HAPPY HOLI..maaneet os

This is day of holi’everyone is enjoying’  khurana family throw a holi party in day’everyone was there..their friends, family and business partners’.everyone is coloring to each other..eating sweets and drinking also..because drink is very normal in london’but there is one person who was stood alone in a corner talking to his business associates’ he was greeted to all guests with a very little smile’  on one dare to color him in holi but only dadi maa , dev and nt color him and that is small tika on his fore head’ he hate colors’everyone is afraid from him but he is not so bad from his heart..he can do anything for dadi maa’ dev his younger brother and nt is dev’s wife’he always talk point to point’ actually he was very sweet by his heart in his childhood but when his father ditched his mother and then his mother died..he became like this’  party is going ful on.. everyone is in masti mood’ some indian and some foreigners are there’ and foreigners are also enjoying..coloring to each other’ they found it very interesting and taking a lot fun with dev..they can’t dare to touch maan otherwise they have to wash their hands from the projects’ then a pair of eyes searching him and some college friends  of maan are there’  those eyes were searching man at last found him but never dare to went close to him..neither this time nor she dared in college.. .. she took blessings from dadi maa  and colored her and same with dev and nt.. she is very friendly towards them..actually she is friend of dev and studied with him and that time man also in the college.. she & dev was in engineering and maan was in first year of his PG engineering… all were in LONDON UNIVERSITY… maan was arrogant, rude never eye on any girl but she always saw him secretly…always heard about him from dev…both are very best friend… she loves maan and dev also knew that… she never voice out her love to maan..because she also afraid from him..his rude tone, his red angry eyes…but he was not so bad by his heart… sometimes he smiled at het and that time she felt like at cloud nine when he smiled at her but that happened once in a year…otherwise he always glared at her but she secretely admired him..his looks, his body, his style of walking, talking, helping of another persons… maan knew her as dev’s friend and a very naughty girl…today dev is in masti mood and he wants that geet confess her love for him… he mixed alcohal in the drinks and handed a glass to her and a glass to maan… both drank the drink… and found it tasty..both take that drink again but maan drank whole 4 glasses… and she  went in cheerful mood… she grabbed some color in fist and move towards him…and threw whole color on his face and laughed loud… maan closed his eyes at once…she laughed loud again..all looked at both of them and dev became horrified…he didn’t expect this from her… maan opened his eyes and looked her…fury in his eyes… he drank whole 4 glass mixed with alcohal but still he is in his sense… he yelled at her on the top of his lungs… GEEET… geet jumped back hearing his yelling on her…
maan-how dare you? you are dev’s friends that’s not mean that you can do anything to me… but she laughed on his face.. color on his whole face…and maan is shaking with anger… he hold her by her arm and dragged her in a corner… but still she is laughing at his face… and his eyes are burning with fury…he look at her pink rosy lips which are laughing at him..he said her to stop laughing but she was no where to listen… she was not in a sense… he want to stop her laugh then suddenly he captured her lips in his and take her full lips in his mouth… no one was there but all are tensed specially dev..he didn’t dare to come in between them specially between maan…his hands on her face… and her eyes are widened open… she wriggle in his grip… her tiny fists are hitting his chest but he held her wrists kissing her madly… some where maan also liked her but that attraction is in a corner of his heart..a very tiny place she takes in his heart that is not important for him… she gathered her all strength pushed him back and placed a tight slap on his face… he bend down little then looked at her with his angry eyes that are spitting fire…and this is sign that he will burn her with his fire…he went inside the house immediately grabbed some old newspapers and fired them with his lighter… again came to her and hold her & making their way to the house…all are very confused unable to understand what is maan up to…there is only dadi, dev & nt… dadi told to everyone that the party is over so everyone is left…  dadi,dev & nt ran behind them…geet is looking at him all the while lovingly.. she didn’t remembered that she actually slapped him but maan remembered everything clearly… he held her hand and start roaming around the fire and she followed him without any question…dadi and dev tried to stop him but he glared at them and they stop on their way… he took 7 pheras around the fire and stop there… remove his chain from his neck and tied around her neck..she still stood there and looking at him lovingly…she still didn’t understand what is going on..she only knew one thing that she is with maan..that’s all… maan move to dinning table ..grab the knife and made a slight cut on his thumb..blood oozing out from his thumb …he filled her maang with his blood…then she realized what he had done with her… all looked at maan with disbelief…how can he do this to her.. maan was not in sense.. anger take over him and all over that he was in drunk state… he grab another drink and gulped it in one go… he held her hand make his way to his room… alcohal start it’s effect on both of them.. dadi, dev and nt stood there watching them going in room’ geet is lovingly following him and man dragging her in room’.enter in the room and closed the gate’ though man hates geet but her beauty always attracts him towards her’  he immediately slammed his lips on hers.. broke after few sec and murmured’ now you have no right to stop me’understood’geet innocently asked why?
