~Aashiqui- A Musical Journey of Love~ SS

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AashiquiA Musical Journey of Love








“now repeat” he told her in his demanding tone in this early age of his, just 5 years… she looked at him with her doe shape eyes and her chubby cheeks puffed a little because she didn’t understand what he said just now…she batted her lashes and sat in his lap and said cutely…


“kuch samajh ni aaya” and a tear escaped from her hazels,,, it pricked his heart seeing tears in her eyes… she is crying for little thing… he at once wipe her tear and repeat in soften voice and repeat slowly so that she is able to understand properly what he is saying…


“twinkle twinkle”… “twinkle twinkle”…”little star”… “little star”


a loud shriek of his cell broke his dream… he got up at once startled with the loud sound, looked here and there where he is… uff again he went in his childhood… he doesn’t know how many times he had dream about his childhood and why… may be she is the reason of his dreams… he wants her back that’s why he is regaining every little thing about them…  “twinkle twinkle little star” he mumbled and little smile touched the corner of his lips… “why  you went away?” he asked to himself and searched the answer but where he’ll search and whom to he’ll ask… he sighed cause he knew that he won’t get the answer… 


They were best friends in childhood’.. they were neighbors too” it was like happiness is around the all the time’. Their parents were also best friends’. They used to share their small-2 things with each other whether it is candy or their clothes’. Whenever she is  in grumpy mood that time she went in his room and wore his shirt  which went to her knees’. Well she looked that time so cute and nave also’..


Well there is no doubt that she is still so nave and cute but today they are not together’..  khuranas left Hoshiyarpur and went to delhi for maan’s studies’. Because there is no good school and his father also wants to settle his business there in the big city,  that day both children cried a lot and then everything has been changed’.. he forgot her and she also did the same’.


When she was 8 years old, she met with an accident and then she forgot everything’. Her identity, her parents, her friends, and maan” she forgot everything small thing which is related to him’



he came out from his thought when his cell buzzed again., , he picked up knowing the caller is about to blast him…  


“Did you start your drive from there?” dadi asked to him… he knew it,


“wo dadi… mai…” maan fumbled with the words…


“maan, ” dadi soften her voice feeling his pain… “she needs you., come here” said dadi


“i know dadi maa… am coming, you don’t worry..” replied maan assuring her…  he paused for a second’.”I’ll bring her here at any cost’ I’ll convince her'”




Hot sunshine and a warm air, such a hot day of June , such a bad weather outside of his Mercedez Benz, warm air with lots of dust… but chilled weather inside his car, , AC on it’s full mode giving chills to his spines and loud music was playing that is giving such a great satisfaction to his mind… listening the song which were written by him and sung by him… well he used to tap his shoulder for doing such a great work…but now he left singing… actually he loves soft songs which take out our emotions in the words in a form of song, ,


he was never good in telling his point of view to anyone, he was never into words, he never told to anyone that what is inside his heart, if something come to the emotions then he was tongue tied but if someone tell him to write a song on a particular situation or describe his emotions , the emotions should be oozed out in that song then he was perfect for the choice,,,, there is no other person who can put their emotions in a song,, he was lost in his song and thoughts and he didn’t glanced what is going here and there outside of his car… well how can he? he is not the type of this village, he lives in big city Delhi but sometimes he came here in punjab for shooting some songs rather say shooting for some stanza of his song…


actually he was not a big singer, , just singing when his mood swings… sometimes when he was so emotional and feeling like to play guitar or violin,, emotions were not in his control,, sometimes he sang for his dadi or sometimes for his mom only for their demand… but he stopped singing after the death of his sweetheart, his mother…

he went in depression that time after his mom’s death… he loved her mom a lot, , after some years, his father also left him and went to his mother near to god leaving everything on the shoulder of Maan… that time he was only 19…  only his dadi maa who was beside him and his baby sister anwesha who was just 3 years younger than him,,,,, but today he is 24 and anwesha is  21…  but now he started singing because of her and now sometimes he sang in his parties only for her sake or his friends…


he came back to his surroundings when he reached to his destination… he sighed, finally he is here… it was really a long journey for him… if he wanted then he could come by flight also and after journey by car but he wanted to made her wait for him as much as he waited for her… a sweet smile lingered at the corner of his lips thinking about her… “oh god i love her so much…” he said to himself and parked his car aside… well there is no parking are there… he has to park his car only in empty ground…  he came out from his car in his typical MSK style but before he was able to show his style to anyone, he felt the pain in his back… uff… continuously driving of long 6 hours… his back is aching a lot… he wore his goggles and settle his tie…


someone from far watching him , thought that he didn’t come here for any business meeting but still he wore his formal attire, , at least for here he could wear some casuals… but a big no… everywhere he has to show his professionalism… that person sighed and went inside because of anger, because he was late… he promised that he’ll come early but no… his work is really important for him…


he was greeted by Mohinder Handa and Rano Handa… he bend and touched their feet taking blessings from them… they lovingly caressed his head and gave him lots of blessings and the person came to him fuming in anger…


“maan. what is this? why are you so late?” asked dadi with her angry tone… maan smiled a little seeing his dadi again in fuming mode… he went ahead and hugged her…


“missed you a lot dadi maa…” said maan holding her tight…


“but humne aapko bilkul bhi miss nahi kiya” she said again in anger…


“really!!” asked maan looking at dadi’s face… she nodded silently…


“then why these tears in your eyes?” asked maan showing her tears on his finger tips which he wiped just now… dadi looked at his finger tips and faked anger… “these are not because of you” and then wiped her remaining tears from her eyes…


“then for whom?” asked maan crossing his arms over his chest standing in his typical MSK manner…


“wo toh bas i… leave it maan aur andar chaliye… all are waiting for you” replied dadi…






He went inside and was mesmerized by the view’. She was looking breathtaking beautiful in red color suit with chudidaar’. Open curly hairs but her  hairs were covered with her chiffon dupatta’. He hated this tradition in their family”

uff he placed his hand on his heart stopping it from beating so fast’. But seems his heart is not in his control’.. but next minute he gulped his saliva seeing the expressions on her face which she gave after seeing him’.. those expressions were not so good, and he knew that, now he is going to blast again but by someone else this time’.. he smiled nervously” well  Man Singh Khurana is nervous””.. of course’.. today is his engagement and Yash’s wedding’.. her elder brother’.. 





When geet was 8 she lost her memory, after then she didn’t remember anything…. She never met with maan… actually maan never went in the village…. Though geet met with dadi sometimes whenever dadi went to Hoshiyarpur on the death anniversary on maan’s dada ji… but annie n maa never accompanied her….. cause first they did the puja in khurana mansion and then dadi went to village….. geet totally forget about maan but maan remember her , he has some photos of her of their  childhood but geet had none……. Sometimes dadi also tell him about the village and all….




He went inside and was mesmerized by the view…. She was looking breathtaking beautiful in red color suit with chudidaar…. Open curly hairs but her  hairs were covered with her chiffon dupatta….



He hated this tradition in their family…… uff he placed his hand on his heart stopping it from beating so fast…. But seems his heart is not in his control….. but next minute he gulped his saliva seeing the expressions on her face which she gave after seeing him….. those expressions were not so good, and he knew that, now he is going to blast again but by someone else this time….. he smiled nervously…… well  Man Singh Khurana is nervous………….. of course….. today is his engagement and Yash’s wedding…..  geet’s  elder brother….. 


Well he was kind of blushing- blushing but she went away glaring at him for coming late….. uff he thought today he gone from his sherni….. aahaan…. Vulnerable sherni………… oh man!… today I’ll become mad  surely….. he sighed deeply and went to anwesha,,,,,


Maan- hey  annie.. maan called her….. annie at once threw herself in his arms hugging him and maan also reciprocate the hug…..


Annie- bhai…. Missed you…. We were waiting for you from so long….


Maan-yeah, I know that…. Aur isliye I was scolded a long before…Annie giggled for his state…. Poor boy was scolded by dadi maa…..


Annie-bhai, dadi maa ne jayada to nahi daanta na? she asked to him making  so innocent face but he knew that she is not so innocent….. in a few seconds he became restless cause his mishit went away from there without talking to him, now that is not tolerable for a man like Maan singh khurana……. Uff his eyes were moving left to right in a search for her but she is not there…… just then annie spoke up….

“what happened bhai? Kisey dhoond rahe ho?”


Maan came out from his lost state… “umm…. Wo teri bhab…” but he stopped before he feel embarrass in front of his younger sister or before she pull his leg….. but annie got his hint and teased him…..


Annie-bhabhi…. You are searching bhabhi… bhai? She asked standing in front of him…..


Maan-nahi….. nahi toh…. I am asking about yash’s wife.  He tried to escape….


Annie-oh…. Meera bhabhi….. but I thought you wants to meet my hone wali bhabhi….  Saying so she started to walk but maan held her hand….  “arey annie… you were saying something… ummm yeah… meeting and all…. ” annie smirked….  “nahi bhai…. Maine kab aise kaha… haan… you wants to meet meera bhabhi na… … wait mai check karti hu where is she?”  she was laughing inside at her brother and maan was like a total majnu….


ohh…… it’s ok… I’ll meet to meera later” his face fell off after saying so….  Oh poor boy!  Annie went on tip toe and whispered in his ears…. “waise bhabhi hall ke pichhey wale room mein hai , ready ho rahi hai” and went away from there leaving maan shocked , why annie is saying that she is getting ready,,, just now I have seen her, she was all ready… she was looking so beautiful….  May be she wants to wear something else…..  and then  a sudden smiled tucked on his lips, he put his hand in his pocket then felt shy and looked down…….

He went away from there for spending some time alone in peace though he wants to meet her badly but now circumstances are like he can’t….


actually there is tradition in their family that girl & boy can’t meet with each other before the engagement but only on engagement day itself… otherwise they can meet before a day ago or after engagement………..  he was walking and walking and reached to terrace where no one was present….


Just before some hours ago, weather was like hot oven and now suddenly sun has been set or clouds covered the sun…. the wind was so cool , so soothing for his body… his all tiredness went away in a small span of time sitting alone on the terrace feeling the cool breeze……


he take out the ring box from his pocket and lay down on the cot…..  he took the ring in his hand and smiled again remembering their first meeting how unusual their meeting was….!





The clouds were pouring water on the land in a form of rain…. The sky was Dark grey color and  the so fast and heavy wind was blowing that day….  And by his luck that day his car went down, it was not starting and later he found out the tyre was also punctured… he was frustrated on his car…. In morning,  he was so happy that his song was became so popular in a upcoming movie…. Everyone was humming that song…. So soft and touchy….. 


It was around 7 pm but because of weather it was like 10 at night…. He felt tired while walking but then he entered in a park and walked towards the bench that is under a under…. For saving himself from the rain , he thought to sit on that…..he can see that another person is also there…. …

he didn’t give any thought further on the person and sat on the bench with a thud, actually he was angry , first on his car that ditched him in mid way, then on not finding nay taxi and sone par suhaga….. the weather…..


When he sat on the bench he heard someone shout on him…. He turned his neck in the direction of person….. “aaram se nahi baith sakte kya?”  anger went through in his veins hearing that a girl is shouting on him….. “meri marzi, mai kaise bhi baithu…” he spoke up in his rude tone …. He can see her face sky provide the light for him for mere seconds only…. A slim girl, fair skin tone , totally wet……


he heard her reply to him when she was searching something bending down in grass….. “none deny  you to sit here but at least thoda aaraam se”  well he was also so frustrated because of his misery, he didn’t what he is doing ? neither she didn’t know what she is doing? She was also so tensed in her own misery…


listen I have no personal issues with you so please don’t  say anything further” he told to her…. She ignored him and continued her search…. The lines of worry were on her forehead and little tears in her eyes but because of rain they were hidden and who was there to see them except of maan and maan was also not in a state that he would solve others problem…..


After like 10-15 mins…. When his anger subsided, he took a deep breath and looked in her direction…. She was still searching something in that wet grass… he was confused what she is searching….. he was in a dilemma that should I ask to her or not? Ask or not? Actually he was asking to himself but suddenly he didn’t know that why he questioned her…..


ummm….. kya dhhoond rahi ho?” he asked in his very calmed tone which actually sooth her mind and she replied at once….. “wo parso yaha meri ring gir gayi thi…. Par abhi mil hi nahi rahi hai” while searching she replied…..  “it will be here somewhere….   Don’t worry mil jayegi” he tried to use those words which give her hope and strength for searching the ring….. he can see that she nodded in yes when he spoke up, she was agree with him…. It’ll be here somewhere…..  “let me help you” he offered the help…. And accompanied her in searching mission….  After lots of trying he sat on the bench and the girl also…… 


how was the ring? I mean gold, silver or diamond” he asked to her…. Actually he didn’t want to ask this question from her but still question came out from his mouth itself…. She looked at him,  he knew that she is looking at him in the dark also… actually he sensed the movement of her head….. he cursed to himself for asking this question…. But he felt calmed when she replied to him….


it was diamond ring, actually solitaire was there on the top of the ring and ” her voice choked….  “the ring was around 4 lakh






both were sitting beside but none talk to each other… geet’a eyes still on the grass , searching her ring in this dark, she again bend and start searching her ring tracing the grass by her finger tips… tears were about to fall down from her eyes… she felt she is useless that time… how can she do this big mistake… she had lost her ring, given by him… how can she so careless… she was cursing herself in her mind and other side maan was watching her continuously…


though he was also searching her ring but the storm getting more by passing each minute…  and again he heard the sound of thunder, lightening provided by sky and he was able to see her face…he never felt like this before… so sad for anyone… after lots of struggle , he spoke… “don’t worry, aapki ring mil jayegi” like he knew that they will surely find her ring… so confidence in his voice… unknowingly she believed and sat up on the bench again… she doesn’t know why she did all this…


the silence prevailed again between them… actually were they talking? no… it was one or two sentence..no..no actually questions that too he was asking only and she was only replying… he again spoke , actually he didn’t control on himself for asking, he did not want but still he asked… “how you lost your ring?” she tilted her face and looked at him… they are able to see each other face but not that properly… she clutched her finger tightly and regained how actually she lost her ring…


before 3 days, my boyfriend, Rahul proposed me… I was waiting for that day so consciously , means our 1 year relationship was going to be on proposal stage and he proposed me… he gave that ring… i was so happy… after that in evening i came here and doesn’t know why I remove that ring and watching it so keenly… but suddenly..” she stopped… “it’s okay…hum kal fir yaha aayenge and will search your ring together…” she looked at him… how can any stranger help to another stranger…how can anyone do this for a mere strange,… she thought… the person whom we never met before… a meeting that too about half an hour or so…  she nodded… “thanks“… “it’s okay” he replied…


can i ask something?” she asked to him… “haan..puchho…” he replied calmly… “agar aapki girlfriend se i mean… aap apni girlfriend ko ring dete aur usne ring kho di hoti to, aap kya karte?“she bit her bottom lip saying so… she was worried if he took this in a wrong way… she asked genuinely… she wants to know his opinion… she wants to know what if she tell everything to rahul what will be his answer… she wants to get the chances of negativity and positivity.,…  he took a deep breath and looked at her… “mai… mai kehta ki...” he paused for a second and then again spoke…


mai kehta ki how can you be so careless? ek ring nahi handle kar sakti tum… mujhe tumse yeh ummeed nahi thi… means tum ring ko kho kaise sakti ho? if you can’t handle a ring then how can you handle your love?” she sighed… she knew his answer will be like this but she knew this… but may be he’ll understand her… he spoke again… “fir mai kehta ki, sachha pyaar kisi diamond ring mein nahi , sachha pyaar to aankho mein chamakta hai…aur mere liye yeh aankhein hi bahut hai…” hearing this a tear fell down from her eyes…


just then his cell rang and he got to know that his driver came and car parked outside of the park… “i think it’s getting late… we should move to our home” he broke the silence again… she nodded and stood up … both came out of the park and maan sat in his car and geet was standing there and waiting for taxi… just then maan came stopped his car in front of her and slide down the window… “if you have no problem to go with a stranger then come… i’ll give you lift till your home” he said genuinely…she looked at him perplexed… “nahi, i’ll go by taxi… don’t take trouble” she replied back… “don’t worry, i’ll drop you before a street… mai aapka address nahi puchh raha hu.” he tried to lighten her mood…  she looked at him at once… “aisi koi baat nahi hai” she replied to him back…agar aap yaha aise hi taxi ka wait karti rahi to next birth tak iss route par taxi nahi milne wali...” he told her… that’s true… we can’t get taxi on this route… she thought in her mind…


she nodded and sat beside her… maan told to his driver to move on… “if you listen me then please tell everything to him tomorrow… how many days you’ll hide everything from him... ” he tried to give her suggestions… “hmmm” was her reply only… “don’t worry, he’ll understand you” he said again but this time encouraging words which soothed her… “i hope so“… she said and then her home street came…till now rain had been stopped and chill breeze was still blowing… she stepped out from the car… and maan also… “thanks!” she said… but he was no where to listen… his mind was not there… she was looking so beautiful in the light of street lamp…like she is an actress of old movies… street lamp light was giving her sepia light tone which made her beautiful…


her flicks were touching her face…sometimes her nose, then sometimes, cheeks… why didn’t i notice her till yet? her angelic face where the innocent is oozing out… he asked to himself… then he nodded… “tomorrow morning tell everything to him “… she nodded… “tomorrow evening at 5… same place… i want to know everything what all will happen…” he said to her and she smiled at him… it was her first smile that she gave to him… and then she disappeared in the darkness of night…


he came out from his reverie when he felt a drop of rain on his face… he smiled and put that ring in the box and box in his pocket… he went down and what he head by going downside… a sweet melody voice , she is singing a song that too on her engagement… he felt enthusiastic, full with zeal , some kind of energy filled in his mind as well in his body… he went inside and he can see that now yash’s wedding rituals are going on…


