~Drown in Love~ pt-2





~Drown in Love~





nothing is like that geetu” brij got his posting in Darjeeling because he is in army’.. but the man who is coming to see you, he lives in delhi and work there only’. And he is in crime branch’.i think that head officer’.. and crime branch officer doesn’t get posting and they don’t have this particular duties like 9 to 5 and all’. Don’t worry” you’ll be happy with him‘.”


Sonia told her one more thing” “and you know what, I also knew him’. After school, once I met him, he is very nice person too, doesn’t like brij and papa ji’.” Geet nodded feeling little light’..


thank you bhabhi‘” geet spoke and hugged her tightly”. “dekha, I was trying to tell her but she is like’uff’.” Whined ridzy jumped on her make up kit”’


Sonia and geet rolled their eyes when ridzy pounced on make up kit’..  “come geet, , we’ll choose dress for you’” Sonia told her and dragged her towards her cupboard”.. geet nodded followed her’.. “mai bhi aati hu’” ridzy jumped on geet’s back” three of them laughed loudly as they started choosing dress for her”




leave that girl” he commanded pointed his gun towards  those men who were trying to take a girl’..  “get out from here’.. don’t try to mess up with us’” one of them spoke to him’. Trying to shove away her dupatta where  she clutched her dupatta near to her chest begging for her life, crying bitterly”.  Actually he was following the car when he heard a scream from a car’. He quietly followed the car and reached to a deserted place’..


I said, let go this girl’. Or else‘.” His dangerous voice went in their eardrum” where they smirked thinking that what he do with them? He is single and they are three’.. if he is having gun then they are also having knives’.. one man from them walk towards him,,  and that man tried to stab the knife in his arms but he was fast enough to shove his move”, , he held his arm and turned it swiftly stabbing the same knife in his own chest, he fell down on the ground at once, ,


Other one pointed his knife at the girl’s neck scaring him” “get out from here otherwise, , we won’t leave this girl” that man threatened him ”’ another man pointed his gun towards him” “put down your gun’” one of them spoke” he looked at them for a brief of a second and then bend down keeping his gun at the ground , ,


He grabbed some soil in his other hand and at once threw in the air making their view blur where they tried to see through the soil but in that mean time he clutched his gun tightly and shoot at forehead one of them while the last one scared enough to beg for his life sitting in front of his knees’.. he smirked and shoot at his leg’..


task completed” he spoke over the phone and his team , his men came and get him from there while he put his jacket around the girl and leave her at her home”  her family thanked him enough but he just smiled and went away from there towards his home”.




He reached at his home but it doesn’t look like his home’.. his home used to quite not like this hustle bustle’.. peoples are running from here and there”. His younger brother telling to mom that he is going for shopping while his younger sister asking should she wear suit or dress like jeans top or can she wear skirt?


He moved further and found his dad giving instructions in office and his dadi showing some jewels to his mom” he was utterly shocked’.. what is happening here?  Being a crime branch officer, he couldn’t make out an idea what is happening in his own house’. Something surely is cooking here”  he shook his head and move towards his room but he was stopped by his dadi’s voice’.


maan bte, , come here’.” He looked behind and found dadi is patting the vacant place beside of her” maan nodded and went back and sat beside of dadi’..  “what is happening here dadi? Sab log kisliye preparations kar rahe hai?” asked maan’.. he had the curiosity but didn’t show that’. Dadi knew that he can’t ask’..


Dadi smiled at him” “bte, tomorrow, we are going to see a girl for you‘” replied dadi observing his expressions, where everyone leave their work and their eyes stuck on them” “for me’. But why?” somewhere he has the idea  but still wanted to confirm his doubts’..”is that a question?”  dadi paused for a second looking at him and then replied again winking at him… “of course for your marriage bte’. Or kisliye..” replied dadi smiling at him” “but why dadi? I mean dadi, day & night I play with criminals and business above that’.. ” but he was cut short by dadi’..


maan, , iska matlab yeh nahi ki aap shaadi hi na karein”aap desh ke liye kaam karte hai’. Jo log desh ki sewa karte hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki wo life mein aage na badhe aur shaadi na karein’. Ye to galat hai na‘””.. said dadi ruffling his hairs and he get annoyed’.. “dadi pls’.” he spoke’.. dadi smiled warmly at him,’..


aur fir this is the age’.. you are 27 now”.you should settle in your life” I know you don’t want to be but zindagi ke kisi mod par aapko aapki humsafar ki kami zarur mehsoos hogi’.. apne liye na sahi, , hamare liye’.” Said dadi to him again while everyone smiled at them, , knowing the senti talks of dadi and her grand son’. They are always like this”  though Maan is intelligent enough to understand the seriousness of the situation but sometimes he needed the advise of an elder person and that is his dadi’.. she always share her experience with him and give him correct advise”


Hearing all the talks, his younger brother jumped on him’.. “thank you bro, , thank god you agreed’. ” saying so he took out his credit card and made baby face’.. maan smiled at his antics’. “oye” maan pushed him back on the couch from himself’..


nautanki’” maan told him but vicky loved to hear nautanki word from him mouth”


 Now he’ll go to mall and buy so many things for everyone but first he brought things for maan cause he never shop for himself’.. sometimes his mom, his dad, his younger brother Vicky’.   Maan stood up going towards his room when again dadi stopped him’.. “ab kya dadi, I agree na‘. ” told maan”


maan, , come with me in my room‘” told dadi to him”. He nodded and took dadi in her room and she told him to close the doors” maan did the same”  though maan is very strict , disciplined man but at home, he loved to be a simple , caring, loving man’.. he doesn’t want that his family get fear from him’..


maan, come here and sit‘” said dadi to him’.. dadi was sitting on the bed while maan lay down keeping his head in her lap’. He loves to lay down like this , , “maan, we are saying to get marry but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get marry with anyone’.. marry to that girl with whom you feel, you can spend your complete life with her” that is not needed that your thinking match with each other, your likes & dislikes’.. ” maan listened every word of dadi carefully understanding the meaning of hers’. What she is trying to tell him’.


you should marry a person, who is different from you’.. ek aisa insaan jiske sath aap zindagi ke naye rang dekho, jiske sath lage ki life aur colorful ho gayi’. Jiske bare me aapko roz nayi-2 baatein pata chale’.a person who knows how to live life, a simple yet modern, a caring yet strict , a loving person’. Ek aisa insaan who is different but you can understand her needs, her thinking and views of life’.. ” maan looked at dadi’. He never knew these things about marriage’.  He never knew what he wants from his life partner’. He never gave a thought on this topic’. He never imagined anyone as his life partner’.. there is no portray in his mind with whom he can match that girl whom he is going to see tomorrow’..


thank you so much dadi maa’. ” spoke maan closing his eyes trying to figure out every word which dadi told to him’.. “for what bte?” asked dadi’. “for telling me all this’ for giving me your little experience’. ” told maan” dadi smiled and massaged his hairs little’.. he smiled feeling relaxed’.. dadi took out something from the drawer’. And placed in maan’s hands’.. he opened his eyes feeling something’.. and looked at dadi maa, , she smiled getting his confusion’..


this is the picture of  girl’, , see it, and decide ‘ waise we are going tomorrow’. Be ready at 5 in morning’. We have a flight to catch’” told dadi and maan nodded’.. “now go in your room and take rest’.” Saying so dadi placed her lips on his forehead and wished him good night”

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