Because now you are my wife.. I can do anything with you..you can’t stop me.. he tell her while kissing her furiously and she is also giving him unknowingly’. He lift her in his arms and she locked her arms around his neck’ he placed her on the bed pull her dupatta aside’ he laid on her drinking her beauty from his eyes’ she is looking more beautiful in red cheeks’. Slowly-2 he caressed her face with his fingers fore head to her chin’. Making patterns on her face with his continuous wet kisses’ sweeping her into different world’ both are not in their sense, not realize what are they doing? Only one thing both knew that both are in each other arms’  he kissed her jaw line to her collar bone’ lift her little and unzipped her kurti’ she is also helping him in removing her clothes’ maan immediately tore his shirt and trouser’ madly kissing her..cupping her full curves in his hand’ sucking them, kissing them’ then slowly-2 he entered in her making her cry in pleasure’  slowly-2 they dosed off in each other arms in n*** state’. On the other hand other family members are very worried for geet’ but they have not any strength to disturb maan’ they left them alone..they thought they will talk to him next morning when both will be in their full sense’. Next day geet cuddling in his arms naked ..she opened her droopy eyes and looked at his sleeping face which is resting on her shoulders’.hugging her by her waist’ she kissed on his fore head ..tried to free herself but his grip is very tighten around her waist’ she is unable to free herself’  his stubble ticking her skin and she is laughing mutely falling on him’ she thought she is dreaming’ she can’t believe that she is in maan’s arms’ that was her dream.. but then reality hit her when she saw love marks on her body.. lips and curves are fully sore due to continuous kissing and sucking’.she panicked’and then knock on the door..dadi is calling them..she is barely understand what is happening? Why she is in man’s arms on man’s room’. On his bed’ what happened yesterday? She didn’t remembered anything’. She saw his shirt threw a side on the bed..she grabbed that & wore it’ man opened his eyes due to some movements..looked at her angelic face which is now full of fear’ he smiled at her.. she smiled at him back nervously’ she didn’t know what he will think about her’ man heard some knocks and looked at the door then looked at her then again looked at the door’  he is in big confusion’ one side he saw geet with him and other side knocks on the door’ suddenly his eyes popped open and he sat on the bed’
Maan-what are you doing here? she is not able to reply him..she herself didn’t know why she is here.. she innocently shook her head in no means she didn’t do anything’ man snatch the duvet from her but she also snatch from him..he thought this time fight is not possible..so fight will later now dressed himself’. He saw his trouser on the floor.. he somehow managed to take his trouser without leaving the duvet and wore it under the duvet,,, he ran to his shirt and wore it at once’. Geet immediately tied duvet around herself , collect her clothes and ran into washroom’.  Maan  opened the door and looked at dadi’
Dadi-take this lemon water & geet too then came down stairs fast’ man took the glasses and dadi left from there’. Man take the lemon water and tell geet too from outside the washroom for take the lemon water’ Geet also came there after cleaned herself and dressed in her salwar suit’.. she looked at him nervously’ he looked at neck which is blue now and she is tried to hide them with her dupatta’ maan handed her lemon water and then both went downstairs’..
Dadi-we are not expecting this from you maan’ what did you do this with geet yesterday? Tell me’
Maan-what are you talking about dadi maa? What did I do?
Dadi-what did I do.. you are asking from me..shame on you man’ dev & nt came there..maan looked at them asking what happened’.
Dev-bro, actually yesterday you married with geet’.
Geet-what? We are married.. but I don’t remember anything’
Maan-me too’ when this happened?
Dadi-you are asking from us man.. yesterday you drunk and geet too.. geet threw little color on you and you became very angry after that we don’t know what happened between both of you and then you married with geet.. how can you do this to her? Geet jumping in joy from inside..she always wanted to be with him and now she is his wife’. Man is blank now.. he married and that too with geet’ he is believing the fact that he is married and he also did their suhaagraat with geet’ why couldn’t he controlled on himself’
Dadi-now what?
Dadi-marry with her again with proper rituals’
Maan-what? I can’t.. this marriage is nothing for me’ understand’
Geet stood there froze’ she is not able to understand that why he is not accepting their marriage’ they married yesterday and spent a night together that is called their SR and now he is rejecting’ is he a jerk? How can he do this to her’..
Dadi-what? This marriage is nothing for you.. you have married with her yesterday and spent a night with her and now you are saying that this marriage is nothing for you.. you have to marry with her’
Maan- you can’t force me dadi maa’.
Dadi-I can’ and I am not forcing you..i am giving you an order..’ you are married now and you have to again marry with her with proper rituals’ there is no other option for maan so he agreed for again marry…