Ishq Bina Kya Marna Yaara, Ishq Bina Kya Jeena

Ishq Bina Kya Marna Yaara, Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaaro

Gud Se Mitha, Ishq Ishq

Imli Se Khatta, Ishq Hai

Vaada Ye Pakka, Ishq Ishq

Dhaaga Ye Kachha, Ishq Hai


his heart fell contended hearing her voice… he can’t see her but at least her can hear her melodious voice…  cold-drinks are served to them… full glass bottle with a straw in it… he looked at the bottle… and then sipped… he stood up and following the voice , he wants to catch her one glimpse only… he sighed and went inside through the coridoor… and at last he found her… so many girls are present there in one room and she was signing… and other girls were helping her with the song…


he was watching her continuously without blink… and she was so engrossed in her song that she didn’t notice… he put his cold drink on the table that is inside the room without making any noise… and hid behind a pillar that is by the side of the room… he was watching her hiding there… he was watching her cute-2 actions while signing the song… the way she was moving her hand and her lips moving simultanously with the words of songs…


Neeche Ishq Hai, Upar Rab Hai

In Dono Ke, Beech Mein Sab Hai

Neeche Ishq Hai, Upar Rab Hai

In Dono Ke, Beech Mein Sab Hai

Ek Nahin, Sau Baatein Kar Lo

Sau Baaton Ka Ek Matlab Hai

Rab Sab Se Sona, Ishq Ishq

Rab Se Bhi Sona, Ishq Hai

Rab Sab Se Sona, Ishq Ishq

Rab Se Bhi Sona, Ishq Hai


suddenly her throat became dry and she wants water asap… she looked here and there and spotted that cold drink bottle there… she grabbed it at once and drank the cold drink using teh same straw till then other girls were singing… his heart was feeling garden-garden after seeing her sipping his jhutha cold drink…


Heera Na Panna, Ishq Ishq

Bas Ek Tamanna, Ishq Ishq

Heera Na Panna, Ishq Ishq

Bas Ek Tamanna, Ishq Ishq

Ishq Bina Kya Marna Yaara

Ishq Bina Kya Jeena…


 he felt like he got what he desired… he placed his hand on his heart and acted like typical majnu…


he hid again behind the pillar, he couldn’t control on his over flowing emotions and he went along with her in this song…


Ishq Hai Kya, Ye Kisko Pataa

Ye Ishq Hai Kya, Sabko Pataa

Ye Prem Nagar, Anjaan Dagar

Saajan Ka Ghar, Kya Kisko Khabar

Chhoti Si Umar, Ye Lamba Safar


She knew that he is singing, this voice of his, so manly, so sweet, there is a power in his voice, a command, something which she can’t explain…..  she sighed and enjoyed his words , his emotions…. Other girls were thinking that who is singing but still they love it…..


Ye Ishq Hai Kya, Ye Kisko Pataa

Ye Dard Hai Ya, Dardon Ki Davaa

Ye Koi Sanam, Ya Aap Khuda

Ye Koi Sanam, Ya Aap Khuda, Aap Khuda

Ishq Bina Kya Marna Yaara, Ishq Bina Kya Jeena…

Tumne Ishq Ka Naam Suna Hai, Humne Ishq Kiya Hai


he felt calm after singing that too his emotions…when he looked towards her, she glared at him again for spoiling her song but then smiled… he doesn’t know why she glared at him first and then smiled but jo bhi ho, he loved every gesture of hers…  just then she felt a finger poking his shoulder… he opened his eyes and got to see the naughty glint on the face of annie…


uff not again… he thought… he gave again nervous smile, actually for being caught like this… staring at her and doing things like a roadside majnu… annie grinned inwardly seeing her bhai like this… she thought how can her bhai change like this… he was an angry man when it comes to business, , a little lost when it comes to song but this side she never had seen… she grabbed his hand made her way towards the hall… he was cursing her badly…


Phoolon Ka Gulshan, Ishq Ishq

Kaaton Ka Daaman, Ishq Hai

Phoolon Ka Gulshan, Ishq Ishq

Kaaton Ka Daaman, Ishq Hai

Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaaron, Ishq Bina Kya Marna Yaaron

Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaaron, Ishq Bina Kya Marna Yaaron

Gud Se Mitha, Ishq Ishq

Imli Se Khatta, Ishq Ishq

Gud Se Mitha, Ishq Ishq

Imli Se Khatta, Ishq Ishq


finally the songs comes to its end and everyone clapped at her song… actually none knew that who is signing beside of her family members… everyone thought that they heir any singer… after some minutes, he sighed and felt happy that yash’s marriage has been over and now his chance came… he’ll get engaged… there is no bound of happiness inside his heart… he is feeling like he is the most happiest man on this earth engaging with his love…


later dadi called him on the stage and signaled to bring girl here… he was waiting for her impatiently , he is hearing all kind of music behind him, feeling butterflies in the pit of his stomach, well he is also a human, and he has the right to feel all kind of these emotions…


Annie comes on the stage along with the girl……. The sight of the girl washed away the color of maan’s face….  What the hell? Why this girl is doing here instead of geet? Maan thought in his mind just then he heard annie’s words which she was telling to him in her teasing mode…… “bhai, here is my would-be Aparna bhabhi




Annie comes on the stage along with the girl……. The sight of the girl washed away the color of maan’s face….  What the hell? Why this girl is doing here instead of geet? Maan thought in his mind just then he heard annie’s words which she was telling to him in her teasing mode…… “bhai, here is my would-be Aparna bhabhi


His eyes shot opened seeing Aparna instead of geet…. He at once stood and glared at annie thinking that it must be her prank…. Actually she played so much pranks on maan that’s y he thought like this…. He can’t imagine anything without geet…..


Annie, come here“….. maan called her in his stern voice while Aparna was looking down, no expressions on her face…… her eyes clouded with tears….. she doesn’t want to marry with him but why he agreed for this engagement? She couldn’t relate the fact, when she told everything to him then why he is doing like this….. on the other hand Geet was also so much angry with maan…. Why he is doing like this? when she sent the letter behalf of her elder sister and he didn’t reply her back…. Why he wants to spoil his and her elder sister’s life? She couldn’t understand …..


Anniee nodded and went near him…. All the family members are looking at him with little confusion… why he seems so angry….. “annie, what is all this? Why are you addressing her as your would be bhabhi?“…. he whispered but still stern expressions on his face….


bhai…. Because she is the one” annie stated the fact…… “but she is not the one whom I selected“….. “what????” annie shrieked in a shock…. “bhai, what are you saying that she is not…”….. but she was stopped in mid…. Interrupted by dadi maa……. ” maan…. Annie…. What happened? “…… both looked at the source of voice and thinking what to say now? But he can’t do engagement with her……


On the other hand aparna was praying that somehow this engagement get cancel……. Maan looked at geet and again got the glaring expressions of her face…. He didn’t understand why she is not here with him and why she is so angry with him? What did he do?


Maan cleared his throat…… “woh… dadi maa…. I need to speak to you…. ” maan stated finally…. There are so many questions buzzing in his head….. “what is the problem maan?” asked dadi in so much worry…. “it’s urgent dadi maa“….. he said to her and started walking towards the terrace again….. with no option left… dadi started following him but.


He left all the guests shocked…. What happened suddenly? Is there any problem? Peopled started talking with each other…..  aparna’s parents feeling very low…. Their eyes were down cast…. They never think in their dreams that their friend’s son can do something like this with them which made them low in-front of everyone….. but there is no fault of maan’s also….


Maan, dadi reached to the terrace and the maan anger burst……

dadi, what is all this? Why that girl is doing beside of her?” spoke maan holding dadi’s shoulder…. He felt cheated that time….  “maan, kya baat hai bte? Aap inse hi to shaadi karna chahte the..” she replied to him which she knew….. “no dadi maa…. She is not the one whom I liked, I loved…. She is not the one”  he spoke in defending manner…. How can his dadi misunderstood him? He thought…..


but bte, hame laga ki aap aparna ke sath hi…“…… “no dadi… aparna.. never….. how can I love aparna when I never met her not even in my childhood… and I never knew that she is existed even then  how can I love her?“…..maan cleared everything to dadi….. he wants to know that why she thought that he loved aparna not geet…… dadi was shocked….


If aparna is not the one and who it can be? ….. “but maan, aapne toh kaha tha ki aap mohinder ki daughter se pyaar karte hai… hame laga ki“…… …. “aapko laga ki that girl is aparna hai..” asked maan….. dadi maa nodded like a innocent child…. “that means you love Geet not Aparna?” asked dadi……. Maan felt calm after filling the fact in dadi….. he nodded….. “but how dadi?… how could you think that is Aparna, no Geet?” he was so curious…..


woh hame laga ki…..Aparna is with you age and geet is younger than you… so…. Aur aapne bhi naam nahi bataya….”…… ………………………………….”I was so eager to tell you that I love someone, that time I forgot but till this time I didn’t knew that there is one more daughter of mohinder uncle….”……..


but maan, , there are so many guests downside… what I’ll say to everyone….”…………………….”dadi maa…” both turned towards the person who interrupted them….. and that is geet………… “if you don’t mind then can I talk to maan alone?” asked geet politely….. but her nose was red due to anger that too on him…..  dadi looked at both of them and took a leave from there…….  Maan stepped towards as soon as dadi left from there but before he could do something, geet burst on him……


tum samajhte kya ho apne aap ko? Huh…! When you knew that she loves someone else then you agreed for this marriage? Aparna di ki zindagi to khraab kar hi rahe ho sath mein apni bhi…. Why maan? You know what I never knew that I have elder sister…. When she came here , I got to know she loves  someone else and then your alliance came and when I told you everything in that letter, after knowing everything, you are happy with this marriage……”……..she looked at him….. “abhi nichey itne sare guests hai, engagement toot jayegi to sab finish ho jayega… aur agar…… agar engagement nahi tooti to tumhari aur di ki zindagi ka kya hoga?“………………..she was so hyper….……. He was continuously trying to stop her but she was go on and on, accusing him which he didn’t do…..  having no other option,  he covered her mouth with his palm, , she wriggled under his hold but no use… he was far stronger than her…… “geet, you futile attempts won’t work… so stop it” he spoke in her ear made her stop her attempts to made herself free….. ..


Seeing no reaction by her side, he left her and held her by her shoulder…… “calm down geet…”………… he wipe her tears….. actually there is not much  affection towards aparna by get’s side….. she was worried for maan and tried to save his life also…. She doesn’t want the at his life get ruin…… “geet listen to me first….. okay…” he said placing his hand on her cheek… she nodded in yes….. whilst downside, everyone was so worried, everyone is asking what happened and dadi maa was like a statue there standing at one place…..  


geet. I didn’t get any letter of yours…. That’s why all these misunderstanding happened…. Couldn’t you call me?” asked maan impatiently…… “here we are not allowed to use cell phone… if we wants to talk with anyone then we has to use landline phone…”


He told everything to geet that what all happened with him and he got to know that aparna loves someone else and she wants to marry with him…. But before she could say something to her family, they fixed her marriage……actually handa family is little conservative types….. not giving much freedom to girls but they gave much freedom for studying them…..

but beside of study, if their do anything else, they didn’t tolerate….. ….  Maan told her that he wants to meet that boy but before that he told her something which made her agree for his and hers marriage…..


maan, if my family agree for aparna and anurag’s marriage then what about you? Didn’t dadi maa feel humiliated from all this?  What about you respect when everyone get to know to you went back without engaging to the girl“…… geet was so worried for him, the respect he has in the business world and music world….. everyone knew him……. Maan took her hand in his and rubbed it softly by his thumb in an assuring manner…… “geet” he spoke softly…..  she looked at him with her doe shape eyes…… she is so innocent…… he knew that….. anyone can take her advantage and that happened with her……. “who said to you that I’ll not get engage with anyone“…….


but maan with whom?” she asked innocently…… “it’s you geet…..”……………………. “me????” she was shocked and confused also…… “yes, it’s you geet for whom I came here, with whom I wants to marry, with whom I am love with…… it’s only you geet…… it’s only you….”………………she was speechless…. She never gave a thought on this matter………… “lekin maan…… mai kaise….. I mean…. I didn’t…..”…………… she tried to clearify the things…..he placed his finger on her lips for silencing her……. He knew her reply………”I know that ….you didn’t love me…… but I love you geet…….”……………………..”but maan how can you marry with that person who doesn’t love you…….. I mean it’s just ridiculous….”…………………….”no…..geet.,…. Don’t call my love ridiculous…… pyaar ka kya hai…woh to ho jayega…….you wants to be a singer na?” he asked to her……. Hoping that she’ll agree for this marriage thing…………… she nodded then spoke……. “but no one wants to me be a singer….here everyone thinks that singing is good but at home only….. not like a profession….i don’t know what type of thinking they have?… yaha koi nahi maanega….” She told to him holding him by his arms looking straight to his face…… at last maan cupped her face and spoke up………


geet, no one will come to know about our little secret…… yaha kisi ko pata nahi chalega….tum bas shaadi ke liye haan kar do the  they won’t have any objection on you because after that you’ll live with us in our mansion….. in mumbai and then you can fulfill your dream………. I’ll help you

she knew that marrying with him is not good….. he loves her but she doesn’t…… she wants to be a singer and he wants to made her singer…… here only her family is stone between of their  path and if she agree for this marriage then there is no harm……… pyaar ka kya hai wo to ho jayega aur waise I like him…… he is the one who help me and moving ahead with him…… it’ll be a wonderful journey… but still how can he marry with her………………………..

yeh kaisi Aashiqui hai Maan, tum uss insaan se shaadi karna chahte ho jo tumhe apna dost samajhti hai..”………………….…….. “jo bhi hai, bas yahi hai

Aashiqui aashiq se kuch bhi karwa sakti hai…….. ……..


In no time, Anuraag was there on the terrace….. maan, geet and anuraag…… trio talked with each other….. trio went downside and everyone was looking at the third person Anuraag there…… some are suspicious and some are curious…..



yeh kaisi Aashiqui hai Maan, tum uss insaan se shaadi karna chahte ho jo tumhe apna dost samajhti hai..””””’.”.. “jo bhi hai, bas yahi hai”

Aashiqui aashiq se kuch bhi karwa sakti hai”.. ”..

In no time, Anuraag was there on the terrace’.. maan, geet and anuraag” trio talked with each other’.. trio went downside and everyone was looking at the third person Anuraag there” some are suspicious and some are curious’..

