My Fault…!!! OS(MG)

My Fault…!!!

Geet is walking on the streets of London in the search of maan’.dressed in jeans and woolen top and a warm coat till knee length..was wearing shoes and cap on head’.she was searching maan but lost in her thoughts’.her eyes are full of tears’.tears rolled down from the eyes and welled down on her cheeks’her cheeks are fully wet due to continuously sobbing’covering herself like a safety manner’blinking her lashes for a clear view’.snow is falling..roads are jammed due to snow’still lost in maan’s thoughts’what she did tell to maan that maan left her and moved to London left her alone in delhi’what happened that maan left her or geet had told him something that maan took that step’she engrossed in her thoughts and forget that she is shivering in snow’.cops are calling her that not to move might be danger but she is no where to listen him and moving ahead’

How can I do this to you maan? How can i? I am very bad maan..very bad’you deserves someone better than were doing all this for me’for my safety,,for bringing away me from my sorrow..from that shock’please maan forgive me’I don’t deserve you’you are like a god only listened to me quietly’.not even uttered a single word from your mouth’.why maan? Why? Aap kaha ho maan? Please maan..please mujhe maaf kar dijiye’.she broke down in tears,,,,,and sat on her knees and cried..cried a lot..please maan’come back to me soon’please’and sobbing’lost in her thoughts’.

I forcefully sent you Chandigarh for that project because I can’t see that for me KC will suffer’how can I see that’how? How can I tell this to you maan? Please forgive me’apni geet ko maaf kar dijiye’.


Maan=geet..i don’t want to go anywhere’how can I leave you in this state’you are pregnant and if you want anything or you want me then how can I come back soon? Please geet listen to only once’.

Geet=maan’see I am fine na’she hugged him from his back and rest her face on his shoulder and said’maan..mai nahi chahti ki meri wajah se company suffer kare..aapne itni mehnat se KC ko iss mukaam par pahunchaya hai’

Maan=but geet..nothing is important that you and cupped her face’concern in his eyes’

Geet=I know maan..please listen me’..and stroking his shoulder lovingly and hugged him’.

Maan=ok geet’

Past ends’

She gets up and wipe her tears and move ahead in search of maan’she don’t know where to find him..but only one thing she knows that she has to find him’.searching him and thinking’..please maan..punish me..your silence haunting me’killing me’I know maan..i lived in your dreams’and i’i’I snatched those dreams from you’I shattered your dreams maan into many pieces’those pieces are haunting me ‘like a wound in my heart’where are you maan’? Please come back to me’.why? why I didn’t knew about your sorrow’your love for me’for our child’you told me that for my sake and I took it in all wrong way’how can I doubt on you? How? I am very bad..very bad..very bad’.


It’s been 2 days,,maan went to Chandigarh..geet was missing him badly and she was coming down from the stairs’crying badly’her mood got swinged due to pregnancy ‘her view became hazy and her feet slipped down from the stairs and fell down..she screamed loudly’dadi took her hospital..she lost her child’she got miscarriage’.maan got that news and in a 3 hours maan was in hospital near to geet’maan consoled her and told her that geet don’t cry please..please chup ho jao’I know you are very attached with our child’.par hamare hath me kuch nahi hai’..after 1 and half week,,geet was still in grief.all the time she cried..maan felt miserable after seeing geet like this..felt frustrated’maan shout on her..enough geet enough’.geet stopped and looked at him’.why are you crying so much for that unborn iss duniya me aaya hi nahi uske liye tumne ro ro kar apni tabiyat khraab kar li hai’bas gee tab chup ho jao’mai pagal ho chukka hu tumhe iss tarag rote dekhkar..tum ye kyo nahi samajhti ki bacha hamare bhaag me nahi tha’geet was looking at him with disbelief’.geet tum apni tabiyat iss tarah mat khraab karo’geet got up and slapped him on his face’maan roared geet’.geet stopped him by showing her palm in-front of his face’and said..sahi kaha aapne maan’mai to apne bache ke liye ro rahi hu aur aap nahi ro rahe ho’.because aapne kabhi usey apna baby mana hi nahi na’wo aapka khoon nahi than a..aap kyo uski fikr karoge’.maan was looking at her with shock’mujhe to lagta hai aapne kabhi mere baby se’mujhse pyaar kiya hi nahi’tabhi aapne ye sab kaha na’.haan maan’she clutched his clooar and shook him for the answer’but  maan was not reacting’.he became num’maan shattered into many pieces’.his heart became shattered’how can geet think llike that of him’maan didn’t uttered a word and left from there without saying a word to her and moved to London without informing to geet and dadi..only adi knew about this’..

Past ends’.

I am alone now without you maan..i become so lonely,, feeling  so lonely without you maan’I am very worried for you maan’it’s been like ages I hane not seen you’here is so life has been lost somewhere maan’ please talk to me’pls clear all the misunderstandings’I am coming to you maan’.