Maan-ok..fine..i’ll again marry with her but..
Maan-but we’ll do court marriage only..if you are satisfied then I’ll marry her otherwise  you are very intelligent…
Dadi-ok..as you wish… nt..aap geet ko shopping par le jayiye aur dev aap wedding date fix kijiye… both nodded…. Maan went back in his room reminding what happened between him n geet last night? And geet was at cloud nine.. she will again marry with him.. she is super excited now… nt gave her new dress and went for shopping….after 3 days the day came when they again will married leally..all went to court and signed the papers and gurranters also signed the papers..now they are legally married…. Dadi made some calls..and book their tickets….all reached to their home and dadi cracked the news that they will to haridwar after three days…. Actually there is a ritual in their family after marriage, new couple has to visit haridwar..when dev & nt got married they also visited haridwar and now the turn of maan & geet…
Maan-what? I am not going anywhere..and that’s final….
Dadi-no…it’s not final maan…you have to visit haridwar otherwise I’ll never talk to you….
Maan-fine… he almost shout… he left from there… next day they arrived for delhi then delhi to haridwar… they hired a private jet and reached to haridwar… maan was irritated with geet.. he hates her… just because of drink she is with him and he is feeling like yelled at her… take out his all frustration on her but couldn’t… he was controlling himself… they reached to haridwar and stayed at their dada ji’s house… they took rest today and next day they have to visit bank of river ganga for the puja… geet is very traditional girl..she liked to visit temples, help to poor peoples and she always wants to visit india but couldn’t… she lives alone in her house.. her parents are also died but yet she is also rich girl…but very down to earth…yet she has also very bad anger like maan….. they did their puja and about to go but geet saw some children begging…and some poor peoples are there also begging… she stop there start helping them… maan was irritated already because of this puja and all and now she is also start irritating him…he yelled at her in front of public..she almost cry but didn’t made her tears to come out… he asked her that he is going to home if she wants to come then she came otherwise she can help those beggers .. she shook her in no means she will help to poor peoples… he crushed the prashaad in his hand in anger and left her there and went to home… she felt very embarrassing because he yelled at her but she calmed herself and helped them…then she roam in market…checking haridwar..visiting temples there… it almost evening..she again went to har ki pori(the bank of the river ganga in haridwar called har ki pori)
And attend the evening aarti there… that was the huge aarti… many pandits do aarti there and the many visitors there enjoying aarti..she is also enjoying it with whole heartely…it’s almost night around 8 she reached at home.. man is very angry for not coming home till yet… she is very happy… atleast her one wish is fulfilled…she enjoyed a lot…as she entered in house maan yelled at her and told her to leave his house and leave him..she shocked heard this but maan is very serious.. … her expressions changed… his anger is coming out on her…his all frustration is coming out on her… she entered in her room took her all belongings and left from there…he stood there watching her leaving him… he don’t want to do that but he didn’t know himself…she don’t know where to go… it’s night there… she had not enough money in her purse..her all credits card etc things are in London in her house… she left the house and maan closed the doors… she sat there on the stairs… he was very angry and drunk too..she sat there for some time..it’s almost 11 pm there..she can’t go anywhere at this time and now some dirty people roaming there… she stood up and took her belongings and his behind a car.. maan came in the balcony sipping his drink looking for her..if she is till there but he didn’t find her there…. He went back in his room and slept…she switched off his phone…sun rises and now it’s 5 am in the morning.. she opened her eyes … no one is there …. And looked at that house one last time and made her way to the city… she took a rickshaw and told him is there is any tea shop then stop there… they found a tea shop after half an hour… and take tea from there and then again sat in rickshaw… she reached to har ki pori again..she take a bath there and went in ladies changing house which is nearby to har ki pori… she changes her clothes there and paid the rent… now this time for visiting the temples…. She again hired an auto and went for visiting chandi devi in haridwar… this temple is above 14km from the ground..this is situated on the hills..and jungles on the hills….she took the ticket and sat in troly…