When Aparna’s sight fell on anurag, her face lit at once but then in next moment fell with sadness and fear” what he is doing? If anyone comes to know about him and her’s relationship then what will happen? She looked at geet, geet blinked her lashes and assured her by giving her dazzling smile’..

Maan went near dadi and told everything to her by taking her in the corner” her face lit up but again went in tension that how to tell everything to mohinder and rano” she knew that they won’t deny but love marriage and all”  just then she saw that mohinder and rano are coming towards them”

“maa ji, what is happening her? ” asked mohinder getting worried”. “haan maa ji, aap log itne pareshaan lag rahe ho aur ye kya baatein kiye ja rahe ho itni der se?” asked rano this time’.. both are getting impatient’..

Maan nodded to dadi signaling her now the time came, they should tell them everything”.  “rano, mohinder’.. bte we want to talk to both of you” can we?” asked dadi maa politely” mohinder and rano looked at each other and nodded” four of them moved in a room while geet told to everyone that they can have food after then they’ll start the main function’..

All the guests moved the hall where the food was arranged”.

Maan, dadi, mohinder and rano moved in a room” as soon as they entered in the room, , behind then rano’s  sister & her husband also went inside”  “rano, can we also come here?” asked rano’s elder sister”’they nodded and all went and maan closed the door”. All were looking at maan & dadi with their worrying eyes”  “maa ji, maan what’s the matter?” asked mohinder finally’..

“mohinder bte, , first listen us properly and please don’t come at the conclusion without listening fully’..” said dadi maa politely” they nodded and took their seat”. “sabse pehle to hum maafi chahte hai, job hi hum kehne ja rahe hai shayad wo sunkar aapka achha na lage””. “aap kaisi baat kar rahi hai maa ji” told mohinder”””..

“actually baat yeh hai ki maan doesn’t want to marry with aparna’.. he wants to marry with geet and aparana, same with her”she loves anurag”””.and she goes on’. Telling everything to them, they were listening calmly” though they were very conservative types but still they can’t compromise with their children’s life”.. after telling everything to them that how she misunderstood and all’..

“lekin maa ji, love marriage, yaha badnaami ho jayegi” hearing that maan became hyper” “aap society ko chhodiye aur geet, aparana ke bare mein sochiye “‘.. stated maan angrily” dadi made him calm down”.

“can we say something here?” asked rano’s elder sister”. They agreed”. “rano, , aparna is our daughter now’.she lived with us, you only gave her to us, , toh kya uski zindagi ka faisla hum le sakte hai’.” She is saying right” actually aparna lived with her mausi , , they didn’t have any child that’s y they adopted aparna , actually not legally,., , just like that rano gave her in her elder sister’s lap” after that aparna lived with them” till now geet knew her as her cousin, ,

but before two days she listened the talk between her mother and father, that time she came to know everything that aparna is her real sister”’.. till now she was addressing her as her cousin that’s y there is no much affection towards aparna by geet’s side”. Dadi knew the fact’.. they lived in Mumbai and before some time maan also went to Mumbai, so she thought the girl must be aparna’..

they asked about Anurag’s profession and his family etc’etc’.. Man calmly replied of their all the queries like he is MBA and has high post in a multinational company and lives in Mumbai itself and his father his father owned his clothing company” but he helped his father in his company”

“we are agree for aparna and anurag’s marriage” stated calmly rano’s elder sister & her husband’..”lekin didi” rano tried to interrupt”.. “rano, kya hamein itna bhi haq nahi hai?” asked her sister”’.. rano shook her head and hugged her sister’.. mohinder also agreed, now they don’t have much authority”  “and what about Geet and Maan?” asked dadi”” the looked tensed little” maan’s heart beats were raising, he was becoming anxious”

he joined his both hands and rubbed them”  “meri taraf se haan hai”‘ spoke rano”.. “lekin rano’.” Mohinder tried to stop her but rano spoke’..  “you know what maan’s mother always wanted to see geet as her daughter in law’. She used to tell me but later everything changed'” she sighed deeply thinking about those days” remembering how she used to love geet and always tell her that geet to meri bahu aur beti dono hi hai” hearing all that mohinder got tears in his eyes and they happily agreed for this marriage”’..

There is no bound of happiness, his eyes are sparkling with joy, , heart is pumping fast, blood rushed fastly through his veins”..he immediately hugged dadi and his heart felt so calm knowing that his mother also wanted geet as her daughter in law”

Happily they come out for the room and everyone got the news”. Both couple moved to the stage , , maan took out the ring from his pocket and looked at geet’s face , seeing her reaction’.. she was so happy seeing the same ring in his hand”

Maan moved towards her in slow pace though he was standing beside her but a little space between them”.. she looked at him, , without blinking, he was gazing at her with his chocolate brown eyes, , met with her almond eyes, , then suddenly what happened she blushed at once’.. gosh his heart was doing little bhangra at that time seeing her red cheeks’.. of course that was a deal but he was her friend and going would be husband’.. little bit shyness is normal’.

He held her hand in his and his thumb rubbed a little her hand without made anyone notice”

brought her hand closer and placed that ring in her ring finger”

and then geet placed the ring in his finger” and Aparana and anurag also exchanged the ring” Anurag came there with all the preparations’. Actually he came there for talking with them but aparna denied but now everything sought out’..and everyone is happy now”

both the couple exchanged the ring and the hall echoed with the huge  applauds ” they took the blessings from the elders”’ all the guests retired from the hall and then maan & dadi started to move but then maan broke the news that geet also accompanying them to delhi and she’ll live with them’..  they happily agreed  because geet’s studies also left in mid’. She can complete her studies and now they won’t get worry for her safety and all’. She’ll be in safe hands now””

They waited there half an hour more”..cause geet was packing her luggage” in no time her bags were ready and they all headed towards their destination” maan & geet in 1 car and dadi & annie in another””   the outside weather so pleasant” grey clouds and cold breeze was blowing, , geet slide down the window for inhaling the fresh air,  ,


maan saw her face, , the glow on her face was something like giving calmness to his heart & mind” she closed her eyes and inhale deeply the fresh air’.. maan’s focus was mainly on her not on road but he is The Maan Singh khurana and he can do anything’..

Maan switched off the AC and let her enjoy the pleasant weather even he also slide down the window and he felt the cold breeze’.. he stopped the car at once and stepped outside of the car,’.. he went towards her side and opened the door, , he gave his hand to her’.. she looked at him for a second and then gave her hand in his and stepped outside’.. ‘

he closed the door and maan pinned her to the car, , the cold metal of car touched her back through the low cut of her suit from back, , she was looking so cute with her doe shape eyes and asking him what happened? He slowly brought her hand towards his mouth and placed a sweet kiss on her knuckles’.. she smiled”

that thing was common between them,’.. he used to kiss on her either on her forehead or on her hand”.

His gaze was intense even geet felt unknown feeling by his gaze, she lowered her lashes and smile crept on her lips”  “maan , this ring?” asked geer showing her finger where ring was placed”  maan smiled’.. “I told you na that day that I’ll made wear this ring to my fianc‘.” She nodded” “then here I fulfilled my promise” both smiled at each other, , ,

just then she felt a drop of water on her face’.. she wiped it, then maan felt the same on his hand” now geet felt on her neck then on her hand’.. both looked up and then towards the road” it’s raining”..”maan, it’s raining‘” geer shrieked in excitement and jumped in joy, , slowly-2 the flow of rain increasing and now both are feeling more drops of rain’..

maan at once called dadi and asked them where are they? Because they  leaved from there little early from them’.. dadi told them that in one hour they will reach to delhi”’.. maan told them they’ll be late as it’s raining’. So don’t worry”. And then disconnected”.



maan at once called dadi and asked them where are they? Because they  leaved from there little early from them….. dadi told them that in one hour they will reach to delhi……….. maan told them they’ll be late as it’s raining…. So don’t worry……. And then disconnected…….

He at once put his phone inside the car, it’s raining and phone can be destroy in rain na…  Geet is standing little far from him feeling the rain on her face, on her finger tips, , raising her arms in air and rubbing the water of rain on her finger tips… Maan is smiling at her childishness , , the glow on her face, the drops on her face just made him feel jealous from those rain drops…

why those drops are feeling her skin not his lips… he groaned inwardly keeping his desires at the corner of his heart and just looking at her, actually lost in her beauty leaning on the bonnet of the car…

Where geet was just enjoying, jumping in rainy water removing her sandals, the road was deserted, , the flow of rain second by second increasing pouring from the sky drenching them fully………

That was also the rainy night like today when they met for the first time…. When she was searching her ring in the monsoon night sitting in the park and in that muddy grass…… but nothing happened… she didn’t get her ring……. He lost in her leaning against his car bonnet while watching her  enjoying fully………


“tomorrow morning tell everything to him “… she nodded… “tomorrow evening at 5… same place… i want to know everything what all will happen…” he said to her and she smiled at him… it was her first smile that she gave to him… and then she disappeared in the darkness of night…

Maan watched her until she lost in the darkness….. the road seems so silent only sound of rain, , and her street, that was really seems a haunted street though there was a street lamp and that was working but at the end of the street, there was darkness and she lost there somewhere may be her house situated at the end of the street…… he sighed and sat in his car and drove to his mansion…….

Till he didn’t reach home, he was lost somewhere, he didn’t know may be thinking about her…….. will she tell to everything to her boyfriend? What will happen? he was tensed more than her….. like it was his exam not hers….. but she lost her ring not maan…… she has to pay for that not maan….. then why he was so worried…..?

It was late when she was standing in her room, , she was living as a PG and her landlord were good in the nature….. but late night out of the house, they didn’t allow, , and she was scolded by them for coming late, though it was not that late but still heavily raining outside , no light, if something happen to her then who will be responsible? And she is girl top of that…… they have to manage everything……

Today for the first time, my landlord aunty scold me but later she showed concern too….. she is also not wrong, she was worried for me and my cell was also not working…….. she told me to change the clothes and she’ll prepare ginger tea for me….. I apologized and went inside my room….. after around 10 minutes, she gave me my favorite ginger tea, , I took the cup and stood by the window looking outside……

It was still raining , , I sipped tea, it was amazing, my whole tiredness went away after sipping that tea….. aunty knows that how I like the tea….. I was watching outside and feeling the cool na….. icy breeze that gave chills to my spines……. Oops, , I felt hail that touched my face….. I took that and put in my tea….. I laughed and sipped…… I know that I should be sad for not finding the ring but seems that man did some magic that I am less worried now….. I’ll try to tell everything to Rahul for sure……… at least I’ll try……… I finished my tea and then grabbed my diary , sat beside of window pane…………. I opened the page, umm today’s date…. Yeah……

16th December 2012

Today was the 3rd day that I went in that park for searching my ring but nothing got in my hand….. I searched that ring with all the sincerity but seems luck was not with me…… I know that I love rahul and he’ll understand but what if he didn’t….. and if he asked the money then…… babaji, , kuch karna please……..

Today I met with a man, , umm I don’t know his name  but he helped me….. when he sat there beside of me on the bench, I know that I was annoyed and talked to him rudely but he was not less than….. he also talked to me rudely but geet u started first na….  ok… sorry……  I don’t know why his words touched me so much and why he had the confidence that I’ll get my ring? Why he pressurize me so much to tell everything to Rahul? But jo bhi he was a nice man…..

he helped me, he drop me till me my home….. he said to me that he wants to know everything what will happen when I’ll tell everything to Rahul………….. and his words, , the deep meaning…… what was that.????…ummm…….yeah…………”pyaar kisi anjuthi(ring) mein nahi….. pyaar to aankho mein chamakta hai…..”…………. sach hi to kaha………

she closed the diary and went to sleep……..

*****Past Ends*****

He felt someone is pulling him by his arm…… he come out from his thought, saw geet was trying to drag him from the car but she was not able…..  he smiled at her efforts and stand up, , he saw naughtiness in her eyes, she wants to play in the rain with me and how can he deny that…..

He held her hand and twirl her round in rain and started singing the song…..

Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai… (2)

Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

She looked at him for understanding the meaning of his words….. did he really? She shrug off and held his hand jumping like dancing……. And maan smiled at her….. first time he is seeing her like this……

Sama Rangeen Sa Hone Lagta Hai

Jahaan Haseen Sa Lagne Lagta Hai

Koyi Dil Pe Chhaa Jaaye To Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Maan left her hand and then placed it on his heart and geet placed her ear above his hand i.e; placed on his heart,,,,,,,,,,, she was in her jovial mood, ,  doing fun a lot………

Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai


Chamakte Hain Chehre, Chamakti Hai Duniya

Behekti Hai Saansein Mere Liye

Maan and Geet both started the dance like ball room dance and little jumping in rain water and maan was just blown away with her simplicity , innocence , thinking that how can anyone looks so innocent…..

Nazar Se Nazar Jo Mila Loon Agar

Phirakti Hai Dhadkan Bhi Mere Liye

Nasha Kuch Nigahon Mein Bhi Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Maan held her by her arm and pulled her towards himself, she collided with his chest leaning on his body completely like submitting herself in him…….

He cupped  her face in his palms, removing the wet strands from her cheeks which were came on her face when he pulled her……

their eyes met with each other like speaking volumes, like talking to each other  like she was asking to him why he is doing all this?

Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai


Hawa Pe Jahan Dekhne Ko Chale Hain

Bani Badalon Se Hai Apni Zameen

Jo Udne Lage Aasmaan Tak Hai Jaana


Na Khushiyon Mein Apni Hai Koyi Kami

Pasand Kuch Hawaon Ka Bhi Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Just then they felt a strong gush of air which sent chills in their bodies, , heavy air started blowing and then her dupatta flew away in the air leaving her shocked……   Man ran behind her dupatta for catching it, Geet ran behind maan…………..

Ek Nazar Mein Bhi Pyaar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Do Baaton Mein Bhi Ikraar Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

Sama Rangeen Sa Hone Lagta Hai

Jahaan Haseen Sa Lagne Lagta Hai

Koyi Dil Pe Chhaa Jaaye To Aisa Hota Hai, Maine Suna Hai

And then….. she slipped because of the muddy & slippy road, she tried to grab maan’s shoulder but fortunately or unfortunately she pushed him ahead and fell down on him, both landed on the road cuddling in each other arms……….





And then….. she slipped because of the muddy & slippy road, she tried to grab maan’s shoulder but fortunately or unfortunately she pushed him ahead and fell down on him, both landed on the road cuddling in each other arms……….


Both lay side by side of each other facing the sky…….  Maan keep his hand behind his head and looked at the sky….. and then both burnt in laughter looking at each other……



laughing at their childishness how they were singing, dancing and running behind of each other……. Geet looked at him , first time she is seeing him laughing so open heartly……  


Maan sat but still laughing,



he doesn’t know why he laughing too much then again burst in laugh…… Geet sat beside him…. She was staring at him continuously without blink……


what happen geet?” asked maan……  he never found geet looking at him like this….. she shook her head in denial and smile slightly…….”you look so cute when you are laugh like this… actually I saw you first tim laughing like this with open heart“……….. maan’s expressions changed when he heard he looks so cute and the words she said after cute, those didn’t penetrate in his mind….. …  “geet, you called me cute?” asked maan…… she nodded making baby face and then burst out in laugh……. Seeing her laughing maan also joined her…………  after some both control their laugh and looked at each other……


maan.,,, why were you laughing so much?” there is too much curiosity in her eyes……


Maan stopped laughing and looked at her…… and keep watching her face….. she is looking so innocent like a fresh flower, , like the same night before months when he saw her face for the first time in the light of street lamp….. but there is difference between today and that day…… they were strangers that time and  now she is his fianc….. and he loves her…..


actually geet, , today so many things happened….. I could never believe that dadi misunderstood me and you too also…. I mean how? I just laughing remembering all this….”……………….. “I am sorry maan!” she said to him……… “arey,,, why sorry yaar?” asked maan suddenly move turn towards her……. “wo.. actually pata nahi kaise I thought u were there to marry aparna di…… aur I told so many things to you without knowing anything“………………


she cutely held her ears asking sorry from him……….. he shook his head and held her hands……… “it’s okay geet…… there is no fault of yours…” both stood up………… “chalo chalein….. dadi must be waiting for us and rain also has been stopped now,.,,,,, ” geet nodded , she looked here and there for her dupatta but it was  no where now………….


