in his arms….


Maan-I love you to geet…. I love you so much… shh… calm down…. He tried to calm her…..




After two months…. Ram was punished by the court and he got jail for life long…. While his whole black money in under custody of government….





The day came when armaan & ridz are going to married…. Geet who was stopped dancing, today she danced in ridz’s sangeet function…. Everyone was very happy with this change in her, , she loved maan, dadi who cribbed everytime for maan’s marriage is out of relief now, though the marriage was in different circumstances but they are happy now…..


Maan is very happy seeing geet so jovial and like before, a choreographer, who choreograph the whole dance of ridz’s and armaan’s also…  maan & geet did a dance number in their sangeet….


It was night when ridz and armaan finally got married but there was a surprise also, , maan asked to geet that “will you marry with your husband again?” he asked by going on his knees in front of all guests where geet shied and blushed profusely feeling everyone’s gaze on her but the main part is maan’s intense gaze filled with love…..


She nodded shyly and placed her hand in his…”I do” , maan again took her in his arms and they both took 7 pheras with each other in every one presence but now their love with them….


Vidaai moment came and geet cried a lot missing her parents today as she didn’t able to feel the moment of vidaai…. She hugged ridz tightly and cried a lot…. Poor maan, he has to calm down geet and ridz also…. Someone will surely got confuse that who is going in sasuraal, geet or ridz?? Maan went near them and took both in his embrace…. They cried hugging maan …..


Armaan-basket, if you’ll cry like this then we have to do our SR here in this garden…. Tum kaho to bed yahi lagwa du…. Maan glared at him where ridz first saw him with her big eyes then lowered her eyes and shied….  Geet gigged seeing him so impatient…


Armaan-finally, you have stopped crying….  Saale sahib, meri biwi ko chhod do abhi…. He joked a little making environment little bit light…..



Armaan & ridz went to armaan’s place where geet & maan stood there in each other arms looking at each other lovingly…. Maan took geet in his arms suddenly and both headed towards their bed-room…. Geet shied and hid her face in his neck…..  


As soon they reached to their room, maan placed her at her own feet, she tried to go away but maan held her at once and pulled her more in him, , she was sand-witched between maan and wall, , his one hand on her waist while other was closing the door, , they eyes were locked, , his fingers reached on the switched and he switch off the lights, ,


as soon as lights went off, maan placed his lips on her feeling her petals for the first time, tracing the outline of her lips with this tongue, where her heart beats were raised….  Slowly-2 her fingers starts massaging his thick hairs while his hand roamed on her back shamelessly, , their little kiss became passionately and he was chewing her lips mercilessly , finding the sweet secrets of each other mouth, tasting the sweet nectar, touching each other soul, marking each other by their names….


Without breaking the kiss, both fell down on the bed and in the last maan & geet were finally one marking each other, , when she was feeing so impure herself while their relationship was so sacred ever…. When she was feeling that their love is not sacred because of her but she didn’t know that their love is so sacred ever….


This night, maan & geet, armaan & ridz became one by heart, soul, , finally maan’s SACRED LOVE won,….. and his SACRED LOVE make her SACRED also…  and their love became SACRED LOVE…..



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