.this troly is connected from the cables and helps to peoples for taking them to the temple and from temple to the ground… on the other hand man woke up and found himself alone on the bed..he checked whole house but geet was not there then he remind that he told her for left the house… he kept calling her but her phone is switched off… she knew that if her phone is switched on then he can easily find her where she is… he threw his phone on the bed and get ready..he went outside from the house and left for searching her…. Geet is clicking the snaps of hills…this is the view of the way to the temple…

 and this is outside view of the temple..

 reached to temple… went in temple and then she reached at the corner where is cone of marble..it is said that if we wished something from there after applying the coin on it then our wish surely fulfilled…

 she did the same and then take some food from near by shops… she called from PCO and booked a ticket to London from delhi… she went down from troly…now she again hired an auto and went to bus-stop… and travelled by bus to delhi… it will take around 6-7 hours from haridwar to delhi…  but she has not enough money for paid the bill of plane ticket… her sight stuck on her wrist..she is wearing a watch which was gifted by dev… dev had gifted her on her wedding…. This is near about 1800 dollars… she got an idea… if she sell this watch then she can easily get the ticket… on the other hand man is searching her madly her in haridwar.. he knew that he has told her to leave his house but how can she leave him? What he will answer to dadi maa? What they will think about him? Oh god he is going insane… he knew he hates her but somewhere he has a soft corner for her… damn he has not even her snap…and her mobile is switched off…. And he can’t call to dev otherwise they will get worry for her…. It’s been 2 hours he was searching for her but how can he find her? No one knows her here… he has not a single clue where she can go? He knew that she has also bad temper like him… and yesterday he was drunk that’s why he blurt out that all thing but she should understand these things but no..she don’t want to understand… he remembered that she told him that she love him in her drunk state…it’s almost noon he was searching her madly but no use…she seems no where.. geet almost covered her half way to delhi… maan left hope and left to his home…. He was cursing himself… why he did tell all this to her..? why? Now what will happen? What he will reply to dadi maa? So many questions roaming in his mind… it’s almost evening she reached to delhi… she went in the city by an auto and went in some watch showroom…she show her watch to shopkeeper… his eyes became big and he at once buy that watch in a fraction of second… now she got 88,000 rs. She went to airport to paid the bill and then went to nearby bank and exchange the remaining money in to London currency…. She has no other option beside go back to London but she can’t stay there as khurana family stay there and anyone can see her there from khurana family what will she reply them back… she finally decided that she can’t stay there… maan was very restless because of her.. some kind of her in him.. yes he is fearing for her… if something happened with her then what he will tell to dadi maa….. no he can’t go back to London until he find her… he thought she can’t go to khurana mansion in delhi because the keys of mansion he has… and she has not enough money to go back to London but he knew she is very clever and highly educated too… she can do anything but yet she looks very innocent….  First time he is begging from god to send her back…first time he is fearing.. no no not for her.. he is fearing for himself… he don’t want to listen any question from dadi maa… already she is little bit angry from him… she went back to airport and in few mins her flight will be arrived to London… he is calling her continuously but again no use… he again gulped his drink and went back to his room… it’s almost morning she reached London…. She straightly went in her flat and gathered her all documents, degrees, everything she will need in future… she has already applied in some companies for her job and some interview are lined up and she has selected a company which is in Newyork… she went to newyork next day without informing anyone… and maan went to delhi set up a new branch in delhi of khurana’s.. and told to his family that they will stay in delhi… all are very happy that both are happy in his life but they didn’t know about their separation… she got the job and maan set up a new branch in delhi… both engrossed in their work and but maan tried his best to find her.. it’s almost 4 months… she got promotion due to her best performance in IT field…  another 7 months later… his company reached on height level… and she became a C.E.O of that company in IT department… maan somewhere missing her and geet also missed him..she loved him, loves him and always will… maan wanted her again.. as he felt her touch still on his body… and geet also want him.. that was their best moments… both are craving more but their ego and anger are in between them…as both stayed together almost a week and maan knew her importance in his life but his anger …he was angry on her that she left him behind and dodn’t where she is? where he will find her? but