Both headed towards their car and drove to their destination…. ….  Maan switched on the Radio and the song was playing on……

Bheegi bheegi raton mein, aisi barsaton mein kaisa lagta hai….

Aisa lagta hai tum banke sawan , mere badan ko bheego ko mujhe chhed rahe ho…..

A kept her head at the window side and went in her deep thought closing her eyes while maan was driving…… he thought that she must be feeling tired….. he didn’t disturb her and keep driving……..




he helped me, he drop me till me my home….. he said to me that he wants to know everything what will happen when I’ll tell everything to Rahul………….. and his words, , the deep meaning…… what was that.????…ummm…….yeah…………”pyaar kisi anguthi(ring) mein nahi….. pyaar to aankho mein chamakta hai…..”…………. sach hi to kaha………


she closed the diary and went to sleep……


next day I woke up and went for my classes….. in this early morning I can’t tell anything to Rahul….. I mean…. I just can’t face him now….. actually I want to give a try again…. I want to search the ring again….. so I bunked my classes and went again in that park……


1 hour has been spent and still I am searching……. I think someone will think me as a mad girl, I mean sitting here and searching something in the grass with my fingers….. it’s like those orphan kids who roam here and there and search things , I was just feeling like that but what could I do? It was so expensive……




I woke up early in the morning,…. I never had this sound sleep like last night I had…. Even I had dream also…. And …..and I saw her face in my dreams…… okay…. Leave it……….. I went to do my daily Tai-Chi and then get ready, straight to my office…………though I wanted to go in my music room today but I just couldn’t…… actually so much pending work in office….. yesterday because of bad weather we had to windup everything early and late night meeting also called off….. now it is today so  many other meetings are lined up…….. and I have to reach in the park at 5 also….. I don’t know why but I knew that she will be there at the exact time…… hope everything will be fine in her life……



I am so tired attending so many meetings and I didn’t have my lunch…… neither I had nor I didn’t give to anyone….. one by one so many meetings and there is only 15 minutes gap between 2 meetings….. actually I only… I arranged all the meetings like this so that I won’t get late…… I know that I was like a horror to the employees today but there is so option left for me……….. I sighed….. and told sorry to everyone in evening while coming out of the office…………. Because of my only 1 sorry, everyone forgot that they had done too much work today…………


I reached to the park and there I saw she is already present there, , and still searching the ring………. I parked my car and sat beside her but not with thud….. I still remember that how she shouted on me yesterday……  I sat beside her and started helping her in searching……..




When he sat beside me, I knew that he is the same man with whom I met yesterday night….. without saying anything he started helping me…… I knew that I won’t get anything, I mean so many days had been passed , , and the park has been cleaned also, how can I get my ring back but still I was searching like a duffer…..


I heard he said something to me…… “did you tell everything to him?” he asked to me……I don’t know what to reply….. I shook my head in no….. he sighed and looked at the grass again…… “don’t worry everything will be fine” he said again….. I don’t know why I wanted to believe him like he said everything will be fine but I couldn’t….. how can everything will be fine…..? I mean if rahul broke up with me then…… then what will happen?


I knew that my family won’t accept him but still I wanted that relationship…….. “chalo hum dono milkar dhundte(search) hai” he said to me….. I nodded and we both started our work…..  it’s 7 now….. but we didn’t get anything……


We both sat up on the bench tired , “how can you say that everything will be fine?” I asked to him…. He looked up at me surprisingly…….. actually that was the first line that I spoke today……. He smiled to me……. “as yesterday I told….. pyaar kisi anguthi me nahi , pyaar to aankho mein chamakta hai….. and if he really loves you then he’ll surely understand you and will forgive you….” I nodded……. I don’t know why I wanted to trust on him……


ab koi faida nahi,,,,, you should have tell him everything now…. Ek baar keh kar to dekho” he said to me……. “shayad you are saying right….. ab koi faida nahi…. ” I replied him back…………  “tomorrow, same time” I told to him….. he nodded, we both stood up and went towards our destination……..


I reached to my PG and at night, I grabbed my diary and start writing today’s happening……

I don’t know why his words effected me so much….. why I wanted to believe his words as he said everything will be fine…… I mean how can I believe any stranger?

 I shrug off  my thoughts and decided that tomorrow morning everything I’ll put in front of rahul…..


Next morning…….

I woke up and get ready and straight headed to my college and caught up everything which I missed yesterday….. it was late afternoon, when I called rahul and called him in a quite place….. there I told everything to him……….


*****Past Ends******


She got up in jerk when she felt a hand on her shoulder….. she looked up and found maan is trying to take in his arms….. she felt awkward at once….. actually she fall asleep and maan didn’t feel like to woke up so he thought to pick her in his arms without waking her but seems he did wrong…. She stepped outside of the car and both headed inside the mansion side by side without talking to each other, , their hands barely touched to each other…..


Both passed by the garden and geet stopped there…… maan keep walking but when he felt she is missing, , he stopped and looked behind……  she was not there….. he stepped backward and looked here & there searching her….


When he heard the chimes of her anklets , he stopped and slanted his neck in the direction…… and a sweet smile crept on his lips seeing her jumping near the fountain……  she was already in wet dress and now she is taking advantage of that……. The musical voice of her anklets just like a musical instruments for his ears…..





When he heard the chimes of her anklets , he stopped and slanted his neck in the direction…… and a sweet smile crept on his lips seeing her jumping near the fountain……  she was already in wet dress and now she is taking advantage of that……. The musical voice of her anklets just like a musical instruments for his ears……


He smiled at her childish acts….. went near her and held her arm bringing her towards himself which made her startle ,


her eyes widen in shock first, jaws dropped open but when her eyes met with hers she felt relief……. Both were standing so close to each other even air couldn’t pass between their bodies, , the temperature of their bodies rising, even they can feel the heat which is coming out from their bodies, , their wet clothes were not helping them even, , actually their wet clothes adding fuel in the temperature and their proximity is something which is not in their control……




Geet felt somewhere awkward with their sudden closeness, it is not like that she didn’t hug him or touch him but sometimes the feeling they feel that is not expecting, that is not planned…… and the heat she is feeling that is coming from his body making her feel weird….. she can not give the name of that weird feeling…… her eyes were at downcast not able to meet with his intense yet desirable eyes, , she move her feet little backward making little distance between them and her move made him realize that it was his wrong move which made her feel awkward and he didn’t want that…………



He at once left her arm and create the distance between them….. he thought to say her sorry but then thought his sorry will surely made her feel awkward, , he shrugged off and tried to start the conversation between them…… “ummm geet….wo…” he spoke….. her eyes which were looking at her feet now looking at his face like reading his face……. “woh you’ll catch cold…. And it’s quite late so” he left his talk between when she nodded without completing him further like she understood what he wants to said………


Without talking further both moved towards the entrance of the Mansion said by side……  she was awed by the beauty of the Mansion………… as soon as she moving further she is getting the view of most serene things…. Like first in the entrance the garden which caught her sight, , the fountain which has music , the soft guitar tune in the fountain and coloured water comes out from the fountain…… and near that there is small pond where small-2 ducks and after then small-2 trees that is shapely trimmed , all the kind of flowers and when you’ll walk further you can found of lots of big trees , umm you can call it is a small forest…..sitting arrangement also there, , so many birds with so many colors…… on the other side there is another garden that is little small, , a swing and bone fire and yes you’ll also find a tent house also…. It will give you the feel of picnic……….there are so many coconut trees around the mansion and a huge backyard with neatly trimmed grass and other trees also……  When you’ll move further, there is huge swimming pool , another side drink area and near the swimming pool,



there is a base of sand , give you the feel of beach……. And then the breath taking mansion………..for entering the mansion you have to climb up the stairs…….



She couldn’t believe that any house can be like this….. she couldn’t hold herself and spoke up….. “maan, yeh sab aapka hai?” maan looked at her and then a smiled tucked around his lips….. he nodded and replied her further….. “geet, in Mumbai, there is also the same mansion…you can’t make difference, actually the outside view is the same, only changes is inside the mansion, the interior , dcor , furnishing and other things….” She nodded…………. She never knew that he is so rich….. she knew that he is a businessman and a singer also…. He does playback singing and sometimes stage shows also that too in foreign only, for those Indians who lives there….. 1 or 2 times he did in Mumbai after lots of pressurization by his friend Rahul Jaiquer….. {Geet’s boyfriend Rahul(he is some random guy) and Maan’s friend Rahul, both are different…. So don’t be confuse ok….. }



Later maan showed the room of hers and he stood at her door step waiting that she’ll wish him good night but his bad luck she became busy in her luggage……. She didn’t notice that he is still on the door step, , she took her night clothes and went in washroom……..he sighed and went in his room, freshen up in the pair of fresh clothes and laid down on his bed….. till this time annie and dadi went to the bed…….



He closed his eyes and a small sweet smile lingering on his lips, a smile of relief that finally she is his fianc and now he can make her dream come true….. on the other hand geet also laid down on her bed, , her stomach making sound, , oops she was hungry, she held her stomach,


geet, why are you feeling hungry? You know na you are here, at new place , you can’t roam here and there without anyone’s permission…… do one thing, close your eyes and try to sleep…… she talk to herself and closed her eyes as per her decision….. when she closed her eyes, she went back in her past remembering the day when she told everything to Rahul, and that day also she was feeling hungry but didn’t had anything cause she was feeling so down……




Narrated by Geet

I stepped out from the My PG and took the auto riksha….. I told the address of the driver and headed towards the area where I called him….. after around 20 mins, we reached at the destination…… I paid to the driver of auto riksha and went inside…….  I sat on the booked table and impatiently waiting for him…… and here he is……. He looked so happy and sat beside him…. I knew that he is happy, he thought something else but I knew that what I am going to tell him which will not good for him , may be that can break our relation…… I narrated him what had happened that day and I can see that the color of his face had been changed……..


Later in the evening at 5pm…..

I reached at the park with a heavy heart and sat on my usual place…. Waiting for him….. him? I didn’t know his name till yet…..  it was like half an hour and he didn’t come…. I heard some sound coming out from my stomach…… I was feeling hungry but I didn’t eat anything, , my heart was so light like some kind of burden went off from my heart and that is just because of that stranger…… stranger? Did he is stranger for me? How can he be stranger for me now? Who can understand you without knowing you then how can that person be stranger for you? I was feeling rahul is a stranger  for me…..


I clutched my stomach for stopping the sound, I was feeling so awkward with the sound like passing people can hear that sound, , just then he came there…… he sat beside me, , we both glanced to each other and looked at out own feet……  he didn’t ask to me anything….. like he knew I did it…..  before I said something to him, he brought a packet in front of me…. I looked at the packet and then him….. he smiled to me like he read my confusion……


koi bomb nahi hai…. First open it” he spoke up clearing  my confusion….. slowly-2 with my trembling hands I took the packet from his hand and opened…. It was brown color packet…..  my eyes popped when I saw the material inside it….. there is a veg cheese burger with a chocolate shake…. I looked at him…. He smiled to me and had a bite of his burger eyeing me to start…… I nodded and opened my mouth for the bite…..  I don’t know how he came to know that I was feeling hungry or he brought these things just like that…… shyly I had a bite and munched the burger slowly……  and the sipped chocolate shake which gave a relax feeling to my throat….. we both finished but didn’t utter a word…..


She came out from her thoughts when he heard the knock on her door…. She stood up at once and thought who it can be? But then opened the door, , and there he is standing on her door step holding the tray full of food like…… like that day he heard the grumbling sound of my stomach…….”ummm…. sorry geet…. I forgot to ask you about the dinner…. Extremely sorry for that” apologized maan….. she shook her head in no…. and take away the tray from his hands….. if he wants then he could tell to nay servant but no… he himself brought her food……… “thanks maan!” she told…. He just nodded…… she put the tray on the side table of her bed and again looked at him…… she held her fingers knotting like she is having the edge of her dupatta….. she smiled shyly “good night“….


She wished him this time but with a sweet smile…. It is something new feeling which penetrated in her heart, , just now she was remembering the day when he brought food for her and here he came again with food…… sometimes she doubt that may be he lives inside her mind…. “good night geet” he wished back with a contended smile on his face like he found something which he wanted from so long……


He moved back to his room and had a sound sleep with her dreams where geet attacked on the food like she was hungry from the ages….. actually she doesn’t want to waste a single morsel of food which is given by maan…..  after filling her stomach, she lied on her bed and went in her deep slumber……..



she went again in the past in her dreams what has happen after having the burger and chocolate shake….


When they finished the burger and chocolate shake, silence prevailed there, both were looking at their own feet,,, her heart was thudding against her chest so loudly,,, she knew he’ll ask to her did she told him or not? She looked at him expecting from him to ask something…..  “so, what did he said?” asked Maan from Geet…….  Hearing the question from his mouth, a tear escaped from her hazels, welled down on her cheek wetting them and she sniffed at once…….. he closed his eyes knowing Rahul’s reply………  now his favorite line “Everything Will Be Fine” he can’t say to her…….


Thank you so much” he heard thanking him but he didn’t know that why she is thanking him……? He gave her confusing look and she understood that he is confused…..





19th December 2012


Thank you so much” he heard thanking him but he didn’t know that why she is thanking him”? He gave her confusing look and she understood that he is confused”


Before he ask something to her, she replied him back’.. “because of you I am able to tell him everything”  he looked at her knowing that what would be his reply’..  he  can understand her situation’.. no’ nothing like that is happened with him but he is a human also, and he can feel other’s pain’.


He was quite all the while’ he didn’t know what to reply? How to console her? That’s’y he thought to keep mum himself”. “you said right’.. pyaar kisi anguthi me nahi, pyaar to aankho mein chamakta hai, aur aaj wo pyaar maine uski aankho mein dekha hi nahi‘.””’. she closed her eyes for a moment and opened again gulping hard her pain’..


you tried to made him understand your perspective?” asked maan finally’. Somewhere he had the institution that he’ll understand her because they love each other but alas, nothing like that happened’..  she nodded silently” and then tried to speak up her pain, his wordings, those harsh words which pricked her heart,,,,,


she doesn’t know that why she wanted to speak up her pain to this stranger whose name she doesn’t know still? What an irony’.. whom she loved he accused her and that person whom she doesn’t know, not even his name and he understood her’..


 “when I met with him , he asked to me did I like the ring? but mai kya jawab deti’ somehow I gather all my strength and tried to tell my stand, , how I came here and when I was watching the ring lovingly just then a doggy came and started barking at me’.  He knows that I am so afraid from doggies but still he didn’t listen me’.. when that dog barking at me, I got scared and I jumped back’. In that fear, my grip around the ring loosened up and I fell down somewhere in the  park but I was sure that it was near the bench’ I ran away saving my life from the dog and when” when (she sobbed a little’) I came back, , and tried to search from that day but nothing got in my hand‘.. ” she covered her face and sobbed hard’.. his heart flinch seeing her like this’. He doesn’t why and how his arms went  her shoulder and tried to console her” “sshh, , nothing is in our hands ” he told her’..


She nodded’.. “he’ he told me that” I am so irresponsible , when I can’t save a ring properly then how will I manage our relation? How will I proceed in our relation when I am so irresponsible? He said he doesn’t love me anymore, he said he doesn’t to being with me..he said he doesn’t want me anymore, he said I am so downmarket girl, he was just passing time with me’.. I know that my family won’t approve all that but still I was with him and I gave me all this just because I lost a ring‘. “‘..


