~Drown in Love~ pt-5



please be patient for maaneet meeting..


~Drown in Love~




On the other hand maan woke up whispering a name…… “geet” and his eyes opened……  he sat up and looked here and there…… he doesn’t know why he took her name?


geet” he mumbled her name again…. May be he heard her name on the dinning table, , and he was dreaming how she looks? But he whisper her name in his sleep…… he heard his cell is buzzing that’s y his sleep broke up……


He picked up his cell and go to know that a case is needed his attention badly and he had to go Dehradun for that……  “okay, I’ll be there in morning..” he replied back……. He sighed….. tomorrow his schedule for the girl-boy seeing session…. Well in his language….. .


He rubbed his eyes and yawned a little….. he didn’t get proper 2 hours sleep, , his head is throbbing with pain but what can he do?  his job is like that….. though he is not like 9 to 5 officer….. he is a special officer in this branch….. a officer who is not present in the office but he came there when it is really important……


when any case is needed is his extra attention? He work on the cases at night or in his free time….. he had this permission from his seniors, , though they were not accepting maan’s offer in starting when he gave the proposal for not being a permanent officer but he’ll be happy working as a temporary one……


He didn’t want any salary…..he just wanted to do something for his country but he can’t neglect his family too…… his seniors told him that they’ll go through some tests with him, , difficult ones, and if he get pass then they happily agree with him but they’ll give him his ID card also as a CBI officer…….. to his luck, he passed all the tests and got his ID card, his badge, official pistol…..


it was not happened because he passed all the tests but because of his sharp mind, , they happily gave him all things which a normal officer have and told him that there is no need to come office daily, he can work at home , if something is really needed then he have to come here………….. everything goes well and he became an CBI officer along with a businessman……


Maan went to his dad’s room….. he hesitated for a second but then it’s very important to talk to him also…. He sighed and knocked the door…… he knocked coupled of times more when he didn’t get any response……. After a while he get the response , his mother is standing at the door….. “what happen maan?” asked his mother in worry…… “nothing is to worry mom…. Is dad awake?” asked maan peeping inside the room……


His mother nodded and escorted his inside the room where his father was sitting on the bed looking at maan with worried eyes……. “mom…dad…. I need to talk to you” told maan to them……. “is everything fine beta?” asked maan’s father…….  He nodded….. “ummm dad little bit…” he said…


“what is that maan? Tell us” his mom asked to him…..  “umm mom, dad, actually, , I got a call from Armaan…… one case is really need me and he specially called me…. I have to go Dehradun……. Now..” told maan……. “but beta, tomorrow, we have to go ” but maan cut his mother in mid…..


I know mom…. That’s y I am here….. first tell me where we are going tomorrow? I mean the place name” he hesitated to ask directly about geet but his mother got it what he was asking…… “we are also going Dehradun beta…… ”


A small smile appeared on his lips….. “that’s great” suddenly these words came out from his mouth and his mother laughed at him…….  “maan, you can go with us tomorrow morning na…and first see the girl later you can go to head office” his father suggest him but maan shook his head…….  “no dad, early morning I have to report there….. ummm, you can tell where I have to reach there and time, I’ll be there” told maan……. 


His mother’s smile grew big and suddenly she gave him a paper….. maan looked down at the paper and then at his mother…… “beta, , geet ke ghar ka address…. Well, waha time par pahunchne ke liye ghar ka address chahiye na….”


maan blushed, , did he blush….. his mother literally got a heart attack then suddenly maan’s expressions became stern again…….  “maan, reach there at 11 am..ok…” his father told him…….  Maan nodded and left the room at once, ,


Maan closed the door of his room and stare at the paper where her address is written….. he didn’t know how she looks but he know her address…… wow…. It’s cool…..  he grabbed his cell……….  “hello, Armaan….. ”……. “yeah, I am coming there…”…….. “yeah now I am leaving from here….”…… he disconnected the call and his eyes fell on the envelope….  He again stare at the envelope again……


Unknowingly his fingers reached to the envelope and held the edge of it’s……  his heart was beating so fast like it is having some kind of time machine in it……. His fingers tremble and sweat came on his forehead but the fact is that his room was completely chilled because of high AC…… still he is having sweat beads on his forehead, , he touched his forehead and amused by himself , again looked at the envelope, ,


He felt like heat is coming out from his ears and cheeks, burned like a hell when he took out her snap slowly-2 from the envelope, when he held the edge of her snap, , curiosity was something like he can’t explain to anyone, even he can’t understand what is happening with him……



A gush of blood ran so fast in his veins , excitement, curiosity, anxiety, nervousness, and hope…… these things were mixed up so well in his heart and mind then he couldn’t fathom, , and the word “beautiful” slipped from his M shaped lips when he got a glimpse of her hazels…….


Again “beautiful” word slipped out from his mouth when he had a glance of her full face , , his eyes were stuck on her beautiful face even he didn’t blink….. his heart pumped so fast, , blood running so fast making his skin hot, he closed his eyes capturing her beautiful face in his mind, heart, , matching her with his imagination but alas there is none…….. Ab jo bhi hai bas Geet hi hai……



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37 thoughts on “~Drown in Love~ pt-5

  1. interesting part , I was laughing at thought Maan the CBI officer has sweat beads just too open his life partners envelope and see her face

  2. Superb update dear! Well written! Maan will meet dem @ Geet’s house! Maan sees her pic n is mesmerised! update soon

  3. hayee it was cool amazing
    geet got call from office n his next mission in dehradn well not one two missions first some crime chodo lol n next int wala geet lol
    me wondering how their first meet gonna b
    n my maanu blushed hayee mai toh gyi rofl
    finally saw her pic n
    wah kya baat khi
    ab jo b ho get hi ho
    hayee maar dala
    awesome yaar
    me cant wait 4 next cont soon

  4. Wow! What a update. At last maan ne photo dekh hi liya. Maanbabu to ” pasine pasine Huey ja rahe hai ” vo geet ke photo ko dekhta hi rahe gaya
    “Ab jo bhi hai bas geet hi hai……” Maan ke mann ki baat aapne badi khubsurti se bayan ki hai

  5. Awesome update….
    oh ok Geet bhi Dehradun mein hi hai….
    kya baat hai…mujhe bhi uska address de do na…
    so girl boy dekhne ka prograame postpone nahin hua….
    Maan seen her photo….and he fall for her…

    so Maan is not a regular CBI officer…he goes to solve cases when required….he is a businessman actually….

    I think they will meet each other before their scheduled meeting….
    waiting for next part…
    thanx for pm…

  6. awesome update
    Yepiii . . . Maan saw hr pic
    And uff . . He is unable to stop stairing
    Geet lives in dehradun and maan also going there
    Hai he was blushing like hell
    Waiting for next

  7. Cool update dear.

    pata hi nahi chala kab shuru huwa aur kab khatam…at the end I was like hogaya..hehehehe

    oh my my my Maan and blushing…its worth a scene to imagine…hayee me toh gone all crazy 🙂 🙂

    Wowww…his achievements are great dear, so he doesn’t office daily…but his talent, hard work and focus is keeping him on feet and honored…too good

    glad that its dehradun only…me loving it.

    OMG…finally he saw her…awwwww…his emotions at that time were beautiful dear..and so its just Geet for him…niceeeeeee.

    me toh just loving it yaar.

    Waiting for Geet to see his pic and of course their meet.

    do update the next soon.

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