geet always knew where he is.. he knew there is his mistake that he yelled at her and she left him… he knew she has also bad temper like him.. like he doesn’t know what he will do in his temper same as geet.. . maan wanted her back in his life…It’s day when some clients are about to come delhi for a project and that project is very important for man…as he has been worked with them in London and now they want to work again with maan… they came there with their CEO and some more indian employees…. Maan went to airport for attend them personally as their business relation are very deep… he reached to airport greeted them…. As they arrived maan greeted them with his little smile but still maintaining stern look on his face… but suddenly his face delighted to saw a face which he wanted to see before… but the color of her face faded as she saw him… but her gave her a warm smile…she is looking very sexy in her office attire.. baby pink color tight fitting shirt making her curves prominent and black skirt till her knee length giving a sexy look to her thighs..and a waist coat over her upper portion..black shoes in her feet and hairs tied up behind her head… Louis the M.D. of the company shake hands with him and introduced geet with maan as C.E.O of the company… he impressed as she achieved this position in short time…  maan hold her hand as hand shake but she can feel something in his hold..something new, something different that was not before… man sensed her restlessness in her eyes.. that was a brief eye-lock between unnoticeable to anyone.. she stepped back little yet she loved his touch on her body… only they both knew how they spend these 11 months specially geet because she loves him but the same condition of maan as he was worried for her but sometimes he remembered her when suddenly he saw her face in his dreams that they are making love together… how can he forget their second SR after their second wedding… all reached to hotel but maan wanted to take her with him in his mansion but she refused…. She didn’t like his sudden love for her…next day they all met in his office and discussed about their project… that was about of some kind of software and they want to market in india through maan’s company as his company is marketing company yet he has another company as KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS…. After some time they completed their discussion and sasha came & stood beside maan… she rested her hand on maan’s shoulder… sasha always wants to flirt with maan but he never give her a second look… geet looked at him then her hand on his shoulder and he also look at geet and followed her gaze.. he gulped hard as he realized why geet’s eyes are burning.. he immediately stood removing her hand from his shoulder.. sasha felt bad due to this..all are also got up and about to go when Louis about to put his hand on geet’s waist but before he did something maan slipped his hand around her waist…
Maan-chalein darling…
Louis looked at them digesting something that he never knew..he asked suddenly are you both together?
Maan-she is my wife… he said proudly and a blush came on her face that was noticeable for maan… he went from there holding her waist and sat in car.. they did lunch together and did their little bit chit chat like about family… he knew he is falling in love with her and also knew that geet loves him… next day she is going for shopping and suddenly she didn’t know what happened..a sudden hit on her car and she reached to hospital.. police inform maan as last call in her mobile to him… maan panicked and went to hospital.. after operation and he went on her room…
She is unconscious but he sat there holding her hand and dosed off… next morning she is watching him lovingly when he opened his eyes… he gave her sponge bath and feed medicines.. next day she discharged from the hospital and took her in his home.. she didn’t questioned him back because she knew that he won’t listen her… he led her in his room and tucked duvet on her… he is taking care her properly like a perfect husband… and she didn’t questioned him as she is also loving it.. she craved for love from college days and now she is getting love from him… now she is properly fine… and clients are still in delhi as they are marketing their product in different places… again the day came of holi and his family arrived from London to delhi for celebrate holi with his son and daughter in law… they all came before two days of holi… all became very happy to see together them.. and maan is taking care of her that was worth watching for all of them as they never saw this side of maan… maan throw a big holi party invited his friends, family friends, business partners and his new client Louis… the party starts in a rocking way with holi songs..coloring to each other and dadi found it interesting as she knew that no one colored maan as she knew the last year incident but today he is himself greeted his guests with colors…geet came there wearing sky blue color saree and blouse in white with thin straps on her shoulder looking very sexy and maan is wearing white trouser with sky blue transparent shirt… he is gazing her insanely making her blush… she is feeling like his gaze piercing her cloths and seeing through her cloths & checking her body parts…like he as some magnifier in his eyes…  song start….