She looked to his face”. “tumne sahi kaha tha, pyaar to uski aankho mein tha hi nahi toh chamkega kaise’.. uske liye to pyaar sirf uss ring  mein tha aaknho mein nahi’..” saying so she doesn’t when she hide her face in his broad chest and sobbed, ‘.


but,,,,, why’..why he did all this to me? Why he told me that he doesn’t love me? Why he used me?” she asked to him looking in his eyes” he felt bad for her but what could he do beside of console her” 


whatever happens, happens for the best..!!” he said to her’.. she knew that he is saying correct’. Whatever happens, happens for the best’.. he rubbed her arm little consoling her more” when she realized where she is, she became little stiff and came out at once from his arms’.. “sorry!” both said together to each other’.. both looked at each other with same expression, and then a smile crept on their face’..


actually he is at lose not you’. He doesn’t deserve you that’s y he didn’t understand you’”’.” she nodded and wiped her tears , , “btw I am maan‘” he introduced himself after 3-4 days” she smiled  “and am geet’.. thanks maan for everything’”” both shook hands”.. after some time he forwarded his hand in front of her, , seeing that her eyes widen and her jaws dropped open” she looked at his hand first and then at his face’.. where he is having no expressions on his face”



ye’.. ye tumhare paas kaise? I mean how it can be possible?” she asked to him’.. she was looking at his face where he smiled a little” “how this ring came to me? You are thinking right‘. ” he said to her”.  “yeah, how?” she asked to him”. 


woh that day when you lost your ring, , I came here and sat on this bench, , just then my sight fell on this ring, I took it in my hand, I knew it is so costly ring and I can’t give this to anyone’.. I wanted to see that whether the person is really deserve this ring or not? Then I thought if that person didn’t deserve the ring then I’ll made wear this ring to my future fiance ” he speak in one go while she was looking at him without blink””.


you mean, from the first day, you knew that,,,,,that ring is mine?” she asked to him”. “yes, that ring was with me, and I really wanted to see whether you deserve it or not?“””’


thank you so much” she again thanked him’. Now he is confused that why she is thanking him now? His expressions told her that again he is confuse’. She smiled and replied’.. “because of you, I came to know the true color of his face and you can keep this ring with you and made wear this to your future fiance” she replied him back’..



so, did i deserve this ring?” asked geet gazing at his face expecting the answer in positive but alas her face fell when he replied… “nope, this ring deserve my future fiance…



She went near the window and looked outside , the view of the garden just breathtaking, the greenery and the chirping sound of the birds, , and the fountain giving the awesome view of her eyes’..  while maan woke up early and went to his daily routine, , his tai-chi session where a sweet & serene smile was playing on his lips’..


He remembered last night events, how he was so desperate to hear good night from her mouth but at last he got good night from her and his sleep became so peaceful”  again a sweet appeared on his face remembering when she was enjoying near the fountain’..


He finished his exercise and headed towards his room for freshen up , , a feeling of calmness, serenity entered in dadi’s heart when she saw her grand son all smiling by himself otherwise he didn’t smile at her silliest joke”. She mentally smacked herself knowing the reason behind this reason of-course his fianc and her would be grand daughter in law Geet”


Dadi went to annie’s room for waking her up otherwise she will be late for her college’..  on the other hand geet freshen up and went downside in the garden, taking the fresh breath in between all the beautiful flowers and trees, ,


When she reached in the garden, a some kind of new zeal filled in  her mind and body after seeing the birds , their chirping voice and fresh dew drops on the leaves, in this early morning’. Well it’s 6 am and monsoon came, so little chillness in the weather, , cool breeze is blowing giving goosebumps in her skin,,,,,


She removed the towel from her hairs and sat down on the swing which is placed in the mid of the garden near the pond and with lots of enthusiasm”she was watching the ducks, how cute she found them,”’



Maan freshen up and came out in his pants and a vest, where his coffee was already placed on the table’. He took the cup and went near the window for inhaling the fresh air but the scene mesmerized him, , he sipped his coffee which soothed his cool mind and gave little warmness to his body but his heart was beating so fast watching her, , she was wiping her hairs with towel standing in the garden near the flowers, she was unaware that a pair of intense eyes are watching her with immense love”.




After some time she went the pond and took the packet which is placed near by, that is the food packet for the ducks’.. she gave the food to the ducks”. Maan didn’t knew that he is trying to sip coffee from the empty cup, he didn’t realize when his coffee got over”. He smacked his head at his foolishness, , really he became like love sick puppy in her love’.. gosh what he’ll do?


Around 8 am he came downstairs for the breakfast where everyone is present beside of geet” “Good Morning dadi and annie” wished maan to both”  “good morning maan” wished dadi back to him and same with the annie”


bhai, today you have to come to my college’. You know na your signature  on the transfer letter is very important“”..  said annie to maan’.. “okie aanie, I’ll be there” replied maan” saying so he took the head seat on the dining table’..


ummm”dadi where is geet?” asked maan looking here and there for geet”.”pata nahi bte, humne geet ko dekha nahi hai abhi tak” replied dadi to maan where annie also spoke’. “haan bhai, maine bhi nahi dekha..” ” just then they heard a voice’. “I am here!” all turned towards the source of voice and found geet is standing there with a tray in her hand”.


All smiled with their heart , she came their with a great smile and placed that tray on the table , she wanted to do something for maan, she wanted to thank him and doesn’t know how? Then she thought to make something for him as well for his family too’..at last she is going to be a bahu of this house’.. she knows that she doesn’t love maan but he is her friend , ummm more than a friend and now it’s her duty to make him happy, at least she can do this much for him as a thanks’.



She opened the lid of the bowl and here they smelled the sweetest smell ever of kheer” the kheer was looking so mouth watering with lots of dry fruits”. “wow kheer‘..” annie squirmed in happiness as she loved the kheer most’.. “thank u bhabhi’ you know what I loved it so’so much as well bhai also” she winked slightly that is noticeable to geet only’..


Geet blushed at once hearing from annie that maan loves kheer but sudden nervousness penetrate in her heart, wishing that maan will like this kheer otherwise ”.otherwise chhaddo’..she said in her mind”’..


geet bte, kheer dekhne mein to bahut acchi lag rahi hai” said dadi looking at maan who’s eyes were continuously at the kheer bowl’..  geet is about to pour the kheer in the small bowls but dadi stopped her”.


ek minute geet bte” you make something for the first time in your would be house”’..actually ghar ki bahu jab pehli baat kuch banati hai toh bhagwaan ko bhog lagate hai sabse pehle aur aapne toh bahu banne se pehle hi bana diya’. Toh bhog lagana toh sabse pehle banta hai‘” hearing that geet beamed with happiness’.. dadi took some kheer in the bowl and went towards the temple”


After some time geet served kheer to everyone, , dadi is the first one who tasted the kheer, , she stood up at once and looked at her” she held geet’s hand in hers, , everyone was shocked seeing this but then annie stood up and clapped when dadi placed a gold bangle in her hand” that means she loved it’. Where geet was stunned and looking at her with her wide open eyes”


dadi maa’ par mai yeh kaise?” geet tried to interrupt dadi but she  was stopped,,,,,,

geet, , you are just like annie for me’.. aap iss ghar ki bahu se pehle beti hai, aap hamare mohinder ki beti hai aur yeh to shagun hai’. Jab bahu pehli baar meetha banati hai tab diya jata hai yeh shagun , waise hi aapne pehli baar kuch meetha banaya hai toh yeh shagun to banta hai ‘. Hai na maan?” asked dadi looking at maan but poor maan, he was caught now”..


actually dadi was busy in giving the bangle and maan babu was enjoying his kheer licking his lips, closing his eyes and same with annie” hearing dadi’s voice both looked at dadi horrified but dadi chuckled looking at him””.. dadi hugged geet dearly and same with geet’..



Signaled them to continue their kheer session and she told to geet that sit beside maan” she happily sat there” there is no need to hear nay compliment from maan because anyone can understand by his expression and the way he was having kheer even he licked spoon too”  everyone get to see the child in maan”


bhai, what you’ll give to bhabhi?” asked annie after finishing her kheer”. “for what?” asked maan”.



Dadi gave mean look to maan while annie gave surprised look’..  “bhai, , obviously for this delicious kheer” replied annie knocking some sense inside his brain but she forgot that to whom she telling for giving the gift’. He already knew what he’ll give to her”’


for kheer” umm’.. annie, first you tell me, what you’ll give?” asked maan placing his arms on the table by the elbow and joined his both hands placing his chin over the looking in the direction of annie while geet was looking at her plate all the while” she never knew that maan can be like , ummm like a little child and playful in rain, and yeah stern when it comes to work”..


me’.. mai’..mai’.. kya dungi mai’..????” annie tapping her finger on her chin continuously and thinking looking up and murmuring all the options and rejecting them”’ “obviously bhai’.. girls favorite”..shopping”” annie screamed with lots of zeal telling them about the shopping”” “and like this me and geet bhabhi will come more close’.. ” dadi and maan smiled and then shook their head like iska-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta”. “ab bataiye bhai’. What is your gift?” asked annie again’..


no annie” I don’t want anything‘.” Told geet’..actually she is thinking that maan already done so many things for her and now another gift’.. that won’t be nice” “arey , kaise nahi’.. lena to padega’.. bhai pls tell fast‘” annie was becoming impatient”


before the gift, I have a condition” stated maan” “now what bhai?” asked annie’. “maan, ye kya bacho jaise behave kar rahe hai..” told dadi to maan”


dadi, ab ye childish ho adult ya gentleman wali wish, I don’t know” before that geet  will feed me kheer by her hands‘.”  Hearing that geet eyes jerked open like she got electricity current where maan was behaving like he innocent”..


aahh’.. there is no big deal’. Hai na bhabhi‘” saying so annie put the bowl in geet’s hand and signaled to feed to her bhai so that she can get her gift afterwards”. Dadi smiled hearing his wish’.. geet felt very shy but she thought that at least she can fulfill his wish”.


Clutching the bowl tightly in her hand, she took the spoon full of kheer and move it towards maan’s mouth where he opened his mouth and geet fed him’..



both were looking at each other so lovingly”.. maan got up from his seat and went on his knees” one knee was touching the ground while another one was folded”..


first, I’ll kiss those hands who made this delicious, mouth watering, yummiest kheer” saying so he took her both hands in his and kissed her both hands respectively, ,



geet blushed hard , maan too while annie clapped loudly seeing so romantic scene and that too from her bhai” there is no bound of happiness in the mansion while dadi praying silently that her kids always be happy like this”..





Both smiled again and maan kept this ring with him’.. now he is not going to give back this ring to her”” “but didn’t he asked for the money of this ring?” asked concerned maan”.. she nodded her head in yes…


31st May 2013


She opened her eyes when a ray of sun fell on her face’.. the sun has been already risen and she was late, though she was early riser but the event roaming in her dreams at night, that didn’t let her sleep properly’.. she was sniffing in her sleep but then went back in her deep sleep” she adjusted her eyes according to the sunlight and looked here & there and remembered that she is in Maan’s house now’..


She went near the window and looked outside , the view of the garden just breathtaking, the greenery and the chirping sound of the birds, , and the fountain giving the awesome view of her eyes’..  while maan woke up early and went to his daily routine, , his tai-chi session where a sweet & serene smile was playing on his lips”



first, I’ll kiss those hands who made this delicious, mouth watering, yummiest kheer” saying so he took her both hands in his and kissed her both hands respectively, , geet blushed hard , maan too while annie clapped loudly seeing so romantic scene and that too from her bhai” there is no bound of happiness in the mansion while dadi praying silently that her kids always be happy like this’..


Maan sat back on his seat while geet was looking down all the while, blushing, she doesn’t know why she is blushing so much, means she never felt like this before, , like these butterflies running up and down in her stomach, or shivers in her spines, , she knotted the edge of her dupatta and tried to subside her blush” just then her reverie broke when annie chirpily clapped being proud on her bhai”.


I am proud of you bhai‘” she said happily , maan shoot glares at her and she stopped at once pouting”.. “annie, behave‘.” Stated maan”.. he likes her naughtiness , pampers her a lot but that doesn’t mean she can do anything”hearing that annie’s face fell” “maan, , don’t scold her!” this time geet spoke shocking him further, he looked at her while annie hugged her tightly for taking her side’.. “love you bhabhi” annie spoke chiding at her bhai”


Inhone to abhi se team bana li’.. thought maan”’ “btw bhai, where is ur gift? Hands par kiss karna gift nahi hota‘..” asked annie raising her brows”.. “haan maan, where is your gift?” this time asked dadi”..


when you all are insisting then wait a min’. m coming back with my gift” said maan ,, in a fraction of second he was disappeared from the dinning hall and then you can see him climbing up to the stairs towards his room”’. And then three of them looking at him with wide eyes because a very big box neatly wrapped in a shinning magenta color paper, ribbon tied above on its, ,


annie’s mouth was wide open looking at the gift, in 2 mins, her mind wandered at every big thing which can maan give to her, , she guessed all the things but couldn’t related because when maan gifts something to his loved ones then that’ll be very unique” and she knew this time toh it’ll be special”


now maan was standing near geet and geet was looking at maan’. She doesn’t know how to react? This much big gift, , how can she take from him? She denied him from her eyes but in reply, maan blinked his lashes assuring her nothing is harm in it” then he held her hand gestured her to open the knot, , they both loosened the knot of ribbon and the wrapping paper”


her eyes sparkled seeing the guitar in the gift box, , she caressed it lovingly and a sweet smile on her lips, seeing that smile maan’s heart felt contended, , a smile of calmness, peace and love”.. “maan, , it’s beautiful‘” said geet’.. and then her eyes fell on the name that is carved downside of the guitar, , Geet, a symbol of music, and then Maan”.. annie and dadi were watching the love birds lovingly , annie grinned inwardly and took their snaps in her cell when they were sharing the eye lock”.


Later maan was driving and geet sat beside him on the passenger  seat” while annie went in her college in another car” dadi went to meet her kity friends, , giving them news that her handsome grandson is now engaged and now don’t try to force their daughters on him”.


In the car, , maan looked at her and told’.. “geet, , after a week, we’ll shift to Mumbai and then you’ll complete your last semester their okay’. I’ll talk to your principal’. Is that ok geet?” asked maan looking at her once in a while driving”


haan maan, ok for me”.. but aapka office and baki sab?” asked geet in a worry that because of her he have to shift in mumbai”.

no geet, nothing is like that” actually annie ka bhi ye last semester hai toh, , she’ll complete there only and after then she wants to study in Mumbai itself and we have a branch there, so I can handle business from there’. So don’t worry for anything’..ok‘” she nodded”..


Maan dropped her at her college and went back to his office” while driving he remember the past when he dropped her at her home and went to his home”.


26th December 2012, a week later

Narration by Maan

She was broke down completely, somehow I consoled her and then dropped her at her street” she told me she is fine now, I smiled but then I told her tomorrow at the same time, same place’. She looked at me like why now I am calling her, , but I told her that I want to show her something, she nodded like a obedient child and then went away to her home’..


I sighed deeply and drove to my way”. I looked at the ring, , I know she was thinking that why didn’t I give that ring back to that rahul but how could I give that ring to him when he didn’t purchase it”


When I found that ring, , I saw the whole mark and jewelry shop name inside the ring, though it was written in very tiny letters but somehow I got it”I decided that next day I’ll go to that shop but I got busy and then that day I met to geet’.. and the very next day I went to the jewelry shop”.. I went there at the shop and asked about the ring, , they told me that this ring had taken from their shop only but on the EMI”  and I shocked when I got to know that, , the cost of the ring is not 4 lakhs, , it’s costs is about some thousands’..ummm yeah around 25,000 thousands”


Being so niave, geet believed him, that’s y I told her that tell everything to rahul’.. I paid for the ring and kept it with me’.. I didn’t tell anything to geet” I mean after knowing all this, she won’t be able to trust anyone’. And when I told her that I’ll give this to my future fianc’.. that was true because somewhere I was imagining geet as my future fianc ” woh kehte hai na pyaar to pehli nazar mein bhi ho jata hai’.. love at first sight’.. shayad I also fell in love with her in first sight”’.


Then I thought that I should tell her about the price of the ring and I paid , , because she’ll be worried for the amount of the ring, , I nodded to myself and looked at the ring which was in my hand’.. I decided that tomorrow I’ll tell her’.




Then I thought that I should tell her about the price of the ring and I paid , , because she’ll be worried for the amount of the ring, , I nodded to myself and looked at the ring which was in my hand….. I decided that tomorrow I’ll tell her……


But tomorrow didn’t come…. I mean she didn’t come to meet me, I had waited for her so long in that park itself but sad that she didn’t come….. I was scared that if anything happened to her? She is alright or not? I couldn’t call her because I didn’t had her number at the first place……. I sighed and thought to wait for tomorrow….