After maan left her..left dadi and moved to London’.dadi came to know about all the whole incident and shout on her’how can you did this to maan’apne maan ke sath aap aisa kaise kar sakti hai geet’.you forgot..maan ne aapke liye kya-2 kiya hai’aur aapne unn par shak kiya’mujhe aapse aisi ummeed nahi thi geet’aapne hamara aur maan ka vishwaas tod diya hai’ are saying that maan doesn’t ove you..doesn’t love your child’aapko pata bhi hai maan ne kya-2 kiya hai aapke baby ke liye’maan did his 30% shares to your child’ddai dragged her in a room’and said’unhone apne hatho se iss room ko ready kiya tha’ek-2 toy..bed,,bed-sheets,,pillows,,charts..he wrote these charts from his hands’.for your child’iss room ki walls unhone khud apne hatho se paint kiya’he was very excited..he wanted to give you surprise’jab bhi aap market jaati’.aur raat me jab aap soti thi tab maan ye sab karte the’he brought everything personally for this room’for your baby’and you take him all wrong’geet shattered in tears’she broke down completely seeing  all this and hearing from dadi’please dadi mujhe maaf kar dijiye..please forgive me’.no geet..jab tak maan aapko maaf nahi karte tab tak hum bhi nahi kar sakte’.

Past ends

Now I came to know about your sorrow’your grief’.your love for me’when you left me..i felt like like..and starts sobbing..i has been broken into many pieces without you’my heart feeling lonely from itself’.you took my soul with you..she was walking in the middle of the road and searching for maan like a maniac’.a car pass from her side and saw her like this..he told to driver that stop the car’.he stepped out from the car’geet felt dizzy and became faint but two strong arms hold her in his arms..geet moaned maan’s name before some seconds of fainting’.haan geet’mai tumhare samne hi hu..geet open your eyes..patted her cheeks then take her in the hospital’doc admit her in hospital..doc checking her and maan is pacing here and there outside the room’doc came out and maan asked to doc’

Maan=what happened to my wife? Is she alright?

Doc=mr.khurana..actually your wife’s condition is not well’see her face s become pale and very she didn’t eat anything from past 2 days’.and look at the nerve of her wrist’it’s become blue..a slight cut is there..seems like she didn’t apply any bandage on that..that is not a deep cut..i think she wanted to cut her nerve but she failed..the knife slight brushed on her wrist but she didn’t use any medicine’..don’t worry I gave her medicine through the injection and bandaged her wrist’now everything is fine’.but you have to take care of her..after some time she will regain her consciousness’doc tap his shoulder and said you can see her now’maan stood there and listening to doc’.he nodded and move towards her room’maan see her through the glass of the door’.maan enter in the room and see her pale face..tears are still on her lashes in the unconscious stage’..

She slowly opened her eyes blinking trying to get the image of him. She knew it was him holding her but she wanted to see him. How much she missed him, it seemed liked ages. She forced open her eyes & tried to reach him, she wanted to hold him in her arms close to her heart..she immediately get up and hugged him’started crying bitterly’Her tears wet his shirt & his her top’I am sorry maan..i am sorry’it’s my fault’my fault’.sob sob’I should not slap you..i am very bad’sob.. very bad.. sob ‘very bad’I don’t deserve you maan’ can I slap you? could I took you in wrong way’sob’how? I took your words in all wrong’s my fault..please maan..please forgive me’.please’.and completely broke down in tears’maan hugged her back’.ssshhh geet’it’s o..chup ho jao’aise nahi rote’.i should not shout on you’..please geet don’t cry’.

Geet=no maan,,you have full right to shout on me’to scold me’.i..i was not in a stage to hink beyond my child’mai apne gam me aapka dard dekhna bhul gayi’.mujhe bas apna dard dikhayi diya’aapka nahi’.mai itni selfish kaise ho gayi maan’? Kaise? Maan patted her back to calming her and caressed herhairs lovingly’’s ok geet’mujhe tumse koi shikayat nahi hai’geet broke the hug and cupped his face and said’nahi maan’mai bahut buri hu..bahut selfish hu’aap mujhe saa dijiye’mujhe punish kijiye’please maan’.apna gussa mujh par utaariye maan’apne andar kuch mat rakhiye’.please maan..please’and again cried furiously’..maan cupped her face and wiped her tears by her thumbs’.and took her wet lips in his..soothing her all pain through the lips’through the kiss’..tears welling down from the eyes of both of them’..maan kissed her gently’.calming her’.geet starts responding’.and start kissing him taking his pain..soothing his pain’.slowly-2 kissing to each other’.maan did this to take her out from the emotional turmoil’.her hands move to his neck for the support’.and his hands move to her back’geet broke out the kiss and hugged him tightly’.i am sorry maan’please mujhe maaf kar dijiye’.it’s my fault’not yours’.it’s ok geet and hugged her back’.i am not angry on you’waise bhi aaj to mai delhi wapas jaane wala tha’tumhare paas..dadi maa ke paas’.haan mai naraz jarur tha par tumse nahi hai..khud se’.mai tumhara vishwaas nahi jeet paya aur yaha chala aaya..bas yahi ek wajah thi geet..aur kuch nahi’..geet cupped his face again and said..i trust you’I trust you maan’..more than myself’.uss time pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha’.mai wo karbaithi jo mujhe nahi karna chahiye tha’.i am sorry’..maan kissed her tears and kissed on her forehead’.maan forgive her and happily both went to delhi’.dadi also forgive her”.after 2 months..they got a news that geet is expecting’.they will become proud parents of their own child’..and started to live happily”


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