ghansham aaj holi ka
sang hai gopi ganwar
gaawat gori kamal
sang sang naache
dhin kit dhin kit dhinan
baajat mridang taal

all boys & girls and men & ladies are playing holi with each other.. running behind to each other holding colors in their hands…..

sang sang ek saath
ek radha naache
sar ra ra bhar rang daal – 2
bheegi  chunari yeh laal
de bhar pichkari daal
shaam nahi aaye
bhar ra ra bhar aayo bhaag
jaage hai sabke bhaag
sang sang ek saath ek radha naache – 2
aarr ra ra mat rang daal – 2
bheegi chunari hamar – 2
arra ra ra ra raa – 3

then suddenly a voice fell in her ears….do me a favour lets play holi.. he walk towards her sensuously and leaned on her back…her heart starts beating faster… thudding against her chest..

he suddenly turned her holding her waist and she rested her hands on his shoulders for support.. he leaned close to her.. touching his cheek with her..coloring her cheek from his cheek… rangon mein hai pyar ki boli.. she shied as he colored her…

(do me a favour lets play holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli) – 2

she freed herself and walk sensuously turning her back to him… and he was gazing her bare back… he move towards her and she starts along with the beat…he was about to catch her but she ran…

ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye
mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaaye

she warned him with her eyes that don’t touch my choli…

jaa re jaa dont touch my choli
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2

both dance together… and water is falling on them…

hey do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli

uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2
do me a favour lets play holi

he grabbed some  different kind of color in his fist singing the song and looking at her milky smooth white chubby cheeks… she closed her eyes feeling his intense gaze on her… he hold her by her waist… as she opened her eyes feeling his hand on her bare waist…he melted in her eyes and forgot he was about color her… she gave him naughty look and pushed him…

neela peela laal gulaal
uspe tere gore gaal
kaali kaali aankhon wali
mast mast hai teri chaal

and walk backward… touching her face..hid it in her palms like she is saving her face from him…

hai bahana holi ka
paas aana chahe tu
chaand se mere chehre pe
rang lagana chahe tu
ohhh holi hai aani jaani

she gave him first naughty look then gave him stern look …

tere dil mein hai beimaani
main nahi hu itni bholi
maan ran behind her and colored her by her face… and danced together lifiting her by her waist…

uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2
do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
do me a favour lets play holi

uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2
do me a favour lets play holi

both are in pool of water… she is about to go but maan hold her by her hand to

pulled towards him and she tumped on his chest…

tu mili jabse mujhko
holi hi kuchh aur lage

he sat in the pool

 and geet rested her feet on his thighs…he kissed on her feet on the payal…

teri payal ke ghunghru
meri har dhadkan pe baje

she pushed him backward and sat in his lap…

yu hi baaton baaton mein
dil churana jaane tu
maane na kehna koi
tu kare jo thaane tu

she kissed him on his cheek…

ho tujhpe main deewane haari
tere pyar ki main hu deewani

she flashed some water on his face and about to ran but maan grabbed her..

holi mein tere sang main boli
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi – 2
do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi

all danced with them and dadi is very happy now seeing them together after last year’s holi…maan has changed a lot… she is thanking to babaji…

(do me a favour lets play holi
rangon mein hai pyar ki boli) – 3

all guests went from there and geet ran from there as she is feeling shy because of his contnuous intense gaze on her wet body… maan also ran behind her… dadidev & stayed with them for some days and maan confessed his love for her… she accepted his love… and now maan tell to dadi maa that he wants to again marry with her on their first anniversary… ddai was overwhelmed on his decision… and geet felt shy… on the day of their anniversary they again married to each other..this is thier 3rd tie they married… and then at night they did their SR again… as they eneterd in their room maan at once captured her lips in his… both holded back from long back and today they did their official SR again… dadi,dev & nt went back to london… and maan & geet start living together happily…after 5 years they all settled in delhi… maan has a daughter named maansi and dev has a son devansh… now maan loved geet so much and don’t know how many times they did their SR and on their every anniversary they married again with each other and that day they again did their official SR…




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  1. awesome yar
    1st i thought that both are mad . .
    They married each other in drunk state
    Than fight each other and got saprated in anger
    But all is well in the end

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