I couldn’t related the fact why I am so concerned about her? Why I am so worried about her? Why I couldn’t get the answer of this damn this word “why”? but on the other way I was liking that worried feeling, that concern feeling that is related with her, , a pure stranger……. Ufff…….


29th December 2012

After 3 long days, my wait come to  halt when she came in that park again at the same time……


Really I was so freaked out,,,,,, even people would have been thinking me as a mad person, why I came here in the park daily….. but I loved it…….


maan , you are here?” asked geet to me sitting beside me showing concern in her eyes……. A sweet yet full of relief smile spread on my face seeing her all fine…… “just like that…..” I replied back to her……. She gave a smile which didn’t reach to her eyes, I knew that…… “really…..just like that?” she asked to me….. my face fell…. How she knew that I was lying…….. “you were waiting for me?” she asked to me again…….


I didn’t know that how to reply her, so genuinely, gathering my all the guts, , I nodded slightly…… and she smiled to me sweetly…….  “geet, why you didn’t come?”  I asked to her, I really wanted to know the reason , here I was waiting for her and she…… forget it….. I told in my mind…….


actually, after that day I was so engrossed in my studies, actually I was so neglect towards my studies even forgot that I had to submit my project, so just lost in that project….sorry!” she spoke in a go and took out a breath of relief…… but she looked so cute when she was saying sorry……..but still she looked sad, I knew that because of that Rahul…….


I held her hand and dragged her from there towards my car….. “maan, where are we going?“……… we both kept walking……. “maan, tell me, hum kaha ja rahe hai?” she asked again. , but my heart jumped in joy that she didn’t mistrust me, she didn’t even doubt on my intentions…..  I opened the door of my car and told her to sit inside…. She calmly sit there , I took the driver seat and drove off from there…..


She kept asking on and on but I didn’t budge….. actually I was having fun but didn’t show on my face….. after driving little we reached at my destination……… I stopped and stepped out , she looked at me so absentmindedly , following me like a obedient child…….. he tied a blind fold around her eyes, “maan, now what is this?


she asked again to me, but I sealed my lips, I knew that if I open my mouth then I’ll blurt out everything, I didn’t want to fall on her cute face that’s y I maintained my sternness in my voice…… “geet, no question…. Wait for 2 minutes” I replied her back……


She nodded and we both walked ahead….. and then we reached there…… slightly I opened the blindfold from her eyes, , she rubbed her eyes cutely , she tried to adjust her eyes according to the lights but there was no light….. she scared a little, she didn’t know why? She held my hand in fear but when I signaled , lights on and she jumped in excitement….. there were sparkles in her eyes, a new enthusiasm seeing the little kids, they had arranged a cute little party for her….


Actually we went to an old age home, where I donate money, things, clothes etc etc….. I told them after some days I’ll come here with  a new person and you have to greet her lovingly, , so knowing all these things , they had arranged a sweet party, I gave them money only….. I looked at geet, she was so happy…… I turned her towards me….


geet, dekho inn bacho ko dhyaan se….. yeh wo bache hai jinke sath kuch na kuch hua hai life mein, dukh, dard, dhokha, bahut kuch, par fir bhi inhone haarna nahi sikha… they are fighters, and you have to be like them, tumhe bhi ladna hoga,,,, ek insaan ne tumhe dhokha diya that doesn’t mean, tum jeena chhod do… I know you were lying that you were engrossed in your studies…” she was looking at me with tears in her eyes…..


inse khush rehna seekho aura age badhna seekho,,,, kaise dukh, dard ko bhulakar aage badha  jata hai…. Hmmm….” I paused for a moment looking at her facial expressions…… “tum samajh rahi ho na ma kya keh raha hu?” I asked to her….. “thank you maan….. really….i won’t disappoint you” saying so she hugged me…. I didn’t know why I felt complete when she hugged me….. like there is no beautiful moment in the life beside of this…. I wanted to captured that moment and cherished life long…..


She broke the hug and ran towards the kid, made herself so engrossed in the kids, even she forgot that I was there also… I felt so calm seeing her so happy….. she was dancing with them, jumping, making cute-2 faces along with them….. even the children were behind her holding her duppata saying didi yeh, didi who….. I really loved that feeling,………


I sat in a corner on a bench and just lost in her, in her beauty, in her simplicity, in her being so nave, there is no path to move back, stepped back on that way which I went through……. I didn’t told her properly about the ring because I really not wanted that her trust on people totally shaken, , I knew it is not justice but it is really important, important for her well being……


If I didn’t get this ring then with whom she shared her pain, , there were full chances Rahul demand money from her if I didn’t paid for that ring and I told the jeweler that inform him about the bill……  I sighed heavily and watched her properly….. she was too lost to notice him…. She was feeding food to a very small girl, , that girl didn’t know how ate by their hands…….


After some time she came to me and sat beside me….. she didn’t look at me, neither I demanded from her…… I just want her happiness , that’s all…….i knew that she was looking at me by the corner of her eyes, actually I felt the heat radiating over my skin….. warming up me….. and the next moment I felt I’ll blown away right there…..


she clutched her fingers with mine, my hand was rested on the bench, , and then I felt little weight on my shoulder….. so calmly she put her head on my shoulder like time had stopped for me….. it was something I couldn’t describe….


thank you is a small word, but still thank you for bringing me here and made me face the reality….” This time she was looking directly in my eyes….. like reading me…. My lips curled up in a little yet noticeable smile….. “how I forgot that, I have family,  I have YOU” it was something like medicine to my heart…..


I know my heart didn’t stabbed but the feeling I was carrying in my heart, , it got more chance…….  I didn’t said anything just hugged her side ways…… I don’t know whether I was her friend or something but I knew that I was something for her……..something which she didn’t know even……….




He reached to his office and engrossed in his pending work……  everyone was so happy seeing his maan sir back in office though he took off of 2 days only but it seems like ages they didn’t saw their Maan sir….. sometime he is arrogant, rude but sometimes so soft and caring towards his employee…. Strict when it comes to work and soft hearted when his staff needed him….. boost their courage for doing touch task, even he gave lost of privilege to new interns and new comers in the office…..  giving them big task and handled them properly…….


After one week……

Maan and geet reached landed in Mumbai, annie didn’t come with them because of her studies, something left in this semester, , and there is another reason also…..dadi told her to give them little time with each other, they deserve little privacy, , she knew that they love each other but still she saw some hesitation in geet’s eyes….. she doesn’t know the H of the history of their love, how they met? How they fall in love with each other?


When time will come she will ask from them but now she didn’t want them to embarrass….. she wants that her grand kids enjoy this phase of life fully…… both got their luggage and towards the main gate…… he was looking here and there……


kisey dhoondh rahe ho maan?” asked geet…….. he turned his neck towards her and spoke up…… “my driver geet….. I have kept secret my landing here…. I don’t want media or any other hype…. I’ll introduce you as a singer not like that, seen with Maan singh khurana…… not at all like that…i don’t want that anyone will say rubbish about you before knowing anything about you…” his some words touched her heart….. if he wants then she can become a very big singer just having his surname but a big no….. he wants that she’ll became a singer because of her awesome voice which she has…,,,,,







kisey dhoondh rahe ho maan?” asked geet…….. he turned his neck towards her and spoke up…… “my driver geet….. I have kept secret my landing here…. I don’t want media or any other hype…. I’ll introduce you as a singer not like that, seen with Maan singh khurana…… not at all like that ” his some words touched her heart….. if he wants then she can become a very big singer just having his surname but a big no….. he wants that she’ll became a singer because of her awesome voice which she has…,,,..


Her face fell off hearing him, he won’t help her in making her career…… she was looking at him with her sad eyes, , she clutched her bag tightly in her fist and her lower lip little pouted….. she doesn’t know why she felt little hurt……  he stopped when he realize she is not in herself….. she is so calm, he looked at her face and frowned , there was sadness in her eyes……


He came in front of her and held her by her shoulders…… she looked up at his face and then there, their eyes met with each other…….. “geet, I’ll be your guider, ur mentor, who will guide you how to take first step in this world….. even I’ll be secretary too….” He tried to joke a little and then her petal lips curved in a smile hearing he’ll be her secretary……  “haan, yeh baat alag hai, kit um mujh jaisa handsome, dashing secretary nahi chahti to I’ll arrange another one” he spoke making innocent yet saddy face but naughty glint in his eyes……


She whacked on his shoulder…… and clutched his forearm in her both hands…… “only you’ll be mine…… my guider, my mentor, and my secretary too” and she giggled…. He relieved  hearing her laughter…… “ab chalein madam?” asked maan……. “secretary, follow me!” she spoke in attitude and walked ahead like a queen bee ……. Maan greeted his teeth, tighten his jaw…… “geeet” he called her, , hearing his stern voice, she ran saving her life from this roaring lion……. He shook his head, signaled his driver to come and take their luggage, and he ran behind her…….


Both reached at the mansion , , when the huge gate opened of the mansion, geet awed by the beauty of this mansion….. it’s really more greenery, classy from outside…… from the entrance , trees started , some are finely trimmed…… the servants bowed in front of him like he is some king of any state….. well she put her thoughts aside and looked at him….. he is busy in his cell, checking mails and replying them……. And another side he was talking with someone over Bluetooth device, she don’t know with whom he is talking now……


Their car stopped in front of main gates, , servants came running and opened gates for them…..maan disconnected his call and stepped outside…… he stopped a servant who was going to open door from geet’s side….. he himself opened the gate of her side and gave her his hand, , oh man, she loved his gesture….. sweetly she held his hand and stepped outside from the car…… both walked side by  side of each other and entered inside the mansion…..


Both put their right feet together like a newly wedded couple , hand in hand together……. Both were lost in each other and walking inside of the mansion…… maan showed the way of her room to geet …… “geet, this is your room” he told her…. She nodded and entered inside…. Servants put her luggage there and maan’s luggage in his room……


Later in the evening……..geet engrossed in her work…. Settling herself in her room, arranging all her stuff in the cupboard……. Where maan left geet alone in this big mansion and headed towards his office for checking whether his employees working properly or not?… he wants to give them surprise but actually that will be shock for them……..


The day went well ,both were not together, where geet missed his being with him…… the mansion haunting her being alone in the big haveli type mansion….. later at night, geet was sitting on the couch and surfing the channels in tv, getting bored….. though her eyes were stuck on the tv screen but her mind was somewhere else…..


pata nahi maan ne kuch khaya hoga ki nahi? Geet woh teri fikr karte hai aut ek tu hai jhalli…. Tuney ek bar bhi call karke nahi puchha…..bewakoof kahin ki…” she smacked herself mentally…… her talking session broke when 1 servant came to her and asked that what is the menu of dinner?


Geet looked at him and thought for a while….. “ummm nakul kaka….. ek kaam kijiye, aaj aap aaram kijiye…dinner mai bana dungi” she spoke sweetly……. In morning maan introduced nakul to geet that he is their loyal servant…… and he is the one who is taking care of their mansion…… nakul looked at her in horror….. he gulped, actually he is not used of this much sweetness from someone…… and in maan’s matter, there is no point of sweetness, yeah sometimes he spoke to them, asking him about his health but nothing more than that……..


lekin geet madam, aap kaise? Mera matlab maan sir gussa karenge” he told in his shaky voice…… geet stood up and assured him…… “nahi gussa karenge…. Aap bas batayiye, unhe kya pasand hai?” there is no choice left for nakul and he told all the things which maan likes….. and then retired to his quarter……


Geet tied her hairs and her dupatta around her waist, wore the polothyne cap on her head because nakul told that maan can never tolerate unhygienic….. but first she called him and asked when he’ll be at home….. his reply was around 9….. she sighed that she has 2 hours in her hand,, so she can prepare everything…….


With a quick prayer to her babaji, she wore apron and started chopping the vegetable where in another utensil, she put milk for boiling…… now half an hour left and her all the dishes are ready…. She has to only prepare the dinner table and get ready, because there is strong smell of sweat coming out from her body…..


It’s 9 now but he didn’t come till yet…… she wore her night clothes, salwar with short kurti…… after roaming here and there, she became tired and sat with a thud on the chair…… just then door bell rang and she ran with her full speed to open the gates…..  there he is, looking very tired, exhausted with work….. “hiii…. Kitna late kar diya..” sh spoke, complaining little….. maan smiled….. “sorry dear, but there was lots of pending files which needed my attention….”….. she nodded and hold him dragging him inside and pushed him towards the stairs…… “now freshen up fast, will have dinner then” he nodded and ran , skipping the stairs between…..


After 15 mins, , both were sitting side by side at the dinning table, , he licked his lips when she was serving him first…… kadahi paneer in a Mexican style,, his fav red sauce pasta and white sauce spaghetti, chilli mushrooms with chicken and chapattis…..(don’t think, these dishes exist or not…. Just my imaginations..okie..i love to have these beside of mushrooms with chicken…coz i am vegeterian ) he attacked on the food, geet beamed with happiness, there is no need to say that he liked it… she can guess the way he is eating the food and licking his fingers also…..


geet, what is in dessert?” asked maan now finishing his food……  she got and bring the dessert…….  His eyes glittered in happiness when he got a bowl of cold kheer which came direct from the freezer……. Before having, he took her both hands in his and again kissed them like the first time she made kheer and he kissed her hands….. she shied and then eyed him , telling him have kheer first……


geet, today I had talked with my friend….. Rahul jaquer… the one I have mentioned you before” he told her….. she nodded while having her kheer……. “I told him that, there is a girl, whose voice is very good, she needs a chance, even he got ready for hearing your voice…… you know his new movie is coming up, if you get select then you’ll get a chance for playback singing…”……. She hugged him at once hearing the news…… “really maan…. Thank you…. You are the best secretary“…. Saying so she winked and he pouted hearing himself as a secretary…….


I am not your secretary…. samjhi” he spoke…… “achha, then you are my cutipie, sweetiepie, lovepie, “….. he smirked….. “lovepie chalega but cutiepie or this sweetiepie nahi chalega…” he responded her back……. “achha, inmein kya kharaabi hai….? kitne achhe toh naam hai…” Asked geet……. “geet, tum mera naam rakh rahi ho ya apne kisi doggy ya teddy ka…?these names sounds  like teddy names and I am not ur teddy…. i’ll prefer lovepie…Tumne hi to kaha lovepie, that means, u love me..simple” saying so he shoved a spoon full of kheer in her mouth……. And she was looking at him dumbstuck, , she herself addressed him as a lovepie…..


Seeing her lost… he spoke…. “geet, I have called Rahul tomorrow at evening…. ” she come out from her reverie, “no maan…. Kal nahi, after 2-3 days…haan“…… she told him….. “but geet, what is the problem in tomorrow?” asked maan ……. “maan, , I want to rehearse first, , then I’ll be able to sing properly na “, , she said…… “okay, the day after tomorrow… okay…”…………she nodded………


really you think that I am able to be a singer?” asked geet to maan while moving towards their room…… maan stopped….he held her by her shoulder…… “I am geet…. I am very much sure….. sur aur sangeet ke mamle mein mai kabhi mazaak nahi karta(courtesy to Aashiqui 2 movie)………… ” hearing his words,, she hugged him……. His arms went around her back holding her properly in his manly body……. 


After some seconds, they broke the hug and while walking geet’s room came….. both stopped there……. “Thank you geet for the delicious food, I know you had prepared that, cause I know the taste….. love u” saying so he pecked her check and went from there before she react on his act……  she was stunned by his act, , she touched her cheek where he placed his lips and then blushed thinking about the feel of his lips……. Maan watched her reaction by hiding behind a pillar……


Next day in morning…… Sunday


geet was sitting in the garden, and trying to play the guitar which was gifted by maan……  she sat on a swing folding her legs  , and when she touched nay string of guitar,  horrible sound comes out…. She tried again and again horrible sound comes out…… maan smiled watching her from far , watching her futile attempts of playing guitar…….


Her face fell again but she again brushed her finger with the string of guitar and again she didn’t like the sound…… she put her guitar aside and sat there hugging her knees…… maan sighed and headed towards her……  he took the guitar in his hand and with other hand, held her hand,,,,,,






Next day in morning” Sunday

geet was sitting in the garden, and trying to play the guitar which was gifted by maan”  she sat on a swing folding her legs  , and when she touched nay string of guitar,  horrible sound comes out’. She tried again and again horrible sound comes out” maan smiled watching her from far , watching her futile attempts of playing guitar”.


Her face fell again but she again brushed her finger with the string of guitar and again she didn’t like the sound” she put her guitar aside and sat there hugging her knees” maan sighed and headed towards her”  he took the guitar in his hand and with other hand, held her hand”””’


He kept dragging her holding her soft wrist in his hand while she was like a some kind of iron thing which is attracted by the magnet”. The pull was too strong that she didn’t able to stop herself’.. just seeing herself dragging by him”” didn’t ask anything, no complaints, nothing where he is taking her”.. she doesn’t know what happened with her over in a night that she is spell bounded by him”..


Maan opened a room using his leg and there a room laid with all the musical instruments, , her eyes popped open when she saw all this’.. it was like a big music studio where they can even record the song” all the things are present there”


She stood there gaping at all the things while he was busy in removing the white clothes over the instruments”. Maan smiled when he turned around and saw her gaping”. Maan came near to her and held her hand again”. He made her sit at the big chair and he sat in front of her”.


She looked at him asking by her eyes that what now? He raised his brows asking to her what happened”? She denied , nothing by her eyes’.. and he nodded like he understood” there was a silent talk between them””’..


geet, sing that song which I told you when we went in my music room” he told her’..  she went in those months remembering that about which song he is talking about? The day when they went in orphan home, she felt  relieved that day” then maan thought to take her in his music room , he didn’t why felt that she would get peace in that music’.. somewhere it clicked him”. And the next day he told her to come there but she denied because she was really busy”. Her exams were coming nearer”


But after a week or so, both met in his music room’.. in delhi, he has a separate music area where he met with friends or clients”. And he has a private music room which he has in his house’.. when he wants privacy, he wants to feel his parents, that time he use his personal music room”. 


None enters in his private areas and the same in Mumbai’s mansion”  delhi was the first place where he learnt little bit about music from his dad, his dad had a great knowledge of music’. Then they shifted in Mumbai for a while or years, , there he learnt more about music and then maan attached more with those 2 places and those places became his private or I can say his possession”


Today geet took a step in his possession’.. that means he really love her beyond the limits’..  “but maan, mujhe kuch hi lines yaad hai’. Aur fir wo song to pura hua hi nahi tha na” aapka important call aa gaya tha bich mein “”. Told geet to maan’.  He nodded”.. “okay geet’.. I kinda forget that” chalo koi baat nahi’.. hum aaj fir se start karte hai‘” geet nodded with him”’..  “par geet, abhi no fear’.. apne dil se gana, aur agar kahi problem aaye like rhythm mein or wordings me then do let me know’‘””’. Told maan to her again giving her courage and strength””’ he gave a paper to her”.. she took the paper and start reading”


but geet, ek problem hai’.. this song is not complete”.last portion is remaining still’.. I’ll try to complete it soon’. Till then hum yahi gaayenge’ok” tell maan his problem to her”.. “okay maan’.!“””.. maan sat properly , set the recording mike between them and held the guitar in his hands””. And there he stroke a string and a perfect sound comes out” her face lit up at once hearing the sound and there maan strokes the strings further and a perfect music comes out and it became the background music of the song”..


He bend his face little bit towards the machine and sang””

 Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa

 Maan opened his eyes and gestures her to sing now, repeat his wordings” she nodded and sing but a little shaky voice” because it’s a like training for her” she knew that if there’ll be mistake then maan will correct that”.

Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa

 Maan stopped her and she nodded”” “fir se start karte hai’okay’.. follow the way I’ll make the words” hmmm” he spoke and she nodded again”..


Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa


Now he gestures her to sing by his hand” she bend little bit , closed her eyes and sing””’


Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa


And it was perfect,,,, just like he sang”..  a little winning smile crept on her face, she did it’.. now move to further lines”..  now his turn comes” ——-


Apne tu dil ka pataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa

Now she sing following him with the same wordings,’..

Apne tu dil ka pataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa


He clapped a little for her, she did so good” and a big smile crept on her face”’

You only tell me,

should I love or not,

Tell me about your heart,

Should I love or not..


He stopped for a second stroking the guitar and pause for a second” he took a breath and sang”’..

Itna bata doon tujh ko

Chaahat pe apni mujh ko

Yoon to nahi ikhtiyaar

Phir bhi yeh sochaa dil ne

Ab jo lagaa hoon milne

Poochhoon tujhe ek baar

I’ll tell you so much,

On my love,

I don’t have so much control,

Still the heart thought once,

Now that I’ve begun to meet,



I should ask you once’ he lost in those moments when he had written this song’.’. it was the time when he started his meeting with her, , he used to be in dilemma that should I meet her? What she thinks about me? Should I ask to her, if she has any problem my meeting with hers? He wanted to feel those feelings for her, his heart started beating for her, when his met eyes met with hers, suddenly he heard his heart beats so loudly, there is not much control he had on himself that time” slowly-2 when their meetings increased, his buried emotions awakened , just for her, only for her”..


He broke his trance when she started singing with him, their voice mingled in each other like they are the one’.. like two bodies and one soul, just like their voice became one”’


Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa

Apne tu dil ka pataa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa


Both looked at each other after completing half part of the song’..  she felt relieved hearing her own voice, filled with confidence and immense trust for him where he also relived that she’ll get a chance in this world surely” just Rahul hear her voice and then the head composer of the movie”’.


Aisee kabhee pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein

O.. kisee se bhi milne ki

Naa ki thi koshishein

Uljhan meri suljhaa de

Chaahoon main yaa naa

Aankhon aankhon mein jataa dey

Chaahoon main yaa naa

There were never such wishes before,

Never had I tried to meet

someone like that..

Disentangle my problems,

Should I love or not..

say to me within eyes,

Should I love or not’..


While singing, he again lost in that time where those up tenth times he met with hers’.. he never like that” he never ran behind any girl even he never looked at any girl’.. girls used to run behind him, throw themselves to him, but he never felt this type of craving for meeting someone, for had a one glimpse of someone, he never wished for someone in his life’.. he was happy with his life’.. his family, his work and his love music”


but then she entered in his life and everything has been changed”. That time he was so engrossed in her, like used to imagine her in his dreams, and with open eyes also’.. he wanted to ask her, come and tell me, should I love you or not but never ask, whenever he tried to ask about this to her, his mouth went dry and gulped his words along with saliva”


sometimes when they met, their eyes met, he wanted to see those emotions in her eyes but never found” he wanted to tell her that, if you don’t want to spell those words then you can use your eyes, but pls tell me should I love you or not but love never waits for approval’.. it’s just happen, and it happened with him”. His heart didn’t wait for her approval, didn’t seek her permission” just flows away in emotions”’.



He stopped singing and his heart jumped when he saw appreciation for him in her eyes”’.. he closed his eyes and captured her glowing face in his eyes”. Now the songs ends’. Actually he was able to write this song till here only” the last portion didn’t strike his mind”. He prepared himself to stand up but stopped when he heard her voice echoed in the room””’


He looked at her face” she is singing further, of dam, these lines were not there, and here she is singing by herself’.. her eyes were closed and those lines came out from her heart itself’..



Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain

Khwaabon mein geet hain

Geeton mein zindagi hai

Chaahat hai, preet hai

Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab wo

Jin mein na tu mile

Le kholey honth maine

Ab tak the jo sile

I have some small dreams,

In those dreams there are songs,

In songs, there is life,

love, and longing..

Now I don’t dream those dreams,

in which you aren’t there..

See, I open these lips (to agree)

that I had kept closed till now..


he was blown away with the intensity of the words’.. she sang so beautifully’.. he was thanking his stars that he thought to record the song , he didn’t let her know that he is recording this song’..actually he thought to send this song only to his friend if this song comes out nice but here he never knew that he’ll get this big advantage”. His song can be complete”’.. he sighed and made himself engrossed in her wording”’


Mujh ko na jitna mujh pe

Utna is dil ko tujh pe

Hone laga aetbaar

Tanhaa lamhon mein apne

Bunti hoon tere sapne

Tujh se hua mujh ko pyaar..

My heart believes you so much

as I don’t believe even myself..

In my lone moments,

I dream about you,

I have fallen in love with you’..


He doesn’t know whether it is the wordings only or the voice of her heart” does she really believe me? Yes she has believe in me’. I knew that” his heart danced a little”.


Poochungi tujh ko kabhi naa

Chaahoon main yaa naa..

Tere khwaabon mein ab jeena

Chaahoon main kyun naa..

I’ll never ask you

Should I love or not”.

Now I have to live in your dreams

Should I love or not’..


There he was telling her that should I love you or not and here she is saying that she won’t ever ask should I love or not”’. But when the songs ends, her face glowed like a new bride or like she achieved something bigger in her life” only she knows, only her heart knows what she achieved just now”..


both were looking in each other but their trance broke with the loud sound of clap and the sound becoming more and more louder than before” they looked at the direction of gate and found a person standing there”’.





There he was telling her that should I love you or not and here she is saying that she won’t ever ask should I love or not”’. But when the songs ends, her face glowed like a new bride or like she achieved something bigger in her life” only she knows, only her heart knows what she achieved just now”..  both were looking in each other but their trance broke with the loud sound of clap and the sound becoming more and more louder than before” they looked at the direction of gate and found a person standing there”.




Maan’s face lit up at once seeing him here” “RJ” maan screamed his name louder, where RJ screamed his name’.. “MK“”’. Geet looked at them confusing” for the first time maan seems so happy, though he is happy with her also but still he is the person whom he is happy with and she doesn’t know him”


Maan ran towards him and both first joined their hands and then it turned a hug, , both patted each other back’.. “it’s long time yaar’.. I am seeing you“”’.. RJ complained”.. “yup’.. btw how are you?” asked maan” both were still standing there not care of geet”.. oops jealousy…a big no”.she just wondered’. Who it can be? Thinking that”.. she sighed and looked at the paper, unfinished song but now it has been completed”’..  she can conclude that MK means Maan Khurana’ she just guessed but RJ? She wondered” she heard RJ means Radio Jockey”. Hope he is not the one”.


come, I’ll introduce you with someone” spoke maan ”. “special” RJ added in his sentence completing him’.. maan nodded with a smile playing on his lips”’ “do I dreaming man?” asked RJ’.. maan looked at him confused” “of course, no‘.” replied” “but what happened?” asked maan”.


nothing, just now I saw a smile on MK’s face” like a dream for me‘.” Teased RJ to maan”. “shut up!” maan warned him and dragged him towards geet”’.. geet stand up at once seeing them near her”. “geet, he is RJ’. I mean Rahul Jaquer’.. the one whom I told you about” h said to her making sure she won’t confuse, and get the clear picture’.. why he is here”. “and RJ, she is geet, the one I told you  about” maan reminded both of them , ,


hello geet’.” Rahul forward his hand for a hand shake” “hello” geet replied with a sweet voice after all he is the one who’ll examine her voice”. Both shook their hands”’.. “dude, I heard something’.. is that correct?” asked rahul to maan” “first tell me, what have you heard?” asked maan,,,,,,,,, three of them came out from there and took a seat in the hall”’..


well, , geet is your fiance?” asked rahul” “what? How did you know?” asked maan’.. he really doesn’t want that this news will come out”’ “just news is spreading but very few about this and none knew the face’. Only know that MK is engaged now but with whom, they don’t know“””’ maan had a breath of relief” “really, I don’t want this news come in geet’s carrier’..” rahul nodded in agreement with him”’..


okay, so geet, you love singing” asked rahul to geet” she nodded,,, “what type of question is this? She wants to be singer that means she loves singing” spoke maan” “arey , why are you getting hyper’. I am just trying to make a conversation’..chill’.teri gf ka bhaga kar nahi le ja raha’..” teased  rahul to maan’.


I hope you won’t, , otherwise aarohi will eat you alive‘.. ” replied maan” with their conversation, geet managed to had an idea that aarohi is gf or something of rahul”” “now, come to the point guys, , ” hearing rahul, all became serious’.. maan nodded him and rahul started with his serious talks with them”.


well geet, , I heard your voice, that is fantastic’. I loved it’.. so natural and uniqueness is there”’ and maan, none can beat you’. And you to know that” said rahul to them’.. maan just smiled where geet said thank you to him”.. “and I really liked that song which one you both were singing though I didn’t hear that fully but still last stanza was amazing”“, , geet’s eyes beamed with happiness same with maan’.. last stanza written by her and that is without thinking, just came from her heart and that is the uniqueness there in the song””..


“and I want that song in my movie but first I have to talk with director, producer and writer too‘..  ” maan and geet nodded’.. they have no problem with it” if they agreed then nothing can be better than this”  geet will sing that song as a playback singer and that’ll be first step of her carrier”..


Later Rahul left them alone and maan gave him the recorded song tape” they bid bye to each other, ,


Maan told her that he has some work of office and talks with clients so he’ll buys a little till evening, if she don’t mind then can he go to his study, , geet didn’t stop him knowing how important his work” geet went in her room sitting in her balcony”. The weather was too good, , cool breeze with a drizzle from the sky” she sat there at the chair folding her legs up and holding a cup of tea in her hands, , thinking about her life”’.


She sipped her tea slowly-2 humming a song which soothed her heart more giving a new direction of her confused thoughts” she stared at her hand , actually staring at her ring” she is in love with this ring, the reason was not rahul’.a big no” the reason is maan”. When he said to her, he’ll made wear this ring to his fiance, why she did’nt able to say him no? but later  she got because he paid for that’s why” but today she is in love with this ring cause it has the connection of maan, just  because of this ring, she met with maan, just because of this ring, they came close, from mere strangers to friends’..


Just because of this ring, he understands her so properly and today, some new feelings penetrate her heart when she was singing along with him” did she really uttered those lines? She asked to herself” did she really, , if she really that means she has some feelings for maan, she knew that but they are getting strong than before” like yesterday’s night when he kissed on her cheek, , she couldn’t able to sleep properly at night”.


Whenever she close her face, maan’s face came in front of her eyes kissing her cheek and she turned pink”’ she took a paper and wrote those lines which sang before a while”.

Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain

Khwaabon mein geet hain

Geeton mein zindagi hai

Chaahat hai, preet hai

Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab wo

Jin mein na tu mile

Le kholey honth maine

Ab tak the jo sile

Mujh ko na jitna mujh pe

Utna is dil ko tujh pe

Hone laga aetbaar

Tanhaa lamhon mein apne

Bunti hoon tere sapne

Tujh se hua mujh ko pyaar..

Poochungi tujh ko kabhi naa

Chaahoon main yaa naa..

Tere khwaabon mein ab jeena

Chaahoon main kyun naa..


Yes, those words were true’. She always dreamt of small-2 things, but this dream she won’t be able to fulfill if maan was not beside her”’ she knew, she trust him a lot that’s y she is here with him, she never trust this much to her family members, , is she seeking permission from him for loving him or not”. “no” she spoke’.. “when I seek permission from him, he gave all the things to him before I open my mouth’.. and today when he is giving his love to me then I am not’.. but this feelings surfacing my heart, my mind, what is this? Is this called love?“” she paused for a second looking outside in the garden”


pyaar to maine rahul se bhi kiya tha na but aisi feelings to kabhi thi hi nahi’. I have never felt like this with him” the ticklish feeling when maan kissed me yesterday, I never felt before, the sensation when he kissed my hand yesterday at dinning table’.. and” and those goosebumps and pant in my breath which I felt today morning” when I saw him’.. what is all this? Kya yahi pyaar hai?” she asked to herself”and then asking herself she lost in today’s morning incident before the guitar scene”’..




pyaar to maine rahul se bhi kiya tha na but aisi feelings to kabhi thi hi nahi…. I have never felt like this with him…… the ticklish feeling when maan kissed me yesterday, I never felt before, the sensation when he kissed my hand yesterday at dinning table….. and…… and those goosebumps and pant in my breath which I felt today morning…… when I saw him….. what is all this? Kya yahi pyaar hai?” she asked to herself……and then asking herself she lost in today’s morning incident before the guitar scene………


She woke up early in the morning…… it was her daily routine waking early and then doing yoga on the terrace…… well, she took a deep breath and headed towards the terrace, she doesn’t know the way of terrace properly, still she has to explore the whole mansion….. she was passing by the corridors,, trying to figure out the way of terrace…….. but she stopped from her way, looked here and there….. some voice were coming out but she doesn’t from where…… it is like sound of breaking something………


Her feet moved towards the direction itself and what she saw that frozen her soul…… there he was doing his exercise , his upper body was completely bare, he was in his baggy pants, , her mouth went dry when she saw the sweat sprinkled everywhere from his hairs when he kicked so hard in the air,  , some droplets she also felt on her face……


Then she followed her gaze on the nape of his neck where the sweat was trailing down on his back, touching his smooth skin and then eloped in the elastic of his pants…….she didn’t know why she felt heart beats so high, , lips were dry like a dry leave, ,she tried to gulp but there is no saliva in her mouth, she clutched the side of her shirt in her fist, , she ran from there towards the terrace before she lose her sense……


She ran up the stairs and then shut the door, leaning against it, she doesn’t know she is panting because of running or the heavenly view she just saw….. she closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath, her chest moving up and down so frequently , she didn’t realize when her knees gave up and she was sitting on the land still leaning on the door…….


After some minutes regaining her senses, she calmed herself and went near the plants, sat there crossing her legs , in a yoga posture…… she kept her hand on her knees straight , closed her eyes and breath deeply, she is about to start her yoga “kapaal bhaati” but when she closed her eyes, the scene came in-front of her eyes, and she snapped open her eyes…… she tried again and this time she stick on her yoga and somehow she succeed……


She came out from her thoughts and asked from herself…… “kya yahi pyaar hai? Kya mai maan se pyaar karne lagi hu?” there are so many thought roaming in her mind….. she went inside of her room and stood in front of the mirror, looking straight, gazing back in her eyes through the mirror, , all the nice moments which she shared with maan appeared in front of her, like someone has played a movie, she could see only her n maan in mirror, ,


 Holding hands, looking at each other, his help for her, his extra care for her, even she felt his intense gaze on her , she saw him kissing on her hands, and then cheek, and their hug, , she blushed like a new bride , she behaved with herself like a new bride caught by someone dreaming about their wedding night…… she covered her face by her palms and murmured to herself, , “I love him….. yes I love maan…..” and she became mad…..


She took all the red n white roses from the vase , pluck all the petals and throw up in the air which fell down on her itself, , she held the edges of her dupatta in her both hands and twirl around in her room where a sweet smile is playing on his lips…… he was waiting for this moment so badly and he found her talking with herself, , he thought to that’s not good for stealing someone’s private moments but he couldn’t stop his curiosity and hid behind the gate, he heard her saying to herself that I love maan, , he couldn’t describe, he feeling over the moon……


He came there to tell her, tomorrow she has the appointment with the director, they’ll take her interview and personally test her voice but the news stuck somewhere in his throat and he immersed in her……. He suppressed his happiness and entered in her pretending like he just came, he didn’t hear anything…….


Seeing him, geet stopped at once, shock was all over on her face….. there are rose petals on her head, shoulder……. Her hands were still holding the edges of her duppata and her arms were still in air, she was really shocked seeing him there…. She didn’t expect him…….. maan went near to her, decreasing the distance between them, his hands moved towards her shoulder and slowly removed the petals from her shoulder,,,,, she felt little dazed because the heat she felt……


His lips pressed together and a smile formed on his lips but that is very minimal….he blow some air on her head removing the petals and she felt sensation running in all over in her body, she closed her eyes at once and the morning view suddenly came in front of her closed eyes…… he didn’t know that she had seen him half bare otherwise there were max chance of teasing session…….


Till now he got her state of mind, what she is feeling now? The same he used to feel when she is around him, , he pulled her arms down and then first time she blinked her lashes otherwise she was staring at him…..


geet” he whispered in her ear, she closed her eyes again feeling his warm breath on her ear n her neck….. this closeness is adding up to her misery…. She was already getting erratic thoughts imagining his half bare and now his closeness and his warm breath……. “hmmm” she managed to reply back to him…….. “I….” he spoke further, her breath quicken hearing…… “I” she spoke back……. “I…..”……….. she wanted to hear I love you badly from him…..she doesn’t know from where this need came so suddenly….. till now whenever he said to her I love you, she didn’t concentrate much but today when she wanted to hear, he is not speaking…… “haan maan” she tried to push him more…….


I came here to tell you that tomorrow you have an appointment with the director , RJ told me…” and the sudden frown appeared on her face…. Maan suppressed his laugh…… “what??” the reaction was opposite, “kya hua geet, kuch aur expect kar rahi thi?” asked maan innocently….. she looked at him dazed and shook her head slightly….. maan nodded and went away leaving her alone but came back for telling her something more…… “be ready at 10 tomorrow…”


She thought, he came again to tell her which she wanted to hear but argghh…… he spoke something else…… “but geet, kaam ki baat hi to bata kar gaye woh……”




She thought, he came again to tell her which she wanted to hear but argghh…… he spoke something else…… “but geet, kaam ki baat hi to bata kar gaye woh……”


Next day, both get ready and made their way towards the studio, ,in around na hour, they reached there, RJ and arohi, actor n actress of the movie were also present there…. The director, the composer and writer were too there…..


They felt happy after meeting with maan after  along time….. it depends on maan’s mood if he wanted to do any song, without gave any thought he will do and if doesn’t want then the person put many efforts, he won’t do… he is owner of his own wish…. He can’t walk according to others….. people has to change for them not he…..


Well the industry respects him a lot and a great fan on his singing style even working style too…..even he financed some movies too…. They talked with each other for some minutes then they asked random questions from her about the songs, the basic knowledge…. It just needed for them before giving a chance to her…….


They gave her a random song and she went inside , the room pas parted with a layer of glass, there was a mike with the recording system….. she put headphone on her ear and start singing…… where the pitch of voice should be low, she kept, where it should be high, she kept it high and where it should be normal like a flow then it was like…… all in all the song was like a wave of sea……


They tested her voice, if she can sing a high pitch song or low pitch song……  maan was standing in front of her looking straight at her boosting up her confidence, just because of his, she done so well…. Before she could complete her song, the composer stood up and whole room echoed with his claps….. the voice was just amazing……


She is perfect in her voice, in her looks….. everything….. maan felt the corner of his eyes burn with little tears, , after all she got what she dreamt even he also got what he had dreamt for her…….  Today he got success in true manner……  she came out and maan also went towards her opening the gate, , she threw her arms around his neck and jumped over him where he held her waist so protectively , twirling her in the air…… “I love you maan…” she murmured against the skin of his neck…. He heard those words but he kept quiet , he wanted to hear her confess openly……


Both went inside the room where all praised of her voice….. and then they told her tomorrow they will sign the contract of this movie with her…. There is no bound of happiness,,,,,, she got her love, she got first chance in music world…. What else she needed now….. today she felt the happiest girl on the earth……


Both made their way towards the mansion , he dropped her there and left to the office, after all his work also needed him……


Next day, they were informed that they have to meet with the director at 5 in the studio itself…. Maan completed his work on time and picked up geet from the mansion itself….. they made their way towards the studio……  happily she signed the contract with them for this movie….. she has to sing all those song which they’ll tell her to do…… there will be no, never….. she has to do…. She nodded and then the head of the music department of this movie talked with them alone…..


He is going to launch his new album soon but until now he didn’t start working on that album….. he was searching a new face who can sing beautifully and has a beautiful face too….. where they can show her in a music video too and she has her voice in that song too…. And his research ended on her….. he found a new face in her, she is attractive and her voice too……


Geet happily agreed and maan too…. In starting she got a music album too….. nothing can be better than this……


After a month, the shooting has been completed of the movie and the same with the songs…… she sand 2-3 songs in the movie and they were beautifully sung by her….. a combination of love and passion in her voice….. and today , the first song come out of the movie as a promo, , in no time, the song was in every person’s heart and mind…….  The wording of the song like a girl who is deeply, madly in love is calling her love, ………….like it’s ages she is waiting for his arrival,


Sun raha hai na tu….

Ro rahi hu mai…..


After three days, according to the contract for the music album, she has to go Ooty for the shooting…… though maan was all sad because she is leaving for 3 weeks but still he couldn’t bind her, he couldn’t cage her, it’s her carrier and he couldn’t stop her…… he suppressed his urge to stop and let her go but the same feeling she was having….. she wanted to be with him, near him in each and every second but she knew if she didn’t go then it’ll hurt him…..  it was his dream that she making come true…..


He had seen this dream, she can be a singer otherwise she was wasting her talent like this….. it was he who only filled her with confidence otherwise she was not a proper confident girl….. it was he only who showed the path of completing the dream otherwise she was like from where to start? Hot to start? It was he only and for him , she has to go for shoot……. But she knew that when she’ll be back, she’ll confess her love to him…. She’ll tell him that she also love him little she knew that maan already knew about this…..


Maan placed a kiss on her forehead and he let her go for their happiness that is waiting for them after these 3 weeks…….  Those 3 weeks passed just like that because both were busy completely….. she was busy in recording and shooting and here maan was busy in his business and he took a visit to delhi in this mean time…..





3 weeks flew away and there she is back…..  maan was waiting for her at the airport itself, , when she saw him, she came running and threw herself in his arms holding by his nape while his hands went around her waist……  “I missed you a lot” both spoke together……..


After two days, ,  in the evening, maan came early around 6 at mansion, geet was sitting in the garden again holding the guitar….. he smiled, leaving her alone, he went inside for freshen up…..


what are you doing geet?” asked maan taking a seat beside of her……. “when you came?” asked geet in a reply of maan’s question…… “before 15 mins…” he replied…… “trying again my hands on this guitar…” she replied making baby face…… it’s high time to teach her how to play guitar….. thought maan…….. he thought something else more………………. …


geet, get ready, we are going on beach….” Told maan to her……. “maan, aise suddenly…… ” asked geet……. “geet, see this weather….so pleasant…… little drizzling also…. It will be fun at beach and yeah take ur guitar too…. I’ll teach you there itself……” said maan to her…..she nodded……….. maan force to wear a long skirt and a light top means like summers, cool and nice…… she smiled hearing his words…. She understood his wish to see her in long skirt and a summer top….. there is no harm to wear all this…she thought….she happily agreed…….


At beach……

Maan found a right place for them, a place where they can sit calmly without any disturbance, where they can have little bit privacy……. They sat far away from the crowd……… maan sat on the sand where sat leaning on his arms, maan put his arms around taking her in his arms and then held he held the guitar properly…..


He told her how to hold the guitar, , in which posture we should held it, , then he told the use of this little key(I don’t know what’s the name of the thing which is used to move on the strings of guitar…), , he held her hand and stroke some string and the beautiful sound came out, after some time, maan left her hands and she is the one who is playing it beautifully…… he murmured some lines while stroking strings along with her….


Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)


After some time placing the guitar there, leaving his hand, she stood up…. She wanted to go there , near the water….. he held her hand from back stopping her….

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa


they both went on a little walk near the sea holding hands, she clasp her fingers with his but didn’t look at him where the same with him…..


Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Hearing his words, her lips curved in a smile….. hearing about herself from him…… both were looking ahead but the feelings waking up in their heart, body,, that is the same…., , she left his hand and ran towards the sea leaving him behind showing her tongue to him…. He shook his head and ran behind her singing again some lines…..


Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete

 Finally he caught her, he held her by her waist from behind and twirl her around where she giggled , laughing…..

Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina
Har saans pe naam tera

Slowly-2 both reached near the sea, and their feet were touching the water, they both walk little further letting the water to wet their feet, it felt so soothing feeling the little waves against their feet……


Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Geet unclasped her fingers with his and walked further feeling the water till her legs…..the air went inside her skirt and she lift a little from her legs…… a broad smile appeared on her face, , she felt more drizzling from the sky, it touched her face….. her clothes little wet now…. She glanced at maan,, who was looking indeed a handsome man…..wearing a shirt of light sky blue color with a little light green shade in it, , his shirt was touching his body completely giving her a complete view of his toned chest…….


Till this time, it was little dark and no one is here beside of them…..they are at the farthest corner of the beach…… there is no light but still she can see through the shirt…..  maan moved towards her in a dazed state…… after knowing that she also loves him, there is no bounding he felt, , some desires awaken inside him knowing now she also felt the same for him as he felt for her……


Till then he was alone in his life, he has his family with him but still some color were missing but she came and colored his life completely…… being with her, he made some use of music, that is given by his father….. he felt more close to his father just because of her……..


Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..


Both were standing so close with each other, , in her dazed state, geet took some water in her palm and moved her palm towards his face…… she poured all the water from her palm on his forehead that trailed down on his nose to his lips wetting them completely……he didn’t blinked his lashes just admiring her, her moves that brought him more close to her…… he lift his hand towards her, she didn’t know what will be his move? What he’ll do with her….?


And in the next moment She felt the side of her lips traced by his thumb…. And then she felt his finger on his lower lip….. he was drugged by her love only…. And the next moment she found herself tracing his jaw line by her thumb…… 

kiss me maan…..”

she spoke looking direct in his eyes like she read his eyes, his buried desires for her….. he looked at her asking again and she replied him holding him by his nape going on her toes matching the level of his face…..


he tilted his face according to her and slowly took her lower lip in his, chewing little, nibbling slowly where she doesn’t know to move further…. He left her lip and looked at her….. again lower his head and captured her upper lip this time nipping it, , she parted her lips for air and then he gained the entry in her mouth,….. he captured her both lips in his and nibbling them sensuously, his hand roamed on her back hungrily…..


I love you maan…” she spoke in the kiss…… “say it again” he demanded still nibbling her lips…. “i…. I love  you maan…. ” both parted for a while…”say again...” he demanded… she looked at him with shy face and he looked at her contended face, he got what he desired the most…… “I love you….i fall in love with this simplicity of yours, I fall in love in care of yours , I fall in love with this madness of yours, I fall in love all over you….. I fall in love with maan singh khurana….. I fall in love with you maan….. I love you…..”


Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)


Geet hummed this lines along with him, telling him how she felt for him now….. what place he has in her heart……… “meri aashiqui” maan spoke those words but geet completed them……. “ab tum hi ho…..” and finally she captured his lips this time and both lost in their soul searing kiss………..


After 3 months, , Mirchi Musical awards…..

And the best new comer female singer award goes to……  Miss Geet handa…….

Hearing these words, , geet eyes twinkled and she hugged maan in front of everyone……

At stage…..

I wanna thank only one person…… that is maan…. My maan….. thank u maan for being with me through this journey,,,,,, I love you maan….” And she gave a flying kiss to him , , maan blushed hearing her words and there was hooting in the award function hearing her open confession…….


Host Manish Paul- aah, well , Maan, pls come here and join Geet on the stage…… Manish requested maan for come on the stage…… maan nodded and went towards the stage where the hall was echoing with the applauds…….  Maan and geet hugged each other…….


Manish- aisa toh ho nahi sakta ki jab 2 itne ache singer yaha par ho aur 2 line na gungunaye….. toh maan n geet, ho jaaye kuch…….. hearing his request, again the hall echoed with applauds ,and hooting and shouting their names…….


Geet clutched the mike in her hands and pressed her lips n then sang looking at him…..


Tu mujhe chod jaye
Yeh nahi ho sakta saathiya


She held his hand and both gazed in each other eyes with immense love…..

Meri baaton mein tera zikar sada
Meri yaad mein teri fikr sada
Main jo bhi hoon tum hi to ho
Mujhe tum se mili apni adaa……


He took mike from her hand and went on his knees, and spoke out his heart with these lines……. Geet blushed hear these words…… these are really meant for her……


Kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho


Both sang together and the hall was echoing with the claps along with the song….. audience was mesmerized with the view of their love………


Tum hi ho tum hi ho
Arz bhi mera marz bhi
Chain bhi mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho


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